In late January I broke my right ankle bone pretty badly. I had surgery to put the bone back in place and had a plate with 5 screws on that bone to hold it in place. After months and several times returning to the surgeon and x-rays showing no healing at all, I sought out a bone specialist at Froedtert. The specialist ran several test to rule out any bone infection or disease that could be hindering the healing process and all came back fine. The Doctor said he would not put the blame on anyone, not the doctor who originally did the surgery that possibly didn't align the bones close enough or myself who may have used and walked on my leg sooner than I should have. He said I would need another surgery asap because of the amount of swelling I was having everyday and not knowing how long the plate would bare the weight of me using this leg with the bone being completely broke still. He also said the bone might need a bone graph from my pelvis to help reproduce the growth/healing. I told the doctor I needed to wait at least 6 weeks to prepare my finances and allow for my co-workers to prepare for my leave of absence. The Doctor was not happy I decided to wait, my boss was not happy I was going to be out and I was consumed with worry about the surgery, my time off work with out pay, the recovery... The following Tuesday I went to the healing rooms and my prayer request was for God to help me through this process, being afraid of how I was going to pay my bills, having bone taken from my pelvis, being off my leg for another 6 or more weeks... The Healing Room team received my request and said I will not need surgery and they prayed for healing and union of the bones and for the swelling to go down. Pete got down on the ground and held my ankle as they both prayed for the healing of the bone. 6 weeks later, 7 months after my surgery, I was back to see the Doctor and supposed to schedule my surgery. I had an x-ray done before my visit with the doctor. The Doctor walks in and said "well I guess all you needed was another 6 weeks, looks like you won't need surgery". The x-ray showed significant healing of the broken bone. It had heal almost none in 6 months and after being prayed over, it had started to heal a great deal! So much healing, the doctor didn't feel like surgery needed to be done. Thank you Jesus!!! I follow up with the doc in another 4 weeks and I have faith that the bone will continue to rapidly heal and by the end of the year be fused as one bone, in the name of Jesus! I thank everyone involved and giving their time to the healing room! I had no idea that prayer was so powerful... The healing room and it's people have shown me a path to God through them and what they do. Thank you all!!!

- Margaret V.

Healing Rooms of Greater Racine

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