Let me tell you a story. All last week I was developing a sinus infection. Every day by mid afternoon the pressure was so great that it literally hurt to touch my forehead and face under my right eye. By Saturday evening my wife decided that I needed to go to the Methodist Minor Med after church Sunday. I was sure ready to go Sunday noon too.

My wife told her sister, who is a member of the Mid-South Healing Rooms, what we were going to do. Her sister immediately set me up with a couple there from the church (Directors of the Mid-South Healing Rooms) to pray for me. They laid hands on me and prayed. The man had his thumb directly on top of my forehead pressure point and it was quite painful. In a minute he shouts "out" and the pain diminishes. I came on home without going to the Minor Med. I believed that I'd just been healed; I surely felt it. Over the course of Sunday afternoon "junk" just turned loose and my sinuses got back to normal as they can be in the pollen capital of the world. It's been a great week with no annoying sinus pressure. That's the story of how I got healed on Pentecost Sunday. Wow! What an "I can trust God moment."

- Anonymous

Mid-South Healing Rooms

As I came onto the property, I had a very real sense that I had nothing in and of myself to offer towards my healing. I knew that I was completely dependent upon God to meet me here to be healed. God did not disappoint me. He met me where I was and brought me all the way home. He brought release through transparency and forgiveness. Deep release of mourning. Leaving the Healing Room, I felt restored and that a huge weightiness had been removed off of my chest. I feel free to love and to be loved. I believe hope has been restored to the dreams and longings of my heart. Thank you for loving the Body of Christ through this ministry.

- Lisa J.

Mid-South Healing Rooms

I believe the curse of yeast was broken, as I began weeping as they prayed specifically for that condition. As they ministered, a member of the team said that they saw a picture of the beach, blue water, a shipwreck, and the rebuilding that was taking place as the good outcome of the shipwreck. As my family and I had lived in Thailand as missionaries and went to Bali to snorkel. The pulling out of arrows and healings to the wounds of past relationships hit the nail on the head.

- Judy M.

Mid-South Healing Rooms

For 2 days after a snake bite, I was getting better, until the 3rd day started getting worse and worse. Suddenly, about day 5, all systemic symptoms returned... snake bit site got reinfected, leg got badly swollen again,nausea, headache, body very weak, breathing difficulty. Pain had spread further throughout the muscles of that leg until that morning the pain ran down to the ankle and all the way to the top of the back of my leg. I called Ira, the leader of the prayer rooms, with urgent prayer request, around 2:30 pm (really thought I was going to have to call 911). About 45 minutes later nearly all symptoms were gone, even at the site of the bite. I kept experiencing improvement every 30 minutes until by 9 PM that night I felt totally healed! and have been totally well since! Prasie God !!! Thank you Prayer Warriors for your Faithful Service!

- Diane B.

Mid-South Healing Rooms

On December 16, 2013 at the Mid-South Healing Rooms in Southaven, MS, the ministers prayed for my financial needs. I was immediately blessed by a financial gift, and in the next two weeks I received $20 gifts from totally unexpected sources, as people told me God had impressed upon them to help me. Thank you, Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, and for the faithful prayer warriors tat the Mid-South Healing Rooms. Their love and support have also ministered to me in many other ways.

- Dian B.

Mid-South Healing Rooms

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