Thank God they have a place where you can go when you need a prophetic word; and the people to stand and fight on your behalf - always the peace of God is here!

- Paul C.

Healing Rooms of Slidell

I came in without any energy at all. I had pain from the base of my neck, down my body to the bottom of my left foot. When the team prayed and prophesied over me I felt a warmth start at my left foot going up my body to my head. The pain is gone, I felt strength returning, I felt like I could burst out running! God reminded me of what my purpose is and His promises are about to be in the natural. Freedom!! is my word, Isa 41:12, 13 is my scripture. I feel infinitely better than I did when I came. Glory to God for this time. God bless the prayer team and the other Healing Room workers.

- M. H.

Healing Rooms of Slidell

I am healed of HIV and I feel like a new man and I just give thanks to God for his blood!!

- T. Z.

Healing Rooms of Slidell

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