I have felt better since you prayed for me. I was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and could hardly function. Since the healing prayer, I a still tired but I have more energy and am able to function. This is huge since I am getting ready to move to FL. I am so grateful and give God all the glory. I am coming out of agreement with the label of chronic fatigue and am claiming that I am healed in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

- Louisa

Bread of Life Healing Rooms

I wanted to come for prayer in person, but my leg and foot hurt so badly I could not even get in the car. So I called the Bread of Life Healing Rooms, and they prayed for me over the phone. I am a diabetic, and the pain in my leg was neuropathy. After talking to me and praying for me, I was asked to stand up and walk. I felt a pop in my leg, and I started to scream for joy because the pain was all gone. I rejoiced, and the prayer intercessors were rejoicing with me. I give praise to God and thank Him for this miracle. I will send everyone I know who needs healing prayer to the Bread of Life Healing Rooms.

- Takaiya

Bread of Life Healing Rooms

I recently attended a seminar in Madison, Wisconson and met Cal and Michelle Pierce, directors of the Healing Room Ministries. Michelle shared how she had been addicted to novels and books! I could relate to this because I was in the habit of reading novel after novel on my Kindle as I could get them for free or almost free! They solved the problem of a lack of excitement and lonliness I felt in my life with my family living so far away. At the same time I was reading "Receive Your Healing & Reclaim Your Health," by Cal and Michelle. During the seminar I asked for prayer and together with reading the book, I am healed from the addition of non stop feeding on novels! I still read continually (mainly listen to them on the Kindle), but this time it is Spiritually feeding nonfiction books by Christian authors and the Bible to strengthen my renewed hunger for the Word and renewed desire for the closer walk with Jesus!Communing with Jesus on a moment by moment basis is exciting and I don't feel lonely anymore!

- Katy G.

Bread of Life Healing Rooms

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