Healing Rooms of Green Bay

Member of the International Association of Healing Rooms
and Healing Rooms Ministries

About Us

The Healing Rooms of Green Bay is a member of the International Association of Healing Rooms, which is an association of Healing Rooms Ministries in cities and nations for the purpose of Uniting, Equipping, Empowering the body of Christ to establish healing throughout the world. Our commission is based on Mark 16:17-18, "And these signs shall follow those that believe...they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

The Healing Rooms of Green Bay was birthed by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Kathy Boncher-Werner and David Werner to show the love and healing power of God as demonstrated in the Bible.

It all began in 2014 when Kathy saw an interview with Cal Pierce, the founder of the International Association of Healing Rooms. When Cal mentioned Healing Rooms, Kathy’s heart did a somersault. She knew God was leading her in this direction. She thought small at first, thinking it would be held at her church one night a month. So over the next 8 or 9 months, Kathy, who was the Altar Ministry Leader at the time, started training the altar workers in healing ministry, but God had bigger plans to go outside the walls of the church into a secular location. Miraculously, the Warpinski Community Center opened its doors to the Healing Rooms of Green Bay to use the facility in downtown Green Bay.

During this birthing process in late 2015, David Werner entered the picture. Both Kathy and Dave had lost their spouses a few years before, and they didn’t know each other or attend the same church. Kathy had first met Dave in 2012 when he volunteered with some other men to do yard work at her home as she cared for her disabled husband Steve. Dave asked to pray for him, and he consented. Afterward, Steve told Kathy, "When I’m dead, you can marry him!” Kathy chuckled a bit and totally discounted and forgot about that remark, because she had no intention of ever getting married again. Steve passed away five months later and Kathy pursued the call of God in healing ministry. In November 2015 she saw Dave once again when he visited her church. By this time, plans for the Healing Rooms were underway, and Kathy asked him to be on the intercessory team. During that time, she learned that Dave was a pastor, so she asked him to be on the Advisory Board.

In January 2016, with the help of Jean Whitstone the Regional Director of the International Association of Healing Rooms, Kathy organized a Healing Conference. This conference was to be the springboard for the Healing Rooms of Green Bay. Dave helped her with the conference, which was marked by the incredible miraculous healing of a young woman who had a cancerous tumor the size of a loaf of bread.

Over the course of a three-week period in January 2016, Dave and Kathy started ministering together to a hospitalized man who had degenerative brain disease. Kathy asked Dave to share with this man the story of when he prayed for someone who was healed of terminal brain cancer. During those hospital visits of prayer and ministry, Dave and Kathy became great ministry partners and good friends. As the young man greatly improved, God spoke individually to the hearts of Dave and Kathy that He was calling them to be married so they could carry out the BIGGER plan that He had for them. Kathy needed the spiritual covering of a godly husband, and Dave needed a godly wife who had the same heart as his. Together they would have a greater anointing and would be an impenetrable force against the enemy. Neither of them desired marriage, but they both said YES to God in obedience even though they were only friends. A few days later as they surrendered to the Lord in obedience, a great love and passion for one another entered their hearts, and a wedding date was set.

On January 30, 2016 they were commissioned together as the Directors of the Healing Rooms of Green Bay. On April 2, 2016 they were married, and two and a half weeks later on April 18 the Healing Rooms of Green Bay opened to the public with one prayer team and a receptionist. By June of that year, six more trained prayer ministers were added. Today the rotating prayer teams come from eighteen volunteers who represent five different churches. They consist of five ordained ministers and a retired missionary. All are born-again, Spirit-filled believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have been fully trained in healing ministry. In October 2016, Al Burgard was commissioned as Associate Director to help in the growing ministry.

Directors: L to R: David Werner,
Kathy Boncher-Werner
Associate Director: Al Burgard

There is so much more to this story, and God is continuing to do an incredibly quick work through the Healing Rooms of Green Bay as we come together in unity every Monday to pray for the sick and hurting with compassion and faith in Jesus Christ and His power to heal. 

Ministry Team: L to R

Back Row - Keith Reinhard, Mary Aguilar, Wayne Junio, Don Jossart, Debra Bosacki, Geno Bosacki, 
Middle Row - Patrick Posey, Ronda Brink, Jan Thelen, Eileen Junio, Kathy Jossart, Pat Vande Voort, Joan Posey
Front Row - David Werner, Kathy Boncher-Werner, Al Burgard
Not pictured: Barbara McWilliams, Janet Prestin

Advisory BoardOur five-member Advisory Board serves as our local accountability team who endorse and support this ministry.

Left to Right: Dr. Edward Bantamoi, Jeanette Bantamoi; Pastors - David Werner, Michael LeClaire and Ryan Kibbe. 

We come under the authority of Healing Rooms Ministries in Spokane, WA which is the headquarters for the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR), of which we are a member. Dave and Kathy have since been appointed the Wisconsin State Directors of IAHR.