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What if I forgot my password?

Below the box where you would enter your password is a link: "Forgot your password?"

Clicking this link will bring you to the "Password Reset" page.

In the box provided, type your email address and click on the "Submit Email Address" button.

An email will be immediately sent to that address, assuming it is either an address you used to create your account with or you later added it to your list of email addresses using the "My Account -> Email Address" page.

In the email is a randomly generated password, such as "HillariousTortoise438". Use this new password to log in to the website. On the first page that displays, you will be given the opportunity to change the password to one of your choice. Enter the password twice using the respective text boxes.

If you accidentally navigate away from this Change Password page, you can return to it by way of "My Account -> Change Password."

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