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My credit card was declined, and I'm sure that I entered the correct credit card number and security code.

If you typed the correct credit card number, expiration date and security code, then there is one more option that is commonly overlooked (i.e., you're not the first one).

Look at the address displayed near the top of the checkout page, and make sure that the street address is the address your credit card statement is sent to.

It is rumored that the numbers in the street address line, along with the numbers in the postal code, are the most significant parts of the address which need to be correct. 

The name you have in the billing information is also important to have exactly as it displays on your card.   For example, "John and Suzie Doe" might show in the billing area as what the customer entered, but "Susan Z Doe" might be what is printed on the card.

Abbreviations like "St." and "Apt." in your address are not as important. 

When you correct the address at the top of the checkout page, it will not change the address we have on file, as you might be using a different billing name and address than you normally use.  In order to make a long-term change to your account, go to Bookstore -> My Account -> Shipping & Billing Information, and make the appropriate corrections.

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