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Can I just do a telephone order and mail a check?


Most banks these days produce debit cards to act in place of a check book, as any bank would realize the importance of being compatable with electronic commerce, such as this website uses.

Our website uses 128 bit SSL encryption, which goes into effect even before you type in your email address to sign in to the website.  SSL is in effect anytime you see "https://" at the start of your address bar.  You can view information on our SSL certificate by moving your mouse over the "Comodo - Authentic & Secure" icon at the lower-right corner of this web page.

According to Erik Kangas, PhD, President of Lux Scientiae, "Older '40bit' keys can be broken by trial and error if one has access to vast computer resources and a good amount of time. These days, keys used in SSL are 128bit or better. There are so many possible keys with 128bit that it would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to 'guess' one.[highlight added]

In order to learn about how SSL works to protect your credit card data, you might read various articles:
(1) Article by Erik Kangas:
(2) From Wikipedia: http://
(3) Search online for "How does SSL work?"

Checks are still accepted at our bookstore at 112 E. 1st Avenue in Spokane, Washington, so if you would like to visit and purchase some of the material we have displayed in the bookstore, checks are an option.

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