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Why did you go to the gravesite of John G. Lake to pray in the beginning?

Before God sent me and Michelle to Spokane I had read about the life of John G. Lake and the powerful work done in the healing rooms. I went to the gravesite to make a connection to the vision and historical work that took place in Spokane with healing rooms. The Lord made it very clear to me, while visiting the gravesite, that this new move of healing rooms wasn't going to be about the past or John G. Lake. It was going to be about the Holy Spirit and what He was going to do now and in the future.
I discovered that God can meet you anywhere He desires to, even in a graveyard. The key is that we humble ourselves before Him and desire to do His will, not focusing on the past, but on the future. We can always tell whether or not something is of God by the fruit it produces. (Matthew 7:16) The important thing isn't whether or not I visited the gravesite of Lake in the beginning, but the activation of Healing Rooms and the transformed lives being seen all over the world.

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