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How do I find a Healing Room close to me?

If you are on the "International Headquarters" section of the website, you should see a left menu with blue buttons.  One of them is "Find a Healing Room Near You."  Another button is "International Association" which includes "Our Locations."

Based on your computer's IP address, the website may guess what city you are currently in.  If it does, a few Healing Rooms will be displayed, along with their approximate distance in miles from your own city center to their city center.  Keep in mind that it is a straight line, "as the bird flies," and does not include the turn-by-turn driving distance.

Another method is to type in your city name and click "Submit."  Be sure not to include your state in that search box.  This can be helpful if you are recommending a Healing Room for someone who lives in another city, or if the city determined by your computer's IP address was incorrect.  A list of cities across the globe that include the text you typed will appear, and then you can click on the appropriate city.  Based on that central location, a list of surrounding Healing Rooms will display.  You might examine multiple Healing Rooms nearby to see what hours they are open, and view their actual street address (as the city search only measures the distance between one city center and another city center, rather than street address).  Additional information about that Healing Room may be available by clicking on their sub-menu, which is in the left-hand column of their web page.  After viewing a Healing Room's website by clicking on any part of their name or location, you can return to the list of nearby Healing Rooms by clicking the back (<-) arrow button in your web browser.

An alternate method is to go to a regional or national home page by clicking on either the USA map or the global map.  If you want to view a national home page, click the name of that nation.  If you want to view a regional home page within the USA, click on that region. Regions are separated by background color.  The regional contacts are displayed on the regional web page, and in the right-hand column of the regional web page are all of the local Healing Rooms within that region.  Click on the name of a city to be brought to that local Healing Room's web page. 

A final method for finding a nearby Healing Room is to view the global map.  Select either the small map, the medium map, or the large map.  Depending on how large the map is, and how fast your Internet connection is, you may need to wait for the page to load.  You may click anywhere on the map, even where there is not a Healing Room icon displayed.  You will then be given a list of some Healing Rooms near that center-point, as well as their approximate distance "as the bird flies."  From that list of Healing Rooms, you can view their individual web pages, as explained in the previous options.

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