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Prayer was given regularly for the last 9 months for my husband. He needed to be free from a bone infection. He had fought cancer more than once. NOW the bone infection is GONE! Praise God!
- Heather in Bismarck, ND United States
Healing Room Kids prayed for my jaw to stop making crunchy noises. After prayer, my jaw was healed! I give Jesus thanks. I am blessed to come to the Healing Rooms for prayers.
- Betty in Bismarck, ND United States
I came to get prayer for my sister from the Healing Room Kids. My sister needed a job. One week later she accepted a new job that is closer to her home! Thank you, God, for blessing my sister!
- B. in Bismarck, ND United States
An eleven year old came with his mother. He was having difficulty in school with friendships, and it was effecting his school days. He said that after prayer the next week went really well! This young boy knew it was God answering his prayers.
- J. in Bismarck, ND United States
I was miserable with tailbone pain. I did not know the reason. I came to Healing Room Kids and received prayer. The next morning when I got out of bed, the pain was completely gone! Glory to God for healing me! I am able to go to work with NO pain. Thank you, Jesus!
- Ashley in Bismarck, ND United States

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Revelation on Healing - Cal Pierce

Revelation on Healing - Cal Pierce

Fri, 5/29/2020

Cal Pierce Cal Pierce
Moving forward into this new season, God is releasing new wine of revelation.  What we have known about healing in the past will not suffice in the future.   We must receive new revelation of healing that will increase what God wants to do in our future.  The Word of God is not static, it is living and active, sharper than a sword and able to judge our very thoughts and intentions.
“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law”.  Galatians 3:13

This scripture tells us we have already been redeemed by Christ; therefore, we are healed as much as we are saved.

God has given us the provision of healing.  The application of healing is our part.  Our problem isn’t in the provision.  Our problem is in the application.  We are trying to determine what we need to do to be healed.  The answer comes when we understand that the supernatural provision is designed for natural application.  His will is designed to be done on earth.  When our application isn’t right, we have questions.

Does God heal today? Is healing for all? Why am I not healed? We must remember, when our application doesn’t work, it doesn’t change God’s provision.

Our application must be by the Holy Spirit.  The kingdom of God is in Him.  The will of God is fulfilled through Him.  The Holy Spirit gives us the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.  When we embrace the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit drives the gifts of the Spirit onto the earth. Included in the gifts are our healing.  The fruit and the gifts of the Spirit are the character of God.  God’s character has no sickness.  By the Holy Spirit, God provides us His characteristics.  When we apply them to our life, we are healed.



Fri, 5/29/2020

Healed of Depression -
I have been depressed since summer and was hospitalized twice with major depression and anxiety. I went to the Healing Rooms in December and was prayed over by a few people. Afterwards, week by week, I started to have signs of improvement with reduced anxiety and reduced depression. As the weeks went by, I started to feel more and more like myself. As of March 16th, I was able to return to the work force and I feel great. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and their great faith toward healing. I thank Jesus so much for what He has done and I am able to work at my ob. Thank you all for your help and support. May God continue to bless you and your families.

Michael – May, 2020
South Jersey Healing Rooms
Stratford, New Jersey USA

Rotator Cuff Healed -
Last Monday, a man came to us seeking healing for persistent level 4 pain in the rotator cuff of his right shoulder. As our team ministered, the Holy Spirit guided them to command healing of inflammation, nerve damage, and microcirculation improvement, then command the pain to go. After three rounds of prayer, his shoulder pain was gone and his range of motion was restored.

Anonymous - April 7 2020
Submitted by Jill & Dennis Ricci Directors of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms
Conejo Valley Healing Rooms
Westlake Village, CA USA

Healed from a 20 year struggle with Food Allergies -
We received this wonderful testimony of God's love and willingness to heal from a guest to whom we ministered online:
A couple of weeks ago (April 7), you folks prayed for me via virtual ministry regarding food allergies. This was a 20+ year struggle with problems that grew increasingly worse.
I’m happy to report that the Lord has done some major healing. I’m incorporating more things into my diet, such as potatoes and breakfast cereal, and am having no reactions. I’ve lived with a long list of "don’ts for so long that I have to try to remember what I gave up and keep trying new things, but I’m healed!
Thank you!

God is indeed doing a new thing!

Anonymous – April 7, 2020
Submitted by Jill & Dennis Ricci, Directors of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms
Conejo Valley Healing Rooms
Westlake Village, CA USA

Brain/cancer declared Healed -
We wanted to share this with you all at Healing Rooms. Last night was our first Healing Rooms Meeting back together as a team. It was a time of worship and intercession and contending for breakthrough. We had a number of prayer requests that people had sent in as well. One person was having severe headaches and had breakthrough once prayed for (he had a brain tumor and cancer. We are declaring total victory). We have been contending for breakthrough and in the last week God showed me specifically that giants are falling in the land here in Vero Beach! Hallelujah!

Anonymous - May 19, 2020
Submitted by Richard & Jacqueline Maples, Directors of Healing Rooms of Vero Beach
Vero Beach, FL USA

Tailbone Pain Healed -
I was miserable with tailbone pain. I did not know the reason. I came to Healing Room Kids and received prayer. The next morning when I got out of bed, the pain was completely gone! Glory to God for healing me! I am able to go to work with NO pain. Thank you, Jesus!

Ashley S – May 25, 2020
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Bismarck, N D USA

Jaw Healed -
Healing Room Kids prayed for my jaw to stop making crunchy noises. After prayer, my jaw was healed! I give Jesus thanks. I am blessed to come to the Healing Rooms for prayers.

Betty M – May 25, 2020
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Bismarck, North Dakota USA

Strenth Returning after cancer battle -
Our Healing Room has been praying over the phone with a young man named Darrell, who has cancer throughout his body. He has spent many days in bed over the last year. Since we began to pray for him a month ago, he has had strength to get out of bed and spend time with his grandson. He also was able to go fishing this week for the first time in several years. And He says his strength is returning and he is thankful for the prayers. We are believing for a total healing. God is faithful.

Darrell – May 10, 2020
From Pat Sekanic, Indiana State Director
River’s Edge Healing Rooms and Prayer Center
Clarksville, IN USA

Cancer Tumour Shrunk and Lymph Nodes Clear -
I just want to share my good news and answer to prayers. I was diagnosed in late 2019 with breast cancer, started chemotherapy in early 2020. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate chemo very well and very soon I ended up in the hospital. I had a scan just before admission which showed the tumour had grown and my Oncologist was very worried because he had to stop my chemo, so he said let us go ahead with surgery ASAP. I had visited Healing Rooms before we went on lock down, and I have also sent in requests during the lock down. I spoke with my surgeon about 3 weeks ago and he said he was going to remove my breast as well as remove all the lymph nodes from my underarm. I had repeat scans 2 weeks ago with biopsies and I am pleased to say the scans show the tumour has shrunk, so much so that they could not see it on the MRI scan. But ultrasound shows a small area. The biopsies of my lymph nodes were negative so no need to remove them. I will only need surgery to remove the small area remaining which was seen on ultrasound.

I just want to say thanks for all your prayers, and may God bless you all richly and please continue the good work.

Anonymous - May, 2020
Healing Rooms England & Wales
Instantly Healed - Laura Friend

Instantly Healed - Laura Friend

Fri, 5/29/2020

Laura Friend

On October third of the year two thousand, my sister, Gina and I set foot for first time in Spokane, WA, USA. It was a gray and cold day; a taxi drove us from the airport to the motel where we had made reservations, located on Post St, in the historical section of downtown Spokane.  This place was recommended to us by Gina’s sister in law, Laura, who had stayed there when she visited the city herself, received prayer at the Healing Rooms and was healed of ovarian cancer.  As we were on our way to the motel, I enjoyed the city’s landscape full of pine trees, seeing the quaint city, with a river that ran along multiple beautiful and charming old buildings across the city. At the same time, I was wondering and trying to understand what the Healing Rooms was.

Gina and I were in Spokane with the sole purpose of visiting the Healing Rooms, a place where I was told people will pray for you, and you will get healed. It was a place that provided miracles, and I needed to get healed. The Healing Rooms were located two blocks from the motel where we were staying; very convenient because my ability to walk had diminished greatly, and I needed my sister assistance to get to the place.  I had been diagnosed with post-polio syndrome in 1992, a syndrome related to an original Polio, a deadly disease I contracted in 1952, when the large epidemic of Polio surged in United States and the northern part of Mexico. I was two years old when this incurable disease struck me. Highly contagious, this virus was all over my body, paralyzing me from the neck down. The vaccine for the Polio virus was discover in 1953, too late for me.  Miraculously, I survived and fully recovered years later, after being treated by many doctors with painful therapies. Forty years later, the virus, lying dormant in my body, started to act up again, causing excruciating pain, debilitating my muscles very rapidly, sucking all energy from me, and I had become, pretty much an invalid. I knew I had no cure and that eventually, I was going to die from it. I needed a miracle!

On the morning of October fourth, the day after our arrival, Gina went to the Healing Rooms to sign our names on the list they had at the reception desk while I would finish getting ready. She was told that we might have to wait long time for a team to pray for us because many other people were there to receive their healing. She soon returned to the motel to bring me to our prayer session, already booked. While we were walking the two small blocks, I could feel the cold weather, so we were dressed in several layers; coats, scarves, gloves, and all. After arriving at the Rookery Building where the Healing Rooms were located on the third floor, we proceeded to the elevator. I was alert, in observation mode, taking note and registering in my mind everything I was seeing and experiencing. The elevator door opened, and as soon as I crossed the threshold of the elevator to the hallway, I sensed something very unusual. It felt nice, peaceful; it was the ambiance of the place that calmed my spirit immediately. I was somewhat apprehensive and, at the same time, expectant. I could not place my finger on what it was that I was feeling, but certainly, it was a wonderful feeling.

Gina and I got to the reception room and approached the receptionist to request the “Silver Room,” as Laura, Gina’s sister in law, had instructed us to do. The receptionist told us that the wait was even longer for the “Silver Room.” At the time, I didn’t know why we were to select or request this particular room. Months and years later, I realized that I was understanding the nature of activities taking place at the Healing Rooms; they were spiritual activities. The receptionist had told us, “The wait is long.” Well, we waited 3 hours; we had had no breakfast, and it was noon when the call came in and we were ushered into the room. The team of three people were waiting for us in the “Silver Room”. They proceeded to place me on a chair while they prayed for Gina, who was standing in the center of the room. One person was to her right and another to her left, close to her. The person in front of her started to “anoint” her, and as soon as he touched her on the forehead, she fell back to the floor. Guam!!!! My eyes were like saucers, in awe, surprised to see what was happening. The two people to her sides lifted her up, placed her against the wall, and continued praying for her. While they were praying, the team released information to Gina that no one had knowledge of, such as the death of our father, whom she never had time to mourn, causing her insomnia. I was completely in awe because of what was taking place. “How did they know?” I asked myself. Gina did not mention it in her prayer request! The team finished with her, and then, it was my turn.

I immediately placed myself against the wall so I could avoid the fall on the floor, which I was certain would happen after witnessing Gina’s session. The prayer team placed themselves in the same way as they did with Gina, one person on the right, the other on the left, and the leader in front of me, who preceded to “anoint” me. Immediately after, he asked me if I had ever asked Jesus into my heart. I started thinking and reviewing a memory tape trying to find out a moment when I did. I could not find one, but as a Catholic, I knew about Jesus, I had taken catechism lessons, I had been educated by nuns since kindergarten, yet I could not find the moment. When I was asked if I wanted to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I said, “Absolutely!” At that time I started to get filled with an unusual heat, starting from the soles of my feet, moving upwards through my legs, all the way to my head. I felt my cheeks red like tomatoes, and I started to take off some of the layers of clothing I had on! The person in front of me started praying in “tongues” along with the other two people at my side. I tried to “catch” the language they were speaking, and I could not identify it. Because of my profession, I was used to hearing many languages, but to no avail, I could not recognize the language they were using. Because I am an inquisitive person, I started asking many questions. One of those questions was, “What could a toddler have done to deserve such a punishment as Polio?” Remember, I was Catholic, and we were taught to believe that God punished us when we committed sins. To my surprise, the answer to my question was that the sickness received as a child was a “generational curse” and that they would cancel it on my behalf. Wow! “That simple! Not my fault! Great!” I said. Then, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, my hands starting to burn. I felt them so hot, the team asked me what I was feeling, and I replied, “I am very hot and I am burning.” They continued praying for the gift of healing over my hands. All this was new to me, and truly I did not understand what had just happened. My sister, Gina, had been present during the session inside of the room. The session ended. I was overwhelmed, full of joy and could not stop talking.

We left the Healing Rooms almost at closing time, three pm. We were famished, and being new in town, asked for recommendations for a place to eat. After receiving some directions, we walked several blocks and found TGF across from a mall. We ordered our meal and continued discussing the prayer session between us. After we finished what would be both breakfast and lunch, we went to the mall. The mall was a three story one, with many stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. We spent time window shopping but without stopping the conversation of what had just happened at the Healing Rooms. We could not stop talking about it. Both of us were truly impacted and in awe of the experience; the experience that, at that moment, we were trying to digest. We entered the movie theater and watched a movie. After, on our way to the motel, three or four small blocks up the street, we stopped at a Greek restaurant for dinner.  We were seated, and they brought us menus. Gina ordered a bottle of wine, which was almost immediately brought to our table. They poured the wine and proceeded to make a toast. “Cheers” said Gina. I grabbed the glass and lifted it to touch hers in the air.

“Cheers,” I responded.

Then, Gina said, “Look what you are doing.”

I said, “Yes! Cheers!”

She insisted, “No, look at what you are doing!”

Then, I realized that I was lifting a glass full of wine and it was still in my hand! When attacked by the second bout of polio, I had lost the strength in my arms and I could not lift anything, not even a pen. I said, “OMG!”

She asked, “How many blocks have we walked? You have not fallen!” She asked again, “Are you in pain?”

Then, I shouted, “OMG, I’ve been healed!!!!!"

In September 2011, Fred and Laura became National Directors for the Country of Mexico, and in 2012 they became Divisional Directors for Latin America where they have planted numerous Healing Rooms throughout the nation. 

In 2019, Fred went home to be with the Lord, while Laura continues to advance the Kingdom expecting to plant more Healing Rooms in new countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, etc.

Lockdown - Poem by Ann Silvester

Lockdown - Poem by Ann Silvester

Fri, 5/29/2020

Locked down but never locked out.

Circumstances may have us in lock down, 

But we are never locked out of God's presence.

There is never a lock down in Heaven.

God's Kingdom is always open for business.


God is not social distancing from His children;

He is walking beside us & holding our hand.

The power of God's anointing

Is not halted or made ineffective by a virus.

There are no barriers to where our prayers go,

No restricted areas to the Holy Spirit.


We are not set aside, but being prepared.

We are not boxed in, but set apart by God. 

This is a time of incubation, not isolation...

Prophetic Word - Linda Keough

Prophetic Word - Linda Keough

Fri, 5/29/2020

Linda Keough
Linda Keough

Look unto Me, the author and the finisher of your faith.  Don’t look to the left, don’t look to the right, don’t look at your circumstances and don’t look at the world around you. Keep your eyes on Me, and be careful what you listen to.

Remember, Jesus only did what He heard the Father say and what He saw the Father doing. Stay close to Me, for in Me you will bear much fruit; aside from Me you can bear nothing. Seek Me and you will find Me. Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of.

I Am working on your behalf even as you wait upon Me. I AM expanding your tent pegs, I AM expanding your territory. I have given you all power and authority over all the works of the enemy.

Rise up, arise and shine, let the light of the King, let the light of the Kingdom shine from you. Release My Glory, learn to flow in My Spirit; let the rivers of the Holy Spirit flow out of your belly as it will  bring life to a sick and dying world. For I have come to bring life and life abundantly.

Release Heaven on Earth, release healing, release My presence everywhere you go, release Christ in you, the hope of glory! Remember, the anointing will break the yoke.

Speak My word, lay hands on the sick and see them recover, expect miracles, expect Me to flow through you, expect My word to manifest in your midst, expect to see My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
It is a new day and a new day has dawned.

2 Peter 1:19   “And we have the prophetic word fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.”
Testimony of Jesus Campaign

Testimony of Jesus Campaign

Fri, 5/29/2020

We sincerely thank all of you who have continued to sow into our

Go Fund Me Campaign

May the fruit of your harvest increase exponentially in the days and months ahead.

This Campaign continues as the need is great.

May God bless you abundantly in your generous giving.

campaign image(Please click on the link below)

Garden's Best

Garden's Best

Fri, 5/29/2020

We have a limited supply of powder available with a Best by 4/20 date.
Place your order soon to get in on this remarkable value.



Fri, 5/29/2020


TRUTH - The Knowing that Makes You Free
By Cal Pierce

This is Cal's newest book written from a sense that too many believers were not fully understanding the value of Truth. The words written on these pages will help to unlock truths that will truly make you free to believe the fullness of what God has for you.

It will set you on a journey that leads to your own freedom!
The Signs - Cal Pierce

The Signs - Cal Pierce

Thu, 4/30/2020

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

As I write this message we are in our 36th day of quarantined isolation and the news media would have us believe the worst of the worst is happening. Don’t be fooled, God is in complete control. What a great time it is to live out Mark 16:17 which says,
“And these signs will accompany those who believe…”

Remember, we are the ambassadors for Christ, and we have been called to go out into the nations and preach the gospel. The lost need to see the power of Jesus, not just to save, but to heal as well. The Lord has promised that He would work with us and that He will confirm the word we preach with signs following. Signs will always produce the testimony of Jesus to the world.

Matthew 24:14 cannot be fulfilled unless signs accompany us.
“This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

We need to pay attention to the signs that God is giving us today in the natural.

What are the signs? They are connected.

  1. The Awakening – The pandemic certainly qualifies for a unique awakening in the world. We keep hearing everyone say that things will never be as they once were. We are living in a time of a reset, which has been prophesied, and the bride is awakening to the truths that are  life-giving..

  2. Hebrews 12 – “…once more denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, as of created things, so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.” No doubt we are living through a great shaking in every area of life;  the culture, the economy, masks and social distancing.   It is a clear the earth is being shaken, but so are the invisible forces of darkness, and it is God who is doing the shaking. The darkness refers to man’s heart being turned from God. The shaking of earth refers to God getting us ready to arise and shine, to establish the kingdom on earth.

  3. Once everything that can be shaken is removed, what remains is an unshakeable kingdom, God’s kingdom on earth.

  4. Isaiah 60:1-2 “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.” The darker things are getting, the brighter will be His light of glory that is upon His people. That’s why it is our time to rise and shine. People are living in great fear, which darkens the soul. We bring a message of truth, life and hope and our light shines forth and transforms lives for all the world to see.

  5. During Passover, the Coronavirus began to flat line, which means that it is passing over us and will have no power to destroy us.

  6. As a result of this, we are now crossing over into our promised land. We now get to choose which lens we will look through. We have been prepared to look through the lens of faith, believing in every promise that God has given to be fulfilled in this era.

  7. Matthew 24:14 “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” People are coming out of this isolation with a new hunger, desiring truth. The harvest is ready.

Having a clear understanding of the signs in the natural prepares us to believe and look for the signs in the supernatural. This is our 20/20 spiritual vision destiny. Get ready! Get set!  It's time to go!



Thu, 4/30/2020

COVID 19 Healed -

On March 15, my hair stylist called to cancel my appointment because her husband had COVID-19 and they were in isolation at home. She said he was really struggling and short of breath, and she let me pray for them over the phone.

Two days later I sent her a text to let her know my women’s group from church was praying for them and sent a link to the song “The Blessing” with Kari Jobe. I found out later that on that day she had to take her husband to the ER because he became severely dehydrated.
That Monday night I asked the Northshore Healing Rooms team to pray with me about them. We also prayed the following Monday night for them and then again last Saturday. On Saturday, as we were praying, I got a picture of him wanting to get out and do yard work.

That day I heard from my stylist again and found out her husband had turned the corner five days previous, which would have been right after we prayed the previous Monday night. She said his fever left and he was getting his energy back.

I told my stylist, “It’s funny, but when we were praying for him yesterday, I had a picture of him wanting to get out and do yard work. Is that something he likes to do?”

She said, “Yes, he said he can’t wait to be outside next week and go to town on the yard! How crazy.”

My stylist was blown away that we had been praying for her husband so much, and that he turned the corner right after we had prayed last Monday night. She was also blown away by the prophetic picture of her husband wanting to get out and go work on the yard. I feel like that was the Lord's way of confirming his love and care to them.

Linda - April 3, 2020

Northshore Healing Rooms

Bothell, Washington USA

Various Healings Through Zoom Calls -

During these days as we adjust and adapt to the new things God is doing at the Santa Maria Healing Rooms, we’ve launched, for the first-time, Online Zoom Ministry, including ministry to our Hispanic community. We’ve been operating now for 1 week and had the opportunity to pray for several people for both physical and emotional needs.

A woman from Germany received ministry, who had a long history of miscarriages, a successful pregnancy, but died on the table and was revived, and is now, currently pregnant. Her present pregnancy is “high risk” and she was having many early contractions before their time. Doctors told her that she was “high risk” once again. She was tormented with fear of bleeding out and dying. Prior to her call, she cried for two days straight, oppressed, depressed, and fearful of “bleeding out”.

After ministry, she wrote back to report that all the contractions had stopped. It had been several hours which had been atypical of what she had been experiencing. She reported feeling extremely peaceful, light in heart and all the tormenting thoughts gone. Praise Jesus!

Another needed prayer came in from a woman experiencing acute pain from bulging discs in the spine, and impinged nerves. Once again after Dr. Jesus ministered to her, pain free!

One other person sought physical and emotional healing as she felt alone and spiritually beaten down (not physically) in her marriage. She was not sleeping well. The Holy Spirit ministered the Father’s love and grace to both spouses which led to forgiveness of husband and self for harboring resentment and self-pity. She experienced soul healing and went from many tears at the beginning to the end of ministry time, laughing about the very things she used to feel wounded from.

Several people are receiving fresh hope and vision for their lives. Another elderly woman reported that she felt so alone and isolated. She had no family. During ministry, she had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. She felt HIs warmth and love and could not deny his tangible presence. She knew she wasn’t alone which gave her so much peace and assurance that as a believer she really did have Christ dwelling within her.

Ministry Team Perspective
From a ministry team perspective this quarantine period has been fruitful in removing all the unnecessary distractions, even the good things. Many are experiencing a personal honeymoon as they spend more time with the lover of their soul.

They are re-discovering that all things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial, even the good things that would take the place of God’s best.

For many of our older team, we’ve found that having to adapt to technology has become one form of a “new wine skin”; yet we’ve happily discovered that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, even the old dogs learning new tricks!

One of the newer members of our team said it well, “My experience ministering through Zoom is not at all just wires, but I’m discovering that it is His presence within me that I’m releasing. I was uneasy how I would do ministry over the phone or through a Zoom call, when I couldn’t lay on hands.”

One team member reported God using her in a powerful way during this quarantine. She reported, “As I was giving words of encouragement to empower the ladies, at the same time God was empowering me!!! For more than 30 years as a single mother, I have been in the “doing mode” like Martha, always blaming my circumstances, but the Lord said, ‘NO MORE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!’”

Another team member shared their perspective: “God has broken the physical constraint of geographical borders and has increased our reach to other countries. On Tuesday, we prayed via Zoom for a woman in the Philippines, and also for a man in Ecuador. And afterwards we prayed for a man on the phone for a woman somewhere in the LA area.”

Despite the challenges of going “live” we have found God to be more than faithful!!

Many, many other things we could report, but I don’t want to make this too long.

Randy Shintaku - April 12, 2020
Graeme and Sabrina Walsh
Santa Maria Healing Rooms
Santa Maria, California USA

A Season of Removal - Maggie Baratto

A Season of Removal - Maggie Baratto

Thu, 4/30/2020

Maggie Barratto

In the dream, I walked out of my house into the front yard which seemed to be very large and I immediately saw a massive machine at work. It looked like a high-tech hydraulic backhoe-tractor combination with many attachments. I watched as this machine was working to remove dead branches and trees from the yard and dispose of them. It wasn’t touching anything that was living but only removing the things that were dead, the things that had no life.

I saw that there was so much brush in this yard and the dead branches and dead trees were actually hiding the living branches and trees that were fruitful from anyone looking in.

I watched as this massive machine extended a hydraulic arm with amazing precision and accuracy as it plucked out a dead tree stump from the ground. The ground quickly filled in the empty space and it was as though the stump had never been there.

Then I watched the hydraulic arm reach up into a tall tree and remove a dead branch. It was slick and it was quick, and laser sharp and when I looked at the tree it was as though the branch had never been there.

Suddenly I realized there was another hydraulic arm and another. There were 3 hydraulic arms and they were moving fast and powerfully - removing dead branches, rooting up dead trees and disposing of them.

Just then, I felt a swoosh beside me as one of the hydraulic arms was rooting out something near where I was standing.

I thought to myself – Oh my Lord I could have been killed! I need to get out of the way because the operator doesn’t know I’m standing here- He can’t see me.
And I heard a voice- Get out of the way- Get back in the house and stay inside!
The fear of the Lord came upon me in the dream because I knew the only safe place would be in the house. And so I ran into the house.

End of the Dream

I had shared the dream with several people afterwards, and but it wasn’t until recent events that I realized its significance in a greater way.

I felt the dream was a warning as well as prophetic insight into what God is doing in this hour amidst this global pandemic. I believe the yard represents what is happening around us

It seemed to me that in the dream, that move of the Spirit had been set in motion and no one would be able to stop it until He was done, until the task of removing the dead branches and uprooting dead trees was complete.

The voice told me to “get out of the way- get back in the house and stay inside”, because it was the only safe place to be - I believe the house could be interpreted as literal (which would fit our current circumstances) but primarily I believe it represents staying in the presence of the Lord.

I had the strong sense that if I had disobeyed the voice and stayed in the yard poking around and getting too close I would have been killed. Not on purpose but because I would have been in the wrong place, especially after I had been warned. It appeared to me that God was on a mission to do this and I had the strong sense to “get out of the way.”

I believe that one of the things God is doing in this season is removing everything in our lives that is not bearing fruit. I did not see this as a pruning season, rather a season of removal. The scriptures that came to mind right after the dream were as follows:

I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me. John 15:1-4
Jesus replied, “Every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted.”
Matt 15:13

Even now the ax of God’s judgment is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees. Yes, every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire. Luke 3:9

I believe the KEY message to take from this dream is to allow God to remove everything that is dead in our lives, so that the things that are alive and bearing fruit can be seen and have room to grow!

I pray this dream will serve to be a blessing for those who have ears to hear what God is speaking to you through it.

Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and the founding and managing Director of Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine alignment.
"Pesach Sheni" the "Second Passover" - Susan Van Horn

"Pesach Sheni" the "Second Passover" - Susan Van Horn

Thu, 4/30/2020

Early this morning, April 21, 2020, Holy Spirit woke me up and placed a vision before me of people, trapped inside an eggshell.  There was the point of a chisel placed on the surface of the eggshells and a hammer about to tap the shell to break it open.  As I asked Holy Spirit to reveal what this vision meant, I immediately knew that it was related to the isolation the world is in, His people are in, but also to Passover.  I wondered if that meant the shells have already been cracked or if it is coming.

Knowing the Passover ended April 16th, I assumed that the Lord was saying that the shells are already cracked and He is breaking us out of our isolation.  But I knew that didn’t feel right, that there was more.  The “more” the Holy Spirit led me to was “Pesach Sheni”, Second Passover.  Today, the Jewish people refer to “Pesach Sheni” as “The Mistake Holiday”.

In the book of Numbers, a year after the Exodus, Moses and Aaron were approached by Israelites who had missed the ritual of sacrifice and offerings to God along with the redemption that accompanied it because they had been ceremonially unclean.  They complained that it was unfair that they had been deprived of being able to present offerings to God in the proper time.  In response to this plea, Moses was instructed by God to establish “Pesach Sheni”, one month after the first Passover, for anyone who was unable to bring the offering on its appointed time the previous month.  As time went by and the Israelites became established in Jerusalem, the “Pesach Sheni” became the Second Passover opportunity for anyone that had been unclean, was traveling outside of Jerusalem or had purposely not taken part in the first Passover.  The Second Passover represented the “second chance” achieved by the power of repentance and “return”.  Many Jewish rabbis today say “The Second Passover” means that it’s never a “lost case”.  When you make mistakes, accidentally or on purpose, it is possible to be given a “second chance”!

So, how does all of this fit together in interpreting the vision of the cracking of the shell we all appear to be inside of?  This year, the “Pesach Sheni” occurs at sundown on Friday, May 8th thru sundown on Saturday the 9th.  This “second chance” at celebrating God’s Passover, of repenting and being restored into right relationship with God is 17 days away! (from the 21st)  I believe the Holy Spirit was telling me to be prepared.  There is going to be some serious shell cracking going on!

I believe God’s hammer and chisel are going to meet the hard shells of resistance and breakthrough, bringing light and love inside the shell and “Awakening” will burst out!  I believe the pestilence of Coronavirus is going to be cracked open and exposed to the heat of the Holy Spirit and the light of Jesus Christ!  I believe that even those of us who know Jesus as our Savior and friend are breaking out into a new dimension of relationship with Him.

Is there more?  I don’t know all that this vision means.  But, I do know the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.  I do know that no matter how thick the shell, the redemption Jesus bought on the cross is the ultimate “Second Chance”! And I do know that our God holds the hammer and the chisel and whatever He has planned for “Pesach Sheni” this year, it is because He loves us.  May He be glorified in mighty ways on the Second Chance Passover!
Authentic Christianity - Bob Severdia

Authentic Christianity - Bob Severdia

Thu, 4/30/2020

This is the word that Lord gave me this morning:

This is the time we will see authentic Christianity arise with power like never before, but we have to keep our lamps full of oil.  How?  By reading and studying the Word, worshiping, and praying.

We have to look to Him for our every need as they did in the wilderness, while we are in isolation and the wilderness. Deuteronomy 8:2-5 (40 years in the wilderness)

The number 40 is significant right now as many will be in isolation for 40 days.

2 Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands. 3 Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. 4 For all these forty years your clothes didn’t wear out, and your feet didn’t blister or swell. 5 Think about it: Just as a parent disciplines a child, the Lord your God disciplines you for your own good.

This time of isolation is time to be filling our lamps full of oil. We sell Him, (not to gain money) to the lost in darkness! He is our manna in the wilderness and isolation. When we are released again, we will see His power in us to defeat every illness and attack the enemy throws at us. EVERYTHING. This is our time to learn from relationships that irritate us. It begins at home. That’s why we have to be in lockdown with our family first. We will then learn how to love those in the outside with personalities that irritate us.  We will learn how to love our neighbors. A great awakening of the word of God is coming to life!

Bob and his wife, Janet are Region 8 Directors as well as the Arizona State Directors for IAHR.  They continue to minister in the Maricopa Healing Rooms in Maricopa, Arizona, seeing signs and wonders of miraculous healings as real today as they were when Jesus walked the earth.

The Crown - Dianne Willgress

The Crown - Dianne Willgress

Thu, 4/30/2020

THE CROWN   © Dianne Willgress

An evil virus unleashed
From the enemy of our soul
A feeble attempt
To keep us from being whole

A crown of pure evil
Sent to bring fear
Increasing darkness
Look! The King of Light is here

No evil or darkness
Can vanquish God’s plan
Or conquer God’s warriors
Marching valiantly through the land

A call to dance on injustice
Sounding from God’s throne
Warriors of the Light
Wearing a crown of their own

Stand in your anointing
Stretch forth your healing hands
Through His mighty power
Corona virus comes to an end

Holy sons and daughters
Righteous heirs of the King
Hurry now to worship
Your precious gifts now bring

Raise up a glorious banner
Lift it high for all to see
The enemy has fallen
Help from angels we receive

A temporary dilemma
From the enemy’s camp
We raise a hallelujah
With oil in our lamp

Our King is undefeated
He reigns in majesty
He is the Lord Almighty
He rules by His decree

He is crowned with many crowns
Of mercy, grace and love
He is our Sole Defender
Only look to Him above

No weapon formed against us
Will ever rule or reign
No enemy is strong enough
To take back the ground we gain

Stand up and fight
Do not shrink back now
Breakthrough is in your hand
At Victory’s feet we bow

So praise your King
He lends a listening ear
Your victory song of worship
He’s bending down to hear   

© Dianne Willgress 3/26/20
Testimonies of Jesus Campaign

Testimonies of Jesus Campaign

Thu, 4/30/2020

We sincerely thank all of you who have continued to sow into our

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This Campaign continues as the need is  great. 

May God bless you abundantly in your generous giving.

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Garden's Best

Garden's Best

Thu, 4/30/2020

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