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The Open Door - Cal Pierce

The Open Door - Cal Pierce

Tue, 10/31/2017

Cal Pierce

We have entered into the year 5778 on the Jewish calendar. This is the year of the Open Door. The reason God opens the door of Heaven to us is for access to God's provision for us. It is His desire that we receive His will or promises. If we are to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, then we must have access to the fullness of the Kingdom.

We need to have the revelation that there is a door standing open that no man can shut. The door is Jesus. (John 10:9) He is our head and we are His body. The government of God is therefore on our (collective) shoulders. In Ephesians 2, verse 18, we are told,
For through Him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

Our access through the door, Jesus, is by the Holy Spirit that is in you and I. The provision of the Kingdom is in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is in us, so that we can access all that is in the Kingdom.

This isn't something we have to look forward to, it is already here. We access it by our relationship with the Holy Spirit. In that relationship He will lead us into all truth. It is the knowing of Truth that makes us free. (John 8:32) Too many believers struggle with receiving their blessings from God. We need to know that our blessings are guaranteed by God. Let's look at the promises in Galatians, chapter 3, verse 14
In order that in Christ Jesus the blessings of Abraham might come to the Gentiles, so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

Jesus is the guarantee of our blessing that we receive by the Spirit of God by faith. When we believe the truth of God's promises, our faith assigns the Holy Spirit to the fulfillment of the promises on our behalf. Abraham was a very blessed man and God wants us to receive the same blessings. We must set our eyes on the things above and not on the things on earth that are going wrong. We are in the world but not of the world, so let's keep seeking the Kingdom of God where our blessings come from.


Tue, 10/31/2017

Bowel Healed, and so much more!

For over 20 years I have had ongoing problems with IBS, debilitating pain and the progressive deterioration in the condition of my bowel to the extent that it did not function at all without invasive intervention. I was due to attend an appointment with the Consultant to arrange surgery for the fitting of a colostomy bag, but a friend encouraged me to visit Healing Rooms for prayer first. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the team were sensitive to my needs and put me at ease. I asked that there would be a change in my colon so that I might not need to have surgery.

God's love

The team assured me of God's love for me and prayed for full restoration as they spoke a good report over me, and life to my whole being. I felt an instant change. I sensed movement in the area of my colon that had never worked properly, but that wasn't all! It just felt like a huge weight was being lifted off me from my feet upwards, right to the top of my head.

Life, energy and vitality

For much longer than I can remember my life has been full of depression, pain, tiredness and a complete lack of energy regularly resulted in long periods of time in bed, but suddenly I felt full of life, energy and vitality. On that first visit I had not mentioned to the team that I was also due to have surgery on my womb. Scans had been done and I had been informed of the measurements of polyps, folds and a tumour that had been diagnosed there. Neither had I mentioned the longstanding problem with food intolerance. In having prayer, I got much more than I asked for! I was aware of such love that I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life. The team explained that I was now a new creation in Jesus.

Thank you to Jesus for what He had already done

I visited Healing Rooms again. I was having terrible pain in my back and could hardly walk, I was drained of colour in my face and was truly weary. However I was filled with a desire to return to say thank you to Jesus for what He had already done. As soon as I walked in I could sense the presence of God. When I was being prayed for, I had a burning sensation in my back. The pain disappeared immediately. Suddenly I could walk properly and was once again filled with energy. By the time I made this second visit, I had two wonderful reports to share. Firstly, I had been back to see the consultant about the bowel problem. Surgery had not been needed because my bowel was now healed and functioning perfectly. Secondly, I'd had the planned surgery on my womb and had the follow-up appointment with the surgeon. I asked him if he had been able to remove all the bad bits and was delighted when he said that there had not been anything there for him to remove!!! He said he couldn't explain how this had happened. I know that God had healed everything that had previously shown up on the scan.

God's will is for me to be completely whole.

Another bonus is that I no longer have any food intolerances. Just like the team said, God's will is for me to be completely whole! All my family and friends say I am like a new woman, in every area. I'm full of life, happy, confident and completely filled with peace. Now, I never even think about my painful past physical and emotional traumas. Thank you so much, Jesus. Vanessa Stubbs, Burnley Healing Rooms, United Kingdom
Is it Natural or Supernatural? - Carol Krum

Is it Natural or Supernatural? - Carol Krum

Tue, 10/31/2017

Carol Krum
Carol Krum

We are continually hearing that a new wine is being poured out and that we are the wineskin which will carry this precious drink.  Our responsibility is to prepare our wineskin to stretch, to be flexible in order that we won’t rip apart or burst and then find ourselves unable to receive or hold this new wine.   So how do we do that?  One thing is for certain!  We must first adopt a Kingdom mindset and then practice using it until it becomes such a part of who we are that we don’t even have to think about it.  It becomes our new natural way of thinking and speaking.

We must make a decision to become intentionally mindful of the words we speak, asking Holy Spirit to make us acutely aware of what we are saying, as this will always reveal what is in our hearts.   If we use the Word of God as our plumb line, and we cast what we say and even what we think alongside, we will actually begin to see how they do or do not align with one another.  Once we see the difference, we can then turn our words and our thoughts in that very moment to come into alignment with truth.

With that being said, allow me to share something that has happened in the physical realm and then show how to align it with the Kingdom of God.  My sweet little “mature” eyes had developed cataracts that needed to be removed.  The doctor diagnosed one eye with a disease that was going to cause problems, which included poor vision.  Aligning with like-minded people, healing was released into that eye.  Along with the healing in the physical eye, an increase of spiritual vision to see the mysteries of God on a deeper level was released as well.  You see, we cannot have one without the other!  That is Kingdom truth! If there is something that needs “fixed” in the natural, we need to declare and receive the spiritual truth that aligns with it!  That is Kingdom thinking!

When we have been sitting for a long while, we stand up and feel a need to stretch, because our muscles have become tight.  A Kingdom mindset will hear that the body is telling us to stretch the spiritual areas of our lives as well as the physical. So as we stretch the physical, we declare the stretching of our spiritual wineskin.  If a bone spur grows on the heel of the foot, through pain the body is announcing to get it physically removed and to spiritually crush the head of the serpent that has its hold on you and your family.  Is it natural or supernatural?  Kingdom truth says it’s both!!

The essential oil of peppermint is used in the natural realm to release energy, to clear the respiratory system to be able to breathe freely, to release tension in muscles, just to name a few of the benefits.  But did you know that in the spiritual realm peppermint oil raises the spirit to fuller understanding and appreciation of the mysteries of God that are waiting to fully unfold to us?

When we begin to intentionally look at both the natural and the supernatural as one and the same, what might we see?  What if the natural and the supernatural are so intricately woven together that in the Kingdom realm it is impossible to tell the difference?  Just a thought on my part here, but worth pondering.  Perhaps as we begin to align our thinking on such a new plane, we would begin to actually “see” what has been right before our eyes all along.  Is this the new wineskin that we are called to prepare for? I don’t know about you, but the possibility is exciting to explore!

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy. 


A Prayer for Today - Greg Lanctot

A Prayer for Today - Greg Lanctot

Tue, 10/31/2017

Greg Lanctot
Greg Lanctot


Help me, Lord, to be in harmony with You.
Keep me as the apple of Your eye.
Rally to my aid when I’m buffeted by the storms of life.
Cover me, I pray, every single day with Your banner of love.

Tell me, what time zone is Heaven in?
A day for You is a thousand years for me.
O, my Love, it’s impossible to attain Your matchless ways.
Your unfathomable thoughts are beyond anything I could ever imagine.

How can I comprehend the Spirit realm?
The Bible says it’s more real than the world I’m in.
Everything I see will eventually fade away and die.
Yet, the things I do not see are eternal; please tell me why?

When my flesh is stretched beyond measure,
give me the strength to respond as You would do.
I must be willing to put to death my old sinful nature,
in order for me to joyfully take up my cross and follow You.

You know, I have issues; all God’s children have issues.
If it wasn’t for Your tender mercy, I would be like the flowers of the field.
With one fiery breath I should have withered away and been no more.
Nevertheless, because of Your lovingkindness, I am Your cherished child!

© Greg Lanctot - October 27, 2017 -


Tue, 10/31/2017

As the Christmas season approaches, we are offering an excellent deal on the Passion Translation Bible as well as these other works to encourage and propel us forward into the “greater” God has prepared for us all!

Blessings to you!

Healing Rooms Bookstore Team


The Passion Translation New Testament - Imitation Leather

The Passion Translation Bible is a new, heart-level translation that expresses God's fiery heart of love to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God's Word.

If you want to know God on a deeper level, The Passion Translation will help you encounter His heart and discover what He has for your life.

Includes the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Songs.

Available in Purple, Brown, Red, Black, and Pink


Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship
by Jack Frost

What would life be like with no fear? If you could feel completely at home and at rest in the intimate love of God?

You face two choices in life: to live life as if you have a home or to live life as if you don't. If you're living like an orphan because you've never made it past your fears and into a place of rest and safety, lay aside your orphan mindset.

Come in from the storm and find rest! Discover your true identity---and your true home---as a beloved son or daughter of the Father.


The Seven Mountain Renaissance 
by Johnny Enlow

History's greatest renaissance; a spiritual one; is about to unfold before our very eyes. Johnny Enlow reveals the changes he expects to take place over the next several decades in each of the 7 Mountain spheres. We have entered an "Era of Renaissance" that will not be complete until the invisible God is made visible through the influence of His ambassadorial children in every area of society.

The first Renaissance in history showcased the achievements of man, but this new renaissance will display the brilliance and works of God for the whole world to see. By 2050, an on–fire, loving church with a hope–filled worldview will be globally advancing, walking in unprecedented signs and wonders and supernatural manifestations of power. Many nations will walk in a high level of national transformation.

How will you respond to this new era? Will you help your own nation to experience a far–reaching renaissance, to the glory of God?

Reaching the Summit - Cal Pierce

Reaching the Summit - Cal Pierce

Fri, 9/29/2017

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

We have just completed our 2017 Leadership Summit. Healing Rooms Directors from all over the world gathered in Spokane for our annual "family meeting." It was an amazing time! We opened on Thursday by introducing our Headquarters staff then I gave messages on Receiving the Mind of Christ, the Knowing of Truth that Overcomes the Lie, and how to live in the unshakable Kingdom of God.

A great highlight of the Summit is when National Directors share about what God is doing through Healing Rooms in their nations. This year we heard from England, Taiwan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and Mexico.

We also had workshops this year on: building Intercession for your Healing Rooms, the International Healing Rooms School of Transformation, developing a Partner program and breaking off the poverty spirit, Transforming the Land, and healing and health with Garden's Best. These were a great success and the Directors and team members left with many new strategies to bless their teams, grow their Healing Rooms and transform their communities. We were also blessed to ordain 17 Directors into the fullness of ministry.

On Sunday we took our National and Regional Directors on a cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene, which is always a great time! The weather finally warmed up and the day was beautiful.

Through wonderful times of praying corporately in the Spirit and mighty prophetic worship, everyone left the conference excited, built up, and encouraged to go home and enter in to what God is doing in their nations.

It is a new season and God is pouring out new wine, and we must rework our wine skins to receive it. At this Summit we moved from the Hebrew calendar year of 5777 to 5778. The year 5777 was called the Year of the Sword and the new year of 5778 is called the Year of the Open Door. We are excited to receive the revelation of Truth and then enter the doorway of the Kingdom of God to appropriate our inheritance in this end time.

All in all this year's Summit was filled with expectations of how God is releasing the fullness of His provision to His bride.
Breaking the Poverty Spirit - Dr. Tim Lambert

Breaking the Poverty Spirit - Dr. Tim Lambert

Fri, 9/29/2017

Dr. Tim Lambert

This is an outstanding teaching by Dr. Tim Lambert given at our annual Leadership Summit this September in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Lambert is the Director of the Healing Rooms of Tidewater Virginia and owner of The Shepherd’s Guide Publishing Company. His primary passion is to see the awakening of a people by the Word of the Lord, poised to do the impossible in our world by bringing transformational change in their nation.

Click on the Summit graphic to hear the audio-only message.



Fri, 9/29/2017

The Blind See

My husband and I were on holiday when Gary was taken very ill. His eyesight was deteriorating and he had severe migraine type headaches that resulted in him being violently sick. I would pray peace over him but I knew something was seriously wrong.

When we got back from our holiday I took him to have his eyes tested. It was from there he was taken as an emergency to Calderdale Royal hospital where he was for 5 days. He had gone completely blind by this point and had a blood pressure of 275/150. I visited him every day. I would lay our little boy on the bed, he was 4 months old at that time. Gary couldn't see him but he knew he was there. Several people visited and prayed over him.

When Gary came home I had the idea (from God!) to take him to the Healing Rooms of Halifax. It was a Wednesday, so I drove him there. I was welcomed so warmly by the staff and really impacted by God's love through them. A team prayed for Gary and his sight was restored 70%!! The rest of his eyesight came back over the next 3 days. He has had CT scans, MRI scans, kidney tests, you name it but everything has come back clear and he has returned to work.

Buttershaw Healing Rooms, Bradford, England

Set Free From Shingles

Shingles marred nearly half of Daniel's face. Not only were they incredibly painful but his doctor said it would be 4 weeks before he could return to work. Just 4 days after receiving pray, Daniel's doctor released him to go back to work. Praise God!!

- Northshore Healing Rooms, Bothell, Washington, USA

Foot Pain Gone

For years I've experienced pain in the balls of my feet. Orthotics and various shoe inserts did little to help. I often came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My miracle is here! My feet no longer hurt. Praise the Lord! Don't give up on the brink of your miracle!

- Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

Amazing Healings from Australia

I came to the Healing Rooms in desperation following many years of depression and a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of personal self esteem. I knew that only prayer and God’s blessings would be my comfort and peace.

Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms I found such love and blessings. The second time was the most confronting and I had a real spiritual battle just getting there. But during that second visit I had the most amazing breakthrough, coming to terms with many things that had been spoken over me in the past. I was so blessed that I could forgive the past and move on.

The next week I returned to thank those who had been there for me and praise the Lord for his love and blessings. After that I was able to discuss many issues with my brother who had also been affected when we were children and young adults.  He was pleased to talk about these issues and we were able to pray together over them.  I thank God for his blessings and continued love.

 - Trish 

I was asked by a friend if I would like to come with him to the Healing Rooms and I'm so glad I did.  I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse.
I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me.  I was so overjoyed after my healing … I have not had a cigarette since and it’s been two weeks today. I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.

- Kerrianne
He Swooshed Me Up! - Joe Duquesnel

He Swooshed Me Up! - Joe Duquesnel

Fri, 9/29/2017

When Mr. Duquesnel came to the Healing Rooms of San Clemente, CA, he had just received a bad report from the doctor. However, his experience was so profound when he came for prayer that he could not help but put it to music!

Click on the graphic below to hear Joe's amazing testimony...



Fri, 9/29/2017

We have an amazing deal for you this month! The new Passion Translation New Testament is coming out the end of the month and you definitely want to get a beautiful imitation leather bound copy of this excellent version that so truly conveys the Father's heart! We are offering it at a very special price.

The other offerings below are in keeping with the theme of "What an amazing and loving Father we have!"

Blessings to you!
Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

The Passion Translation New Testament

The Passion Translation New Testament - Imitation Leather

The Passion Translation Bible is a new, heart-level translation that expresses God's fiery heart of love to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God's Word.

If you want to know God on a deeper level, The Passion Translation will help you encounter His heart and discover what He has for your life.

Available in Purple, Brown or Red

Experiencing Father's Embrace

Experiencing Father's Embrace is an excellent resource for anyone interested in growing or ministering in the Father's love message. The author's style of writing makes this book easy to read, yet it is one of the most thorough and profoundly impacting books available on knowing God as a Father.


10 Hours To Live

"I give him ten hours to live."

That's what the doctor said after diagnosing twenty-two-year-old Brian Wills with Burkitt's lymphoma. Thus began Brian's life-threatening battle-both physical and spiritual-to receive a full recovery by focusing on God's powerful promises of healing.

Through his incredible, true-life testimony of healing against all odds, find out how you can: Overcome the most hopeless of circumstances, learn how to apply God's Word for healing, build your faith for the miraculous, discover joy in the midst of suffering, and receive comfort in times of trial.

10 Hours to Live includes many other testimonies of people who have been supernaturally healed by the power of God. God wants to heal you, too!