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Saturday, January 25th, 2020
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Bobby Conner at Healing Rooms

Friday - Saturday, March 27th - 28th, 2020
Spokane, WA, USA
Healing Rooms Ministries Training

Friday - Saturday, March 27th - 28th, 2020
Spokane, Washington, U.S.
Patricia King at Healing Rooms

Thursday - Friday, November 19th - 20th, 2020
Spokane, WA, USA

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Mary is a member of the Prayer Ministry Team in Dinuba, California. During our team worship and prayer time in December, we prayed for Mary's estranged relationship with her daughter. Here is Mary's testimony:

After 25 years, my daughter called me this New Years and told me she loved me. All anger she had towards me is no longer there. Praise God!
- Mary in Dinuba, CA USA
Michael is a prayer ministry team member. He contacted the prayer team to agree with him in prayer for his grandmother. Here is Michael's testimony:

My grandmother died Thursday, December 19th. The doctors brought her back to life, but she was on life support unable to breathe on her own. Her body was swelled up like a balloon from a heart condition and a bad kidney. Keep in mind she was born with one kidney. The family was saying goodbyes. With a prayer of faith, a few hours later she woke up. Following that the swelling went away. She is breathing on her own and was released to go home Christmas Eve. As of January 2, 2020 she is still at home.
- Michael in Dinuba, CA USA
I came for prayer for help with foster care and a job. Well, a week later I was not only offered a job, but the pay was more then I ever made in 20 years! God is so good!
- T. in Bismarck, ND United States
I came to the KIDS for prayer. I asked for prayer for healing in my body, my marriage, & to find the roots of cancer in my life. Both my parents passed away from cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. The HR Kids were awesome & powerful prayers. I received a drawing and was told that God would give me the meaning of it. God did show me a revelation about the drawing. It revealed a pattern I was in that came from my past and carried on into my marriage. God revealed other things that needed to be repented of and prayed through. I returned for prayer a different night. God is healing my body & marriage. He is completing a work of healing in my life!
- K. in Bismarck, ND United States
The Healing Rooms (adult) and HR Kids have prayed for my sister who is in a Memory Care facility out of state. She was placed on Hospice months ago for more care.

I am excited to tell you the healing taking place for my sister. She graduated OFF of Hospice Care! She is more alert, more mobile, and is eating again!

I am thanking God daily, and I thank all the prayer warriors at the Healing Rooms!
- Lola in Bismarck, ND United States

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Healing in the Coming Season - Cal Pierce

Healing in the Coming Season - Cal Pierce

Thu, 12/19/2019

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

New Wineskin

We are definitely in the season that Isaiah prophesied would take place when he wrote chapter 60!  Deep darkness is covering the people and the earth.  This is not an indication that we, as believers, should shrink back or look for a rapture to bail us out.  The increase of the work of the enemy will always be overcome by a greater increase in God’s people.
“Little children, you can be certain that you belong to God and have conquered
them, for the One who is living in you is far greater than the one who is in the
world.” 1 John 4:4

God will always position His people to receive an increase of new wine in seasons when we need increase.  New wine brings revelation that uncovers or reveals what God is saying to us in new seasons.  This revelation is to bring more authority to God’s people to overcome the enemy.

The question we must ask ourselves is this: Are we ready to receive the new wine?  New wine must be poured into new wineskins.  We will lose the new wine if we try to receive it into old wineskins.  We are the wineskins that receive the new wine of revelation that increases our light to overcome darkness.  The old wineskin of the past is not going to receive the new wine of the future.  Old wineskins are meant to hold the wine of past seasons.  Ne wineskins will hold the wine necessary to take us through the season to come.

Healing the Whole Man

The new wine revelation that is being poured out will begin to heal the whole man.  The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  In the coming season we will realize that a triune man can be occupied and restored by a triune God.  We will begin to see healing as a process to establish health in our bodies and minds.  If we are the temple of God and occupied by God, then the armor of God will extinguish all the fiery darts of the enemy.  We will realized God’s ultimate goal is not healing, but what healing produces, a person who isn’t sick!  Healing will come by God’s power, health will come by our power.  We have to become stewards of the temple of God, by walking in health.  Our lifestyle will either give us life or take our life.  If we are not to feed wrong things to the spirit man, then also, we are not supposed to feed wrong things to the physical man.  God’s will is that we prosper in spirit and in body.  Redemption is meant to redeem the whole man.
“Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you
continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering.” 3 John 2

Walking in prosperity is simply being occupied by God.  When we are occupied by God, the enemy can no longer touch us.

The New Creation Man

The Holy Spirit is raising up a new creation man who will prosper in the goodness of God.  They will fulfill 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says,
“Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new
person.  All that is related to the old order has vanished.  Behold, everything
is fresh and new.  And God has made all things new, and reconciled us to
Himself, and given us the ministry of reconciling others to God.”

This scripture tells us when we come to Christ old things pass away and all things become new.  In other words, the new creation man is not to hang onto the old things. But to receive the new things of God.  It is interesting that the term “new creation” means proprietorship of the manufacturer.  When we come to Christ, our old nature passes away and we receive the new nature of God by becoming His body.  God, who manufactures or creates us, wants to occupy us to make us the body of Christ in order to establish His Kingdom on earth.

The Complete Man

The new creation man will give rise for the complete man to fulfill the will of God on earth.  We see this in Colossians 2:9-10
“For He is the complete fullness of deity living in human form.  And our own
completeness is now found in Him.  We are completely filled with God as Christ’s
fullness overflows within us.  He is the Head of every kingdom and authority
of the universe!”

The word “complete” here means replete or to be crammed full.  The complete man will be so full of God, there won’t be room for the enemy.  Old things will truly pass away and only the new things of God will exist.  The Word that we read will become the Word that we live.  In verse 10 it says that He is the head over His body with all rule and authority.  The complete man and the complete woman will truly become the body of Christ on earth.  They will walk with His mind and be directed by Him.  They will live in the “all things are possible” realm.  (Mark 9:23)

This complete man will begin to fulfill John 14:12:
“I tell you this timeless truth:  The person who follows me in faith, believing in me,
will do the same mighty miracles that I do – even greater miracles than these
because I go to be with the Father.”

This becomes possible because the complete man is the body of Jesus, who is our head and seated with God.  We have been given the Holy Spirit that we could move in resurrection power.  When we are completely filled with a triune God, it is not we who live, but God who lives in us and all things become possible.

Living in Truth

The complete man will live in freedom by the knowing of Truth.  The revelation of Truth tells us Truth is not a book to be read, a verse to be memorized or quoted.  Truth is a person.  If you know the Truth, the Truth will make you free.
“For if you embrace the Truth, it will release true freedom into your life.”  John 8:32

The reason Truth makes us free is because it is the evidence of the Word of God.  The Word of God has fulfillment in it and that is why it is called Truth.  Jesus is the Word of God fulfilled.
“In the beginning the Living Expression (The Word) was already there.  And the
Living Expression (The Word) was already there.   And the Living Expression
(The Word) was with God, yet fully God.  They were together –face to face in the
very beginning.”  John 1:1-2

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and The Word was God.  Then The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
"And so the Living Expression (The Word) became a man and lived among us."  John 1:14

Jesus was the walking Word.  When we get the Word of God in us, it transforms us into His image and likeness.  This transformation changes us into the body of Christ.  We become a new creation, Truth completes us and makes us free.  When the complete man exemplifies the body of Christ, then he becomes the walking Word on the earth.  Our Head, who is Jesus, is in Heaven, His body is on the earth.  His body becomes the fulfillment of His will on earth as they establish His Kingdom with all authority.

In this season where darkness is covering the earth, we as believers, must position ourselves and receive increase from God.  The darkness foretold by Isaiah is telling us to get ready because our light has come.  It is time to arise and shine and the Glory of the Lord will rise upon us.  (Isaiah 60:1-3)  We must set our eyes on things above, not on the troubles of earth.   Our source is Jesus and He is getting us ready to take the final harvest.
“The harvest points to the end of the age, and the harvesters are God’s
messengers.”  Matthew 13:39

Your light has come, and it will increase in brightness to overcome the darkness to set the captives free.

Get Ready!



Thu, 12/19/2019

Bleeding in Eyes Stopped -
We had a woman make two trips and bring nine people by herself to our recent Sunday night Healing Rooms. It was beautiful how the Lord touched lives (lots of addiction/family problems with that group). One woman who came to our recent Tuesday morning HR reported how someone we prayed for, who has been battling diabetes and lost a toe, reported that while we were praying for her, she felt heat flow up her legs to the top of her head--and bleeding that had been happening in her eyes has stopped since then! PTL!

Submitted by David Harder - December 12, 2019
United Healing Rooms of Tulsa
Mesquite, Texas

Diabetic Toe Healed -
My wife and I went to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to pray for a man who had type 1 diabetes whose left toe had swollen as large as a man's wrist. The doctors told him they would have to amputate his foot. His job depended upon his standing so this would have affected his ability to do his job. We learned of his plight through a Bible church pastor who we met in OKC near the end of September at "The God Who Heals" conference. He and the church are moving in revival, including healing.

We found out that diabetes was in his family so we broke the generational curse first. Next, we discovered that his father was murdered when he was a teenager. We walked him through forgiving the perpetrator, his father, himself and God. When we prayed for healing, he felt a vapor leave his heart and left toe. The next day his pastor prayed for him and he felt power go into his toe. In a few days he was dismissed because his toe was no longer swollen. This was 5 weeks ago and his toe is still fine.  To God be the glory!

Submitted by Bob Cumberworth, Director - December 12, 2019
Kingdom Culture Healing Rooms
Mesquite, Texas

(These testimoies were submitted by Carol Campbell, the Divisional Director over Africa and the National Director over South Africa. These healings took place during a Healing Rooms Conference facilitated by Carol.  No names or dates were listed.)

Pain in Back Healed -
Over three months I have had back pain in my spine. I have taken medication consecutive times yet nothing changes, but now I have been “looking for it, and I cannot see it!" I have been stretching my back, looking for it, but I cannot find the pain. I believe it’s gone and it’s gone forever!

Back Healed -
I had this back problem. I had a piece of metal that hit me and injured my back. I have been having some back problems since 2015. I even went to the hospital for a check-up and they said there was nothing wrong. I stayed for them to massage my back, but the pain was so deep that it did not help. On Friday you gave a word of knowledge that there was someone with a spinal problem and that is when I got healed. When I bent I used to feel the pain, but now there is no pain!

Back Healed -
Over three months I have had back pain in my spine. I have taken medication consecutive times yet nothing changes, but now I have been “looking for it, and I cannot see it!” I have been stretching my back, looking for it, but I cannot find the pain. I believe it’s gone and it’s gone forever!

Ligament in Leg Healed -
You told us to stand up (to test their bodies at the beginning of the session). Back home in Malawi, I used to play football and the ligaments in my left leg were damaged.  The doctors said I would never play football again. I have had this pain since 2009. After the teaching, you told us to stand and wave if we are healed. I tried to bend my leg and it was ok! I am going to play football again!!! Immediately, you told us to stand up and test our body.  I did not feel any pain!

Bleeding Stopped -
I have been bleeding for years. I have been to many doctors, spent much money and taken many tablets. I used to take many different tablets, but nothing helped.
(A while later she reported.....)
There is a change. I’m feeling good. I feel at peace and everything in my body is feeling well.
It has stopped..........I can’t believe it. Thank You Jesus!

Anxiety Gone -
Woman in her late 70s or 80s
I have always had problems with anxiety and I am during the day mostly okay. I have just had a hard time knowing the reason for it, but that “green slimy big monster” (demon) that you spoke about...well I saw him on the floor and I had a big spear and I killed him! It’s when I came out of the exercise that I realized I have to stand against it, instead of saying, “Jesus help me!” Now I realize that I have to stand against him. I was so happy to spear the demon. He’s dead now!

Muslim Encounters Holy Spirit -
I was born a Muslim, but at a young age I knew it was not the truth and I could not accept it.  I was still at a very young age. So, I looked for the truth and it took me about 10 years, until I was invited to a church and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time. And only after I discovered the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time, I realized there is something that is out there, there is something that is the truth. People were saying things to gain something, but I sensed this was different from people just saying things to gain my approval.  This was different, this was something real!  I’ve been quite anxious about my future as I have just passed through a rather hard episode of my life and I take quite a long time during the day worrying about the future, even things that are not entirely in my control anymore. But I realize now that there is a promise moving faith, that as long as I move in faith, God will reward me and I just want to go according to His plan.  I was reminded of that today!  I am at peace.

Woman Stands up From Wheelchair and Walks -
A lady in a wheelchair said, “I can’t walk, my whole body is full of pain. I have back spasms and my whole body is paining. I have a nerve problem under my feet and I cannot walk.” I suggested she test her body by getting out of her wheelchair. She was very reluctant, but conceded, and she slowly placed her feet on the floor. She proclaimed that she did not feel the nerve pain anymore. She ventured out of the wheelchair, holding my hands, and to her surprise realized that she did not have any back pain anymore! I encouraged her to say, “Legs walk!” After repeating this declaration a few times, she walked! Back pain GONE! Sensitive nerves under her feet, GONE! She is planning to travel!

Something is Shifting - Jesse Utz

Something is Shifting - Jesse Utz

Wed, 12/18/2019

Jesse Utz

Jesse Utz

On Monday, November 18, 2019, a rare 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region near Coulee City and Grand Coulee Dam in our Pacific Northwest part of Washington State, which is where I live.  That is very profound, considering my weekend preceding this event. Though I did not feel the earthquake in the natural sense, I did feel a different kind of shifting happening during the weekend as we traveled around the state.

God is up to something.  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a little cottage in Vantage, Washington, listening to fellow Christians talk about sensing a move that God is doing in their area; or the lack of it in others.  We talked about something new that we were feeling erupting from within each one of us and we knew that we must unite and agree with this move of God or we would miss it.   A church without walls is coming and the true Acts church is upon us.  This was a gathering of Prophetic and Apostolic ministers being called forth in Washington State.  We spoke about the many prophetic words that have been released over the Northwest of the United States from Bob Jones, Shawn Bolz, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and many others.  It is time to rise up and use our voice.  We have heard the voices, but have we embraced the words and tilled the ground to prepare the way?  We cannot just sit back and wait as we have done in the past.  That is how the sleeping church has prepared.  We are in a new season.  This is a time when we are to actively join together with what God is doing and wake up the sleeping church.

On the weekend of November 15th and 16th, I was at the Healing Rooms listening to Angela Greenig share what she has experienced around the world.  She has walked in the darkest places and the Light has been victorious as the atmosphere changes wherever she brings the power of God.  She spoke that it is time for the church to wake up and get out of the pews.  This was the same message that I had heard in Vantage and from numerous trusted ministers of truth across the nation and world.  It is time to act! Reflect on Acts, Church!

The remnant of God’s Church must rise up for such a time as this, clinging to the scriptures and walk in authority.  So much depends on this right now.  The attack of the enemy is in overdrive to try and quench the fire within us all and he is using every trick, trap, deceit and lie necessary to distract our flesh from the truth of what God is doing.

What is God doing?  He is healing, restoring, waking and promoting His called-out ones to come out of hiding, to use their voices and speak up against the atrocities being performed within the walls of a sanctuary and in the halls of government!  The time is now to see Him at work, listen to His words, see His actions and do what He is calling us to do.

On a recent Sunday morning, I was in Connell, Washington, seeing this in action. How I arrived there is prophetic in itself, but not as important as what I saw and heard. The words being spoken were in Spanish, but the translator was speaking the message in my ear in English with passion and emotion, just as the pastor was doing in his home language. But this was not about the words or the understanding. This was about what God was doing.

God was bringing up an unknown group of people to follow exactly what His bible taught them to do. They loved one another, and any visitors were made to feel like family from the moment they saw them. It was conveyed to us as well that this was not just a Sunday morning thing for a few hours. This is a 24/7 movement of God to love on one another the way the Lord intended it, and we were welcomed in with wide opened arms, embraced to be hungry. God is moving dramatically in this place and you did not have to understand the language to feel it.

It was the next day that the earth shook in our area! Oh yes, God is doing something! If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I suggest you go online and do some research. This is not just for me; it is not just for believers. This is meant for every created child of God whom He has known before you were even in your mother’s womb. It’s time to wake up! 2019 was the year of hearing; 2020 is the year of seeing; 2021 will be the year of doing!  The harvest is ripe and the time is now.  Yes, there is an urgency to this move of God.  A clock is ticking, but it’s not a clock as we perceive it.  This clock is God’s timing in action concerning His remnant. Will the called apostles and prophets who have hidden themselves for numerous reasons come forth?  Will they use their voice?  Will they shout God’s Word from the mountain top?  Will they take His power and authority into the business place, into the media outlets, into the education system, into the government and into their finances?  Will they walk daily fully awake and let Jesus’ face be seen in their faces?  Will they be willing to work the fallow ground?

For such a time as this. God is shaking, shifting, and sifting His people.  The time is now to get up, get out and kneel before the Throne.  Hear what God hears, see what God sees, go where God goes, taste what He tastes and say what He says.  This is a continuous next level calling!  Let the Fire of God burn like a wild fire.  Let the lighting of God be released upon the brothers and sisters.  Let the eaglets leave the nest and soar.  It is time to activate the power of God within us.


Jesse Utz, Spokane Healing Rooms Member and Co-Founder of Eagles Nest Apostolic Hub in Grand Coulee wrote this to be published in his weekly column in a local newspaper. The editor refused to print it. This was only the second refusal after 5 years of creative freedom in his column. But the message burned in his stomach and he knew God wanted it released and out there.
A Prophetic Word and Vision for International Healing Rooms Ministries

A Prophetic Word and Vision for International Healing Rooms Ministries

Wed, 12/18/2019

Maggie Baratto

As I asked the Father what He was doing with the International Healing Rooms Ministries in September 2019 a couple days prior to the September 2019 Summit. I received the following word within a vision.

In the Spirit- I saw the Healing Rooms Ministries (HRM) laid out before me and I knew by revelation that this ministry was 'a foundational work' of the Spirit.

I saw that over the course of many years that it had been built & established through fiery trials, it had been forged through seasons of dryness & drought with alternate seasons of rain.

As I watched, I saw that this 'foundational work' had been tried through the furnace of affliction, tested through adversity and sifted by the Word of God… to render it complete!

And I saw that this ‘foundational work’ has come forth like gold!

I heard the Lord say - "The foundational work of International Healing Rooms Ministries is the beginning of a new work that I am doing in the earth. It is not the new thing—but it is the foundation with which I will anchor and build and hold up the new thing that I am building."

I could see this foundation had stretched far and wide across the earth and that it had ‘prepared the way’ for Apostolic leaders to be raised up. It had ‘prepared the way’ for an apostolic army to be birthed and formed behind the scenes.

I heard a declaration in the Spirit - The foundation is complete! The preparation is complete! Now it’s time to build!

And I heard the Father say - "This foundation has ‘prepared a place’ for My Spirit to dwell - for My Spirit is brooding and is about to overshadow sons and daughters who will birth and launch new plans and purposes of Mine that will be anchored and held up by this foundation!"

Then I was reminded that Spokane Washington (the birth place for the IHRM) was the place for the original ‘Father’s Day’ holiday to be birthed in the natural and the Lord impressed upon me that the Healing Rooms Ministries would be a place for the Father’s Heart to be released.

Today I could see the Father beginning to infuse a greater aspect of His Heart into this foundation - so that everything that would be built upon it, will beat in rhythm with who He is and what He is doing! And the following portion of scripture was impressed upon me - only those who do the will of My Father will enter into the Kingdom.  Matt. 7:21-23

The vision became more clear as I saw the foundation (IHRM) stretched out across the earth. It was gold in color.  And I saw that in this season, it was being infused with the heartbeat of the Father. And I watched and could see that the entire foundation was beginning to pulsate and throb with the heartbeat of the Father. One heartbeat.

Then I saw several large pillars being placed and positioned and established upon this foundation.

I saw that they were load-bearing and made of solid pearl. I immediately understood that these pillars of pearl represent the 5- fold ministry offices. They were being positioned to stand and be anchored in the foundation - to give form and structure to the new thing that was being built.

Then I could see many walls, rooms, floors and ceilings being erected and built up.

This new building was pulsating in unity with the rhythm of the Father’s heartbeat that originated from the foundation.

I knew the walls and rooms and floors represented various ministries, businesses and organizations that were being birthed by the Spirit through the church of Jesus Christ.

I saw that the new ministries, gifts, businesses and outreaches etc. being birthed, would walk like/ talk like /sound like/and look like the Father and operate in a Kingdom culture.

And I could see the body of Jesus Christ was beating in unison with the Father’s heart and working together to reveal, to demonstrate and to release the Father-heart of God.

I believe we are entering into a new era in the International Healing Rooms Ministries, an era of building on the foundation that has been prepared and is complete.

Just like in the natural realm when it’s a new phase of building (you are no longer laying a foundation of cement and rebar), there is a need for the delivery of new materials, new tools and new laborers. There is a need for laborers with different skills and giftings to build upon the foundation that has been made ready.

DECLARATION: It’s time for a movement of the Father!  The heart of the Father is being arrayed and displayed and conveyed through the manifold wisdom and authority of Apostolic mothers and fathers in the earth! Sons and daughters of God will rightly represent the Father-heart of God, being about their Father’s business and setting in place His ways, His order and aligning themselves to His will.

Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and the founding and managing Director of Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine alignment.
Coming Events

Coming Events

Wed, 12/18/2019

Beni Johnson is a pastor, author and speaker. Together, she and her husband Bill Johnson are the Senior Pastors at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Beni’s traveled the world speaking to churches bringing a message of peace, intercession and health. The more she’s traveled the more Beni’s noticed many people aren’t educated on maintaining their health. This, along with her compassion, has caused her to actively pursue bringing awareness in the areas of health and fitness. Beni’s passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential as they realize they’re destined for greatness. She is author of the books The Happy Intercessor and Healthy and Free.
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Wed, 12/18/2019

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Wed, 12/18/2019

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Wed, 12/18/2019

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Seeing in 2020 - Cal Pierce

Seeing in 2020 - Cal Pierce

Wed, 11/27/2019

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

As we approach the year 2020, there is a great expectation that we will have 20/20 spiritual vision.  What does this mean?  There is an awakening happening in God’s people to move us into greater authority to establish His Kingdom and take the final harvest on the earth.  The problem we have had is that we haven’t moved into what God has given us.  We allowed darkness to overcome the light.  This happens when we only see in part.  Our vision has been limited, but now we are moving into a new year with a new vision that will allow us to see with 20/20 clarity!  We will need greater vision to move into the greater works.

The ability to move the Kingdom of God on earth comes by the seeing of faith.  We must have a 20/20 vision that drives our faith.  In Hebrews 11:1 it says,
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

This scripture tells us faith sees things that exist as Truth, in God’s Word, that are not yet seen on earth.  Faith knows that all seen things are prepared by the Word of God.
“By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the Word of God, so that
what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.”

Here we see that faith understands that our vision isn’t for what we see in the natural, but what we haven’t yet seen in the supernatural.  What God is telling us is that to see something arrive in the natural, we must first see it by faith in the supernatural.  Natural sight sees what is; faith sees what is to come.  All that God has for us is moved to us by the seeing of faith.  This is why God’s people perish for lack of vision. (Prov. 29:1)

In the New Year we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us to see 2020 into the Kingdom of God.   When this happens, there will be an increase of His Kingdom on earth.



Wed, 11/27/2019

Cancerous Tumor Healed -

On October 11th Bill Johnson prayed for a 36 year old man with a stage four brain tumor and a 1% chance of survival. Since then, he has had two scans which revealed that the brain tumor is gone! There is now no sign of cancer!

Submitted by Domenick N – November 8, 2019
Lynchburg, VA

Vision Restored -

A woman came into our Healing Room on being guided by a friend. It was obvious she was blind. As we anointed her and began talking to her, we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks. Her sight went slowly. She was so downcast and said "I must have my sight. I cannot go out by myself now.” Her right eye was abnormal, looking stone-like. She only had an empty socket on the left. I asked her if she could tell us what caused the sight loss. She responded angrily, “It was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her. We began asking her if she could forgive this person, sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her. Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she had a subtle sweet look and said quietly "I will forgive her". We all broke out in praise!

Then we spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE. We asked her if she had any sight. She said no, but there were dots of light that hadn't been there before we prayed. We felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and invited her to please come back to the Healing Rooms in 2 weeks. She did return and we anointed and prayed over her again.

Yesterday, November 8th 2019, we were in the Healing Rooms praying over a paper for our first client, when we heard a stir and happy voices from the reception area. She CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK. After praying for our client, we were able to join the others in the reception room to rejoice with her in receiving her miracle sight!! She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch, throwing her arms around me saying, "Thank you! THANK you! You guys cared about me.” I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you!”

As I looked, I saw that her right eye was a beautiful perfect blue eye!! And she also had an eye in her left socket!  Everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that one!  But as we went back inside visiting, she shared that, yes, she had a miracle alright. She found her prosthetic eye because she had her sight back!! We all had a good laugh over that, but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for her at the closing of that day and all she could say was, "I want to heal others".

Diane C - November 10, 2019
Healing Rooms Tillamook County
Garibaldi, Oregon USA

(This beautiful testimony was submitted by Carol Campbell, the Divisional Director over Africa and the National Director over South Africa.)

ASPERGER’S SYNDROME Sovereignly Healed in His Presence.

Anne Claire shared that on Saturday, during the Healing Conference at the Madison de Guérison Healing Rooms, something happened.

I was healed physically. I had Asperger’s Syndrome to a high degree. Usually I would get very tired very quickly during the day, because of the light and the noise, and I need a lot of sleep to recuperate, for my nerves to recover. Yesterday morning and this morning my husband woke me up quite early without meaning to, and usually when I wake up before 7 o’clock, by the end of the morning I am just exhausted. I always need to eat every two hours, but on Monday I did not have to eat often; in fact, I even fasted at lunchtime and spent the whole afternoon with God. Also part of autism is I had trouble with entering into contact with God, as if there was a veil separating us. I felt very alone. I’m not sure if it has to do with autism or something else, but I had a very strong feeling of solitude. So on Monday I spent the whole afternoon worshipping and praying; the veil was not there anymore between me and God. The solitude and the loneliness was all gone!

I was reconciled with God and since Saturday I have had goosebumps nearly all day. And I don’t feel tired anymore. This morning I woke up really early and did not need to nap at all during the day. On the way here to the conference while riding the tram, a baby was crying. Usually I just can’t stand that noise. But today it did not have any effect on me at all. I believe that I have really been visited by God, not just in inner healing, but in physical healing as well!
Thank You Jesus!

Ann C. – October 29, 2019
Madison de Guerison Healing Rooms
Nantes, France

My Christmas Miracle - Carol Krum

My Christmas Miracle - Carol Krum

Wed, 11/27/2019

Carol Krum

Carol Krum

Most often, in order to experience a miracle, there must be something from which it is birthed.  So it was with the story I am about to share with you.  It’s a story that begins with heartbreak, yet, only by the grace and goodness of God, flows into my Christmas miracle.  It is to that end I share a part of my story.

December 15, 1991 became a Kairos moment for me, that moment on the timeline of life when you come into it as one person and leave as another.  My first grandson, Joshua, at the age of 3 and a half months, died of crib death, otherwise known as SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Nothing in life can ever prepare one for something like this, as all those who have experienced it know too well.  There is no good time on the calendar of life when it would be “better”, but there was something absolutely overwhelming about having to walk through this at Christmas.  Questions mounted within my heart, wondering how we could possibly survive the pain and sorrow of it all and would Christmas ever be joyful again.  There were no answers to be heard in those present moments.  The answers would be found through living one day at a time, even one breath at a time.

The evening before Joshua’s death,  my husband and I had put our tree in the stand, only to discover that we needed new lights for it.  So the next morning after church, we stopped by a local store to make the purchase.  While there, my eye caught sight of the most beautiful lighted angel tree top. I knew in that moment that she had to come home with us and take her rightful position on our tree!  As any first time grandparent knows, the joy of celebrating that baby's first Christmas is beyond description.  And so it was with me; every decision I made was done so with him at the center of my heart.

But human joy is fleeting to be sure.  When we arrived home, we were met with the news that little Joshua had died.

I fainted!

Brought back to consciousness, I was swept away by my family to get to our daughter and son-in-law.  When we arrived, we found them sitting on the sofa embracing one another, speechless and in shock, appearing almost paralyzed.   These young parents had no idea what to do. The paramedics had done all they could do, pronounced him dead and left them with a sheriff who had to remain until the coroner arrived.

It is difficult to script what happened next with words. All I can say is that the grace of God came upon me and I began to move under His blessed anointing, power and grace.  I reached down, picked up Joshua’s lifeless little body and began singing “Alleluia”, adding my own words of the truth of God’s love, while taking him to each member of our family so they could kiss him good-bye.  When the coroner arrived, he laid a pure white sheet on the sofa.  Without words, I knew what I had to do.  I laid him upon the sheet and began to dress him, talking to him all the while, telling him how much we loved him and had treasured our 3 ½  month journey together on this side of heaven, declaring that we will have all of eternity to live out the rest of our story. No one spoke; they simply watched grace at work. When he was dressed, I lovingly wrapped him in the sheet, sang one more song and handed him to his father, who then carried his little son out the door, and handed him to the coroner.

“Remember to breathe, Carol”

Having a family of young people living in our home at the time left me with no choice but to do the things necessary to take care of all of them in their brokenness and confusion.  As crazy as it may sound, the first task at hand was to decorate that tree!  With tears streaming down my cheeks, we put the lights on and placed our newly purchased angel on top.  When finished, I took my little nativity set and placed it under the tree, more for the purpose of just filling up space than anything spiritual.  That was enough.  No ornaments were necessary.  Joshua loved the light, following it with his little eyes wherever he could see it.  Therefore, the tree needed nothing more.  It would be decorated just for him.

Two days later I received an unmarked package in the mail with two angel ornaments.  I placed them on the front of the tree.  The next day I received another package with two more angels.  And the next day another package arrived.  Every day for two weeks, I received these unmarked packages.  I began to ask people if they knew who was sending them.  No one seemed to know, but the idea took hold and suddenly everyone was bringing an angel ornament.  One by one, I added them to the front of the tree.  I need to add that all of this was happening before angels became a phenomenon in the mid 90’s, so it was unusual that there were so many angels to be found, with no duplicates.

Right after Christmas, the last ornament I received was a homemade angel made with gold and white fabric. This little angel was holding a banner with the name “Joshua” written in gold.  I walked over to the tree and carefully placed it under the angel tree topper, saying, “This will be your place of honor until one day we meet again.”  Standing back, I finally took inventory of what had actually transpired right before my eyes without seeing it.

The front of my tree was covered with various shapes, colors and sizes of angels and there, sitting under the tree was that little nativity scene, placed with minimal thought at all.   It was then that my spirit caught the miracle!

“Oh, my Lord Jesus!  This is exactly what happened on the night of Your birth.”  Luke 2:13-14 describes it this way!
“Then all at once, a vast number of glorious angels appeared, the very armies of heaven!  And they all praised God, singing: ‘Glory to God in the highest realms of heaven!  For there is peace and a good hope given to the sons of men.’” TPT

God had reached down from heaven to wrap His arms of love around my broken, shattered heart to remind me that even death cannot take away the absolute truth of who He is and how powerful is His overwhelming love and grace.  Yes, grief and sorrow would most certainly become new “temporary” houseguests residing in my soul, and I wondered how anyone could survive burying an infant at Christmas.  Yet, in God’s infinite love, mercy and compassion He had sent me a “sign” that He was indeed, Emmanuel-God with us and grief and sorrow would be commanded to bow their knee to Jesus Christ, my hope of glory!  The joy of the Lord has always been my strength, and on that day, my spirit man chose to rise up and anchor my grief stricken soul to this sacred, holy truth.  It would take time to heal the deepest wound, and grief would have to do its work.  But on this day, love visited me with the blessed assurance that my soul was being kept by the undeniable miracle working power of God and it would be well through it all!

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.
Healing Rooms Kids Ministry - Arlette Popiel

Healing Rooms Kids Ministry - Arlette Popiel

Wed, 11/27/2019

Arlette Popiel

“What bliss you experience when your heart is pure. For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God.”  Matthew 5:8   The Passion Translation

The hearts of children are pure.   As a member of the Healing Room Kids team, I find that the children are “seeing” more and more of God.

Permit me to illustrate a typical morning with the children:

We gather and then join the adult Saturday morning teams for worship.  Each child and adult is anointed and prayed over by a member of the adult healing team.  The children then adjourn to have their own teaching time and worship with their adult leaders. Next, they “soak” in the Presence of the Lord in quiet with worship music playing. During the soaking time the kids ask Holy Spirit to show them something on His Heart.  The children draw pictures of what they have been shown. The pictures will be unique to what Holy Spirit has inspired.  One morning the Holy Spirit wanted to talk to them about heaven and several of them drew volcanoes without looking at what the other was drawing.   I had never heard of Volcanoes in Heaven.  So I did a word study on “Volcanoes in the Bible”. I was surprised that among other things I learned in this word study, I had never recognized “mountains melting like wax” as a volcano! The children have often become my teachers.

Several times the older children saw and drew literal words, like Joy, Love, Hope, Peace, etc.  The pictures that are drawn during soaking sometimes are meant for someone that is to be prayed for that morning.  Other times, the children will get a picture for the person while they are praying over the sheet that the people to be prayed for fill out when requesting prayer.  The children prayed for a gentleman that had left the question: “What do you want to be prayed for” blank. The children prayed as usual asking Holy Spirit for a picture.  One youngster drew and illustrated the word JOY.  After praying for the man, he gave him the picture.  The man said, “Young man, you have given me just what I needed.”

Another day, one young girl drew a picture of Jesus with a little dog.  The woman the children were praying for walked in with a dog! (The child whispered to me “I didn’t know that she had a dog!”)  The woman was given the picture.  She asked, “Is this the dog I have now?”  The girl paused for a moment and then responded, “No, this was another dog, one you had before this one”.  At that the woman started to weep, as that dog had recently died and she was still grieving.  How good is our God that He even cares when we grieve over our pets!

A young woman was suffering from a severe ear infection.  She wanted to come in to the Healing Rooms for prayer for healing, but the pain was preventing her from making the trip.  So, her grandmother asked if the children could simply pray over the phone with her for healing.  The children, per usual, asked Holy Spirit for a picture.  Each of them, without consulting one another, drew pictures of fire. They then prayed for her over the phone.  One of the adult team members who knew this young woman personally, took the pictures that the children had drawn and prayed over to her home, telling  her to lay her ear on the pictures.  That would become the point of contact for her healing. Within an hour her ear drained and she no longer had any pain!  The next day she was able to attend her mother’s 40th birthday party!  The children are walking in the purest anointing of God that cannot be denied!

We adults who work with the children also receive the benefit of their prayers.  My right ankle had given me problems for years. I had torn a tendon, not just once, but twice, and had been told by an orthopedist that the only way to relieve the pain would be to have my ankle fused.  I had been in pain every day for at least two years.  One of the children, a five year old little boy, layed his hands on my foot. I don’t even recall him saying any words.  For a second my foot hurt worse and then I felt something in my foot move. Instantly the pain was gone! I mean really GONE! I have never experienced another day of pain in that ankle!  The visible sign of the miracle took time to reveal itself, but was eventually made evident when the scar tissue that made it look like I had a second ankle bone had completely dissolved. It has been over a year since this took place.   Praise God!

Several months back Dutch Sheets told us that we are moving into a time of Healing and Miracles and that it is coming through this generation of children. We are so very blessed to see what God is doing with this current generation, especially in the Healing Rooms Ministries.

Coming Events

Coming Events

Wed, 11/27/2019

Beni Johnson is a pastor, author and speaker. Together, she and her husband Bill Johnson are the Senior Pastors at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Beni’s traveled the world speaking to churches bringing a message of peace, intercession and health. The more she’s traveled the more Beni’s noticed many people aren’t educated on maintaining their health. This, along with her compassion, has caused her to actively pursue bringing awareness in the areas of health and fitness. Beni’s passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential as they realize they’re destined for greatness. She is author of the books The Happy Intercessor and Healthy and Free.
Garden's Best End of Year Promo

Garden's Best End of Year Promo

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Wed, 11/27/2019

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Wed, 11/27/2019


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