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Healing Rooms Ministries Training

Friday - Saturday, January 24th - 25th, 2020
Spokane, Washington, U.S.
Beni Johnson at Healing Rooms

Friday - Saturday, January 24th - 25th, 2020
Spokane, WA, USA
2020 BC Healing Rooms Conference

Friday - Saturday, May 1st - 2nd, 2020
Nanaimo, BC, CANADA
Healing Rooms Ministries Training

Friday - Saturday, May 29th - 30th, 2020
Spokane, Washington, U.S.
Katie Souza at Healing Rooms

Friday - Saturday, May 29th - 30th, 2020
Spokane, WA, USA
Healing Rooms Ministries Training

Thursday - Friday, November 19th - 20th, 2020
Spokane, Washington, U.S.

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Hi Bro Cliff. About a month ago, in September, I found you online because I desperately needed prayers for my cousin Pastor Levi Williams, who had a brain aneurysm and was in the hospital. You prayed powerful prayers for him and command life back into his body in The Name of Jesus. I wanted to again thank you for your prayers and the miracle that God performed after two weeks of that prayer. This is Levi's testimony and I thought I would share this with your prayer team at your Ministry. All Glory and Honor be unto our Great God.!!! Thanks again for a mighty prayer warrior like you. It was a normal Tuesday morning, September17, 2019. I got out of bed and performed my normal rituals of prayer and hygiene. Around Noon, I had a delicious bowl of collard greens and rice my sister had prepared a few days earlier. After consuming the food I sat in a chair to contemplate THE day. Then I felt this strange sensation of overwhelming dizziness. I said to myself, âLevi, youâre having a stroke.â I told myself, âThis canât be because I take good care myself by taking multivitamins everydayâ, Although I had stopped playing basketball and soccer for over a year and I remember telling my doctor who prescribed hypertension pills four years earlier that I would do my best to manage my systems through meditation, calming myself down and get rid of Stressful thoughts. Then I heard a voice tell me âLevi prepare yourself you are going to fall and hit your head and will not be able to stand up.â I felt myself fall forward, hit my head on the wall directly in front of me and fell to the floor. Every effort I made to push myself up with my right hand failed since my left side was completely paralyzed. Since I was already dizzy I decided to fall asleep on the floor; around 2:45 PM my wife Kerry arrived home from picking up our daughter from high school and called 911. They arrived and took me to the nearest hospital, by the time I regained consciousness my wife told me I had been unconscious and intubated under sedation for a week with the doctors giving me a 30% chance of survival and recovery. . I could not call Bishop Quire in Liberia so I immediately called another friend and told him âThis is the week I die, prepare to deliver my eulogyâ, I then heard a loud voice from heaven tell me âNOT NOW, LEVI, NOT NOW!â At this time my wife told me I was in the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana where I commenced rigorous physical and occupational therapy and other forms of therapy. The medical and therapy staff there were so skillful and knowledgeable and after a week I was able to move my left arm and leg which were as stiff as tree logs. I could also feel the prayers of my friends and family of which I have seen many of these prayers on Facebook and I am thankful for them all. Your prayers formed a powerful blanket of protection that enveloped my family and me. SpecialThanks to Rick Platt in Indianapolis and Bishop Jeremiah Harris and the leaders of Trinity World Ministries in Charlotte for coming to visit me while I was in the rehab facility. AND MY cousin THEODORE, MY sisters Hester and Bea spent several days and many hours praying with me and offered words of hope and comfort I felt truly loved by my family. Rev. Solomn Ernst ndFr. James Wilson called and prayed for me for that Iâm grateful. During my time at the rehab hospital, I had two dreams in which I saw my mother among a cleanup crew of angels in dazzling apparel and later saw my friend Myrtle (Pudding) Brewer among a group of angels huddling together in my room. Neither my mother nor Myrtle looked at, nor talked to me May the reader understand the significance of angels and the Communion of Saints being in the room but neither looking at nor talking to me I was discharged from the rehab facility and sent home on November 2nd to continue outpatient physical therapy as of Friday November 8th. I still crave the prayers of everyone, because of your prayers I have regained my speech to my pre stroke level (I think), and I have been told by the experts it takes up to a full year for recovery so my journey is just beginning with small steps around my house and at therapy. I will call some of you to express my personal gratitude. For all others I do not get to contact please know I am thankful for all of you and you all remain in my grateful heart. âSola Deo GLORIA.â
- Levi in Concord, NC United States
Tammy came into our Healing Room on being guided by Pastor Jeff Coon. It was obvious she was blind. As we annointed her and began talking to her we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks..her sight went slowly..she was so downcast ..she said "I must have my sight..I cannot go out by myself now. Her right eye was abnormal looking..stone like..she only had an empty socket on her left.. I asked her if she could tell us how the sight was lost...the cause..Tammy responded was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her...WE BEGAN asking her if she could forgive this person..sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her ..Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she a subtle sweet look light and said quietly "I will forgive her"..we all broke out in praise..we then spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE then asked her if she had any sight..she said no but there were dots of light that hadn't been before...we felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and said please come back next healing room (2 weeks). Tammy did come back in 2 weeks and we annointed and prayed over her again. Yesterday November 8th 2019 we were in the Healing Room praying over a paper for the first client ..we heard a stir and happy voices..TAMMY CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK..WE had a difficult time settling down to praying for that first person..we had 3 to pray over. Finally we got out in the reception room to rejoice with Tammy and her miracle sight!! She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch..then threw her arms around me ..and said "Thank you THANK you you guys cared about me..I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you Tammy !!! As I looked I saw that her right eye was perfect..a beautiful perfect blue eye!! So she also had an eye in her left everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that we went back inside visiting she shared that yes I had a miracle..I found my prosthetic eye because I had my sight back..we had a good laugh over that..but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for Tammy at the closing that day ..her request was "I want to heal others"..she plans on getting into church at God's Lighthouse,,(HEALING ROOM LOCATION) and we believe she Will!!!
- Diane in Garibaldi, OR USA

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Seeing in 2020 - Cal Pierce

Seeing in 2020 - Cal Pierce

Wed, 11/27/2019

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

As we approach the year 2020, there is a great expectation that we will have 20/20 spiritual vision.  What does this mean?  There is an awakening happening in God’s people to move us into greater authority to establish His Kingdom and take the final harvest on the earth.  The problem we have had is that we haven’t moved into what God has given us.  We allowed darkness to overcome the light.  This happens when we only see in part.  Our vision has been limited, but now we are moving into a new year with a new vision that will allow us to see with 20/20 clarity!  We will need greater vision to move into the greater works.

The ability to move the Kingdom of God on earth comes by the seeing of faith.  We must have a 20/20 vision that drives our faith.  In Hebrews 11:1 it says,
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

This scripture tells us faith sees things that exist as Truth, in God’s Word, that are not yet seen on earth.  Faith knows that all seen things are prepared by the Word of God.
“By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the Word of God, so that
what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.”

Here we see that faith understands that our vision isn’t for what we see in the natural, but what we haven’t yet seen in the supernatural.  What God is telling us is that to see something arrive in the natural, we must first see it by faith in the supernatural.  Natural sight sees what is; faith sees what is to come.  All that God has for us is moved to us by the seeing of faith.  This is why God’s people perish for lack of vision. (Prov. 29:1)

In the New Year we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us to see 2020 into the Kingdom of God.   When this happens, there will be an increase of His Kingdom on earth.



Wed, 11/27/2019

Cancerous Tumor Healed -

On October 11th Bill Johnson prayed for a 36 year old man with a stage four brain tumor and a 1% chance of survival. Since then, he has had two scans which revealed that the brain tumor is gone! There is now no sign of cancer!

Submitted by Domenick N – November 8, 2019
Lynchburg, VA

Vision Restored -

A woman came into our Healing Room on being guided by a friend. It was obvious she was blind. As we anointed her and began talking to her, we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks. Her sight went slowly. She was so downcast and said "I must have my sight. I cannot go out by myself now.” Her right eye was abnormal, looking stone-like. She only had an empty socket on the left. I asked her if she could tell us what caused the sight loss. She responded angrily, “It was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her. We began asking her if she could forgive this person, sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her. Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she had a subtle sweet look and said quietly "I will forgive her". We all broke out in praise!

Then we spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE. We asked her if she had any sight. She said no, but there were dots of light that hadn't been there before we prayed. We felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and invited her to please come back to the Healing Rooms in 2 weeks. She did return and we anointed and prayed over her again.

Yesterday, November 8th 2019, we were in the Healing Rooms praying over a paper for our first client, when we heard a stir and happy voices from the reception area. She CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK. After praying for our client, we were able to join the others in the reception room to rejoice with her in receiving her miracle sight!! She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch, throwing her arms around me saying, "Thank you! THANK you! You guys cared about me.” I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you!”

As I looked, I saw that her right eye was a beautiful perfect blue eye!! And she also had an eye in her left socket!  Everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that one!  But as we went back inside visiting, she shared that, yes, she had a miracle alright. She found her prosthetic eye because she had her sight back!! We all had a good laugh over that, but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for her at the closing of that day and all she could say was, "I want to heal others".

Diane C - November 10, 2019
Healing Rooms Tillamook County
Garibaldi, Oregon USA

(This beautiful testimony was submitted by Carol Campbell, the Divisional Director over Africa and the National Director over South Africa.)

ASPERGER’S SYNDROME Sovereignly Healed in His Presence.

Anne Claire shared that on Saturday, during the Healing Conference at the Madison de Guérison Healing Rooms, something happened.

I was healed physically. I had Asperger’s Syndrome to a high degree. Usually I would get very tired very quickly during the day, because of the light and the noise, and I need a lot of sleep to recuperate, for my nerves to recover. Yesterday morning and this morning my husband woke me up quite early without meaning to, and usually when I wake up before 7 o’clock, by the end of the morning I am just exhausted. I always need to eat every two hours, but on Monday I did not have to eat often; in fact, I even fasted at lunchtime and spent the whole afternoon with God. Also part of autism is I had trouble with entering into contact with God, as if there was a veil separating us. I felt very alone. I’m not sure if it has to do with autism or something else, but I had a very strong feeling of solitude. So on Monday I spent the whole afternoon worshipping and praying; the veil was not there anymore between me and God. The solitude and the loneliness was all gone!

I was reconciled with God and since Saturday I have had goosebumps nearly all day. And I don’t feel tired anymore. This morning I woke up really early and did not need to nap at all during the day. On the way here to the conference while riding the tram, a baby was crying. Usually I just can’t stand that noise. But today it did not have any effect on me at all. I believe that I have really been visited by God, not just in inner healing, but in physical healing as well!
Thank You Jesus!

Ann C. – October 29, 2019
Madison de Guerison Healing Rooms
Nantes, France

My Christmas Miracle - Carol Krum

My Christmas Miracle - Carol Krum

Wed, 11/27/2019

Carol Krum

Carol Krum

Most often, in order to experience a miracle, there must be something from which it is birthed.  So it was with the story I am about to share with you.  It’s a story that begins with heartbreak, yet, only by the grace and goodness of God, flows into my Christmas miracle.  It is to that end I share a part of my story.

December 15, 1991 became a Kairos moment for me, that moment on the timeline of life when you come into it as one person and leave as another.  My first grandson, Joshua, at the age of 3 and a half months, died of crib death, otherwise known as SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Nothing in life can ever prepare one for something like this, as all those who have experienced it know too well.  There is no good time on the calendar of life when it would be “better”, but there was something absolutely overwhelming about having to walk through this at Christmas.  Questions mounted within my heart, wondering how we could possibly survive the pain and sorrow of it all and would Christmas ever be joyful again.  There were no answers to be heard in those present moments.  The answers would be found through living one day at a time, even one breath at a time.

The evening before Joshua’s death,  my husband and I had put our tree in the stand, only to discover that we needed new lights for it.  So the next morning after church, we stopped by a local store to make the purchase.  While there, my eye caught sight of the most beautiful lighted angel tree top. I knew in that moment that she had to come home with us and take her rightful position on our tree!  As any first time grandparent knows, the joy of celebrating that baby's first Christmas is beyond description.  And so it was with me; every decision I made was done so with him at the center of my heart.

But human joy is fleeting to be sure.  When we arrived home, we were met with the news that little Joshua had died.

I fainted!

Brought back to consciousness, I was swept away by my family to get to our daughter and son-in-law.  When we arrived, we found them sitting on the sofa embracing one another, speechless and in shock, appearing almost paralyzed.   These young parents had no idea what to do. The paramedics had done all they could do, pronounced him dead and left them with a sheriff who had to remain until the coroner arrived.

It is difficult to script what happened next with words. All I can say is that the grace of God came upon me and I began to move under His blessed anointing, power and grace.  I reached down, picked up Joshua’s lifeless little body and began singing “Alleluia”, adding my own words of the truth of God’s love, while taking him to each member of our family so they could kiss him good-bye.  When the coroner arrived, he laid a pure white sheet on the sofa.  Without words, I knew what I had to do.  I laid him upon the sheet and began to dress him, talking to him all the while, telling him how much we loved him and had treasured our 3 ½  month journey together on this side of heaven, declaring that we will have all of eternity to live out the rest of our story. No one spoke; they simply watched grace at work. When he was dressed, I lovingly wrapped him in the sheet, sang one more song and handed him to his father, who then carried his little son out the door, and handed him to the coroner.

“Remember to breathe, Carol”

Having a family of young people living in our home at the time left me with no choice but to do the things necessary to take care of all of them in their brokenness and confusion.  As crazy as it may sound, the first task at hand was to decorate that tree!  With tears streaming down my cheeks, we put the lights on and placed our newly purchased angel on top.  When finished, I took my little nativity set and placed it under the tree, more for the purpose of just filling up space than anything spiritual.  That was enough.  No ornaments were necessary.  Joshua loved the light, following it with his little eyes wherever he could see it.  Therefore, the tree needed nothing more.  It would be decorated just for him.

Two days later I received an unmarked package in the mail with two angel ornaments.  I placed them on the front of the tree.  The next day I received another package with two more angels.  And the next day another package arrived.  Every day for two weeks, I received these unmarked packages.  I began to ask people if they knew who was sending them.  No one seemed to know, but the idea took hold and suddenly everyone was bringing an angel ornament.  One by one, I added them to the front of the tree.  I need to add that all of this was happening before angels became a phenomenon in the mid 90’s, so it was unusual that there were so many angels to be found, with no duplicates.

Right after Christmas, the last ornament I received was a homemade angel made with gold and white fabric. This little angel was holding a banner with the name “Joshua” written in gold.  I walked over to the tree and carefully placed it under the angel tree topper, saying, “This will be your place of honor until one day we meet again.”  Standing back, I finally took inventory of what had actually transpired right before my eyes without seeing it.

The front of my tree was covered with various shapes, colors and sizes of angels and there, sitting under the tree was that little nativity scene, placed with minimal thought at all.   It was then that my spirit caught the miracle!

“Oh, my Lord Jesus!  This is exactly what happened on the night of Your birth.”  Luke 2:13-14 describes it this way!
“Then all at once, a vast number of glorious angels appeared, the very armies of heaven!  And they all praised God, singing: ‘Glory to God in the highest realms of heaven!  For there is peace and a good hope given to the sons of men.’” TPT

God had reached down from heaven to wrap His arms of love around my broken, shattered heart to remind me that even death cannot take away the absolute truth of who He is and how powerful is His overwhelming love and grace.  Yes, grief and sorrow would most certainly become new “temporary” houseguests residing in my soul, and I wondered how anyone could survive burying an infant at Christmas.  Yet, in God’s infinite love, mercy and compassion He had sent me a “sign” that He was indeed, Emmanuel-God with us and grief and sorrow would be commanded to bow their knee to Jesus Christ, my hope of glory!  The joy of the Lord has always been my strength, and on that day, my spirit man chose to rise up and anchor my grief stricken soul to this sacred, holy truth.  It would take time to heal the deepest wound, and grief would have to do its work.  But on this day, love visited me with the blessed assurance that my soul was being kept by the undeniable miracle working power of God and it would be well through it all!

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.
Healing Rooms Kids Ministry - Arlette Popiel

Healing Rooms Kids Ministry - Arlette Popiel

Wed, 11/27/2019

Arlette Popiel

“What bliss you experience when your heart is pure. For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God.”  Matthew 5:8   The Passion Translation

The hearts of children are pure.   As a member of the Healing Room Kids team, I find that the children are “seeing” more and more of God.

Permit me to illustrate a typical morning with the children:

We gather and then join the adult Saturday morning teams for worship.  Each child and adult is anointed and prayed over by a member of the adult healing team.  The children then adjourn to have their own teaching time and worship with their adult leaders. Next, they “soak” in the Presence of the Lord in quiet with worship music playing. During the soaking time the kids ask Holy Spirit to show them something on His Heart.  The children draw pictures of what they have been shown. The pictures will be unique to what Holy Spirit has inspired.  One morning the Holy Spirit wanted to talk to them about heaven and several of them drew volcanoes without looking at what the other was drawing.   I had never heard of Volcanoes in Heaven.  So I did a word study on “Volcanoes in the Bible”. I was surprised that among other things I learned in this word study, I had never recognized “mountains melting like wax” as a volcano! The children have often become my teachers.

Several times the older children saw and drew literal words, like Joy, Love, Hope, Peace, etc.  The pictures that are drawn during soaking sometimes are meant for someone that is to be prayed for that morning.  Other times, the children will get a picture for the person while they are praying over the sheet that the people to be prayed for fill out when requesting prayer.  The children prayed for a gentleman that had left the question: “What do you want to be prayed for” blank. The children prayed as usual asking Holy Spirit for a picture.  One youngster drew and illustrated the word JOY.  After praying for the man, he gave him the picture.  The man said, “Young man, you have given me just what I needed.”

Another day, one young girl drew a picture of Jesus with a little dog.  The woman the children were praying for walked in with a dog! (The child whispered to me “I didn’t know that she had a dog!”)  The woman was given the picture.  She asked, “Is this the dog I have now?”  The girl paused for a moment and then responded, “No, this was another dog, one you had before this one”.  At that the woman started to weep, as that dog had recently died and she was still grieving.  How good is our God that He even cares when we grieve over our pets!

A young woman was suffering from a severe ear infection.  She wanted to come in to the Healing Rooms for prayer for healing, but the pain was preventing her from making the trip.  So, her grandmother asked if the children could simply pray over the phone with her for healing.  The children, per usual, asked Holy Spirit for a picture.  Each of them, without consulting one another, drew pictures of fire. They then prayed for her over the phone.  One of the adult team members who knew this young woman personally, took the pictures that the children had drawn and prayed over to her home, telling  her to lay her ear on the pictures.  That would become the point of contact for her healing. Within an hour her ear drained and she no longer had any pain!  The next day she was able to attend her mother’s 40th birthday party!  The children are walking in the purest anointing of God that cannot be denied!

We adults who work with the children also receive the benefit of their prayers.  My right ankle had given me problems for years. I had torn a tendon, not just once, but twice, and had been told by an orthopedist that the only way to relieve the pain would be to have my ankle fused.  I had been in pain every day for at least two years.  One of the children, a five year old little boy, layed his hands on my foot. I don’t even recall him saying any words.  For a second my foot hurt worse and then I felt something in my foot move. Instantly the pain was gone! I mean really GONE! I have never experienced another day of pain in that ankle!  The visible sign of the miracle took time to reveal itself, but was eventually made evident when the scar tissue that made it look like I had a second ankle bone had completely dissolved. It has been over a year since this took place.   Praise God!

Several months back Dutch Sheets told us that we are moving into a time of Healing and Miracles and that it is coming through this generation of children. We are so very blessed to see what God is doing with this current generation, especially in the Healing Rooms Ministries.

Coming Events

Coming Events

Wed, 11/27/2019

Beni Johnson is a pastor, author and speaker. Together, she and her husband Bill Johnson are the Senior Pastors at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Beni’s traveled the world speaking to churches bringing a message of peace, intercession and health. The more she’s traveled the more Beni’s noticed many people aren’t educated on maintaining their health. This, along with her compassion, has caused her to actively pursue bringing awareness in the areas of health and fitness. Beni’s passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential as they realize they’re destined for greatness. She is author of the books The Happy Intercessor and Healthy and Free.
Garden's Best End of Year Promo

Garden's Best End of Year Promo

Wed, 11/27/2019

Huge Discount

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Wed, 11/27/2019

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Wed, 11/27/2019


TRUTH - The Knowing that Makes You Free
By Cal Pierce

This is Cal's newest book written from a sense that too many believers were not fully understanding the value of Truth. The words written on these pages will help to unlock truths that will truly make you free to believe the fullness of what God has for you.

It will set you on a journey that leads to your own freedom!
Truth - The Knowing That Makes You Free - Cal Pierce

Truth - The Knowing That Makes You Free - Cal Pierce

Wed, 10/30/2019

Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

Here is an excerpt from my new book "Truth - The Knowing That Makes You Free"

Kingdom Thinking 

When we receive the gospel of salvation, we become born again, or another way to say it is we become a reborn person.  It is then that we become a new creation.  The word “new” in this context means to be regenerated.  Now let’s look at what the Word says –
2 Cor. 5:17
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come."

It is extremely important that we fully understand this scripture.  It is telling us that when we enter into Christ, we are then transformed into a new man, a new creation or creature.  The word “creature” in Strong’s reference 2936 means we become the occupation of the manufacturer, or His proprietorship.  In other words, the God who manufactured us will occupy us and set up His Kingdom business in us.  This is the reason old things must pass away so that new things will come.  It is no longer our business; it is His business that we are commissioned to do as He directs us.  The Word says –
2 Cor. 5:18
"Now all these things are from God."

What this is telling us is that a supernatural God wants to occupy a natural man and make him a supernatural being.  It is for this purpose that God puts His Holy Spirit in us and gives us power.
Without this revelation, the old things do not pass away.  Too many of God’s people get born again with a gospel of salvation and then live in bondage, because they do not move into a gospel of the kingdom that brings power into their lives.  In other words, a gospel of salvation gets us saved and a gospel of the kingdom gets us occupied by the Spirit of God with power.  Not having a gospel of the kingdom is like going to war and being given a gun with no bullets.

When we receive the Holy Spirit, God sets up His kingdom in us, sits us with Jesus in heavenly places and gives us the mind of Christ, so that we are then able to think supernaturally, which is necessary if we are to know the things God has for us.
1 Cor. 2:12
"Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God that we might know the things freely given to us by God."

It also says in verse 11 that no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.  And we have the Holy Spirit!  He will freely give us the mind of Christ so we will then think supernaturally and know the truth of God.  Know the truth of God is what will make us free.
John 8:31-32
"…If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

It doesn’t say that the truth will make you free.  It says “The knowing of truth” shall make you free.  We all have a Bible filled with truth, but most of God’s people are not free.  He tells us that His people perish for lack of knowledge.  Knowledge means knowing!  So, when we allow the Holy Spirit to connect us to the mind of Christ, He will give us an unction to know the truth and that knowing is what will make us free.

It is important to notice that it says the knowing of truth will make you free, not set you free.  In the NASB and the King James Version it says, “the truth will make you free.”  In subsequent versions, it was changed to “set you free.”  I believe these two versions have it correct here.  The word “make free” means to liberate, to exempt or no longer be a slave.  God transforms us from being slaves to being sons and daughters.  We are made, or transformed, by God.

This term “set free” means to be released, but not yet transformed.  This is a key point in understanding the original definition of “make you free” versus “set you free.”  You can be in prison and be set free, but still not live in freedom.  When the Holy Spirit makes you free by knowing, then no matter where you live, you are free.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!


Wed, 10/30/2019

Eye healed -

I had an oil “bubble” growing on the inside of my right eye lid. On time when I had this, it grew to marble size. Praise God! I got prayer at the Healing Rooms and the “bubble” shrank over many days until it was gone!

Eric F - September 28, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Scoliosis Healed -

At 13 years old, my daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis.  She had a very severe curvature in her lower spine.  Lumbar one to Lumbar four were extremely curved and we were advised that this may have a huge impact on her later on in life.  If she were to have children, childbirth would be very difficult for her, as would labor.   Her surgeon was very aware of the risk in fusing her spine over this area; however, we were told that she required surgery.  After my daughter had seen her consultant, my wife and I took our daughter for prayer and she was prayed for by the Healing Rooms Team.  My wife stayed with her whilst the team prayed and this is how they described what happened:

My daughter said that as the Healing Rooms Team prayed for her healing, her right leg shot forward into line with her left leg, and saw her mum’s face go white with shock.  My wife said “I saw it and couldn’t believe it!”  On 5th March my daughter went in for surgery.  The surgeon said that he was amazed when the pre-operation X-rays showed that she no longer needed lower spine surgery.  Praise God!”

Anonymous - October, 2019
England Wales Healing Rooms

Spiritual Battle Being Won -

I sensed a real change after coming for prayer. I have been prayed for many times, but the week after meeting with you all, I sensed the battle outside of myself. I literally saw the enemy outside of me rather than on me. It was an encouragement to me! I have continued to stand against infirmity. I would like to begin to add foods back to my meals. I have just been hired for a part time job, so that was a big success as I did not feel physically able to work for the last couple of years. There have still been some days that I have felt symptoms. I pray and continue to stand on and enforce the Word.

Tracy - October, 2019
Healing Rooms of Fire Church
Concord, North Carolina USA

Pain Left -

Thank you. My pain had left when they prayed and my symptoms keep trying to come back. It seems like a fight right now. I know I'm healed and I am definitely feeling better. Praise God!


Jonathan - October, 2019
Healing Rooms of Fire Church
Concord, North Carolina USA

Prayer Cloth Testimony

Allergies Healed –

One of my kids was sick with allergies and other symptoms. The doctor was alarmed and prescribed a few medications. I put a prayer cloth inside her pillowcase and her symptoms gradually disappeared. I did not have to take her back to the doctor for a refill. She is doing great with no allergies. Praise the Lord Jesus!

Elizabeth – October 16, 2019
Davenport, Florida USA

Knee Healed –

My left knee was completely healed. It was catching and snapping for a long time and it was totally healed.

Stephen G – October 3, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Hernia Healed -

After a Church Service two members of our team team prayed for Glen who was in pain due to a hernia in his groin and was scheduled to be operated on that week. After receiving prayer, he said the pain was gone. A few days later he was gowned up ready for surgery when the Doctor came out he asked him about the pain level. He said I have had none since Sunday. The Doctor then checked him over and then told him to go home. He was healed!

Glen S - October, 2019
Nanaimo Healing Rooms
Nanaimo, BC Canada
The Cinderella Slipper and the ROAR of the Lioness - Maggie Barratto

The Cinderella Slipper and the ROAR of the Lioness - Maggie Barratto

Wed, 10/30/2019

Maggie Barratto

Recently, the Lord impressed upon me the Cinderella story.

I was focused on the part in the story where Cinderella lost her glass slipper and the Prince’s servant was sent out to find the rightful owner of the ‘slipper’ as a way of identifying the Prince's beloved. He did this by trying the slipper on the feet of all the women in the land.

In the story, as soon as the servant put the slipper on the foot of Cinderella, it fit her perfectly and her true identity was sealed and revealed!

In a suddenly moment, her true identity was revealed as the Prince’s beloved!

The Lord impressed upon me that today there is a similar thing happening to the women in the body of Christ - the Holy Spirit is going out into all the land to seal and reveal the true identity of the beloved of Jesus Christ, especially those who have been struggling in who they are and what they are called to do.

The Holy Spirit is bringing the glass slipper back to its rightful owner because ‘the right shoe can totally change your life!’

In a vision- I saw the Holy Spirit begin to visit women in this season, to release to them their true Identity as the bride of Jesus Christ and the Father’s daughters! And I heard the Lord say, "Identity is being restored and it will become clear! You will no longer wonder who you are! You will know your identity as the Prince’s beloved, as the Father’s daughters! You will no longer be tossed to and fro. You will be anchored in knowing who you are. You will walk like, talk like, look like and act like a daughter!

Rise up, mighty warriors, for you carry a mandate for war! You are perfectly designed and equipped for such a time as this!"

I saw that these glass shoes weren’t normal shoes- they’re dancing shoes, and as soon as the shoe slipped into place, I saw the women rise up and begin to dance on the head of injustice!

Just like in the book of Joshua, I saw their feet being positioned on the neck of their enemies. The women began to dance on their enemies, including the enemies of intimidation and fear of man and rejection and poverty and jealousy etc.

I saw that this dance was a warrior dance, a victory dance. And then I saw the dance begin to transform into a processional! A processional through the streets!

I saw the women dancing through the streets of their cities and regions and nations and they began strategically pulling down strongholds and demolishing the works of the enemy!

Then I could hear the ROAR of a lioness begin to rise up within them as they began to ROAR with the Lion of Judah! I saw that they were taking their place as Mothers in the body of Christ, mothers over cities, mothers over regions and mothers over nations!

These women were releasing the Mothering aspect of the Father’s Heart and their ROAR was releasing the Fathering aspect of the Father’s Heart. And I saw that these mothers were the key to releasing the fullness of the Father’s heart into the earth - because it's the movement of Mothering that will release the movement of Fathering!

I could hear them as they began to ROAR over cities and ROAR over regions and ROAR over Nations.
"Behold I do a new thing says the Lord!
Behold the ROAR of the Lion of Judah!
Behold the ROAR of the Lioness!"

Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and  the founding and managing Director of  Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine  alignment. 
The Pure of Heart See God - Jeanie Wagenman

The Pure of Heart See God - Jeanie Wagenman

Wed, 10/30/2019

Jeanie Wagenman

I have been very blessed to be a part of the Healing Rooms Children Ministry since 2012-2013, and even more blessed to have had three grandchildren involved in those early years of ministry. What my grandchildren experienced during that time, they were able to carry with them some 2100 miles, when they moved from Spokane. Knowing Jesus not only as a savior, but also as a friend and Holy Spirit as a helper, sustained them during a difficult and lonely time. As a Grandmother, I was very grateful for what they practiced and learned at the children's ministry.

Olivia, my granddaughter, shared with me that after they settled in their apartment in Houston, she was afraid of all the changes, not to mention the very loud claps of thunder that occurred with every rain storm. But she had learned to talk to Jesus about this and He assured her with a very vivid picture of Himself. She saw Jesus sitting in a rocking chair next to her bed, with her guardian angel behind Him holding a very large flaming sword. She related that every time she aroused from her sleep and opened her eyes, there was Jesus, still rocking in the chair and smiling at her. This somehow began three years of almost daily dialogue with Jesus and Holy Spirit and eventually God the Father, all to be written in her journal. The entries were all personal and often profound, as only God could speak.

I say all of this to make the point. Sunday school classes are very important and needed, but in this time and season much more is needed and will be demanded of this younger generation. They are the modern day “Joshua Generation” that is being called to usher in the revival wave of the Holy Spirit. We know as adults, that without the Holy Spirit, our efforts alone will never be enough. The Holy Spirit does not require “age”; only a heart that is open and willing to step out in faith to share God's love, a love that proves to be healing in body, soul and spirit. Children so easily embody this at the Healing Rooms. “Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God”. We have witnessed many kinds of healings from the prayers and ministry of these children. They so innocently emulate the love, purity and compassion of God, truly demonstrating His Kingdom on earth.

To place this into a bigger context, when Dutch Sheets visited the Healing Rooms this summer to initiate the revival move of the Holy Spirit, he shared that God has a dream for America - a dream that He is not going to forget or forsake. Dutch shared that with this move of the Holy Spirit, there will be miraculous signs and wonders, so that those who receive these miracles, should they not know God, would then desperately want to meet this God and live their lives serving Him.

We have a call, purpose and destiny as a Nation. Will we continue to be a country that brings not only the Gospel to all Nations, but also the Kingdom as well? This will take some dreaming. That can only happen if we connect intimately with God's heart so that His dream will become our dream as well. Yet more pressing is the question, what of the next generation? Will parents, grandparents, teachers, churches or youth ministers teach this young generation to dream with God? Will they be taught that the Kingdom of God is within them and that it is at hand? If given the opportunity, these very children may be the ones who lead their parents into the Kingdom realm, where they can experience this great Love, too!

Jesus said “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”. (Matthew 5:8) It is no wonder that these children can see God and see the dream in His Heart! We just have to create an atmosphere for them to experience it.

Jeanie has been a Partner with the Healing Rooms Ministries for years, serving on the Kids Ministry Team in Spokane from its inception.  She carries the fire of God in her bones and releases His Word everywhere she goes!
John G. Lake Radio Sermon on Miracles

John G. Lake Radio Sermon on Miracles

Wed, 10/30/2019

This is a transcript of a Radio Sermon given by John G Lake on June 28, 1935 where he speaks about believing for miracles! This is a message given 84 years ago and it is just as fitting today!

This afternoon I want to talk to you on the subject of MIRACLES. From the year 400 until now, the Church has assumed the attitude that the days of miracles are passed without any scriptural evidence whatsoever. They have taught that miracles were to demonstrate the divinity of Jesus, and therefore, the divinity of Jesus being demonstrated, there was no longer any need for miracles.

We had a local incident that demonstrates the effect of this teaching, I think. My convictions on the matter is that it has done more damage to the Christian faith than any other teaching that has been promulgated. There is a gentleman who works at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, O.A. Risdon, who is one of the engineers there. He had a son with a deformed head. The top of the head raised up like the ridge of a roof, the forehead and back of the head also were forced out in similar manner, giving the head the appearance of the hull of a yacht upside down. He was born with what the physicians call a 'closed head'. The boy was always slobbering; the pressure on the brain caused the right side to become paralyzed; and the boy was mute. He was five years old at this time.

The physicians said there was nothing they could do. Then in desperation, he appealed to his pastor. The pastor told him the days of miracles were past; that the Lord did not heal now; that miracles were given to demonstrate the divinity of Jesus. The father replied, “If Jesus would heal my son, I would be convinced that He is divine now. If He is divine, He could lift this damnation from our house.”

Finally, he came to us seeking help. We began to minister to the child. In a few days, we observed that the paralysis began to depart; instead of walking on one side of his ankles, he began to walk on the foot, and that indicated that the pressure was relieved on the brain. In seven weeks, the child was perfectly well. The bones of the head softened and came down to normal. The paralysis disappeared and the child began to talk. In three months he was in the public school. He is a young married man now.

Dear friends, if we had continued to believe that the days of miracles were past, that boy would be in the insane asylum. But we believed that Jesus Christ was the same yesterday, today and forever, and the boy was healed. It is a delight to believe the Words of Jesus. I have used this rule in my study of the Scriptures. If there is any question on any scripture, I settle it with the Words of Jesus. I consider all the scriptures are a common court of the Gospel, but the Words of Jesus are the Supreme Court of the Gospel. When I want a Supreme Court decision, I appeal to the Words of Jesus.

You can read all the Words of Jesus in two hours or less in a Red Letter New Testament. Make a practice of seeking the Words of Jesus on any subject that troubles you, and make a compilation of what He says. He ought to be sufficient authority on any question, for the heavenly Father called attention to the fact that He is the Son of God, and that we are to hear Him. He said:

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him”. Matthew 17:5

This sermon is taken from the book John G. Lake His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith published by Kenneth Copeland Publications.

You can read additional sermons by John G Lake on our website, -> Association -> Become Trained -> John G. Lake Writings
Coming Events

Coming Events

Wed, 10/30/2019

Angela Greenig is a seasoned Seer and Crusader for Jesus Christ and a leading force in deliverance ministry. For over 29 years she has been a Defender of the Faith and a Voice for those who have no voice, traveling the world, preaching and training up the body of Christ.

Angela is Founder of Angela Greenig Ministries International, an International speaker, renowned author, and TV and Radio host of Justice for All media channel. Angela has built and released ministries in many cities throughout America, and nations of the world. Her teaching and insight come from years on the front lines of Spiritual Warfare, with a heart of welfare for the salvation and deliverance of people.
Washington State is home for Angela and her husband Larry, feeding the homeless and evangelizing the gospel on the streets of Seattle, Tacoma and Auburn from the Eagles Landing location in

Click on the link below to register now!
Garden's Best HARP Member

Garden's Best HARP Member

Wed, 10/30/2019

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Garden's Best Promo

Garden's Best Promo

Wed, 10/30/2019

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Wed, 10/30/2019

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