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"Tammy came into our Healing Room on being guided by Pastor Jeff Coon. It was obvious she was blind. As we annointed her and began talking to her we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks..her sight went slowly..she was so downcast ..she said "I must have my sight..I cannot go out by myself now. Her right eye was abnormal looking..stone like..she only had an empty socket on her left.. I asked her if she could tell us how the sight was lost...the cause..Tammy responded was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her...WE BEGAN asking her if she could forgive this person..sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her ..Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she a subtle sweet look light and said quietly "I will forgive her"..we all broke out in praise..we then spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE then asked her if she had any sight..she said no but there were dots of light that hadn't been before...we felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and said please come back next healing room (2 weeks). Tammy did come back in 2 weeks and we annointed and prayed over her again. Yesterday November 8th 2019 we were in the Healing Room praying over a paper for the first client ..we heard a stir and happy voices..TAMMY CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK..WE had a difficult time settling down to praying for that first person..we had 3 to pray over. Finally we got out in the reception room to rejoice with Tammy and her miracle sight!! She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch..then threw her arms around me ..and said "Thank you THANK you you guys cared about me..I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you Tammy !!! As I looked I saw that her right eye was perfect..a beautiful perfect blue eye!! So she also had an eye in her left everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that we went back inside visiting she shared that yes I had a miracle..I found my prosthetic eye because I had my sight back..we had a good laugh over that..but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for Tammy at the closing that day ..her request was "I want to heal others"..she plans on getting into church at God's Lighthouse,,(HEALING ROOM LOCATION) and we believe she Will!!!"

- Diane C. on November 10th, 2019
Entered online Nov 10th, 2019
Healing Rooms Tillamook County

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