Testimonies from Healing Rooms


Greg - Hi Keith Before you even prayed for me you said "your sore throat is healed"..that really stirred up faith in me. When you prayed I felt the sore throat would leave. After the first time it was somewhat better then you prayed again and it left. Since that prayer my throat has not hurt at all! On Monday I felt a little phlegm. And I spoke to the phlegm and told it that it had to leave too and it did. Throat has been perfect for a week now. A real miracle!! So definitely unbelief will stop a healing. I feel like I need to focus on the healer instead of what needs to be healed. Standing on his promises helps faith to remain steadfast instead of keep referring back to the physical problem. Thank you Keith. Really felt the Holy Spirit working through you Sunday during the Online Healing Rooms!


Christy - Thank you so much to the Coatesville Healing Rooms. I was suffering heart palpitations and arrhythmias for years so i scheduled an online appointment. After the team prayed over me my symptoms were gone and have not returned even a month later. Little did i know a week after my first session I would fall and hit my head and be back to the healing rooms again. I had severe symptoms, such as tremors and pain in my head. It felt like there was a snake slithering around under my skull. The team worked with me again and by the end of the session there was clear and immediate improvement. The weird 'snake' feeling left, as well as the pain and tremors. I am so thankful for the team and their ministry to me physically and spiritually. Praise Jesus!


Heather - Prayer was given regularly for the last 9 months for my husband. He needed to be free from a bone infection. He had fought cancer more than once. NOW the bone infection is GONE! Praise God!


Betty - Healing Room Kids prayed for my jaw to stop making crunchy noises. After prayer, my jaw was healed! I give Jesus thanks. I am blessed to come to the Healing Rooms for prayers.


B. - I came to get prayer for my sister from the Healing Room Kids. My sister needed a job. One week later she accepted a new job that is closer to her home! Thank you, God, for blessing my sister!


J. - An eleven year old came with his mother. He was having difficulty in school with friendships, and it was effecting his school days. He said that after prayer the next week went really well! This young boy knew it was God answering his prayers.


Ashley - I was miserable with tailbone pain. I did not know the reason. I came to Healing Room Kids and received prayer. The next morning when I got out of bed, the pain was completely gone! Glory to God for healing me! I am able to go to work with NO pain. Thank you, Jesus!


Nori - I am the director of the Healing Rooms of Dinuba, CA. Prior to the lockdown, my husband and I visited a local church to share about the Healing Rooms. An elderly woman sang a solo and shared that she was having surgery for cancer on her nose that Tuesday. Mike and I were invited to join the ministry team in praying for this woman. The ministry team had anointed her with oil. I boldly took authority over the cancer and commanded it to leave, in Jesus' name. The woman's countenance changed from stooped over to standing straight and she shared that God had healed her from cancer before. It was as if she had suddenly remembered her healing. Before we left the church we told the Pastor's wife that we expected to hear a good report. On that Wednesday the Pastor's wife informed me that the doctor canceled the surgery because there was no cancer. Glory to God!


Michael - I had been depressed since summer 2019, being hospitalized twice with major depression and anxiety. I went to South Jersey Healing Rooms in December and was prayed over. Afterwards, week by week I started to have signs of improvement with reduced anxiety and depression. As the weeks went by, I started to feel more & more like myself. As of 3/16/20 I was able to return to the work force and I feel great. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and great faith toward healing. I thank Jesus so much for what He has done!


J.S. - A big thanks to you all at the Healing Rooms for your prayers, scriptures, and anointing. I was diagnosed with a rare & aggressive form of breast cancer. I clung to my faith, and prayed I could withstand the aggressive treatments. When my fear level was high, I came to the Healing Rooms. My spirit was lifted, fear was beat back, and hope was renewed. My latest checkup showed "No Evidence of Disease"!! I consider it a miracle! I am so grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you, Jesus!


J.W. - I came to the Healing Rooms a total emotional mess because of marital issues. My anniversary was the next day, and I wanted peace to overflow in me. The team prayed with me, and I left with complete peace - not only that night & the next day - but I am still consumed with God's peace! God continues to bring restoration to both of us and in our marriage. He is beyond faithful!


C. B. - I came with my daughter to the Healing Rooms because her tooth was bothering her. Her permanent tooth had already come through, but the baby tooth was still there. The prayer team prayed for the roots in her baby tooth to dissolve. On our way home from the Healing Rooms the tooth fell out!


Jaime & her Dad - God is at work through this ministry and the people who volunteer. Not a believer that God heals' Go and see for yourself. My Dads hearing was restored. His shoulder had better movement. His knee felt better. His breathing was MUCH better and I had peace. The kind of peace that passes all understanding when we left. People experience things differently. There is no charge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Physical pain can be gone. Emotional struggles can be restrained. God is good and is ALIVE at this place. Jaime


Joyce - Joyce came in with stage 5 kidney disease with 11% function. And type 1 diabetes. Here is her testimony. I came here because I needed prayer for diabetes and other ailments and I am leaving here with the love and HEALING of JESUS! Thank everybody here for their prayers and uplifting of the Holy Spirit! AMEN. She also mentioned that when she came in her eyesight was foggy, but after prayer the room seemed brighter. The next day i received this from her husband. Mister Cliff Sir, This is Tim. and I wanted to let you know that my wife's blood sugar was in the 100 range and it hasn't been that way for a long time....


Courtney - Today i received a healing from muscle pain, and an orphan spirit. When I first sat down they anointed me with oil. They prayed in the Spirit over me and gave me a prophetic word. I know that it is God, because as these prayed over me, my muscles began to loosen- it felt like a "spiritual salve" throughout my body, and into my lungs. These people, knowing nothing of me, stated things only the Lord knows. And I felt like a spiritual bucket was being poured over me! I felt like blessings, favor and love were being poured out not only rebuking, but CANCELING any enemy (specifically orphan spirit)over my life and my vessel. Throughout this time, I have had many questions to God-and today, I received answers. Sometimes I question if He really does love me. Today there is simply, and forevermore, no doubts. The Most High God, Alpha, Omega, beginning and end... made room for even me! I recieve thes healing i Jesu name, Amen.


Mary - Mary is a member of the Prayer Ministry Team in Dinuba, California. During our team worship and prayer time in December, we prayed for Mary's estranged relationship with her daughter. Here is Mary's testimony:

After 25 years, my daughter called me this New Years and told me she loved me. All anger she had towards me is no longer there. Praise God!


Michael - Michael is a prayer ministry team member. He contacted the prayer team to agree with him in prayer for his grandmother. Here is Michael's testimony:

My grandmother died Thursday, December 19th. The doctors brought her back to life, but she was on life support unable to breathe on her own. Her body was swelled up like a balloon from a heart condition and a bad kidney. Keep in mind she was born with one kidney. The family was saying goodbyes. With a prayer of faith, a few hours later she woke up. Following that the swelling went away. She is breathing on her own and was released to go home Christmas Eve. As of January 2, 2020 she is still at home.


T. - I came for prayer for help with foster care and a job. Well, a week later I was not only offered a job, but the pay was more then I ever made in 20 years! God is so good!


K. - I came to the KIDS for prayer. I asked for prayer for healing in my body, my marriage, & to find the roots of cancer in my life. Both my parents passed away from cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. The HR Kids were awesome & powerful prayers. I received a drawing and was told that God would give me the meaning of it. God did show me a revelation about the drawing. It revealed a pattern I was in that came from my past and carried on into my marriage. God revealed other things that needed to be repented of and prayed through. I returned for prayer a different night. God is healing my body & marriage. He is completing a work of healing in my life!


Lola - The Healing Rooms (adult) and HR Kids have prayed for my sister who is in a Memory Care facility out of state. She was placed on Hospice months ago for more care.

I am excited to tell you the healing taking place for my sister. She graduated OFF of Hospice Care! She is more alert, more mobile, and is eating again!

I am thanking God daily, and I thank all the prayer warriors at the Healing Rooms!


Levi - Hi Bro Cliff.

About a month ago, in September, I found you online because I desperately needed prayers for my cousin Pastor Levi Williams, who had a brain aneurysm and was in the hospital. You prayed powerful prayers for him and command life back into his body in The Name of Jesus. I wanted to again thank you for your prayers and the miracle that God performed after two weeks of that prayer. This is Levi's testimony and I thought I would share this with your prayer team at your Ministry. All Glory and Honor be unto our Great God.!!! Thanks again for a mighty prayer warrior like you.

It was a normal Tuesday morning, September17, 2019. I got out of bed and performed my normal rituals of prayer and hygiene.

Around Noon, I had a delicious bowl of collard greens and rice my sister had prepared a few days earlier. After consuming the food I sat in a chair to contemplate THE day. Then I felt this strange sensation of overwhelming dizziness.

I said to myself, 'Levi, you're having a stroke.'

I told myself, 'This can't be because I take good care myself by taking multivitamins everyday', Although I had stopped playing basketball and soccer for over a year and I remember telling my doctor who prescribed hypertension pills four years earlier that I would do my best to manage my systems through meditation, calming myself down and get rid of Stressful thoughts.

Then I heard a voice tell me 'Levi prepare yourself you are going to fall and hit your head and will not be able to stand up.' I felt myself fall forward, hit my head on the wall directly in front of me and fell to the floor. Every effort I made to push myself up with my right hand failed since my left side was completely paralyzed. Since I was already dizzy I decided to fall asleep on the floor; around 2:45 PM my wife Kerry arrived home from picking up our daughter from high school and called 911. They arrived and took me to the nearest hospital, by the time I regained consciousness my wife told me I had been unconscious and intubated under sedation for a week with the doctors giving me a 30% chance of survival and recovery. . I could not call Bishop Quire in Liberia so I immediately called another friend and told him 'This is the week I die, prepare to deliver my eulogy', I then heard a loud voice from heaven tell me 'NOT NOW, LEVI, NOT NOW!'

At this time my wife told me I was in the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana where I commenced rigorous physical and occupational therapy and other forms of therapy. The medical and therapy staff there were so skillful and knowledgeable and after a week I was able to move my left arm and leg which were as stiff as tree logs. I could also feel the prayers of my friends and family of which I have seen many of these prayers on Facebook and I am thankful for them all. Your prayers formed a powerful blanket of protection that enveloped my family and me.

SpecialThanks to Rick Platt in Indianapolis and Bishop Jeremiah Harris and the leaders of Trinity World Ministries in Charlotte for coming to visit me while I was in the rehab facility. AND MY cousin THEODORE, MY sisters Hester and Bea spent several days and many hours praying with me and offered words of hope and comfort I felt truly loved by my family. Rev. Solomn Ernst ndFr. James Wilson called and prayed for me for that Iâm grateful. During my time at the rehab hospital, I had two dreams in which I saw my mother among a cleanup crew of angels in dazzling apparel and later saw my friend Myrtle (Pudding) Brewer among a group of angels huddling together in my room. Neither my mother nor Myrtle looked at, nor talked to me May the reader understand the significance of angels and the Communion of Saints being in the room but neither looking at nor talking to me.

I was discharged from the rehab facility and sent home on November 2nd to continue outpatient physical therapy as of Friday November 8th. I still crave the prayers of everyone, because of your prayers I have regained my speech to my pre stroke level (I think), and I have been told by the experts it takes up to a full year for recovery so my journey is just beginning with small steps around my house and at therapy. I will call some of you to express my personal gratitude. For all others I do not get to contact please know I am thankful for all of you and you all remain in my grateful heart. 'Sola Deo GLORIA.'


Tammy - Tammy came into our Healing Room on being guided by Pastor Jeff Coon. It was obvious she was blind. As we annointed her and began talking to her we found she'd been this way about 6 weeks..her sight went slowly..she was so downcast ..she said "I must have my sight..I cannot go out by myself now. Her right eye was abnormal looking..stone like..she only had an empty socket on her left.

I asked her if she could tell us how the sight was lost... the cause...Tammy responded angrily... it was a person that did it and I will NEVER forgive her... WE BEGAN asking her if she could forgive this person... sharing that the bitterness could actually hurt her ...Holy Spirit moved on her sweetly and eventually she a subtle sweet look light and said quietly "I will forgive her"..we all broke out in praise... we then spoke to her right eye to be made WHOLE then asked her if she had any sight..she said no but there were dots of light that hadn't been before... we felt we were done praying and told her we felt her miracle was on the way and said please come back next healing room (2 weeks).

Tammy did come back in 2 weeks and we annointed and prayed over her again.

Yesterday November 8th 2019 we were in the Healing Room praying over a paper for the first client ...we heard a stir and happy voices... TAMMY CAME IN BY HERSELF WITH HER SIGHT BACK... WE had a difficult time settling down to praying for that first person..we had 3 to pray over. Finally we got out in the reception room to rejoice with Tammy and her miracle sight!!

She grabbed me and pulled me out on the front porch..then threw her arms around me ...and said "Thank you THANK you you guys cared about me" ...I looked into her eyes and said "this is how much Jesus loves you Tammy!!!" As I looked I saw that her right eye was perfect... a beautiful perfect blue eye!! So she also had an eye in her left socket... so everyone thought she'd had a creative miracle in that one... as we went back inside visiting she shared that yes I had a miracle... I found my prosthetic eye because I had my sight back... we had a good laugh over that... but told her we'd keep believing for her miracle left eye!! We prayed for Tammy at the closing that day ...her request was "I want to heal others" ...she plans on getting into church at God's Lighthouse (HEALING ROOM LOCATION), and we believe she will!!!


Tracy - Thank you. My pain had left when they prayed and my symptoms keep trying to come back. It seems like a fight right now. I know I'm healed and I am definitely feeling better. Praise God. Thank you for this link. Blessings


Johnathen - Thank you for reaching out to ask about us and encourage us! I sensed a real change after coming for prayer. I have been prayed for many times, but the week after meeting with you all, I sensed the battle outside of myself. I literally saw the enemy outside of me rather than on me. It was an encouragement to me! I have continued to stand against infirmity. I would like to begin to add foods back to my meals. I have just been hired for a part time job, so that was a big success as I did not feel physically able to work for the last couple of years. There have still been some days that I have felt symptoms. I pray and continue to stand on and enforce the Word.


J - Hi. I just have to say, I am soooooo happy that the Healing Rooms of Green Bay were created! I was a smoker since I was 18 years old. I'm 47 now. I smoked for 29 years! I had tried quitting so many times I can't even remember. I never succeeded. I recently went to my doctor, and she said that I should really try harder to quit smoking due to health reasons.

This was it. I had enough! I had to quit! I was sick of it myself. I made up my mind to go to the healing rooms to be prayed over. In my mind I was quitting no matter what. (Even tho I tried a million times before and had no luck.) I thought...well I know I myself in the flesh can't quit on my own, but what about asking help from the Holy Spirit and getting prayed for from the healing room people' Wow! Now there's an idea right'!'! I knew that there were always people at the healing rooms ready and waiting to pray over people for whatever reason, so I went to be prayed for to quit smoking.

The first time I was prayed over helped. I was slowly quitting but still smoking. I went back 2 weeks later for more prayer. I was prayed over again......Well, my, my! God is good! I believe as I was being prayed over that a spirit of nicotine came out of me. I believe even “Christians” can have spirits and demons. As I was being prayed over I kept coughing and spitting up this mucus stuff and making weird sounds, kind of gross I know, but lo and behold I never smoked again. This was it! I was like...what' No way!! I couldn't believe it! I tried quitting SO many times before with no luck!! I believe I was delivered from a spirit of nicotine...really...I do!

It's been 28 days and I haven't had one cigarette. Do I get the urge to smoke sometimes, yes I do, but nothing like before at all!! And when that “urge” or thought comes to mind to have a cigarette, I bring that thing under the authority of almighty God! After all it's just a thought, right' That's all it is! Who is that thought from' Satan. Who crushed Satan's head with his heel' Jesus did!

So I want to let anyone reading this know that if I can quit smoking, you definitely can! I was the smoker of all smokers, the one who people thought could and never would quit. But with the help and power of the Holy Spirit, you and I are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!

If you're seeking help with addictions, smoking, anything....please go to the healing rooms to be prayed over. If nothing happens the first or second time....you just keep going! Jesus wants to heal us and deliver us! That's his job! That's what he does! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and know that Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life. He wants to help and heal you! - J.P.


Ruth - I went to the healing room a week before my CT scan was to take place. I asked for prayer for healing for my heart and the CT scan that was coming, to show the truth.

The CT scan report said..."high- grade in stent stenosis( narrowing) of the proximal to mid aspect of the RCA stent, plus potentially moderate grade stenosis immediately proximal to the stent.

I ended up being sent to Cardiac Hospital for procedures to correct this problem. I was living on Nitro for my chest pain.

I had the Angiogram in which nothing was done. I was sent home with this report..."This lady has unobstructed coronary arteries with a patent RCA stent. I have not had to take any Nitro since. Truly blessed.


Glen - After a Church Service two members of our team team prayed for Glen who was in pain due to a hernia in his groin and was scheduled to be operated on that week. After receiving prayer, he said the pain was gone. A few days later he was gowned up ready for surgery when the Doctor came out he asked him about the pain level. He said I have had none since Sunday. The Doctor then checked him over and then told him to go home. He was healed!


Lola - One child on the HR Kids Team was having attacks from the devil every night in her dreams. One Wednesday she received prayers from the rest of the Kids Team, and she received a bottle of anointing oil. At home she anointed the whole house, and that night her bad dreams were gone!


Diane - I had a painful back for about 4 weeks. It was hard to walk. I came for prayer. My legs were not the same length. The Team prayed & one leg grew out longer to match the other leg. The pain left! Now I walk pain free and have a good gait -- no more unsteadiness! I praise the Lord for His love & grace. I thank Him for the Healing Rooms & Team members.


Duane - I had prayer from the HR Kids. One young boy gave me a picture he drew. He said it was a big ladder. Little did he know I had been missing a ladder for about 3 weeks, and I had given it up for loss. The next day a fellow worker knew where it was. Now it is now back in my possession. I thank God for the ladder, and I'm thankful for the picture.


Pattie - The Healing Room Kids prayed for me. I was experiencing almost constant pain along my right side. The doctor said it was from a past surgery and there was nothing more he could do.

While the children were praying I felt the pain leave! It was such blessing to be pain free after two years! Jesus paid the price & by His stripes I am healed!


Chris - Our son has struggled with a wheat allergy and GI issues as a result. God spole to us one day and said, 'He will be healed. Take him to the Healing Rooms.' So, we did.

A few months after becoming a part of the Healing Room Kids, he came home and said, 'God healed me today. I can eat wheat.'

He was right! NO problems since. Thank you, Jesus!


Tess - My wisdom teeth were bothering me. The Healing Rooms Team prayed for me. They prayed that they would come out gently.

One wisdom tooth fell out while I brushed my teeth! I haven't had any pain or swelling! Thank you, Jesus!


Diane - My friend's daughter was in severe pain. She had two fractures in her lower spine. She lives in a different country & was told it might take up to a year to get in & would be put on an emergency list.

We interceded. She got in within a week! Her surgery was successful, & she is rehabilitating well. Praise the Lord!


D. - I called in for a young man who had a serious brain injury.

They weren't sure if he would live.

He fully recovered. The doctors called it a miracle!


Kelly - My leg, back & fibromyalgia pain left my body. Shame that I have been holding onto for decades has left. The Lord Jesus' blood--I saw it entering my body and providing protection from the enemy. I saw it healing me. Any connections to the enemy are gone. I felt and received overwhelming forgiveness & peace & joy. I felt several major shifts in energy and parts of my body...darkness released...light flowed in. I saw Jesus laughing and healing me let go of anger, shame and guilt & any feelings of being unlovable. Jesus convinced me that I am lovable. I feel so much more at peace. Forgiveness flowed like a river.


Carmen - After the team prayed, I felt such a relief. Whatever was tormenting me departed-glory to Jesus!


Kelista - I felt lighter and a release all over. Back, legs and knees much better. The ladies were loving and I felt their caring for me personally. Thank you and praise God!


Anita - Thank you so much for your prayer for generational items which needed to be broken and for praying for symptoms of lyme disease to be broken. We rejoice that has been broken forever! Thanks be to God for this ministry!


Anonymous - Let me tell you a story. All last week I was developing a sinus infection. Every day by mid afternoon the pressure was so great that it literally hurt to touch my forehead and face under my right eye. By Saturday evening my wife decided that I needed to go to the Methodist Minor Med after church Sunday. I was sure ready to go Sunday noon too.

My wife told her sister, who is a member of the Mid-South Healing Rooms, what we were going to do. Her sister immediately set me up with a couple there from the church (Directors of the Mid-South Healing Rooms) to pray for me. They laid hands on me and prayed. The man had his thumb directly on top of my forehead pressure point and it was quite painful. In a minute he shouts "out" and the pain diminishes. I came on home without going to the Minor Med. I believed that I'd just been healed; I surely felt it. Over the course of Sunday afternoon "junk" just turned loose and my sinuses got back to normal as they can be in the pollen capital of the world. It's been a great week with no annoying sinus pressure. That's the story of how I got healed on Pentecost Sunday. Wow! What an "I can trust God moment."


Elizabeth - I went to the Healing Room in Green Bay, WI on Monday, June 3rd. I had A LOT of symptoms that needed healing. I had surgery 3 months ago and had been in the ER many times after that with complications. I was prescribed two different antibiotics that produced symptoms. The healing session revealed and targeted the things that were blocking my healing. I also received wonderful laying on of hands and was anointed with oil. I received healing that was tangible and felt as if warm streams of water were running from my fingers up my arms. My left arm was longer than the right and I was healed of that. I received healing for neck, back and shoulder pain, numbness in hands and feet, dizziness, feeling faint, TMJ, intense bad dreams. I have been healed of all of these issues. I came back the next Monday to be healed of other issues and had a similar wonderful experience of prayers that targeted roadblocks to healing. Then I received a wonderful tangible healing of the Holy Spirit that felt like warm water throughout my body. I was healed of past trauma, and then I received the Holy Spirit and Jesus healing me. I thank Jesus for his wonderful gift of healing. I am so grateful for the wonderful, Spirit-filled people that minister Jesus' healing power and give their love and energy and time. I love you guys!


Patricia - March is my birthday month in Christ Jesus. March 2019 is my 33rd birthday in Him. I turned 75 years old in November of 2018, so at the end of prayer time, which was phenomenal, in the closing blessing, I actually saw the face of Jesus almost touching me. He was wearing His prayer shawl on His head. It was the 1st time ever seeing His face for me personally. It was quite a spiritual birthday present


Samantha - A team member asked if my back was hurting and I said, "Yes"! They pulled a chair out for me, held my legs out and said one of my legs was shorter than the other. They prayed for it to grow out and it did! The pain stopped in my back!


Carol - I have been coming for three weeks. On March 27, 2019 I was delivered to Jesus. They have shown me the path to God and healing. If you are in pain or are suffering, I would strongly recommend you to come for prayer. They will help you in ways you can only imagine. I also obtained a miracle of healing while being prayed for, which involved my left leg growing out even with my right leg - an affliction I've suffered from since 1998.


Bonnie - I was prayed for by the healing team and was set free from pain in my shoulder, neck and back. I also received the confidence that the Lord delivered me from years of tension in my muscles, which had affected my alignment. I can be at rest and I said, "It is finished!"


Emma - Twelve-year old Emma came to the Healing Rooms of Green Bay for prayer for healing of migraine headaches. Here is what she experienced.

"I would get headaches since like 2nd grade. I had them at school, on the bus and at home. Anywhere I went it was like they were following me. I was just used to having them. Then one day I went with my dad to the Healing Rooms, and I haven't had them since."


J - On Monday, March 25, 2019 the Lord God miraculously healed my left foot from pronation (a turning in of the instep) that had been a problem for me for 56 years since junior high school! As the prayer team prayed for my foot, I actually felt it turn and move. It has been healed and restored to full function. To God be the glory for His wondrous healing power!

The prayer team also prayed for the restoration of the ganglion in my neck, which is the group of nerves at the base of the neck. It had been damaged due to whiplash in a car accident many years ago. God healed and restored my neck function. The prayer team prayed for the proper alignment of my spine and hips, which God aligned and adjusted to perfection. I had had a problem with issues there as well. One might just say that the Lord God Almighty gave me an overhaul!

I am so thankful for the amazing God I have the privilege of serving. HE truly is our Healer! Since I minister at the Healing Rooms and see the Lord healing people each week, it was an unforgettable experience to be on the receiving end. Thank you prayer warriors at the Healing Rooms of Green Bay, and thank you Lord Jesus, the God who heals. â J.P.


Connie - Connie came into the healing rooms with back and hip pain for over three months. After prayer, her short right leg was lengthened 1 inch and all pain left her immediately. Praise God.


Reta - I had been diagnosed with advanced osteo-arthritis in my knees. I had intense pain in my knees and also in my feet, back, neck and shoulders. I wanted a quick fix from all the pain.

I did feel immediate relief in my knees but knew there was more healing to come. I had resigned from the worship team because I couldn't stand for over an hour up on the stage but after that first day of being prayed for, I felt I was to go back onto the worship team and believe God for my total healing.

My next visit to the Healing Rooms was a very interesting time. I loved what God did for me that day which left me with an overwhelming feeling of compassion and ability to offer forgiveness.

I also had felt that God was speaking to me about losing weight. My next visit was all about having words cut off me about my weight.

Someone lent me some DVDs about doing the right thing for my wellness. I have begun to put these life styles into practice and PRAISE THE LORD I am feeling relatively pain free and no longer taking pain medication.

I praise God for the journey He has taken me on for this to happen and I WILL see my complete healing and I WILL be able to get off the rest of the medication in the very near future. HE GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR EVERY STEP IN THIS JOURNEY.


Eileen - I had a hip that had been bothering me for a several years, but it became more aggravated since delivering my 8th baby. I could never get comfortable at night because of the pain and tension in my back and hips. My flexibility was so limited too making it so hard to exercise, which is what I love to do. I was believing and trusting God for my healing while trying to strengthen my hip for almost a year. Finally, it just got to the point of being unbearable. Thatâs when I decided to go the Healing Rooms of Green Bay, and in faith, expected my healing to be manifested.

I filled out the form and mentioned that I had one leg shorter than the other. The prayer team prayed over me, then one of them prayed over my legs. As he was praying I could feel immediate relief in my hips and I felt my right leg lengthen. The three others all saw that my legs were now the same length! I kept my eyes closed as this was all happening but I knew things were different. Once I stood up it felt like that leg was on stilts! Amazing!!!

God is good. I continue to believe, receive and declare my healing. My range of motion is like night and day, my legs feel stronger and my back isnât tight anymore! Good night sleep, here I come!


Debbie - After prayer in the healing rooms my son was healed of testicular cancer. He now has two children.


Sue - I was so impressed with the people in the healing room. They showed compassion and love, plus knowledge of the scriptures as they laid hands on me. I immediately felt a stirring in my soul. The next day, I felt better and I used scripture as a mantra for days.

I feel completely healed and I'm trying to pass it on to others who are ailing. I recommend the healing room to others. Thank you for providing this service.


Nicole - I've been in a few times for the healing of eczema on my hands and ankles and praise God it has been clear for about a year now!!


Krista - Very helpful!! My heart feels restored and the pain in my body has decreased!


Ruth - The parents of a 3 yr. old girl reported that their daughter has been SEIZURE-FREE FOR OVER ONE YEAR since bringing her to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The father who is a physician stated that his daughter had suffered from multiple [epileptic] seizures every week even while she was on medication. Today they are rejoicing in the healing power of God and that their little girl can enjoy a normal life!


Richard - On Saturday, October 13th, I attended Healing Room training seminar to learn more of the process for praying for people's healings. During the time that there prayer for healing, Jerry prayed over me. I have been recovering from several injuries since Thanksgiving. I tore my left Achilles tendon and the three large tendons in my right Rotator cuff. I have had a slow recovery on my rotator cuff injury because it was a partial repair. I have not been able to raise my right hand up over my head. Right after Jerry finished praying I was able to raise both hands in praise. At the end of the seminar when I was going through the prayer tunnel I was overwhelmed and drunk in the Holy Spirit. I could not walk upright or straight. Even when I got back up and entered the prayer tunnel a second time I was immediately drunk in the Holy Spirit again. What an awesome amazing day. Praise GOD I am able to raise both hands to praise our GOD.

I also have been experiencing constant numbness and pain in my hands. The pain is greatly diminished and the stiffness is working it's way out.


GOD BLESS You and the team!


Adonia - My hand was hurting from being twisted at work. I had to wear a brace on it for support. After prayer, I was able to move my fingers and hand with NO pain!


Suzanne - I have had back problems since I was in the 5th-6th grade. I had surgery in 2004 at age 26 for scoliosis and have two rods in my back. The doctor did not touch the lower two vertebrae because I would have lost too much mobility. I had a lot of pain every day in my entire spinal column. My husband has been wonderful in helping relieve my pain by endless nights of rubbing.

I had one leg longer than the other, so I had to wear a lift in my left shoe, and if I went longer than 5-10 minutes without it, I would have lots of pain in my hips and back for the next couple of days. I have prayed for healing for years, always knowing God can heal.

I went to the praying/ healing room (on 8/20/18 at Healing Rooms of Green Bay) knowing God could heal me then if He chose that time. He did heal my legs to the same length. I walked out of the healing room without my shoe lift and have not worn it since, and I am pain free in my lower back; and have had little to no pain in my upper back. I am still believing God will finish what He started and totally heal the rest.

When God heals, he is glorified! It is always for His glory. Spiritual healing and understanding are also taking place. I have been asking God for truth from Him, and He has been giving it over and over!

He who has begun a good work in us will see it through to its completion! God is and will be glorified through me! Thank you Lord for your everlasting love and mercies! Great is Your faithfulness!!


BC - Before asking the volunteers at the Issaquah Healing Room for prayer I suffered for more than a month with a swollen, bleeding and very painful gum on the left side of my mouth.

Within two days after they laid hands on me and commanded it to be healed" I not only had no swelling or bleeding I was able to brush normally, chew my food on the left side, and am able to even chew hard nuts like almonds with no discomfort at all.

Thank you Jesus, and thank you Issaquah Healing Room prayer team.


Cathy - I came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for my eyes. Four months ago, the eye doctor told me I had problems with my macula. It was thinning on the top and bottom, and it was bumpy and irregular. Three years prior to this I had a hole in my macula on my other eye that required surgery.

I went to the doctor 3 days later. When the doctor examined me he said they (my eyes) looked great. I asked him about what he said four months ago. He looked at my x-rays from last time, and said if I hadnât brought it up he wouldnât have known. It (the macula) looked perfect!

I praise God for this, and this would have been enough, but God had more for me. As the team prayed, God delivered me from fear. They encouraged me to sit before the Lord and ask Him to pour down His love on me and keep asking for more. I have done this and the results have been amazing. So many areas of my life I didnât know I had fear in. Perfect love casts out all fear! I am so grateful to God for His love, faithfulness and healing. I am also grateful for the Healing Rooms here in Starkville.


Georgia - I was prayed over for my eye because I lost my sight so much that the doctor said I couldn't drive anymore. I had bleeding in the back of my right eye for 1 1/2 years. I had an injection, but the doctor didn't know if it would help. After prayer, within 3 days my vision was so much better! I could drive again! The doctor was shocked! Praise the Lord I can read and drive again! My vision is getting better every day.


Julie - I thank whoever did the drawing from the Healing Room KIDS. It was so prophetic & spoke volumes to me. The picture had a woman and seven children.

My husband, who is now deceased, always referred to them as the magnificent seven, and each one a miracle & blessing. One is a superior musician, gifted from God, and in the picture on is a musician!

This is what keeps me onward to follow Jesus without compromise. A picture speaks a thousand words. Thank you, little prophet of the most high God! Amen. Hugs to all the budding minister of God's Word.


Kathy - Children's ministry is awesome! I went into the Healing Room to get prayer for my knees.

The fire of the Holy Spirit was so hot that I felt like it was 90 degrees in the room.

After the children prayed, I received 3 pictures from them. All three pictures had the fire of the Holy Spirit on them! The Holy Spirit is at work.


Monica - I came in to have the children pray for me. All day I had major tension & pressure in my head and eyes. My prayer request was that my eyes would focus. They didn't know any other details.

When I stepped out of the room after prayer, in less than 30 seconds the pressure & pain in my head was GONE. I felt so awesome! My spirit also felt uplifted. Yeah God!


Allison - For 5 days I had UTI symptoms, and they were intensifying. God told me I was healed, but they got worse. I went to a walk-in clinic. All tests were negative for infection. I went again due to feeling worse.

After seeing the doctor I went to the Healing Rooms. After prayer I soaked in the Quiet Room. The next day ALL my symptoms were gone! I am healed!


Duane - I went to the Kids' prayer on Wednesday. My wife & I went together.

I had severe shoulder pain in my left side. As the children prayed I could truly sense the Holy Spirit anointing in their simple, innocent prayers.

We were there less then 15 mins. Since that time I have felt NO pain in my shoulder, & I can lift it high over my head -- including a lot of lifting in my work.

My wife & I felt very touched by the Spirit & can see how God honors the faith of a child. I thank the Lord for His healing touch.


Rachel - I can't thank you and the others at the Healing Room enough for the encounter I had with the Father Monday night. This message would get very long to describe each moment that is etched into my heart from the night, but I want you to know each of you were used as vessels of God in those moments spent with me. I carried shame with me to modify my behavior, but that night the chains that I chose to carry I laid down. (I promise I walked out of the room feeling 10 lbs lighter!!!). My hope was re-ignited for my future as you spoke about the plans God had for my life. You affirmed the Spirit living within me, and each of you blessed me beyond measure. Since the Healing room I have experienced true life change. Thank you for your ministry!!!


Gail - As I came to the Healing Room I was having pain in my back and foot. As they were praying over my feet one was longer than the other and as they prayed, my foot grew to the same length as the other one. No more back pain or foot pain! Thank you Jesus


Ceola - My right hip hurt when I crossed my right leg. Now, No pain! Pain in right shoulder, Now, no pain!


Ron - Lower Back Pain Gone!

God gave me a book (during the prayer time). It was titled - “Your New Life” by God

Been dealing with Chronic Psoriasis for 3 years. After prayer it started to clear up.


David - On Monday evening, I got prayer for pain in both shoulders due to a rotator cuff injury from his younger days of weight training. In addition my lower back was in constant pain from a football injury over 45 years ago. The pain was almost always between a 7 and a 10 on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being severe). When I came in for prayer, my lower back was at a seven and my shoulders only hurt if I raised my arms.

As they prayed, Godâs presence began to move over me. One thing the Holy Spirit revealed was a need for the me to release forgiveness. As I released forgiveness, I felt heat and tingling going into my shoulders as they prayed for me.

My shoulders did not hurt any more, but I still had pain in my lower back around a level 4 to 5. The team asked if I needed to forgive the guy who speared me in the back in practice when I was 19 years old. I released forgiveness, then they prayed and released Healing to my back. The pain totally left! The next day there was still no pain! Praise God!


Bridget - For the last 2 1/2 years I have had excruciating pain in my teeth every time I ate something sweet or hot/cold. I would have to carry a toothbrush , Oragel, and Motrin with me everywhere I went âjust in caseâ. I had even gone to the dentist and there was nothing that could be done for the sensitivity since it was due to lack of enamel. I prayed and prayed. I had to just give up some of my favorite foods and just deal with the pain. I went to the Healing Room about 4 weeks ago. This wasnât my first time but I went specially for my teeth. I explained to the prayer team just what the problem was, they prayed and ministered to me. After we left, the girls I went with wanted to grab coffee. So we did. I got coffee and a cookie. I ate it and was about to get in the car to leave when I realized NO PAIN!!!! So I took another drink of my â hotâ coffee..... nothing!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! I havenât had a pain or sensitivity since before that prayer!!!! Iâve eaten everything sweet that used to cause me pain!!! I truly believe God healed me that night!!!! Thank all of you who prayed for me but most of all I thank Jesus Christ.... itâs by His stripes that I was (am) healed!!!! Amen😁


Gordon - July 2018 ... A lady came in and wrote her testimony... "I've been to the Healing Rooms four times and blessings are happening to me with each visit. My fear of driving dropped away after the first visit. With the second, my energy levels increased and I became calmer with myself. After the third visit my faith had significantly increased, food portion control became easy, my sugar addiction disappeared. God is great!"


Gordon - June 2018... A new member of our team prayed for hearing to be restored to her husband who had been wearing hearing aids for several years. She said a simple prayer and immediately his hearing returned. Hallelujah Jesus!


Ivan - While the prayer team was praying for me, my chronic back problem got worse. But 20 minutes after they were finished praying, the pain was gone. I felt light and was filled with the presence of God.


Leah - I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer and received inner, emotional healing. Holy Spirit lead the prayer and knew what I needed to be broken off and healed.

I felt God healing me through the prayer. I received healing and was overwhelmed by God's goodness.


Jeffrey - Healed from the lies of feeling "less than" from an event that I didn't know had happened when I was 6. My uncle had molested me. I saw that little boy being put inside my torso and I heard the Holy Spirit say it was the missing puzzle piece/peace.


Anonymous - I went to the Syracuse Prayer and Healing Rooms a few weeks before an appointment with my gastroenterologist for hepatitis C. I had my usual blood work done. The doctor called me at home a couple of days later to report that my hepatits C was undetectable. The doctor went on to explain that she had never seen anything like this before. I asked her if she believes in God and prayer. She said that she wants to believe it was God and prayer. I had another test, and to God be the Glory, I'm healed!


Janet - After prayer at the healing room, my eyes are healed and clear. Thank you Jesus, and the prayer warriors.


Kelly - The team prayed for me today and were so gentle and encouraging. They had three words from the Lord which were exactly what the Lord had been speaking to me about this last month. They helped my faith with their prayers of faith and I felt the Holy Spirit's presence greatly and such peace.
I have the answers to my prayers, the Lord heard our prayers as the three of us were in agreement. I am healed and filled with a sense of peace and destiny.


Sandy - I was freed from a powerful spirit of fear and depression when I was prayed for by the team. I am now thankful to wake up and read God's Word instead of dreading going thru another day.
I had asked my physician for a referral to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist but ended up here because no one responded to my calls. Praise the Lord!


Penny - I received prayer for my knee. The pain level was past a 10. After prayer the pain went away 100%. Jesus is the Mighty Healer!


Dwaine - The last time I was here was in October 2017 to receive prayer for gout in my feet. I have not had any symptoms since. Praise the Lord!
I think about it all the time, the Lord is good! Thank you everyone at the Healing Rooms!


Dennis - I drove to Spokane from Sedro Woolley, WA to have God heal my many physical afflictions. Before I left and even while they were still praying for me, I started getting feeling back in my feet - neuropathy - and while writing this it returned 100%!
I could take a full breath - lung cancer and emphysema - and I got hearing back in my left ear. All around much better health and feeling!! Praise God and the prayer team He went through.


Desiree - I had extreme dizziness all through my pregnancy and after. I came to the Healing Rooms and they laid hands over my ears. I had a tingling and heard a pop. All dizziness left instantly! Praise God!


L - A woman who had been suffering for 10 years with back pain caused by fibromyalgia came for prayer. It was revealed to one of our prayer ministers that unforgiveness was the root cause. Through some questioning we found that the only person she couldn't forgive was herself. After more ministry she forgave herself and received peace, and her back pain left. Thank you Jesus!!!


Kathy - We were recently contacted by an 88 yr. old woman from another city who was being tormented by the enemy over an ungodly love relationship she had 40 years before. Although she had repented of this sin and knew that God had forgiven her, she could not forgive herself. The accuser tormented her day and night resulting in anxiety and a burning in her chest and stomach.

We led her in a prayer of forgiveness for herself, and then had her break the ungodly soul tie she had with the other person. Within a few minutes, peace entered her heart and she could feel the difference immediately. We could hear the change in her voice as she was released from four decades of torment!

Praise God! Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and set the captives free!


Kathy - A woman came into the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for scoliosis. Her spine had been fused at birth and she had great pain. While she was in the waiting room waiting to be called into the prayer room, another prayer minister saw her and felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to ask her if she could lay hands on her back and pray for her.

She agreed and as she was being prayed for, she felt burning heat going up and down her spine. At that moment, she was called into the prayer room and was prayed for again. There was no physical change that took place at that time, except for the sensation of heat.

Then about three weeks later she contacted us to let us know that while she was lying in bed that morning, she felt a big shove on her back and heard a loud crack! She knew it was the Lord! Her vertebrae instantly came into full alignment and her spine straightened. Her hips became even and she got full mobility of her neck. For the first time in 53 years she could walk and move without pain. Thank you Jesus!

Please note that the manifestation of her healing came almost one month AFTER she was prayed for. The biggest mistake we can make is putting a time limit on God! He is faithful and He is watching over His Word to perform it! By the stripes of Jesus we WERE healed and made whole (1 Peter 2:24)!!


Helen - I had a lot of prayers in the Healing Rooms for my abusive childhood. Now, I can feel the love of Jesus in my heart and I don't even think about the bad memories. Jesus is so good to me. He loves me so much. He healed the bad memories and He gave me joy and love.


Kathy - I had a bad accident in Dec 2017. My wrist was broken in 2 places, my bladder was fallen, internal tissues torn, and I could hardly move. By the grace of God, I am now walking and hiking. I had surgery for my severely prolapsed bladder last Thursday. Today in the Healing Rooms, the Holy Spirit came in and there were waves and waves of healing and the healing energy of the Holy Spirit poured all the way through me and I know the healing is continuing. Thank you, Jesus, for all this help and healing. God bless all in the Healing Rooms and the teams.


Baron - I had been suffering from a lot of pain in my right shoulder and had limited ability to raise my arm even to shoulder height.

I asked the prayer team at the Issaquah Healing Room to pray for restoration of my shoulder. As they laid hands on me I felt a tingling in my arm and shoulder. I knew immediately I was healed and raised my arm. I felt no resistance and was able to swing my arm clear over my head with no pain at all.

Thank you Jesus and the Healing Room team.


Tami - I came in with lower back pain, felt like a vice grip on my spine. They prayed for lifting off of me others burdens. And forgiveness of wrong words spoken over me and witchcraft and ill spoken words put on me. They prayed and pulled a cover off me. Prayed for me to be ok with telling others No. To do what God has planned for me and not to worry about others burdens.

I am now pain free and thank God for the blessing and confirmation.


Lynn - My testimony begins with the first night that the healing rooms were to be open. It was a Wednesday evening and I was excited to go to church for the evening worship and service. While I was getting ready to make dinner that night, I had an excruciating pain rip through my lower back. It brought me to the floor. From there I made my way to the couch and assumed I would not be going to church that night. My husband suggested I should go and visit the healing rooms. So as soon as the church was ready for me, my husband brought me to the church. When I was brought into the healing room, the only position I was able to be in was on my knees on the floor with my upper body resting on a chair seat. I was asked a series of questions then the sisters began praying for me. While the prayer was taking place, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong all I could do was weep. I felt a prompting that this issue of pain was from within me and there was something in my heart that I needed to deal with that I needed to face. What the Lord showed me was that I was holding on to a feeling of unworthiness and shame. This was surprising at first, but it was true. Once faced and spoken our lout the sisters continued to pray. As I confessed why I felt this unworthiness and shame, my body began to relax and the pain started to subside. Not only did the pain subside but I felt a heaviness in my heart lifted away. It was such a powerful experience that I am not able to put it all into words. I was able to leave the rooms that night without pain and had and was able to sleep more soundly that I had in years. I really had no idea I was still harboring feelings of unworthiness. After all, I am a Christian, was recently baptized again but did not see where the enemy was holding me back. I am now able to pray feeling the fullness of the Father's love and know that I can leave my worries with him. He is my Father and I am worthy of His love.


Ron - About a month ago, I felt to go pray in the Healing Rooms even though I was disqualifying myself to pray for the sick. But from my experience with God, I usually try not to go with my feelings but just obey what He tells me.

In the Healing Room, Papa God gave me a word about the liver and blood transfusion. Then the patient came in telling of symptoms but nothing related to the liver and blood. She said the doctors didn't have any cure for her sickness. So we gave her the word of knowledge regarding the liver and blood and she said, "This issue all started four years ago when I went to Africa and the doctor there said I had a liver malfunction."

Everyone's faith level rose at hearing that and we prayed for a new liver and blood transfusion.

A month later in March she came back saying she had been tested by the doctor and he told her she did not have any issues with her liver. The tests were all negative. The Lord had given her a new liver!

Praise the Lord! He is giving new organs to his children.

This is what I learned - you overcome your feelings with obedience. Just by showing up He allows us to bare fruit. In addition, when He sends you, He equips you because the Lord is Good and He wants to use us. We don't have to disqualify ourselves, we are already qualified.


Helen - I had recently been diagnosed with lupus. When I started seeing a new doctor, I chose to get a second opinion. Before going to get the second opinion, I got prayer at the Healing Rooms, from my church, and other believers also. God gave me His peace. When I got test results back from the doctors office where I got the second opinion, they came back negative. I do not have lupus!

God either healed me or exposed a false diagnosis. I am so grateful to God!


Becky - My mom, Melba Teves, came in for prayer in September 2017 with a diagnosis of left side breast cancer with lymph node invasion.

In December 2017, the surgeon then said the tumor had shrunk and softened. The next day, the oncologist said, "Feels like normal tissue to me!"

Mom will be going for a repeat ultrasound and biopsy next week to confirm the healing.


Anonymous - Recently I came to the Healing Rooms to be refreshed. On the way there I began to think of my dad, who had passed not long ago. I thought, "Am I normal'" because my grieving process was not what the world regards as "the norm".

As I sat in the soaking room I could feel tingling on my head, and the sensation of something being plucked out of my head.

When I was called in for prayer I was overwhelmed by the loss of my father. Although I know my father is at peace, I didn't realize how I needed to acknowledge the loss.

As the team prayed over me the same sensation as in the soaking area happened again. By the time I left the Holy Spirit revealed things I need to work out to be able to move forward. I am grateful for the prayers of the team in Miramar.


Teresa - I came in and couldn't walk. Now I can walk on my way out. I am healed! Praise God!


Yolande - As the team prayed for me, I saw witchcraft in my family history being broken and my hands and feet began to become warm. I've had chronic cold hands and feet and I believe they are healed! Also, I've battled common colds every 3-4 months and I believe God broke that afflicting spirit off! JESUS IS AMAZING!! Thank you!


Auldine - After being prayed for, I felt released from pain in my hands and fingers. I also received words of knowledge and felt a major release. God bless!


Tamara - As they prayed for me, leg muscles and other tissues were moving from below the knee and down the front of the leg. Pain left my leg and I was able to jump up and down on it and jog in place. As they prayed for my ear, heat and then fire went through the entire ear and neck and back. Pain was gone! Praise, Jesus!


Frank - The Lord showed me who I really am and need to become. He brought me back from a long darkness I have created, brought me back to His light, His path He wants me to take. Showed me even though I have fallen, I am strong and am needed, He healed my shoulder, showed me the true power of fear and how His light can extinguish any darkness.

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14

The Lord is powerful and He has a purpose for us...for me.


John - I brought John, my boss, to be prayed for and he got healing in his hands from arthritis. Praise God!!! His hands never felt better. Thank you so much for the prayers and everyone's dedication to come in and pray for people.


Jim - My wife and I came from our home in Alaska with the hope of healing for her knee and also for my lower back, hip, and leg. My wife, Pam, had a dramatic encounter with God's healing power - but that's her testimony.

The Healing Rooms provided me that point of contact with the Lord that enabled me to partake in some beautiful way of "the power of the age to come" and experience personally and intimately His love and healing. I was amazed by the sensitive, prophetic ministry which gave me the confidence, the faith to receive ministry from the Holy Spirit which is continuing now 24 hours later.

I have been doing physical therapy for nearly 3 months with little progress - til yesterday. I'm now almost completely pain free and FULLY confident of COMPLETE RECOVERY through Christ who stengthens me.


Angela - Healing in right knee and grew leg that was shorter than the other.


Tami - I have had fibromyalgia since 2009. Pain all over my body for years. I have missed my family growing up and missing all aspects of life. I came in January 3rd for prayer for other things. Thinking I deserved to be in pain due to my past and the judgement put on me and thinking I was worth nothing.

God showed me to let go of the past. And then there was a word spoken. I was asked if I wanted healing. Not expecting it, not what I was in for, he just asked. I was so tired of being in the dark and living in pain. I believed I was His daughter and I didn't want or deserve this pain in my life. A big explosion in my body went out and I was filled with Holy Spirit!! I woke up on the floor. Thinking old thoughts, I thought I had to get up in my normal pain way. But I jumped up like nothing!! NO PAIN!!

Thank you, Lord, for showing me Your light in my darkness!! You're moving so much in my family! So much more to tell!!


Tessa - I have suffered from lower back pain, hip, sciatica pain and fibromyalgia. Today I was healed from pain during my session. I had pain prior to entering for prayer. The team prayed for me, laid their hands on me and rebuked my pain in the name of God. I feel 100% better!

Thank you for helping me to receive this gift from the Heavenly Father.


C - I was recently in an automobile accident where the driver and I sustained injuries. I was so traumatized by the accident that I began to fear traveling by car, and my doctor diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder. Jesus has taken away my fear of travel, and I enjoy driving again more than I have for many years! I am so grateful to have my freedom again and to move about without fear of collision. I feel like I have my life back!


Oscar - A gentleman came with a demonic possession, couldnât sleep for months, in the middle of the night his wife said he levitated and spoke with a horrible voice, and his oxygen was on 80% max, no one could help him, until his wife brought him to our Healing Room. We pray for him and instantly he did recover his freedom, salvation and health. He is completely free going to church every Sunday and his oxygen maintained in 96%. Him and his wife became saved by letting come in into their hearts and let Him stay forever.To God be the glory!


David - I am a frequent visitor to the Healing Rooms. I have been blessed with the complete healing of my right eye. The retina was partially torn (documented by an eye surgeon). It has reattached on its own! I had a slow growing tumor within my sinus cavity. The MRI confirmed it, an ENT checked it, & I was going for surgery. Then, a last minute scan showed it had disappeared! I praise God & Savior Christ Jesus for His abundance of grace. I pray God's blessings flourish & His grace be upon His laborers of the Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains.


Shelia - One prayer team prayed for my daughter at my request. My request was that she would find suitable, affordable housing, and that she would be blessed with full time employment. She did find suitable affordable housing AND with a garage! Also her employer has been able to give her full time hours with some overtime. Thank you for the prayers for her.


C.H. - I came to the Healing Rooms not knowing what to expect. I had mentioned I was in so much pain with my lower back. It was holding me back with jobs and my life. These nice people here prayed to Jesus for me about my back, laid hands on it, and Jesus took all the pain away after they were done praying! I was so happy & thankful for Jesus! I can walk without pain. Thank you, Jesus! Praise the Lord!


A. - My 5 year old daughter was having terrible nightmares. We came in to get prayer. I was sick with a bad cold as well.

Since the day they prayed against nightmares, she hasn't had anymore. Praise God!

They prayed over my cold, and the next day my symptoms were significantly less. Another day after, I was cold free!

I am so thankful the Lord delivered my daughter and took my sickness away.


Meg - Half hour before visit my skin around my waist was burning as usual due to an autoimmune condition. I was prayed over and anointed with oil. I immediately felt calm. After prayer, by the time I left, the burning had stopped and I haven't had any burning since for two weeks now.


P. - Over the last three years I had suffered with five skin cancers on my face, four basal cell carcinomas, and one Squamous cell carcinoma. With the symptom of number six appearing on my left temple, we prayed in the Healing Room that it would test negative the next day when a biopsy was performed. The actual bulge was anointed with oil, and was prayed over. The results of my biopsy was received in the mail two weeks later, "Your biopsy results are benign (normal)". My response was one of great celebration. No needles! No knifes! Halleluiah! God was glorified by the demonstration of His power and love once again.


Judy - Judy came to us last Thursday evening 12/14/2017 expecting to be touched but not changed in the way she was. Word of Knowledge came forth that she had a lateral curvature in her spine causing an uneven gait due to shortening of her left leg. The team began to pray as Co-Director Joseph held her legs and Co-Director Carolyn videoed the event with her permission. Her leg was obviously shorter than her right and in Joseph's hands by the power of Holy Spirit her leg grew to be even with the right!!! Also WOK regarding degenerative disc disease in her upper lumbar came forth and she is now healed and pain free!!! Her video testimony is on our facebook page (Fountain of Living Waters Healing Room Elizabethtown, IL)


Shauna - I had the great privilege of attending the healing rooms recently. I had all kinds of complaints; an ankle injury from 3 years ago that hadn't healed properly and caused me to not be able to walk long; nerve pain up and down my leg and lower back; gland issues and a need for renewal of the whole body system; heart break and heart palpitations... I am very happy to report that I left that room with no pain (something I hadn't had in years) and the pain has not come back. Although I am aware I have to watch my posture and not over do it, my ankle pain is gone as is the nerve pain. The heart palpitations, the holy spirit told me to cut back on coffee and that worked. I so appreciated the caring and healing I received as well as the scripture passages I came home with and have been meditating on. I also received a prayer cloth for under my pillow that has brought me great comfort.


Osi - Awesome!! I received confirmation of direction, encouragement to continue- so blessed!!


Alba - So thankful for the prayers and insight given to me from God through his servants today! I feel strengthened to deal with my issues knowing that there is a powerful Holy Spirit that is with me. God Bless this ministry!! Thank you so much to all who prayed for me and time to given me words of encouragement and wisdom.


Carolyn - Thank you for the prayer. I am encouraged, hopeful. Looking forward to what God is going to do.


Nagy - I felt the presence of God very strong and am leaving feeling refreshed and encouraged.


Osi - -Knot in back is gone -Encouragement in the spirit -Feeling Blessed!


Lydia - On the drive down-God had us speaking of fruit & Inheritance (to break the spirit of poverty)-Both were supernaturally given to the intercessors. Delivered from spirit of poverty. Have all I need! Col 3:13-24 Ps 23 Phil 4:19


Carolyn - This team powerfully prayed for me and knew about my past by revelation of the Holy Spirit. Prayed for healing of body, wounds, and past hurts. Thank you so much!!!


Sandy - God spoke what he's been telling me. Continue to rest but its time to look for the new thing he's doing. Keep my eyes on Him and walk in freedom.


Sheila - Thank you for immediate healing in lower back- Knot dissipated-able to stand on right leg- full weight. The word that came forth was directly from God as I did not disclose all I needed prayer for! Thankful.


Dennis - My 3 year old son came for prayer with an unusual injury to his face. After prayer, we reported to the doctor (Plastic Surgeon) who said it is healing and no medical procedures will be necessary. Praise the Lord & thank you for your love too. Today I was encouraged to stand on the authority I have already in Christ to pray for my own healing; and then to see God's purpose for my life and pray for others.


Anonymous - For years I've experienced pain in the balls of my feet. Orthotics and various shoe inserts did little to help. I often came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My miracle is here! My feet no longer hurt. Praise the Lord! Don't give up on the brink of your miracle!


K - My daughter & I came to the Healing Rooms following my sister's urging in 2007. My daughter had been experiencing difficult times with anxiety & depression which came to a head in her senior year of college. I truly believe that coming to the Healing Rooms was the beginning of the healing process for her emotional and physical well being. Today she is happily married, the mother of two beautiful children, and she is healthy! Thank you so much! Thanks be to God!


M. - I have lost several family members to pancreatic cancer. Several months ago I began exhibiting symptoms of pancreatic cancer, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating & tenderness with severe pain. I contacted a prayer warrior from the Healing Rooms (Bismarck) to ask the HR to pray that I would be spared from cancer. Many prayed in my behalf, & praise the Lord, I was spared! I am so thankful to the Lord & the HR warriors. Thank you, Jesus!


J. - I am thankful that the Lord has lifted my heavy heart. He has given me favor in my new job and with kind people. I am also thankful that depression has lifted.


Anonymous - Thank you so much for all your prayers during our daughter's hospital stay. Thank you so much for coming to see our daughter and pray over her. We believe God touched her little body through your hands. We are so grateful to Him and your obedience & willingness to be His tools. Our daughter is home & 100% healed! The physicians are amazed with her recovery!


S. - I came in for prayer. My lungs were hurting & feeling heavy. I had body aches. The prayer partners anointed me and prayed with me. When they were done I wasn't wheezing anymore, and my body aches were gone! I thank God for healing me. I thank Him for the prayer partners that prayed with me. I thank Him for the things He is going to do in my family. Praise You, my Savior & Lord Jesus. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. God bless Healing Rooms.


Taylor - The minsters led by Linda renounced the attack of fear and physical Limitation from the enemy. I was also prayed over for anxiety and also childhood traumas. Overall, it was an excellent experience! God Bless!


Seth - Been an addict (methadone) for a long time. Felt like I got inner healing and I forgave my g/f. Forgiveness is KEY.


Peggy - It is too soon to know if I was healed of breast cancer today, but I am believing for it and last time I was here, I was delivered from a spirit of grief, which was keeping me in deep sorrow.


Alyssa - Delivered from rejection spirit, going through continual healing.


Ken - Delivered from shame and continued healing knee.


Janet - Relieved from fear, discouragement. Feel hope and strengthened. Thank-you!


Jessica - Free from soul ties. Confidence.


Michael - I was feeling condemned, despite having confessed and repented. The scriptures and words of knowledge refreshed and encouraged me.


Alyssa - I came in feeling heavy + burdened + hopeless. I came out more freedom + happy, and had hope and lighter. Jesus lifted the burdens of me. Praise the Lord!


Jason - Encouraged to stop condemnation of Satan and believe in the healing power of Jesus who is restoring as he promised.


Melissa - I am thankful for the prayer of deliverance and now to apply that to my life.


Ken - I was made whole from a rejection of part of myself. And much more! Wonderful!


Ken - Knee healed and strengthened. Co-dependency getting set free from.


Pan - Lower back from an injury went from 10 to one after further prayer went to 0.


Elaine - God healed my left swollen & reddened arm when I had a reaction to a pneumonia shot last week. The same day my hips were progressively healed and after 3 days the pain from supposed arthritis was totally gone after 21 months, and consistent pain pills and physical therapy. 5 days later the enemy attacked with a twinge of hip pain but I declcared the price paid, claimed my healing in Jesus' Name and rebuked the enemy and told him to flee James. 4:7


Anonymous - I struggled with terrors for over 50 years. After prayer, it was discerned that there was a free mason curse placed on me. After I renounced this through the blood of Jesus, I was completely delivered! I now have only good dreams-some of which are prophetic.


Anonymous - I have had pain 24/7 for years. I was prayed for here and the pain left my feet, hands, back, etc... Praise God!!! A miracle!!!


Anonymous - Came in with right side neck, mid-back back and sciatica. During prayer I felt a shift on the right side of my body and heat on my shoulder under the prayer partner's hand. I was able to stand straight-taller. Then the prayer person commanded sciatica to leave. It was worsening up to that point but when she spoke accurately to it, it left. :) full body tingles for at least 1/2 my time. Thanks!


Michelle - I put the prayer cloth on Leretta and prayed. I put it on my girlfriend and anointed her with oil she had been coughing for a week, real bad. Sunday we went into a 9 hour conference! She Never coughed till the end, a few (short coughs,) saying good bye. She was amazed God healed her! She was so excited God did that for her. *Healed *Anointed the sick *She was well!


Yvonne - I've been volunteering at the Northshore Healing rooms for approximately 18 months. On march 20, 2017 I mentioned to Cindy, director of the Northshore healingroom that I was scheduled to have an Endoscopy done due to a swallowing problem with food and pills. Cindy prayed for healing and that I wouldn't need to have the procedure done. I went to have the procedure done but the doctor had to abort it because the instrument was too large for the opening in my throat. My throat was sore for a few day but afterward I started to swallow food without any difficulty. I've been having this problem for at least six years. The doctor scheduled two more tests. The one was fluoroscopic evaluation (Imaging) and another endoscopy using a pediatric instrument. I did the fluoroscopic evaluation.


Dana - Felt the Spirit move in my throat and with rebalancing my body and realigning my right knee :)


Dennis - Great improvement in body tension. pain gone in shoulder. Hallelujah! Neck moves more freely. I appreciate the healing of memories and the Father's blessing. Lord, release your peace and joy in me, and cause it to overflow.


Ryan Anthony - The ministry team addressed and took authority over many past wounds in my life... broken relationship with ex-..., missing my mother from since childhood... They pronounced a mother's blessing over me which is ministry healing in my heart. Thank you all from the bottom of my soul-God bless you all!


Osi - Really touched my heart and felt the Father's love for me. I am so encouraged and my Faith has also increased.


Alyssa - Lies were exposed to the light and gained more freedom + wisdom!


Jan - Set free of fear, anxiety, uncertainty regarding this legal project. Peace & Joy fill me- I am reminded God is the Attorney. The Advocate over All! Perfect prayers led by the Holy Spirit have blessed me all over! I am so grateful for this peace, where God's leading and help are so freely given!


Dennis - Thank you for your care and breaking spirits of abandonment, anger, despair, and depression. I believe the God of the Breakthrough is claiming territory in my heart and body to rout out the evil one. Thank you. Inflammation reduced.


Arnado - I felt the pain lift from my ankle and out through my knee.


Michael - As I waited in the soaking room to be prayed for, I was absent mindedly rotating my ankle because it was tight and painful from a sprain. It suddenly snapped and was flexible and free of pain!


White - A client came in with a migraine headache. She also needed encouragement in personal areas of her life. After prayer she reported that her migraine went away and that she was "totally encouraged!"


Susan - Tendinitis in right wrist healed! Burdens lifted!


Hedi - "God has provided housing after years of being repeatedly displaced. He's also starting to mend my finances after years of enemy attacks and fighting back in prayer.


Manuel - I used to come here two years ago in Recover from drugs, alcohol, unemployed, single and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job and 7 yrs sober! God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. AMEN!


A - I have recently endured the tragic deaths of three of my loved ones. In all of this, I chose to turn my back on my Savior in an attempt to calm my pain & anger. Due to my choices, I knew I had opened my life up to demonic attack. I began to feel very sad, exhausted, and suicidal. This was completely contradictory to my normal behavior. Also, I began to feel movement like a cloud in my face. I knew that I was experiencing demonic activity. After researching online, God quickly orchestrated my contact with old friends who were ministering at the Healing Room. They had already heard about what I was going through with the passing of loved ones and had been praying for me! The wife told me exactly what I needed to do in order to be delivered. She also (with my permission) called prayer warriors to pray for me throughout the day. I spent my day before God. I claimed my rank as his daughter, pleaded the blood of Jesus on each of my sins/people I needed to forgive, and I confessed lies I had been believing. All demonic oppression stopped that day! I continued to keep a short account of those three things. (received ministry on 4/2017) - A.B. 8/15/2017


G - Eight-year-old G had low platelet counts and was receiving regular infusions. Her parents brought her to the Healing Room when the infusions weren't working and her platelet count was nil. After receiving ministry at the Healing Room her parents didn't take her in for another infusion, but only had her platelets tested and her count was 240,000 which was what the doctors had hoped for if doing a year's worth of infusions! The whole family came in and we rejoiced with them over the healing power of Jesus Christ!


Michael - As I was waiting in the soaking room to be prayed for, I was absent mindedly rotating my ankle because it was tight & painful from a sprain. It suddenly snapped and was flexible and free of pain!


Manuel - I used to come here two years ago in recovery from drugs, alcohol,unemployed, single and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job and 7 years sober. God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. Amen!


Denny - Our Healing Rooms was doing a community outreach with a local church last week. Several people had come to our booth for prayer, mainly for a loved one on drugs. One of our team members noticed a young man sitting by himself at the picnic table, enjoying lunch. She approached him and he cried out, "I want to kill myself!" She invited him to our booth and he consented immediately. The team let him tell his story. He had lost a loved one to drugs and he was mad at God and felt no reason to live. (he also was an addict). Denny was very receptive to hear and grasp hold of what the team spoke to him. He "forgave" God for taking his loved one, gave his life to Jesus, was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and had the joy and strength of the Lord to help him overcome. We hooked him up with a local church and gave him a prayer sheet to help overcome the addictions after we prayed for his freedom. We thank God for the opportunity to minister to Denny and others during the outreach.


Iman - Healing Through a Word of Knowledge "On my first visit I filled out the section regarding prayer I needed. I wrote arthritic knee but never wrote down I had a lump behind my knee near the crease of the knee. While praying over my knee, one of the women, Martha, standing to my left began praying and said "And Lord heal what is behind her knee; what ever is behind her knee heal it Lord." I knew right away the Holy Spirit spoke to her about my knee as I did not write anything down about the large lump. I noticed the next day the lump had completely went away; it's been about 3 months and it has not returned. I had had it for about 2 years. Never knew what it was and it was painful but is completely gone. Praise the Lord." Iman


Gloria - Triple Healing! "On my first visit to the healing room they prayed for my left knee and it was healed. The second time I came to the healing room they prayed for my right knee and it was healed. They also prayed for my shoulder on the second visit and it is healed also. I received it, and it is done. God is doing remarkable things and I am thankful for what He has done for me and He can do it for anyone." Gloria


Jerry - "I came in to the healing room with left hand pain. But God's grace and the healing power came. I thank Jesus for His blood. I left with my left hand pain free."


Steven - Steven came back to the healing room to share the following testimony: "Doctors used ultrasound to declare I had aortic valve stenosis and recommended open heart surgery to replace the valve. I went to this healing room for prayer and got symptoms like shortness of breath removed. I can now climb seven flights of stars without being out of breath. Doc says he still hears heart murmurs. So we prayed again tonight for completion and no more symptoms. I am giving glory to God for the healing already paid for by the stripes of Jesus!"


LaVonne - "I went to receive prayer for a sore small lump in the arch of my right foot. As I was showing it to those who would be praying it started going down. It is no longer there. Thank You Jesus.â


Rhonda - Right knee was swollen with bursitis (visible to the prayer team), also 2 spurs and arthritis. After prayer pain is gone and right knee now same size as the left.


Calab - Came from Md for the weekend to play Hoopfest with my 2 brothers. Originally, I was not going to come because my brother already had a team, however, one of the guys on the team broke his hand, so they called me to ask if I could play in his place. I was able to fly out for Hoppfest weekend. I'd heard about the Healing Rooms a few times, but had never been to one, so I figured this weekend would be the perfect opportunity. This morning 6/24 my little brother tore his odl and broke a bone in his knee. After getting it examined, they told him what was wrong and that he'd need urgery. I told him not to receive that word and was contending against surgery, believing for a miracle. Also , received prayer from prayer members this morning confirming my calling to return to the military as a Navy Seal. I'm planning to come back with a great report about what God has done and is doing in my life and the life of others.


Robert - I've been coming to the Healing Rooms for 11 years and getting prayer and praying for others. I've been a Volunteer for about one year. I have been set free from sex, drugs and rock and roll! Praise and thanks to the healing Rooms for continue prayer for me! I've been healed , thank God for his faithfulness and the blessing of the Healing Rooms! Oh, I got a paying job after 11 years also! Praise him!


Priscilla - I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease about 1 and 1/2 years ago. After much prayer, I received a healing. Dr. said "I've never seen a scan like yours, the disc degeneration is not there." Praise God !


Shelley - My daughter, age 26 came to the healingroom a couple of weeks ago for emotional healing. She was immediately delivered from the Spirit of Rejection from being estranged from her dad and older half brother. She repented of unforgiveness & bitterness towards them. Two days later, her dad called her and made up with her over the phone. Her dad is now a spirit filled Christian and lives next to a Bible College in Florida. They prayed over the phone and she decided God wanted her to go to Bible College with her fianceâ. She is moving to Florida to reunite with her dad and he is building her a house to live in while she attends school. She has also made up with her brother and they have been enjoying deep conversations by phone. Thank you for this amazing ministry!!


Judy - I came for healing due to dark, depression. My sister died 6 months earlier after a 3 year battle with cancer. The holidays nearly buried me in grief. My son & brother and their families have blocked me out of their lives, so I was alone. God put me in a fabulous prayer group in my new city, although when I came for prayer at the healingroom, I was flatline, emotionally. When the two ladies on the HR prayer team prayed with me it opened a door to my soul, through Christ, that allowed the sweet Holy Spirit to lead me out of captivity from my past. Today-though occasionally I still battle depression, I noticed that I came up to the surface very quickly now. And I feel hope now! Iâm still praying for reconciliation with my family- with HOPE. I am truly a "Prisoner of Hope".


Parker - I came her for my allergies and my refractive amblyopia. When they were praying, I felt an overwhelming presence of God! My eye was healed enough to where I could read, but was still blurry ( in a sense). I will continue to pray for my eye! When they were praying for my Mom, I cried with joy because I felt the holy spirit go inside her! Love and praise Jesus!


David - I want to thank you for praying for me at the rooms. We came to hear David Herzog, so Saturday morning my wife said we are going to the Healing Rooms for your back. Which has been hurting for sixteen years. We went in a room they prayed for me and I lost all feeling in my feet they had to hold me up, could not feel the floor for a time there seem to me life a mist was on the floor. I could not see my feet, the feeling came back. Then it hit my lower back for about 15 seconds. When I walked out the front door all pain was gone.


Sandra - Dear Ones, Thank you for your Christ-centered, concentrated prayer. You are the only group I have heard of who prays for healing the way you did. You are very special with a God-given gift. I'm now walking upright. Also, I learned from you not to give the devil a toehold in my healing. Please continue to pray for me. I value you, your ministry and your prayers. In Christ's love and mine, Sandra. To God be the glory!


Lorene - At prayer time with the team, I experienced a slight momentary imbalance to the side. The Lord was working in me. His presence was very real and I have been listening to hear more. Since then I have been very aware of a hunger for more knowledge of many gifts of the Holy Spirit, many aspects. Healing is still my heart's desire. I have had instantaneous healings myself before and have laid hands on a few who were healed. I pray for a ministry for others to be healed. I have enjoyed speaking in tongues and pay for the gift of interpretation.


Gary - Today at 12:40 pm the Lord healed my left ear and opened it. Thirty years of hearing lost. Thank you Jesus oh praise his holy name. Amen


Charles - I injured my right knee 18 months ago cutting and stacking firewood when it was real cold. The pain was so bad at times I could not even drive my car. I found my way to the healing rooms about 7 weeks ago and asked for prayer for my knee and other things. The pain in my knee stopped after the prayer. I kind of knew it was still hurt and could start paining again at anytime. I went back a week later and asked for prayer again on the same knee. All sense of injury and possible pain left. I have really tested the knee sure that time and the knee remains whole and pain free. " All praise be to God!"


Jody - I came in riddled with significant stomach pain and as the ladies prayed with me, I literally felt the knots coming out. We also addressed the root of the problem , which as a spirit of fear that has now been released to let me function in the areas that God called me to.


Catherine - I came for prayers for the pain in my hip and feet and hands. I am not even limping and I can bend my fingers and have been blessed and bless those who were here to help us.


Michael - I drove 13 hours one-way to attend the healing Rooms classes with my wife.I have had chest congestion, sinus problems and a cough for a few weeks now, as well as trouble sleeping at night. This is what I needed prayer for. While in the prayer room they also had me take my glasses off and they prayed for me to receive perfect sight. I have worn prescription glasses for fifty years. I now can see as well without them, as with them. Praise God!


Bundy - I came in for prayer for back and neck pain that caused severe headaches and pain. I Received wonderful healing in my neck and back. I am standing straighten, range of motion restored. Peace in my mind and nervous system. The prayer team helped me break off generational curses of neck disease in Jesus name. I am healed and set free. Amen and Thank you Father God.


Gloris - I am a team member praying in The Healing Room since opening day. A woman came in who had a diagnosis of a tubal pregnancy . The doctors were urging termination of the pregnancy. We prayed and asked God for a supernatural transfer of the life in the tube to a safe place in the uterus. And I prophesized that a son would be born with a call of his life. Sometime later an ultra sound showed the transfer to uterus and on Nov. 1 the baby boy was born. normal and perfect. praise the lord!


Marjean - I had what the doctors called" flaming flaccid" and heal spurs. I was limping and waddling. I came here and the prayer team first prayed and said God wanted us to forgive someone who was lying to us and we were treated unfairly and were cheated. The team said that God wanted us to pray and forgive those people. And if we did, then God would release financial blessings to us. We prayed extra hard about this forgiveness. We got a letter from the City of Spokane that a house that we no longer owned had been foreclosed on for the utilities back bills. Nobody would claim the proceeds from the sale, we were listed as the last owners. So we got the proceeds. Praise God! gradually the pain got less and less in my feet; until I was healed. no pain, no limp. The Lord healed my feet and heels. I serve a God of Miracles who takes good care of me!


Stuart - The last time I was here was a healing in my neck. As the guys were praying for me I could feel and hear the bones cracking and setting. A few days prior to that I had a general medical check up and the Dr. said that my neck was stiff which was dire to an automobile injury many years ago. I could not move my neck effectively to left a right, or up and down. healing was total . Glory to God.


Nalini - I have been healed! Praise God! From a loose left hip replacement, the pain is gone, and the legs are now pain free once more after 10 years! First time in over 20 years! I have received healing for my back. The roundness from kyphosis is gone. My neck has moved into alignment with my shoulders. My blood pressure has come down and I am healed of hyper-tension, poor hearing, and improved eyesight! To God be all the glory!


Shirley - Torn Bicep Tendon Healed - A wonderful healing took place when a visitor came for prayer for a torn bicep tendon in her left shoulder and arm (her dominant side). She injured it on the job, and was misdiagnosed and prescribed therapy that caused more pain. Injections failed to help. She couldnât sleep or lay down, and was unable to do her job since Dec. 2016 because of the severe pain and lack of mobility. We first invited Holy Spirit to come with His healing power. Then we broke off the trauma of that injury and bound every spirit of fearâfear of losing her life to this injury, fear of not being able to work and provide for her family, fear of not being able to use her arm again, etc. She relaxed and received healing prayer, and Holy Spirit came upon her like a gentle dove with His healing power and peace. She slumped back in the chair and fell asleep, and her arms dangled at her side. She was so at peace in the midst of His presence. When she awoke about 7 minutes later, all her pain was gone and she lifted her arms high to praise Jesus! She said she saw a bright light come toward her and then it went inside of her shoulder healing her. She saw the healing take place from the inside out. PRAISE GOD! For He is the Lord our Healer! Submitted by Kathy B. on behalf of visitor


Barbara - My right forefinger was stuck and could not fully bend for about one month. It wasn't painfully but I couldn't close it. After a few minutes of prayer in the Healing Rooms, I felt it click, and then started moving it. Within 10 minutes I had full mobility. Thank you Jesus!


Tami - I was injured in a car accident in 2015, at the time of the accident I didn't have pain. As time progressed, I became more and more aware of injury and headaches. I brought my Mom to the Healings Rooms and decided to go receive prayer for healing and direction. My back was relieved from pain as the team prayed for me. I was able to move without pain, and felt freed form lies about not being healed . I felt led to confess my healing. The team was very caring and helpful. Thanks to Jesus I am free from Pain.


Steve - I came for prayer for reversal of heart disease (coronary arteries were 70% blocked in 3 main arteries.) Bypass surgery could not be considered unless surgery was performed on a ' severe stenosis" ( medical diagnosis) of the left carotid artery. Results of the angiogram showed only a 40% blockage. The doctor said, "it's a miracle!" There is no need for carotid surgery. The Lord has given me a remedy for the coronaries, go for prayer, to the rooms regularly and a restrictive vegan diet.


Willow - I had pain in my lower abdomen and as I received the healing prayer, I felt a continuous warmth on my left side. The presence of the Lord is amazing remaining with me after prayer. Pain on my right side completely gone. I fee the Lord's hand on my side.


Jeffrey - Blood clots in right leg. I had prayer and a surge of energy ( gentle) came over me from head to toe. The stiffness has waned ever since. I had sudden pain in right thigh that started dissipating and now the clots are dissolved. I also got prayer for chaplain service and I started. Also for finances with creditors and real estate investing company. I know God provides in all ways. I know now in my heart this is true. Thank you Jesus.


Cathy - I had almost five years of digestive issues, bloating and burping every night causing me to not sleep till 3 or 4 am. I was free of this issue after being prayed over in the Medford healing rooms. I am amazed and praising the Lord for this feeling- overjoyed.


Tamara - I was healed of gestational Diabetes two weeks before baby was born. also had my placenta move away from cervix and after baby legs swelled and arm swelled, I prayed and used anointing oil from the healing rooms and was told I may have blood clot, but then sent home with no clot.


Mary Ann - Regarding Colton Hoisington Oct, 10, 2009: We came to the healing rooms. We came to receive an imparkation of healing for Colton ( 4 months) infant with Bacterial Meningitis. Colton was given a 5 % chance of survival. God had other plans. He is alive and well. No hearing loss, no deficits. Thank you Jesus.


Teresa - On Oct. 24th, 2009: I came into the healing rooms to stand in place of my best friend Theresa Kennedy who was very ill@ Providence Holy Family Hospital ; following a bladder infection she'd developed pneumonia and asked me specifically for healing cloths and to have healing rooms pray for her. In the rooms, the prayer team specifically said that 'in the in the morning my friend would be doing so well that the hospital would kick her out and send her home'. After leaving the healing rooms I went straight to the hospital. I told her what was said and the following Am I got a call from Theresa . She was home from the hospital and they had indeed sent her home she was doing so well.


Chris - Back Pain and tightness healed. I couldn't bend over to the floor for years. The prayer team had a word: of fist to lower part of my back and a twisting of some sort. I said that I had been told I had slight scoliosis when I was 12 years old, I am now 58 yrs. The warmth to my back and down my legs was God's healing power. I bent over, the muscles released , I touched the floor. I don't remember when I touched the floor bending over. Complete healing today! Praise the Lord.


Emily - My back has been healed of 2 broken vertebrae and 2 bulging disks as well as osteoporosis and pain from degenerative disks. I am 36 and lived in terrible pain for 16 years. Praise Gad I'm healed.


Baille - I have just rededicated my life to Jesus Christ I have a plate and six screws in my back, and I now have no pain at this time. This is the first time in six years I have felt no pain.


N - God has done great miracles in N's life for His own glory. At the present time she is doing great by His grace & mercies. Thanks for your kind prayers for her. We strongly believe that the powers of prayers only brought her out of fear, anxiety and depression and all other sickness.


N - All kinds of fear has gone from her mind and heart by God's grace and mercies. She is in a very relaxed mood and is doing great with preparation and exams, with full confidence in God. God is great! He is truly our prayer answering God.


Mr. B. - ANOTHER TESTIMONY .......YES! And it happened today! As you know I have been battling a blood circulation problem in my fingers. Doctors call it Raynaud's disease. Well, today in the Healing Room I really felt the anointing. It was flowing, flowing...When I got home, without thinking, I got out a garden hose and brush and washed my car. I was out in the cold, no gloves for about 45 minutes. More than enough, recently, to give me a real problem. I was walking back into the house and the light went on, what had I done. But, I looked down and my hands and my fingers were not blue white. They were a very healthy shade of pink. I felt them. Instead of being cold THEY WERE WARM and I just started praising Jesus. It's now 5:45 and I just can't get over it. After several months of struggle. I am HEALED!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!


KC - So, became ill Friday evening, by Saturday morning I had a fairly high fever which continued until yesterday early morning. By yesterday afternoon I was able to walk 2 miles, with some fatigue and unsteadiness, and by this morning was asymptomatic. For me the typical period of a cold is 7 days, and with the fever I had I projected the possibility of being essentially bedridden for up to 10 days. Yet I have apparently shaken this off in 3.5 days from the point I first had an itch in the back of my throat. I consider this a miraculous healing, praise God. Thank you for your prayers and the healing Scriptures. -KC


Nicki - Praise to the Lord, as we again awe in his presence..seeing the works of his transformation in those seated next to us!


P. - Praise report from an overseas ministry (a pastor & family): Thankful for prayers - they are experiencing wonderful opportunities to share Good News through healthcare and weekly services. The Good Lord has touched their daughter, physically, mind, mind, emotions, & academically.


N. - Praise God! There continue to be healing testimonies - Cancer gone.. eye disorders gone.. injuries healed.. release from emotional traumas.. lives restored!


W. - Thanking the Lord! Testimony: Invasive thought patterns are corrected when countered with positive truths from God. By thinking scripturally, ones view and responses to oneself and the world as a whole may dramatically change.


Anonymous - Thank you so much for all of your prayer. I work on things after we talk & just have to let you know where I am. I'm happy too.


W. - As you know I have been troubled by thoughts/memories that pop up. After meditating on our discussion that I may still have unresolved anger & unforgiveness, the Holy Spirit led me to do this, & boy have I noticed a difference! As a thought comes, I either forgive or thank the person immediately!!! Oh my gosh! What power I have taken back from the enemy! PRAISE THE LORD! I am having fewer invasive thoughts now. The work of the enemy has been opportunity to be grateful. (ie. for healing). I am truly believing, thinking, and seeing things differently. Please pass this on to others so they too might be healed!


W. - Hi! Well I have been doing great since our Thursday session. I feel the presence of God every day, and feel him working in me. I wake up with his tingling presence all throughout my body! And when I meditate on him, I CAN! Everything blocks out and I only see his white light and have peace and calm. Praise God!!! I am so happy for this breakthrough! I know this is the beginning and as I walk in it, He will open my eyes to even more. Thank you so much. This breakthrough is what I needed to restore my relationship with God and know that He is with me.


W. - My body has been free of that horrendous neck and back attack since our last visit!!! I do additional prayer & casting as I feel it "creep up" from being just regular fatigue from normal activity. It is amazing to move freely and normally. Praise God! It has been six motnths!


N. - Deliverance is often uncomplicated and so subtle - that those delivered seem unaware of anything but an experience of shifting from various tensions to immediate peaceful freedom! Changed in an instant from a distorted kind of image of who they thought they had become (disorderly behaviors), to who they really are (free). Surprised and glad are they! Thankful for Holy Spirit who equips our ministers to SEE!


N. - Deliverance is occurring regulary. Praise God!


N. - Deliverance is happening regularly - so profound are the changes seen in people, and yet, it's as if they really don't recognize what occurred. It is at the same time seemingly subtle, and yet so obvious (to those with ability to spiritually see). The inner changes are Great! They're like dumbfounded, (for a lack of better words), as to what took place. What those being delivered notice is the immediate peace and freedom experienced that result. No longer blind by the lies of the enemy, they begin to understand things in new perspectives.


W. - I realized that I am getting joy restored! Praise God! I have unexplainable joy on the inside that has been missing for years! Amazing, because none of my weighted circumstances have changed I just feel God's work bubbling up in me and I know He's not finished! I wish I could explain, but I feel happy & positive. I have also noticed that my external world is nicer to me, which is also helping me be happy. Just wanted to let you know that great & wonderful things things are happening! Praise God! Thank you for all that you do! You are truly a vessel of God.


S. - Thanking the Lord - for once again revealing his presence through ministering to an animal! Last week this little one (a dog) was delivered, life renewed, and walked out in healing of a spinal injury. God is caring toward all of his creation.


T. - You prayed about my vision. At the time, I had been diagnosed with macular degeneration. After you prayed, probably within a few months, when being checked for glasses by an optometrist, he noted he could only see Macular degeneration in one eye. Today I went in to be checked by a new Opthmologist who confirmed I definitely DO NOT HAVE MACULAR DEGENERATION!!


Z. - "This place has really helped me a lot!"


Multiple Guests - Lifestyles are being re-evaluated and changed. People are re-dedicating their lives to God.


Anonymous - "I am feeling much more peaceful, uplifted".


K - Feeling moved by a guest who has expressed encouragement for help, and made an embrodiered shirt, with the ministry name on it, as a testimony! "God showed me what to put on it."


Nicki - Terrible painful torn knee injury healed!


Conni and Bob - Conni and Bob got born again tonight! Praise Jesus. We're waiting to see how Jesus crushes that cancer!


Marcy - A man named Ray came in for prayer. He had to be in a cast due to the brittle condition of his bones from bone cancer. He contacted a team member from the healing room to say that he is cancer free! Praise God.


Marcy - We prayed for a woman named Joann who had pancreatic cancer, we prayed with where her faith was, that the doctor's would be able to remove all the cancer through surgery and that she would not need chemo. Praise God! That is exactly what happened. Unfortunately, two months later she presented with an entirely new case of cancer in her lungs. She went for one chemo treatment and then we met with her to pray. When she went in for exrays to pinpoint the tumor's location for radiation treatment, the doctor could not find the tumor! Praise Jesus - he is so good.


Karen - Chronic pain on right knee. I've suffered from pain on my right knee since 2004. I didn't come in for this specific issue, but I was asked if there is physical pain. While Diane was praying over my knee, it felt like a fresh breath of air going through my knee and the pain was no more. Praise God!


Diane - Asked for spirit led prayer and had not shared the condition of my feet. Prophetic word was given as a picture of me "walking on a bed of nails", which is what my feet often felt like. Received prayer and onset of relief and restoration of alignment of feet ankles and leg- and removal of nerve cyst. Believing and walking in faith for continued healing, restoration and pain free feet.


Desiree - 1st healing: Doctors and more doctors said for years I would never be able to have a baby. I came for prayer and got pregnant within the year! 2nd healing; Doctors said my unborn baby would be still born. Now I have a healthy 6 month old after prayer @ the healing rooms. 3rd healing- extreme dizziness after childbirth and after payer it's gone! The Lord heals every time we ask. PRAISE HIM!


Cynthia - 2-7-17 Partial tear in Rotator Cuff healed I came to the healing Rooms for prayer and as the team was praying, I could feel Kamie behind me. I could feel her hands hovering behind my shoulder as she was praying for my shoulder. I had a partial tear in my rotator cuff and had not told the team. I could sense the warmth in my shoulder as she just kept coming back to that spot, and simultaneously was so blessed by what the other person was praying. It was beautiful, such a tiny glimmer of what it will be the day we are fully in our Holy Dadâs presence. All the pain was gone and never came back. Thank you for being Jesus hands and feet!!! ~ Cynthia C


Jay - One of our team members received an urgent call about a young lady who had overdosed, vomited and then chocked on her vomit. She was in the hospital, on life support and unresponsive. Two team members went immediately to pray for her. After praying, they were able to minister to the mother and uncle. 4 days later we got the word that she was out of hospital and totally healed.


Betty - My sister, Betty, was told that cancer had returned and that she had one tumor on her spine and one on her bladder. The doctors decided she needed to take pills for hormone therapy and they would begin a search for a genome for her type of cancer. ( a slow moving type of ovarian cancer which produces large tumors). She contracted the flu the day after Christmas and was unable to begin the medicine right away. Finally she started taking one half pill every other day for about a month, then one half pill every day for about two weeks before returning to her oncologist. In the meantime the healing rooms and others were praying. When she saw her doctor he was surprised to hear that the pain had greatly diminished and said it was a good sign. He did the MRI and called her the next day to tell her that the tumors were gone. He also said they found a genome for her type of cancer that they could use in case it should return. That is a new thing in cancer treatment and it means that her own immune system would kill the cancer. Last March, before she knew she had cancer, she was told by a trusted prophetic person to do what the doctors said and not get ahead of them. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has had his part in this right from the beginning. She hardly took the medicine, but as much as she could did what doctors said, and God has used her obedience. doctors,and prayer and she has been healed.GLORY TO GOD!


Rona - I was prayed for today 1/28/17 over my hips and feet. My hips have been healed and my feet have been healed.


Janie - I received prayer at the Healing Rooms for a skin type condition like eczema. Since it comes and goes, I totally forgot about it until my personal prayer time when God revealed He had healed it! Normally it got worse in the winter time, especially when it's very cold outside. With the cold we have had it was like 'wow, You're right. I don't remember the last time I had an eczema spot.' I have been going through a lot of forgiving of things that God had laid on my heart as well. Woo hoo, another testimony of God's healing & faithfulness!"


Mikey - "I had suffered from vertigo for over 8 years. Over the last year and a half, it had gotten quite debilitating and was strongly affecting my quality of life. After coming to the Healing Rooms a few times over the last couple of months, I am completely free of vertigo! Praise our Heavenly Father for this miraculous healing! I am so grateful and humbled by His grace and unending mercy!"


S. W. - "Praising God for healing! I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer before having a malignant melanoma mole removed from my neck. Doctors believe they got it all! No chemo or radiation needed! I am praising God, and am thankful to all & of those faithful servants in the Healing Rooms that stand on God's Word."


Eloisa - Thank you, thou good & faithful servants of the Most High! I visited the HR during my visit to Bismarck. I had prayer for my Grandson. He had been addicted to heroin for 5 years. He had been kicked out of 4 rehabs, was hit by a car, lived in the streets & arrested several times. No one knew where he was. He tired to quit drugs but was not able to set himself free. The family didn't even recognize him. After being shot and sent to a restoration facility, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ! He has completed a 9 month rehab program & is ministering to the addicted & homeless! Praise God after all the prayers, God set Andrew free! Andrew is being called to be an ordained minister! May God continue to strengthen & encourage the ministry of the Healing Rooms of Bismarck!" (before & after pictures were sent)


W.B. - "I came in for prayer concerning an acid reflux condition. I have received complete healing for it! Praise God for the stripes that my Savior bore for my healings."


Kathy - I came in with bone spurs and it is healed. they ministered physical healing and spiritual healing with prayer and knowledge from the Holy Spirit. I had limited movement on my neck and my back was hunched over. I can move my neck and my back is straightened, I am still feeling different things as I stand here and write.


Laura - I came for prayer because the back of my right knee was giving me a lot of pain, I could hardly walk or go up and down stairs and it was getting worse daily. The prayer team prayed for me and I felt the power of the Holy Spirit strongly, the pain was gone! I can walk again and go up and down stairs, it is such a relief. Iâm grateful to the Healing Room people who devote their Saturdayâs to praying for people and seeing the Lordâs love, grace and mercy manifested! April 2016


S. - Visitor returns with testimony: Again he has been healed! And this time - life restored. This sweet little dog has experienced physical, spiritual, & emotional abuses - life seemed to be fading away. Fortunately his owner takes authority, inviting us to join together in prayer! It's such a treat to us, here at Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls, to witness the loving mercy of God for all of his creation!


T. - I am ever so thankful for the incredible blessing received at Living Waters Healing Ministry & Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls. God Bless you and your ministries. Wow!!! Thank you Lord Jesus for freedom in you and your most incredible, incomprehensible love that passes all understanding.


Nicki - Thanking you again and again, Lord, for your abundant love! I continue to be in awe as to how you reach out to people!


Nicki - Thankfulness to the Father (God) for the healing that he has provided! It is such a privilege to take part in the transformations and equipping of your people. May they increase through ongoing response to your loving guidance.


T - Praise God! - Cat healed of a spinal injury/paralysis of hind quarters. After prayer and very brief time of rest and rehab, during praise and thankfulness toward God - this little one now has full mobility. There's a gentle sweet countenance about her. Touched by God! Also as a result of the physical trauma, toward the end of spinal healing, cysts appeared in other areas of the body, these open sores oozed and scabbed over, a cycle repeated, until that too has been healed!


Carolyn - Healing of my right ankle. It was painful to stand on and out of alignment when I walked. By praying and commanding the pain to go and for it to line up with the word of God. As I prayed much of the pain went away and so did the heel pain. It responded to the word of god as well. Praise you Jesus!


L - Praise the Lord! There is no pain at all in my hip & joint, limping is gone. I declare it completely healed because you prayed and anointed with oil. It felt better immediately. It's like it (the injuries) never happened.


L. - There has been peace, release, and breakthrough!


W. - Wow!.. I received a healing on my back while watching the videos (healing teaching class).. A miracle! Difficult to believe!


V. - God is moving in my family. Through intercession there has been answered prayer.


Nicki - Thanksgiving! - We continue to be blessed by the sweet presence within the facility.. people are being soaked spiritually.. finding it difficult to leave - Tis a good thing! His (God's) peace & love are very real there.


D. - Thank you for being there. Your ministry is fulfilling a need like no other in this area. I learned that well enough when I inquired around about deliverance ministry. Some didn't know what I was talking about, while others could only refer me to you. In a city this size, you would think... Anyway, thanks for your personal help to me. As a result, I am more open to some things God is nudging me towards than I would have been otherwise. And I know from personal experience that any Christian, no matter how mature or gifted, can come under the enemy's oppression to such a degree that he becomes blind to the things that he would normally see quite clearly, maybe even things he has taught others in the past. No one is so high and mighty that he needs not the help of a ministry like yours some time or another. Your prayers can penetrate the soul and get to the root of a matter like no casual praying could ever do. You are few in number, yet mighty thru God to the pulling down of strongholds. Not everyone can do a ministry like yours. It takes a special gifting and closeness to God that not all Christians have.


Nicki - As a Minister, I've spent alot of time at this Healing Rooms. Soaking here is my delight! There is always such an ongoing peaceful presence. I know that my beloved Lord is with me here in a special way. Time and time again I am touched as every visitor is deeply blessed by the Holy Spirit. God is mercifully gracious! He ministers love. It's such an honor to be His conduit! All praise and glory belongs to Him!


Unknown - Dear Lord, I'm grateful for your life-giving promises. "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." -John 14:2


J. - Thank you for being so faithful, my wife is walking in her healing.


L. - Thank you for praying. I have been in continuous pain for years. God told me that I would be okay if prayed for. Sure enough - my pain went away. God is wonderful. I encourage anyone in need of God's touch to stop by.


Nicki - God has been so gracious in pouring out His abundant love! All who visited the all day clinic were deeply touched!


B. - Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. There has been breakthrough & restoration in my marriage. And healthy boundaries are being established. You've ministered wonderfully to me.


S. - I received blessing & prophetic words. I highly recommend this!


Nicki - After a powerful weekend of healing's people were expressing praise because of newfound rest, weightlessness, and overall peace. There was such freedom witnessed.


B. - God answered every prayer that you all prayed for me. I want you to know how important your prayers are. I appreciate you being on the firing line.


T. - Giving God the glory...therefore forwarding a praise report: Definitely had one of those Divine appointments tonight...you know, one where you absolutely knew that it was meant to be.


B. - God told me to come there.


R. - BTW heart still 100%


Nicki - Thank you to the special team from Meridian Vineyard (School of Supernatural) for being obedient to God's call. The facility resonates with the presence that they brought and the healing flow. All who visited were deeply touched...about 35..just this weekend!! All the glory belongs to God!


N. - So a few hours after I replied to your email something wonderful happened. I received a phone call with a job offer I had really hoped to get. I can't begin to express my thanks for all of you who have prayed for me. I have been feeling so much closer to God in my thoughts and actions daily. I enjoy reading his word daily and setting aside time for daily devotion with him. I am so great-ful to have been introduced to all of you in the Healing Room. I am excited and eager to continue my journey through Christ. I am very interested in going through the inner healing to deal with feelings and things that carry through from generations. Thank you for your time and I just wanted to share with you how awesome Jesus is and how I was blessed and just wanted to thank all of you fr your prayers.


Anonymous - I would love to share with everyone how things have started to change for me. Thanks again for all you guys do.


Anonymous - I have found myself a little more at ease lately. I have been praying and reading the bible more, trusting, learning to be patient. I know that God has something in store for me.


L. - I would like to say thank you for praying for me. I have been in continuous pain with my knees for years (an injury). God told me to have you pray for me and I would be okay. Sure enough my pain went away, God is wonderful. I encourage anyone in need of God's touch to stop by this healing ministry.


S. - Went there and I received a one two punch in blessing and prophetic words. I highly recomment this!


Frank - I have had chronic pain secondary to neuropathy for 25 years. The team prayed for me and now the pain is completely gone.


John - A year ago, I came in for prayer for a 50 year history of night terrors. The team discerned there was a masonic curse over me. They broke off the curse. I have been sleeping well for the last year.


Greg - I came here several months ago with a prayer cloth to have Cal Pierce lay hands over. Pastor Susan Beckett was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer all over her body. Cal Pierce lays hands and declared "cancer free zone" the anointing was heavy. Well praise Jesus! He healed her 100%. She just got a call from on of the top nations cancer specialists and her told her, " Susan please get a seat. I am dumbfounded, I don't understand. there is no trace of cancer in your body, no not even 1%, You are free from cancer".


Paula - Had cancer pain and was prayed for, the pain went away.


Debra - I was going to take my dog for a walk and I twisted and felt my knee pop. I couldn't even walk on it. All I could think of was to go to the Healing Rooms. So I drove myself there in my truck. When they prayed, the knee relaxed. I told them I wanted to try walking on it and I was able to do it without pain! I told the team, "I am not joking. This is so weird." Stuff like that does not usually happen to me. But I was there. I will not doubt. It happened to me. God healed my knee. Sometimes I still have problems with it, but nothing like before and I get out my Scripture sheets and go through God's promises.


Chris - The first time I was there was for a physical healing, but I felt as if the Sword of Truth went right through my spine from my tailbone to my neck. Each vertebrate went into place. My whole body felt different. I didn't know how to walk after that. I knew something was different.


Shari - When I got prayed for at the Healing Rooms, something more happened. I had so much emotional baggage. I was so hurting. I was angry with God. My right leg is shorter and I walk with a limp and have scoliosis. I have been prayed for in the past. I was not healed. I doubted God. I didnât have enough faith and I thought God didnât want to heal me. They prayed for my physical healing, but one of the team stopped and said that God had to heal the inside before He could heal the outside. Chains have been broken. I am starting to believe. I am completely different. Note: Shari's husband added this: "The Holy Spirit came down in power. One of the Team was the most anointed person I have ever seen. The team had so much love and compassion and so much Holy Spirit power. They worked together. They were full of wisdom."


Carol - Carol was experiencing much chronic pain in her neck and back from a car crash that occurred 20 yrs. before. Her pain was at a level 8 on a scale of 0 being none and 10 being excruciating. We broke the trauma of that accident off her in the name of Jesus Christ, and then continued to pray and commanded all pain to leave. Her pain disappeared and went to 0. She did a back handstand to see if there was pain anywhere, but all of it was gone. With tears in her eyes she praised the Lord for His wonderful healing power. Glory to God!!


Catherine - I had been smoking marijuana for 35 years and cigarettes for 43 years. Five years ago I came to Nowra Healing Rooms, desperate for freedom from smoking marijuana. I had wanted to stop for a long time, but I could never manage to do it. After receiving prayer from the team I have never used marijuana again! I also had no withdrawals, and have had no cravings either. It is as though marijuana was never a part of my life, even though I was using it several times a day at the end!! I also have now not had a cigarette for three years. This also was entirely the Lords doing. Every time I wanted a cigarette I said I cannot do this Lord, but You can. And He did, bless Him, xx, Catherine


Savavvah - After I got prayer today about carpal tunnel that was in my hands and arms; as I was walking to the front desk I noticed I could open my right hand all the way and my right hand and arm was the worst but not now. I am so thankful and grateful that God is healing me more and more and that he took away the carpal tunnel. Good is so good.


Marcella - Praise God! Good eye pressure! no surgery needed! no problems but healing with nerves.


Bill - Was healed of Stomach problems, Eshter Flesland came to Walla Walla aglow and prayed for me after - so I haven't had any problems, I have been able to eat anything I want and have not had any problems . Praise God!


Terri - I came to the healing rooms in September for a mass in my breast. I was prayed for and when I went for an ultrasound, it was gone! No mass. Praise God!


Helen - I came in multiple times to receive prayer for healing ( The manifestation of healing, God has already healed me). for pain in alignment, pain in left knee, foot and back pain, circulation issues etc. I am feeling much better. Even when I feel pain it is not like it was before. I am excited for God's full manifestation of healing in my body. I also came multiple times about getting a job and a home. As of today, I'm in the final approval process for an apartment, I have unemployment ( before no income). I am taking employment classes to get work faster and better. I'm grateful to Jesus for giving me hope, love, car and support in many forms along the way. God wanted me to put his kingdom first. and so I have been volunteering with a local outreach ministry and it has been very healing emotionally for me and such a blessing in my life.


Tracy - CANCER DEFEATED I came to Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer for a second mammogram and a skin cancer growth on my chest - hands were laid on me. Mammogram came back clear and the growth that I had for months disintegrated over the next few days! PRAIDE THE LORD!!!


Ann - Ann says, her depression has been lifted. After prayer in the healing rooms, the Lord placed her in the right circle of doctors and she is filled with gratitude for God hearing your prayers for her.


Margaret - In late January I broke my right ankle bone pretty badly. I had surgery to put the bone back in place and had a plate with 5 screws on that bone to hold it in place. After months and several times returning to the surgeon and x-rays showing no healing at all, I sought out a bone specialist at Froedtert. The specialist ran several test to rule out any bone infection or disease that could be hindering the healing process and all came back fine. The Doctor said he would not put the blame on anyone, not the doctor who originally did the surgery that possibly didn't align the bones close enough or myself who may have used and walked on my leg sooner than I should have. He said I would need another surgery asap because of the amount of swelling I was having everyday and not knowing how long the plate would bare the weight of me using this leg with the bone being completely broke still. He also said the bone might need a bone graph from my pelvis to help reproduce the growth/healing. I told the doctor I needed to wait at least 6 weeks to prepare my finances and allow for my co-workers to prepare for my leave of absence. The Doctor was not happy I decided to wait, my boss was not happy I was going to be out and I was consumed with worry about the surgery, my time off work with out pay, the recovery... The following Tuesday I went to the healing rooms and my prayer request was for God to help me through this process, being afraid of how I was going to pay my bills, having bone taken from my pelvis, being off my leg for another 6 or more weeks... The Healing Room team received my request and said I will not need surgery and they prayed for healing and union of the bones and for the swelling to go down. Pete got down on the ground and held my ankle as they both prayed for the healing of the bone. 6 weeks later, 7 months after my surgery, I was back to see the Doctor and supposed to schedule my surgery. I had an x-ray done before my visit with the doctor. The Doctor walks in and said "well I guess all you needed was another 6 weeks, looks like you won't need surgery". The x-ray showed significant healing of the broken bone. It had heal almost none in 6 months and after being prayed over, it had started to heal a great deal! So much healing, the doctor didn't feel like surgery needed to be done. Thank you Jesus!!! I follow up with the doc in another 4 weeks and I have faith that the bone will continue to rapidly heal and by the end of the year be fused as one bone, in the name of Jesus! I thank everyone involved and giving their time to the healing room! I had no idea that prayer was so powerful... The healing room and it's people have shown me a path to God through them and what they do. Thank you all!!!


Roy - After an encounter with a Nowra Healing Rooms team at the Mall one of them prayed for my very sore knee. There was an instant relief and over the past two weeks my knee has become stronger. I have confidence that with continued prayer my knee will not require surgical intervention. Thanks team, Thanks Holy Spirit for healing and love. Roy


Kerrianne - I was supernaturally healed in the River of God Ministries 24/7 Prayer Shed and through prayer at Nowra Healing Rooms. I asked Jesus why I smoked cigarettes and cried out to him with all of my heart. He said to me gently, âitâs your companion, you have made it your companion when you have anxiety and when you feel lonelyâ. I had communion while crying out to my Saviour and was powerfully and supernaturally delivered from the addiction. He also said to me I was not addicted, I was lonely and in need of a companion. I have not had a cigarette since I was delivered. Jesus is now my companion and with the Holy Spiritâs support, help and protection I am now a non-smoker and completely delivered from the habit for the rest of my life. There will still be trials and struggles but Iâm now aware I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Kerrianne


"Laddy" - This past Wednesday a laddy came from Herriman, Utah with legs edema suffering for a long time, very painful, medical treatments were not working, also some emotional distress, she got healed on the spot. Said at the end she was feeling great.


Jeroab - Concentration issues, gentleman having issues in concentrating, foggy memory. Once we prayed for him he felt peace and the pressure was gone.


George - George says, âWords cannot express the joy that I feel as I have the miracle healing of excruciating pain in my mouth.â Hallelujah !!!


Melissa - Melissa says, "Last week I went to the healing rooms in Marlton having a blood clot in my lung. I asked God for a sign of healing. Two days after I went to the hospital and got a CAT scan and the blood clot is gone. Thank you Jesus."


Anonymous - We've prayed for years about my job circumstances. God answered in a big way - we have a new union president and VP who are running with issues affecting my division. They're actually sending a letter to Human Resources on my behalf for a particularly challenging issue, directing an aggressive manager to cease and desist. Thank you God and Healing Room staff!


Barbara - Arthritis in the feet, oh thank you for the relief! 85% gone! Left shoulder pain all gone! Knee pain all gone. Thank you for the freeing! Praise the Lord.


Diane - I came to the prayer rooms to intercede for my grandson who was scheduled for a MAJOR surgery on his leg.I had hoped he wouldn't need the surgery, but the surgery happened. The praise is that in less than a week he didn't even need pain killers any more, not even Tylenol! Recovery is going well. Praise God!


Diane - I came and prayed for a little 3 month old baby that needed healing from lung surgery. Prayer was on Saturday, and by Monday the doctors wanted the parent's permission to use his X-rays, chart, and MRI to write it up in a medical journal. They are amazed at his recovery and have never seen anything like it! He went home that Thursday.


Peg - The Lord did amazing things for us that day with rolling snowball effect! We all feel different. Personally, I had had a blockage for several yerars because I couldn't do a certain thing God told me to do. I couldn't worship and guilt obliterated hope for the future. Elaine graciously let us receive prayer, Diane helped me submit to God. Joy spoke freedom and righteousness in Jesus' name and brushed those nesting, leeching birds off my head. Mark encouraged me to keep on seeking God's kingdom. This week I have felt free to say, "Yes, Lord!" and free to worship, cheering for Jesus with all my heart! I've also gained new liberty to intercede! Gained with too! Yay!


Anonymous - After being prayed for in the prayer room for heart palpitations and shortness of breath - all medical heart and lung tests have been negative in results. They can't find anything that is wrong. All has been gradually improving and going away. Praise the Lord and thank you all who prayed for me in the Bothell Healing rooms.


Sheila - As I stood in prayer with Jeanie and Linda for my back, I felt my body - left side shift and the pain and usual discomfort immediately left my body. I was able to stand over 10 minutes without my feet and right leg going numb. I do NOT have pain.


Andrea - Thank you Lord, I can see it is not a blur anymore. I asked for prayer for my eyes to be able to see, in order to read my word. I was sitting the lobby and started to read my papers. My vision is back, I can see!


Anonymous - After years of praying, as part of our new union contract, my job will finally be reclassified, which means a corresponding jump in pay. Minor, but a blessing. After six month with horrific upstair neighbors, property management is relocating them to a ground floor unit on the other side of the building.


E. - I had side pain for a long time and with healing prayer there is no more pain. I'm healed, praise God.


Patty - Praise God, my leg was aching and your disciples in the healing room brought me to the great physician and now I feel NO PAIN.


Cece - Thanksgiving for Corinnes' healing and for my relationship with Tim. Thanksgiving for friends and dad's cancer remission. Thanksgiving for relationship with Daniella, landlady.


Leila - Almost in a panic, I drove to the Healing Room. Spinning with confusion and a troubled heart. I asked for prayer. As three women prayed over me I felt the presence of the Lord overwhelm me. God in His fury drove away the tormenting spirits and pierced my heart with love that never fails. I am very thankful for the men and women who serve in the prayer rooms.


Robert - I would like first thank God for restoring my life back to me and the Oxnard Healing Rooms prayer teams for praying for my restoration. Three years ago in March I developed blood clots in my lungs. I came to the Healing rooms before and after my surgery. I was released to go back to work in 2014, but could not go back because of a pending jail sentence. I was released in January 2016 and thought I would be on disability for the rest of my life. I returned to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer to be able to return to work. I thought I could not do the work due to my age (57)as I do physical labor. The prayer team gave me scriptures to read on healing and encouraged me. I did the foot work to get my job back and by the grace of God and the prayers of the prayer teams I got my job back. I work for the State of California and after you have been out on disability 3 years they can send you to work in the dessert or Las Angeles. By Godâs mercy I was able to return to my former job in Camarillo with my same crew and in the same location I have worked since 2006. I did have to pass a physical to go back to work. I continue to go to the Oxnard Healing Rooms today.


Ralph - HEALED I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms because I was in need of Godâs healing. I was in a very bad accident and came to the Oxnard healing Rooms and met these wonderful people that prayed for me. I was healed of my neck, shoulder and major headache pain. God is good! If you let Him into your heart can heal any bad thing thatâs going on in life.


Monica - PAIN REPLACED BY PEACE I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms with so much pain and came out with peace in my body.


Amanda - GODâS PRESENCE FILLED ME I am going through a hard time in life and for a time I felt hopeless and was wondering where god was. In His loving kindness His presence filled me. I want to tell others what He is able to do. Amanda


Lily - MOM HEALED and NEW CAR After searching for two weeks for a new car I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer for a new car and my Motherâs lower back. God provided both a new car and healing in my Mother. She canceled three scheduled surgeries and started treatments that are working. THANK YOU JESUS!


Richmond - Attended the training in Kitwe. Wife was constantly aiding him while walking. It was presumed he had problems with his legs. When the glory cloud appeared people lied down to soak in God's presence. One of the team members massaged his legs while praying for healing. After a while Richmond jumped up and when asked what the joy was about he shouted: "I can see" He had been blind for years, but we thought his legs were the problem. There was nothing wrong with his legs! This is what happens when we steward God's presence. Even when we pray the wrong prayers, God is faithful to heal!


Mary - Husband was at home while she attended the Healing Rooms training. He was blind and could not walk. She received prayer for him. When she got home she found her husband completely healed! He could see and was walking around!!!


Margaret - I was almost blind and had terrible pains in my legs. God healed my eyes to the extent that I can even thread the eye of a needle!!! I am totally pain free.


Ruth - I was born with pain in my heel and have suffered all my life. Due to not being able to walk properly it resulted in pain thru my whole body. After prayer all the pain left and I'm rejoicing.


Delali - I had a tumor in my neck that dissolved completely while being prayed for. Also had chest pains and a stomach ache, all pain left my body.


Antoinette - I have not menstruated for eight months. I went to the hospital and was told that they suspected that I was pregnant. I came to the healing service, while sitting in the church I started menstruating.


Fred - We were playing a game during prayer time to activate the imagination, a grace ball was thrown. When I caught the ball I was to put it on my body where I needed healing. I had pain in my head for 18 years. After placing the imaginary ball on my head the pain disappeared and has not returned


Tosie - I have had pain in both of my legs for a long time. I could not carry anything on my head without feeling severe pressure. I was prayed for and the next day my legs were pain free. I went to the farm and needed to carry something on my head. I took authority over the pressure and commanded it to leave! When I put the weight on my head, there was no pressure! Immediately felt power leave my body and I carried the load from the farm to the house with no pressure or pain.


Jacques - I was involved in a car accident two years ago and broke both my legs. I could not stand, jump or dance. I came in for prayer and have not stopped jumping and dancing. I believe God has healed me completely.


Kathy - I received prayer for my back, neck and abdominal area. I had been lifting tires/wheels the day before. The heavy lifting pulled something in my body. The prayer team prayed for me and the Lord immediately put the areas together restoring the strength to them and removing the pain.


Doris - I have suffered from a neuromuscular disease called Tardive Dyskinesiai. It is mini muscle spasms and tremors all over my body. I have dislocated my own jaw and been in pain for 7 years. The Doctor wouldn't give me any pain medicine. Before I went in for prayer a hot fever came over me , then sweat. The girls called out the disease. I felt the calm in my upper body but convulsions in the lower body. The girls cried out the authority over the enemy. Then there was a tightness in my lower back. One more attack and my body relaxed. OH MY GOSH, I AM HEALED!!!


Clayton - I received Jesus as my personal savior, addiction broken. I returned to the Healing Rooms to say that I now have a bed and I am involved in mental health. I have money in my pocket and no interest in alcohol.


Alyssa - On April 27th, I received some healing from God through the Healing Rooms. While I was being prayed for my body felt weightless and comforted. My body has been bound up from a recent car accident. Medical treatment hasn't helped with my back pain, neck pain and a stuck rib. My nerves have been stuck to the scar tissue causing much pain and limited mobility. God told me to go to the Healing Rooms and have them pray over me. Even the medical professionals agreed for me to go. So I did and the gal who prayed for me told me things that God has revealed to me in the last 2 weeks. She then told me that I am no longer bound and tight, then received excellent mobility. My body felt flexible and my back popped numerous times. I was also set free from the emotional trauma that I've had since the accident. My rib has not yet been healed, but God spoke to me and told me to continue therapy for it. So blessed by the Healing Rooms. Thank you JESUS!


Jack - In September 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Between Thanksgiving and New Years of 2015 I was in the hospital 4 times and the emergency room twice. Because of fluid build up around my heart and lungs. In early January a Cardiologist performed a pericardial window to drain the fluid with a catheter. Shortly after that I attended healing service. The next day I went off oxygen and the drainage stopped within weeks. I am now feeling healed and without symptoms.


Teresa - I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer the start of March 2016. I asked for prayer for my addiction to prescription pain pills. I was in a detox clinic 2 weeks. I have been clean for 71 days. I thank Jesus for this and believe in the power of prayers. Thanks to those who have prayed for me.


Jake - Received healing in my Achilles tendon.


David - I came in for healing in my right elbow and both feet and received it.


Anonymous - TOGO Healing Rooms training A man had suffered from migraines and sinusitis for years. He was invited to go to church for prayer, but did not respond to the invitation. He went to bed and had a dream that he was healed. He woke up the next morning and was completely healed & pain free!


Antoinette - Antoinette had not menstruated for 8 months. She went to the hospital and was told that they suspect she is pregnant, but she is not pregnant. She came for prayer to the Healing Service. While she was sitting in the church she started menstruating!


Debbie - I came to the healing rooms in Marlton suffering with a brain tumor and Lymes disease. After many prayer sessions and surgery, the tumor is gone and the symptoms of Lymes disease are gone. Praise to our Lord Jesus !


CJ and Lanita - In June of 2015, Lanita and I had the honor of leading worship for the conference with Joan Hunter that was hosted by the Healing Rooms in Plain City, OH. We had a wonderful time of revelation, celebration, and times of worship that helped set the stage for Joan to release the amazingly profound but simple truths about healing the sick as she demonstrated and taught what she walks out in her own life. I watched and gathered ingredients that were being poured out from heaven and kept asking God to allow us to see and receive the simplicity of the power of God in what she was teaching. At the time, it looked way too easy. Just pray, use discernment and then they are healed in Jesus name. I had experienced healing at times in our ministry. We had experienced several peo-ple receive new knees, rotator cuffs, backs, and even diabetes healed, but it wasn't consistent. It was sporadic and I did not know going into a service whether or not someone would be healed. I was longing for years to see the breakthrough that if someone wanted to be healed, they would be healed in the service.(Cont. on pg. 2) Continued from page 1: At the end of the conference, Joan spoke a prayer of impartation and it was simple but so tangible and rich. I can still remember those few minutes like it was yes-terday. I was suppose to be at the product table outside the sanctuary, but I did not want to miss what I knew I deeply desired. Standing at the back of the sanctuary with my hands raised, I could feel the presence of God surrounding us and I knew something had taken place. I believed in my heart that a shift had taken place, but I didn't know the fruit of what had just been released. Something truly heavenly took place that night. My wife and I picked up the impartation and have walked it out ever since that night. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as we minister, if people want healed, they will get healed. In every service we have held since that night, someone has been healed with immediate, lasting results. Recently, a woman with Hep A, B and C for more than 10 years, was totally healed by just being in the presence of the Lord and receiving the ingredients of healing that were in the atmosphere. She went to the doctor and the doctor said "I don't know who told you that you have Hep A, B and C, but you don't have it now!" A man who could not stand for more then a couple minutes due to the pain in his hips and knees was prayed for and immediately received new knees and hips and stood at the altar for the entire service. There was a man who had 4 ruptured discs in his back, arthritis in his neck, and 2 torn rotator cuffs. He had severe, chronic pain for years and was scheduled for back surgery to have the nerves burnt in his back to stop the pain. He came forward for prayer and he was totally healed! No surgery needed! He can turn his neck freely, he could lift again and he could bend backwards like Gumby! This man has since joined our ministry team and weâve taught him and have imparted into him and he is now healing the sick, too! The Healing Rooms have continued to release the Kingdom of God to people who need the impartation of healing and the wonderful works of Christ. Romans 1:11-12 (Romans: Grace and Glory - The Passion Translation) 11 I yearn to come and be face-to-face with you and get to know you. For I long to impart to you the gift of the Spirit that will empower you to stand strong in your faith. 12 Now, this means that when we come together and are side by side, something wonderful will be released. We can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each otherâs faith!


Shannon - The first time I received prayer in the healing room was two weeks ago. I asked for prayer for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I've been struggling from for five plus years. For the past two weeks I've been able to function and I've had energy. I have been able to walk and even volunteer at the local food pantry. Praise Jesus!


Aaron - I came in with knee, hip and intestinal discomfort. Through God's Word and the Holy Spirit's residence in my temple of God I was healed. The temple I am in charge of was cleansed and all evil plans erased from existence.


Soledad - I received a healing payer for my ear and my brain. The Dr. told me, I had a problem with my ear and a cyst in my brain. He also told me that after my surgery I will never hear again. but during the prayer session they told me that the Lord is healing me, then during the surgery the Dr. never found a problem, issue or cyst in my brain. Because I knew the Lord will manifest powerfully during Healing rooms of Olathe prayers. I am healed and all the glory is to God Almighty, thank you, Jesus! I love you so much, My King!


Nick - After I was prayed for my check up at the Dr showed a drop in ocular pressure from 38 to 21 significant to not have surgery. As I was prayed for, I felt a warmth from his hand. Thanks to Jesus!


Freweini - A week before Christmas, I came to your service and both of you prayed for my healing. Thank you for honoring me in such way, and for letting God use you in my journey to complete healing. Today, I've an update: last week, I saw my specialist doctor, and he explained in detail the results of the extensive blood work he had ordered for me a week after the prayer session. Thankfully all my blood chemistry work were with in normal range ( he was especially impressed with my liver function tests, in addition to have no sign of cancer markers on my liver cells. Hepatitis is basically inflammation of the liver cells). He did a Hep B virus quantitative assay, and it came out to be 2,600. Because it was a low level (compared to the 70,000 numbers he had seen on other hepatitis B virus patients) , he didn't want to start me on medications at this time (PRAISE God!!) He wants to do another blood work after 6 months. So, my prayer continues for the Hep B virus to disappear altogether because it does not belong there. I lift up my God ! Because of His mercy, my liver is functioning well, and my blood chemistry values are normal. He is in control, and I get to breathe and live another day; I do not deserve it at all! Thank you! and God bless your relationship with Him freweini from East Bay


Kierra - I was struggling with a strong spirit for about 6 months. Little did I know that I was dealing with a Jezebel spirit, one of the most evil of spirits. This spirit was not afraid to use me or my baby. It started off speaking to people in inappropriate ways and doing things that were completely out of character. I would not remember when I had done these thinks. It began to get worse, I believe the spirit took full control of me. I did something that I would never consider doing, I brought a boy into the house while my family was away. I did not remember doing this. I was causing great havoc within my family. My mom began taking action and found out about a Jezebel spirit and knew we needed prayer. We went to Healing Rooms West Palm Beach and as soon I walked in I felt Gods Presence. I knew everything was going to be alright. After my prayer session I felt completely delivered and healed. My life completely turned around. My friends and teachers notice that I even looked different. Practically glowing, Christ in me. The feeling you receive after the prayer is un describable. Anyone out there who is in pain or simply going through anything, I would most definitely recommend the healing rooms over anything else.


Mr. M. - I just wanted to give you an update on my healing after the visit at your Healing Room. When I went home, I was able to use the bathroom with very little difficulty. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and told me that I was able; to let me know that He has begun my healing process, but that it will not happen all at once, but over time. He told me not become anxious and impatient. I have been impatient over this because I had not received healing for this. When I used to go to bed, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to try to use the bathroom. Since my visit with you and your prayer team, I have NOT had to wake up at all, and am able to sleep the entire night until I wake up. I have been able to use the bathroom without a catheter since my visit. I also no longer have discomfort in my stomach and intestines and have been able to have BMs without much effort. God has taken that away as well!! I GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY, HONOR, PRAISE, WORSHIP, AND CREDIT FOR THIS! I was not able to walk without some pain in my hip area, but now that pain has diminished greatly, even though I was not prayed for this. GOOD IS TRULY A GOOD GOD!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! Thank you and your prayer team for having a Healing Room for people to go to in times of need. God richly bless you, and cause your ministry of healing to grow more powerfully, and that word will get out about your services so that more people will take advantage of this wonderful service. I will continue to pray for you that God will bless you mightily, and that He will cause your Healing Ministry to grow to reach many, many others who need healing. Please pass this on to the other prayer team members of your staff, and let them know what happened because of your anointing me with oil, laying on of hands, and praying for my healing to that it will encourage them to continue to do God's work in this powerful ministry He has given you.


Cheryl - I came to the Healing Rooms Saturday June 30th. I was seeking deliverance from a 43 year old habit of masturbation. I encountered the presence of God there in the Portal Room. A window of Heaven was opened to me there and it became a life changing hour of prayer and deliverance. The people who prayed for me were so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and prayed with such kindness, they were so non judgmental. It was a very freeing experience! The peace of God descended upon me and covered me like a glove, that began a life changing week. Not only have I experienced God's total victory for me from masturbation, I have also had a very significant break thru in my 58 year battle with food addictions and out of control eating. It is past time to be set free from this wilderness of bondage to food and eating. Praise God!


Kim - I have been feeling progressively worse for 2-3 years. I have always been very healthy. Joint/muscle pain, low blood sugar issues, passing out, vertigo, can't sleep, chest pain and swollen lymph glands all over my body. I finally went to the Dr. and had blood work. My results were bad, very low RBC, WBC, hemoglobin. My body was attacking itself, an autoimmune disease. My doctor said my genes are mutating. When we arrived today I was so sick and dizzy I felt like I needed to talk with my husband on the way home about what we should do with our kids when I died. When I was prayed for I felt God's presence so strongly I started to cough and choke. I felt like something was coming out then I felt a great peace come over me. I have not had any dizzy feelings all day. I can see clearly, intense muscle pain is gone. I feel hungry and my constant feeling of passing out is completely gone. My blood work had shown I was severely anemic. One week later over half of my blood work came back higher. My Doctor said that it is very gratifying but he does't know how it happened so fast.


Tiny - Thursday September 10th,2015 I was traveling on the Freeway in rush hour traffic going to the Healing Room. Glanced away for a second, I looked up to see the car in front of me had come to a complete stop. At that point I was unable to avoid hitting the vehicle. Although the van was badly damaged I received only small cut to my thumb and leg. The lady I hit said she was not hurt. After the police had taken our statements we were able to drive away. Surveying the damage I knew I would not be traveling in this van to the IAHR Summit with six of our Directors the next Wednesday. "Lord, what other plan do You have for us'" I asked Papa. The Lord moved quickly on our behalf. ICBC would repair the vehicle and give me a loaner car for the time it took to do the job. But I needed a van for the week, could I pay the extra' They told me I could pick up the rental van on Tuesday morning. One of the other Directors suggested I need an extra driver and came with me Tuesday morning to collect the van. We were told the van had already been given to somebody else because we were too late in picking it up. Truth was there had been a mix-up in the morning and they found another van for us. The manager drove me over to pick it up. On the way I felt it was good time to discuss the transition to a car when I returned the van on Monday. "Sir, you can keep the van for the duration of the repairs as I'm only charging you the small car rate for the van!" Wednesday morning the seven of us gathered in the van and made our way to Spokane, rejoicing and praising the Lord. Not only did God provide an even better van than mine, He also made sure I would pay far less for it! Praise the Lord!


Robin - My left interior knee had been periodically in pain for about 6 months. The night before I came to the Healing Rooms I stepped wrong and the pain became constant, making me limp. Praise God! The moment I stepped into the Healing Rooms building the pain decreased dramatically. With the prayer team all mobility returned and only a small residue of discomfort remained, which I know was simply my part to hold fast to God's word and my healing. Bless and pour out Lord to all who work at and come to the Healing Rooms. What a great gift, what a great testimony of God reaching into our lives.


Erica - I came in on Tuesday to have the kid's pray for me. The next day, I had an interview and got a job on the spot. I had been looking for 7 months. I didn't ask specifically for prayer to find work, but the kids knew I needed encouragement to press past mistakes and try again. They had many other very accurate words and pictures. I was greatly blessed.


Roger - Clearer vision, healing in my heart, closer to God


Erica - I came in today for prayers for support and confirmation. I was blown away, chiropractic angels showed up. Adjusted my hips and neck, I am straightened physically for my new job. I heard music from the Lord, confirmations and feet now point straight instead of being turned out to the side. Praise the Lord! He strengthens, healings and equips!


Raymond - Coming to the Healing Rooms was different and strange, but I came as a skeptic. I just wanted a change in my life. I had been going in and out of California Prison system and prison gangs. Also on mental health pills for bi-polar disorder, depression and Dilatin for seizure disorder. I was a total mess. Something took place at the Healing Rooms. I have been healed, I'm not in prison or on probation. I'm sober and a new creation in Christ. I've been out of prison almost 3 years. Jesus gets all the Glory, Honor and Praise... Just Believe!


Lydia - Three and a half years ago I went through some trauma that kept me from sharing my testimony. Over the last few weeks thru prayer and fasting God has set me free from the bondage of silence.


Sandy - I declare I am totally healed of depression, lump and back pain. I'm going to walk out being organized from this day forward. Thank you ladies for your tender ministry and laughter with much joy they imparted to me from our Holy Lord.


James - I was at the Healing Rooms in Fall of 2008 six months after a life threatening motor cycle accident. I broke all my ribs, 5 vertebrate and lost my leg. I prayed with a team of 3 people. One lady said "oh Lord you've done this before, heal Jay and grow him a new leg"! She and I thought a flesh leg. By faith I went home, over the next year and a half I suffered greatly at two hospitals. The Lord has given me a prosthesis leg above the knee. I live on a ranch work, ride horses, play golf and dance with my wife. The Lord restored me. I praise Him daily.


Fran - As I was leaving home headed for the Tuesday prayer meeting I felt some discomfort on my right side. While I was in our time of corporate prayer the pain increased to piercing me in shoulder and then it moved up the side to my neck before I felt it in my chest. I pondered about driving myself to the ER when someone from Healing Rooms passed by and asked if I needed prayer. I decided to follow her to receive prayer. People prayed over me until the pain subsided. I came the following week to let the intercessors know that I had not suffered with that pain since receiving prayer.


Pat - I came in with lower back problems, God touched my back. I was able to touch the floor. I was also given a new heart as I forgave classmates from school.


Greg - I have had hip and back problems for sometime. The prayer has really helped with the pain. What I really have received is the prayer for faith over fear. I believe fear is my enemy and prayer has healed me. I will look to the Lord with faith, peace and joy in Jesus and His love for me free of fear. I am blessed by your prayers.


Deborah - I received healing in my right knee. When my knee was prayed over I felt a warmth and then walked normally up and down the hall. Thank you JESUS!!!


Mary - I came in with pain due to bone tumors, lesions and misaligned spine. A man and a woman prayed for me, the pain left and I can move like I could not before. There were tumors impinging on my throat and esophagus. I believe I can now swallow and eat normally.


Jill - I went for prayer for a future visit to the Doctor for a needed colonoscopy. During prayer I felt a touch from God and knew then that the concerns the Doctor and I had were no longer concerns. After the visit Doctor confirmed all was well. Praise God!!


Lea - My grandson was born Sept.1,2015 he had to have emergency surgery 3 weeks after he was born. His food was not getting into his stomach. He is now healed and weights 10 lbs.


Roy - Since returning from a mission trip in March 2015 my vocal range was greatly compromised. I was left with only my speaking octave. I received prayer and felt the weight of the Holy Spirit and I went to the floor. While there one of the ladies put her hand on my throat to pray. Prophetically pulled something from my throat. What I felt was not something being pulled from my throat but something pulled from my body out through my throat. I felt something leave. Hallellujah!!!


Carolyn - As Robin was praying healing to my digestive system, I could feel things stirring around inside then everything settled down and I was at peace.


Donna - I went in for prayer on my tail bone area. I thought something went wrong after loosing weight because I ended up having pain when ever I sat down. After being prayed for the prayer minister was given a word concerning slander that was spoken against me. When that was broken off the prayer for healing manifested, it was so simple and gentle. The Lord told me "it's easy for me". Since then I've been pain free. When ever any thoughts should come into my thoughts that should cast doubt, I rebuke it as lies. Then a peace would come over me. Praise the Lord!


Ana - My husband and I came to the Healing Rooms last week after suffering significant foot injuries. We had been training for a full marathon and knew satan was attempting to steal the joy of finishing this race from us. After receiving prayer, we continued to claim our healing. Three days later, we ran all 26.2 miles and beat our goal time by 7 minutes! God is great and we are completely healed and have no foot pain.


Nancy - My back pain caused me to not be able to stand more than 5 minutes before the pain was unbearable. Plus I had sciatica pain down the left leg, especially behind my left knee. After the prayer my back doesn't hurt and the alignment even feels better, feels different. Thank you Jesus!


Michael - I drove 13 hours one way to attend the Healing Rooms classes with my wife Linda. I have had chest congestion, sinus problems and a cough for a few weeks now. As well as trouble sleeping at night. This is what I needed prayer for. While in the prayer room, they had me take my glasses off and prayed for me to receive perfect sight. I have worn prescription glasses for fifty years. I can see as well without them as with them. Praise God!


Deborah - Thank you God! You are King of all kings and over all. As we have been praying over America here in Phoenix the person who has been shooting at so many cars, trucks, sight seeing buses, etc. on I-90 in Phoenix has finally been caught. He/she has been terrorizing all of us who have had to travel I-10 for work, not knowing if that day was a day we'd be shot at. God has revealed the person and brought the person into custody today. Praise God!


Carol - I was lifting buckets of water and twisted my back. I could not sit down, or bend without pain. I was actually on the floor crawling with pain at home. I had hands laid on me and was prayed over. My back started to pop, crack and shake. Everything is in line. NO PAIN! God put everything back in place. Thank you Jesus!


Jennifer - Thursday night after the conference I stayed for healing. I received release of pain from my left knee, it is more stable. My back aligned, strength and comfort came. Blockage in my bowel was released. Acute self hatred, judgement and lack of appreciation of who God made me to be was released and a refreshed vision was given. My mind and sight are more clear. I have joy


Lisa - Was on my way to Mental Health and stopped here at the Healing Rooms instead. I was suffering from so much anxiety and depression that my skin was on fire. I sat in the waiting room bumping my head against the wall because the internal and external pain was so great. I received prayer, later that night the largest being (an angel) appeared before my bed. It began to hover above me. It looked me square in the eyes and commanded "REST". Then it turned it's head toward the right and massive wings began to wrap around me, I was completely incased. I don't recall anything else until morning. It was the first time in two years that I'd slept. Later that day I noticed a moment of complete peace. It was only a moment, but the Spirit let me know that the moments would increase each day until finally it was gone. That was six years ago. I haven't ever experienced anxiety again. No matter what happened in my life! Thank you Lord my God!!


Tammy - The prayer was for healing tightness in my lower back. Generational curses were reveled and broken in Jesus' name. They spoke into my system, to my muscles, tendons etc... I felt a release, my range of motion is returning.


Jon - I have always known that my legs were two different lengths, not a whole lot of difference. You could tell, so I came in for prayer. When they started praying I got a feeling or shiver, not a normal one. It felt like I was being filled with something or being over flowed with it. I was looking at my legs the whole time and I watched them grow.


Marlene - I am healed from pain in leg and spine.


Karyn - I spent four days in Spokane and I went to Healing Rooms 1-2x daily for healing of arthritis in my left hip. Surgery was scheduled for Jan 21st.While it was necessary to go through hip replacement my recovery has been miraculous. Without all the prayer support I would not have been able to receive this miraculous operation and healing. I'm walking and hiking as much as 4 miles a day 2 1/2 months after surgery.


Helga - The Lord has healed my hands and my ear by prayer. He is my redeemer and my healer. Praise His Holy Name


Carolyn - My feet, ankle and toes were touched mightily. Warmth and heat generated them thru the Holy Spirit's power and a powerful weight was lifted and all the pain left them today. Praise God I feel so free from all that pain. I can walk much better.


Gilda - On January 20,2012 I was told I had cancer. The Doctor set me up with a Gynecological cancer specialist at Cancer Care N.W. I was never so scared in all my life. I immediately gave my life over to the Lord. My first Doctor appt. was awful in what she said. Fourth stage cervical cancer and it had spread. I burst out "This can't be right I believe in God! My Doctor was skeptical but with each visit all she had was good news- GOD HEAL ME!! On Oct.23,2012 I had my last Pet Scan-ALL CLEAR. I hugged my Dr. and said PRAIASE GOD! Thank you Jesus


Renee - Healed in lower back of degenerated disk. Doctors told me it could only be fixed by surgery.


John - I was in Mexico and we had a recent outbreak of Dengue in the area where we live. In August I felt sick with a fever and thought I had another intestinal infection. After seeing the Doctor and taking antibiotics to no avail I went back to the Doctor and had a blood test which proved positive for Dengue. I was to rest. I went to the local church where we have Healing Rooms and received prayer. After two weeks I had another blood test, the nurse who examined my results said I had the quickest recovery she had ever seen. Praise God! My Doctor was also impressed by my test results.


Yudi - My 14 year old daughter was paralysised by a virus called Guillian Barre Syndrome which came on her very suddenly. She was unable to stand and eventually was unconscious. For 2 1/2 hours she was having difficulty breathing. In the hospital the doctors were advising an MRI and tests involving spinal fluid. Family and Healing Rooms team prayed and worshipped until she regained consciousness. Within 24 hours she was completely healed with none of the above symptoms.


Barry - Four years ago in July 2011 I was diagnosed with incurable cancer of the blood. 40% of my blood cells were cancerous. This summer 2015 they ran tests on my blood and the report said no evidence of cancer(myeloma).


Jessica - I came for healing, but did not tell them all that the Lord has been doing in my life and spirit in the last 4 weeks.Each person in the room prayed for me and told me what they were seeing in the Spirit concerning me. They could not have known it had it not been for God!Since my journey has been by myself and quite intense in the last 4 weeks. I had not shared anything with anyone. I am about to jump out of myself!!! I received ALL the confirmation and my healing. Also, I stood with them for a while and by back did not hurt. I thank and praise God. I love Him dearly and whole heartedly. Thank You!!! Rom. 8:11


Quin - I had surgery on my shoulder over 30 years ago for a rotator cuff injury. There were bone fragments left inside the shoulder. I had pain every day since. I received prayer and the pain went away completely. I can now sleep on my shoulder and do things I haven't been able to do for years. Praise Jesus.


David - The Lord broke a lie that I'm crazy. I feel free!


Jennifer - I have felt such shame and feeling like a bad girl my whole life. I was sexually abused as a child.


Margie - I came in with pain x 5+years, osteoarthritis, respiratory issues. I have dealt with off and on pain from an injury at work 11 weeks ago. The ladies prayed before I got in there. One held my hands and shared from the Lord, I knew the Holy Spirit fell on me as the one lady shared and spoke to me. When she finished talking, without prayer, she asked if I had any pain. Praise God the pain was gone. I can move my hand, wrist and my neck. NO PAIN!


Dee - My neck was healed, every cell and tissue was made new. The pain level from a 5 was reduced to 0. The Holy Spirit ( through what Dianne shared) impressed a picture of how to resist the temptation to allow pain to return. The word from the Lord was very meaningful.


Patsey - I have had memory problems, a bad back and a bad knee. I have faith that these problems are gone. Praise God!


Rod - I have had problems with throat, breathing and a constant cough. When Beth spoke about the healing balm covering me, I felt it and knew it now and believe that God has visited. I felt it and knew it was the healing balm from God. I know I was to walk in it now and believe God visited. I also was spiritually encouraged.


Catherine - I was scheduled to have a Hysterectomy, bladder suspension and pelvic organ prolapse on May 30th,2014. I came into the Healing Rooms May 27th and May 28th. Both times the prayers were very effective, it gave me more peace and courage. I really needed it. After Wednesday I came into a great peace that lasted through the 5 day hospital stay.


Connie - Diagnosis of tibial band syndrome, tendon on right knee tight, causing right knee pain and swelling. Was prayed for and right knee feels better now. More flexibility and no pain.


Sandy - I came in for prayer for healing from grief of brother and sister's suicides. Also the death of my mom all within 9 months in 2011. I forgave them for those acts and received joy. I needed prayer for sciatica, leg pain and degenerative disk disease. I felt healing in my leg and believe my disc and sciatica are healed as well.


David - The Lord has delivered me from emotional distress. Thank you Lord. Amen


Carol - After 50 years of marriage who would think you needed prayer for your marriage' That's what happened for us. It took prayer and Holy Spirit counsel to help us get back on track. Holy Spirit is teaching me to listen with understanding and minister to my husband with kindness. Praise God!


Tamie - I came in for prayer for my Arthritic in my back and my right leg had been numb for over 5 years. After Healing Rooms had prayed for me my leg was healed. I have feeling now. Thank you Jesus.


Elaine - Healed from what ever caused this stomach pain.


Kyle & Desiree - After seeing doctors and years of medications, doctors had told me I would never get pregnant. We came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for a child. One week later we got the news that we are pregnant.


Leola - I came in for prayer with both of my knee's hurting. While the team was back there praying my knee started shaking uncontrollable. Something started going thru my leg and out my toes, it was like lightening. After that I was stepping on chairs, moving my knee. I haven't had any pain in my knee. I've been healed.


Tina - Two to three weeks ago I came to the healing rooms after hearing of them from three sources. After the first visit and within a few hours the constant pain I was having in my neck and shoulder mechanisms was gone and I could turn my head without so much pain. That seemed good and I am so thankful to the Lord Jesus for touching me in that dramatic way. I came back the next week and again there was a dramatic change. I had started having migraines again after the neck and shoulder pain went away. I knew it was just the enemy trying to discourage me. After the second session of prayer the headaches did go away in a few days and have not returned and I have even more mobility in turning my head to the right and left. I know that my healing is manifesting and will manifest until my body is perfectly sound and I am able to serve the Lord in complete and perfect health.


Laine - I have come to the healing rooms and received healing prayer from friends at the Seattle Vineyard Church, as well as getting a little help from a chiropractor and Bastyr Wellness Clinic. I have received great healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as growing in an understanding of health and God's design for his children to live life to the full. I had a back injury that has come almost completely into alignment. I have celiac disease that has not gone away but that I have learned how to better manage so it doesn't keep harming me. What's more, through worship and prayer, I have received a deeper understanding of the love of God that has diminished my anxieties and given me a findable sense of joy.


Gillian - In the last six months, my visits to the Northshore Healing Rooms have been so valuable, as I walk through a massive life transition involving relocation and job. I thank the Lord He has met me in such a real way in emotional and spiritual healing through each volunteer who has been a conduit of His presence and words and scriptures. I know that I've undergone a personal transformation and the Healing Rooms have played a large part. There is so much life in each volunteer I have encountered the Lord in each visit! Thank you Jesus.


Peggy - May 1, 2012 I was diagnosed with non-small cell adeno carcinoma stage 3 lung cancer. A dear friend introduced me to and accompanied me to the Healing Rooms. The volunteers embraced me, prayed for and with me and encouraged me. Proverbs 17:22 God has given me a cheerful heart. With the support of the Healing Rooms volunteers and faith, trust in God I am healed. I believe God works through people and during my nearly one-year cancer journey was touched by so many working, praying and sharing their faith with me. I am blessed. Praise God! I can do all this through Him who gives me strength and am cancer free.


Jimmy - I've been going to the Northshore Healing Rooms for years now I can tell its given me the strength to carry on during this tough period of my life. It wasn't until recently from my naturopath that I am unable to make folate from folic acid. This has affected my brain chemistry and heart, immune system, etc. I've gotten back on the program now and I am taking the right supplements for the folate and something else to calm my nerves down. I am beginning to have hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That I can live a balanced life instead of an imbalanced one.


MaryLou - Last summer I came for prayer concerning my brother. They asked if my brother was saved and I said no. They prayed for his salvation. About six weeks later an old neighbor who was a Christian met with him and prayed for him to become a Christian. He is 71 years old.


Rosemary - I went to my oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for routine scans for melanoma (Stage 4B). I was told I had three areas of concern: my brain, abdomen and lymph node under right arm pit. Scheduled follow up PET scan to continue diagnoses. Was left message with PET scan results from brain scan that it was negative, and the areas of concern in my abdomen appear to have been a false reading of prior CT scan. Praise the Lord. He truly does miracles. Never have doubt always believe. Amen.


Jim - Seeking/responding to God's call to reconcile with my ex-wife Heather. The Healing Rooms have been instrumental (with fasting) to receive God's direction and make the changes in me that needed and to cleanse me of hidden sins in my heart and take me into perseverance as I wait on Him to do His work in Heather and bring us back together. I have shared all of this with her and the wall of protection she has around her is beginning to tumble. She is stubborn and still hurt, but I pray for her strength to continue to persevere and to radiate the Holy Spirit. God's will to reconcile was clearly revealed in the healing rooms to me. I now pray for God to just grab a hold of her and I also pray for the strength and wisdom to stay out of God's way while he does his work in her. I also pray now that I can earn her trust back and that all my interactions with her will show the changes in me are worthy of trust in the spirit that is now guiding my life.


Pat - I came into the Healing Rooms with a sprained ankle wearing a boot cast. God not only healed my ankle but released me from burdens. Praise him!


Deborah - Three women prayed over my left ear and back. Back feels wonderful, ear way less buzzy. They released me from past guilt and people I needed to forgive.


Sandy - I came in with pain in my left foot that seems never to go away. I am blessed! My needs were met!!!!!!


Grace - God has restored our marriage.


Barbara - Was diagnosed with breast cancer. Received prayer just before surgery. Report came back that surgical team couldn't find any cancer and pronounced she was cancer free. Doctors don't understand where the cancer went.


Fabiola - Twisted her foot and broke a bone in her leg. Received prayer at the Healing Rooms. Went to the Doctor and they did x rays. Returned to the doctor short time later and the doctors were amazed no longer did she have a broken bone.


Michael - I came in and got down on my knees for the 1st time in almost 10 years, prayed for my wife's diabetes. The following day her sugar levels were normal and have been ever since. In other words she had been healed by the Lord almighty.


Betsy - I have arthritis in my hands making it painful to do the things I like. My fingers get very sore and my right hand does not open. After prayer I don't feel pain.


Tammy - After your team prayed for me, it was discovered that hope deferred was a block to my happiness. I had a release of worry and fear leave me. My lower back tightness was better and I am expecting complete recovery.


Barry - Was beat up due to mistaken identity. Lost part of memory. A gentleman from church put my name on his frig and thanked God everyday for my healing. Back to church singing and playing guitar


Janice - A week ago I noticed a lump on my neck. This was in the same spot I had MRSA years ago. "No" I said, "I'm not accepting this outbreak." It was healed by the blood of Jesus! I only told two members of the Healing Rooms; receiving prayers and confirmation I am healed. The lump is gone now, thanks to our Lord Jesus who was crucified so I could be healed. Thank you Daddy Jesus! We serve a mighty God!


NEsther - God blessed our family incredibly through the prayer room! My three year old daughter was healed of her night terrors and my eight year old son had terrible asthma symptoms brought on by colds and allergies. Before coming to the prayer room I gave him around the clock medicine of three different kinds and he still struggled to sleep at night. Last summer after we went for prayer at the healing rooms we dropped all but one, and only every three days as needed and he slept great through the night. Incredible! Thank you to the volunteers for giving their time, thank you to our gracious Lord and Savior who heals, listens to our prayers and is full of mercy, rich in love.


Robin - Back, Neck, and Hips totally aligned


Julie - In the Spring of 2013 I was diagnosed with Gestational Throphaleastic Disease, a pregnancy-related form of uterine cancer. I came to the healing rooms many times for prayer and over the course of 4 months, God healed me! Without chemo, the cancer receded until it was completely free! During this time the Lord really recaptured my heart, although I struggled with escape through many means including alcohol. I continued to come to the healing rooms periodically for prayer for emotional healing and freedom from addiction. God is so faithful and not only has He healed my body but is healing my heart and my desires! I haven't felt this whole and free and secure since I was a child. I am so thankful we have such a good powerful God who is mighty to save, and I am so grateful for the Northshore Healing Rooms and the faithful servants there.


Cheri - I came for prayer for my foot last year after it was broken due to a bike accident in Spokane (BMX bike racing with family). I went to an orthopedic doctor many times and nobody could tell me what was wrong and the foot was not progressing. Going through a very hard time - keeping up with the house, crawling on my knees. Finally I realized, what was I doing'! I took it to the Lord! I cried that night before I went to the Healing Rooms, releasing my entire foot situation to the Lord. I knew He was the answer and I knew He was going to heal my foot. Also, I had strayed away from my calling - prayer. So this brought me back. The following weekend I was racing again and I had no pain!


Lauren - My ankle was sprained really bad. I was doing a cartwheel and I landed on it. I felt a crack in my ankle and I couldn't walk on it for a few minutes. I came to the healing rooms to volunteer and Elaine prayed for it. The next day there was hardly any pain! Thank you God!


Sam - I came in on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday with returning colitis symptoms and severe food allergies. After prayer on Saturday I was so well I had to stop taking my medicine! The prayer team showed me that the Lord was ministering to anger from my earthly father that I had held in my body to keep from being outwardly angry like him. Through prayer, dreams, and confession I have no more anger! I came in on Monday, the Lord said I should have a man pray for me, and the wind of the Holy Spirit blew through me. I am free, and the Lord says I will be totally well tomorrow! I now have no more anger, anxiety, depression or painful colitis! Thank you Jesus!


Amber - I have been receiving prayer here since 2011. I needed to know first off that Jesus truly did love me. I've had a super rough past. I found that here for a full year. I would come every couple weeks and get prayer. There was no judgments on my past but His true divine grace and healing and love, a deep love that I needed to know. I came to the understanding that Jesus did actually really love me unconditionally! Thanks be to God!


Angelina - I had a hip injury from 30 years ago. I had prayed for healing and with small steps forward it has occurred. God said He would heal me as He wanted, so I have looked for it in the little things, like a referral, a word of knowledge, a coupon for physical therapy. Little miracles that only He would send, as only He would know what I would need and when. Healing is a journey, one of intimacy with Him. I now am able to walk, sit, lay down, all without the pain. He promised healing and as an act of faith I work out (even when the doctors say I shouldn't and have told me I would have to suffer for the rest of my life). I keep hoping, loving, and believing because He has been faithful to His word. Last week one of the ladies praying for me had a word of knowledge about my hip. I have never met her before, nor said anything about it. This encourages me.


Gillian - In the past 6 months, my visits to the Northshore Healing Rooms have been so valuable, as I walked through a massive life transition involving relocation and job. I thank the Lord He has met me in such a real way in emotional and spiritual healing through each volunteer, who has been a conduit of His Presence and words and scriptures. I know what I've undergone: a personal transformation and the Healing Rooms has played a large part. There is so much life in each volunteer. I have encountered the Lord in each visit! Thank you Jesus!


Nathan - Over the last year I had unexplained rapid weight loss and wasn't really able to eat anything either. This past May of 2015 I was hospitalized with a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung). After some failed attempts I had to get surgery and after a week was finally allowed to go home after four days of being home I ended up back in the hospital with the same thing. The doctors had to do another procedure and after another four days I was finally able to go home. After follow ups the last few weeks the lung is where needs to be and there's no sign of air!!! Also, in that tie I got my appetite back and have been eating and gaining weight little by little. God gave me the strength to be able to endure all that and heard my cries and prayers and answered them, not in the way I was expecting them to be answered. God has been very good to me despite a lot of things over the last year and He is the one who sustained me and is the one who kept me up and going even when I wanted to give up or had. I love God! For all that He has done and can't wait to see what else He has in store for my life and the lives of others. Also, God not only got me through it but my parent's as well because they had to watch their son endure a lot of painful things. So I am very grateful for that and am grateful to God my Lord and Savior for all He's done!


Steve - I came in with extreme pain from IBS. They prayed a simple prayer, when I left the room the pain left never to come back.


Teresa - Went in with a migraine, came out with none. Praise God!!!!


Pamela - In June of 2014, I was told I had lung cancer. At that moment, I knew that I had to go through this, and it would glorify God! I went to Healing Rooms and everyone I know prayed for me. I did have half of my right lung removed. The doctor got it all in one time, no chemotherapy. Nothing more after that. Three weeks after I had an X-ray, my doctor got my X-ray mixed up with one of his heart patients! Because I had no scarring, my lung was perfect. They couldn't see where they had done surgery. Praise God!


Victoria - Healed if the pain in my shoulder and back.


Irish - Thanks be to God and Jesus for healing my sight. I have the ability to lay hands upon L.A. and know that she is healed and able to walk again and use her hands to eat, brush her teeth, and do the normal daily activities. The healing testimony is so powerful for her.


Wendy - I was limping badly due to muscle weakness and inflammation. Now I am walking without a pronounced limp and I'm believing God for total strength and restoration.


Mary Elaine - I made the decision to stop taking an antidepressant after praying and believing that God could and would restore me to wholeness. I remained under the doctor's professional care, and have been free of medication and depression for six months thanks to God's faithfulness and mercy and grace.


Madonna - I came into the Healing Rooms with back pain and sciatic pain that has been excruciating for a very long time. My pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain. I lifted my hands in praise and I felt something come over me and move through me. I knew when I checked my back again the pain would be less. As I praised God, the pain became less and less...9..6...3...1. God is so good. I am so grateful. I have lived in pain for so many years and I am so happy to be free of pain. I will continue to praise God and thank Him for all He has done.


Mike - While I was being prayed for it was revealed that I was in need of inner healing. I was also experiencing numbness in my hands. While they were praying for me I experienced a powerful inner healing and was filled with joy. At the same time the numbness in my hands were healed. I actually felt pain in them. Which was great to me since there was no feeling in my fingers before. Pain is now gone.


Philip - Philip had an appointment with the ortho doctor about his ankle. It was not totally healed this weekend, but there was significant improvement the doctor said. Philip has not had any more pain since they prayer over it, which is wonderful news because before the prayer he had suffered with both pain soreness, especially when the weather changed. God is good!


Cathy - God gave me a house to share with 3 other women. I have been healed of pain. Thank you Papa, I am ready.


Connie - Diagnosis of tibal band Syndrome, tendon on right Knee was tight, right knee pain and swelling. Was prayed for, right knee feels better now. More flexibility and no pain.


Teresa - Went in for prayer with a migraine, came out with none. PRAISE GOD!!!


Arlene - Thank you for praying for me. At my last scan my doctor couldn't find my tumor. It disappeared, they can't find it anywhere.


Pauline - My hearing problems started in childhood and I really found it difficult to engage with other people. Simply because I would miss half of the conversation. So I thank my Heavenly Father with all my heart for healing my ears. I have not worn my hearing aids since my sisters prayed for me. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


Myrna - Ears: Hearing aids removed!! Bursitis and hip pain -- warming sensations. Pain going, going -- will be gone!! Generational curses to blessing. Deaf and Dumb spirit -- GONE!


Robert - I came here after years of deafness in both ears. I was prayed for and I left with my hearing restored! No more hearing aids!


Ethel - I prayed for God to heal my hearing loss and my ears popped and now I can hear someone in another room and no longer need my hearing aids!!


Pamela - P.B.; Newbury Park April 20, 2012 - Last week I prayed the prayer to be released from Freemasons and their descendants, and all other secret societies, because as a young college student in my teens I joined a college sorority. I was led through the steps of freedom and release. At the end we prayed the concluding prayed joined with my prayer request for insomnia. I have not been able to sleep through the night for years...often times having to take sleeping aids. That night God healed insomnia. I slept through the night and now have maintained "sweet sleep" for 1 week. I wake up so refreshed! Releasing myself from that hidden bondage, caused me to have freedom in my rest. I praised God!!


Johny - Johny transformed by Gods Love for His Kids!! Addictions of alcohol, drugs and smoking, and recovery from abuse.


Sarah - "In May my dad was diagnosed with cancer and told he should start aggressive chemotherapy as soon as possible. By the end of July, his lab results had improved so much (with no treatment) that the doctor said he didn't have cancer anymore!" Jesus still heals today. It's a fact. We serve a good Father. Today I am remembering what He has done and praising Him for His goodness and faithfulness!"


Wendy - I visited San Francisco Healing Rooms on 3/28/2015 Sat. morning during my business trip from Taiwan. Before arrived, I have not much expectation about the outcome but a small and simple wish to encounter God. I met Alex, Margaret and Mike. Though it was my first time meeting them, I felt private and secure. Their faithful service with authority gave me comfort as an overseas traveler. On the prayer request I wrote: hope left hand (physical) pain is healed. At the end, I got more than what I ask for. Without knowing, they received a word from God, of my wondering heart and challenges from the past and current situation. First, Margaret uses Ephesian 2:13 to define me and my identity. âRedemption: The meaning of my name Wendyâ. When the identity was established/spoken, I put away my wondering thoughts. Second prayer request ,for no reason, I suffered pain for 6 years. As Mike proclaimed âA false joke is tearing off my shoulder!â Alex follows and tells: âGod have His way, in order to prompt me. But itâs time to restore the pain. Doors open in that area.â It is indeed a miracle, 1 month later the pain is no longer on me.!! The most amazing is the reconciliation of the father-daughter relationship. A miracle of spiritual Surgery removed two arrows from heart beyond my knowledge. Later, God takes me in His court, there I received my Fatherly hug, and love. I praise God for His healing and spiritual gifts from heaven. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.


Lola - "Last December I had pain in my feet every time I walked, and I couldn't walk long distances. I thought I had made a huge mistake in not having the surgery that was recommended by my podiatrist. In January, I arrived in Turkey and my feet started improving. They never once have hindered me since coming here (where I walk everywhere) and I have had zero pain for several months!"


Michelle - I had a refresh of the Holy Spirit, felt Spirit over my body, healing power over whole body! Confirmation of His presence in my life and ears opening more for better and clearer word from Him now and in my future.


Teresa - Today, my heart was healed from hurts and pain, I had a pain in all my bones and it was difficult for me to move, today I walk in freedom, healing was received. While under the Holy Spirit the LORD showed me how He was healing my scoliosis and circulatory twisted veins in my right temple.


Lenette - I came to the H.R. to intercede for a young boy of 12 with a rare form of cancer. Healing Rooms came into agreement that when they go to take x-rays before surgery that the cancer would be gone. THE CANCER WAS GONE! God is so good, and prayer is so powerful. There is a very, very happy family! Yeah!


J. - I struggled with depression, anxiety, & guilt over an incident with a family member. It over took me, and my spirit was so heavy. I came to the Healing Rooms many times for prayer. I am now free of the burden! The Lord lifted it from me and He set me free! Praise God, and thank You, Jesus! I have peace of mind that only the Lord can give.


Keagan - I went to Tears of Joy Healing Rooms on March 28th, 2015 to get prayer for my left leg which had pain when I tried to go for a run. The prayer team prayed to grow my right leg out because it was shorter and it grew to equal length with the left leg. I have run since then with no problem. The team also noticed problems with my hips and asked Holy Spirit to realign them. I believe any damage that may have happened to my pelvic floor from delivering 3 children has been completely healed. The team also prayed for valves to open and close the way God intended them to do - my reflux is now gone and funny heart symptoms left. All praise to my Healer and my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is my everything!


Barbara - I had an ugly growth on my forehead. My doctor referred me to a dermatologist. I had prayer at the Healing Rooms instead. In about a week and one half the growth disappeared. Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy.


Louisa - I have felt better since you prayed for me. I was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and could hardly function. Since the healing prayer, I a still tired but I have more energy and am able to function. This is huge since I am getting ready to move to FL. I am so grateful and give God all the glory. I am coming out of agreement with the label of chronic fatigue and am claiming that I am healed in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord!


Takaiya - I wanted to come for prayer in person, but my leg and foot hurt so badly I could not even get in the car. So I called the Bread of Life Healing Rooms, and they prayed for me over the phone. I am a diabetic, and the pain in my leg was neuropathy. After talking to me and praying for me, I was asked to stand up and walk. I felt a pop in my leg, and I started to scream for joy because the pain was all gone. I rejoiced, and the prayer intercessors were rejoicing with me. I give praise to God and thank Him for this miracle. I will send everyone I know who needs healing prayer to the Bread of Life Healing Rooms.


Deborah - Deborah (name changed)was born on the 17th December 2011. Unfortunately the beautiful little baby girl was born without an anal canal. The doctors performed surgery to correct this and she wore a colostomy bag for over 12 months. She was monitored around every 3 months, but as a toddler she experienced pain due to unexpected complications. In May 2015 she came to Nowra with her distressed family. Her Uncle told Deborahâs mother of his experience with the Healing Rooms as he was astonished with his sudden relief from back pain after just one session. Although she was tentative about taking her daughter for 'healing' she took her and Deborah was very calm and relaxed as soon as she entered the room. Deborah and family could only attend one session as they live interstate but when they returned home she took her daughter for a checkup and consequent colonoscopy, the doctors were amazed to find no problem! It was as if there never was a medical condition. Since then Deborah has been healthy and happy and enjoying preschool and social activities with family and friends. Her family are very grateful to the Healing Rooms and feel blessed to have a happy daughter again. A huge thank you to all and our blessings are with you and your fantastic work!! Love from Deborah and family.


Karen - I asked prayer for my diabetes and foot. When the healing team ministered to me I felt the Holy Spirit! My body still feels different. I am feeling well!


Dan - I have two arthritic fingers on my right hand with maybe 40% movement before pain. As the team prayed I felt warmth in my two fingers. I now have 90% movement before pain.


Mary - I wanted prayer for my bunion repair â there is pain in my large toe and side of foot when walking. When I was being prayed for my 2nd toe tingled and tendons moved. There is no pain - zero.


Linn - I have arthritis in my right big toe. This is a hereditary problem. During ministry I felt heat surrounding joint in the toe. Afterwards I tried bending my toe in a way that usually causes pain and the pain was gone.


Laura - I have had a constant froggy voice for eight years, plus I am concerned my shingles might return from stress. As I received ministry my elbow was warm â then all pain gone. I saw a bright light while they were praying, then they told Satan to let go of my vocal chords and I felt such peace and freedom. My arm is healing, my voice will heal.


Diane - I had three things I wanted healing for: bilateral shoulder impingement syndrome, carpal tunnel and two bulging disks â number four and five. When team prayed the pain moved and left, there were areas of warmth. I also experienced peace, calm and LOVE. I asked God to make me a blessing to him.


Amber - I asked prayer for two areas: 1) neck pain level four - stiffness and weakness, 2) arm and hand pain level two â stiffness, swelling and weakness. There was decreased tension in neck and shoulders, I stopped clenching my jaw, had a cool feeling down neck and shoulders, pain in neck and hands went to zero, there was decreased swelling in my hands. Jesus healed me and is continuing to work in me to keep pain and inflammation away. I can move neck without pain. I can grip things without pain.


Susan - I have acid reflux, a birth defect in right eye â eye sight is failing, and there is pain in my neck. During prayer I felt warm to hot heat in my throat â I now feel no pain in my throat. My eye sight has improved â I see better out of my right eye. I will need to eat to see if the acid reflux is gone. My neck muscles are relaxed and I am pain free.


Augustus - I wanted prayer for back and neck pain and pinched nerves. During ministry from the healing team I felt the movement of Holy touching in my back and feel that I am ok. I feel healed.


Dale - I have severe chronic arthritis in both knees, level eight pain. Results of payer â healing from pain, can walk easier and stand without pain.


Sandra - My ear was aching and had pressure, and my heart was hurting. After prayer the pressure is gone. Because the scripture and prayer ministered healing truth, I believe my heart was able to receive.


Linda - I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fatty liver disease. As team prayed I felt encouraged and hopeful God would heal me, was healing me - even as we prayed. My mind feels eased about my condition; that God is taking care of it. I did not feel this before the prayers. I am feeling very Loved at this time.


Nancy - I was diagnosed me with Bi-Polar II, a mental/brain condition which manifests in depression, anxiety, and lack of focus. When I received ministry I felt encouragement â this is not a condition that lends itself to immediate relief. My anxiety level decreased. I received word pictures of my brain being made whole â knitted together â to work in the way I expect it to work.


Ann - I sought prayer for swelling and pain from three bunion surgeries. As team prayed I felt coolness and tingling in left leg and foot, the swelling decreased. I am hopeful about wearing shoes this fall without pain or swelling.


Jeff - There is a pinched nerve causing pain on right side of neck, shoulder and arm. While waiting in soaking area pain reduced from three to zero, but I still had pain when turning my head to the right. After ministry that pain reduced from three to one.


Jana - I have hearing loss in right ear and poor vision. During prayer my ear opened â I can hear and the pressure relieved. I have clearer vision â I can see much better. I can now see when looking at a bright background.


Anita - TEST PROVE BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED A sister from the Oxnard Healing Rooms prayed that the Dr. would not find any sickness in my body. I went for a check up and my blood, urine and stool samples came out clean :). The Dr. was sure I had crown's disease and needed to take out a kidney, he also said I may have an std. God fought my battle, the Lord healed me.


Katy - I recently attended a seminar in Madison, Wisconson and met Cal and Michelle Pierce, directors of the Healing Room Ministries. Michelle shared how she had been addicted to novels and books! I could relate to this because I was in the habit of reading novel after novel on my Kindle as I could get them for free or almost free! They solved the problem of a lack of excitement and lonliness I felt in my life with my family living so far away. At the same time I was reading "Receive Your Healing & Reclaim Your Health," by Cal and Michelle. During the seminar I asked for prayer and together with reading the book, I am healed from the addition of non stop feeding on novels! I still read continually (mainly listen to them on the Kindle), but this time it is Spiritually feeding nonfiction books by Christian authors and the Bible to strengthen my renewed hunger for the Word and renewed desire for the closer walk with Jesus!Communing with Jesus on a moment by moment basis is exciting and I don't feel lonely anymore!


Michael - I was prayed for in the healing rooms and healed of pain in my hip. I also received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Praise God !


Wil - I have had a sore neck and shoulders, which resulted in dizzy spells and my vision turning around. I asked the Lord happened to cause this, and He said it was the result of an accident. Physio only helped for a short while. Then one of the healing team said how about shock and trauma' We broke it off and since then I have been free of pain and dizzy spells. Wil


Lisa - As I came onto the property, I had a very real sense that I had nothing in and of myself to offer towards my healing. I knew that I was completely dependent upon God to meet me here to be healed. God did not disappoint me. He met me where I was and brought me all the way home. He brought release through transparency and forgiveness. Deep release of mourning. Leaving the Healing Room, I felt restored and that a huge weightiness had been removed off of my chest. I feel free to love and to be loved. I believe hope has been restored to the dreams and longings of my heart. Thank you for loving the Body of Christ through this ministry.


Judy - I believe the curse of yeast was broken, as I began weeping as they prayed specifically for that condition. As they ministered, a member of the team said that they saw a picture of the beach, blue water, a shipwreck, and the rebuilding that was taking place as the good outcome of the shipwreck. As my family and I had lived in Thailand as missionaries and went to Bali to snorkel. The pulling out of arrows and healings to the wounds of past relationships hit the nail on the head.


Alegra - Thank the Lord for he is good. God is healing me from depression. I no longer have bad thoughts. He is able to heal and restore brokenness. I give Him all the praise and glory.


Michael - I have severe back pain. When the healing team ministered I felt heat spread through my lower back and neck. I checked the ladies hands and they werenât warm. I felt pressure and they barely touched me. The tightness and stiffness has loosened, the affected area has no pain...


Heather - I asked prayer for arthritis and Hashimoto thyroid. As a result of ministry I am turning head and neck without the crunching in my neck/bones, the pain in my left hip stopped, and the thyroid size diminished.


Daniel - I have pain when standing or walking. Also I have week lungs â heavy breathing. When I received ministry I realized I had not asked God to forgive me for staying in smoke-filled rooms and I had not forgiven the roofing company for their negligence exposing me to sulfur gas. Since prayer, I am not experiencing heaviness in my lungs, it is gone. My hips donât hurt walking around anymore.


Stephen - Iâm dealing with general fatigue from overwork; I also wanted prayer for concerns with a new relationship. During ministry I received a sense of peace and rest, reassurance of Godâs love for me; affirmation of Godâs care; received prayer for wisdom, discernment and guidance. I am now feeling a general rest, relief and peace. Feel encouraged and inspired, being renewed of Godâs love. Thank you!


Rhonda - I came to the Healing Room with a lot of emotion and guilt from divorce, the drama and heartache. When the team prayed for me I received a vision of God taking my old âbookâ, wrapping it with a bow and placing a new one in my hand. So many unexpected tears came, a sense of peace and weight off my shoulders


Joyce - I endured horrible neck and back pain every morning and could not do much till the afternoon without pain meds. When I was prayed for by the team at the Healing Rooms the pain was gone immediately! PTL. As a result the prayer I received I wake up pain free in my neck and back every morning and get busy!


Joan - Joan received prayer for vertigo and partial deafness in her right ear. After prayer, Joan's right ear was completely healed by God! We tested out Joan's hearing by having her talk on the phone using the ear she was previously deaf in. She was able to hear with complete clarity! Joan stated that she felt peace throughout her whole body. We broke a generational curse of oppression and depression in Joan's family bloodline. Joan will now have a testimony to tell her sister who lives in Colorado.


Naomi - Naomi R - Since April 25, 2013 I was poisoned with an antibiotic called LEVAQUIN 500mg which had left me with excruciating sharp stabbing pain in my right knee, (in the area of the patella tendon/ligaments) and affecting my ligaments and nerves in my groin area. I could walk a reasonable distance but once I would sit down I couldn't get up and start walking without excrusiating pain. I've been claiming the healing of my Lord Jesus but the pain would only diminish somewhat, and return once again with more painful intensity. I kept praying by faith to my Lord Jesus for my healing. Something was missing... Last night a thought came into my mind to google healing conferences which I did and watched a few minutes of videos. I didn't feel any peace so I went to sleep. This morning I had pain, and again a thought came to my mind to google Christian Healing in Northern CA and there I found the website for Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, San Francisco, etc. I decided to call and see if there was a healing room in the area were I would be. I called and left a message and about an hour later Margaret De Martini the Director returned my call. I explained the situation to her and she decided that we should pray, Praise God! as soon as she spoke directly to my condition and told it to leave me, I felt an urge to get up and see if I still had pain, Praise God!! Thank You Jesus!!! the pain was gone!!! I was so excited I started jumping up and down and lifting and bending my right knee, something I could not do before. As I write this testimony I'm sitting down and standing up, and walking with no pain! Praise God!! Hallelujah!!!!! Thank you Jesus!


Sarah - Hi, After horrific back pain which came on suddenly on Christmas of 2012 and stayed for around two years, i was in and out of hospitals with the type of physical pain that rivals child birth. Sometimes the back pain was so severe, i ended up in hospital on Morphine. I remember one time, the pain was so bad and when i say bad, i mean 10 out of 10 pain, that the first lot of morphine hardly took the pain away. Even the nurse was surprised and looked very concerned at the pain that was wracking my body. I hated the way morphine made me feel and the other strong pain killers i was given for home. Initially the doctors thought it was kidney stones but after a barrage of tests including scans, MRI, nothing was diagnosed. The doctors and Specialists were completely baffled. I had remembered hearing about God's work of healing and reading about testimonies taking place at the Healing Rooms and one night last October, I went to the San Francisco Healing Rooms and God touched my life and it seems my back. I was prayed for and anointed with oil. I never again had pain in my back after that night. One night of leaning on God's healing power changed everything. That night God met with me, I felt His presence in the room and He ministered to me in a sweet and gentle way. He fixed whatever it was that had caused me to languish in pain. He healed my back as I trusted him in faith and having exhausted every possible medical avenue! From the days of curling up into the fetal position to feeling like my normal energetic self with literally no back pain, I thank God for his healing power in my life. God bless and thanks! Sarah


Jacquie - I had several blood tests on my kidneys and the results were: moderate kidney disease. It was getting worse with each test.I came to the Healing Rooms desperate for God to heal me. They prayed for me and God healed me. The next blood test was clear; I was completely healed! I am now free to eat and drink whatever I want. Jacquie


Carol - I had a mass in my breast. After prayer in the Healing Rooms I underwent surgery. The Surgeon could not find the mass, I was healed.


Anita - Two years ago I was healed of High Blood pressure after prayers in the healing rooms. Last month I received prayer in the healing rooms for a mass in my breast. After that the surgeon performed a needle biopsy, but the mass was gone.


Sylvia - My Healing Story: The arthritis in my body was debilitating; it was interfering with my life, and physically with my walking. I had prayer and the team felt led to ask whether it could be something to do with fear and the need to forgive. I didnât think I had either, but the moment they anointed me with oil on my forehead and down my nose, the Lord showed me I was in fear about a potential biopsy on my nose. Once I confessed the fear and forgave, the pain and heaviness started to lift. The next day I could walk around freely, without 90% of the pain and heaviness. Further to this, the following week, a team member received a word for me about my spine. After more prayer, more healing has occurred and I am now pain free. Thank you Jesus, I am so grateful for your love, grace and healing. Sylvia.


JR - I was here 6 months ago and I prayed the Lord would rescue me from the devil's clutches I was in. The Lord was faithful and he rescued me. He gave me back what the devil stole from me. Now I'm engaged and praising the Lord because he is good all the time and keeps his promises.


David - The Lord delivered me from the spirit of fear. I give thanks to the Lord!


Tracy A. - 20 years ago I tore a muscle in my lower back. Over time thick scare tissue had formed creating pain and stiffness-sometimes extreme and unbearable. Prayer from the Healing Rooms brought about relief breaking apart the scare tissue. Lump is gone! Thank you all for your prayers and faith-And thank you Jesus Christ.


Marreen - I was healed of a brain injury that happened 30 years ago. The brain fog is gone! Thank you so much and thank you Jesus!


Kathleen - Last summer I lost my hair and wore wigs for several months. My hair has now come in and not only has it been coming in healthy it is coming in curly. It was never curly before. I thank God every day for my curly hair!


Rocky - God is wonderful! Today my arm and shoulder is healed. I had pain and it is gone. Today I was healed by prayer. Prayers is faith believe and it will happen


Jack - I was healed of stage IV lung cancer last year. The doubts and fears continued to attack as I approached my next Pet Scan. My prayer request was for a clear report. The Doctor's report verifies it.


Vicky - I was suffering from a painful condition caused by an injury to my trigger finger. I went to Nowra Healing Rooms to receive prayer and the prayer was answered; the swelling has reduced and the mobility of my hand has improved! I was also facing issues to do with fatigue and they too are resolving.


D. - Earlier this year I fell and injured my leg. I treated the wound but it became infected and I went to my doctor who referred me to a specialist. They tried everything, including antibiotics and even many days in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to give the wound the additional oxygen they said it needed to heal but the infection just continued to spread. Since nothing was stopping the spread of the infection they scheduled me for surgery to have my leg amputated as the only way they had to save my life. A relative of mine who volunteers at the Healing Room prepared a prayer cloth for me which, following the directions I put under my pillow at night. I Became aware of some changes taking place. Three days later I went to my doctors office for my amputation preop examination. When he looked at the leg he could not believe his eyes. The wound was healing and he said there was no need for amputation. I thank God and the Healing room for saving my leg and maybe my life. D E


Keith - Received intense prayer and introspection. I was able to release the inner hurt and receive healing.


Dale - God blessed me with my lab bills paid and even received money back!


Brandi - The blessing of the Father has broken something in me spiritually. I no longer have nightmares and I am learning to trust God.


Jennifer - I was able to forgive my father.


Ava - I was able to forgive the 2 people who molested me as a child and I can now move on with my life.


Ava - I was able to forgive my mom for the emotional abuse and to release her. Chains were broken and I have a new step in my life.


Diane - I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder and lower back. The class prayer for me and the pain left. Thank you Jesus!


Bonnie - I have had diabetic neuropathy for years. When I came in my feet were so numb I couldn't feel anymore. I received prayer and now I have blood flowing and good circulation. The pain is much less and I know it's going permanently.


Tina - I have been freed from the sorrow of my dad's death and now have peace concerning his passing. Also received healing from chemical toxicity. Also had healing over the Sensory Integration area.


Tesia - Bitterness toward my dad is gone and I have been able to forgive and release him.


Diane - Last week I was prayed over for a painful swollen knee. The pain left immediately, and the swelling is totally gone. Praise God !


Danny - Pasadena Healing Rooms prayed for a tumor the size of an orange on the brain. The neuro surgeon removed most of the tumor, but parts could not be reached because of potential damage. When he went back to the doctor. The doctor was amazed for the mri revealed what the doctor could not do the rest of the tumor had disappeared.


Shaline - I guess I will start by saying thank you for everything you are doing and have done. I personally experienced your Prophetic room and Healing Rooms in July of 2012. The Freedom appointment I went through was life changing, I had accepted Christ months before but was still carrying everything with me. I surrendered it all that day. The Prayer rooms were the icing on the cake. I flew home with a clear mind, my thoughts on Jesus and the tools to remain there.


Selena - I am more prepared to face the court date where I will testify against the man who sexually abused me. I am a lot more patient and gentle. I do not become angry as quickly.


Carrissa - Yes, I did have a breakthrough since the last session. I felt a whole lot of weight was lifted off of me and I have been filled with a joy that I haven't truly experienced before.


Carrissa - I did have a great breakthrough. I felt relief from bondage that I didnât realize was still within me Now that it was lifted, I can see and feel the love that passes all understanding. I can see things as they are without allowing it to affect me. Itâs wonderful.


Sally - (We) continued praying about my relationship with my husband, but focused more on asking God to help me in my responses and feelings to him rather than asking God to change him. I have peace for the moment, knowing that God works in His time, not mine and I truly believe He is working in this marriage. I don't want the feelings I have been experiencing like anger, resentment, and wanting to give up.


Selena - The redness has gone down in my hands. The swelling in my ankle and foot is not as awful as it was.


Gill - Gill says after 12 years of treatment for warts on her hands nothing helped. After continued prayer in the healing rooms, the warts are gone, and no scar tissue.


Kylie - While being prayed for I felt heat on my back that had two fractured vertebras. I was able to bend further than I was able to before being prayed for. Praise the Lord!


Joann - I am so very thankful for the Bothell healing rooms. I felt better and I knew it was from the love of Jesus. Thank you so much!


Marie - We just want to thank you so much for your many prayers for Charlie and me at the Christian Healing Rooms. We are both stronger and Charlie is more hopeful in spite of several medical conditions. We are trusting the Lord for more and thrusting Him no matter what is in this crazy world.


Patricia - âAlmost 2 months ago, I kept having really bad pain in my right leg and foot. My leg and ankle would swell up and it hurt to walk. I was taking 3 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol a day to ease some of the pain and swelling, but after 2 weeks they no longer seemed to work anymore. I had one of your wonderful healing prayer members pray over my right foot. She put her hand on my shoe and as she was praying for the Lord to heal my pain, I could feel heat at the top of my foot running up my leg. She prayed for the bones, tendons, muscles, respiratory, circulation, joints, kidney function and so much more. Well, it's been about 2 months and there has been no more swelling in my ankle, foot or knee. No more pain in my lower back (kidney area) or foot. It's almost as though I was given a whole new right leg. I just want to share my story of how the Lord has healed me, and give thanks. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your healing room. â -Patricia A.


Janine - âSix months after my 6th child was born, I was carrying a lamp down the stairs and failed to wrap the cord around the lamp. I stepped on the plug as I was going down the stairs and fell all the way down our stairs injuring my pelvis/hip. I was in a lot of pain, but took Ibuprofen to curb the throbbing. A year had passed and it seemed to get worse. I asked Brenda Dale one of the Prayer Room team members to pray for me. She prayed for me on three separate occasions for about 1/2 hr. each time. I could feel relief after each session of prayer, not only in my hip but also felt such a release in the spirit. The things the Lord had her pray for me were right on. My pelvis and hip were healed! I also know that I was healed from other things in my life that I didn't even realize needed healing. The prayer time was amazing, I am so grateful for the time Brenda spent praying for me. Thank you Prayer Team! â -Janine Y.


Patricia - On July 16, 2013, I received a spider bite. It quickly turned into a severe wound. I went to the emergency room and received my first round of antibiotics. From there, I had a follow-up appointment with my physician, and was given my second dose. The wound was still not healing, and the skin around the bite was turning black. I was being covered in prayer by many people and just began waiting for healing. Then on Sunday night, Aug. 4, I was visiting Carmel Christian Center and asked for prayer for the spider bite on my ankle. I was anointed with oil, and prayed over by church members who were members of the healing team. I immediately felt a warmth flow through my entire body as they prayed. I still felt the anointing two days later on the skin around my bite. The wound turned brittle and peeled off. There was pink skin underneath! Praise God! -Patricia C


Laura - Back in May 2013 I was having severe back pain radiating down my buttocks and into my knee. An MRI showed I had a herniated disc with an annular tear. In August, I was still having the pain even though I was on medication and a tens unit. After service, the team prayed with me for about 45 minutes and when they were done the pain was gone and never re-turned. During the prayer, I felt God working and felt immersed into a bright bold sparkling light that was peaceful, loving and calm. It was an amazing experience I'll take with me until I am home with the Lord. -Laura S.


Jonathon - Jesus says if you ask for anything in My name and see it already done then it is. I asked my friends to refer to the cancer I had in the past tense to assist in this. Every visit to the healing room improved my state. It's unfortunate that we wait to be sick before earnestly requesting prayer be spoken on our behalf when it feels so wonderful!" -Jonathon


Debra - "I had very severe neck pain and pain in my arms. After several prayer sessions the pain in my neck completely left, and shortly after that the pain in my arms was healed as well. Thank you!" -Debra


Anonymous - A lady came to the healing room to pray for her sister. After praying for her sister the prayer team asked our guest why she was walking with difficulty. She said it was due to arthritis which she had for many years. The team prayed for her and she felt some improvement so they prayed again. More improvement. So the team prayed again. After four short prayers the woman reported that all the pain was gone and she literally ran down the long hall in the front of the building and back, also doing squats and jumping up and down so excited and exclaiming "I haven't been able to do this in years!"


Chris - I came in with chest discomfort and pain in my left arm and I feel much better and am standing on the prayers for me.


Angelina - Hip injury from 30 years ago. Prayed for healing and little steps forward it has occurred. God said He would heal me as He wanted, so I have looked for it in the little things; a referral, a word of knowledge, a coupon for physical therapy. Little miracle that only He could send, that only He could know what I would need and when. Healing is a journey, one of intimacy with Him. I now am able to walk, sit, lay down without the pain. He promised healing and as an act of faith I work out (even when the doctors say I shouldnât and have told me I would have to suffer for the rest of my life). I keep hoping, looking, believing because He has been faithful to His word. Last week one of the ladies praying for me had a word of knowledge about my hip. I have never met her before, nor said anything about it. This encourages me.


Marlene - My journey with breast cancer began in January of 2007. Then in June of 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to my spine. By October it had spread to the lymph nodes in my neck. I was told that bone cancer was incurable and that I would have to be on chemotherapy the rest of my life. Average life expectancy is two and a half to three years. I had never experienced such helplessness and hopelessness. Then my life changed! Early in the year of 2012 I was introduced to Terri and the Northshore Healing Rooms by a lifelong friend from Vancouver, Canada. I had never experienced this kind of prayer or love before. These people have prayed and cried with me. My faith has grown immensely. I soon began to experience the presence of God in my life. Many times and in many places I have been overwhelmed by the most wonderful scent of flowers that you can ever imagine. There is no flower on earth that compares to this scent. Others around me have smelled it too. All I can tell them is that it is the presence of God. I know that He is with me and loves me. Knowing He loves me enough to let me know He is always with me, brings me overwhelming joy and tears at the same time. November 26 was another amazing day for me. After the prayer team prayed for me and I had arrived home, my whole body began to tingle very strongly and my spine was burning. The tingling, which was like a mild electrical current, lasted for over an hour. I knew that God was at work in my body. After having been through a year of chemotherapy treatments, and countless shots to repair my blood counts, I had asked my doctor to stop chemotherapy treatments. She agreed to the month of December 2012 off. I had planned to put my life in God's hands. I know he has wondrous plans for the rest of my life. He has given me many gifts and talents which I would like to be able to use in his service. In January 2013 I had another PET/CT scan. The results were amazing. No bone cancer left in the spine and all the lymph nodes were either smaller or gone. Praise God, for his grace and healing power is amazing. I continue on chemotherapy at this time. At my last doctor's visit I expressed my faith in beating this cancer. The doctor said "I know you are. And you will be around a long time after I retire." Two weeks ago I was asked by the Director of the Northshore Healing Rooms if I would pray for a young girl with stage 4 cancer. We did. The following Thursday she had a PET scan which showed no tumors in her body, only some questionable lymph nodes. Praise God! It is so wonderful to be a part of this wonderful team of God's people.


Ed - I have been touched in many ways in a few short weeks since coming to the healing room. My aching hands, knees, back and neck have received great relief. My energy is way up, my blood pressure is way down, my mind is clearer and my mood is much better. God is great.


Barbara - Since coming to the Healing Room I have felt a new awareness of myself with the spirit of God. I have returned to church and now my husband is going with me. I am thankfully knowing I am filled with blessings.


Pam - In September 2012 I found out I had gallstones. In April 2013 I came to the Healing Room and Cindy Arora saw a ten inch dark hole in my stomach area. I said it must be my gallbladder. Even though I was not eating anything that gave me pain, I was to be eating to help the situation which I did not. On December 31, 2013 I ended up in the ER. The ER doctor would say three things of which she thought it was, one being my gallbladder, and I told her it was my gallbladder (Holy Spirit told me). This was before any tests were done. When test results came back it was confirmed and she asked me how I was so positive to know it was my gallbladder. I told her the Holy Spirit told me. Before the tests were run, I told her about my three miracle healings from God. I had surgery the next day to remove my gallbladder and my stomach area had a ten inch dark bruise area. The doctor was so surprised to see this. She is a top notch doctor. All I could say to her is this was prophesied over me. It would take me two months to be healed to feel good.


Cheryl - I had back pain for years, and when I came for prayer, they checked to see if one of my legs was longer. It was, and they prayed for the short one to grow out. It did and my pain completely went away!


T - Tonight I came to the healing rooms with progressive carpal tunnel causing pain up through my elbows at about a level of 8. After being anointed and prayed for I felt the pain pool from all areas of my arm into one small area. After further prayer I felt a few waves enter my body. After the prayer for healing was complete, I could feel NO pain in my hands, wrists, elbows and arms- zero! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus for your love fro me and thank you healing room prayer team for your faithful and loving ministry! You all are a blessing to me and my family.


Claudia - "What began as an investigation ended with a healing! Through the prayers and the laying on of hands, my neck, spine and shoulders were healed of an injury that has caused my neck to fuse (the bone remolded that area of my spine, trying to correct an injury that occurred when I was an infant). As they prayed for me it felt like a very hot liquid was poured down my back and it spread to my legs, and shoulders, moving down my legs. I felt my neck popping and cracking and loosening up. Now I can touch my chin to each shoulder and I can look up. Isn't God just Awesome'"


Cathy - On Christmas Eve, when taking out garbage, I slipped and fell on my right shoulder in a split second. I knew then that it was the kind of injury that could define me so I chose right them that I would be healed to the glory of God. I had an x-ray done which showed no breakage but rotator cuff injury that usually requires surgery. I chose massage therapy and did regain a lot of strength and ability to raise my arm - but not all completely. The healing prayer team prayed for me and then told me to raise my arm - and I did - straight up with ease! I am so happy! 99% of soreness is gone. There is still some cracking in there but I'm healed, Praise God!


Karen - Recently my husband and I visited the Healing Rooms of Olathe. We shared our dreams for creating a model farm where we can teach 100 young farmers methods for organic growing. We had been discouraged in our 6 yr journey to find a farm - we were financially in debt and had limited income due to health and underemployment issues. At the prayer room a team came together and prayed with us. We left highly encouraged and with renewed strength and hope in the faithfulness of God. 2 months later we found it. God has made a way for the negotiation of a mutually agreeable lease price. Glory to God!! We have also experienced multiple financial and health breakthroughs since our prayer time. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16


Mister - Mr. C., who is 67, came last night for healing. He has a criple because of apoplectic sequelae.He could not smoothly move his both legsm for heaviness. After the healing, he is able to walk well.


Honey - I will summarize my testimony before I begin with John 16:32-33. This is the basis of my faith, God can overcome any problem, He is bigger then all of them!! My daughter is 9 years old and she was born with a hole in the upper chamber of her heart which required an open heart surgery in 2007 at the age 4. The medical term was ASD. I spent the year prior to the surgery filled with depression and anxiety. I had a year to sit and worry, alone, scared to my core that my duaghter would die, have a stroke or just plain go through trauma. I felt I aged 10 years over the year. As it was, she made it through, but not wmoothly. An undiagnosed factor 7 blood disorder complicated things and recovery was worse than the surgery. In 2007, I did not know God, I was an atheist. In 2008, my eldest son got in trouble and caused me to move him to a Christian school, which began my faith journey, and my childrens. Sometime in 2008, they discovered Honey's heart had developed scar tissue and a major artery was blocked restricting oxygen flow. I was in Winnipeg. Heart appt's were few and far between and the Dr's didn't give proper attention to the matter as they were flown in from India and not regular medical staff. I moved to BC in 2012. Honey's condition was seen in a different way, it had to be re-evaluated and quickly. Two appts to BC Children's quickly determined she needed a second open heart surgery (bypass) and soon I returned after the second trip, devastated. The day after, I spent a long time in my daughters room, when she was at school, crying and praying to God. Here is what He did when I woke up the next day, all anxiety was gone. I was INCAPABLE of negative emotion. I was calm, happy, and a voice in my head said "don't worry, God has it". This would be impossible for me without God. I don't handle medical stress well. I was so overcome by His presence, I wrote a mass email telling everyone what God did and asking for prayer for Honey. The email was positive and full of praise and faith that "God Had It". The response was amazaing! My daughter's teacher asked if I had heard of the Healing Rooms, I had not. She told me to check out the website. I did and it looked amazing. She was on the Healing Team in our city and arranged a prayer session 2 days prior to Honey's next major medical apt. Which included an echo and stress test. The ladies were lovely and I was so excited all day awaiting the session. They prayed for the Lord to heal her heart. Two days later we were at the hospital. Her results were much better. He body had grown a new artery to pick up the slack of the clogged one. They determined to do a small day surgery and balloon the blocked artery, but only as a future prevention, not becaused it's needed. Her new vein is in action and doing it's job. This is a miracle!! God said He had it. And He does. Not only is she healed, but what this did, was bring together such a beautiful display of faith. Onle little girl was an example of how the community of Christ is so powerful, a strong and loving famiy and I know God was smiling as this is what He desires. God never left us. I am very grateful, to our loving Father, to the ladies who placed their hands upon her at the Healing Rooms and denounced her heart condition in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. My daughter has been blessed and healed. Thank you God, than you Healing Rooms and our prayer warrior team, we love you. Lara


Quinn - My son has a rare blood disorder called Factor 7. Itâs a form of Hemophilia and bleed outs can happen randomly. He needed 4 dental extractions in order to get braces. Before the first extraction great preparations were taken, he was given tranexamic acid to clot the blood and the tooth was removed surgically instead of twisting and pulling. The dentist was nervous and arrangements were made to take him to the hospital should the blood not clot. When the tooth came out, it came out with huge, hook like roots. If they had twisted and pulled it could have cost him his life. Three more were due for extraction and he got through two of them very smoothly not even requiring the medication. On the last appointment, the dentist did an X-ray of the last tooth, and showed me that it would be the worst yet. The roots interfered with the tooth beside it and because of these roots he would have to dig them out around the neighbour tooth. He really didnât want to do it. My son was in a panic. On Wednesday, February 19th I brought him into the Healing Rooms for prayer. The team prayed that God would dissolve the roots of the tooth and it would come out. Two days later, on the Friday, we had a miracle. He was at home and the tooth fell out, with no bleeding and no roots!!! Amazing'''... But not for God. We couldnât believe it. The tooth was well rooted and had no intention of coming out, and was in no way loose, God simply answered the prayers. I have brought the two teeth in for display, the one with the big root and the one that came out with no roots. I would like to thank the team for their prayers and so would my son, but most of all we hope his story will inspire others and bring them hope as to the amazing healing powers of our wonderful God, who simply loves his children so much that He bends to hear our prayers.


Angelica - I came in for a torn meniscus with crutches, my other good leg was also bothering me because I was favoring it more. The team prayed for my knee and as they did they received words of knowledge of things I was dealing with, that no one knew except me!! I left Fully Empowered and walking better than when I came in. Praise the Lord! Thx SFHRs for your Prayers and Teaching.


Chris - Thanks for your ministry, I have prayed over the words I received and they line up with the ones I have got already. The spirit of heaviness has been lifted, I plan to return asap, I appreciate your prayers. Thank You, and God Bless your ministry.. Regards, Chris Feeney


Anonymous - Today the Lord has healed my broken heart, delivered me from rejection & ringing in my ears.


Norman - I suffered from ringing in the ears for a number of years. I asked for healing and the Lord revealed it was caused by the stress I was carrying. When I was able to let go of the stress the ringing left and has not come back.


Joe - I was recommended to go to the Healing Rooms a couple months ago. Relationships within my family have improved greatly. My overall stress has been reduced. I have less back pain and I walk without a limp. My brother-in-law is getting appropriate medical attention. My friend Jeb is being baptized tomorrow.


Diane - For 2 days after a snake bite, I was getting better, until the 3rd day started getting worse and worse. Suddenly, about day 5, all systemic symptoms returned... snake bit site got reinfected, leg got badly swollen again,nausea, headache, body very weak, breathing difficulty. Pain had spread further throughout the muscles of that leg until that morning the pain ran down to the ankle and all the way to the top of the back of my leg. I called Ira, the leader of the prayer rooms, with urgent prayer request, around 2:30 pm (really thought I was going to have to call 911). About 45 minutes later nearly all symptoms were gone, even at the site of the bite. I kept experiencing improvement every 30 minutes until by 9 PM that night I felt totally healed! and have been totally well since! Prasie God !!! Thank you Prayer Warriors for your Faithful Service!


Hannah - Several months ago I was prayed over for chronic pain in my foot. The pain left, and never returned.


E - I had severe woman problem (was bleeding for 12 days. After praying it stopped. I was at the doctor's, he told me I am perfectly well. Thanks to God, and His words. Thanks God for you all. Be blessed!!!


Penny - I have had internal bleeding so I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer one Wednesday morning. The team prayed for me and anointed me with oil. On Friday the bleeding stopped. And God is so good, as well as that, the bad headaches have ceased! Penny W


B. - I suffered from a very painful autoimmune disease Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). This disease caused my immune system to go out of control and start attacking all the healthy tissue instead of the diseased tissue. All of my soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments became very painful and stiff; it became physically debilitating. This disease is similar to Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and giant cell arteritis, which is to say it means more than just pain. The longer it goes on the more destruction takes place in tissues and the weaker and more motion restricted you become. For me it went on for over ten months and it got to the point where muscle, tendon and joint destruction was happening. I went to doctors who specialize in this area and they told me they had no cure. They only offered pain meds and drugs which partially shut down my immune system, leaving me open to a multitude of other virile and bacterial attacks. After exploring what medical science had to offer, in desperation, I decided to give the Healing room organization a try. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. A prayer team from IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms) prayed for me. The very next day I was pain free for the first time in almost a year. Over the next two months some of the symptoms did reoccur as I was reducing the immune system suppressant medication, which I was told I could not just stop. Once off the medication visited the Healing Room of Issaquah to get prayer. At that time the prayer team declared I would have " a brand new immune system" and Jesus did indeed give it to me. My health was restored, all my pain was gone, I regained my flexibility, my strength increased dramatically and now I have remained pain free for months with no medication. As further substantiation of my healing I went back to my doctor on June 18, 2014 and asked him to run blood tests to see if medical science would confirm or deny the healing. To my great joy all tests came back confirming that my immune system was indeed restored to normal. And all the praise and glory goes to our loving Jesus for this miraculous healing. A special thank you also goes to the prayer teams at the healing room organization.


C - Testimony from South East Hampshire Healing Rooms, Havant, UK Earlier this year, one of our church members asked the church to pray for her 17 year-old grandson, C, who had been admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis, although his symptoms were unusual. Our Healing Rooms team also sent a prayer cloth to his parents. Within a few days, he had recovered, and within 2 weeks he was back at work, which involves climbing up and down ladders! When his doctor later heard about this, she was amazed, both at the speed and completeness of his recovery. Following this , C, who is not yet a Christian, decided to put the "special handkerchief" in his girlfriend's bedroom as she continued to have nightmares about his illness. From this time on, the nightmares disappeared! Also, since C recovered, the issues he had with behaviour-major outbursts of temper which resulted in his attendance at a Behavioural Unit for the latter part of his education, have all disappeared! The prayer team did not even know about that! Praise God! July 2014


P - Testimony from South East Hampshire Healing Rooms In May 2014, P attended our Healing Rooms with severe sciatica, which she has had for 2 years. This affected her ability to get around, and she was unable to go for local or longer walks. Following prayer ministry she has been for walks up to 4.2 miles with no pain or discomfort! In her words, "Praise the Lord!" May 2014


Ellen - After prayer in the healing rooms over a period of time with medical treatment, I am cancer free.


M. - I was doing very badly with severe anemia, extreme exhaustion, as well as depression. The doctors told me that I had so few red blood cells that they wondered how I even got out of bed. In addition, I was so depressed that I had thoughts of just wishing I was dead. I went to the Healing Rooms of Issaquah, and my dear friends there spent a long time praying for me. I felt a change in my body during the prayers, as if God was actually healing me in those moments. The following day I went to the doctor and I had several miraculous changes. My red blood cell count had increased so much that it was actually in the low normal range. In addition, I had much more energy and my mood was soaring and full of joy and appreciation for life. Thank you so much my dear friends at the Healing Rooms. Signed M.S.


Norma - Doctors put me at the top of the waiting list for Kidney transplants of both of my Kidneys. Had only 5% function and had to do home dialysis everyday. Due to kidney failure, my blood pressure was hovering at 198 to 200/150 Doctors were shocked that I hadn't died. So much to tell, in short , went to SF Healing Rooms for prayer where I was taught why I should expect Healing. Went back to Doctors in March and to there surprise , my whole situation has been reversed. One of my Kidney specialist said ,this just doesn't happen and asked me what I did to reverse this condition. I responded I simply believed that I had already received my healing and I took it from Jesus. At the Healing rooms I was given Gods Creative Power For Healing Book to read over myself daily It Works. Thank you SF Healing Rooms for Believing with me for my Healing!!


Earl - Awesome time of ministry at the Flea Market today! 20 encounters, 4 prophetic words given, an injured wrist healed.a back injury healed Two words of knowledge that resulted in healing or significant ministry, and 200 Jesus Loves You stickers were delivered to the community All in just 3 hours! Yeeeeeeessssssss thats what I'm talking about, taking it literally to the Market Place


Sandy - I have been deaf in my right ear. When I came to the Healing Rooms, I did not ask for for my right ear, but as they prayed for me and whispered in that ear, I heard all she said! Praise the Lord!


Terrie - Healed in discernment, forgiveness, and physical


Trevor - A Man named trevor came into our healing room with a brain tumor, he was booked for surgery 3 days later. When the surgen went in to remove the tumor, she was amazed and scared becouse she said "I must of made a mistake". I canot find th tumor. The Dr said she had never seen this before. She only found some residue of dead tissue and some cancer cells but no tumor. The X ray before shows the tumor, and the X ray after showsno Tumor. praise Jesus


Rhonda - A lady came for prayer with little hearing in her left ear. One of the team members saw a beam of light hit her ear. She was also crippled and walked with a walking frame. The doctor confirmed that she has a new ear drum and her leg bones were creatively modified. She no longer needs a frame, and she walks normally. She testified at lifegate church in 2013. The church was amazed as she has been known to be crippled for many years.


Jean - My sister Jean, age 70, was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on the inside of her backbone 5 weeks ago, which had metastacized from breast cancer she didn't know she had. I prayed for a total healing with NO operation, no chemo and no radiation. I stood on Malachi 3:10 where it says "test me in this," and that God would rebuke the devourer for you WHEN YOU TITHE. I tithe and I live in my sister's house. She is part of my provision. She felt "ill" for months and decided to go to the doctor. It was after she was diagnosed that I prayed, then the doctors did more tests and called her back in. They asked her if she was on HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy). She was. They told her to get off the hormones immediately. They put her on two other medications: one for cancer and one to strengthen her bones. They also told her she wouldn't need any operations, chemo or radiation! Also that they would keep checking her and that she ought to be fine in a few months. Right now she feels great and plays golf three times a week. Hallelujah! Isn't God good'


Tonie - In September 2013, Tonie was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread from her breast into the lungs and liver. She became so ill that it tired her out to do the smallest task; to walk across a room would take great effort and all her breath away. Tonie was in an Oroville CA service, March 09, 2014, where Dan Prout and several members of the Sierra Ministries Healing Team were ministering. She felt the Lord was healing her during the worship service when prayer for healing was offered. Tonie received ministry in one of our small groups, after which she reported she could take full breaths, was not experiencing any pain and felt the good cells in her body taking over. Three days later her husband, Donnie, reported there were no signs of her having any trouble breathing or problems with physical tasks; Praise God! As of April 19, 2014, Tonie continues to be able to breathe fully and deeply. After reviewing a recent scan, her doctor reportedly says her liver is cancer free. She continues to have a small amount of cancer in both right breast and right lung. The doctor is amazed at the effectiveness of the chemotherapy he has been administering. Tonie and her husband believe the major changes in her body are on account of God's work. Of course we do not deny the important role of medical science. (Tonie's story is an ideal example of how healing miracles often have apparent medical explanations.) We look forward to her complete healing by the power of the Cross and in the authority of Jesus' name.


Stephanie - Young Woman Set Free from Panic Attacks Two weeks ago a young lady that had been plagued with crippling anxiety and panic attacks taking meds as needed came to us. After the Holy Spirit revealed some long forgotten info that was the root of her fears we ministered freedom to her. She has shared that she has not needed to take the medicine in over a week and has not had one single panic attack. They were almost daily before ministry. Praise God!!!!


C - Mass Removed with Prayer Cloth!!! This morning an awesome healing testimony was shared with me. Here is the snapshot. A family member of one of our church members who lived too far away to come for ministry requested a prayer cloth be sent. This lady had colon cancer and had been released after surgery, radiation, and chemo. She went back for a followup scan and was told she had a mass on the pancreas. The Doctor asked her to come back for another set of scans. During the time between them she kept the prayer cloth on her constantly. She went back for the scan the Doctor called her back to discuss the results and said,"I dunno what happened but the mass is completely gone! Praise God.!!!


BB - A young man who had chemicals splash in his eyes at work had stopped by an eye doctor who examined him gave him some drops to treat the burns with and released him. On his way home the young man remembered that the Healing room was open stopped for prayer because his eye was extremely painful scratchy, and still burning. When he entered the waiting room he immediately sensed God's presence and immediately his eye stopped burning and was healed. He had some slight blurriness to his vision so after laying of hands and a short prayer his vision cleared completely. Praise God Now That's healing!!!!


Deborah - My arm was injured in an accident when I was nine years old, and the bone was bowed. Prayed for this bone to be healed and there is no more bow in my arm. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus!


Phyllis - My anxiety was lifted. I'm handing fear of the dark now. I say and heard Jesus say, "I'm with you."


Linda - I came to the Healing Room for my back, COPD, and emphysema. God has taken a lot of the pain away in my back and He also helped me to stop smoking. Without His help, I could not have done this. Thank you, Father, for the blessing you have given me. Healing Room has helped me so. God has helped the pain in my back, making me able to move better.


Artina - I heard about The Healing Room at church. I was living with my boyfriend and we talked about going to the Healing Room. One Thursday night we attended and it changed our lives forever. Our first experience, we felt healed and so much lighter. We knew we wanted and needed more healing. We knew we were just beginning. I had lots of demons to deal with - drugs, pre-marital sex, anger issues. I had already stopped using drugs (cocaine) but I was fighting the demons to return to drugs, hate, anger, un-forgiveness. Inner healing appointments prayed me through u-forgiveness, anger and hatred. The first inner healing was life changing. After leaving I could clearly hear God. I realized He had been talking to me since I was 17. My personality changed. I became sweeter, calmer, humble, willing to serve with all anger and hatred gone. A peace came over me that I was totally delivered from drugs (a battle of 13 years). I was delivered from hatred, anger, lying pre-marital sex with a whole personality change. Now I am happy, peaceful, joyful, content where I am. RESTORED.


Daniel - God is and has delivered me from the Gay life style.


Elaina - I started coming to the healing room about 6 or 7 years ago. People started praying for me and each week I would feel some better. Then I would feel bad again and think I wasn't healed. But I started claiming my healing and breaking agreement with rheumatoid arthritis. One night, while at the Healing Room, God's Spirit fell on me. Sis Donna was anointed and same to get me to dance. Before I knew it, I just took her hand and we started to dance in the Lord. I have been dancing ever since. God healed me that night after several years of praying and going before God. Just one night with God changed everything.


Al - After prayer my blood sugar dropped from 10+ to 7.6. Praise God!


Barbara - Last week my neck and between my shoulders were very tense. When I left the Healing Room I was very, very relaxed.


Anonymous - I asked for prayer for two things, (1) I have a shattered knee cap that is in pain; I want it to heal properly and to have relief from the pain, (2) I have been smoking for 13 years, I want to break the smoking addiction and to get rid of the nicotine cravings. When they prayed for me, I had some mild electric jolt type feelings in my knee. I do not have any cravings for cigarettes and I feel my knee is going to be aligned when I get an x-ray taken tomorrow to see how it's doing. 03/09


Al - I am free from Satan's lies, and God has released me. I am healed from my past. I know that it is ongoing and i a am being healed in my attitudes,and my emotions.


Penny - I shared going to the Healing rooms last week in Nov/13 my family has been carrying heavy negative spirits, I can feel them. 2 weeks in Dec/13 my attended the Healing Rooms with me NOT wanting to go in for prayer. Once he came in he wanted to go for prayer. He asked Jesus into his life. Sunday before the Monday he went to church and was offered a job. God is so good and never leaves us or forsakes us. 1 1/2 years ago Jesus gave me Jeremiah 31:16,17. That same Sunday my daughter also attended a service with one of her friends. I owe everything to Christ! Once I stopped butting in/and leaving my kids at Christ's feet then He went to work in their lives./In 2 weeks our lives changed. Praise You Jesus. You are extremely worthy to be Praised. Love Your daughter Penny


John - I've been diagnosed with type II diabetes which is managed by diet. I also experience severe migraine headaches and I have two degenerative discs in my lower back. When they were praying for me the lower back pain went down to my tailbone where it left my body. The headache traveled up my neck and left through the top of my head. The diabetes I will find out about on my next blood test. I am healed by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name!


Penny - I had been suffering terrible headaches and dizziness which affected my balance and vision for more than a year. The night before going to Healing Rooms I had a sense I was going to be healed. I was prayed over and that afternoon, although my headache was still present, it was not as intense and I had an overwhelming sense of the Spirit of God upon me. As I felt very tired I lay down and prayed until I fell asleep. When I awoke my headache was completely gone! I knew I was healed but I chose to continue to proclaiming it and giving testimony daily as this had been a stronghold over me for so long. Praise God and thank You Jesus. Penny W.


Patricia - I remember when my granddaughter Vicky was around 3 or 4 years old and suffering with asthma would say "I don't want to go the hospital, I want to go to healing room". And another time when she was admitted to hospital with difficulty breathing, you two came and prayed for her and she was released the very next day when any other time her stay was longer. Praise God now she is 13 and her attacks are few and far between! AMEN!


T. - I am healed of HIV and I feel like a new man and I just give thanks to God for his blood!!


M. - I came in without any energy at all. I had pain from the base of my neck, down my body to the bottom of my left foot. When the team prayed and prophesied over me I felt a warmth start at my left foot going up my body to my head. The pain is gone, I felt strength returning, I felt like I could burst out running! God reminded me of what my purpose is and His promises are about to be in the natural. Freedom!! is my word, Isa 41:12, 13 is my scripture. I feel infinitely better than I did when I came. Glory to God for this time. God bless the prayer team and the other Healing Room workers.


Paul - Thank God they have a place where you can go when you need a prophetic word; and the people to stand and fight on your behalf - always the peace of God is here!


L.J.C. - "A good friend had emergency hernia surgery. The doctor said that he could see the bulge from across the room. The friend was moved up in the surgery schedule. "The Healing Rooms prayed that God would move things back into place. When the doctor checked our friend again, he said that the surgery wasn't going to be as difficult as he thought, because the bulge was gone! Things moved back into place! Praise God! "Our friend was pain free after surgery and did not need pain medication the day following hernia surgery! Our God is sooooo good!"


Connie - "We were asked to intercede for a man who was diagnosed with advanced cancer and high PSA levels. At last report there is NO sign of cancer and his PSA count is ZERO! Praise God!


R.B. - "My tail bone has been hurting for two years since I fell in a soccer game. "One day, coming to the Healing Rooms, God healed me! I feel no more pain in my tail bone!"


J.W. - "I came to the Healing Rooms in the midst of spiritual warfare on my marriage. My #1 desire was for my husband's salvation. "I received prayers and affirmation from the Lord! Within 2 months of the visit, my husband received Jesus! God is so awesome! "I'm grateful for the wonderful prayer partners and the entire ministry of the Healing Rooms!"


Adam - Breakthrough. Freedom from past thoughts/experiences; release from soul ties; better need and more peace about the past.


Ronnie - I feel like I have progressed in some areas. I am beginning to walk in love. My anger has been almost arrested. I thank God for my healing in these areas. I am a lot calmer these days. I have found a new peace. I feel like I have made steady progress. I have become more spiritually aware of things that have increased my faith. I feel more at peace. I feel like God has been with me every step I take. I feel like I am being guided.


Candice - I became aware, repented and received areas in my past where thoughts were completed and I didn't realize it. A peace in Jesus became deeper than before and I had affirmation of more of his abundant love.


Selena - God has been speaking to me about his love for me after the first inner healing. It was the third Friday night or Saturday morning while I was still sleeping that God showed me an unborn child being put together with a beautiful sparkling gold thread. In this He reminded me how much I am loved. Before the world itself was created, He placed me in the womb of my mother. My mother was placed in her mother's womb and my grandmother in her mother's womb. He told me how precious I am and that no one else can walk the path He has placed me on that no one else but me could walk through what I did. I am wonderfully made for His kingdom.


Toni - Need to talk about the power of the lie of not being wanted, rejected by my mother, father and others. Attacks of enemy to stop me from receiving my blessing and reaching my destiny. Being alone and alone in my battles. I keep doing the same things that put me in unhealthy, sometimes enemy territory that almost takes me out. I do not trust decision making - so fear sets in.


Candace - Became aware and repented and received areas in my life's past I either thought was completed or didn't realize at all... a peace in Jesus deeper than before: an affirmation of His more abundant love.


D - "I have great news for the last week. My morning levels have been down. I mean really low compared to what it's been. I have been struggling with control of diabetes every since I had my son. From day 1 until last week I have never had reading of 78 and that was this morning. Monday February 24, it was 126 lowest I had ever seen, everyday it's going down more and more. I know it's because now feel that God is giving me everything I need to beat it. I know it's through all your prayers I feel stronger than ever.


Kathy and Gary - My husband and I first came to the Healing Rooms after he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in July of 2013. We got two doctors opinions-one said to do something soon, he suggested a Mediterranean diet and supplements while we waited for surgery. The other doctor agreed but he also prayed with us and said it was OK to wait 3-6 months. We began daily prayer, Bible study and the diet while waiting for the 3 months. Then a friend told us about Healing Rooms-so we went. The people God put in this ministry were very kind and compassionate and prayed for my husband's healing and also for me. We felt good about going. A few weeks later, we went back again. I was suffering from a lot of stress. They used scripture and faith, believing that if God is the same yesterday, today and forever and He healed 2000 years ago, He can and still will today. Well, GOD IS GOOD!! At the three month checkup, we received good news!! My husbands PSA numbers were back in the normal range!! We are grateful to God for the Healing Room and the prayers said on our behalf. As I write this today, I am thinking about our Bible study this morning from the book of Esther. The message was, "God is in control", yet it pleases Him when we, like Esther, are willing to act through faith and through prayer. We would recommend the Healing Room to others who need help and believe that prayer works.


Sherry - For 18 months or so I had been having pains in my toes/feet. As time progressed the pains began to come monthly, weekly, daily and finally multiple times daily. The shooting pains were so severe that I was beginning to lose my balance and had to quickly sit down even if it meant outside or in the middle of a parking lot. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer almost 4 months ago. Since that time, I have not had a single episode! My healing is complete! Thank you God! Sherry


Terry - I have had a cyst on my head for almost a year now and was wondering if it was cancerous. After talking to the doctor he confirmed that it was not cancerous but he needed to scrape it just to make sure. I had prayer in the Healing Rooms for something else about a month ago (right after the doctor's report) and felt the power of God all over me. Within a few days the cyst collapsed and began to shrink! There is only a very, very tiny scab there now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Praise Jesus!!!!


Cindy - 1 year ago a mass was found in my breast I saw several doctors with differing opinions. Some said to operate. I said no to operation. I came several times for prayer at the healing rooms. I just went back to my doctor, and she said the mass was totally gone. PTL !!


Anonymous - I went to help out a friend with some little ones...I picked up one of the little ones and slipped, trying to avoid falling on her I twisted myself around...I got up fine, no pain. Later that day however I found myself in so much pain I moved around the house on my hands and knees. This is where I remained for the next 3 days. The pain in fact was so severe that I passed out while using the bathroom...I found myself on the floor with Bill calling my name and wiping my face with a cold cloth. The couple of days that followed were both humiliating and humbling!! I was unable to do anything and completely secluded in my bed. This is where good and God began working. As I lay in bed unable to do anything...the Lord began to reveal how proud I am. Not the proud in I'm better than anyone, actually the other end...I'm not important enough or deserving enough of anything...see here I am unable to do anything...but I'm too proud to admit it. I needed medical attention, but I was too proud to seek it...The ER told me I should've called an ambulance to take me in...but I didn't want to...I was too proud to admit it (actually in my mind I felt there may be someone more in need)...ok..so at the hospital they determine that it is a torn muscle and gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers...after 2 days it was slightly better, but not at all where I want it. I have people praying..I'm praying...but nothing was happening..a friend took me to the Healing House on last Wed. I walked in with support, having to hold on to railings and in so much pain! After a few mins the people praying for me asked if I was feeling any better. I said no..with much disappointment...they took the chair and had me stand up. There were 4 people in the room praying over me. They had me walk around the room and making declarations...forgiving people I had not forgiven, asking for forgiveness next thing I know I'm walking around the room alone PAIN FREE!!! I begin to laugh and cry as I continue to declare: I am forgiven, I am worthy, I am healed!!! I have not had to take any meds since! Today, I still stand on all I have declared. I am worthy! I am forgiven! I am healed! Jesus is good!


Sue - , I got my biopsy back and there was no cancer, Praising God!!


Steve - Steve's knees are feeling better. Pain is gone. When you prayed for him, one leg was much shorter than the other. Praise God they are the same length!


Mark - Jill Ricci has been my client at my hair salon for 30 years. We were young adults at Grace Community Church back in the 1980's. Jill's enthusiasm for the Healing Rooms ministry is a part of every conversation we've had since she joined the Ventura Healing Rooms. She is now the director of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. Once in my old shop she was concerned for the vertigo I was complaining about. She prayed for me right there in the shop. I remember walking up and down my shop saying, "What have you done, I can't do this" as I moved my neck and head all about expecting dizziness to return any second. It didn't. I was blown away. She taught me know to pray and keep things in place. I experienced a mild setback, but then it was gone once and for all. I give Jesus all the glory. That was the first time she prayed for me. Another time I was describing the pain I had in my shoulder, as I couldn't carry my granddaughter up the stairs in our home anymore. She prayed again, and the pain was gone, I have great mobility in my arm now. Plus I can do my work for my clients pain free. I have struggled with fear and anxiety for years. My heritage is Jewish. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and my Mom went to the Kathryn Kuhlman crusades. So there was belief, but not for me. Jill broke generational curses and prayed for fear to go. Insomnia went too! I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine. I thought I couldn't breathe well, and yes that pain and discomfort is gone too. Also, I had a diagnosis of Costochondritis, an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum). It causes sharp pain in the costosternal joint â where your ribs and breastbone are joined by rubbery cartilage. Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart condition. Jill and her husband Denny listened to my complaints and prayed. Done in the name of Jesus. Thanks guys for bringing the Healing Rooms into my hair salon. I am free in the name of Jesus!


Carrie - I received prayer for generational issues of anxiety and fear. That day while driving home from work I was amazed at how blue the sky was. A veil had been lifted from my eyes. Usually even fun events around the holidays were riddled with anxiety. I went through the holiday season in complete joy and peace. I finally got to enjoy all the Christmas parties and events for the first time in my life. While going through some more generational work and inner healing I was set free of long-term sinus issues. For the last several years one sinus and lung were regularly blocked. Both my daughter, and myself now four years old, are breathing great. Forgiving old wounds from family has set me free both emotionally and physically. God is continuing to heal my marriage through prayer for forgiveness; opening doors & opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be there. My husband and I are experiencing a sense of unity that we've never had before. The result of receiving prayer and healing is a daily freedom & a weight lifted that affects my entire family. My faith is continually being strengthened through this process. I am so excited to see what God's plan for me and my family is.


David - PAIN GONE NO MORE CRUTCHES... I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms with a dislocated and sprained knee. I was in pain and on crutches. After the prayer session I walked to my car without crutches and no pain!!! God loves us and heals His children!!! Thank You Jesus and thank you Oxnard Healing Rooms.


Shoshana - When I first came to CVHR I was in a lot of abdominal pain, almost enough to go to the E.R., and I was scheduled for urgent surgery. Because I'm a single Mom and am self-employed I was very concerned about surgery, and asked for prayer for healing. The first night of prayer I was immediately off pain medication after prayer, and the Lord really touched my heart also. I went to the October weekend Be Healed Conference and several more evenings of prayer, and within two months I was 100% pain free. Surgery was cancelled! Exercising again, and praising God for this miracle.


Mariam - M.N., Thousand Oaks November 13, 2013 - My life was so hard before being introduced to Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. I heard a lot about it through friends who were aware of my medical and financial struggles. I didn't think it would help me, so I ignored invitations from friends to attend. I admired one friend who is amazing in the way he interacts with people and situations. Finally, one of my closest friends, Andre, kept telling me all the miracles that kept happening to him. Because he is such a strong person spiritually, mentally, and physically, and has such clarity in the path of life that he is on, I went to a session. I fell madly attached to the ministry and was in awe what I felt after leaving! I still struggle because of a growth near my brain, but I am so strong and happier mentally that I would never underestimate the power of others praying for you. I enjoy and look forward to every session. Thank you for your existence!


Linda - Around 2005 I had a CAT scan of my thyroid and a nodule was found. I came into CVHR for prayer on a variety of issues and then had an ultra sound on my thyroid on 3/18/13 and no nodule was found! Praise God!


Mike - Our business was under attack by former employees. When they left in one day they declared harm to our business. They filed for unemployment based on false charges and God protected us by having the courts side with us. We received prayer prior to going to court and saw God answer.


Esther - January 22, 2014 - I have been in pelvic pain for 5 months. With prayer at the healing rooms my pain dissipated with prayer for healing. The sharpness gone. Thank you Jesus, my healer, for healing me. I can go back to work now. I will lay hands on others for their healing too. I work on a hospital woman's unit so being a servant to them will be an honor to share God's love and healing message.


Pam - I was experiencing slight but annoying pain in my right knee. Our team was being taught 7 ways to receive Words of Knowledge. Afterwards we were asked to apply that knowledge through applications. Jill called out someone is being healed of pain in their right knee. This was ME! I was instantly healed after the laying on of hands of that annoying pain and have remained pain free. No reversals! Praise God!


Linda - About 2005 I had a CAT scan of my thyroid and a nodule was found. I came into CVHR for a variety of prayer concerns. I had an ultra sound on my thyroid in March of 2013; no nodule was found! Praise God.


Angie - January 8, 2014 - I just want to give a praise report for the healing rooms. What a blessing prayer has been by coming weekly to the healing rooms. My marriage has been restored and is in a new found place. God is finally at the cornerstone of our relationship. At the same time I am also going through some difficult treatments for cancer and my recovery times has been AMAZING! I am back to normal the next day! Thank you Lord for this prayer team. They are amazing! Love Dr. A. Stay tuned for the next BIG testimony, complete healing! You can do all this through Christ who strengthens us!


R. - Previously I came in with a heavy heart of oppression that is not common for me. The prayer I received at that time was one of God's truth, love, and power. I knew that the darkness had left and His power had brought peace, joy and freedom. I Praised God with thanksgiving before I even left the parking lot. Today I came with pain in my eye and God's faithfulness revealed the spiritual battle about my healing. When I left my eye felt so much better. Praise God. Praise God. His word says: "I am the Lord who heals you." Exodus 15:26


Sandy - After a very short time while waiting to be prayed for, my right side began to be hot. I said to myself, "What is it'" When I went to be prayed for about some unrelated fear/trouble, my side was hotter and hotter until I said out loud that it was so. I was amazed and it still warm but now faintly. Amazing. Is it too amazing to say my shriveled kidney is healed' I will say it now!


Charlene - While they prayed for my hip and leg for healing, my hip area got real warm and moved down a little and leg felt better. The enemy wants to hinder my walk to do God's work but it was better, when they prayed for healing my right hand got really warm. I was very encouraged. The Lord showed them in generations back there is a gifting from the Lord and for me to pray for that gifting for myself. My name means valiant and courageous. That is very encouraging to me. They saw me in a school of fish in the water...water meaning Holy Spirit and how I do depend on Holy Spirit totally. They saw me moved to front of the fish, possibly meaning leadership.


Lois - I received healing for my knees, sinuses and prayers for daughter Becky and her grandchildren, Zoe and Xavier's health, also her daughter, Ashley.


Matt - I haven't been able to run or play basketball because my right knee has been hurting. Lexie (the person who prayed) got a word of knowledge and asked if I had a knee that hurt. I told her my right knee hurt. She then told me the Lord told her it was my right knee. She prayed that the pain would be gone and my knee warmed up and the pain went away. No more pain.


Robert - I went to the doctorand the doctor said you have something in the vein of your neck. They did a cat scan and said it looked like a blood clot. They said we are going to do an M.R.I. and will let you know soon. I began to pray to the Lord asking Him to take the blood clot out. One day they called and there was nothing in my neck. Thank you Lord for what you have done for me.


Jeremy - I fractured my ankle 5 weeks ago. It had been healing, but continued to have swelling and stiffness, limiting my range of motion. I received prayer and the range of motion returned almost immediately.


Leslie - My first visit to the Healing Rooms, I requested prayer for quitting smoking. I quit, and I believe because of prayers that I received on 2 occasions, that it was the easiest thing I have ever accomplished.


Victoria - My shoulder had pain when I went into the Healing Rooms for prayer. I left the room with no pain in shoulder, and the vertebra in my back were healed as well.


Marissa - Marissa had stumbled in the dark and fallen into a concrete ditch several days ago. An active college-age girl she could not bend her knee. Pain was at a level 6. After about ten minutes of ministry, she said with amazement and a laugh that the pain had vanished. She then tried to bend her knee. There was an audible pop which startled all of us. Still no pain. She then waked on the leg, paused, and bent her knee up to her waist. Absolutely no pain and no immobility. Spoke to her today and she is perfectly fine. Jesus is in the healing business!


Merleen - HEARING RESTORED! I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms January 29, 2014. They prayed for my hearing because I could not hear at all. My hearing was restored, I had not been able to hear for seven years. Thank you Lord!


S. - I stopped by the Healing Rooms on November 16, 2013. I had injured my lower back at work. The chiropractor examined my legs and said that my left leg is ¾ inch shorter than my right. It might be due to the injury that shifted my pelvis. The team prayed for my leg to grow. One member prayed and asked God to help grow my left leg so both legs will be even. I went back to my chiropractor on 11-20-2013 and she did the exam again. She said my legs were even. I told her what had happened in the Healing Room and about the prayers. She said she believes in the positive effect of prayers and the energy will certainly help. I just simply praise the Lord for His mighty healing power. Amen!!


Erica - Tonight my Lovely Mom and I we went to the Healing Place and I had a very bad headache and I got healed!! Thank You Lord Jesus for healing me!! YAY!! 1-17-14


Michelle - Hi , After you both prayed for me yesterday, the Lord healed the MRSA I had on my left thumb !! I don't even see any evidence it was ever there, and that is not typical of it even when it goes away on its own. Thank you ,thank you God


Ashley - Breakthrough' Yes, healing from a lot of past relationships with family. Deliverance from past - family, etc. Still seeking more with recent and past situations. God is faithful, More to come...


Deb - Have undergone a deeply, difficult separation and divorce and have been healed of feelings of abandonment, rejection, hopelessness and depression. My confidence in God's provision, love, and direction returned. And my desire to live and not commit suicide was totally restored. This was also improved once I joined the Healing Room's team. Since joining the team, my God given purpose has been completely healed and restored. Fear was a constant companion. Anxiety and panic attacks were common. This has also broken off and I am stable, whole and love living once again.


Donna - I feel I was set free from rejection by my father.


Donna C. - My head seems to be clearer and the depression seems to be better. My husband has had two inner healing sessions which is a big deal!!! I feel I have had a lot of break through and am in the right direction for my life, realizing that the Past is the Past!!!


Jeff D - Yes. I feel I had a break through! Total delivery from thoughts and acts of homosexuality!


Tina - My name is Tina and I have been saved for eleven years. The last few years God has revealed lies and deception that have been in my life for years. The Lord has been working our years of "junk" that have been festering in me. He led me to the Healing Room and He has totally delivered me. He, the Lord, has given me the grace to forgive all of the people who have hurt me through the years. Until I came for prayer and inner healing, I did not realize how much hurt and sorrow I carried though out the years. I also did not realize how dysfunctional my family and I had been. The Lord broke generational curses, delivered me from anger and unforgiveness, revealed a root of bitterness that I dealt with and gave me specific scriptures to deal with struggles currently. I have been set free to give all of myself to Jesus. This healing has allowed me to fully surrenderâbasically to let go and let God. I am at peace! Praise be to God. I also experienced physical healing. Praise God!


Christina - My mouth was full of sores. My throat was raw. I could hardly speak I was in a lot of pain. A team at the Healing Room prayed for me and I was healed! Within a couple of days the sores in my mouth and my throat was gone and my voice was back. I also don't have to use my asthma inhaler everyday all the time any more. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I felt worthless when you were praying for me and I then felt the Holy Spirit all over me! Praise God.


Karen - My granddaughter had a severe ear infection for about 8 weeks. Her ear would drain. The smell was awful. She had tubes put in her ears last year. If you held her, the smell was intense. Riding in the car with her was difficult due to the odor. The ENT wanted to set up an appointment for surgery on Friday to replace the tubes and remove the adenoids. My daughter asked Nancy to pray with her Sunday before the appointment with the ENT. When she took her, the infection was gone. The decision was made not to schedule a surgery date. There has not been any drainage or smell since.


Karen - I was driving to pick up pizza for dinner. I saw a woman on her cell phone. She motioned for me to look in the ditch. There was a man face down in the ditch. She and her husband had checked for signs of life. They told me there were no signs of life. I checked myself. There was no pulse, and the man was unresponsive. His head and face were purple. I stood in front of him and waved my hand over him, saying, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Suddenly his nose started to run. (He had been face down in water.) He began to gasp. We moved him from the ditch into the road, laying him on his side, placing something under his head. He began to change color. When the police arrived, I left (because I was wearing my pajamas).


Elaine - My stomach was prayed over as well as my back and legs. When they prayed for my legs, I felt a rush through my lover legs and at the same time my stomach quit hurting. Praise the Lord I am healed.


Deb - : Had two knee surgeries and dealt with constant pain, stiffness, and immobility. After receiving prayer a number of times my knee healed and continues to be stronger without constant pain and stiffness. : Had dental pain through need of root canal and crown. I was unable to afford the treatment plan. A team leader prayed for me and the pain, tenderness and bleeding gums have ceased. Although I was diagnosed with periodontal disease/gingivitis, bleeding has all but disappeared. 'Rarely any pain or discomfort now.


Jane - I broke my arm on May 11th and went to an orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI, which revealed lesions in my arm and bone marrow that suggested a possible diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Blood work and a urinalysis were ordered for confirmation. I came in for prayer on May 30th. All of my tests came back that I was clear of cancer.


Martha - I want to thank my Lord and Father for my health and the healing of my mind and body. Thanks to the Healing Room prayers and the love and light of my God. I have a new ministry and new life in God. Thanks to God my body is healed from cancer. I thank God for my new life.


Elan - I was able to let go of a lot of resentment and anger I had been holding onto I have been more at peace that I was before. I can feel God guiding me, and prior to the inner healing prayer ministry, I felt very lost and unsure of what t do next in my life. I got the job that was prayed about last week.


Ashley - I am grateful for this place and the way God uses the body to help and heal others. We are here for each other to encourage and edify, pray for, phone, etc. until our race is finished. God is faithful! The Devil will never win. The fight has already been won. I feel my heart charging, God moving and believe total healing. More to follow�


Elan - I feel that I continue to feel more at peace amongst the chaos in my life. My sessions have truly helped me lean on God more and trust Him with my life and the situations I am in.


Peggy - My anger, hate frustrations and pain towards my father and mother have left completely. I have tried and feel nothing - none of the aforementioned feelings towards my father nor my mother.


Jeanette - Breakthrough - primarily dealt w/relationship with my youngest son, Bret. I blamed myself for where he is, how he feels, decisions he is making, etc. Lies were exposed and truth prevailed; I did the best I could raising him under difficult circumstances and with God's help. I am set free from condemnation and have release him! And, believe with all my heart that God will have His way in my son's life. Praise God!


Nanette - When I went for prayer I had a sinus infection, discomfort in front/upper checks. I was beginning to get a Headache and had a persistent cough. During prayer I felt movement throughout my body. During prayer the pain moved, changed, lightened a bit off and on. After prayer my body feels lightened, there is no feeling that I need to cough.


Dian - On December 16, 2013 at the Mid-South Healing Rooms in Southaven, MS, the ministers prayed for my financial needs. I was immediately blessed by a financial gift, and in the next two weeks I received $20 gifts from totally unexpected sources, as people told me God had impressed upon them to help me. Thank you, Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, and for the faithful prayer warriors tat the Mid-South Healing Rooms. Their love and support have also ministered to me in many other ways.


Diane - Diane says that she had a tumor in her lower back area. The doctor said it will never go away without surgery. After prayer in the Marlton Healing rooms, the tumor is totally gone, all pain is gone. Praise God !!


Giselle - Giselle came into our Healing Rooms for prayer, with cancerous tumors in her lungs, shoulder and adrenal glands. Two weeks later she e-mailed me to say that there is no longer any cancer in her body. This in spite of what three different specialists had said.


Stephanie - Stephanie was in to much pain to come to our Healing Rooms and we desperate, so asked if we could send some of our team to pray for her in her apartment. When we got there we found out that Stephanie had severally injured her back in a car accident and for the past 4 years had been in intense pain and was not able to even leave her apartment. We spent an hour praying with her and agreed to come back after our Healing Rooms session the following Wednesday. It was part way through the our next Wednesday session that the door opened and in walked Stephanie! She had walked about a kilometer from her apartment and walked home after. She is now driving again and from her e-mail two days ago she said 'I have been feeling better and better.... shockingly so!' Stephanie encounter the healing and has truly been set free, but has not yet encountered the healor, so we continue to pray for that revelation to come to her.


Anonymous - Went to hospital to pray for a man with cancer after praying for the man the team passed by the emergency room and asked if anyone needed prayer a young woman raised her hand, she had an injury to her leg, a car fell on top of her leg, team prayed for her after prayer she had little pain and was able to move her foot.


Joseph - Team went to the hospital to pray for a man with throat cancer, after prayer he said, my fever is gone, he said I've had a fever for the past 2 months, the pain level went down to one. A couple of weeks later we received word that he was cancer free.


Judy - For over 30 years I have had pain in my hips, which developed into arthritis and lack of movement. During prayer for healing ministry, God supernaturally gave me a hip replacement! Now I have full movement. Thank you Jesus. Judy


Bob - I had a tooth go bad and the whole right side of my face was swollen from my cheek to my jaw. The gums were badly swollen too. I went to a dentist and he said he couldn't pull it due to the extreme inflammation. He recommended that I see an oral surgeon to put me to sleep to extract the tooth. He estimated about $400.00. I called the Meridian Healing Room for prayer and my name was added to a prayer chain. The next morning when I woke up the abscessed tooth had ruptured and most of the swelling was gone, "No Pain" either. The dentist was able to extract the tooth without any pain to me.


C - I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had an MRI coming up just after the IAHR Region 1 Conference (Oct. 25-27.) I received prayer from the Salem, MA healing room director and some of their healing team while at the conference. When I had the MRI, the results came back "healthy and normal!" I will be having one more followup, but things are looking drastically better. Thank you for praying!


Diane - I opened the Branson Healing Rooms just over a year ago. Before I opened them I underwent chemo and radiation because of Uterine Cancer. Since then, 2 years, I have suffered from severe intestinal problems and pain from side effects of the radiation. It started out every few months but through the months it progressively got worse and I was experiencing pain and sickness twice a week which I ended up being in bed a lot, and unable to eat because of the severe attacks on my intestines which came against my immune system. It was very embarrassing being a Director of Healing Rooms and being sick so often. Finally one day, after praying for me many times, some of my anointed prayer teams got righteously angry at me being sick so much and said this is it. This has to stop! They came together and put me in the hot seat. They prayed for me with great anger and authority. I started to be delivered. I was sensing strongly that a young woman, who was a technician, put a curse on me. They prayed to break the curse. Suddenly as they were praying a man saw an angel who was very tall, muscular, and held a burning torch. I could not see the angel but I could see his torch. Suddenly I saw him put the torch on the back of a woman on the team who was on her knees bending down praying. I said I see him touching your back with the torch. Suddenly she got up jumping and yelling, "My back is healed!" We didn't even know her back needed healing. Not only was she healed, I was healed as well! It was a double healing as he touched both of us with his torch! We've had that happen before when we prayed for the back of a client, and a team member was healed as well. God is doing amazing things here and we are so excited about it. We are seeing signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverances consistently! God has been sending hard cases with people who are coming out of drug addiction, sex addiction, and alcohol addiction. They are being saved, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Praise God! As far as we can see the end time revival has begun and it is a privilege to be a part of the work God is doing. Working hand in hand with Him. The harvest is ripe and He is bringing the Harvest right to us. God is AWESOME!!!


Judy - Last Thursday Ihad prayer regarding shingles attack. Symptoms didn't leave completely but in one week's time, they are almost completely gone! According to what others who have experienced this is not even heard of! My discomfort was minimal - nothing compared to what it usually is. All praise and thanks to our Healing God!


Gary - I went from wheelchair to walker to cane! Bloot clot is healed and I have a joyful spirit immensely taking me over after prayer!


Gwen - I had lost sensitivity to touch in my left thumb and first finger from a kitchen accident. I had constant pain in my hand at some level. I also had a very swollen right leg causing my pants to fit tight on that leg. After ministry I could make a circle with my thumb and first finger (the sign of "okay"). My pain is almost gone and I surprised myself by picking up my purse with the left hand without pain. The swelling in my leg reduced so much you could see the bones in my knee.


Linda - I went for prayer for my back, knees and hips. I have a degenerative joint disease which is genetic in my family. We addressed symptom of pain in right buttock and prayed for the degeneration to stop. We went deeper into forgiveness of my father for a specific trauma at age 13, where I experienced pain, fear, abandonment, betrayed trust and anger. The knot in my solar plexus is now released. As Jesus showed me the truth of that time (age 13) I experienced joy in the knowledge that God has and will never abandon me. Praise the Lord.


Jason - I deal with long term chronic depression. Dan was praying and leading me through some emotional pain from my childhood. I felt a tingling in the back part of my brain and it rolled to the front of my brain. I wasn't sure what happened but ever since I have experienced a freedom I have never felt; that goes beyond feeling into just a peace and confidence of being. I haven't felt any depression or depression like symptoms for weeks since this encounter. It was normal previously for me to experience despair on a weekly basis. That has been the case for decades. Ever since I was a young child. I thank God Almighty for His power, strength and mercy for this amazing gift. I also than Him for Dan and each one that is a part of this ministry.


Heather - "I lived life for 50+ years with a feeling of being rejected and not wanted. I was adopted as an infant, never knowing my biological parents. Even though my adoptive parents expressed they loved me, I couldn't quite believe that they wanted and loved me. The feeling of rejection was always in the background. My life was a roller coaster of emotions, being depressed most of the time; feeling I was unloved, not worthy of love, having a very low self-esteem and always lonely. I couldn't truly trust people and guarded all relationships because I didn't believe that they could possibly love me or that I deserved to be loved. I thought I wanted to meet my biological parents because I needed a connection to something in order to feel complete. Through inner healing, God showed me how much HE loves me, how much HE cares for me and how worthy I am to HIM, that I am HIS precious child. The connection I have is a relationship with Jesus and I now know that God placed me in the family HE wanted me to be a part of. Once I forgave my biological parents I have been able to accept things in myself that I never dreamed of. I was finally allowed to throw away all of those nagging feelings of rejection that I carried around, sometimes without even being aware of it - that I was not wanted, not loved, didn't deserve to be loved, didn't deserve even to exist. God has shown me that I was loved from the beginning. I have been healed in the most unimaginably profound way; I feel a wholeness I have never known before! Not only do I feel God's comforting presence but I feel His warm, caring, supportive, loving arms surrounding me in a way I've never felt before. Once I received HIS love, the freedom I've experience because of what God has done for me is incredible. I am no longer guarded in my relationships and the things that use to trigger my negative responses don't control me anymore. God's love and truth has set me free."


Anthony - My knee had intense pain with swelling and was hot; I was unable to walk without a cane. Doctor says I need surgery. After prayer the pain dissipated, swelling decreased. Strength has returned to the left knee and it feels cool.


Camille - My lower back was hurting and I was healed and pain free after prayer. My arm had a partial rotator cuff tear. I had pain when I moved it a certain way. After prayer my shoulder was pain free and I could move it without pain.


Camille - I Felt something break off of me in regards to self-esteem issues. I am now receiving the life that I am capable of receiving.


Sidney - I had neck pain and even forgot to mention it, but during my session, they laid hands on my neck and all pain left and has not returned. My range of motion is limited but no pain at all.


Mary - I give praise, honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing and blessing I have received. I had nodules on my lungs and swollen lymph nodes and was prayed over and anointed at New Beginnings. When the doctor went in to biopsy the lymph node, he had a hard time finding it because it had shrunk in size. He was surprised. The results were no cancer cells in lymph node. The washing pulled from the lungs revealed no bacteria and no infectious disease. I am awaiting further results for the 6 to 8-week time period for another good report. The nodules in my lungs could not be reached and may need a different type of biopsy according to the physician. I am believing for complete healing and no further procedures will be necessary I give all praise to God. Thank you so much!


Naomi - I came in with side and back pain. I was prayed for and then the pain stopped. Also, we prayed for healing from a hernia and my stomach stopped hurting...and it was witnessed that my belly went down. This morning my pains were too tight, now I have got room in them. Hallelujah! To God be the glory!


Elaine - I came to the healing class with restricted use of my neck and lower back pain. Dana put her hands on my neck and the spirit took over my neck. Before I knew it, I was moving my neck in every direction and with no restrictions at all. Then she poke to my back and it was healed. Praise Jesus! I love Him so much.


Judy - I was watching a teaching about the healing of asthma. It was suggested that a person's physical breath can be restricted because as a child they built a protective "wall" around their soul and that this could have been because they didn't bond with their parents, especially their father. As they talked about leading someone through the process of dismantling the wall, I followed the steps myself and then at the end, the Spirit of the Lord opened up my lungs. Since then the asthma has been healed and I can cancel my appointment for a sleep apnoea machine as that condition has been healed as well.


Julie - In the past I have had lumps cut out of my breast. On 17th October I discovered a large, hard, rock-type lump in my right breast, the size of a large marble. I phoned the Healing Rooms and we prayed over the phone. I felt indignation and anger at Satan rise up in me. I felt like Jesus, twisting together reeds and ropes to make a whip to drive out the money-changers in the temple. I saw myself as the temple of the Lord. The next day a Healing Rooms team member sent me a text with the scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:15-22 "Stand still, you don't need to fight, see the salvation of the Lord. Believe in the Lord God and you will be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper". A week later I discovered the lump had completely gone!! Thank you Jesus!!!


Sandy - My ankle feels no pain. My right leg was lengthened to equal my left foot. The right was shorter and my knee is more flexible.


Maggie - It's always good to come here and receive prayer and truth in my life!


Lydia - I asked for inner healing and the team prayed for me. They spoke of God's great love for me. That regardless of what I have experienced in the past. God is not like them. He is a good and loving God who wants me to know He's always there for me and He never leaves me nor forsakes me. I need to take the sword of the spirit to cut down the walls that I have erected for protection. The walls are cut down and can't hold me back any longer.


Sylvia - My prayer was to be healed of grief, a broken heart, my Father who was an abuser during my childhood passed away. I prayed for closure and peace. For forgiveness of my Father and past abuse, forgiveness of my mother as well. The Lord/Holy Spirit spoke to me with comfort and arms wrapped me like I was being held and wrapped in Angel's wings and the Father's Arms. I was freed from shame, insecurities, darkness and filled with joy and peace, a lightness replaced a heavy depressed heart. I am not ready to fill any destiny by helping others and being a blessing to others who have shared this experience as well.


Barry - Barry had prostate cancer and came into our Healing Rooms quite anxious about his upcoming prostate operation which was only a few days away. We prayed for peace of mind and that every cancer cell in his body would burn up and get out in Jesus name. We all felt that the cancer was gone, but Barry was already committed to the operation. On operation day Barry said he had such peace going into it, that it was like going in to have a small splinter removed. His recovery from the operation was so quick that he was out of the hospital the next day. When he contacted his doctor about what they found he asked on a scale of 1 to 10( 10 being the best possible outcome), the Doctor gave him a rating of '11'! They found that their was no cancer in his body other than a small trace in his prostate that was removed.


Elizabeth - I rang Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer for my 6 week old baby granddaughter, Arielle. She was suffering from severe colic and gastric reflux. Arielle also developed breathing problems with a viral cold she had contacted. There had been very little sleep in their household since her birth, also crying all day and Miranda (her mother) had to walk constantly around the house to quieten her. She was a very unwell baby and Miranda (my daughter) rang me saying that they were going to Wollongong hospital for help, after having seen a local doctor, who advised Miranda to take the baby to hospital for treatment. My daughter rang me to tell me this news, so instantly I went into prayer, and while I was seeking the Lord, He laid it upon my heart to call Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer, which I did immediately. Two team members prayed with me over the phone, and wow the presence of God was amazing! A couple of hours later I rang my daughter for news of the baby, and was told, "Mum, she is so much better, she is starting to sleep and settle"! The following morning I rang for an update. The baby had slept nearly all night, her cold had gone, she was sleeping and settled throughout the day, and we both agreed together that the Lord had given a miracle!! Arielle has been sleeping throughout the nights, and settled and happy throughout the daytime - Praise God, He alone has accomplished this mighty miracle!!!! Truly for the first time in six weeks my daughter can relax and enjoy the fruit of motherhood and I, the Grandma, can say, "What god is so great as our God' You are the God who performs miracles, you display your power among the peoples, with your mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph" Psalm 77 v 14 -15. Praise the Lord! Elizabeth S


Samuel - Youth team sent out to pray for those who had pain in their body. This took place in September and October. Young adult mail had a bone separated in his right shoulder, After prayer the bones came together by his witness. He could no longer feel the separation, nor any pain or ciscomfort.


Madison - Madison is a teenager trained by Healing Rooms to pray for people she sees in pain or discomfort. At school she noticed a young female student with a cast on her leg which she said that she had broken a few days before. When Madison prayed for her she could feel like her bone was moving in her leg. That evening she went to the Doctor for an exray, and he could no longer detect a broken bone. The cast was removed and she is a happy camper.


John - Started having pain in my right kidney, went to the Doctor and He dignosed a kidney stone. Went to Healing Rooms and received prayer for the problem. The next day the pain was all gone. This was weeks ago, it is now October 14 and there hasn't been a reocurrance. Praise God.


I. - My first time coming to the Healing Rooms of Issaquah, which was a couple of months ago, I needed healing for my wrist. I had so much pain especially in my left one. I came for pryaer and it was healed during the prayer. Now I don't even think about that pain because...well... it is gone! I do not wake up with a stiff wrist anymore. God is good and I praise Him!


Kelli-Anne - My skin broke out badly, possibly due to hormones. I had prayer and the silent intercessor had a vision of God's Spirit filling me, pushing it out through my body, giving me a new skin from the inside out. A week later it is already improving. Kelli-Anne


Susi - I was told after my mastectomy and lymph node removal that my arm would be permanently numb from a severed major nerve. But God has healed my arm; I get more and more feeling back in my right arm although it was supposed to be "impossible." I can play the piano again, I can crochet, I can do all the things that I did before. God healed me after surgery so quickly that doctors were shocked and couldn't believe it. Drains came out in one week instead of 4 to 6 weeks and I have full range of motion in my shoulder. God has allowed me to heal and He has carried me to the most incredible doctors. To God be the glory!


Christina - I am healed from Esonphillic disease! I have the lab results where I had the disease. I saw the picture of my stomach. I was blood red. I had lost over 40 pounds. I was always in pain and very nauseated. Then I came to the Healing Room and when Donna laid hands on me, I felt the Holy Spirit like never before! I went back to the doctor and got a new biopsy done. My stomach is pink and the esonphillic disease is gone! PRAISE GOD! I love you all and I hope this might encourage someone else. Thank you for letting God use your hands to heal the sick!


Selena - My sister had been ICU for several days due to brain bleeds and seizures (2 different kinds) and a stroke. The day the nurse told us she could go either way, Dana had us hold a telephone up to her ear in the ICU bed to administer God's word and prayers for healing her. It was extremely powerful. The presence of God was in the hospital room with my husband, my niece and me. We knew a miracle was taking place on her behalf. Since then, like the next day, she began to make a turnaround for the better. She was taken off the sedation and ventilator and the seizures are now under control.


Jane - I broke my arm on May 11th and went to an Orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI, which revealed lesions in my arm and bone marrow that suggested a possible diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Blood work and a urinalysis were ordered for confirmation. I came in for prayer on May 30th. All of my tests cam back that I was clear of cancer.


Joyce - I felt the shame and guilt of the past leave my heart and mind as they placed hands on me and one team member held my hands. Last night was the first time I slept through the night in 3 years.


Lauren - I came in with my mouth swelling and in pain from a tooth infection. It totally disappeared during he time I was being prayed for.


Cindy - I came into the healing room with searing back pain. The ladies lay hand on my back and command the pain to go. I am healed in Jesus name. Praise Jesus


Susie - Jesus has stopped the pain in my face. I came in using a cane and left running. I can never stop thanking Jesus for everything he's done for me. He has changed my life.


Justin - After prayer in the healing rooms chemo, and surgery, I am now cancer free. Praise God!


Monica - TESTIMONY... "I am very overwhelmed, at a loss for words. I want to shout it out to world that The Lord has healed my body and soul. I can't believe I'm able to jump and lift my hands. I walked into the Healing Room in Oxnard and was in severe pain not able to walk and after prayer with their prayer team the miracle happened. Feeling blessed."


Roie - At the Healing Rooms Australia team training day at DaySpring Church, Castle Hill, we were doing an exercise on praying for another person for healing. I was paired with a 77 year old who had a sore back and he was healed. When he asked me what I wanted prayer for, I said "my flat feet". While he was praying I felt a resistance between the floor and the arch of my right foot, like when two magnets are repelling each other. When I tried to rest my arch flat like I always did, I couldn't do it for too long as the force was too strong against my foot. My foot and my ankle were shaking whenever I stood on them for the rest of the day.


Richard - "I was led by the Prompting of the Spirit to share some information with a friend...when I asked my friend what the Lord revealed they confirmed and then I took my friend to the Healing Rooms of Oxnard and she has been healed.... My friend walked in crippled and is now jumping for Joy..... I also went in for prayer and wow....it was a totally a God Moment.....so much revelation and wisdom....JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!"


Mariann - Absolutely wonderful - so freeing! Physical problems were touched. I feel I can walk about so much better. Only God knew some things I was concerned about. I know I will be singing and dancing before the Lord again. Worship has been one of the great passions of my life.


Sister Claire - I accepted JESUS as my Lord and Savior at the age of 21. That was to be the most important and valuable decision I ever made in my life. In 1997, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease (cancer of the lymphatic system). When the doctor told me I had cancer, I was surprised but I didn't feel hopeless, I just believed live or die, it wasn't for me to decide, my life is in His hands. I underwent chemotherapy to cure it and two years later, I had a relapse. I had chemotherapy and radiation therapy. My dad asked me what was on my mind when I had to deal with having cancer. I answered him that my life is in God's hand. His will be done in my life. Today, I am cancer free and I give Him all the honor and the glory. Through it all, I find strength and boldness in my faith because God's presence in my life gave me courage, endurance and patience and persistence to go through difficult times that I know I couldn't be able to handle without Him. God is my strength, my hope and my reason for living. His presence in my life was what enabled me to get through that difficult period in my life. For those who are undergoing difficult circumstances- God will get you through! Trust in Him. I would say to someone who is sick "There is hope. It is not a hopeless situation, God will see you through in your most difficult times." I thank God that I'm alive and that He gave me a second chance. The Bible speaks of JESUS healing the sick and He still heals today. JESUS LOVES YOU AND HE CARES FOR YOU.


Rev. Marina - To everyone who reads my testimony, I want to tell you that our God is Alive! He is the same Today, Yesterday, and Forever. He never changes. What He did 2000 years ago He will still do today. All He asks from us is to Believe. I remember vividly coming back from the doctor's office. I went to get the results of my biopsy after two inconclusive mammograms. I went alone, thinking it would be a regular visit. Then things changed. My doctor said I had breast cancer and that it had to be removed immediately, I was in shock and couldn't believe what I heard. I went home and saw my husband smiling and asking me if everything was alright. But I couldn't even say anything. Then he realized and embraced me and we were both crying. He said, "God has a purpose". In the days before my surgery, every church that we had contact with was praying for me. Even during a Pastor's prayer meeting that my husband attended, they prayed for me. I was so encouraged that my faith got stronger and stronger. When I opened my eyes after the surgery, it was the break of dawn. I was alone in my room but felt God's presence around me and I cried because of His faithfulness. Today I am cancer free and I give Him all the glory. Friends, brothers, and sisters in the Lord if you are going through pain, sickness, trials, or hardship... if you are lost and don't understand what is happening, don't look anywhere else. Look up- JESUS is the answer. TRUST GOD, HIS PROMISED TO HEAL HAS NOT ENDED YET. CHRIST STILL HEALS.


Rev. Mel - He grew up in a poor family that tried to make ends meet. He came to America to better his life and help those left behind in his own country. He graduated with a degree in Accounting, took the CPA exam to pursue a career in the corporate world of America He landed a good accounting job, put up an income tax and accounting service and food store in downtown New York. Everything was going fine to fulfill his dreams of helping the people back home and becoming a millionaire before the age of 40. All of a sudden on his way up the ladder of success, out of the blue, something happened. Like a bolt of lightning, an excruciating pain started in his head. Everything came to a stop; regular tasks became impossibilities. For almost 4 years he suffered the unbearable pain daily. He lost his good relationships with loved ones and friends, bills piled up and no more job to help sustain the family. After almost 4 years, the mercy of God came upon him... saved and completely delivered. Hallelujah! He asked God what to do, God answered, "I will use you to reach out to multitude of people" This is how it began.


P. - I came to the Healing Rooms of Issaquah and requested prayer for healing of my headache, earache, shoulder and high cholesterol. The prayer team focused their intercession primarily on the painful condition in my right shoulder which had been going on for over 10 years and restricted my ability to move my arm. The doctor had diagnosed it as a degenerated connective tissue problem. Last year the pain had gotten considerably worse. X-rays were ordered and showed a torn ligament. The doctor recommended surgery which I had declined to receive. The prayer team anointed me with oil and laid their hands on me. During prayers I felt very hot, like I was placed inside a hot balloon. I began sweating. After a few minutes it felt like many tiny needles were going through my right shoulder; though it may not sound like it, the feeling was very pleasant. After that experience I felt a release from pain on my right shoulder and I was now able to lift my hands high. The headache and earache were also reduced. It is ten days later now and the right shoulder pain is still gone. My shoulder moves similarly to the one that had not been injured. I have regained movement in my arm, ever since the healing, so I am now able to lift it high above my head. The headache continues to be at a lower level than before the shoulder healing. I believe this symptom will go away also.


Pastor Marina - To everyone who reads my testimony, I want to tell you that our God is Alive! He is the same Today, Yesterday, and Forever. He never changes. What He did 2000 years ago He will still do today. All He asks from us it to Believe. I remember vividly coming back from the doctor's office. I went to get the results of my biopsy after two inconclusive mammograms. I went alone, thinking it would be a regular visit. Then things changed. My doctor said I had breast cancer and that it had to be removed immediately. I was in shock and couldn't believe what I heard. I went home and saw my husband smiling and asking me if everything was alright. But I couldn't even say anything. Then he realized and embraced me and we were both crying. He said, "God has a purpose." In the days before my surgery, every church that we had contact with was praying for me. Even during a Pastor's prayer meeting that my husband attended, they prayed for me. I was so encouraged that my faith got stronger and stronger. When I opened my eyes after the surgery, it was the break of dawn. I was alone in my room but felt God's presence around me and I cried because of His faithfulness. Today I am cancer free and I give Him all the glory. Friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord, if you are going through pain, sickness, trials, or hardship...if you are lost and don't understand what is happening, don't look anywhere else. Look up--JESUS is the answer.


Sister Claire - I accepted JESUS as my Lord and Savior at the age of 21. That was to be the most important and valuable decision I ever made in my life. In 1997, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease (cancer of the lymphatic system). When the doctor told me I had cancer, I was surprised but I didn't feel hopeless, I just believed live or die, it wasn't for me to decide, my life is in God's hand. I underwent chemotherapy for 6 months. Two years later, I had a relapse, I had chemotherapy and radiation therapy. My dad asked me what was on my mind when I had to deal with having cancer. I answered him that my life is in God's hand. His will be done in my life. Today I am cancer free and I give Him all honor and the glory. Through it all, I found strength and boldness in my faith because of God's presence in my life. He gave me courage, endurance and patience and persistence to go through that difficult time that I know I couldn't be able to handle without Him. God is my strength, my hope, and my reason for living. His presence in my life enabled me to get through that difficult period in my life. For those who are undergoing difficult circumstances-God will get you through! Trust in Him. I would say to someone who is sick "There is hope. It is not a hopeless situation. God will see you through in your most difficult times." Thank God that I'm alive and that he gave me a second chance. The Bible speaks of JESUS healing the sick and He still heals today. JESUS LOVES YOU AND HE CARES FOR YOU.


Rev. Mel - He grew up in a poor family that tried to make ends meet. He came to America to better his life and help those left behind in his home country. He graduated with a degree in accounting and took the CPA exam to pursue a career in the corporate world of America. He landed a good accounting job, put up an income tax and accounting service, as well as food store in downtown Manhattan, New York. Everything was going fine to fulfill his dreams of helping the people back home and becoming a millionaire before the age of 40. All of a sudden, like a bolt of lightning, an excruciating pain and dizziness started in his head. Everything came to a stop, regular tasks became impossibilities. For 3 1/2 years he suffered the unbearable pain daily. He lost his good relationships with loved ones and friends. He was forced to seek the aid of medical specialists, but there was no cure. Instead of improving, he became worse and worse everyday. Each day a terrible headache and migraine would hit him like a ton of bricks. He spent the remaining daylight putting a pillow on his head to relieve the pain. He wants to die that time. One day a mechanic invited him to come to his church after fixing his car and minister to him about Jesus, how he died at the cross of Calvary, heal people from sickness, save people from sin and from the fires of hell, gave him the address, and hoped that he would come by for the next Sunday service. Almost a year had passed since he spoke with the mechanic. Until one Sunday morning on their way to church, by unknown reason he ended up at the church of the mechanic after so much disagreement inside the car with his family that it was not the right church for them to attend. As he and his family approached the door, they heard the loud music, jubilant singing, and hands clapping. So they entered the church in single file first him, his wife, then his children. By divine providence, the last row had just enough room for them all to sit. As the music and singing continued, they tried to observe and to clap and sing with the people in the church. When the singing stopped a man came forward to the pulpit and started speaking about the Bible. The man asked the people in the church to come to the altar and be prayed for. He hesitated to come but someone behind him pushed him to go to the front and as the preacher prayed for him, all he could remember was that his whole body became very weak and he started to fall. He didn't know how long he was down and needed the help of an usher to get up. Expecting the pain to start pounding in his head, he and his family hurried back to reach home after the service. When he reached home, he waited and expecting the worst. He wondered why the pain did not come. It was around a quarter to midnight and he remembered about the prayer at the church; they had prayed for his HEALING. He said to himself, if no pain came by midnight he would claim that he was HEALED and would thank God for HEALING him. The clock struck midnight and miraculously there was no pain. Without a word to anyone, he went into his room, closed the door behind him, locked it, and shed tears thanking God for his HEALING. He promised to serve God from that day on...and God spoke to him that he will be sent to multitudes of people...and to this very day, he is still serving God and will be serving Him till Jesus return. October 28, 1990 was when he invited Christ into his heart and received total HEALING from his illness and deliverance from sin.


Paul - I had a car accident three years ago, which permanently effected the blood circulation in my left leg. There was a feeling of coldness in my foot. In the Nowra Healing Rooms they prayed and laid hands on my foot. The cold feeling left and has not returned since. God's ways are so simple and painless. Paul


Robert - There was a cold wind blowing as the team prayed for me outside the Healing Rooms. I was feeling cold. As they prayed, my forehead became really hot and the breeze was now soothing! When they stopped praying the pain had disappeared! I had walked in on a walking stick and had been unable to stand without it. After prayer I put my stick down and was able to walk up and down the steps and even lift a pram into the car. And three days later I swam 36 laps of the pool! I am now at least 80% better. God is doing a progressive healing. Praise you Lord and thank you Father for your faithfulness to your word and your children. Robert


Robin - I had a terrible headache and sinus pressure. Everytime I bent over my head would pound with sharp pain. I was very dizzy from it. The prayer team prayed for me and the gentleman had a word of knowledge-he prayed against my sensitivity to molds and pollens and broke its power. I was feeling better by 60% when I left the room & by the end of the day I was completely healed! Thank you, Dr. Jesus!


Tena - I developed a crick in my neck that extended down through my shoulder. It had been bothering me for almost a year. I had been to the chiropractor and had 3 or 4 deep Tissue messages without permanent relief. One Sunday I went down for prayer and received some relief. Two weeks later I got prayed for at the Austin Healing Rooms and received total healing. The lady asked me when it began and if there were any concerns I was carrying around. I placed those concerns in my hands and lifted them up to Jesus and waited for Him to take it from me. The person praying for me stood behind me and aligned me in the spirit. We prayed and it was gone. Praise God!


Narcisso - I feel so much better and a load was lifted off of my soul. My mind is clear of crazy thoughts. Thank you and may God bless you. My loving God is good.


R. - I was dealing with Father wounds and was let to forgive me earthly father. I gave those things to Jesus and He filled me with His peace. I received 4 notes from the intercessors and 2 visions from the people who were praying for me. They meant something to me.


R. - Growing in faith. I am coming to know His will. After prayers, He gave me a verse, Isaiah 43:2 which is the same verse He gave to me last year. This verse brought me to TX. He does not want me to worry but just put my faith in Him once again.


Cindy - Every time I feel like I don't need to come here, I always get so extremely blessed. The prayer comes to me prophetically. God knows exactly what I need and always speaks so clearly through the prayer team members and intercessors. The messages from the intercessors are the icing on the cake.


Ann - My husband has stopped drinking. My grown daughter and son are seeking me out and they are respectful.


Rachel - It may not be much of a testimony, but I know it is a first step that I AM healed. Just being able to verbalize some of my hurts, pains, scars that have caused me anger and depression, it was a very freeing feeling to me physically and emotionally being able to say it, place it in my hands and lay it at the feet of Jesus. I thank my Father, my Abba Father and my Lord Jesus Christ. He, who has overcome the world, so that these things of the devil have already been healed within me.


Logan - There is a very strong prophetic spirit on the teams and I believe that healing and prophecy go together. I had some slight physical issues that could be prayed for and hurting shoulder and some sinus issues but the real blessing comes from the somewhat unexpected prophecies over my life and they were very encouraging and very uplifting and they were very much on target. They felt right and they definitely helped me feel closer to God and to have a sense that He is so close and so personal as scripture states.


Lily - HEALED AND SET FREE FROM MEDS. The Lord has healed me from the Pituitary Gland Tumor...After the MRI results this past july/august 2011. The doctor took me off medication!!!! I had been taking this one med since ...1992'


Mike - Seven years ago, Mike was prayed over for a healing of colon cancer and hepatitis C. He says he has been cancer free and hepatitis free for 5 years now!!


Barbara - I feel free, like a weight has been lifted off me. Since childhood I have felt unloved and unwanted, had no self-esteem and felt worthless. God has restored me 100%. He has broken all those horrible ties that bound me and set me free. I feel free for the first time in my life. God is my source of strength, and He alone sustains me. God loves me and He is the only one who can complete me. So much was broken off me that I did not even realize how sick I was. The only thing I can say is, "Thank you, God!"


Tarish - My doctor told me that my kidney levels were starting to rise and that I had to see a kidney specialist. During this time I went with my husband to the Healing Room where I received prayer for my kidneys and the pain I was experiences. I went back to the doctor and she told me I had passed some kidney stones. I finally had to go to the hospital due to pain and fluid. Later tests revealed my kidneys are completely clear and normal. I know this is God's work with the Healing Room praying as well as my family. I'm healed of this kidney disease. Thank you, God!


V - I came in with a prayer request for my dry mouth and partial hearing loss in my right ear. Pastor and his team prayed for me and anointed me with oil. After the prayer, the hearing in my right ear improved right away. I can hear much better now. Praise the Lord!


Gabriel - FREE FROM ALCOHOL AND DRUGS... I was going down the wrong road. I was drinking a lot and starting to do drugs. I went to the Oxnard Healing Rooms they prayed and something changed for the better. I went home better than I came in. I am now going to college


Penny - Nine months ago I went to the Healing Rooms at Wreck Bay to have prayer for diabetes. Two weeks ago, while being prepared for a heart operation, the doctors monitored my blood sugar levels and it was all good! They decided I didn't need to take the medication for diabetes any longer!! Penny


Laura - Wednesday at Healing Rooms was great. The team helped me so much. I was right in the middle of a long day of pre-end-tax-season crazy boss problems. This had just occurred when I cam into Healing Rooms. Mean, it was, but that wasn't all. It was out of control, and what, I have to work in this''' I didn't walk out though, as I have in the past. I went out for lunch, which is Healing Rooms on Wednesdays. The Lord is showing me things too. Stuff just for me - not big wide-spreak things. But it is wonderful!! That stuff from last year is just completely gone. And, I know THAT is in great, great part to you guys helping me SO much. Even when I look at my house, I just can't believe all the work you two have helped me with - if you hadn't it would still be the very same. It isn't finished, bur for once I know I am right in the middle of good changes. Not just being fished out of hell. Director's not after 1.5 years of receiving prayer this individual is not beginning to join our team and with the comfort received they are now giving. Praise God


M - I have had many years of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, repeated gut infections, a severely depressed immune system, a chronic left finger sprain for over one year, numerous food allergies, severe facial and much peeling and irritated skin, frequent morning eyelid swelling and sporadic swelling of my legs. Since I began going to the Issaquah Healing Rooms, I've had miraculous improvement in many of my symptoms. My insomnia has just about disappeared. Most nights I go right to sleep and wake up one time to go to the bathroom. Immediately I get back to sleep after getting back in bed! My anxiety is just about gone and I feel a new peace and trust. My depressed immune system is improved, as shown in a blood test by my MD. Also, my skin has healed of its peeling and the irritation is almost completely gone. In addition, my eyelid swelling and leg swelling seems to be just about gone. Lastly, my hand sprain is less painful and I can open my finger a little more. I have faith for God to soon completely heal me. Praise the Lord! I want to thank all the wonderful people at the Issaquah Healing Prayer Room that have helped me so much with their wonderful consistent prayers, encouragement, kindness and wisdom.


Julie - Julie says that after we prayed for her son, Justin's broken leg, his doctor said he had never seen such a severe injury to a leg heal so quickly. PRAISE GOD!!


Teresa - She has had tingling and pain in her hands for a long time. After prayer she had no more pain and no more tingling. She would tap where the tingling was and she said I can't feel the tingling. She began to cry with joy.


Dan - My name is Dan, About 6 years ago I was a very active person I worked a very labor intensive job as a journeyman meat cutter. I was also very active in outdoor activities. In one day that was all taken from me with what the doctors called peripheral neuropathy..'nerve damage' and was unable to walk and was basically unable to take care of myself...it took me almost 2 years to fight and get back to where I was able to get around the house with the help of a cane and for the next 4 years I fought as hard as I could to get to where I learned how to do certain thing in order to basically take care of myself. But I had been told by many doctors that I would be permanently disabled, I would never be able to walk without a cane, I would never be able to drive, among other things that I would never be able to do things on my own, that I would always be dependent on someone to do certain things for me. I would always have no feeling in my neck, hands and feet. In January 2013, I was taken to the Healing Room by my friend Pam.....I was told that I was going to be prayed over, I was taken to a chair where two people began to pray over me. My eyes were closed as I was being prayed over I felt the hands of the two people... they were praying, then I could feel the hands of more people praying over me. Some of them were speaking in a language I could not recognize...At another point I could feel my entire body filled with warmth and energy...and could feel about 10 people praying over me. When I open my eyes there was only 2 people praying over me...I was able to walk around the room without my cane a little shaky but I was doing it without help from anyone but God..I was able to open a water bottle..now that may not be a big deal to some people but to me that was a miracle because over the last 6 years I haven.t been able to do that. Over the next few months every day I started getting feeling in parts of my hands and feet...as of today I have feeling in both my hands, feet and in my neck. I am going to get my drivers license in 1 month and I walk as normal as the next person. I look forward to living on my own and getting my life back. I know there is a lot more that God is healing in my body, still I am 98% healed. I need to build my muscles back up to get back to not only where I was before this happened, but better then before. I also gave my life to Jesus Christ. He is now my Lord & Savior!!


Randy - Since attending the Healing Room of Marin, I have noticed a change in my health. I can now sleep more peaceful without seeing things that cannot be described. I also feel a change in my spiritual and mental focus. By confessing and receiving God's Word over my life, I have learned to direct my thoughts, instead of letting my thoughts direct me. Since attending the Healing Room, I have also learned the proper way to pray God's will over my life, and often find myself praying for others in the same manner that I have learned. I'm still working on seeing myself the way the Lord sees me, but I am firm in my faith that in time I soon will.


Andrea Jill - I am thanking God more seriously after receiving His healing grace. I am hearing without my hearing aids! Praise you, Lord! The healing has accomplished several things for me. I have a better understanding of the choices I have made, and even more appreciation of His magnanimous love. I am totally convinced He is my savior! Thanks to the prayer team and the Healing Rooms of Marin. I intend to return.


Anonymous - At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer. Tests now can show you how close you are to cervical cancer which is good for getting pre-treatment but those words scared me. of course as I was thinking the worst and getting treatment that wasn't working. It was suggested to me to try the Starkville Healing Rooms. I actually remember thinking, "What could it hurt' I love that they want to pray for me." So, I went. As they laid hands on me to pray for me, I remember the feeling. Feelings of comfort and feeling of being at peace with whatever God had planned for me. I remember feeling a "tingling" feeling in my stomach. I left crying, not because I was sad, but because I just knew I would be ok. Still, I had one more treatment coming up. i remembered some of the words they prayed for me and I did recite them in my prayers. I had the procedure but I remember afterwards I had to wait 3 months to see the results and if it would have worked. Took the test and while I wasn't out of the clear yet, the nurse called and said, "Good news. We will test you again in 6 months but there are no signs that it has progressed anymore. There is no more HPV." I know this is not unheard of, but in 3 months I went from 1-2 stages away from being classifiedl as cancer to not even having the virus that causes it! Still not out of the clear, but certainly praise worthy. I just 2 weeks ago went in for my follow-up. Needless to say, 6 months later and still pre-cervical cancer free and HPV free. All I can say is praise God! Those that are skeptical, I can understand, but like I thought, "what could it hurt' Strangers are wanting to pray with me for me." Like Matthew 18:20 states, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them". It doesn't matter what denomination you are, if you believe in the Holy Spirit, healing will take place. I am so grateful for these brothers and sisters in Christ that decided to help me that day.


Zania - Last time I came to prayer I got prayer for my grades. Two came up. On my test I didn't do very well, but when I got my progress report I had all "A's", one "B" and one "C". I was so happy. I haven't seen grades like that in a long while. My dad rewarded me with some money.


Betty - Suffered with COPD since 2007. Tonight 4/11/13 God touched my lungs and healed them. No more oxygen! Glory to God!


J. Christopher - My dad drove me to the healing room. I was in such terrible pain in my hips.When the team prayed for me the first time I did't feel much difference. The second time they prayed I got maybe 30% relief.The third time they prayed I really noticed the difference. I could feel the pain leaving. I got up and walked around and bent over and lifted my legs.Everything felt normal. I just had a little tenderness when I lifted my leg. I got at least 90% healing. When I got up this morning I felt really good. I went to my doctor for a routine check on the leukemia. My laboratory results were not bad at all. The doctor couldn't understand because I haven't had cancer medicines for THREE MONTHS. I understand. God is healing the leukemia!!!


James F. - I had pain in the heel of my right foot from a bone spur.The healing room members prayed for it and the bone spur disappeared.I walked around on it, no pain and I could not even feel it with my hand. THE BONE SPUR WAS GONE.I have been going to the chiropractor for years for pelvic misalignment. My right leg was shorter. I have shoe inserts in my shoes. They prayed and my leg grew out some. When I got up this morning I was walking around in my bare feet and it felt good. I took my shoe insert out of my work shoe and worked the entire day without it. I felt just a little limp when I got up this morning. I believe God is continuing to heal this condition.


Marlene - I have been suffering with severe pain in my left foot (heel) since a boating accident 15 years ago, in which my heel was shattered. I have had a surgery and there is a plate and metal screws in my foot. I was invited to the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms by my friend. After conversing and praying during my session pain has been suddenly taken away. Thank you Father God.


Sip - Suffered with lower back problems for 8 years, After they prayed for me all the pain was gone and I could move like new. It has been a week now and I am without pain and restrictions. Praise God.


LaTanya - I had drainage that was clogging my left ear where my hearing was muffled. I went to the ENT doctor. He said I didn't have an ear infection. He drained all the fluid from my ear that he could.He gave me some medication. I never got the prescription filled. I came to the healing room today and as the two ladies began to pray for me I could feel the fluid drying up. I could completely hear out of my left ear and all drainage was gone. I could I could hear totally out of my ear for the first time in two months!The Holy Spirit drained it and healed it.


C. - My right leg was too short. The Healing Rooms grew out the leg. I've had a great two weeks with no back pain.


Francis - Healing rooms was contacted by a friend of mine and asked if they would call and pray for me. They called and prayed about my equallibriom caused by a stroke. After prayer I was able to move around without any problem.


Sarah - Experiencing pain and soreness in left ankle which were both gone after prayer at the healing room in Aubrey, TX. Also, stiffness gone and have had no pain since prayer about 3-4 weeks ago even after stomping the left foot several times to test.


Jamie - Lower back injured many years ago and discs were continuously degenerating causing constant pain and restricted movement. Reported pain gone after prayer at the healing room and able to lift legs and touch toes, which was not possible previously.


Jane - Tonight, God came to me within the healing hands and prayers of this remarkable group of people. I have had severe back pain - at times unable to move or do such simple tasks as putting on my clothes, standing up to cook, or taking a shower. The pain in my back that accompanied me and my cane into that circle has now diminished to the point that I freely walked out- no case- with a smile on my face and Faith in my heart. I know that i am on a new path in my life. This promises to be a new life and adventure for me. Thanks be to God.


Donald - I was invited to Healing Rooms by a friend so I could receive prayer. After 4 trips for prayer I received a miracle in my lungs. I had fibrosis disease, and had to live with taking oxygen constantly to live. I am now healed and totally off oxygen. I was checked by my therapist and confirmed my lungs clear. Praise God!


Brandy - Went to healing rooms for prayer, had been suffering from fibromyalgia for some time. After ministry All my pain and trigger points has disappeared. Fibromyalgia is gone!


Clara - Received prayer for arthritis in both knees. After prayer all symptoms of arthritis was gone. Now walking pain free.


Gina - Received prayer over the phone from the Healing Rooms for my gum disease and for the fibroid tumors in both breast. I experienced instant healing in both areas. Could no longer feel the tumors and all pain left my gums. I wept with joy and praise to God.


Danne - Healing Rooms prayed for me over the phone and I received 2 healings. Set free from migraine headaches and the irritable bow syndrome, when the migraine left me, my eyes also cleared up.


Ursula - Two nights before prayer ministry, the Lord showed me in a dream that my flesh had to die. My own strength and coping mechanisms needed to be replaced by dependence on Jesus alone. I was led to forgive those parts of me which had worked hard to protect me, but had actually hindered my full healing and release. Generational sins were forgiven and strongholds dismantled. I laid down burdens and received the covenant of rest that God had waiting for me all along. Since the ministry I have felt much more confident, because now my trust is more fully in God. This new wholeness is already being outworked in relationships: in the past when I felt rejected by a particular person I would withdraw, but after ministry I found I could press through the rejection and reach out in love. Moreover, I was able to share the story of Passover with a family member who had been hostile towards things of the spirit. Thank you Jesus for the new life and freedom! Ursula


Richard - Hi, three years ago I started to have problems with my right leg and arm, weakness, numbness etc. Went to the doctors (several) and was diagnosed with M S. Being recently born again, my wife suggested attending a healing room for prayer. I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive at first but, through her persistence, I went. After being there for about 1 minute, all of my apprehensions and nervousness disappeared, truly wonderful, faithful people. This I can honestly say, after the laying of hands, anointing of oil and praying, before I left there I felt immediate relief. I mean I limped in and walked out. WOW! Fast forward about 8 months, I noticed the familiar feelings returning to my arm and leg. My wife again suggested returning to a healing room, how could I argue' This time we went to the Healing Rooms of Bucks County in Yardley PA. (not that there was anything wrong with the first one, the Lord told me to go here this time). Again, we were greeted by awesome people of faith. When I walked thru the door I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Once more, I received the anointing of oil and prayer. The next day I had an appointment with my neurologist and after a physical exam, he suspected my arm and leg issues may not be M S related. After several MRI scans (and more prayer) it turns out he was right there were no signs of any new M S disease activity. My arm and leg are unrelated issues that can be easily treated. Awesome stuff!! So, all I can say is this, if you haven't already accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord, Savior, Healer and Friend, do it now He's waiting for you. If you're ailing, either mentally, physically or spiritually, come to the Healing Room of Bucks County and accept His gift. Jesus died on the tree for ALL of our sins and iniquities don't let His gift go to waste. For by His stripes we are healed! Praise God!


Bronwyn - I awoke this morning with such a wonderful sense of freedom and wholeness after the ministry last night. I feel some of the major splintered wounds in my soul have been identified, forgiven, cleansed and integrated. I am so thankful to God for my Healing Rooms family, the team who ministered to me and the team of intercessors. I am thankful for their commitment to seeing people released into their covenant and for the clear confirmation of mine last night!! The words of an old song "I can feel the Love of God in this place, I receive your goodness, I receive your grace, I delight myself at your table, O God, you do all things well, just look at our lives!" were ringing in my spirit as I awoke. I hadn't heard those words for years! Thank you Lord. Bronwyn


Lisette - JOB... Thank You God for my new job that you gave me. God is good and we need to believe in Him. Thank You Lord Jesus for all the blessings in my life. Love you forever. Gracias Dios por mi nuevo trabajo que Tu mi diste. Dios es bueno. Solo necesitamos creer en El. Gracios Dios por todas Tus bendiciones en mi vida.


Trish - I came to the Healing Rooms in desperation following many years of depression and a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of personal self esteem. I knew that only prayer and God's blessings would be my comfort and peace. Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms I found such love and blessings. The second time was the most confronting and I had a real spiritual battle just getting there. But during that second visit I had the most amazing breakthrough, coming to terms with many things that had been spoken over me in the past. I was so blessed that I could forgive the past and move on. The next week I returned to thank those who had been there for me and praise the Lord for his love and blessings. After that I was able to discuss many issues with my brother who had also been affected when we were children and young adults. He was pleased to talk about these issues and we were able to pray together over them. I thank God for his blessings and continued love. Trish


Eileen - I went to the Wreck Bay Healing Rooms for prayer for both of my feet. They had been very sore and painful for a few weeks ... something to do with Diabetes. I had my feet washed and prayed for, then the Lord Jesus healed me right away. Thank you Jesus. Eileen


Eileen - I had bad stomach pain. The doctor examined my abdomen and said he could feel something there. He wanted me to have an ultrasound. I had prayer for healing at Nowra healing Rooms on Wednesday and on the Thursday I had the ultrasound. While having it, I felt the Lord touch my left hand ... I knew He was with me and I had no fear. I was almost home when I started to cry; the Holy Spirit was with me; it was so beautiful. I saw the doctor the next Monday and whatever was there was GONE. And I had no more pain. The Lord has healed me and I praise Him, He is so beautiful! Eileen


Shari - Pain was terrible due to a past injury. Ever since I was prayed for I have felt no pain. Sleeping through the night.


Shirley - Left knee popped on 1/20/13 after stepping up on step. On 2/7/13 I attended the Healing Room Service. On Friday, 2/8/13, I was able to bend my left knee & do a praise & worship dance. MRI showed no tears - No surgery needed. Praise the Lord! Thank you to the Healing Room team & their intecession. Jesus is Lord! Be Blessed.


Colin - I recently went to the Healing Rooms for Terraforming. That was the instruction from the Lord, along with a mental picture of my sister's grave. The issues dealt with were rebellion, doubt and unbelief, and resentment. The two factors that left the most impression, from the session, were the need to forgive myself and reintegration of splinters of myself. Since that time I am different. I the most complete and whole I have ever been. I have had another session of Terraforming since, which dealt with the remnant of rejection, an issue dealt with a long time ago. Now that I am more whole I realize that I need to learn how to live this way, so I have asked the lord for wisdom. There are many ways to pray but my recent experience of Terraforming prayer has for me been a very positive one. Colin


Sushma - I was having intense sciatic nerve pain due to my unborn baby sitting on this nerve. It would be so bad that sometimes I couldn't walk, just crawl. It interfered with my job (aerobics instructor). I limped into the Healing Room and was prayed for, I was shocked when I was healed instantly. My baby (unborn) was said to have signs of Downs Syndrome, a cyst in the brain and some mineral spots in the heart. They prayed for him, he ws born totally healthy with no problems even though he was only 4 lbs, 14 oz. He went home the next day after being born.


Lupe - I went for my one year check up for my Hashimotos Disease and my thyroid is the same size. It has not grown and there is no cancer. I am healed.


Dina - On the 4th of July I went to the emergency room because my stomach was bothering me. I have had stomach problems my whole life, but this time was different. Initial testing indicated a growth in my abdomen, and I was moved to UMC. My condition was very unusual, that initially even the chief of surgery had no idea what it was. Another doctor was able to diagnose a congenital cyst. Further testing revealed cancer was growing inside the cyst. I was scheduled for a radical resective surgery on July 20th. Due to the size of the cyst, I lost half my stomach, part of my small intestine, part of my pancreas, my bile duct and my gall bladder. Everything had to be re-routed. My surgeons did an excellent job, and I can eat normally. Before the operation, I was unable to eat, due to intestinal obstruction. I was in the hospital for 31 days and am recovering at home. I believe God has healed me and I do not fear cancer. I believe it will not come back and god has healed my completely.


Cynthia - I was having a terrible amount of pain in my lower back. I came with a positive thought God was going to heal me. I was a little nervous I didn't know anyone and I have a hard time around new people, but as soon as we shook hands it was like everyone was a friend I knew. We went into a little room. Cathy placed her hand on my back I felt a warm feeling and I have not had any pain since. We prayed just a little and I was healed! I thank the Lord for His healing and Bill, Pat & Cathy for being such power prayer warriors.


Laura - Since I came last year, God has given me a book that has helped me change my diet to heal my migraines. I was getting 2-3 a week and I now it's more like once a week. God is continuing to give me freedom. And now he wants me to put my trust in him fully in all areas of my life, not just my health. Now I am asking for healing of my heart and emotions. I know he will heal me, he already has.


Dallas - Through the time of soaking, I could feel God's spirit course through my veins. I asked for strength this evening, and though that I could feel so much power in my soul. So many of their words spoke to me, and I could feel God's presence every step of the way. This experience just rejuvenated God's holiness, and I hope I never lose that.


Ann - I feel a calm. I feel that my burden is lighter. I feel hope, I saw the wall that I have put up and I saw Jesus' face. The wall is crumbling.


Joseph - I came out of obedience for what I believe the Lord was asking me to come for. I believe he has taken me to the next step in my journey. I will keep walking in faith. Thank you AHR Team!


Tracy - My children, Christopher and Kalynn, were both having major repiratory issues (RSV) and the doctor told us that it would last another 4 to 5 weeks. They both had a bad cough, no energy, and Christopher had major issues with breathing due to his lungs being full of flem and sounding wheezy. The Healing Place prayer team (that attended WOW bible study group) prayed over me for my children's health that next morning, Christopher woke up with clear lung sounds and breathing normally; Kalynn woke up with a full appetite and ready to run, jump and play. I know that God touched my kids and healed their bodies!!! Praise the Lord!!!


D.H. - At the Healing Rooms we prayed for many needs. One was a car. The next weekend we found the perfect used cara the the right price! My husband and I both agree on everthing. My old car sold that same day!


Peggy - "I emailed and called in these prayer requests to the Healing Rooms. My sister-in-law suffered from Myelona. After prayers from the Healing Rooms, she made drastic improvements, to the point that she was taking classes and really enjoying life. She passed away at the age of 81! My brother-in-law suffered from brain and lung cancer. He was given six months to live. He lived over three years and was doing well. Another sister-in-law has been chronically ill for years with symptoms of tiredness and fatigue. She has gone from doctor to doctor. None of the advice or treatment she was given seemed to help. After prayers this last year, she has had more energy, and is helping in the library at the senior home where she lives! She hopes to travel to see us! Thank you for your prayers."


Robert - "I'd been straining the joint regularly on my shoulder. I probably injured it when lifting sand bags. During prayer I noticed the pain was gone. Since then, it's been as though the shoulder had never been injured!"


L.D. - "One year ago I was here praying for a job. I had been unemployed for three months, and I had not received an interview. I stayed the faith the whole time with no worrying about money or my next job. Shortly after prayer at the Healing Rooms, I was offered the job I wanted ~~ and without an interview! It was by God's fine appointment! Halleluiah. Amen."


Jerry - "I came to the Healing Rooms to engage in prayer for my daughter and her family. My daughter is an alcoholic. She entered alcohol treatment as I requested prayers for her. She completed her alcohol treatment program, hasn't had an alcoholic drink in almost a year, and is being a responsible mother! My grandson is doing well as a fifth grader and getting counseling."


S.G. - "I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Through all the treatments, God has not failed me yet! Four months ago the doctors found the cancer growing again. I have been coming here for 3 years as well as my church for healing. When I returned to Rochester, MN to see how far the cancer was, the cancer had stopped growing and the previous site had disappeared! The other is shrinking. Praise the Lord! I always believed and trusted God, our Lord Jesus. I was given tremendous strength. His love, power, strength and trust always came through. Thank you for your prayers and love."


J.S. - "My brother had to have major heart repair. The surgery was held off until a blood clot that formed on the bottom was gone. Two months ago it was still there. Two weeks after I brought his name in for prayer, the blood clot was gone! His heart also imroved in strength by nearly 10%. Praise God!"


Shannon - "I came in with a headache and muscle tension in my neck. It is gone!"


Johnny - I tried so hard to forgive my father for hurts and abandonment on my own. I convinced myself I had done it on some level, but I never shed a tear, I know this level of healing I should be crying my eyes out. During healing rooms the Holy Spirit revealed unforgiveness once again, as I began to put all the hurts and abandonment in my hand, I began to cry and sweat as the Holy Spirit took over me, I held all the hurts up for surrender and give to the Father. I felt angels descending and taking them off my hands. Felt a chain has fallen off my spirit, a step closer to the Holy Spirit, Jesus is so good!!!


Cindy - I arrived a little restless but I could leave with confidence and peace and rest. The AHR members are overflowing with truth and the Holy Spirit just wants to pour it all out on whoever comes to receive it. It's a great way to start the week and I never regret spending an hour here! The AHR members are also very willing to share their own stories/examples/testimonies. I can leave claiming the peace Jesus himself had when he was sleeping in the boat during the storm. Thank you AHR!


Kristen - God confirmed that He will heal my marriage. He gave then a vision matching what He has told me in His word.


Carolyn - Brought my father to my mind loud and clear and I laid him and my husband with all betrayals at the cross.


Alexis - When I came in I had a pain in my hand and arm and now that's gone. After prayer it has completely gone.


Maggie - I felt lots of unworthiness because of religiousness and what I thought God was and who I thought He saw me as. Sometimes I just don't know what I feel about him because I try to make up justifications or what I think He'd say. Everything I prophesied was unoriginal. I felt so unworthy for some reason. Maybe because I feel like I'm living in the shadow of my friend and sister because they're so much better than me, doing more for his kingdom than I am. But God's word tonight hit me. The AHR Member who prayed for me told me about eyes for clarity of who I am in God's eyes. I have glasses, so I know what it's like to see in a blur and then put on glasses and realize how much I was missing. She said that God saw me as perfect, not the tings I do, He sees perfection and he has joy in me. I don't have to keep telling myself I'm not good enough. I just thank God for his grace, his perfection, His goodness of knowing exactly what I need. It's so cool. I told myself I wouldn't cry today because I've already been here so many times, but I did anyway.


Robin - OMG, My pain was a little better from the sciatic nerve in my back and down my leg , BUT it continued to improve ! The drive home was painless and I even forgot it .I said wow wait a minute , and then I thanked and praised God . When I got home the evil one said " it will come back". I could hardly wait to jump in bed , because I haven't slept well in a couple of weeks. There's hardly any position that's comfortable. I had the best night sleep that I've had in a month ! I'm still pain free. Thank you two so much, just walking into the soaking area and the laying on of hands worked. All glory to our God. Love and blessings,


Deborah - I was experiencing excruciating chronic pain in my lower back, especially on left side for the last two weeks. It was bad enough that medicine only dulled the pain, but didn't take it away. It was also enough that I chose to see a chiropractor about it, which only made it intensify. Again my body was unresponsive to therapy. I actually received prayer from one group that met some other needs on my heart. In soaking, I felt God wasn't done yet, so I asked to go again. Resting in peace and rest God had been pouring over me, I walked into the next group. The prayer volunteer identified where my pain was, led of the Holy Spirit. We prayed and the pain diminished in intensity. I asked if we could pray again because that area was tender to touch. We prayed again, and it left. God reminded me I was armed and dangerous with this gift and reminding me not to be intimidated by the attack of the enemy. What a privilege to receive such a great gift unconditionally! >> We at the AHR found out that the team member felt pain in the same area of her back when she was picking up Deborah from soaking. A "word of knowledge" means God wants to do something!!


Andrew - I came into the healing room with worries about everything in the outside world. I had forgotten that I could give absolutely anything up to God. All the delusions crowding my mind were shattered after I was prayed for. I attend all types of recovery meetings for my addiction to drugs but have never felt the love that I felt here. Straight up, it was amazing.


D. - Jesus is the healer! I had severe pain from fibromyalgia. After prayer I was able to lift both my arms with no pain. All I could do is praise my heavenly Father.


Des - Every day for two weeks before receiving prayer from the team on 17th December, I prayed through a personal restoration prayer about the Light, Blood and Authority of Jesus. God used this to prepare my heart for what He wanted to do in my life. A part of my soul had been wounded from the time I was in my mother's womb. My mother had been grieving the loss of her son in an epidemic. This was followed by the loss of her daughter just 6 weeks before I was born. Jesus healed that part of my soul and a few days later I realized that the pain in my shoulder had also disappeared. Thank you, Jesus. Des


Janelle - Even while I was waiting, before going in for prayer, God gave me a picture of myself as a young girl sitting at His feet. His loving hand came over my head and He said It's going to be alright. How reassuring was that! God had given the prayer team words that were exactly me so we knew where to start. Up came the dark past from my childhood when I was 8 or 9 years old. I had been abused and taken advantage of by my brother and older men. I was able to forgive them all by the Blood of the Lamb. My childhood and teenage years have been restored back to me. Oh! How thankful I am for my wonderful Saviour, Jesus. Janelle


Gene - My feet are much much much much better than when I walked in.


Paul - Thank you for you kindness and the info you sent me about updates for your ministry. I was blessed when I came to you with my needs. To remind you why I was there last month on the 6th, it was in preparation for an angiogram I was to have on the 13th and that the Lord would help me with the anxiety associated with that. To my surprise, the doctor found a defect in an artery that I may have had most of, if not all my life. He tried to correct it unsuccessfully and I ended up with bypass surgery. A blessing in disguise in my opinion, because it was a problem that would've gone undetected. At the time it was discovered I was at a point where I was perhaps better prepared for the news. So, then they put me all the way under and made a new man of me when I woke up. I did have a peace about the situation I thought may only be a stent, at worst, an exam at the least. So, the prayer time with the ladies a week earlier prepared me for the first place. I have recovered very well to this point and have been advised to take it easy for 3 more months before being allowed to get back to my full speed at my carpentry duties. I was up walking in 2 days and went home in another 2, much to everyone's amazement at the hospital. Now I wanted to tell you things in some detail that you might have another great testimonial to add to a list on many in Healing Room's history, I am convinced that the prayers on my behalf by your staff were key for me. So, thank God and thank you. I will continue to spread the word for your good work and want to wish you a very blessed 2013, both in your ministry and personal lives!


Linda - I came in with a sore hip. Went to the upper room for prayer after they prayed over me I heard the Lord say 'stop limping' and the pain immediately went away! If it tries to come back I command it to go and it does!


Jez - I fell playing soccer and hurt something in my left knee (10 yrs ago I badly stretched my MCL and my knee has been weaker ever since) After I fell I could not move the leg at all until a person I was playing with prayed right there. I could then move it but it still clicked and was really tight. So I went to the Healing Rooms and received prayer. One of the pray-ers received the word to pray for the release of scar tissue and immediately the knee was fully healed and feels strong again.


Linda - I came in with a very sore jaw. My jaw was hard to open and close and it would click and make noises. After the prayer team laid hands on my jaw and prayed it was completely and immediately healed. I walked out with no clicking or pain and it has not come back!


Colin - The healing touch of Jesus; @ the Lords prompt I went for prayer today @ Nowra Healing Rooms. I was born with a hair lip and cleft palate, and within weeks of my birth my middle sister died suddenly age 6. As the team prayed for me the Lord revealed that I was carrying deep sorrow from that loss, perhaps transferred from my parents, He didn't say, but through the team He did remove the sorrow. Working with Him praying for others, I often find he reaches deep to heal, after all "he is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" (Isaiah 53:4). Colin.


Trey - I came with burdens - both emotionally and spiritually. Jesus spoke to me powerfully through the prayer healing team! My burdens and fears have been given to Jesus and He has assured me of His love and power and acceptance. - Trey


Anonymous - The Team prayed with me for the pain in my shoulder, neck, and back. I was asked about car wrecks and emotional trauma. We prayed and asked the Lord to heal the emotional trauma and the physical. I felt warmth in my back, shoulder, and arm. Mobility is improved!


Shevis - The ministry team confirmed previous ministry words that have been spoken over my life. My eye sight is better and eyes do not feel pain/stress that I felt when I first came in.


Gloria - Before I came last week I had a very painful time knelling for communion. After being prayed for it did not hurt at all for me to kneel!


Anonymous - God used the Healing Rooms to keep me out of the pit of despair, to release joy and abundance in His Kingdom and He is inviting me to enjoy the treasures that He has put inside my spiritual man.


Shelly - I fell down the stairs today and sprained my right knee. I was in a lot of pain tonight when I came to the Healing rooms. I received prayer and was healed in Jesus names!! Praise God!!


Judi - I specifically asked them to pray for strength in my right leg, though I am not having the pain anymore. I have always had difficulty getting out of the pool and lifting my right leg up out of the pool and standing up. I have been all hunched over and can hardly stand up because of the lack of strength in my right leg. When the ladies prayed for me, there was a tremendous feeling of relief and the joy of the Lord just flooding over my heart and soul. This experience happened on October 10, 2011. The next day after water aerobics, I just popped out of the pool with no struggle at all!!! my back is straight and even my instructor has noticed the difference.


Jason - My left leg was ½ inch shorter than my right leg my entire adult life. I noticed it about 6 years ago when I started my gymnastics and doing forward bends on a daily basis. The misalignment may have influence over a tight lower back and very sore feet. Tonight, I came in to pray just for my feet and God put it on my heart to share about my leg. A team member prayed for me and he and I both felt that his hand should be on my hip/lower back. We prayed and I checked my forward bend (which I had done before we prayed). It was perfectly aligned! Praise God! I am excited to see how this helps my lower back and sore feet!


Robin - My pointing finger was healed. The pain is gone, and swelling is gone.


Sherrill - I needed prayer for my hip and leg and heel. I was greatly encouraged by the three ladies who prayed for me. Their encouraging words lifted me up. I felt the pain leaving me in my right leg. Thank you for being available to the Lord for this ministry.


Anonymous - I walked into the healing room with the weight and burden of fear and anxieties. After prayer, I felt much peace and a joy in my heart. There are many things my Father has to work on so I plan on coming back but the life and light spoken into me tonight was renewing.


Anonymous - I had been feeling ill all weekend. It felt like I had another TIA and my arm was numb and weak and sharp pain was in my head. I felt like I needed to go to the doctor, but wanted to stop by the Healing room first. As I walked onto the premises my steps were very weak, but I kept walking. When I entered through the doors, something lifted off of my shoulders. Glad that I made it here, I began to praise God for my healing. The prayer warriors that ministered to me were wonderful. They seemed to know exactly what I was feeling. I felt great relief right away! Our God is awesome!


Nicholas - My left eye brow was twitching for a long time before I came to AHR. They led me through a great prayer session and afterwards my eyebrow wasn't twitching anymore. Praise God!


Carrmon - I was about to give up on my marriage. Came to healing rooms and received Holy Spirit inspired prayer and scripture. Was then led to attend Discovery program and through prayer my husband attended also, all the walls, hurts, and anger were removed. We could see each other's hearts and the love and attraction was back. We both know only with God can we stay in this place, and that it's a daily walk. I am here again tonight to remove any strongholds that would hinder this process. I was giving wonderful prayer and visions from the team. Thank you for your giving and love.


Lisa - I have been coming here asking God to reach my husband and tonight after a year he asked me if he can come to the healing rooms! We have had several problems and on Sunday (yesterday) I told God that if he is who I am supposed to be with give me a sign not to give up and my husband got up and said let's go to the healing rooms and he is here! Praise be to God!


Anonymous - I attended the healing service three times. Each time prayer was asked that I would be healed. My mammogram had indicated that it was not normal. I had breast cancer two years ago, as it seemed that there might be a recurrence of the cancer. I had a biopsy on Monday March 12th 2012. On Wednesday March 14th, 2012, the Radiology office called and told me the result was negative, no cancer! I had several prayer warriors praying for me and I'm grateful, so very grateful for the ones praying for me at the healing services, and the intercessory team. God is so good!!


Deborah - Two years ago I was diagnosed with a hereditary liver syndrome (Gilbert's). Lately I've experienced difficulty with excreting bodily waste in a timely fashion & rashes breaking out on my neck, back, face & arms so frequently when I've not been exposed to anything I'm allergic to. When we (the prayer team & I) prayed words of knowledge flowed quickly between us exposing the need to break off generational curses and receive God's healing. There were also some things that God helped me pin point in my relationship that I need to experience freedom in. One of the members laid hands on my liver area & something was truly broken off! Pain ceased in that area as we sought God. A work of confirmation came as well concerning a cleanse I had considered doing, but was unsure of its viability. Overall I received a reminder of how much God really does love & care for me and my needs.


Larry - I received prayer for my back pain that has been going on since Oct 2010 after a 3 story fall in 1980. My right leg was extended and my right arm extend at which brought my spine into alignment.


Pam - The Lord brought up the root of the issue. I received prophetic words from the healing & intercession teams that broke a chain off of my heart, and the truth of who I am and that there is not condemnation in Christ completely shattered all the lies that I had come into agreement with.


Trish - He has given me the gift of forgiveness, the ability to forgive my brother through the Father's eyes and not my own.


Anonymous - I went to the doctor today and had the stint removed from my left kidney. The kidney had several kidney stones, some as big as 1.2 centimeters. They removed the stint and then did a C.T. Scan to take a current look at the situation. And Behold, NO STONES! (except a small one of 5 millimeters that wasn't obstructing anything). So no surgery, and no scheduled hospital stay!


Johanna - I had hurt both knees, one in January and the other 2 weeks ago and the pain was unbelievable. After being prayed for, my knees had low levels of pain which had not happened in the longest time. I walked out with no crutches, and me and one of the ladies that prayed for my knees started dancing. I believe my knees were healed by the power of my mighty god, and He can do all things, and I can also through Him.


Phyllis - In 1983, I was in a bad car accident, which ultimately left me with (1) a bone spur in my neck that pushed my spinal cord into a kink, and (2) growths in 2 arteries in my neck that caused a lack of blood flow into my brain if I bent my head down for 15 minutes (such as writing checks) or back (instant). The result was blurred vision & dizziness. In 2006, Bill Johnson prayed for me & I was healed of the bone spur. An MRI then showed my spinal cord straight & the bone spur off at the side. I thought I had been healed of the growths in the arteries but I could not get over the dizziness & blurred vision. The team lead me to ask the Lord the basis of this disease (a voodoo curse placed on me by an evil woman), to forgive her and others, to take all the rocks of unforgiveness out of my heart. (I thought I had forgiven this woman). I also had to forgive myself for feeling guilty that I had not received the entire healing. The Lord gave a team member a word of knowledge that the problem was in my spine or neck. After prayer, the leader asked me to do something I couldn't do before. I bent my head back really far, and when I raised my head up, there was NO blurred vision or dizziness. Thanks you Lord!


Harrell - The Lord showed me once again that I am to be a minister of the Gospel. He also healed another portion of the left side of my body from left hip to left knee, as two years back I had a stroke & lost feeling in my left side. During Firm Foundations Ministry weekend I received my feeling & strength back in my left arm and hand.


Grace - I believe my son had the first of many victories to come! He has terrible eczema all over his body due to many food and environmental allergies. For the past 6 months he has had hive break outs weekly. We have had to give him Benadryl, steroids, or both at least once a week due to these mysterious allergic reactions. Last time I was here at the Healing Rooms it was spoken over me that Caleb would receive healing that week. For the next 3 weeks Caleb did not have a single new breakout and we did not have to give him any medicine! He still has eczema and we are by no means done with this battle. But to not have any new allergic reactions and to not need medicine has been a huge victory! I fully expect total and complete healing for my little boy!


Trish - It was on my heart when I was praying in the soaking room to ask someone to lay hands on me (specifically on the area where my back was hurting). When I shared what was on my heart, a Team Member shared that the Lord had put the same thing on her heart as well (when she saw me in the soaking room). Praise God! As she laid hands on me and prayed I felt a warmth and a tingling/numbness in that spot. And I was able to stand up straight and walk without such a limp and without the pain. Amazing! Glory to God! Also, another Team Member had prayed a scripture that I just read yesterday during my quiet time (a scripture that He had me write down in my journal and meditate on!). Again, I am in awe of Him, and the power of the Holy Spirit!


Bonnie - A Healing Team member had a word of knowledge about a knee that needed to be healed, so I shared that my knee was hurting when we were asked about sore knees. The team member prayed and strength was restored to my knee! Hallelujah! Praise God!


Teri - I came into the healing room heavy with burdens of friends and their children. The team saw something heavy on my shoulders and brushed off the stuff that is not mine. The AHR team saw a lighthouse sign tonight and said we are the lighthouse that stays put. I see clearly now that these are not mine to carry. I am so thankful for the healing room's faithful servants to speak truth to me. God's burdens are light. I feel much lighter. Praise God!


Annette - I came here tonight and asked for prayer and healing for pain in my legs & hips, and guilt and depression and to quit smoking. It was a wonderful experience and I left the room feeling very warm and at peace. I have experienced progressive healing over the past several months and feel that my experience in the healing rooms tonight will continue that process. All praise to God and my savior Jesus Christ.


Brandon - Knee pain feels (what knee pain!) It's Gone! As soon as the team stopped praying my knee popped, felt real warm and good. I am not sure about the skin conditions yet, won't know until I get home, but I am sure they are gone!


Bruce - I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (advanced stages) 1 ½ years ago. After undergoing the Doctor's prescribed program of Hormone Therapy my PSA rose to 95 after it had been reduced to 15.7. My Pastor told me about the Healing Rooms Ministry. We made a 90 mile trip to the Austin Healing Rooms, and received prayer, and I claimed God's Healing Power. I know that God healed my cancer that night. I did go back for prayer several more times before my next Doctor's appointment. The next time they checked my PSA, it had fallen to 31.7, and the Doctor had a hard time finding my prostate because it had shrunk so much. Thank you Austin Healing Rooms for your ministry of our Lord and Savior.


Lorrie - Soaking: I came with only 15 minutes left for soaking and felt His presence descend from the moment I entered the circle. He takes the time we give Him and multiplies it!! Praise God. The Prayer team led me in a profound prophetic act of releasing & receiving, and the word that came in from intercession was spot on confirmation. Thank you Papa!


Ryan - I have had a roller coaster of events and emotions over the past 6 years. I became caught up in the here and now. I forgot my place in the Kingdom of Heaven and began to only see the worldly issues and circumstances around me. I never forgot who I was or where I came from, but I found a blockage in my heart that began at anger and ran the gambit to unforgiveness. I know that only through Christ and prayer could I be set free to be who I am supposed to be. So thank you Lord for your word and provision, that those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and soar on wings like eagles.


Anonymous - I received prayer for my eyes and felt relief on my eyes, but I also received an infilling of Holy Spirit. Praise God!


Dea - My leg stopped hurting. And peace has washed over me. Thanks you and God bless you.


Joseph - I came here for rest. Wow. I received powerful teaching through the film and spot on words from the ministry team. I have my upgrade in rest. I will declare it and enter the Lord's rest. What a gift. Thank you ministry and thank you Jesus!


Anonymous - I had severe pain from fibromyalgia and loss of sleep. The pain and exhaustion were at a 7.5 on a scale of 10. After prayer I feel energized and have no pain. Praise God! And thank my dear Healing team for their love.


Anonymous - I came for addiction deliverance. Three people prayed for me. I had a word from the Lord saying that this is phase 2 of my deliverance. They identified fear that has been leading to my addiction to drugs. I called out the fear and laid it at the cross. The second intercessor told me to visualize a door and on that door I saw the word "faith". I walked through the door into a room of fruit, it was awesome! I began to laugh with joy in the Holy Spirit. Lastly I recommitted my life to Christ and there was a vision of fireworks and a rainbow. I believe I will never go through it like this again.


Brad - I came along with my brother in law tonight so that he could have inner healing prayer. I could always use more prayer so I decided to sign up and get prayer as well. While I was filling out my card I asked if I needed to have or complete the Prayer Request or could I leave it blank. The greeter said "sure, you can leave it blank." When I came in for prayer the team was lead by the Spirit and given insight into some fear I was having about my business. The team also heard the Spirit say God wanted me to pursue Him more. This was a confirmation of a word I had received just a few weeks ago.


Anonymous - I came in for healing of my back. I was carrying a burden that was not mind. This was a word of knowledge. I have been under a lot of stress at work. God revealed a spirit of offense and betrayal. My back feels 90% better and I can bend further than I have been able to for the last couple of weeks. Also, one of the AHR Members told me that I have been searching and not finding, but then all the jewels were found in my pockets. To me this is God's revelations about the miraculous supernatural things of God. These come by Faith (visualized outcome), Hope (believe God is giver of all good things and good God), Joy (the joy of the Lord is our strength), Love (abiding in His immense love), Belief (confidence in God's capability and interest to do better than we can think or imagine), Glory (God's light of revelation), and Activation (obedience to God). Lastly, I received impartation of peace that shook my soul, and received a father's blessing.


Tammy - I came in tonight grieving a gigantic loss in my life. Mourning misplaced dreams, displaced children, and the loss of my own identity. As I prayed with the 2 praying ministers, I saw my hurt as an uncomfortable binding stifling cocoon. After their prayers lavishing Papa's approval on a heart broken by the storm, the cocoon transformed into a thing of beauty and safety as the gorgeous multicolored butterfly of me emerges, half-emerged, no longer struggling, but yielding to His process of beautification, knowing the future is stunning.


Steve - I came to the Healing Rooms because I have been having pain in my right shoulder and neck. The pain level was about a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale. After receiving healing prayer my pain level has reduced to 2. Thank you Jesus! By His stripes I have been healed. I know that the pain is taken away. Glory to God!


Dea - A sharp pain in my left shoulder disappeared. I prayed forgiveness and my heart feels lighter, I am calmer. My friend who we pray for each time his tumors are shrinking. Thank you. You were so kind, thank you. God spoke to me through them.


Lichelle - The Lord has been speaking to me about joy and sorrow, and joy coming in the morning. Tonight He spoke the very same words through the sisters in Christ. He's been telling me to come up higher in Him, and they confirmed that too! As I was soaking, I could feel the Holy Spirit just take away the stress of the day. For that, Lord, I am thankful! Thank you Lord for calling me to you and reminding me you love me!


Robbie - This was a wonderful, peaceful, rose-smell experience. I came carrying a heavy load of resentment, anger, hurt, loneliness, and spine injuries that were supposed to require surgery. After the lovely Godly people praying over me and with me, I feel taller, lighter and I have peace within me. I feel now (mother is in hospice) I have peace in me about my mother as well as my sister who both abused me and tortured me after my father died. I believe and receive healing from the Father, by the stripes of Jesus Christ I am healed! Thank you and God bless.


Rosemarie - I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, the pain in my neck was released and my headache is gone. I was so awed how the Holy Spirit spoke to my three prayer warriors, telling them some facts about my most recent concerns. God used them to administer peace in my heart about my concerns.


Tom - I heard the Holy Spirit say to me "you are my son and I love you." He said "I will restore you." I felt a presence surrounding me in the soaking room. I received words from the Holy Spirit through the AHR Members praying for me. While they were giving me words I felt the Holy Spirit in and around me.


Mike - Last week and this week my back pain goes away when the group prays for me. I have a previous MRI, but not a new one.


Margaret - I was touched by the Lord. The spirit of fear was cast out at the root and replaced by faith. I am now fearless. They confirmed the desires of my heart, the Lord's heart for the lost, broken. I will walk into my ministry! I will speak to the mountains and say be cast into the sea, I will believe. God gave me ministering angels to dispatch.


Linda - Before being prayed for God showed me what state/condition I was in, all alone in a dark room with my head buried between my knees in hopelessness. However, as I was being prayed over in the healing room, my spirit was lifted up and my heaviness washed away. God gave me freedom and strength to finally stand up again! God filled me with hope and the lightness of knowing that I am a free, beloved child of God! I also had been very worried about not knowing what my future path would be and I received a note from an intercessor from another room that spoke exactly into my worries, that even though I don't know the details of my path, God and His angels have prepared and gone before me. Praise the Lord!


Jake - Coming into this I was very skeptical. I am a Christian but never understood the power of the Holy Spirit or ever thought I could experience it. Boy, was I wrong!! The team around me asked the Holy Spirit to guide us, and reveal things appropriately. All 3 were spot on! The Holy Spirit revealed my yearning to be the light for underprivileged children, the false fear I had of work/God co-existing, and even my fear to turn to God for my fulfillment when I was turning to other things. Truly an unbelievable experience.


Anonymous - I came in for prayer and gave my husband & concerns to God. And when I was told to now receive from God, I received a drop of joy, and much more. I felt it come in my body and my heart. And I left with peace and joy believing for God's total control and love for my husband Alex. Also, for the completeness of my healed perfect womb to give birth to my future children.


Eileen - I went to Healing Rooms at Wreck Bay on 15th April this year because my little great grandson, Benny, who is only 5 years old, had been diagnosed with a tumour over his left eye. As his great grandmother I stood in his place for his healing. The team began to pray and one of them saw a fist going into my head - it grabbed the tumour and squeezed it and squashed it until it was dead! Four weeks later when Benny had his operation, the Doctors were able to remove all the tumour and they found IT WAS DEAD! Benny was able to go home the next day and his Nan, Mum, Dad and everyone is so glad God answered our prayers. Eileen


Joyce - Before Healing Rooms opened one Wednesday morning I asked the team to pray for my sister-in-law, Joyce, who was anxious about the Specialist's report after having a scan on her liver. As the team prayed the Lord revealed some numbers for Joyce. We considered their significance: 7 - complete, 5 - grace, 12 - divine government. Little did the team know, (but the Lord did) that Joyce was turning 75 this year, 2012. We were all at peace knowing that Joyce was going to get a good report and it turns out that, although she still has some fluid around her liver after having an earlier operation for liver cancer removal (which wasn't there!), the specialist has given her a good report, with a checkup in 6 months. It's really wonderful and comforting to have a place such as Nowra Healing Rooms to go to for healing prayer support and Jesus' unconditional love. Thank you,Sylvia and Joyce


William - On the evening of September 27, 2012 I was meeting with Jill & Dennis in another matter, when Jill asked how my back was doing' Told her pain was still there, suffered major injury years ago, she asked if she & Dennis could pray over me. Of course this was a welcomed request. As they were praying I felt this cold chill through my body, also felt like I was experiencing cold sweats. (Though I was not sweating.) At one point my left hand was starting to shake. My pain subsided however the strangest part was that night I had dreams about serpents. I truly believe they shook Satan and he was trying to tell me he was still there. Well with God's grace and friends like Jill and Dennis he will be driven from my life


Kristika - My mother, Penny, had a very severe stroke on 14 October 2012. She was physically paralyzed and unable to speak because the language part of her brain had been wiped out. The doctors said that her brain was swelling and they were thinking of cutting a piece out of her brain in order to save her life. People from Nowra Healing Rooms came to the hospital to pray for her and you could feel the heat and the power. They prayed for a full, speedy recovery and left a prayer cloth.

She was then admitted to the acute stroke ward. That night two more people from the Healing Rooms came to pray for her and when they left she was peaceful. I kept encouraging her all night; knowing she was not going to let go. In the morning the man in the next bed said "She (Penny) healed me last night; the power that came from the hymns healed me; that lady has a beautiful voice". I thought, Mum couldn't speak, how could this happen' The speech part of her brain wasn't functioning, but God was getting her to use her lungs by the power of His Spirit. The man who was healed went home from the hospital that day.

The doctors had said it would be a long time before Mum could move and a very long road to recovery, but the very next day she jumped out of bed, washed herself and her physical movement abilities started coming back. Day by day she improved and the doctors couldn't believe how speedy her recovery was.

Now she is fully recovered. She has more faith and the freedom to live her life fully. And today (19 November 2012) she gave her heart to Jesus (and so did I)



Kerrianne -

I was asked by a friend if I would like to go with him to the Healing Rooms and I'm so glad I did. I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse.

I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me. I was so overjoyed after my healing - I have not had a cigarette since and it's been two weeks today.

I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.



Wil - For many years I had deep anger, resentment and bitterness, but I had no idea where it came from until God showed me. During my childhood I felt unloved and did not bond with my mother as I didn't receive the attention a child needs. As a result I found myself using control when I was given the responsibility of looking after my younger siblings. It became a way of coping in many of my relationships. The anxiety and fear associated with having to be in control had begun to affect my physical health and I was hospitalized twice with chest pain and shortness of breath.

When God revealed the source I was able to forgive my mother (who also used control because she had too had been given responsibilities she couldn't handle at an early age).

As I forgave, the big knot in my stomach was loosed. Then the pressure came off my chest and I felt myself becoming free - I was released from the emotional pressure. Until this happened I hadn't even been aware how constricted my chest had been. Thank you Lord.



Jerome - Jerome, a black gentleman came to the Healing Room. We Had Jerome come in and anointed him with oil, prayed for him and then my partner asked about headaches. He said he has neck aches and had neck surgery. Surgery to replace his current pins with titanium rods has been recommended. Just 40, he has had seizures, a stroke, and a heart attack. My partner began to pray and his pain lessened. I laid my hand on his back and felt impressed that the pain was a generational curse from slavery and racism. Hesitant to address this, but with pain still evident, I asked if any of his ancestors were slaves. He said yes, and related memories of sitting on the porch while his great-grandfather told him of the whips, beatings,etc. Feeling confirmation for my discernment,I decided to move forward. Grasping his hands in front of him, I asked his forgiveness for how his race has been treated. Weeping, I asked forgiveness for the whips, beatings, shackles, and condescension. I asked forgiveness for me and my ancestors. He said, yes. Behind him, I swept his shoulders breaking off the curse of the whippings, racism, and slavery. He straightened up saying, "Wow,it's gone"! His pain was completely gone! He swept off our backs as a symbol of breaking those curses off of us as well. I did not share this with Jerome, but my great-grandfather was in the Klu Klux Klan. I believe that I received just as much freedom as he did tonight. we both could physically feel a difference. 10/4/2012


Shania - I have been suffering from breast pains that would sometimes last for up to two months at a time. Upon "googling" the topic,I found a testimony from someone who went for paryer to the healing rooms. I immediately contacted the healing rooms and went for prayer. I thank God for healing me as all subsequent tests done proved negative. I have no more pain; praise the Lord!!


T - I decided to give God space to work in my life and committed to going to the healing rooms weekly for prayer. The team of volunteers were always kind and welcoming. Over the past four months I have been healed of a tooth abscess (the dentist on seeing x-rays said it was a miracle). I have experienced greater awareness of God's presence in my life. An ongoing TMJ issue has improved. I have experienced deliverance from fear which is very exciting. I have had less fever blisters. I have been giving amazing and accurate words of knowledge to people. This has been very reassuring to me.


Theresa - I hurt my back about a month ago; I tried to hold on to see if the pain would go away but after two weeks I could not take it anymore. Upon visiting the doctor's I was told that my disc had moved and was sent to lie in bed for a week. During the week I went for prayer at the healing rooms and afterwards I was able to touch the floor without any pain. I have been fine ever since then. All the glory to God.


Lynette - Many years ago my husband brought me a carved, wooden box from Namibia. There were faces carved on top of it. One night,while sleeping, I had a dream of a lady clothed in black and with a black hat on her head. Two "monsters" appeared with round faces and big nostrils and with very long tongues that seemed as if it could roll up. There was a fence between me and these figures. I tried to hit them with a hammer, but in vain. Then I woke up. I realised that the figures in my dream were demons and they resembeled the carvings on the box. The Lord showed me to burn the box, which I did. All demonic attacks disappeared.


Sarah - Prayed for confirmation and direction for internship in Mexico at Rancho De sus Ninos. It was spoken that night that she was going to be used mightily. Sent off application and received an acceptance email saying they want to have her intern this summer at Rancho. This was also a big deal because the age limit is 15 years old and Sarah is only 13 and a half. Praise the Lord and thank you for your ministry and hearts, time and love to pour into my family.


Pam - I was hit by a car when I was stopped at a stop light. The car was going full speed and rear ended me. After that accident, I was unable to sit in a car for more than 10 minutes, to stand on my feet to fix meals, to stand up straight after sitting, to clean the house or any other pleasure activities. I tried massage and physical therapy with no relief. I had two bulging discs on each side of my lower back. After three years of struggling with all this, I was finally healed here! I have my freedom from pain and freedom to move and freedom to choose the activities that I need and want to do. This is my second miracle. The first was a healing of encephalitis, a brain infection.


Patricia - I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It was removed thru surgery and affected lymph nodes were found. I needed a second surgery to remove more lymph nodes and that time more cancer was found. They said I needed a treatment that was a dye, radioactive isotope that would bring any affected (cancer cells) to the surface. I had my treatment, had my scan, and Praise the Lord, they said my scan was normal!!! I feel wonderful and am so thankful to the Lord for my healing. He's a healer! And I am so thankful to the Healing Room and the wonderful people who prayed with me.


Barbara - I had a growth (mole) on my forehead. After continued prayers in the healing room for several months, the mole just disappeared. Praise God!


Jesse - I attended my first Healing Room session on July 2nd 2012. Before this point I had been fighting alcoholism which has run in my family history. After surrendering my life to Jesus Christ in February I knew this was something I needed to change, but it had such a stronghold in my life. After my Mom told me about the Healing Room, I knew it was something I needed to do. Immediately after attending I just felt a peace and comfort in the Holy Spirit that confirmed inside of me that this issure was resoled. I haven't had a single urege for alcohol AND in addition to that, God has been working in my life in ways that I didn't even conceive to be possible. Shortly after attending I had a dream where Jesus was in a feild with His arms opened up for me. I ran to Him and was received into His loveing embrace. It was, to say the least, the most incredible hug I have ever received! Then a couple days later when I was praying at night I was overcome with a liquid-like energy flowing through my body. I began to feel weightless and with my eyes closed I saw bright beams of orangish-yellow light. I knew immediately that this was no earthly sensation. I felt disconnected from myself and transported directly into God's presence. I felt covered in love and was both afraid and excited, humbled and joyful. I was left speechless as I experienced this and when I opened my eyes I still felt seperated from myself, like I was looking at myself. I believe that these experiences are due to the healing that has taken place in my life that is only possible through our Lord Jesus Christ. I used to believe that Jesus doesn't work in miraculous ways since he isn't physically here anymore. But I now know that this is anything but true and that Christ is present in all of us through the Holy Spirit which lives inside all of us who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. My life is now more full than ever, and I am excited to see where this relationship will take me in the future.


Larry - Came in for prayer for my ears and my eyes, my hearing has been diminished and the glasses I was wearing were just old and my eye sight was getting very bad. Came in to the Springfield Healing Rooms for prayer on Saturday August 18..nothing really changed that day, however on Monday, while driving my work truck my eyes really started to bother me I pulled off to the side of the road , took my glasses off and rubbed my eyes, I felt like something fell out of both eyes, when I opened them I could see like i was 15 years old again, my eye sight had been restored, Preaise the Lord.. no more glasse's


Priscilla - I was diagnosed with a heart problem; I had 50% more beats than a normal heart. After prayer in the healing rooms, the problem went away. My doctor was amazed! He does not want to see me any more.


Dorothy - I came for prayer because I was diagnosed with cancer and my friend told me about Nowra Healing Rooms. I thought I had laryngitis because I couldn't talk, but it turned out to be cancer of the lung. I was given chemo to close the hole in my lung, but it wasn't working. They gave me a second lot, but the cancer went from my left lung to my right as well. I had prayer three weeks ago and that afternoon I was resting on my bed when I heard something go "whoosh", as if it swooped down over me from above. I wondered what it was, but sensed it had to do with the prayer that morning. Last Friday the specialist told me the good news! The two tumors in my left lung are gone and the one in my right lung is shrinking!


R. - God healed me spiritually, physically and emotionally. I received the Lord as my Savior. And then I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. It was so wonderful! Thank you Jesus.


C. - I was under a lot of duress concerning my future. After the team prayed over me I felt my strength return. Where I was weak know I am strong. My heart was filled with songs of praise. And one particular one was "Hiding Place," the words are, you are my hiding place you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance whenever I am afraid". I knew then God had everything under control. One of the prayer team gave me this scripture from my daddy 2Chronicles 16:9, this sealed the whole sessions. Thank you Jesus


Tricia - Amazing presence of God during prayer. I felt so loved and cherished. Shoulder is stiff, but major pain stopped. I'm expecting total healing from "new shoulder" from God. Prayers and prophetic words increased my favor and endurance. It all gave me peace and great comfort.


Roy - As team was praying, specifically for my pancreas to begin to work, I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my abdomen and the word "transplant" came into my mind. I sensed the Lord was saying a transplant was on the way and that He has a new pancreas for me in His body part box. Praise Jesus. I receive.


Stefanie - The Healing Room Ministry was amazing tonioght. God revealed so much to me tonight through your men and women of God. I came expecting a blessing from god and I got it. I wanted prayer for my health issues yet needed prayer for healing of my heart. In the prayer room I was able to let it all go - the pain, stress and burdens that I was carrying. The team leader was so on point with everything I was dealing with. I was very torn and ready to give up and leave the city of Starkville. Yet, I know I was sent here for a purpose and God's work in me has not been done yet here. I thank God for the team and for their encouraging prayers to not give up and words from God about forgiveness and a new life and that the seeds I've sown will produce fruit. Everything that was spoken tonight were answers that I had been asking and seeking God for the last 2 weeks and this was the confirmation I needed to continue this race...


Tricia - During prayer I felt the congestion in my chest leave in a cough! I could breathe deeply without wheezing. I left the prayer room feeling at peace with the busy times of coming days!


Andrea - First time I went too the healing room, I only ask the Lord for guidance in my life. In their form that I need to fill up, they have the question that says "Do youhave been baptized by the Holy Spirit' I thought, wait a minute, I thought I have the Holy Spirit when I receive Jesus. So I get my Bible and read everything about it. Then I realize it is the gift from God for every believer. In 2 weeks I went back to the Healing Room to ask for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. And God met me. In a supernatural way. I started speaking in tongues. 2 distince tongues my husband told me 4 hours I speak in tongues. The heaven roared in a form of Hail Storm. (Aug. 8) I told my husband It's the God Almighty and I started praising Him. with my hands lift up and just praising Him in tongues. Every believer should ask for it. An just get it. And the Lord will meet you. To God be all the Glory forever and ever. Amen


Gail - Since receiveing prayer for my back, the pain has decreased significantly. The peace and tranquil environment of the soaking room has been a blessing in refreshing and restoring my spirit and soul. I have had relief of stress and anxiety.


Donna - My vision was fading fast in my left eye. It is a lazy eye and was causing problems with my right eye. I couldn't even read my Bible at times because of my vision, even with glasses on. Today I am writing this testimony and reading small print without my glasses and things are continuing to become clearer. Thank you Jesus.


Becky - God spoke to me as I came in for healing of fibromyalgia. He spoke peace, rest and healing to me. The pain in my back and the depression left as the ladies praying commanded them to leave my body in the name of Jesus. I praise God and give Him all the glory for my healing.


Jon - Well, I have always known that my legs were two different lengths and not a whole lot difference but you could tell. So I came in for prayer and when they started praying, I got this feeling or a shiver, but not a normal one. This felt like I was being filled with something and being overflowed with it. I was looking at my legs the whole time and I watched it grow.


Witness Nola - Graham age 39 was a disappointed son of a mother who divorced when he was a child-feeling short changed in life, he felt sorry and contracted diabetes. Prone to infections because of diabetes, he could no longer fight a bad foot injury. His mother requested prayer on Sunday morning in church and we agreed in prayer for Graham in the Healing Rooms. Monday Gangrene had started and some part had to be removed that Monday morning. Graham went to that appointment but the Lord had restored circulation in his foot. No part at all was amputated and his mother says Graham is more happy now! Praise to Jesus! Nola P. Witness of that miracle.


Jill - Went for prayer on a future visit to the doctor for a needed colonoscopy. During prayer felt a touch from God and knew then the concerns the Dr. and I had were no longer concerns. After visit--Dr. confirmed all was well! Praise God!!


Trevor - For 20 years or more I have suffered from chronic back pain. Having received prayer at Bexhill Healing Rooms I am pain free. This is awesome.


J - I came to Bexhill Healing Rooms with a serious drinking problem, tha was begining to affect my life. Haveing received prayer I am totally free from this addiction - Praise God.


K - I have been emotionally released praise God. The team at Bexhill Healing Rooms are so loving and non judgemental. I am FREE.......


John - I came in for prayer twice because I couldn't hear out of my left ear. It got so bad I mad a doctor's appointment to see if there was an infection or anything else that could be the problem. He said everything looked fine, and I made an appointment to have a hearing test. A week later my ear cleared up so when I had the hearing test, I could hear fine out of both ears. I knew I was healed. This morning when I woke up, my left ear was deaf again. I knew it was another attack because I planned to come to the Healing Room as a prayer warrior for the first time. I reaffirmed that God has healed my ear - He has healed me!!


Merle Alice - I visited the Healing Rooms for prayer for my son and daughter-in-law. The prayer was for my daughter-in-law to fall pregnant. God granted this; we will have this baby in August 2012


Patience - My sister-in-law was suffering from constant headaches for many years.No medication helped her and she was suicidal at times.There was a witchdoctor who cursed my sister. One day I visited the Healing Rooms to stand in the gap for my sister. The team prayed for her and gave me a prayer cloth to give to my sister. She put it under her pillow and after the first night she phoned me. She was healed and felt no pain. My sister was healed by God and she no longer has any headaches and she isn't suffering from depression anymore. She is happy and praising God. Amen!


Gloria - I visited the healing Rooms for prayer for my health and finances. Soon after the team prayed for me, I have received a letter from the local municipality, granting me a project for which I have applied. While sleeping one night,about a week later, I became aware of peace coming over me and afterwards I was laughing and singing with joy. Praise be to God for what He has done for me!


Gillian - I have had a five-month long suffering of "muscle collapse". I subsequently spent much of my time suffocating as my bronchial muscles had powerful spasms. This also diminished the oxygen flow to the brain which left things rather blurred. I also battled with aggression during this time. After receiving prayer God has healed me completely. I can now do my work properly; I am sparkly and super alive. Praise God!


Pat - June 10, 2012 - "Dear fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, I am truly grateful for all the prayers and the love you have shown me throughout our journey together. My love, faith and most of all my trust in Father God. I am now free of cancer. The word of God has become a part of me and it flows in my bloodstream to every cell of my body restoring and transforming my body. The word has become fresh, "For you sent your word and healed me." Ps. 107: 20. Several times God said to me, "I would be ok." Praise God for His deliverance. I love you all and pray for you every day. Thank you again for all your prayers and love you showed me. Love and bless you. P.F.


Nellie - I visited the healing rooms for prayer for my health,finances and court Issue. Soon after, the team begin to pray peace came over me. As, the team continue to pray I was reminded through many passages in the Bible that God was on my side. The Spirit of the Lord was so strong I could not help but laugh. I can say my joy was restored the heaviness on my chest left. Thank you Jesus!


Jackie - I visited the healing rooms for prayer my husband had some serious health problems. Soon, after the prayer team begin to pray a blanket of peace came over me. It was like a ray of hope was imparted to me. I was reassured of God's love for both me and my husband,the anxious feeling left me. Thank you Father!


Dora - I arrived at 5:30 to Borchard Center CVHR Healing Rooms to prepare for Healing Ministry as a team member. I was stressed with fatigue, jealousy, unforgiveness and fear. So, when Jill asked how are you and I said I am here she immediately sensed that I wasn't the only one that walked in but the leeches that were hanging on me had come in too. As the team laid hands on me and asked the Holy Spirit to be present, as He already was, one by one they were exposed and removed from me. I am so free from the heaviness I was carrying around with me. My mind is clear and much more at peace and full of joy. Jesus is my deliverer, healer and lover of my life. Thank you Jesus for your obedient, loving committed warriors of prayer. To God Be the Glory.


Christine - I had not been able to go back to teaching because of fear and anxiety. After recieving a clear word from the Lord to return to my 18 year career after a 3 year time away, I just couldn't overcome the fear. After recieving prayer at the Healing Rooms, I have been working non-stop and look forward to every encounter subbing in schools. Praise the Lord. He is Shining through me.


Ingrid - For a long time in my lower legs and and ankles were enlarged & swollen- My left side, where the heart is was also paintful and I suffered with a recurring planter wart. My doctor told me I had an internal infection causing the swelling in my legs & prescribed some heavy antibiotics-$93.00 worth. My income being much limited. I decided to trust Jesus for my healing & went to the Healing Rooms on Thursday November 11th.In just fifteen minutesI was in and out that night and the very next day I noticed after my bath,that the planter wart was gone. I also witnessed my chest pain was gone and the swelling on my legs and ankles had DISAPPEARED!! ALL PRAISE TO OUR LORD JESUS.


Bill - The directors of the Healing Rooms prayed for me a few weeks ago and my hip got strong enough to run football stadiums. I came back for more and tonight I had no pain the whole time I was in the prayer room and now I feel as though my hip is glowing and throbbing with light instead of pain. Praise the Lord.


Avis - I received prayer in the Healing Rooms for the first time on July 9, 2012. After having prayer, the Lord revealed some things in my life that were holding me and my family. I then obeyed by taking a stand in my home and correcting those things that were hindering me and my family. My life has turned around and the lives of my children are different. There is such peace, joy and love that I feel now. I can truly see a change in my life and my walk with God.


Bev - I visited the healing room for the first time last Thursday,July 21st. I had some double vision since early May. Now after prayer at the Healing Room my eyes is healed. I don't have double vision. Thank you to the obedient servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Terry - After receiving prayer for severe backpain, I felt the pain move down my leg and out from my foot. That was two weeks ago, and I have been pain free since then.


Connie - The Ppople of Jesus prayed with me for health. Then I asked about born again, what does it mean' Two miracles occurred. My tumor is gone and I am His forever with the family of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Sean - Cleansed from crack, cocaine, tarot cards, hatred, unforgiveness. They prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Ghost. I feel real happy-like laughing. I feel clean and full of joy, not sad like when i came in. I can feel God's presence. I know He is watching me now.


Mary - I was here on February 17th and had prayers. I have arthritis and lung problems. I was really stressed as my hands were aching so bad and I couldn't do very much as we need our hands for a lot of things. The day after,it was great feeling to feel a weight of aches and pains literally gone. I truly feel blessed.


James - I had a skin (nerves) condition on my legs for many years. I thought it was work related and put up with it. I could not kneel without severe pain. I immediately recieved total relief of pain and discomfort while being prayed for. Two weeks later I had to take a spiritual stand confessing healing in and through the Name of Jesus. I have not experienced it again.


Peggy - When I received a call from radiology revealing a possible mass in my lower left kidney, immediately I heard Jesus say, "go to the healing room." With the CT appointment looming, fear took hold. So, when I came for prayer, the Spirit revealed that. It was literally crippling and choking my peace. It amazed me to receive the "effective prayer of a righteous man" in this arena. I've been to healing rooms before, and am convinced they are equal in necessity to the medical care we pursue. One's spirit can be readily dismayed with all the information out on various diseases, etc. And while God hears the prayers of everyone, there is definite power to a trained warrior. I needed that so badly that I requested no one post my situation on Facebook. I did not want any confusing spirits battling with the Spirit of God. After being prayed for, I felt much better. But two days later, I was immersed in a spirit of peace. It seems similar to the surgery one would have on a wounded limb. The doctor cleans it up, but you hurt for awhile. then, you feel radically better. The peace ministered to me all through my CT, and of course, we were delighted with the results- no tumor, no cancer. Keep up the good, invaluable work of specifically praying for the broken brethren. I am regularly recommending people your way. With love and thanks


Veronica - I heard about the Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme from a neighbor. I had pain in my stomach. I thank Our Lord and Jesus Christ for the healing ministry. I felt the Presence of God as the two prayer warriors prayed over me. When I left I had no pain I thank God for the "Blessing."


Richard - I heard about the Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme through an announcement made on KDAR Radio Station. I am a pass drug addict and I needed healing from the pain in my entire body. As, the prayer team begin to pray over me, I felt the Power and Presence of God. The next thing I remember my entire body was warm from my head to my toe. I thank God for my healing I have no more pain.


Richard - I heard of the Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme on KDAR Radio Station. I am homeless and unemployed, I have many issues going on in my life. I only mentioned one and God in his tender mercy gave the prayer team a Word of Knowledge concerning my relationship with my family a specific area that needed healing. All that God revealed to them were true. I needed prayer for the aches and pain in my body and I was healed. God is tender, merciful and Real!


Fernando - For over twenty-five years I have been addicted to Heroin. I came today because my mother referred me to the Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme. I am tired of living the same old lifestyle and I need help. The Power of God was so strong as the prayer team prayed over me. I was reassured that even In the midst of my circumstances God has not removed his hand from me. And he has a plan and a future for me not destruction. Thank you Jesus.


Dave - A friend referred me to the Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme. I had a need for greater freedom from abuse suffered as a child by the hand of my grandmother. As the prayer team begin to pray over me, the Presence of God came upon me. It was wonderful to experience freedom from abuse after all these years. Praise God!


Judy - At the Healing Rooms in Bomaderry I was given great relief from dizziness and arthritis through prayer. Later I attended a Training Course in Healing at the Castle Hill Healing Rooms and was blessed to have my neck and back healed. I have no more constant pain. What a wonderful God we worship! Judy


Ursula - After an emotionally traumatic incident I was infected by a virus, which was followed by severe swelling that came up overnight, together with severe arthritis pain in my hands, wrists, arms and ankles. During this trial the Lord encouraged me with dreams that showed that, although I felt abandoned, He was at work to prepare a more heavenly place in my heart for Him and to bring me into much blessing. I received prayer at Healing Rooms Australia and Nowra Healing Rooms and each time felt the overwhelming love and compassion of Jesus. He healed me of trauma and a very deep emotional vulnerability from childhood. Not only has my body been healed, but I have come into a place of greater trust in my heavenly Father and He is blessing me abundantly. Ursula


Nathaniel - I went to the healing room today to get prayer for my hips and sinuses. When the person started praying for my hipsI felt less pain right away and was able to walk without pain. They also prayed for my sinuses, and while they were praying I saw a stage with a curtain opening. Glory.


Rose - Those praying for me imparted the love of the Father. I was healed of low self-image. I was reassured of God's Love and Calling on my life and for my children


Betty - When I came into the Healing Room, I was totally overwhelmed mentally. I had to learn many tasks as being an election judge for an upcoming election. (May 2012). I had no idea how I was going to learn everything I needed to know. When I was prayed for I felt a peace come over me. I knew God was going to be with me to help me do all of this. The peace they imparted to me is really what I needed.


Christa - I came in for healing of my feet and walked away with a healed heart. Some unforgiveness of my past was revealed, what a very powerful discovery. I felf the Holy Spirit so strong all over me, and a weight was lifted from my heart and soul. I have not felt so free in many years, released from a heavy burden. God even told me I would have sweet sleep, nobody knew about this problem.


Sally - I am walking withou all the pain, my left ankle is not hurting, my hip is not in pain. My right leg is more staight and my spine is less painful. My neck is moving without pain, my head feels more clear. The smile on my face feels natural and without stress. Lord, you are Great! Thank you!


Cindy - I came to receive a Unity and a Greater Compassion, Wisdom and Knowledge to walk closer with Jesus. I received a confirmation of everything I have been hearing from God. All the prayer points of the prayer practitioners were right on target. I feel much stronger in walking in Relationship with Christ and in my gifts and callings.


Armando - PAIN GONE... I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms with intense pain in my shoulder and knees. As the team laid hands on my left shoulder, where I couldn't stand to be touched, the pain left. Thank you Jesus. As I was filling out the testimony form I realized I was standing on my own with no pain in my knees. Thanks to Jesus for everything...blessed be His name.


Rosa - SWELLING DECREASES... The swelling in my eye went down after an Oxnard Healing Room team member prayed.


Lilly Aguilar - JOB... Almighty God opened an office for me to work here in Oxnard after being away from work for about three and a half months.


Vicky - I went to the healing rooms and received prayer. I had concern about a dream I had. The prayer group begin to pray for me and I received conformation on a dream NO ONE KNEW about but God. It was awesome; all is well with my soul.


Marie - Growing up; I seen domestic violence between my parents. As I got older I kept things to myself, I learned not to trust anyone; but always spoke to God about my problems. My parents recently got divorce and I felt like it was my fault. As, the prayer team prayed the Spirit of the Lord moved over me and released me from all guilt. For the first time it was confirmed that it wasn't my fault what happen to my parents relationship. Another, issue was in my familyline, witchcraft; I sensed the curse was officially broken today. I felt clean something on the inside changed my joy returned. A song rose up in my HEART.


John - I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit when the prayer team prayed over me. I had concerns about my future. A word of knowledge came forth and confirmed that I am like an oak tree and God has released his angels to encamp around me. And, then there was one more thing on my heart and it was confirmed that when I make mistakes take it to the Lord in prayer. These prayer technicians did not know me they prayed for everything that had been on my heart. I thank Jesus for his love.


Eperanza - PAIN GONE! I am grateful to God. When I went to the Oxnard Healing Rooms to receive prayer I had been in pain for more than a month. After prayer from my brothers and sisters in Christ the pain disappeared. No More Pain! Thank You Lord for my health. Thank You God for the lives of all the people who pray for us. God bless you


Dominic - EMOTIONAL HEALING AND ESCROW DETAILS WORKED OUT. We went to the Oxnard Healing Rooms feeling stress and finding it difficult to trust in the Lord. Our house was going through escrow and we were having serious issues with repair request, "demands" and moving dates. We also had concerns about selling some of our furniture. During prayer a team member had a word that "God will take care of ALL details" and another team member not knowing about a crack issue that needed repair gave a word that "God was filling all the cracks with gold". Praise Jesus as all issues were resolved the following day. Prayer for emotional healing was clearly answered. PRAISE YOU LORD!


Penny - In January I was in pain and went for an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with gall stones. Then in March, while I was waiting to see the surgeon to have them removed, I went to the Healing Rooms at Wreck Bay for prayer. Later on when I had some stomach pain, I was admitted to hospital and tests were carried out on my stomach. They found out that there were NO GALL STONES, and there was no more pain, so they sent me home! Penny


A. - I hurt my back moving and it kept getting worse. Because of that, I tried going to the Chiropractor. Nothing was working. It hurt to sit, stand, lie down, and walk. I came to the Healing Rooms of Issaquah and the Lord gave me an instant healing. I had no pain for 3 days. After those three days pain starting coming back. I kept taking authority over the pain, in the name of Jesus, and the pain would go away. Currently I have no pain in my back.


L - Great news this afternoon from our pastor, LH. She asked the church to pray for her Sunday because her foot had "come apart" again for the 2nd time after this bunion surgery; the bones weren't in the right place and they were not knitting together at all. Some of our Healing Rooms team stayed after everyone else left and asked if we could pray over her. Pretty simple prayers - that all the bones come into perfect alignment and knit together; - As in heaven, so on earth, that the Shalom of Heaven would go through her whole body, and that she'd have a "picture" of her foot healing to hold in her thoughts instead of what the diagnosis was so far. She was very receptive to it all. She saw the doctor 3 days later to discuss their options (she said Sunday she just did not want a 3rd surgery and be in a big boot most of the summer!). The doctor decided to take another x-ray before they made a decision. She told me on the phone this afternoon that he came back with "his jaw on the floor." He said, "Your bones are perfectly straight and where they ought to be! You can just see a line where the space between the bones used to be, and everything is lined up perfectly! I've never seen anything like this happen before!" She said, "Well, you need to know that the people at church prayed for me on Sunday for just this to happen!" Then he went out to the lobby/reception area and told the secretaries, one of whom is his wife, what had happened, and that the patient said the people had prayed for her foot. The doctor's wife said, "Wow, I may have to rethink my atheistic position!" Yay, God!!!!!!!


Carol - Last year I suffered some severe back pain which grew so bad, that I was rushed to the ER one day from work. After an MRI, I was taken to get an epidural. The doctor said I had protruding discs on my L5 and L6 and a lot of arthritis. The epidural relieved the pain for months. In October I traveled to Italy and had to stop to do exercises to relieve the pain so I could continue. We were with a group and I asked them to go ahead and I would catch up. Some days I had to sit directly on the ground wherever I was to stretch and get myself out of pain - it was a temporary fix. The weekend after I came home I attended the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms Training on November 5. 2011. At the end of the day when the pastor invited anyone to come up for healing, I thought "why not'" and I walked up for prayer. I remember all the details vividly and there was nothing huge or strange or weird about it - just a man and woman I didn't know who asked if it was OK to put their hands on me and pray for healing. I agreed. The prayed twice for me and I felt a weakness and heat in my back. From that day until now - about 6 months, I have not had a pain or indication of any discomfort. I praise God for healing!


Marie - "I met the Director of CVHR to discuss sthe plans for the upcoming pastor's luncheon. While we were taking, she said that I needed prayer. I told her that I was fine, but she insisted that I sit and she began to pray with the presence of others in the soaking room area. The Holy Spisrit revealed that I was stressed and under a great depression. After she prayed, my body was relaxed and I knw that a great weight was lifted from me, a weight that I only then realized I was carrying. Thank you Lord.


Millie - Healed of the past and healing of fibromyalgia, which I had since 1974!!!!


Amber - I started coming to the Healing Rooms back in Sept 2011. I came in with a heavy and hurting heart that I have carried around since I was a child. I've had this baggage with me since I was very little and had been deeply oppressed with such a heaviness. Finally in April of 2012, I came in and had a major breakthrough. I came in for prayer and one of the women asked me to repeat a prayer of forgiveness for my entire family and myself! That single prayer opened up such a freedom in my heart that I have only dreamt about! The stronghold have been broken, and I can now grow healthy in my relationship with Jesus. WOW!!! Such Freedom!! I am ever so grateful for the Healing Rooms and all the work they do for God. God is so loving and faithful. And yes, He hears our most heartfelt cries!


Andre - A.A. ; Thousand Oaks May 23, 2012 - "I began coming to the Healing Rooms and attended for about 3 weeks. I was on the street, and just got a room in a motel and was going to be back on the street broke with my dog. I had written a T.V. show to glorify God and needed financing and a place desperately! They prayed for me laid hands on me and I got healed and delivered from drinking and drugs and last week , the last day I was in my motel and due to be out on the street but by Thursday morning and Friday I got the biggest break through of my life. I got my financial break through and new guest house for me and my dog. The Lord started to restore above and beyond after I was told to forgive and when I did all broke through. Praise God for your work and faithfulness in Jesus. M.L-M.; Thousand Oaks


Patria - After prayer in the healing rooms, my knee pain left immediately, and has never returned. Praise God!


A - I had a problem in that I had gone 2 days without passing urine. I received prayer at the healing rooms and as soon as I returned home I had to rush straight to the toilet. No problem since.


Deborah - I am 35 years old and started smoking as I was 16. I tried everything I could to stop smoking but failed over and over again. Then I heard about the Healing Rooms. They gave me a form to write down my prayer request, but I was embarrassed and didn't want to let they know I smoke. So I just wrote: prayer in general and in my heart I told Jesus I want to stop smoking. As they called my name in the waiting room I felt something heavy went away from me. They prayed for me and the addiction is completely gone. It is as if I had never smoked before. Several months went by and I still do not need any cigarettes.


Debbie - I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in Oct, 2005. The physicians told me it was "incurable." I had a stem cell transplant in March of 2006. Two of my sisters were "matches" for my stem cells, which in itself is a miracle. March 30, 2011, I celebrated my 5th year anniversary of my transplant and my oncologist has dismissed me from her care. PRAISE GOD!!!!


Patti - I thank God you are there for us! I have been going through one of the longest and most difficult trials ever. I was feeling so defeated and beat down and oppressed. Even though I believed God was there, somehow my prayers weren't availing much. Then I came to the Healing Room with a huge list of needs. My first was the need for a job for my husband. It had been 1 and half years since he lost his job, and we had no unemployment. I prayed and prayed but it felt like we had huge oppression over our lives that I could not break through. My answer came 1 month later when my husband started a new job! Thank you, Lord!! I also had issues with my family, and I believe the Lord is working that out because now I have a comfort I could not attain before. Through receiving prayer, the sense of forgiveness, love and peace has increased in my life letting me know I am not abandoned. He is doing an ongoing work, and I am trusting in it! I have a new sense of God's presence in, and with, me now. Thank you for being there and committing yourselves to praying for the body of Christ. _____________ My daughter was arrested for stolen property put in her car that she was unaware of. She had willingly met police and when she went to get her purse, the stolen property fell from her trunk. Many months later she went before the judge and had tremendous favor shown from the prosecutor and the judge. Everyone was amazed! Our lawyer was stunned by the mercy that had been shown by all. His comment was, "God is Great". My daughter agreed that it couldn't have gone any better. In coming to the prayer room I have received more than answered prayer. I have received comfort, peace, a renewed relationship with my Heavenly Father.


Priscilla - My right arm was aching and I wasn't able to move it or turn my wrist for about two months. I went to the healing rooms in Wreck Bay and the team prayed for me. I felt a burning on my forearm and the pain went. I was completely healed. Priscilla


Joseph - EYESIGHT RESTORED! Whilst visiting the Norfolk Healing Rooms in support of a young lad who was having 'hands on' prayer for healing, I was asked if I too had need for prayer, to which I replied "no thanks".But a few moments later I retracted and said I did, that my left eyes sight was failing(about 5-10% sight), whereby I was invited to follow on the lad and also have 'hands on' prayer. This took place and, a very pleasant few minutes followed. The outcome of this was that my sight was almost restored (now 90%), immediately. Glory be to our blessed Lord. In closing my testimony I must say that since becoming a Christian I have a strong faith which is something I am always stressing when talking about healing. I also believe that sowing seed on good ground is also very necessary. May the Lord bless all who might read my testimony. J.C. 08/0


Patricia - CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (ME) HEALED! Initially I was diagnosed with depression in April 2002 but even with medication there was no sign of improvement and in June 2003 I had to give up my job. However, it wasn't until April 2004 that the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Otherwise known as M.E.) was officially diagnosed, although my G.P. had suspected it in 2003 and it was confirmed that I had had it for at least two years possibly longer. It was a relief that I wasn't going mad, that it was not in my imagination but it was real. CFS or ME is a debilitating illness that leaves you constantly exhausted and unable to do the most basic of things like having a conversation with someone, doing housework,cooking a family meal, socialising with family/church family or friends. Sadly, it was made worse that no-one tried to understand how I felt or offered help of any kind (apart from my husband and immediate family). I felt alienated because I was treated as a "mental health case" and no-one, it seemed, knew how to deal with me. Despite all of this I knew it was all a part of God's plan for me that He needed to take me away from things so that He could teach me new things and that when the time was right He would bring healing. Then in 2006 a friend mentioned the possibility of going to the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry. To begin with I was unsure that this was the right way for me but prayed about it and asked God to provide the right opportunity if this was what He wanted. Thus on 19th October 2006 I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry and God healed the ME. At last I was free from the restrictive bonds of the illness. Up to that point, I had needed to walk with the aid of a walking stick and from that night on I no longer needed it.


Maureen - PRAYER CLOTH ACCELERATES HEALING! Just [a card] to say thank you for the Prayer Cloth and for the prayers and love within it. As I held the cloth I was aware of God's love and a wonderful feeling of peace. As I continued to use the cloth I knew God's healing hand was upon me. My foot is healing nicely. I have been discharged from the fracture clinic and am having physio. [My husband] has been blessed with added strength to cope with the extra work in looking after me. M & C


Anon. - HUSBAND COMES TO FAITH,HELPED BY PRAYER CLOTH! The Prayer Cloth - what can I say'. This was something completely new to me and, although new to me, I still received it and willingly placed it into my husband's pillow case. A few weeks passed and I became more and more aware that I was telling God that to sit together in church with my husband was such a strong desire building up within me that I was prepared to give up where I was attending if it was His will for it to happen. To give up on what I was comfortable with, to allow my husband the chance of hearing about him and getting to know that God loved him. I came to repent on how selfish I had become, coaxing or manipulating my husband on several occasions to accompany me. My will was preventing God's work; it was quite a shock, it was as if I had had a sudden growth of maturity, I was being led gently into a new awareness of how God does the work, that to pray was fine but to learn to let go and trust Him needed to happen first, that my heart needed to be in tune with His.This realisation was so liberating. I was being prepared, for almost immediately my husband suddenly told me he thought he would like to give church another go, his words not mine, and suggested a place to go. Now,a few months on we are still worshipping together, having laid down my own will, and my husband has shared that he misses the fellowship when I am unable to take him.After thirty three years of interceding and almost giving up on him, God has heard my groanings and is allowing us to receive His blessings together as a couple. Not only do I sense a releasing from a bondage I had created to see my husband saved, I feel cherished and snug in a new relationship with him, and strangely enough we are both, for once, equal to each other in Christ, just as it should be!God has come to heal the nations now is the time to heed His voice.This is how it happened to us; others will have their own testimonies.Notice God dealt with me first, then the other followed.


Betty - Diagnosed wtih Macular Degeneration and cataracts 5 years ago. Part of the ministry team in our local Healing Rooms. I have now been told that I no longer have macular degeneration and the cataracts are normal for my age.PRAISE GOD!!!!


Phillip - Part of the ministry team at my local healing rooms. I had a back injury and was almost totally immobilized from it. I received prayer the next day at the healing rooms that I work at and got instant relief! I can jump and run without pain! PRAISE GOD!


Donna - I had blood work a year ago that showed I had an overactive thyroid. I had a scan that showed, according to my doctor, that I had a flap of tissue or a tumour that was making my thyroid think that I was taking medication. He reordered that scan. I received prayer before the second scan and the second scan was negative. It no longer showed the flap or tumour! My blood work is now normal! PRAISE GOD!!!!


Anita - I had a sprained wrist with very poor mobility. I had prayer and the mobility was much better and the pain was decreased. I also received much healing of the heart.


Mark - M.L-M.; Thousand Oaks May 6, 2012 - " Shoulder healing. Thank you" I have had shoulder pain for over a year based on an injury I sustained while working in my yard. I had trouble even playing in the pool with my kids. I am 90% improved. Amazing.


Donna - I brought my daughter in for prayer to have her hormones to be at normal levels. Her mood swings stopped immediately. She has been a happy talkative and loving young lady now for two weeks.


Lainee - I had been suffering from sinus trouble for several months and even though I had taken everything under the sun; over the counter, all natural, prescription; from my trip to the ear, nose & throat doctor; I still could get no relief. I was attending Lighthouse for the second time, I was told about the Healing Rooms & had heard the testimony from others who had attended and thought, Yeah, I mean, right' I've tried everything else. Why not let God have a go at it." :D I went up to Jill & asked her to pray for me. And pray for me she did. I was healed that day, but not just my sinuses, with Jill's openness to God's words she spoke into my life what my Father had already been saying, "You are worthy of being healed my daughter, so get your butt up there and get it!"


Andy - NO MORE PROSTATE CANCER!! PRAISE THE LORD August of 2011 my PSA rose from 4.0 at the beginning of the year to 6.5. My doctor suggested a biopsy. Appointment was made a couple of months later. The urologist had another blood test and PSA increased to 8.9. A biopsy was done with results of moderate to aggressive cancer in all sections tested. An appointment was made with a radiologist to prepare for treatment.I went forward at our church for prayer regarding this appointment in December. The couple who prayed are part of the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. A C.T. scan was done to get the exact location of the cancer. This is the second time I was diagnosed with cancer. The first time, God used the hands and the heart of a young doctor that cared more for the patient than his personal record, since I was told by several doctors, it was useless to operate, to go after the tumor. Nothing could be done. Guess what! It's been almost 10 years and the lung cancer has not returned. Praise the Lord! This time the doctor could not find any cancer in the C.T. XRAYS. He couldn't believe it, so he ordered a P.E.T. Scan. Which picks up only the cancer. God did it Himself this time. I do not have cancer. Another Miracle. I've been a part of many. GOD answers pralyers. I have many to thank for their prayers.


S. - I came for more prayer regarding emotional healing of the heart. One of the ladies said the Lord impressed on her heart the word abuse. I immediately broke down. I have never shared about that aspect of my past with anyone at the Healing Rooms or even at my church. Just that week, however, for the first time ever I felt OK about sharing this with a friend, after almost two years of friendship. It came up because my friend shared with me about her struggle with God and the pain she went through because of sexual abuse. Prior to prayer at the Healing Rooms I felt shame, guilt, feelings dirtiness. In fact because of the shame and the guilt I hadn't been able to talk to anyone about it. I couldn't be around men alone because of the extent of the abuse. It started when I was 8, went on until I was 23 years old. Now after 30 years I feel clean on the inside for the first time ever. I realize this is just the beginning of God's goodness.


John - Pain in right side has been healed. Doctors couldn't find a cause. I am pain free.


E - I don't know how to start, but I am really thankful for my ex-husband taking me to the Healing Rooms of Dallas. I have been having problems with my left arm and my back. I couldn't lift my left arm and my back has been hurting for quite a while. I am glad I went to this healing room. They prayed for me and the Lord has healed my arm and back. Not only that, my whole body started feeling a lot better than it has been. Thank you Lord for these people that you sent our way, for praying for us and with us.


Shanna - I was diagnosed with ipoxanimia. I don't have enough oxygen in my blood. I had a cord in my nose all the time. I came to the Healing Rooms and now I only sleep with it. I've only used my nebulizer once since I've been healed and I don't use an inhaler. God is good.


John - I came into the Healing Rooms with undiagnosed pain in my side. The doctors couldn't figure out why I was in pain. Pain in right side has been healed.


Renee - Healed in lower back of degenerated disk that doctors had told me could only be fixed by surgery.


Man - A man came into the Healing Rooms with a lot of stress and troubles. He has been a contractor and a serious weight lifter with huge biceps. He showed us that he is in a lot of pain throughout both arms, his chest and neck and lower back. He could not even lift their two year old son because he had no strength in his body any longer. He rededicated his life back to Jesus, received his spiritual language, felt the power of Holy Spirit all over him, and instantly he felt warmth all over his body. I said check out your body to see how you are feeling. He said, " I feel really good all over!" I asked him to get down on the floor and to do six push ups. He looked at me a little fearful, but went down to the floor and started doing the push ups yelling out loud, "I can't believe this...this is really weird!" He completed his six push ups with ease, then jumped up to his feet. He said, "Wow, I did those push ups with no problem at all, but, I don't believe in miracles and especially in my body!" I kept saying to him that God loved him so much and He healed him as a sign and a wonder of His love! His whole body was completely healed in six different areas and walked out carrying his son that he could not even pick up before!


W. - The prayer team impressed and touched me by their words from God. I have always carried the responsibility for my life, and the stress of it, all by myself. After receiving healing prayer I have now realized my efforts have taken a toll on my thyroid. I came here to receive prayer to improve its functioning. Among other things, the prayer ministers told me, "Doing your best is enough." They prayed, removing the burden and stress off my shoulders and encouraging me to trust God with my concerns. I am relieved and touched by their words. They are wonderful!


Danita - We prayed for my father; for strength and for his hear. He had multiple bi-pass years ago. I visited him this last week. He is slowing gaining strength. He was extremely anemic. After a doctor's appointment with his cardiologist and pace maker technician, he found out that NOTHING is wrong with his heart. It is functioning the same as it was 6 years ago. He was encouraged by our visit and seems to be doing well.


Laura - This whole pasts week I was completely changed. One week ago I was prayed for and believed for my healing ~ and I was changed. This whole past week my mood was good, and I felt physically good. My mood did not dip. I felt surrounded by the Holy Spirit all week long. It was a major change. I feel blessed and defended by God.


K. - I came to Healing Rooms broken and defeated. The pain was much worse than ever, because of something tragic that had happened the Sunday afternoon before. I needed relief and I received a complete healing of my sciatic nerve! Praise God, I went home and for the first time in a very long time I could sleep without pain on the right hand side of my body. God's hand is upon me; his love and mercy are on me. I have not had to use ice packs every couple of hours and I don't need to use all the balms and oils to get me through the night. Praise God for the Nowra Healing Rooms people. K.W.


Christine - I was prayed for today and it was confirmed that my Scripture Psalm 23 is the word for me to dwell in. I had already been given this scripture by the Lord approximately three weeks ago. I know know, my hands will see the manifestation of 100% healing from cracks, peeling and scaling, as I heed the word to rest and be still. My tendency is to choose the anointing but now I know to Be Still!! I got a specific direction from the Holy Spirit tend to one thing, then I will bloom, soar like and eagle and be given a specific key for a specific purpose (kingdom) I took off work today to rest and be still and the Healing Room confirmed God's will for my life. I walk out knowing; leaving confusion behind.


Christina - God has given me peace and severed the soul ties between me and my ex. boyfriend. God is leading me to good places and has wonderful plans coming my way. The devils lies have been broken and thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Conejo Valley HEaling Rooms for the prayer and support...blessings


Kenneth - I had five hip surgeries and was walking with constant pain. After receiving ministry, I could walk with no pain and I left my walking cane behind in the healing rooms.


A. - My name is A.... Y.... I was born in China to a Moslem family in 1926. My parents were nominal Muslims. My father was a teacher of Math. He thought one's career was more important than anything. One day a certain bishop named Bishop Graves told my father that he was considering appointing him to be the Principal of St. John's Middle School. My father refused this offer because of a condition which required him to convert to Christianity to get the position.(The fact is my father had no religious faith. He just guarded his minority status.) Both men insisted on their point-of-view and would not give in. Later my father got an idea he put forward- a compromise he hoped to make. My father said to the bishop: "I cannot be a convert but I will let my children become Christians." This was how I and my siblings became God's children. I regard it to have been a divine opportunity, and of being chosen by God. I was baptized a Christian in 1941 and confirmed a year later. But alas, good things did not last long, and very sadly I stopped going to church for almost 30 years, since the Communist Party seized power in 1949. Then in 1983 God made an arrangement for me. He brought me, a lost sheep, back to Jesus Christ.... I had been to the Healing Rooms of Issaquah before; once with my daughter S., prior to when she and her family moved to Switzerland at the end of July 2011; and again later in September 2011 with L. C.. Each of these times I experienced healing after receiving prayer. I do recognize how tremendous is Jesus's healing power. Last Wednesday evening, Oct, 26, 2011, when I was standing by the sink washing dishes after dinner, all of a sudden I felt very weak and broke out in a cold sweat as if I would faint and nearly vomit. Immediately I sat down and cried out, "Oh, Jesus, save me." Well, right away I calmed down completely. Yes, Jesus heard me call. I felt safe inside and fear was driven out of me. The following day I found that the illness was caused by indigestion and I thought something stuck in my stomach. I could not eat normally. I neither had lunch nor dinner on Friday, yet I didn't feel hungry at all. Then I called Mrs. Y to tell her about my situation and ask her to pray for me. It happened that there would be a Healing Room service the next day. Well, well, I came and recovered after people prayed for me. How wonderful it is! This evidently is the Lord's mercy and grace blessing me through their fervent praying. God listens to our prayer if only we ask Him and He surely promises. I thank God our heavenly Father through the name of Jesus Christ. This shows that prayer is so important and significant in our daily life. It is a way to near God. I find that the more I talk to God, the more I need Him and rely on Him. And the more I pray to Him the more peace I have within me. Dear fellow brothers and sisters, may God bless us all! Amen.


C. - I was prayed for in September 2011 here at the Issaquah Healing Rooms for Low Energy (fatigue syndrome) which was an after effect of big chemotherapy from stage 4 ovarian cancer endured years ago. Also they prayed for healing of facial dermatitis. I truly felt the Spirit of the Lord on me, on the ladies that prayed for me, and also throughout the building as well as among the other people who were here! Afterwards I felt much better with an increased energy level and my face cleared up considerably from a rash that was there, but not completely yet. I am expecting a total healing and feel very blessed to have been prayed for here! May God Bless You All! C.....


C. - The prayer warriors at Issaquah Healing Rooms prayed for me on November 12, 2011; for my right breast which was very painful for many months on and off and with my past history of ovarian cancer, I was very afraid of reoccurrence of cancer. Also my colon has been functioning very slowly, it has even stopped functioning at times which is a major concern to me. Now things are much improved! Since they prayed for me, I've been to two doctors, had a perfectly normal mammogram and all the pain is gone! Praise God! I am very, very thankful to the people at Issaquah Healing Rooms. May God Bless them always! C.....


Barry - 3/4/12 In July I was told by an oncologist that 40% of my blood cells were cancerous. After much prayer, in January I was told I had only 1%. Praise God! Barry H. Spokane, Wa.


S. - I was talking to God about the Healing Rooms of Issaquah because I'd heard of it at church. Then my best friend mentioned wanting to go so I knew it was God. At the Healing Rooms I asked for prayer for emotional healing of the heart. One of the ladies prayed about how Jesus was there with me when I crossed the boundary between Mexico and America. The interesting thing was, just that week I had told someone that I really don't know who I am because I am a citizen of Mexico but have been raised in America. I don't feel as though I can consider America as my country because I cannot vote and don't have rights here in America. The scripture that the Lord showed me to stand on was about when Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, then his nephew Joshua lead them into the Promised Land. The second big thing that I received prayer over was related to the chapters of Isaiah 54 and Psalms 91. The interesting thing was I had just been talking to God about His promises, those I had been speaking over myself. Were the scriptures truly for me, or was it just me doing things. My desire was to be obedient to God; to be in His Will. Another lady prayed over me about how God is my Redeemer; how He takes away my pain from the past, where I was grieved because of past relationships. I was encouraged not look to the right or left but to keep my eyes on God. The last thing we prayed about was my mind, how God wants to bring hope where the enemy has wanted to put me down through shame, rejection, oppression, and fear.


Danita - For Julie S. At the Healing Room here, we prayed for my friend Julie who was scheduled to have major surgery for a large mass in her abdomen. She felt a peace before the surgery and the surgery went smoothly. We prayed that the mass would be nothing and that is exactly what is was - a lump of tissue that was removed. Behind the mass the surgeons did find some malignant cells and they were able to remove them. After the surgery the doctor said she has a 90% chance of living to be 78 or older! We praise and thank God for Julie's life


Cherie - In financial straights for a couple of years, amongst other hardships. We are out of strangle-hold and are in much better financial circumstances. Praise God.


Danielle - I feel released inside and able to walk in confidence. I was tired of carrying emotional burdens and believing lies. I saw a sign on the road that there was a Healing Room so I came in and received prayer. So I wasn't expecting this tonight but I have been wanting it. I feel renewed and release. I also received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and my prayer language.


Therese - 10 After praying for my grandson concerning night terrors, my daughter told me he has had no night terrors or even waking up since then. 2) After praying for my son's girlfriend, she had an open wound, the wound healed with no infection. 3) Judy Paughty had prayer for a terminal blood disorder that caused her blood to clot. God healed her, she has no clots in her legs and there is minimal scarring.


Jessie - Wrist injured in sports, received prayer at Healing Room, wrist healed that very night.


Ruth - I have battled breast cancer, I had a mastectomy, however whenever I went to the doctors my cancer count would be in the range from 11-20. I received prayer for total healing, after my last check-up, my doctor called me to happily report my numbers were ZERO! Thanks be to God!


Elizabeth - Date: Summer 2010 We requested prayer for my husband who was receiving a kidney transplant and he is doing fine with that now. Thank you Jesus! Name: Betty G.


Sandra - I came in for prayer for healing in my liver from spots reported by my physician, I had tremendous fear. I received prayer, when I went back to the doctor for my check up I was able to have peace, and the doctor gave a good report. Thank you Lord.


Susan - A lady came in for prayer for relief from sinus issues, she called the next day to report she had no more symptoms


Debbie - A praise report about a ladies daughter in law who was prayed for. Doctor said she had spine issues and would eventually be in a wheelchair. She prayed and ran a prayer cloth up and down her spine and she is now healed. She has to go through some therapy, but she is not headed for the wheelchair.


Susan - I was suffering from a severe headache, after prayer within 15 minutes and no medication it was completely gone. Thank you Jesus!


Cheryl - I had heart palpitations that were getting worse. I had an EKKO on my Heart and the Dr. said I had a wiring problem and my heart beat was irregular. After prayer at the Healing Room I haven't had the fluttering or palpitations.


Patty - I asked for prayer for my daughter who had gotten in some trouble with her friends, within weeks my daughter was sharing Christ with another friend. Thank you Lord.


Kathy - I had prayer for a mass on my kidney and a kidney stone 1-2 cm found through ultrasound. After a c-scan no mass was found and the kidney stone was HALF its original size! I am now believing for the kidney stone to be gone and the "potential" mass on my liver to be gone. Will have an MRI on 2-10-12.


Earl - I've had Macular Degeneration for two years which has required me to have shots in both my eyes on an ongoing basis. After prayer, my eye exam showed no fluid in both my eyes. Praise the Lord! This is the first time in two years I have not had to have shots in my eyes!


Darlene - Thanksgiving Eve morning I happened to be reading and meditating on Psalm 91 in the Amplified Bible - especially verses 9-11 which I underlined, bracketed and starred. Little did I know how important they would be to me later that day. My friend Christine and I stopped for a sandwich on our way to church that evening. While walking from the car in a dimly-lit parking lot, we suddenly found ourselves directly in front of a speeding car!! The driver managed to stop inches before hitting us. Nevertheless, the visual shock and horror of the narrowly-averted impact knocked us over backwards onto the pavement. Christine suffered a chipped and cracked elbow and a big lump on her head. I was diagnosed with back strain. I believe the reason for this enemy attack is that I became a member of the Northshore Healing Rooms prayer team on Monday of that week. Also, Christine was attending church with me because of the Lord's leading and my invitation. As I write this, verse 11 of Psalm 91 jumps off the page: "For He will give His angels charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways (of obedience and service)." I praise You and thank You, Father, for Your loving care of me and for sparing my life, for Your purposes. Also, I want to say a great big thank You to Your angels who watch over me!


Jean - I was diagnosed with kidney problems, blood in my urine and strep in my bladder. I was prayed for on Thursday before I had my tests the following week. My CT scan showed my kidneys were fine. The scope of my bladder was clear also. The next test showed NO strep in my bladder! I did not receive a report on the blood, but I trust that the Lord took care of that as well!! I am so very, very thankful that healing is part of the atonement. I am also thankful for the Healing Rooms and the people who are obedient to Jesus to pray for the sick.


Tony - I started going to the healing room a couple days after my Dad was left half-paralyzed from a severe stroke, which was about 6 weeks ago (Nov 12th). I was suffering emotionally from both the news of the stroke and from my Mom having blamed my Dad's stroke on me in front of family! Also, the fact that I did not defend my wife when my mother mistreated her (understatement) in the hospital left my wife feeling sad. Even though I personally observed my Mom mistreat my wife for the second time, I did not want to actually acknowledge this or deal with it. I chose to stay at the home of a person who I thought was a friend for a couple weeks. Although it was extremely difficult to be physically separated from my wife and two year old girl, I listened to my "friend" who encouraged me to divorce her. Later I found out that he was actually interested in and had tried to be with my wife! I regret to admit that I partially filled out the divorce paperwork to file. The anxiety became so profound, that I experienced what felt like a panic attack one evening, leaving me unable to breathe for a short period of time! My stress-induced acid reflux syndrome had resurfaced, making it hard to sleep and my spit tasted like blood. Some weeks, the only time I even saw my wife and daughter was when we met to pray with Terry and Bart at the Healing Room on Mondays. Furthermore, my wife was burdened by the fact that I did not believe her when she told me that my mother and former friend had intentions to separate our family. I thought that my wife was simply jealous of them and basically making it all up! But my wife prayed fervently, both in the Healing Room and at home, and for God to expose these people and open my eyes. Both my wife and I observed new ways to pray in the Healing Room, empowering us to pray more effectively. I started to feel more equipped and began to lead my family in prayer at home. As a critical thinker, and not one to normally acknowledge the supernatural without evidence. However, I literally felt like I'd lost 20 pounds of dead weight after the first time they prayed for me in the Healing Room. Recently the dishonorable intentions / character of both my mother and former friend were both exposed beyond the shadow of a doubt, and I'm no longer struggling with guilt or hate. Today I'm back in the house with my family, the stomach acid is no longer an issue, and my wife and I are closer physically and spiritually than ever. We now have hope and a beautiful future in Christ. I don't think we'd have stayed together without the support of the Healing Room and Terry, who went WAY above and beyond for us. We plan on participating and hopefully one day serving in the Healing Room ministry as a family, and are believing that in the near future we will be in a position to express our gratitude financially. Thank you so much for letting God bless us through you!


Becky - Wonderful healing - leg was weeping running with INFECTION HEALED AFTER PRAYER TOTALLY HEALED PRAISE GOD


Crystal - GOT A JOB I came in for prayer last week asking for a job. My prayers have been answered I now have a job...Praise the Lord!


Betty - Betty has lost both her breasts, part of her left rib cage and a lung to cancer. After being prayed for the first time she believed she was healed and did indeed have healing, but started showing cancerous spots on her one remaining lung. She was prayed for again and they just received the report that she is healed. There is no cancer in her body.


Cathy - In November 2011 my father had an operation for grade 2 bowel cancer. They removed half a meter of his bowel and a large number (14) of lymph notes for testing. He was scheduled to have a full body scan on 1st February and we would get the results on 2nd February. The team at Nowra Healing Rooms prayed for his healing and I was given an unshakable faith that he would be healed. When I went to the specialist with my parents I felt very calm and even excited that I was going to see God's healing power healing power. When we saw the specialist he said all the lymph nodes are cancer free and that my father is "a very healthy gentleman".


Laura - In April 2010 I was diagnosied with Hodgins Lymphomia. I believed God as I asked him whether I should go through chemo. That is what I felt I should do. On many occasions I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. And by the end of Nov. 2010 I had finished treatments. Throughout 2011 every three months all checkups have been cancer free. Praise God, Praise God. He hears and delivers when we call upon His name and believe H will do what he says in His Word.


Laura - In September 2009 my brother had been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw. He had surgery and chemo and radiation following. He was fine till the summer of 2011 when he developed an autoimune disease following chemo and radiation. Where he could not breath or even swallow. He was in ICU on a respirator and tub feedings. We as a family had a lot of prayer for him through different churches and through the Prince George Healing Rooms. We prayed for healing and also for the Dr's to have wisdom as how to treat his unknown disease. He was in hospital and ICU for a month and as of the end of Oct. 2011 he was finally home and several weeks later he was driving long distance without any affects because before he was addmitted to hospital he was not able to even drive. Praise God for His wisdom made available to the doctors to know how to treat him and praise God for His power through prayer and for doing what He said He would do. When we lay hands on the sick they shall recover. Praise God, Praise God.


Anonymous - I am so grateful to the Lord! He has used you as instruments to bring tremendous answers to prayer in my life and in my family. This morning my mother in law called crying to tell us that her doctor told her that the pancreatic cancer she was diagnosed with less than a year ago is completely gone with no trace of tumors or abnormalities. Her doctor told her that she had 4 months to live in September 2011. God told me not to agree sith the bad news,instead I went to the Healing Rooms and asked for annointing oil and prayer for her and I took it with me on our trip to Florida. My son and I prayed for her, anointed her with oil, encouraged her to eat. After we left she called us a few weeks later to tell us that she was continuing to annoint herself with oil every day and believe that God was healing her. Her voice had hope in it and I was so happy for her. Now she is cancer free! PRAISE THE LORD!!


Bennaih - Phillip, do you remember someone's sight being improved when we were praying for Helena' Helena wasn't the only one seeing an improvement. My sister, Helen has always experienced very poor vision, which makes it hard for her to drive at night. Well, praise God! She told me that on the way home last night, due to the anointing that was still charging through her body, her vision began to clear up. She could see everything - street signs and everything else more clearly than ever before!


Theresa - Last year I became desperate to be free of glaucoma (eye condition that can lead to blindness). The eye drops left so many side effects. I asked for prayer at Healing Rooms and wherever else I could. In November I went to a retreat centre and found I had left my eye drops at home. I went to the cross in the grounds of the centre and left glaucoma there as JESUS had already died there for it. I went a couple of weeks ago for new glasses. My eyes were tested extensively. The Optometrist told me my eyes could not be healthier. ALL PRAISE KING JESUS


Diane - Had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 44 years. Was told I wouldn't be healed until heaven or when my husband died. Took authority over those lies and forgave those that spoke them. Cast out all familiar spirits, and broke the spirit of cancer. The power of God fell. I can stand up tall for the first time in 44 years. The next day at work after being on my feet all day I came home pain free and no swollen feet. My family just keeps looking at me. I am praising God.


Laura - After praying with Conejo Valley Healing Rooms for approximately a month; almost immediately; 2 weeks before Christmas I was hired at a new job that I started the week before Christmas. I have been working since and feel very fortunate to be employed. Also the director prayed for me in early December to loose weight. I lost 15 pounds during the holidays and to date continue to loose. What a blessing for the new year. That is something I hadn't been able to do in years. Only after prayer was I able.


Lily - PROVISIONS God is providing two job! Provisions are here. Thank You Jesus for the favor.


Kathy - I came to the Healing Room about a month ago, I am getting better physically and spiritually. I always thought of myself as weak, but with their prayers I am beginning to feel victorious in Jesus. I am believing to be a blessing to someone else instead of always needing prayer. My throat had a mass in it and now I believe that it is shrinking. I am able to walk more and I'm getting stronger physically. The Holy Spirit ministered to me through them about things no one else knew except the Holy Spirit and me. I am very grateful for the Healing Room and their dedication to the Anointed Jesus. I am telling my friends and family so everyone I know can get better.


Jim - We were out of the county and had to go to the hospital so called the Healing Room for prayer. We were able to come back to the states for surgery and 100% healing.


Ruth - I took a bad fall at work, I was rushed to the hospital. The teams from the Healing Room were praying for me. I dislocated my shoulder, I was in severe pain, could not move and feared surgery. Thankfully, I did not have to undergo surgery And I had no swelling. No bruising and am no longer in any pain. Praise God!


Terry - I asked for prayer for my mom against skin cancer. She came back from the doctors with a clean bill of health, all cancer has been removed and she is doing great. Thank you LORD.


Carol - I was put in the hospital for a lung infection, I am 85 years old, and I called for prayer from the Healing Room teams. The next day I was released and I am doing fine, feel good. Thank you,


Cindy - I had severe tooth pain, I don't have a lot of extra funds for the dentist. I asked for prayer for a simple solution to my tooth problem. I went to the dentist and he said it was a simple thing to fix and only charged me $25.00 . I know those prayers were heard. Thank you,


Carol - I am 85 years old I have been having a continual ringing in my ears. I called the Healing Room to request prayer, the next morning all the ringing was totally gone.


Elaine - I received prayer for my back. I felt heat and felt better the rest of the night.


Dean - I had a problem with an obstruction in my throat & I would clear my throat all the time. After prayer at the Healing Room I haven't had to clear my Throat at all. I was considering surgery but am not any longer.


Libby - I came in with severe problems with my skin, neurological dermititis, my face looked so bad I did not want to leave my house. I have been struggling with severe depression. I came into the Healing Room and received prayer. My skin healed up within the week, I was feeling some release and I am so thankful.


Patty - I received prayer for a knot on my wrist that had bothered me for a long time. I am happy to say it has dissolved. Praise God!


Rueben - A man in his 80s came in for prayer for weak legs and numb feet and disc issues. He received prayer for healing and for the first time in his life he received Christ as his Savior.


L.B. - I have been suffering a lot of pain in my back. From a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, my pain when I came to the healing room was about a 9. After I received prayer, the Lord removed my pain and it was at a zero when we were done praying.


Scott - I came in for prayer for my shoulder, I often overuse it at work and over the years have just gotten used to it being "out of whack"


Hugh - I am a worker in the Healing Room ministry. On Sunday a man at church slumped over. The nurse was having a hard time finding a pulse. He was very pale and not responding. I sensed I should lay hands on him and pray, I asked the other men there to agree with me. Immediately, the man came to, stood up and when the paramedics arrived they pronounced him just fine. I know God touched him and I give Him all the praise, thanksgiving and glory in Jesus name.


John - We are the first people that the Healing Room Team members in Gillette prayed for. My wife and I came from Nebraska to receive prayer for her against breast cancer. We can report that as of today 11/04/2010, my wife is doing well and we continually praise God. Since then we have been involved with opening up a Healing Room Ministry in Nebraska.


Debbie - I gave my husband a prayer cloth when he was in the hospital ready to undergo heart surgery. The Doctor checked him out and released him said he didn't need to be there or go through the surgery. All praise to God.


Libby - I came in for prayer against lots of striving in my home. I received prayer and that week my relationship with my daughter and son went much better.


Jenny - I was having heart murmurring off and on. I received prayer at the Healing Room and I have not had any more trouble with it fluttering since. Thank you Jesus!


Colton - A boy fell on the trampoline wrong and thought he broke his arm, he received prayer and immediately said his arm felt better and has not had a problem with it since. Thank you Jesus


Hugh - I requested prayer for my knee after years of pain, stiffness and lack of mobility. The Lord healed it!


Barbara - I was told that I had severe arthritis and would soon be in a wheel chair. I sought the Lord for healing and He healed me. I am doing great, no pain, all mobility back. Thank you.


Leah - I was diagnosed in 2007 with cancer of the right breast. God lead me to Gillette to the High Road Healing Room ministry in August 2009. My life is forever changed as a result of what God did through the ministry that I received while there. God began a process of healing my wounded heart. My emotions needed healing too as this occurred fear left,my faith increased. I began to believe I was worthy of His love and physical healing. Since then I have had total peace as God has healed me and protected me. I am cancer free now, glory to God! Also we are opening up a healing room now in Omaha, Nebraska in March. Thank you all,


Merilen - I feel better and I am happy to feel the love of God


Sandra - Feel welcome, room full of love. Feel at peace foot much better. Broken foot bones.


Julie - Able to forgive Mother and feeling of Spiritual uplifting and loving kindness. God was very present.


Joy - Felt the anointing very strongly - shoulder pain much relieved.


Allan - Immediate reduction in pain.


Jim - Heat and almost instant pain relief


Michelle - I had extreme back pain which was dibilitately after back surgery. After prayer, the pain left. Praise the Lord


G - Kidney area Pain left within minutes of recieving prayer


Marilyn - God told me He would give me the key to unlock the burden/weight I've carried & haven't been able to lose, before we left Portland. Today I was healed of; arthritis in hands, head trauma, left knee cartilage worn out, neck & back stiffness, and hip pain. This was all a result of 38 years ago in a car accident without a seat belt in a head on collision with a concrete culvert. In the collision, my hands went through the windshield which resulted in numbness and arthritis off and on. (Tonight I felt heat and no more pain). I received a head trauma which resulted in foggyness and memory loss. Recently this has been much worse, but tonight it feels very clear as I felt something lift off. My knee was hurting during the speaker and now I have no pain or stiffness. My neck and back now feels relaxed with no pain. My hips would normally hurt with standing for more than 15 minutes and my outer thighs would go numb. Tonight I felt my pelvis shift and adjust & my stomach lift.


Tammy - Healed of blindness in right eye of 26 years due to a head trauma.


Marcia - I was healed of neuropathy in hands and feet from nerve damage due to diabetes. My left hand was tingling to the beat of the band and now I can feel my hands, fingers, and toes. GO GOD!!


Veronica - I was healed earlier this year of a 5 year neck injury where I was bucked off a horse on to my head. I laid hands on my own neck and commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus after listening to a CD of yours with a testimony of a man healed from a neck injury.


Sandy - The Lord healed the band around my head that was put there from falling backwards & hitting my head last month. He also restored my memory that was affected by a stroke 7 years ago.


Marg - I had L4 & L5 herniated discs. When I received prayer my lower back got hot, then cold, and then it loosened up and the pain left + muscles relaxed. Praise Jesus!


Diana - I was watching the webcast at 11:45am Thursday. The pain in my knees left, and I can now do deep knee bends-which I haven't been able to do for years.


Sara - I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 94. Today my head and neck have been healed.


Kathleen - My foot was healed from the nerve damage from the hematoma. It is still hot.


Kevin - Loss of cartilage in knees for the last 15 years. I felt warmth when receiving prayer and now my knees feel completely different. Also my back feels tingly. I thank you Jesus for the completed work!


Jill - I have had migraines since 6th grade. After prayer, there was no more pain, I just felt his presence. I have also had foot pain for 3 years since having an accident. The doctor said that I had arthritis. No more pain here either. Praise Jesus!


Trini - Healed from what the enemy had stolen from me. My body began to tingle and shake during prayer. I knew Jesus broke off those shackles. Also, my husband had a childhood brain injury which resulted in dyslexia, memory loss, and an injured back. He was also totally healed.


Debbie - I sustained 2 injuries to my neck. The first was when I was 11. I landed on the top of my head. It was over extended forward. Xrays show the top front edge of 3 vertebra dented. Instead of a curve to the neck it looks like a child set the vertebra atop each other. One vertebra has moved back and is resting on the spinal column causing the feeling of strangulation. The second injury was 2001 when we were in a t-bone accident that over extended my neck to the left. The prayer last night changed something. My sinuses opened and began to drain. I can turn my head further to the left over my shoulder.


Roy - Written by Linda, Roy's wife wrote: On Feb. 25th, 2010 Roy was body surfing in Mexico. He was slammed into the beach, head first, and injured his spinal cord at C3 and C4. He was paralyzed from the neck down, face down in the ocean. Eventually he took in water and suffered cardiac arrest. After an undetermined amount of time he was drug out of the surf without a pulse or breath. He had blue legs and arms. There is so much more to Roy's story, but the most important thing is that God was on the beach that day and brought Roy back to life and restored his spinal cord. Written by Roy: Neck injury. Central cord and right cord syndrome that led to tetra paralysis, mostly affecting right side (hand and arm). There has been considerable numbness in hands and feet. After prayer numbness is mostly eliminated in hands by at least 90%. Feet are much less numb, still tingling.


Victoria - Major pain-migraine headaches for 33 years. I had head trauma from 9 car accidents and abuse. God started the work 2/09 at the Spokane Healing Rooms. I had almost no pain for 2 weeks and felt very loved by God. God finished the work 09/08/10, when head trauma, injuries, and whiplash was called out at the Spiritual Hunger Conference. Three big men prayed intense prayers, declared creative miracle power, new vertebrae, and major release of tightness and pain. I am healed, the devil is a liar. I will not bow to pain or lying symptoms any longer. I am completely pain free in Jesus name!


Kathy - Blow to the back of my head from a fall on the ice two years ago. It jilted my head, hurt my neck (whiplash), tore something in my shoulder. I received healing of my head, neck and shoulder.


Caroline - When I was 12 I slipped on ice, fell and banged the back of my head. I was unconscious for some time. Before the conference I was praying for my brain to be healed and renewed. I felt from the moment Bill Johnson started to speak of the renewed mind my brain started tingling. When he asked if anyone had received trauma to the head, I remembered this old injury. When asked, I raised my hand and I felt an intensity build up in the back of my head. As the prayer continued, then release came. Then an amazing feeling of peace, wholeness, and joy covered me.


Patria - Thank you Jesus. My friend, Maria, was healed of depression after we prayed in the healing room. She has gone back to work and has no more depresskion. Praise God!


Patria - I want to thank Jesus for the healing of my friend, Patty. The doctor found something wrong with her heart and she was scheduled for surgery. We prayed for her and she was healed. The doctors told her it was a miracle.


Patria - I want to thank Jesus for the healing of my friend, Alicia's back. Two months ago I stood for her here at the healing room and we prayed for her. Since then she has no more pain. Praise God.


Selena - I was healed last night of numbness in my legs which started after my 2nd brain surgery. The numbness is gone! And a huge cloud of heaviness has been lifted off my head. Praise Jesus!


Lin - Thrown from horse at age 14. Concussion and was out for 45 minutes. Have had to accommodate always for very low/limited energy. Have fought this and had much prayer. But this root had not been exposed until now! Praise God, I'm Free! (after 48 years of affliction).


Priscilla - 33 years and 3 months ago I tore the cartilage in both of my knees while running a marathon. Then, 9 years ago-my dog mowed me down in the icy winter and I sustained another cartilage tear on my right knee. Tonight I received full healing in both knees. I could not kneel without pain and at my hotel room after the Conference, I was able to kneel and walk around on my knees without pain!


Susan - I was not looking for healing for this but the speaker called that God wanted to heal numbness. Since having surgery over 20 years ago, nerves were damaged and I lost feeling in my skin around my neck and shoulder on the right side. I raised my hand that I had numbness and people gathered around me to pray. I began pinching the skin and I could feel it! Before, a hot cigarette could touch it and I wouldn't have felt it. Thank you God!!


Hugh - My knees were injured in a motorcycle accident at age 21. In the 33 years since, they have gotten worse. The ACL ligament in my right knee eventually was completely severed and the ends atrophied. When "knees" being healed was mentioned, I raised my hand and people came and prayed for both knees. I felt nothing immediately, but my knee seemed tighter after prayer. I tried it out and it was no longer loose as before. I was able to do deep knee bends again without noticeable pain. I was told last year my right knee needed to be replaced with an artificial knee by a Doctor. I think the Doctor was wrong. God heals! PTL


Little Girl - Healings have been breaking fast and furious throughout the Healing Rooms, look on the website for the amazing testimonies that people have sent in. One that came from a young (24) friend of mine who traveled to Zambia and connected with pastor Steward, our Healing Rooms Director in Kitwe, is below.... We continued praying for others who came forward but then they brought in the little girl...everyone turned silent. She was dead. Stone cold. No breathing. No pulse. We prayed for her, sang over her but there was no movement whatsoever. Owning to the fact that so many others still needed ministry we left her in the care of Pastor Chris. The miracles were not over yet after Messi was delivered-the little girl had been revived after fervent prayer! SHE WAS BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD! The presence of God was tangible. How could words on this page ever do such a testimony justice'!! Just know that JESUS IS ALIVE and spiritual warefare is a reality! I sobered up quickly to this truth, as what I saw happening in front of of my eyes could never be fabricated nor could I ever deny the power of Jesus over any spirit!


Jonathan - I was diagnosed with tumors in the neck, on the thyroid gland. They were large one 2" and the other one 1/2" in size. We prayed that they would be non-cancerous. The results of the biopsy were negative. Praise God.


Fernado - GOD HEALED MY HEART. I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms stressed, broken hearted and really down. I felt the Lords' presence. He relieved me of stress and the weight that was on my shoulders. I am leaving with great peace and calmness that my prayers will be answered and all that needs to be forgiven will.


Noel - GOD IS JUDGE AND LAWYER. On June 26, 2011 I got in a car accident and was charged with felony hit and run. I was innocent of all charges. Facing 5 years in prison I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms. On December 13th I went to court and ALL charges were dropped. Thanks to the Lord for he was my only judge and lawyer that day. I thank God for loving me and listening to my prayers.


Maria - Knee would not straighten out and felt like it was "caught", my foot hurt and it hurt to straighten my toes. Also had pain in my hip and it hurt to walk. During prayer my knee began to move by the power of God(the person praying thought I was doing it)later that night I was able to straighten out my knee,my toes and hip are pain free.


Noel - SET FREE FROM DRUGS AND ANGER I recognized that due to a drug addiction I harmed many people that loved me. My girlfriend of six years and I would fight and argue everyday and my two year old daughter would witness each fight. I lost my job as a supervisor and my car. I went to jail and was to the point where I almost lost everything including my family. I walked into the Oxnard Healing Rooms to ask God to forgive me and he opened my eyes. Now I live a clean life. God has and continues to be good to me and He will to you too. God loves us so much and will answer our prayers.


Peg - I want to confess my complete healing from melanoma cancer that I have battled for over seven years. My final surgery was in May, 2011 when I had several lymph nodes removed from my jaw. It has been over many months now and I have been healed from cancer. There were many prayers for me from my family and church and I also give credit to the Healing Rooms in our church. I owe a lot to all of them and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my healing.


Cecile - In June, 2008 I was rear-ended by a tractor trailer and received injuries to my neck and cervical spine. Because of my injuries I couldn't work. I'm a single mom of two children and when the bills kept piling up I became depressed and scared because I had no one to help me. I went to see a good Christian woman who told me about the Healing Rooms. When I went there for prayer I knew God was there waiting for me to arrive. While they were praying for me I felt an explosion go through my heart and into my body and I found out that God loved me even before that day and was with me even in my accident. I accepted Jesus in my heart and He became my Lord and Savior that day! He has been faithful and I thank Him everyday.


Priscilla - After prayer, the heart arrythmia I had been suffering from since last June is now gone. I believe God healed me after I gave Him thanksgiving.


Cathy - SET FREE FROM MARIJUANA: I had been smoking marijuana day and night for nine years. I came to Nowra Healing Rooms for freedom from my addiction. I AM HEALED and I have had no desire to use marijuana since I was at Healing Rooms. It just doesn't even enter my thoughts; it's as though I was never addicted!


Lorena - NO LONGER HOMELESS After being evicted and homeless we came to Jesus through prayer. In less than a week we found a new home. Praise the Lord


Veronica - WHERE DO I BEGIN My Father God has done so many miracles for me and my family that I don't know where to begin. When I saw no light at the end of the dark tunnel my Lord remained faithful as He promised he would. Thank you Jesus and all my prayer partners at the Oxnard Healing Rooms. Satan tried to steel, kill and destroy my family and I almost gave up but I listened to God and not the enemy. My Father in Heaven, God, brought my husband back to his first love Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!!! The devil tried to destroy our marriage and family and still does but our God remains faithful. Thank you Jesus


Lydia - GOD SENDS HELP TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE I was in a deserted area and got a flat tire. Out of nowhere a couple stopped and the gentleman happened to be employed by a tire repair shop and had all the equipment needed to change my tire in his vehicle. He changed my tire and told me that they had taken the wrong road...but not for Papa God.


Peggy - LIFE CHANGING When I began coming to the Oxnard healing Rooms it seemed as though every aspect of my life was in turmoil, From my marriage to my finances. Although I know God's work is not done as of yet He has given me peace, my marriage is so much better and work is coming in slowly. I know He will always provide for my needs and for that I give God all the glory and continue to trust in Him.


Lily - INSOMNIA HEALED I had a condition called insomnia for about 10 years. The Lord revealed the cause and led me to adjust my diet to include the proper nutrients. I now sleep well. I am Healed. I am grateful and Love the Lord


Lily - CAVITIES GONE I went to the dentist in March of 2011 and was told I had three cavities.I had one filled in October 2011 and made an appointment to have the others filled in November 2011. I Went to my appointment, the dentist checked my teeth and I had NO cavities. I even received a free cleaning. Thank you Jesus


Joseph - I thank God for complete healing of sciatic nerve pain.


Jackie - After prayer in the healing rooms, the pain in my left ankle left immediately.


G - I was an alcoholic, and addicted to tobaco. After prayer in the healing room nministry, I felt my body feeling better, and got hope for a better life. I stopped alcohol and tobaco for five days, and I believe that it will continue.


Carol - My knees were is pain. After prayer the Lord took away the pain in my knees.


Michelle - The pain in my stomach was constant like a knot, a large lump. After prayer my stomach is pain free. My body feels whole.


Joyce - Thank you Jesus. Your servants prayed for my neck pain and the Lord has touched me. The pain is gone and my sins are forgiven. Thank you Jesus.


Dorothy - Father God took all my sins away and healed my back pain and made me whole. I give Him all the glory and the honor.


Cindy - Hi Phillip, I wanted to pass on a praise report to your team who prayed with me on Saturday for my dad. He had gone into the hospital Thursday morning by ambulance with what we found out to be double pneumonia (on top of copd, diabetes, and on dialysis) He was very bad off including hallucinations and confusion. He was just as bad when I saw him on Friday. I anointed him with oil and prayed for him before I left him Friday (though he didn't remember it). I didn't see him Saturday but heard he was not doing well. We prayed for him Saturday at the healing room and Janza saw whatever was there, leave him. I walked in his room yesterday and he was sitting in bed with a smile on his face. The hallucinations and confusion from the illness were GONE! He was feeling so much better. I anointed him and prayed for him before I left that the biopsy of his lungs they were doing today would be negative. I just had a spirit of praise all morning. I then got a call from my sister that the preliminary report from the biopsy is that it did not appear to be cancer!! Glory to God ! I am believing that to be the final diagnosis !! I really, really enjoy ministering with your team Saturday. They each have such wonderful unique gifts and will make a great team. I would love to be ministered to by them any time!! Love you all,Cindy, Washington HR


Arleen - After prayer my neck pain was healed.


Patria - God is good. After prayer while God was healing pastor Hannah's foot, I felt my knee pain was gone. Hallelujah! Praise our healing God.


G - God grated me a lot of forgiveness for my ex-spouse and relieved me of food addiction and started removing some things blocking my progress in life.


Veronica - I received prayer for my arm that was giving me pain due to much over use over the years.The word I received was that I am healed and that this was a lying symptom...I came home not feeling much different but believing and telling this symptom to go in Jesus' name and yesterday I cleaned three houses with no pain---Thank you Jesus!!


Edith - I came into the healing rooms with a pain in my chest. After prayer, the pain left me.


Dianne - I could not bend my left knee without having pain. After prayer, I was able to bend my knee without any pain. Praise God


Val - I want to thank God and you for all the healing I received in the healing rooms on both occasions that I visited and want to thank you for all the love, prayer and time that was given to me. The condition I came with (toothache, ear infection) has completely gone but more importantly I have more of a peace of mind. I really appreciate it. Thank you all.


Kathryn - I came to the healing rooms after having been bed-ridden for two months, with a diagnoses of fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel. When my friends brought me, they brought a mat for me to lay on, as I was in so much pain I couldn't sit for long. My healing has been a process as God has needed to heal wounds in my heart and lies that I once believed. And it's a process as He is building my faith and teaching me how to have authority over sickness through Him. Sometimes I feel weary but then I look at how far I've come - I am now skateboarding and surfing again! And I'm even riding horses now! From having gone from being bed-ridden to skateboarding again is a complete miracle. I remember this one morning (after coming to the healing rooms that evening) waking up and everything looked brighter and more beautiful. I suddenly realized I felt the way I felt when I was a child, full of the kind of peace and joy that comes from innocence. I realized that God had broken so much oppression off of me. It was a really incredible feeling. I'm so thankful for the ministry of the healing rooms, and ecstatic that we have a God that heals anyone who seeks healing from Him.
Kathryn Morris


Dorothy - I came in with a lot of heaviness from some childhood hurts that I had been carrying for many years. The Holy Spirit revealed to the prayer team how to pray for me and I was able to release and forgive. All the heaviness is gone. I was able to really rejoice in the Lord.


Maria - I feel peace it is like Iam finally done with all the guilt and shame. And I am ready to move into the new chapter of life that God has for me.


Alfred - I came in thinking, oh well I wouldn't mind being somewhere else. But, after I was prayed over and I saw how my wife was prayed over. I know I experienced the Holy Trinity in this place. I am thankful for how the ministry team treated us and others that came in. I felt that they treated us with care and made us comfortable.


Efrain - I didn't realize the things I was holding on to; things I thought I let go of a long time ago. God revealed them and I was able to release them.


Charles - I came to the Healing Rooms and a word of knowledge was given about someone with a pain in the back. I had a pain but did not mention it to anyone. A person's hand were laid on the exact spot with the pain, and now all pain is gone.


SYBIL - She received healing for her jaw where a tooth had been pulled that day. The bleeding stopped and the pain left within 30 seconds. Sybil was prayed for concerning hepatitis C. Due to this condition she hadn't been able to sleep normally for years. Her husband was amazed that she could sleep! !


Kim - She expressed concerned about the reoccurring pain she felt in her back. She had been lying on the floor seeking relief. Her prayer team in Michigan joined the St. Louis team over the telephone. The presence of the Lord entered both rooms and Kim stood up pain free. Please read her testimony below.


Debra - Webcast Participant. At the Spiritual Hungar Conf. Pastor Bill Johnson called out healing for metal in back. I had been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis I was the 2nd person to have experimental surgery by a nuerosurgeon replacing exploded disc between L4-L5 with 2 titanium springs and /titanium rods and screws to hold springs in place and fuse L4-L5 together.I was out of the wheelchair and walking again but difficulty sitting, could not twist at waist, or bend. After prayer I could feel the flat rods in back beneath the scar until tonight..can't feel them any more, just normal feeling bones under my scar. I can twist at the waist, even touched my toes, I can even slump without pain when before I had to have a special chair(a padded lumbar support chair). Praise God.


Andrew - I prayed for wisdom for me at work. I needed a miracle for my situation. I was about to give up, but the Holy Spirit made a way for me to receive favor. Praise the Lord.


Charlotte - After months of prayer in the healing rooms, I was able to work a full 40-hour week without any pain in my body. Praise God!


S - prayed for sholder,marked improvement in mobility and range of motion


Rachel - I felt the PEACE of God in the healing room, And I know that God is in control.


Karen - Everytime I come God reveals something this time it was EMOTIONAL ABUSE I suffered as a child and He healed it. The spirit of confusion and doubt I once felt is now gone away too.


Irma - I experienced restoration of my soul and my neck. I felt that God was assuring me that He is in control and I don't have to worry. He confirmed to me that I am to depend on Him and on Him alone. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. I am amazed at the instant release and healing from the top of my head,to the bottom of my feet. I smelled the SWEET FRAGRANCE of JESUS CHRIST.


Diane - I immediately felt peace when I walked into the room. When I was prayed over, I felt like it was just me and God; like everyone and everything else didn't matter. When she prayed for my Lower BACK. I felt like the Holy Spirit literally MASSAGED MY MUSCLES in a healing way. I felt God was speaking directly to me about the desire in my HEART to be a bride one day. The leader prayed for me to be equally yoked and wait for God's best.


Angelina - I came with some family members to be a support and the team asked if I needed prayer. The leader begin to pray Lord you said all those who are heavy laden are to come unto you and you will give them rest. It was a beautiful experience to SMELL THE SWEET AROMA OF JESUS.


Jeff - I had bipolar disorder and came to the healing rooms in Port Hueneme for prayer. I have had many sessions starting February 28, 2011. But, four days before my appointment on August 14, 2011 I stopped taking my pills and I show no symptoms of bipolar. I remember on September 11, 2011 the prayer team prayed over me speaking to the frontal lobes of my brain I felt a heat come over me like never before, it brought tears to my eyes. Jesus Healed me.


Karen - I feel like I've been talking with people that have a special insight from God. It makes me feel confident in my praying that God is hearing my prayers. My prayer was that God will bring back my voice. I used to sing a lot, but about 20 years ago I lost my feeling for singing. I remember one of the team members praying for healing in the parietal lobe in my brain. Then one of the team members asked me to sing. To my amazement I was able to sing, "How Great Thou Art," one of my favorite songs. I was healed from the pass trauma that took my voice. God is good!


Jeanne - My attitude change after the healing rooms team members prayed over me. I was very angry and had put a wall of protection around myself. I had a poor self-image of myself, my family rejected me and I felt abandon. I remember one of the team members asked God to heal my front lobe in my brain. I felt a heat come over me. And I know that God healed me.


Christina - HUSBAND STILL HAS JOB I went to the Oxnard Healing Room for pray on Wednesday. My husband quite possibly was going to loose his job. We prayed and I gave my worries to Jesus. I told my husband that I gave my worries to Jesus. He came home Friday night and told me that he still has his job. My prayers were answered


Nesta - As I sought His guidance for direction, I felt His reassurance that He will guide my footsteps. The anxiety I was feeling has left, and the assurance that "He who has begun a good work in me, will bring it to completion." Through the prayer team, He reminded me not to second guess Him, but to be confident in His promises that He will indeed guide my footsteps.


Gail - About 6 weeks ago I had real problems with my feet particularly with my right foot. Everywhere I walked I was in a lot of discomfort. I could hardly walk and I was on my feet a lot with my job. Letchworth healing rooms prayed for my feet every week for 4 weeks and after 3 weeks I noticed there was a great improvement and now I'm completely healed. At the time I did go to the doctor and he said it was something to do with the nerve endings but praise God my feet are better.


Gail - At healing rooms I was prayed for for indigestion. It wasn't due to what I ate but I was in a lot of discomfort for 2 or 3 weeks. Anyway they commanded in the name of Jesus that all blockages in my intestines go. The next morning the discomfort had totally left me and it has been fine for the last two weeks. I want to thank God and give Him the glory.


Joseph - Joseph came into the healing rooms limping with severe pain in his right knee. After prayer, the pain instantly left him. One month later, he is still pain free. YAY God!!


Chase - "And the prayer of faith shall heal the sick " (James 5:15) I first experienced the blessings of healing rooms when I was on leave during my period of service in the US Marines. Emotionally, I was quite drained because of the stresses of my job and the difficulties associated with being away for long periods of time from my family, friends, and particularly my daughter. The prayer I received really alleviated the stress and burden which were affecting me mentally and physically. Once I was finished with the military, I was keen to go back to healing rooms for a spiritual 'refreshment'. Also due to the nature of my profession I was carrying manu injuries in my elbow, knees and back. I had a real desire to experience Christ's healing. I also wanted further emotional healing to enable me to put the past 3 years behind me. I found the volunteers of healing rooms to be friendly, relaxed and not over persuasive in thier attitute. Healing rooms is peaceful, casual and a calming atmosphere. After receiving prayer I felt unburdened, refreshed and uplifted. I really felt the Holy Spirit working in the room. My joints felt strengthened as did my spirit and motivation. I left the rooms with a greater feeling and sense of inner peace, which was lasted.


Paul - Some weeks ago I went for prayers for healing, on several occasions, regarding my anxiety disorder. Whilst it has not fully gone away (and prayers still appreciated) much has been done in the groundwork towards my healing and therefore I am more assured in Christ of my recovery. My thanks to you all.


Anonymous - My family was heavily involved in Satanic activities. I remember my sister speaking spells over me as a little girl. I was so ashamed of the things happening in my family. I didn't understand why my mother never came to my defense. I've had prayer before for healing and deliverance from childhood wounds but this time was different. I felt the presence and power of God. I felt something lift from over me. I can truly say I am healed I know God has delivered me from my childhood trauma. I brought my mother to the healing rooms and they prayed over both of us and God has restored our relationship. The Lord has given me a renewed life. name witheld for privacy reason.


Angel - Jesus is Awesome! I knew He would show up! The cloud (fog) that was around me lifted. I'm seeing You with new eyes. I never thought I was being choked before but when the team called out self-hatred I felt something like a hand let go of my throat. I never knew I was being choked before, I was just used to the pressure on my throat.


H - The Lord has healed me from Ovarian Cancer with absolutely no medical intervention! God is Healer! Thank you so much for the prayers! May God Bless


M - Praise you Lord! I was prayed for by the team on a Wednesday for issues related to soul ties, unforgivness and bitterness towards other people. I had severe pain in my left hip and back, as we prayed and praised the Lord for release, the pain subsided. I praise God for His faithfulness in healing body, mind and spirit.


S - I came in today expecting to receive. I had several requests regarding my health. One of these prayer requests had to do with having heart palpitations. In the Glory Room, as I was praying and seeking God the palpitations started becoming less, the Holy Spirit was/is moving. When I went into the prayer room they were noticeable, by the time the first person finished praying the palpitations had stopped. It has been over an hour still no palpitations. I believe and receive In Jesus name!!!!!


S - The Lord Jesus healed me last night from the long time pain of sexual molestation in my life from a very young age of a Kindergartener from numerous people and also of a pain in my back the doctors couldn't heal! (She had the pain for seven years in back.) There were a lot of hidden and buried things in me that came out last night that the Lord has healed me from. Thank you Jesus!!!


Y - I give my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the praise and glory for my healing. One day I was feeling really down because I'm having some tests on Aug 10, 2011. So I Googled healing testimonies and found that there was a place called the Healing Rooms and that there was one in Dallas. So I looked it up and found out it was opening Aug 1. God, I know put it in my heart to call and find out if I could get an appointment. I called left a message and was called back for an appointment and I knew that it was from God, putting in my heart to come. I thank my heavenly Father for healing me and I will always give him the praise and glory.


C - I had twisted my knee on Friday and could hardly walk and had a shooting pain running up and down it. We had our first Healing Room training for the intercessors and prayer teams. That night I began to thank God for my healing, my leg was better, but still hurt. On Saturday during the prayer time I asked for prayer for my knee, the pain was instantly gone and has not come back, it's been over two weeks. I am healed!! I thank Jesus Christ for my healing and that I'm part of the Healing Rooms of Dallas ministry team.


T - I am a very happy person but suddenly and without warning I became very depressed and unhappy. I no longer wanted to go to church; I cried a lot, I did not want anyone to touch me. I had never experienced anything like this before. It was very unsettling for me and my family. I went to the doctor and he tried to put me on several different kinds of medicines. I had adverse reactions to all of them and did not want to take them. My husband, our friend, and I went to the healing rooms to seek training and to be prayed for. I went into the Glory Room and just laid on the floor "soaking" in the presence of God. As I laid there I felt the depression seep out of my body into the floor. It was completely gone! I got up from the floor and was completely healed! It has been nearly 6 months since that time. I do not take any medication for depression and I am happy again. Praise God, I am healed!!!


R - I have felt a problem in my stomach/abdomen area for some time. Fear entered because of cancer in my family. Had a foot massage which confirmed issues I was feeling. Requested prayer, fear, worry and stress issues were prayed over, the pain relaxed and relief from all symptoms received. I'm FREE!!!


Lorita - About 12 yrs. ago I fell off a ladder at work and landed with all the force of my body coming straight down on my left leg and foot. I saw a doc. and wore an orthodic in my shoe for about 2 yrs. to help with the pain. The pain comes and goes, but over the last few months it has been constant. I asked for prayer and was told to sit in a chair. My leg was lifted up and as the leader prayed I could feel my leg being stretched out; it became quite uncomfortable as it was stretched out. We saw my left leg get longer and then my knee which has always been weak and pointing off to the left side became completely centered! The pain in my leg has stopped, I can feel some tightening in the ligaments around my knee and believe it is all healed the way it should be!


Vanessa - After a year without steady work, God brought me a steady job. This was after coming to the Healing Rooms and getting encouraged to stand in faith. Also, I had developed tendinitis in my feet. I had been prayed for a couple of times, but not received my healing immediately. A couple of days ago I was hiking on Palomar mountain when I realized I had no pain whatsoever. Praise God!!!


Linda - Last week after prayer my daughter, Sarah, called around for the medication she needed and was quoted $330. So she only ordered 1/2 of the prescription. When her husband, Jonathon went to pick it up it was only $42.00 for the entire prescription. Then they got money in the mail from his Student Loan, so they were able to pay the rent. I gave her some bags to sell - her bible study group was buying them and giving her checks, which she just pocketed them. Later when she looked at them one was made out for $200.! I have been praying for God to show them that He will take care of them and that He is faithful.


Ken - I have attended many 'prayer workshops', healing services and prophetic encounters. The Healing Rooms in Port Hueneme was one of the most loving, compassionate, safe, healing and empowering moments I ever encountered with the Holy Spirit. The leaders I encountered were sensative to the Spirit, equipped with practical Biblical application to ISSUES and made sure it was all done in a safe, loving environment. I would highly recommend this ministry here in Port Hueneme for anyone needing an authentic touch and spiritual clarity, and guenine healing FROM the Lord." KL


Dana - Awesome prayer. Great team combined gifts add great balance. We prayed for direction for future relocation back to America and family issues. The word of knowledge,and the prophetic word were all in line with scripture, I was so blessed. I was built up from the inside; strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man and I was released into ministry. Blessings!


Joyce - I was blessed through prayer and touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. God healed me emotionally, mentally, and physically. I had a brokenheart and wounded spirit. God the Father gave me a new way of thinking and showed me how to reject the negative thoughts. I have been made whole. Now, I am following after Jehovah Rapha.


Anita - The Lord has been wanting me to put him first in everything. The prayer team was sensitive to the Holy Spirit direction and they began to pray for God to heal my heart from disappointment and disillusion from man. He assured me through prayer that I could trust and lean on him and there is no greater love than his. Only God is the One!


Bertha - PAIN GONE When I first got into the room my head, eyes, ears, and neck were hurting. While the team laid hands on me and prayed God took everything that was hurting. Now I feel better. All praise honor and glory to God!


Lorrie - I have now received medical confirmation of my healing that I received at AHR 4 months ago when the team prayed for my thyroid and adrenal glands. My doctor ordered blood work which came back entirely normal! Now I am completely free of medications for the first time in 2 years!


Tim - Tonight at AHR the prayer team received a word of knowledge about neck pain which I had had for 2 days. They prayed for me and the pain left immediately!


Randy - I have had stomach problems for over six months; I've lost 30 pounds from this unknown illness. Last Monday night after prayer at AHR, I felt something in my stomach. Now the pain is almost gone; my appetite is back; and I have gained 4 or 5 pounds back already!


Annatjie - Our grandchild, Mila, fell ill and was admitted to hospital with a lung infenction and severe pain in her ears.Subsequent tests revealed a heart murmur as well. The team at the healing rooms interceded for her and they sent a prayer cloth to our daughter who lives far away. She put the cloth inside the pillow case. On the 22nd of June 2011 Mila was taken to a cardiologist in Cape Town and he declared her well and healthy. We give all the glory to God for healing Mila.


Tina - Firstly I want to start by exclaiming that God is great! I feel like a new person. The doctor detected a growth on my thyroid through a biopsy which indicated "abnormal" cells. He advised a 3 month medication course in an attempt to reduce the size of the growth. It was during this time that I attended the healing rooms for the first time. After the 3 month medication period subsequent tests unfortunately revealed no change and the growth as well as the thyroid would have to be removed surgically due to these abnormal cells. I attended the healing rooms again after a team member who was prompted by the Holy Spirit, contacted my husband. The healing room team member prayed for me for deliverance and healing. I went for the operation, which was successful, and afterwards the doctor declared that no malignant cells were found. I am fully healed. God is Great!


Terri - After continued prayer in the healing rooms, my blood chemistry and my high blood pressure returned to normal. Praise God!


Joe - When I first went to the Springfield Healing Rooms the Doctors had told me my PSA # was 37 and that I had Prostate Cancer, after going every 2 weeks for 3 months, the doctors said my PSA # had dropped to 3.5 which is normal, The lord had healed me


Michele - I had been diagnosed with Asthma and Emphazima due to growing up around people whom were chain smokers. I have never smoked anything in my life. At 60 years old it really was hard for me to breath, I was using 3 inhalers a day. After receiving prayer at the healing rooms, I began to cough and what seemed to be black smoke came out of my lungs. I have not had to use my inhaler since then and my lungs are clear. Praise God


Ruben - One week ago, Ruben (10-year old) broke his arm in two places; he asked his parents to bring him to the Healing Rooms. During prayer, Ruben was able to straighten his fingers for the first time (since the injury) he reported that the pain was gone from his arm. He was also given strong prophetic words regarding his destiny, and he was encountered with a strong sense of the love and the presence of God. For about one hour, this young man alternated between laughing and sobbing because he was filled with the Holy Spirit and joy. After he received healing, Ruben wanted to pray for his Grandmaâs diabetes and eye problems; Rubenâs mother stood in for his Grandma, and he prayed for her healing. Afterward, Ruben could only say "He healed me," being too choked up to talk. An X-ray is scheduled for this coming Thursday.


Jerry - He requested prayer for restoration of his damaged hearing and eye sight. As the ministry team prayed for him, Jerry reported that their voices became louder and clearer. He believes God will complete the work the He started.


Arliss - She came for prayer for an infection in her jawbone that was being treated with a second round of antibiotics. A few days prior, she had a root canal procedure done Wednesday where the infection occurs, but it does not seem to be healing. During prayer, God revealed to Arliss that her osteoporosis was caused by a broken heart and a sense of inadequacy. After the team released healing for the wounds in her heart, they prayed for the infection in her jaw. Prophetic words revealed that the infection was related to fear and worry. After prayer, Arliss reported that the pain was COMPLETELY GONE! The following day, we received the following testimony from Arliss: I've had an infection in my upper jaw since June 7. I had an appointment with our dentist on the 9th and he said it looked like the nerves in that tooth below the infection were dead. I had a root canal on that tooth on Wednesday and was hoping that the infection would go down. Instead, it seemed to be getting larger. I was on my second round of antibiotics. I've been taking pain bills - first a half and lately, Iâve been taking whole pills as it was bothering me so much. I got an email from Northgate AK (AKA Crossroads) that their healing room would be open today from 10 a.m - noon. I am so delighted that I came for prayer. About an hour after I got home, the gums started draining; my gums are back to normal and the pain is gone! I was wandering if I was going to have to have surgery to open up that infection! What a wonderful answer to prayer! Thank you so much for praying for me! I canât tell you how much this means to me.


A. - A woman came into our healing rooms today asking for prayer for healing of her Diabetes. As we prayed for her an area of unforgiveness came up so our Pastor began to address that area. As he was helping her to walk through forgiving a man in her life an evil spirit began to manifest itself physically, which caused her to vomit. Soon after, the team felt the spirit leave her and her convulsions subsided. She was then able to continue with prayer of forgiveness with great joy. When she finished, the look on her face was completely different then when she walked in. This dear woman received a mighty touch from the Lord and was set free!!


Virginia - I had Vertigo for several weeks when I would lay down. My head felt terrible for several seconds - maybe 30 seconds or more. And when I would get up in the morning I had to sit for a minute before standing or I would be dizzy. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The Vertigo gradually went away over 3 weeks after being in the Healing Rooms. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying.


Christine - I was injured six months ago with three fractures in the right ankle. I was bedridden for three months and had to use a walker for one month. Today I came to the Healing Rooms limping and hurting. The Lord healed that and now I am walking better and have zero pain. No pain!


Roxanne - I am writing about my visit to the Healing Rooms. I had no energy and felt depressed. As I was driving from Hobart to Arlington I decided to sing. I sang two songs all the way up to Arlington which turned out to be the very same songs that two of the ladies prayed and sang for me. Also I needed prayer for finances as I am currently unemployed, single and not eligible for social security yet and not on unemployment. I have temporary help from family. They prayed for finances and the Lord gave them this word for me "Provision is on the Way! Thank you all.


Isaiah - When Isaiah, who is in the 5th grade, came in to the Healing Rooms his neck was hurting. When he left he only had a tiny bit of pain left and believes his neck is healed, in Jesus Name!


Christine - I was injured six months ago with three fractures in the right ankle. I was bedridden for three months and had to use a walker for one month. Today I came to the Healing Rooms limping and hurting. The Lord healed that and now I am walking better and have zero pain. No pain!!


Anna - Anna came for prayer for alergies to many foods and to animals. Her symptoms includes rashes and hives. After prayer she has been able to eat anything, and has not had hives when petting dogs or cats, which she could not do before.


Sam - Sam came in with bone spurs in his feet as well as plantar fasciitis. He told prayer team members that the pain in his feet was gone that day, and a week later reported he still has no pain.


Darryl - Healed of Kidney Stones. Had been in pain for several months and was instantly healed


Darryl - Had been in pain for several weeks, but instantly healed when I went to the trade center and was prayed for. Praise The Lord


Barbara - Instantly healed of Asthma. Thank you Lord


Mable - Healed of Scoliosis. The only way was to have surgery. I went in to have the surgery and the doctor said I was healed. I was prayed for at the trade center, praise the Lord.


Daughter - Mother came in to the healing rooms at the trade center with her daughter, prayed for her, she had scoliosis. She took her to have surgery and the doctor said she was healed, no need to have the surgery.


Anonymous - Wife prayed for High Blood Pressure, healed instantly. Thank you Lord.


Anonymous - Husband brought his wife in for High Blood Pressure, she was healed immediately. Thank you Lord


Pauline - I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2006 and went for healing prayer several times to the Healing Rooms. In May when I had blood tests done, the doctor read the report and he said âYou donât have diabetesâ. Now I am healed! I give our Lord Jesus Christ all the glory for his love for me; and he loves you too. And all we need to do is love him back. Take him with you everywhere you go. He promises he will never leave us, nor forsake us, if we just love him back we will find him. Pauline


Unknown - Seattle Healing Rooms reports: Some months ago, a Japanese lady came in with her Christian friend. (One of our leadership team is a Japanese pastor, so she can provide prayer in Japanese if needed). She had been diagnosed with liver cancer and told that she would die in three months if she could not get a transplant. She decided she would just die. Her believing friend had other ideas and brought her into our healing rooms. She received prayer and spent a lot of time soaking in the worship music after prayer. She started attending Bible Study. When she went in for her chemo treatment they informed her that they couldn't treat her as they couldn't find any trace of the cancer. They called it a miracle and sent her home! Hallelujah!


Richard - Came with gallbladder issues. Doctor wanted to remove it. The team prayed and all the pain on my right side left immediately. The pain on my left side was gone the next morning.
It has been three weeks and there has been no pain since. I am so thankful for God's mercy on me.
I had symptoms for six months until the Lord healed me. Paise His Name!!!


Noboru - I had a steroid leakage for over two years which caused me to have vision problems. I had been consulting a Doctor for this problem. Last week I came to the San Marcos Healing Room and received prayer. I started noticing a difference with my vision that night. Two days later I went to see the Doctor. He took pictures of my eyes, and after reviewing the pictures, said the leakage was completely gone. Praise God!!!


Maria - In March 2009 I had an injury to my back that left the left side of my body numb and weak along with a tingling sensation. Also, I was unable to open and close my left hand consistently and fully. The doctor said my condition was permanent and I could not change it. I went to the Healing service on Friday May 20th at the Camerillo Healing Rooms. I woke up the next morning on Saturday with no numbness, tinglng, or weakness on the left side of my body and I have had no problem opening and closing my left hand. Today, May 24, I came in for prayer because of pain down the back side of my left leg. Immediately after prayer all the pain went away.


Christina - I was diagnosed with HPV two years ago and have been going into my doctor's office for regular pap smears. My condition soon turned into pre-cancerous cells which then led to cervical cancer. The only thing to do was trust in God and ask Him to heal me. So I came to the Healing Rooms a week ago and got prayer. Shortly after that, I went to the gynecologist for the scheduled laser treatment for the removal of the cancer. He took samples to see how badly the cancer had progressed before giving me the laser treatment. They could not find a thing! They could not find cancer anywhere! I had been healed!!!


Carol - A wife was praying with us for the return of her husband. They were here together a few weeks later and received prayer together to strengthen their their commitment to each other and to receive God's blessing.


Carol - A medical doctor in New Zealand, bed-ridden with lung cancer and severe complications, began eating again and resuming her life after our prayer team member (her relative) went to her in March. They prayed and worshipped the Lord daily, Her doctor says she is healed!


Mary - I have been coming to Healing Rooms every month for high pitched hissing in my ears. When they prayed for me I heard silence for the first time in ages.


Raquel - I came into the Healing Rooms today not even sure exactly what it was, but now I know. It's great and amazing people working with the prescence of the Lord!I walked in with pain, and left with none! No pain! My lower back is saved! My energy level up! I feel absolutely amazing! Thanks be to God!


Annatjie - In 1976,while still in high school,I was a victim of a hit-and-run accident. I was admitted to hospital where blood was drained to releive the pressure on my brain.After the accident life carried on as usual,although my head felt "different". A few weeks ago the team at the healing rooms prayed for my head and I experienced a remarkable change. I had a sensation in my head as if bricks were being shuffeled into the correct position. My mind was clear and bright afterwards. My memory has also improved tremendously since then and I now have a zest for life. All the glory be to God for His amazing healing of my head.


Belinda - After receiving prayer,the Lord has touched me and now I can testify of His peace and joy in my life. My relationship with my father has also been restored and we don't fight anymore.I give God all the glory and praise for what He has done in my life and for the work He is still doing.I love Jesus!


Lucy - I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer, as I had been suffering for about 10 days from continual pain in my groin. After prayer, the pain was a little less. By morning the pain was almost gone. I kept my Dr. appt., the diagnosis was sciatica. I shared with him that I was so much better since receiving prayer. By the next day the pain was totally gone! Thank you Lord!


Elizabeth - I have attended our Healing Rooms Training in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. Two weeks prior to this, I have not been able to walk, sit, drive my car, walk properly or even lie down properly. I had so much back ache. My friend said she will pick me up, because I just knew that I had to be there. I was sitting in the very front row. Pastor Marina was not aware of any of this. She was teaching away under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and while - NOT laying hands on me or praying for me, God touched me and healed me completely. Praise our Amazing Loving Father!


Brittany - I came to the Healing Rooms with severe anxiety. After being prayed over, instant peace and calmness came over me. I thank and praise the Lord every day for what He has given me.


Anonymous - Testimony of healing Feb 2010 A gentleman came to WHHR needing healing from a very painful groin pain. Before the ministry began he was asked to estimated the pain in his groin on a scale of 0 - 10 where 0/10 is no pain and 10/10 is excruciating pain. He estimated his current pain at 8/10. During the ministry time the Lord revealed a possible root cause for this condition in the persons early years. The team ministered healing to this root cause & then spoke healing to the groin pain in the Name of Jesus. The man was then asked to walk around the prayer room & regauge the degree of pain. He was amazed to discover that the pain had gone completely -- Praise God!


Cindy - I came to the Healing Rooms following an auto accident. I had a spinal injury and was not able to bend the fingers on my right hand. During prayer, I received an instant healing. I was able to bend my fingers. Praise God! God is amazing!


Lindsay - After many months of lower back pain and many visits to the chiropractor, I came to Healing Rooms, believing for a miraculous healing. It is now 6 months later and I have had no lower back pain since shortly after receiving healing prayer. Thank you Lord for your healing power! Lindsay


Helen - I first came here an unbeliever. Negativity was printed on my soul. I have rediscovered Jesus through the kind intercession of the healers. My faith has been restored and I have found the peace and core that was missing from my life for years. I can't find the adequate words to express my thanks and joy of life.


Ron - When I first came to God's Grace Healing Rooms, I was dying of terminal, stage 4 Cancer. When I received prayer all pain from the cancer left my body and I was able to stop taking pain medication. I knew that day that I had been healed. I came for prayer several more times and they continued to speak healing over me. At my last doctor's visit, my surgeon could find no tumors and my oncologist could find no tumors. I have not had any more chemo treatments. My strength and energy has returned. I am cured of cancer. My doctors believe so too. They believe it was a miracle. God hears our prayers and He answers. Have faith and believe and He will come to you and cure you.


Anonymous - I was healed of cancer. I had a year of recurring urinary tract, infections - Healed!!!


Lynn - Back - movement without thought or pain has greatly increased!!! I was being very careful how I moved around because of pain. Now I move around = No pain. Praise God! AND...A NEW BACKBONE = PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY Move all around - NO PAIN. WOW! - Needed and now have. Awesome!


Marianna - My head was hurting from the arguing with my brother-in-law. My husband and I came in for prayer and by the time I left my headache was gone and I felt free from everything!


Kylie - I had a kidney transplant a couple of weeks ago and a giant lump that hurt in my stomache. While getting prayed for that lump shrunk.I had gold flakes all over. God is good.


David - I could not stand for long periods without pain in my right hip.--Now - NO PAIN!


Jaelin - I carry a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders and I felt my shoulders relax and a weight lifted off of them. Thank you Jesus for taking the load off of me and healing me.


Sarina - I went to the Healing Rooms and the vision in my left eye was restored. The ache in my eye went away first then the eyes started working together better. I also had a full recovery of a shoulder injury, It was 85% better overnight then it was fully recovered after 2 months.Thank you so much. The ministrfy is a blessing.


Karrie - I came to the Healing Rooms for healing on my back. I was injured with an on the job injury one and a half years ago. The pain and spasms have continually worsened holding me back from so much of my life. In the last two weeks I had finally agreed to sleeping pills and cymbolta (an antidepressant) to help me cope with pain (never pain pills). My close friend asked me to go to the Healing Rooms today. Thank God I did. The prayer team prayed for me with such annointing! I'm actually writing this testimony without any pain or stiffness, I believe God has given me the complete healing He desired, He has done a lot in me to get me ready. The Holy spirit was there and gave me such peace and restoration and healing. He's lifted all my burdens and taken them away. I'm so thankful to the obedience of this ministry and God's faithful workers. He's amazing! Thank you.


Mandy - Dec 2010 had major back surgery and was still on a large dosage of pain killers. She had two rods put in her lower back. She said today that she awoke with no pain whatsoever! She was amazed. Doctors said it would take 6 months to one year for healing.


Ryan - Healed of sleepy feet syndom after prayer. Completely left him


Donna - April 4, 2011 We prayed for my son who was suicidal, depressed, and on anti-depressants. He had social anxiety. He has since quit his night shift job and searching for a new direction from God. He has returned to church and Bible studies. He was addicted to fantasy ie Warcraft game. He quit that. He has gone off his medication with no withdrawals. Praise God for his faithfulness and salvation. We prayed for my daughter for her heart rhythms to be normal. Her doctor visit confirmed this. Also prayed for trauma to leave and her joyful spirit to return. Praise God. Donna


Barbra - Barbra, one of our Intercessors was diagnosed with breast cancer within the last month. She was scanned 3 times, 3 mri's, 3 biopsies, by 3 different Doctors, confirming she had brest cancer in both breasts. Surgery was on Mon. March 21st. Our prayer team prayed for her just before surgery at her bed side. At 5:00 P.M. the report came back that the surgical Team couldn't find any cancer and pronounced her cancer free. The Doctors don't understand where the cancer went. I'm sure Dr. JESUS knows. Praise HIS might Name.


Tiffany - During an exploritory surgery in October 2010, the doctor found a large mass inside my abdomen. He believed that this mass was cancerous and also was the cause of major physical pain in my life. The doctor had me go in for an MRI before the next surgery to remove the mass. I trusted God and asked him to remove the mass without another surgery. I came in for prayer before the MRI. The MRI showed that the mass was gone and I am 100% pain free!


Ana - My husband and I came to the Healing Rooms last week after suffering significant foot injuries. We had both been training for a full marathon and knew Satan was attempting to steal the joy of finishing this race from us. After receiving prayer, we continued to claim our healing. Three days later, we ran all 26.2 miles and beat our goal time by 7 minutes! God is great and we are completely healed and have no foot pain!


Nancy - Back pain caused me to not be able to stand more than 5 min. before the pain was unbearable plus I had sciatica down the leg especially behind my left knee..after the prayer my back doesn't hurt and the alinement even feels better, feels different. Thank you Jesus.


Susan - Lord healed me from fear, braking off past. Lord has stripped me from all past and had me step into His presence(into the newness of Him)I am a new creature in Christ and will walk in faith hand in hand with the Lord.


Jody - I came in riddled with significant stomach pain and as the ladies prayed with me I literally felt the knots coming out. We also addressed the root of the problem, which was a spirit of fear that has now been released to let me function in the areas that God has called me to.


Michelle - I came in with muscle tension in my back, shoulders, chest and neck. They prayed that this spiritual pressure Be released from me in the name of Jesus. It did... Praise Jesus. NO PAIN!!!


Tillie - Two weeks ago tomorrow I was prayed over in the Healing Rooms for depression. I was taking Zoloft for severe clinical depression and expected I had to take medicine for the rest of my life. I have not had a moment of depression since! I am full of the joy of the Lord and am enjoying life more than ever.


Holly - I asked the prayer team for physical and emotional healing. The Lord took the fear, literally, I felt it leave. Crawled up on Daddy's lap and received His loving embrace. Felt physical healing in my back. The brother and sister spoke everything I need to hear. The words were encouraging and they help edify. The scripture verse given was what I needed to hear. Bless you all, The love of God is here. Praise Jesus.


Lauren - Today Jesus saved me. I have no pain and a clear mind I've never felt so safe!


Donna - The asthma I was dealing with for over 20 years is gone!!!Imediately I felt my spine "pop" and I was standing straight. I had not realized I wasn't standing right until it happened!Then I realized I was breathing deeper than I have ever breathed in my life!I am using abdominal muscle to breath-It's like a door opened and allowed air into a room that was shut up for decades!!!all praise, glory ad honor is yours Jesus!! I will be shouting and singing your praises louder than I have ever done before!!Use these lungs and this body for your glory!


Sarah - I had pain in my knees and mt heart/spirit. I went into the healing room and they were so sweet to me. My knees no longer hurt immediately. They heard from God about the true root of my problem. He (HolySpirit)was there. I saw a root that was struck by lightening and got healed up and then turned to ashes. After that I saw the hole, where the root had been, filled and healed as if no root had been there. This moment was the apex, I'm done with my burdens,the lies the enemy told me. Thank you to the people who went into council with God to help set me free.I feel like a full vase, full of gold water. I feel great/wonderful. Thank you for doing your jobs. God Bless you all too!


Barbara - Dr's. report: Turners syndrome - (effects female babies only)Cysts on back of head, Club feet. Sophie born 3/24 8 lbs 3oz 20" long NO CYSTS NO CLUB FEET NOR TURNER SYNDROME! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD!


Yeimy - I came to the healing rooms with terrible pain in my lower back, left arm, and shoulder blades. That has bothered me for years. It took less than half an hour to be healed. Glory to the King of Kings and a big thank you to the prayer team at Marlton Assembly of God.


Geri - Shoulder Rotator Cuff injured while skiing. During prayer, felt heat. Now feels a little bit of tendon tenderness but cuff is completely healed.


Arianna - was suffering from a chest and head cold for over a week. After prayer, she can now take a deep breath; the cough is gone. She can now breathe through her nose and said that she feels 100% better.


Bev - Bev in Eagle River â was suffering from type II diabetes for 17 years, neck pain for one year (degenerative disc disease), low back pain for 15 years from herniated disc, and recurring shoulder pain. During prayer, she felt heat in her back and shoulder, and she reported that her neck and back pain softened and left. She felt warmth and love and caring. Reported she can turn her head to the side easier; she felt healing in her vertebrae and tight muscles.


Fielder - Fielder from Anchorage had multiple complaints: overall weakness; pressure in upper abdomen; cannot stand or sit properly; 20 years of degenerative arthritis in various joints; right shoulder rotator cuff injured in 1995 falling off a curb he could not raise his arm due to degenerative arthritis in that shoulder and other joints. After prayer he has some improvement -- he can now scratch his head and has a good deal more freedom in his shoulder. During prayer, he felt warm when hands were laid on him. Now he feels much better all over.


Vicki - Vicki from Meadow Lakes â was suffering from shingles in her shoulder in the last couple of weeks. During prayer, she felt warmth coming out the end of her shoulder, like it was moving out of her shoulder. (Prayer servants felt warmth and shaking in her shoulder during prayer.) After prayer, Vicki checked and found that the color is not so purple and is lighter in color; the pain is much better (50% gone.) â


Gretchen - Gretchen from Wasilla was suffering from sciatic low back pain on/off for 5-6 years. During prayer she immediately felt love and felt 50% better. During continued prayer, she felt more release in her hip and felt about 70% better (like she had taken medicine)... she also felt like her hip was on fire. Also during prayer, words of knowledge and a confirming vision spoke to a condition in her abdomen for which she had not asked for prayer. When the word was spoken, she felt things inside her move around and the pain is now gone. After prayer, she had a much easier time standing. She reported that she felt a sweet wonderful presence of the Lord; she also felt love and heat.


Barbara - Came in for prayer for back and neck pain that caused severe headaches and pain. Recieived wonderful healing in my neck and back I am standibg straighter, range of motion restored Peace in my mind and nervous system. I am healed and set free. Thankyou Father God.


Toby - I came in for ministry to a very painful shoulder injury on 3/11/10. the pain subsided first ministry session about 60%, then 70%, then 90% and now I have full range of motion with just a twinge that is booted out. Praise the Lord


Carol - My back had twisted and I could not sit down, or bend without pain. Was actually on the floor crawling with pain at home.The prayer team layed hands on me and prayed over me. My back started to pop and crack and shake. Everything is in line no,Pain. Praise God!! God put everythig back in place. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Healing Rooms for being here.


Burger - I visited the Healing Room for prayer for back pain. During the prayer I felt a tingling sensation in the muscles in my back. The muscles were moving and the pain in my back was gone.


Jana - Years ago I suffered a bad fall while I was pregnant. I sustained a back injury as a result of the fall. As time went by the pain just worsened. After I received prayer at the Healing Room tonight I experienced a definite release of the pain and I was able to pick up my handbag without any effort and without suffering pain. Thank You Father for Your faithfulness.


Thomas - After reading about the Healing Room in our local news paper, I started to attend every Thursday. I was critically ill with cancer. The prayer team prayed for me and also guided me through the process of dealing with unforgiveness in my life. My health has improved drastically and I am now able to eat as opposed to only taking in liquids. Where I was immobile previously, I am now able to walk around. I have tried so many things in the past to get healed, but now I trust the Lord for complete healing.


Susie - God filled in the compression fracture in my disk in my back. Delivered from gluten intolerance.


Park - I redidicated my life to Christ. I have a plate and six screws in my back, and I now have no pain at this time. This is the first time in six 1/2 years I have felt no pain.


Stuart - I came into the Healing Rooms for prayer. As the team was praying for me I could feel and hear the bones cracking and shifting. A few days prior to this I went for a check-up. The doctor said that my neck was stiff due to an automobile accident many years ago. I could not bend my neck right to left or up and down. The healing was total. Glory to God.


Honie - I asked for emotional healing. My heart was very heavy when I entered the Healing Room, and I had Left back pain from a cyst. I felt all the pain in my heart intensely for a moment. Then instantly it was gone, filled with love from God. My cyst popped, no more pain. I also was baptised in the Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues. God is glorious.


Glen - I have been healed of migraine headaches. You sent me a prayer cloth and the first night I felt a supernatural warming of the back of my head where it was touching the prayer cloth! I have been sampling foods that trigger vision loss and confusion migraines, with no ill effects. Thank you for your prayers and all glory to Jesus, who is very much in the business of healing sickness and changing lives!


Dominique - I went to the Healing Rooms with chronic back pain. The group prayed holding my feet and when he did he pulled my legs in front and my right leg was noticably shorter (about 1 inch). Then, right before our eyes my leg grew. I am healed from the source of my pain.


Carroll - I can seep at night! God has answered prayer Praise the Lord.


Steven - I received results of a Hep C test. They tested it 3 times, and each time it was positive for Hepatitis C. I went immediately to the Duluth Area Healing Rooms and received prayer. Two days later, I received a call from my doctor's office saying my test came back NEGATIVE and I did NOT have Hepatitis C. I was totally healed. Praise Jesus. I also had to go to court during this same week. I was facing 86 months. I received a downward departure to 38 months to be served at Minnesota Teen Challenge. My $5,000 fine was reduced to $400 to be worked off at Minnesota Teen Challenge. I gave praise to Jesus and declared His glory in the courtroom in front of the judge and lawyers... I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.


Janeen - We came to Healing Rooms for Bailey's broken arm. He had broken his arm several days before and was due to have it checked by an orthopedic surgeon that day. He is eleven years old had seen Jesus heal his dad, so he wanted to go to Healing Rooms before going to the doctor's. I also had prayer and was told that the next twelve months for our family was going to be great. Now, three months later, we are about to move into our own house.


Christina - CANCER BOWS TO THE NAME OF JESUS My daughter had been complaining about pain and a lump on the top of her foot. I took her to the doctor who said it wasn't normal and it could be cancer. We took her for further test the next day and the Dr. called two days later saying everything was clean and there was no lump even though she had felt it. I know God healed my daughter. Thank you for the prayers for my daughter.


Manuel - GOT A JOB I came to the Oxnard Healing Room wanting God to give me a job. I found one the next day and have been employed ever since


Susan - I just knew that the Lord will heal me.I had a dream the previous night about a man touching me and a power just going through my body.The intercessors prayed for me while I as standing against the wall.I could feel how my hands came into position against each other.I was also aware that my one foot wasn't touching the floor.They prayed for my lower back and I just felt how both my feet were standing firmly on the ground.The dream was confirmed! Something amazing happened to me and I praise the Healer of all healers.Hallelujah! Thank You Lord.


Jaco - The ligaments in my leg were torn. Although I went for prayer three times I only became aware of my healing when I started to thank the Lord for healing me. It was almost as if I just had to realize that he IS with me; I just had to surrender.


Klokkie - I came for prayer for asthma and early stage cancer.The Lord touched me and I believe with my whole heart that He has healed me completely tonight.The glory be to God. He is great and nothing is impossible for Him.


Paul - I saw the difference in my mother after she went to the healing rooms. And I wanted what she had received. So I called and made the appointment. I am glad I did. I feel cleansed no negative thoughts at all. I am thinking positive, thinking for myself for once in a long time. I redicated my life to the Lord. I was transparent before Him and it appeared as though he wrapped me in a white sheet. I'm Blessed. I am ready to start my life with God in the Name of Jesus. Paul W. HDFC-Healing Rooms Port Hueneme, CA.


Rose - I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about three years ago. I began praying and seeking the Lord about this and some other health issues. He gave me a lot of direction regarding these health issues including being prayed for at the Oklahoma City Healing Room. During the prayer time a word came forth that the diabetes was nailed to the cross and I could actually see it clearly. I've had my blood tested twice (an A1C test) in the last six months and the results are normal. They took me off medication after the first test and I have remained medication free ever since. I tested my own blood today at home after eating cake and candy, which I usually stay away from, and it was normal!! I am healed! To God be the Glory!


Rose - (This is an UPDATE from Sept 2009.) This is an update to let you know that God keeps His promises! My doctor ran all kinds of lab tests on me Monday 2/21/11 and the results still show me with no signs of diabetes! Praise the Lord! Rose M.


Suzy - The past two days I suffered severe pain in both my upper legs as well as in my lower back, even though I am fit and healthy. My brother suggested that I visit the Healing Rooms. I received a loving and tender welcome. In the prayer room I sat squarely on the chair and it was clearly visible that my one leg is shorter than the other one. After the intercessors prayed for me, I stood up and reached for my toes. It was still very painful though. They annointed me with oil and prayed again and this time I noticed a definite release of the pain and I was able to move around more easily. They spoke the peace and love of the Father over me- and this is the most desirable: to have the peace and love of the Father in me.


Karin - I just want to praise the Lord for everything He has healed in my body. The firs time I visited the healing Rooms I received prayer for an abdominal hernia, sinusitis and fever blisters. The next morning the fever blister was gone! Since that evening the sinus infection has cleared up completely and I haven't had any trouble from fever blisters. Two weeks later I suffered severe pain from the hernia and while the intercessors prayed for me I had a sense of a piece of thread being drawn, slowly and gently, out of my tummy. Afterwards I experienced no more pain. I left with no pain and praise the Lord for my healing and trust him for complete healing of my hernia as well.


Danna - For quite a while now I have been suffering from lower back pain. I received prayer at the Healing Room and was healed completely. No more pain, and it amazed me that I received healing after going only once.


Jacob - My name is Jacob Garrett. I came to the healing rooms with one desire; to know God's love and have it expressed in my life. Little did I know that God would grant my request plus much more. For a few days before, I had been experiencing pain in my back and shoulder. During the prayer session, I felt warmth going through my back and I felt my back straightening. I now feel no pain at all. Thank you Lord, for being so good to your children---(even if we don't deserve it)


Amanda - Amanda's testimony: January 13,2011, I came in for prayer. I had hearing loss in my right ear to the point I was almost deaf. While praying I could feel my hearing coming back. The lady who had prayed for me went to the opposite side of the room, faced the wall, and whispered. I could hear it!!! Thank you Jesus!!!


Cody - I broke my wrist in at least two places (they thought possible 3). It was casted and I was to go in for an x-ray the next morning. I received prayer, felt something pop and heat go through my wrist. Three X-rays showed NO BROKEN BONES even after first x-rays showed at least 2 broken bones. Doctor was white and wide eyed. He showed me all x-rays side-by-side. Praise God. He removed my cast and I did push-ups. Hallelujah!


Clint - Walked in with a hyper extended knee injury with pain at about a 7 or 8 level. I walked out with NO pain at all. Praise God!


Harold - Harold came to the Sprigfield Healing Room with a female friend who needed prayer, Harold waited quietly while the team prayed for his friend, when they were done they were about to leave Jeff was led by the Holy Spirit to ask if the could pray for Harold, with a perplexed look on her face she said go ahead. What we did not know at that time was that Harold was deaf and had never spoken in 45 years. As we prayed in the Healing Room, the HS commanded that I say " In the name of Jesus open these ears and loose this tongue" The room became deafly quiet until someone called his name, he turned his head towards that person. then I called his name and he turned his head towards me, then i said, say Jesus, he said it in a muted tone, then I said "Say Jesus again" clear as day like he had spoke it all his life he called out the name Jesus, its our understanding that Harold has not stopped speaking since that day . Praise the Lord


Anna - INSTANTLY HEALED When I walked into the Oxnard Healing Rooms I had and have been having a real bothersome discomfort in my throat and right sinus. I had it for about two months and had taken antibiotics, steroids, allergy medication as well as nasal sprays, Nothing helped, if anything it felt worse. However as the prayer warriors started praying and laid hands on me I felt like something was shifting in my nose. I wanted to concentrate on the prayers so I tried not to think about it. At the end the prayer warriors were going over some scripture with me but I really couldn't concentrate on what they were saying. I became aware that I was now breathing really good through my right nostril and that I was able to swallow without any discomfort. I touched the section of my neck that had been very sensitive and did not feel anything. I can't explain it except that Jesus was present and healed me through the prayer warriors. PRAISE THE LORD!!! and blessings to the prayer warriors.


Peter Skewes - I had suffered from migraines for 16 years. Each year the severity and frequency of the migraines worsened. This completely took over my life and had a terrible impact on my wife and 3 young sons. I had almost exhausted the drugs available for migraine and knew that the only relief could come from God. I visited Healing Rooms 9 times over 2 years, each time receiving healing prayer. On 13th August 2009 the team prayed and anointed me with oil making the sign of the cross on my forehead. It burned so much driving home that when I arrived home I asked my wife to look at my forehead to see if there was a burn mark. There wasn't. I was healed that night by the grace of God. My life has changed so much. I no longer carry the burden of migraine every day, month, year. My wife says I'm a different person and my boys can see that Daddy is happy ... and more fun too. Praise you Jesus. Note as at 29.11.10 - Peter is still free from migraine headaches.


Glenn - I came to the Healing Rooms on 17th November. At that time I had a very painful left heel. After prayer for healing I felt a burning feeling in my heel and then both feet were on fire. I felt the left heel being healed while I sat there. Thank you Jesus for your healing touch. Glenn


Connie - GOD DOES SURGERY I was told by my Dr. that I would need open heart surgery to repair my heart. I went to the Oxnard Healing Room for prayer. I no longer need open heart surgery they can repair my heart through a small incision in my left side.That's the God I know. I knew He would come through and fill the hole in my heart with love and faith for all who I know.


Armando - PAIN GONE My shins were hurting as I was training for the Navy. After receiving prayer at the Oxnard Healing Rooms the pain was gone. I can continue to train and fulfill the Lords wishes.


Mario - I had leg pain and was diganosed by my doctor with peripheral artery disease, and was referred to a vascular surgeon. After prayer in the healing rooms, all pain was gone and never returned. I canceled my appointment with the surgeon.


Steve - Hi dina, As promised, here is my short but sweet testimony. A little over 2 weeks ago, I came to the I.A.H.R. Healing Room with a medically proven condition in my Thyroid. The whole left wing has been invaded by growth, at the time, of unknown type. My surgeon is an expert in the Thyroid and ... had examined it the day before and felt some "squishiness" of the type that gave him "concerns". This not good. Thyroiditus is rare in men to begin with and if a growth is found in a man over 60, as I am, it's usually cancer. Enough said. I brought those facts to the healing team the following day. They prayed over me, laid hands on me and anointed me with oil. At the time I did feel an "unusual feeling" in the infected area but wrote it off as meaning nothing. The following week I met with my endocrinologist. She is tops in her field as well. When she examined me, she couldn't even find it without an Ultrasound machine. There was no "squishiness" to be felt. The FNB or Fine Needle Biopsy came back a week later as benign. During this waiting time, God kept telling me over & over"taste and see that the Lord is good". Was there cancer there and the Lord healed it' I say yes, but we will never know for sure. There are no scientific facts to back up that case. Luckily, Jesus doesn't require our facts, just our faith. Thank you Jesus for your love, concern and faithfulness to your children. You have taken me this far and I know, You will take me all the way home.


Andrea - GOT THE JOB I had been in need of a job and had very specific requests. I was asking God for a part time position with good pay. I worried that I was being too picky. After getting prayer at the Oxnard Healing Rooms on a Wednesday evening I was awakened on Thursday morning with a blessing! God blessed me with the job I had been seeking! THANK YOU JESUS!!!


Diane - I praise God for sending me here and giving me the gift of healing. I had a severe spinal cord injury that needed extensive surgery. It was healed here in the healing rooms. My asthma was healed during a worship service, and my anxiety is totally gone. I am filled with peace beyond all understanding. Thank you Jesus.


Charlotte - Jesus has healed my broken leg and removed the pain associated with it. He has brought me closer to him and blessed me with the gift of tongues. He has also provided me with a financial blessings.


Dianne - In March 2007 I had a bilateral lung transplant and all the time I was able to feel the wire where they put the sternum and ribs back together. On 11th September 2010 I was watching the web-cast of the Spiritual Hunger Conference in Spokane and, as Bill Johnson prayed, the people here in Nowra, Australia, laid hands on me and I felt heat. The metal wire used to 'catch' on my skin internally all the time, but now I can't feel it, it's gone! Dianne On 7th November Diane advised that an x ray confirmed that there was indeed no more wire!


Jeremy - Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 About a month ago I was working on a job at work loading a flat deck trailer. We were done loading the equipment when I decided to jump off the truck deck to get off faster. At that moment I jumped, I caught my foot on something and fell head first. I used my arm to catch the fall and did a lot of damage to my neck and lower back. To make a long story short I went to the doctor, had a couple of days off and was sent to physio therapy every day. At the same time I was struggling with my upcoming divorce and I was very angry, unforgiving and bitter at my ex wife. That didn't help. As the time went on I went to physio I was not improving and if I did it was very minimal. My whole body was in pain 24/7, and I was getting very concerned. After a week of this I was driving to work and I heard God say to me, The unforgiveness in your heart is so deep that it is causing your body to be in so much pain. I was in awe and didn't know what to say, I just knew right there God was right. I was debating going down to the healing Rooms and after that message I decided it was time to go. I went the following Monday and I have to admit I was expecting something a little more exciting, lights, music, people praying and crying out to God at the top of there lungs. It was very calm, quiet and quick. In and out. I left feeling a bit inspired but when I got home that is when it really took off, I started working out with weights and I just came to life. I didn't really understood what had happened until my physio therapist say to me and was amazed at my progress, after a couple of days there wasn't enough weights in the training room left for me to push. I was released from physio and am back to work fulltime. I had even come to a place of forgivness that I thought wasn't possible in my situation. I have more steps to go and God is working miracles in my life, and I just want to thank everyone at the healing room for being obedient to God and helping me back on my feet.


Mike - While listening to a Rick Taylor CD from the SHC; I was healed of asthma that I had for all of my life, when he was giving testimonies (of healing).


Linda - November 8, 2010 As I received prayer for eye problems I sensed a stabbing pain in the top area of my foot and mentioned it to the ladies - prayer was given and seen as a stake that needed to be pulled out - the pain left. Later as I thought on the incident it became clear to me that this was a self induced curse as I had many times said that I had felt I had one foot nailed to the floor and was running in circles when I would be working hard but not accomplishing much. Thank the Lord for the healing & for showing me that words can be either life of death to us all. Linda


Karen - I stood in for my brother and was prayed for a month or so ago. He was diagnosed with prostate cncer and the doctors said it had spread. He was to have surgery the following day. The team prayed for him and God revealed to them that the cancer was isolated to the prostate and that my brother would have a complete recovery. When the doctors got in there they were amazed that the cancer was isolated to the prostate only and there was no sign of any spreading. He does not have to have Chemo or any further treatment. Praise God!


Linda - I had an abnormal mammogram. After prayer in the healing rooms, I went for a fololow up with my doctor. Nothing was found in the follow up study. Thank you Jesus.


Elaine - DEPRESSION GONE... God has healed me from depression. It's all gone, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feat. I am so thankful to the Father for His love for me and my kids.Three weeks ago before coming to the Oxnard Healing Rooms I was very bad, He healed me from pain. I love you so much Father. I love you so much for my life Jesus and for my kids. He will heal you too...let Him help you.


Joseph - Joseph says, "I had floaters in both eyes, very severe. After prayer in the healing rooms, I was completely healed, with absolutely no more floaters."


Linda - October 25, 2010 I must say that after prayer everything seems brighter even before the sun peeked out and I feel such a contentment inside as only you can when the Lord touches your heart. I'm grateful for the love that emanates through these ladies. It is as though I have a smiley face inside !! Linda


Terry - October 25, 2010 I feel wonderful every time I come and get healed it is a great feeling. I know God was with me in that room and I have been feeling better. I was in lots of pain in my gall bladder and each visit I come here to be healed the pain is going away, were I don't have to take pain killers. Terry


John - Had called sister in E. Washington State but got wrong number. Person I spoke with told me about healing rooms and that there was one near me. I've been disabled for years. Later that day as I was driving to my doctor, I saw a Healing Room sign being put out by road. I did a U-turn and hobbled in on my crutches. After prayer I found I could walk without crutches and left carrying them. Amazing!


Autumn - I had a painful limp for over 10 years due to one leg being shorter than the other. Doctors couldn't correct it. During prayer by the prayer team, I felt my leg get very hot. When I stood up I no longer had one leg shorter--God grew it out two-inches! Thank you Jesus!


Shirley - October 4, 2010 I had chronic migraines and came here for prayer to the same prayer team. Healing came after a few prayer times but it took God time HIS TIME LAST PRAYER JAN. 2010, 1st MONTH JULY, 2010 HEALING. Thank you God is good. Shirley


Larry - The Lord came so strong the prayer time was wonderful! I feel like stuff lifted off of me! I am almost lost of words how God showed up in my life! Blessed be the name of the lord!


John - I received courage, forgiveness, confirmation and affirmation. Courage to continue on my path...confirmed my desire to do/be more for the Lord, to be more like Him and to do His ministry. Affirmed my visions that I have had and affirmed that I was a warrior. I gorgave my father.


Judy - Judy writes, "After prayer in the healing rooms, I received the money I needed to pay my heating bill. Also, for several months I was in the grip of fear, now I am free from anxiety and fear. I am feeling stronger, healthier, and happier each day. Praise God."


Dawn - Dawn writes, "I came limping into the healing rooms with a hair line fracture of my right foot and was in severe pain. After prayer, all the pain is gone, my foot feels great. Praise Jesus!"


Diane - "After prayer in the healing rooms my neck pain is gone."


Joseph - Joseph writes, "I had acute acid reflux, indigestion, and was unable to sleep much. I was also unemployed and had strife at home. After prayer in the Healing Rooms two times, I got a job, home strife was eliminated, and the acute indigestion is 90% better. I also feel God's presence more than ever in the last 5 years. Praise you Jesus!" HALLELUJAH !!


Ann - Ann writes, "My son, Mark, (age 4) was diagnosed with nerve damage behind his eyes which made it difficult for him to see. He needed to hold everything right up in his face in order to see. The first doctor suggested an MRI and possible corrective surgery would be required. After 4 months of prayer, including prayers over Mark in the Healing Rooms, the Lord has completely healed Mark's eyes. The doctor said Mark's eyes are normal and healthy. He no longer needs an MRI or treatment. The Lord has graciously answered our prayers. This is certainly a miracle. We give all the praise and glory and honor to the Lord for healing Mark."


Christen - Christen writes, "I came into the healing rooms with intense head pain. After prayer, the pain disappeared."


Ann - Ann writes, "I suffered with left knee pain for about 8 weeks. After prayer in the healing room, I do not have any pain or discomfort. The Lord has graciously healed my knee. I can now enjoy exercise, running, and kickboxing without any knee pain. I give all the glory and praise to the Lord."


Simone - ...I have received two healings so far. My right knee, which was injured in a flood in May 2010, is healed. The pain is gone. My mid back is healed. I was expereincing muscle spasms due to having fallen on an escclator in sept 2001. The metal points on the steps went into my back. God took the chronic pain away; but the muscle spasms were left. I want to thank God for this healing. As God works in temporal time, I am waitng for the rest of my healing to be manifested. Please thank Kathy, Reggie and Kar and anyone else who prayed for me. I am very grateful for your kindness and prayers. simone


Barb - About a year ago I had a single ring made from 2 rings I had inherited from my parents One was gold and the other sterling silver. I had the gold band welded onto a wider silver band. I wore it a lot because it had sentimental value for me. As I prepared supper one night I used crushed chilli peppers and some got under the ring. My finger felt hot but I didn't worry about it ;but later I went in the hot tub and when I submerged my hand it felt like I had burned it and when I looked at it, it was blistered badly like a scalding burn would look. After that I couldn't wear my ring. Every time I put it on it would itch and burn and the skin would peel underneath the ring so I gave up and put it away. This would be several months ago. About 2 weeks ago I found the ring box among stuff on my counter and decided to try it again. I am involved at the Healing Rooms in Prince George so I had a small jar of the oil we use when we pray for people. I put some on my finger,and also rubbed some on the inside of the band. I prayed for a good result and have been wearing my ring ever since with no skin problem at all. I wash my hands and shower with the ring on so there is certainly no oil left on it or my finger and I have even used the crushed chilli peppers (although I haven't gone in the hot tub after without washing my hands.) I believe whatever it was perhaps a chemical reaction, that caused my skin to not be able to be in contact with the metal in the ring was straightened out because God heard my prayer.


Carol - One Gentleman put a piece of red cloth on me and said it was a symbol of God's Love, it actually felt warm and liquid, as this was being done God had strengthen my body as well. I have received from the Lord that day which he had for me.


Brenda - While Volunteering at the local Healing Room, as I was standing and praying to the father, someone had walked up behind me and laid their hand on my back. I looked to see who it was, and saw our co-director Martin Nichols, a faithful man of God. He Informed me he was led to lay hands on me, he asked me if i had trouble with my back and I informed him that I suffer from sciatica. He did not say another word but just laid his hand on my back. He was obedient to the voice of the Lord. the prompting of the Holy Spirit. since that day I have not been in the constant pain I was in before. I praise God for his healing power and I thank the saints at the Healing Room of Lorain County for their faithfulness and selflessness.


Cyndy - I had suffered from severe depression in the winters since moving to Montana from Florida. I was prayed for at the Spokane Healing Rooms and God began to show me the true beauty of His winter season. I noticed things I never had before. Not one depressive episode all winter! God is good all the time!


Cyndy - I have suffered from the effects of Bi-Polar since my teens (I am now in my early 50's). I have been on a drug roller coaster since 1996. I knew God would heal me. I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms in my city in Montana. We prayed that the chemical balance in my brain would function the way God created it to! Within a few months I was able to feel a calmness I had never known. I can now declare I AM COMPLETELY HEALED and off medication! Praise God!


Sylvia - WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE I have been fighting mesothelioma (lung cancer). Drs. told me that my life would never be the same. They expected me to be on oxygen and not be able to exercise. I survived a 10 hour surgery, a bacteria, and spitting up puss. The Drs. said I would be like this the rest of my life. I had water around my heart and right lung. The bacteria is gone, the water around my heart and lung is gone and I can walk 2 - 3 hours without oxygen. Drs, tell me my condition is not curable but treatable but I know the favor of God is with me. His love and mercy all my days are written in His book. I feel confident that He will never leave me or foresake me. I will not die one day short of His will! I also know that He came to die for me so that I may have eternal life. I will go to heaven and that has given me so much pleasure. I want to thank my Lord and Savior, my Redeemer the light of my world for my life. I LOVE YOU JESUS


Joy - I came to the Healing Room in March this year dealing with Bi Polar and deep depression that had been hanging on for 9 months. I was hospitalized in the summer of 09 and didn't have hope for life since then. A friend suggested that I come to the Healing Rooms. I was so encouraged by the unique group of people that prayed for me. We stood against a spirit of the Impossible and I embraced the truth that All Things Are Possible With God! Ever since I have had a new love for life and creativity and joy flow freely I am so thankful for the Healing Room!


Maria - EAR INFECTION INSTANTLY HEALED After three months with an ear infection I received prayer at Oxnard Healing Rooms. I felt healing in the top of my brain, like surgery in my ear. The swelling is gone and the draining stopped. Thank the Lord!


Janine - When I went to the prayer room for prayer today, I received Jesus healing over my entire self. The ladies in the prayer room were led to pray for trauma at my birth and I was in fact breech when I was born. Praise God for this trauma as a baby to be released! I felt totally released of this burden. Praise God! One of the ladies was feeling obliged to pray for my back, and so they prayed over my back and I felt a cooling sensation come over my back as they prayed. My back literally aligned as she prayed. I didn't tell the ladies that I had a back injury when I was in grade 4 and I didn't tell the ladies about the breech birth or trauma I experienced coming into this world! Praise God! Praise God for His healing (for things I forgot about) and praise God for His helpers at the Healing Rooms ! I am definitely a new person !!! Janine


Terry - I asked for prayer from the healing ministers from the DC Healing Room. I did not give them a specific request because I had been requesting prayer about my mortgage and finances for so long. I was not walking in victory, and often depressed. One of the healing ministers said "I see you with deeds to cars and land or houses", "I see the deeds in your hands". Well praise God, this week I received the title (deed) to my car! One day the repo man was at my house to take my car! But God gets the glory! I walk in expectation concerning the land (house). In Jesus' name! Amen Terry


Anonymous - Two weeks ago I came to your ministry and asked for (prayer) .. for my diabetic condition. I was there with my vision blurry and couldn't see that well. I'm just here to report that my diabetes has reversed and I have my vision back! Praise the Lord! The healing didn't come that night manifested but my vision started improving every day. Not only that but my sugar levels went way down as well. Praise God! CS


Anonymous - I want to praise God and thank the people with the Healing Rooms because I came to pray for my mother as there had been spots on her breast found during an exam. She has had cysts and tumors over the years on her breasts. We prayed for her here one year ago and the Lord gave us wisdom regarding her diet. She changed one thing in her diet and this past exam for the first time they found nothing. Praise God for healing my mother! PH


Anonymous - In January I came in requesting prayer for pains in my right arm. I could not lift it very high because it was very painful. Some one prayed for me, he lifted my arm gradually. I felt an ease, but after that, I could not say how long, my arm was healed. Now I can lift it up without pains. Thank God for God's healing power and also fro the Healing Room. I give God all the glory. God bless you all. CS.


Anonymous - Pain and Cysts Gone! In November I had a cyst removed from my gum above my top teeth. In March, I realized that another cyst had formed right beside where the first cyst was. The pressure of the cysts was very painful. On Saturday night during the Wings Conference, it was so painful that the left side of my face hurt from the pressure. A healing prayer was said by several members and within a short time the pain was gone. Within a couple of days the cyst was completely gone. God is awesome. Definitely renewed my faith. TM (Region 11 Healing in His Wings Conference)


Anonymous - Lump Disappears from Neck Praise the Lord! During the Conference at New Covenant Church I went forward to be prayed for. I had a swelling on the right side of my neck near my head. It hurt almost continuously and it was swollen, forming a lump. I was prayed for and was slain in the Sprit. As of today this pain and swelling has disappeared. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this healing. RM (Region 11 Healing In His Wings Conference)


Evelyn - Healed and Happy! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 1 Peter 2:24 - according to His word I am healed, and my body expresses it in every detail. History of cancer, bleeding (uterine), tumor in uterine muscle, not growing. No more bleeding. When Doctor tried to biopsy cervical area, she saw a stripe. She could not identify or biopsy. Areas she did biopsy came back negative. I think this stripe confirms my healing because by His stripes I am healed and happy. I prayed here concerning this matter. Prayer warriors prayed with me and God heard. Answered yes for my healing. Now I have returned to say, Thank You. ~


Minoli - Leg Healed I received prayer for a very painful left leg two weeks ago. Two days later I was out with my dog and suddenly I realized that I was running and my leg didn't hurt anymore. It has been totally healed. Amen and thank you Jesus! ~


Kimberly - The Lord ministered to my heart today. Destroying the old tapes of my mind and received new tapes. I received affirmation for many of the things prophesied over me. I received healing from shame and self hatred and the skin conditions tied to them. Today by faith I say the Lord gave me new skin!! He likes me! ~


Kathy - White Blood Count Normal I went for a physical and blood test and the blood test showed the white blood cell count was very low. They had me come back and re-test three weeks later and the Doctor called me back and said it was even lower. After we talked he said to come back in three more weeks and then we would decide what to do. I went to Healing Rooms of DC and the team prayed and I received a Holy Spirit infusion. Then I went for another blood test and this time the Doctor said; 'whatever you are doing, keep doing it' I told him I got prayer at the Healing Rooms. Thank you Jesus. You are the Great Physician.


Clint - I arrived at the Healing Rooms in pain and weighed down by hidden anxiety and oppression. The team prayed for me by taking authority over the pain, which was in my hips and back. Over the next five minutes 95% of the pain disappeared. Further prayer for the rest of the pain ensued and it left almost immediately. Praise the name of Jesus. Clint


Anonymous - A guest came to us with an injury to her right shoulder from a work injury. She could not raise her arm because her shoulder was stiff and sore. The prayer team commanded the blessing of God to be upon her and asked the Father to stretch forth His hand to heal through His son, Jesus. We asked the guest to raise her arm and she did. It was healed. She could raise her arm and rotate it over her head without any pain. The prayer team also commanded stress to be gone from her neck and back. She was free! She left praising God and full of joy.


Mary - SO MANY MIRACLES My niece was in a coma for two months and the Dr. said she was dead. She woke up last week and is doing well at home. My Great Nephew had scoliosis surgery today and everything was better than expected. My son was paralyzed for two months and is now perfectly healed I was tested for kidney blockage or injury. The test took 3 hrs. and they found nothing. My daughter had major surgery that the Dr. could not explain, they said she would die. She was healed and is now living a blessed life. Praise the Lord!


Anita - Today, July 5, 2010, I got delivered from spirit of grief and ungodly soul ties with my ex-spouse (common law) and self-hatred when the people prayed for me. Now my feet muscles are ok, I can walk and not in pain and I feel the peace of God. Thank you.


Jason - Jason has suffered with Bi-polar for years. He is only 20 years old and has been totally unable to function in his world. He has received prayer, which is continuing. His mother called the day after receiving prayer the first time and said she is getting her son back. He called to tell her that he loves her, which hasn't happened in years. He gave his father a hug, also hasn't happened in years. His eyes are clear and look healthy. Praise God! This is a great beginning. God will complete the work.


Loren - Loren has been treated for cancer of the bladder and a cancerous brain tumor. After much treatment, the cancer was gone. However, the brain tumor shortly returned. The doctors gave Loren a month to live and said there was nothing they could do. Praise God, that isn't the case with our Jesus. Loren has received prayer on 3 occasions and is still living after a month. His strength and energy levels increase every day. He is up, doing things he used to do, and gets better every day. He was unable to do much of anything as he was losing his sight, but is now balancing his checkbook. Praise God! This is a great beginning. God will complete the miracle...


BJ - Hello, I wanted to send a thank you and praise report!. My husband and myself came to the Healing Room at Grace Christian Church on May 1st of this year. We had never come to a healing room. I had been praying for several months before asking the Lord if we should. We had decided to come because we are moving right after July 4th to a new home in Franklin, TN to be with our daughter and family. My husband, Earl, received prayer for his heart. Most of his life he has had high blood pressure and congenital heart failure. He is currently 72 years old and has been a Christian since an young child. We have been married 30 years and because of my past we have gone through some very intense warfare for several years. The battle has been long and hard. Earl had over the past several months increased physical symptoms and his doctors were considering a pacemaker for his heart. I know the true healer is the Lord and we have been seeking his deliverance. The prayer team we had were precious in the sight of the Lord. I went into the prayer room with Earl. The time we had in prayer with this team was truly from the direction of the Lord. The prophetic words that they gave were from God's lips to our hearts. The words included that the Lord would give him a new heart and that He had seen Earl's tears over the years for all the pain in our lives. The heart they saw in the prophetic vision was wrapped in a rose and they saw the petals being drawn back. As we prayed and worshipped the Lord, the sweet scent of roses was present. The end of May Earl went back to the Veteran's hospital for an echo gram picture of his heart. They measure the beats and responses of the heart. This time I went with him and we prayed that the Lord would be glorified. The report Earl received was that his heart was stronger and had improved from the test previously taken four years prior! No pacemaker was necessary! To God be the Glory! We were given encouragement from your team and recommended to read the book "Christ the Healer". What an additional blessing that book has been to us. It was an excellent step that formed a true sealing regarding our prayer time. We thank you all for your faithfulness to the Lord. You are all a real example of the true Body of Christ at work!. May the King of Kings bless you all abundantly! With grateful hearts, BJ and Earl Murphy




Roae Marie - SEVENTY-TWO YEARS OF PAIN GONE! On May 5th 2010 I received prayer for a hemotoma, and sharp and shearing pain in my left shoulder. At age of 2years old I had a mishap on my left shoulder and it was dislocated. I am know 74 years old and have had pain ever since the mishap. IT IS NOW GONE! THANK YOU JESUS!!!


Ralph - MASS NON-MALIGNANT... A mass was found on my liver and spleen. After several weeks of prayer at the Oxnard, Ventura and Camarillo Healing Rooms I went for a CT scan. The mass was found to be non-malignant. All the glory is to God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and our blessed Holy Spirit. I am expecting Him to dissolve the remaining uninvited residue. The life I now live I live through Christ Jesus my Savior! Praise Him forevermore!


Kayla - RELATIONSHIP RENEWED... I am 11yrs old and didn't have a good relationship with my family. We prayed and it got so much better.


Ursula - While traveling overseas the retina in my left eye was torn, leaving a hole which I was told needed urgent laser treatment. This would have been a costly procedure and I was somewhat relieved when the eye clinic was unable to find an Optometrist because it was the Thursday before a long weekend. I committed the care of my eye to the Lord and chose to wait for treatment when I returned home. Back home I saw an Optometrist who volunteered (without my having given any indication of my faith in God): "and no amount of praying will change the size of the hole." He referred me for laser treatment but I went to the Healing Rooms team for healing prayer. The Ophthalmologist was unable to find even a small hole and he dictated a report to the optometrist saying so, adding "she has no problem at all." Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness and Your healing love.


Anonymous - Hi Dina, tonight I received prayer for a diagnosis of ocular hypertension (a forerunner to glaucoma). I went to the have my eyes checked in the first place due to my night vision driving had gotten pretty blurry, the star-bursts that come from the street sign lights, the signal lights & the red car tail lights were double the usual. When the team members prayed I immediately felt the Holy Spirit surround me. Josh prayed that I would receive the sight of an eagle, as he prayed this the Lord showed me as an eagle flying, through the eyes of the eagle looking down I could see its beak, looking past the beak I had clear vision of the land in the distance below me. I could hear others praying then Patsy began to break off any assignment of the enemy against my sight, all I could do was bend over & groan. As the others joined in & pressed into that releasing & breaking off any assignment of blindness both in the natural & in the spiritual, then filling me with more of the Holy Spirit. Well on my way home I noticed that I could see ! The double vision of lights, the star-bursts were not there. I noticed I could see clearly the entire distance in front of me on the freeway. It was like the crisp, clearness in the air after the rain. Like the smog is cleared away, & the blurriness is gone. I could see the letters very clear. AMAZING ! !! AMAZING GOD ! So now I will believe, hope & have faith that the pressure in the back of my eyes will decrease below 21, I will walk in this healing. I say "Come on God" , more. Rachael.


James - James brought us a wonderful testimony of his prostate cancer healing after receiving prayer for it earlier. He came praising the Lord and with a whole new appreciation for Jesus.


Lee - I have had bladder infections since 1994, even when taking preventive antibiotics. In 1996 I lost a kidney to cancer. After receiving prayer at the Vancouver Prayer & Healing Rooms, God took away my infections and they have not returned. Praise Jesus!


Anonymous - I am a surivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Beginning at age 3, I was tortured by Satanists beyond the point of human endurance. They purposely program a split of personalities (Disassociative Personality Disorder -- DID) of your true self so they can then use you in their evil ways without you later having any memory of this. As a person ages, the amnesiatic barriers erode and you begin to have flashes of the soul-shattering abuse. Normally, this is a 10-20 year process of healing, deliverance, and integration of the many various "split-personalities." I've had prayer at church, counseling, and renouncing of all activities I was forced to participate in, and prayer at the Vancouver Prayer and Healing Rooms. This year all of my many split personalities have been integrated after only 2 1/2 years! Thank you! (name withheld for privacy reasons)


Janet - In 2007 I came to Nowra Healing Rooms to have healing prayer for Cystic Fibre Disease and after a prayer time the breast cysts disappeared completely. They would occasionally come back, but after some time of continued belief in healing, they have not returned since. I thank you so much Lord Jesus.


Janet - I had intense pain and limited movement in my right shoulder blade when I came for prayer in April 2010. During prayer ministry a spear of 'betrayal' was 'seen' and removed after forgiveness of whomever it was I needed to forgive. I could feel where the spear was taken out for a week or so, then all traces of pain left and total health has returned to that area. How good is our God!


Colin - I came to Healing Rooms for prayer and received healing for Post-Polio Syndrome and hair lip and cleft palate. The healing I received was considerable. With regard to Post-Polio Syndrome, I received great freedom in my body and the curve in my spine was straightened almost completely. With the hair lip and cleft palate, bones in my face clicked into place and my ability to breathe through my nose improved significantly.


Robert - Due to cataracts I have lost the ability to drive. I have also been diagnosed with macular degeneration. I went to the Healing Rooms and asked for prayer as "I want to see." When I returned to the doctor he said my eyes were healing "extra fast and they looked great." There is so much improvement I will be able to drive again soon. Praise God for His matchless love and mercy!


Pete - The Prince George Healing Rooms. In March of 2010 I had prayer for a traumatic event that had taken place in my teenage years. When I was fifteen years old I had been chosen to go for a tryout for the Welsh international basketball team. A few weeks later I received the letter that I had been chosen to play for Wales, so I put the letter in my jacket and without saying anything to anyone went off to school. Another boy had been to the trout with me and you could call him the teacher's pet. When I went into the school hall he was on the platform with all the teachers and they were congratulating him on his being picked for the Welsh team. I acted cool and didn't tell anyone that I had also been picked. The next day the sports teacher said to me not to worry I could always try out next year. At this I told him that I had also been picked. I didn't think that this had affected me but it had and when the Lord revealed this to me forty four years later I received prayer for trauma and pain. I felt that I had been touched by the Lord. From this time on I have not had a high reading n my blood sugar count. I was diagnosed with high blood sugar two years previously with readings of 11-13 but since this time it has been 5-7 Thank you Lord. Pete


Bonnie - She came to Chautauqua Healing Rooms on March 29th.2010. She came to get healing for her acid reflux and hernia, but while she was in waiting area after prayer The Lord healed her left arthritic shoulder. She said it felt like bubbles popping in the middle of shoulder and it kept going in a spiral and popping. By the time she got to her car, she realized what had happened and let healing rooms know. Mary Ann Dahlbeck,Director


T - I had never heard of the healing rooms until a friend mentioned it to me, i had recently been in hospital suffering from neck and leg pains, and had various investigations to establish the cause. I was obviously very anxious waiting for the results and was willing to give anything a try. I also have a longstanding back problem and a noticeable difference in the length of my legs. The welcome i received at the healing rooms was wonderful, a calming, peaceful, and relaxing experience. The volunteers prayed for me and made me feel very comfortable. one volunteer remarked that she could see "gold dust" on my hands and neck during the session/ i couldn't see anything but how wrong could i have been. on returning home my hands and neck were full of gold sparkly dust. A week or so later i also noticed that after buying some new trousers that both my legs were now the same length! I couldn't believe my eyes. I can not thank the healing rooms enough for the effect it has had on me and i really do feel truly blessed. T Burnley UK


B - When I was prayed for the pain in my back disappeared and I can move more easily now. I didn't realize being unforgiving was stopping me from being well. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from me, and I have a warm feeling where I felt so cold before. I feel peaceful and have found strength to carry on and to be forgiving of what has happened. (B. Blackburn)


J - Feeling in fingers returns April 2010 I requested healing prayer for numbness in my fingers of my left hand and a heaviness of my left arm. I felt an anointing of the Holy Spirit during the ministry and the feeling came back in my fingers. My neck also felt more mobility in my neck. (J. Burnley)


Randy - We have been bringing our daughter in for prayer for her hip diplasia because her right leg was 2 1/2" longer than her left. We have been receiving prayer for about 2 months now and her right leg is now only 1/2" longer that her left, continued prayer is making a difference. Also I had prayer for shortness of breath and am completely healed.


Mildred - I forgave some people I was holding some things against and the two week long pain I've had in my hip, lifted.


Theresa - FEAR AND UNBELIEF CONQUERED I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms to receive prayer and healing for sleep apnea. I went home and still used my CPAP machine. I was dependent on it and afraid to let go for fear of snoring and dieing. I got sick in my sinuses and chest. The CPAP machine was making me sicker. I took it off and refused to use it and to my surprise I didn't need it...The Lord healed me! It was my fear and unbelief that kept it from me.


Serena - I have MS and caught a cold so I haven't felt very good. I've been tired of the devil being in my body and giving me all these bad sicknesses so I went to the Healing Rooms to get some help getting him out. While they were praying for me I started to tingle from head to toe and I thought Jordan was tickling my fingertips because it was tingling and so I thought it was him. I was touched by the Holy Spirit and while they were praying for me, I was telling God that together we can take my body back and I would fight next to him if he would fight with me. The next day I felt a lot better and so the next time I see my doctor I will ask for an xray of my brain to see how the MS is doing. I realized that no one can do it alone, but anything is possible with God. Give your heart to him and he will never turn his back on you.


Nancy - Last week on 2-1-2010 I was prayed for by the team about an oppressive lie that I'm not useful to God, not needed or valuable to Him. One member got a vision of me as a jewel in the palm of God's hand. He picks me out when He chooses and puts me back in His palm to rest in His love. I am delivered of the lie now and walk in freedom and truth. Thank you Lord.


Chelsiie - Praise God I am healed as I have dealt with pain in my foot for over a year not knowing what caused the pain, unable to walk because of the pain. Went to see the doctor and he recommended shots, a painful shot which I took but yet I was still in pain - went to the Healing Rooms limping was prayed for, touched by God left - rejoicing and jumping, now anytime I feel a little pain I proclaim HIS name and jump for joy. I am in awe of His power. Thank you Heavenly Father. Amen


Esperanza - MARRIAGE AND HUSBAND RESTORED Thank God because my husband is going to church, he is changing. He drank too much since 1998 and at one time stayed in bed for 13 days without food or drink. He quit drinking and received Jesus in his heart. Thank you for the prayer he received at the Healing Rooms when you prayed for me and all the prayer and support you gave me. He looks different now and our marriage is better.


Mary Ann - SHOULDER HEALED I had a very bad shoulder for months. God healed it and I am pain free. Praise God!


Judy - JUDY'S TESTIMONY(CANCER) Judy's testimony is lengthy and would require much space to publish. After reading it and trying to shorten it we felt there was nothing that could be left out. It is a warrior's testimony that has lessons for us all. To read her entire testimony please go to www.oxnardhealingrooms.com and click on testimony tab at the left. You will a short narration that will tell you how to view it.


Andrew - I fractured the two lowest vertebrae in my spine when I was 16. I was never taught about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in depth. At 27 I got married and my wife told me about IHOP Chicago, so we went there and got prayer for healing. After about 45 minutes of prayer by three ladies filled with the Holy Spirit my back was fully healed! Praise God! No more pain standing for a long time. No more pain lifting heavy objects. I feel my age again! I believe in God for miraculous healings today ! Praise Jesus!. The healing was confirmed by a doctor through xray.


Nadiyiah - I received prayer concerning accepting the Father's love. I did not immediately recognize that I had some anger/trust and inadequacy issues concerning my earthly dad. On that following weekend, the feeling just kept coming out. I felt judged, scrutinized and unaccepted the way I was. I had 2 outburst toward my dad. After the 2nd one, he said we needed to talk. That afternoon, I prayed that the right things would be said and shared. And they were. We began to share our feelings about each other as well as our interpretations of past interactions. The discussion covered about the last 18 years of my life. In the end we felt closer. I felt freedom that I could share with him positively. Now I have a clearer view of my earthly dad, and I feel a stronger love towards him. I pray for him now more that before.


Edward - I have been dealing with chronic pain for 38 years. With the healing of the Holy Spirit through the Chicago House Of Prayer, I no longer even notice any pain. Having a stiff neck for over a year and many doctor trips, Chiropractic therapy, and injections that did not help. The healings have given me the only relief. The same with the help of restless legs; there too has been a break through. I have also only been able to sleep in a chair for 1/2 to 2 hours a night. I am now sleleping in bed all night. What an awesome God we have.


Min Ae - I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for curses to be broken out of my life, so they heard me out what I had to say. Afterwards they pointed out that I have fear, I have made God too small in my eyes all this year. They walked me through letting go of fear and forgiving those people who wronged me over the years and much more prayer. I felt heavy burdens have being lifted away from me. Everything became so clear and brite. I could be able to smile from my heart.


Ana - PAIN IN NECK AND ARM HEALED I want to testify of the blessings I received. I felt the presence of God and the love of Jesus Christ. I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms with intense pain in my right arm and neck/collar. It seemed like a very painful disease in all my nerves. Now I feel my heart and body new, light and without pain. Pain has changed to gratitude toward my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for such great love over me, my family and friends. May God prepare you to receive Him and receive His Beloved Son.


Lorena - FEAR, PAIN AND STRESS DISAPPEAR Praise the Lord! I walked into the Oxnard Healing Rooms today with awful back pain, stress and fear. Thanks to the group that helped me and guide me closer to God my pain and fear are gone. I now know how much God can do for me. If I have God by my side I no longer fear anything. Thanks to healing prayer. Praise the Lord!


Dina - Recently, a woman came to OCHR and shook from fear in the waiting room prior to prayer. That night the Lord met her powerfully during the prayer session! She felt pain leave her body, specific words relating to demonic oppression were prayed over her resulting in freedom which she later shared ushered in a return of joy, hope for life and an appetite. Pain she'd been suffering in her arm and leg left as well. Then, in the parking lot, as she was leaving healing rooms, her thumb, which had been pushed back into her hand suddenly popped out and back into place! Simultaneously she heard the verse in Luke which states that they "were healed on the way". She knew that God was confirming the healing rooms was the right place to come for prayer, all her fears and concerns were completely gone. She has since returned for prayer and has continued to have amazing encounters with the Lord, is now praying about coming onto the team! Come on!


Dina - Last Friday night two women came in with similar issues in their hips, both were healed! Pain left both women, mobility was restored in one of them specifically. She was able to bend over and touch her toes, which she could not do prior to prayer! The second woman was healed and the next day moved furniture in her child's bedroom due to the return of strength in her hips and upper leg!


Family - GOD LOVES DOGS TOO. Last Monday, the city sprayed a large bee hive in front of our home, killing all the bees. The dead bees were all over our front and back yard. Our oldest Pug, Otis, ate these poisoned bees. He began shaking, became lethargic, would not eat or drink. The poison shot up his white blood count and did damage to his organs. We honestly thought we were losing him. After sharing this with my friend, she said that she was on her way to the Oxnard Healing Room and would request prayer for Otis. The team prayed. A short time later, Otis made his own way downstairs and was ready to eat!!! We do more blood work later this week, but it appears he is 100% himself again! Our vet called to check up on Otis' status and was both pleased and surprised to learn of his fast recovery. I shared with him about the team that was praying for Otis and his reply was, " It's a good thing Otis knows people in high places"! We're very grateful to the Oxanrd Healing Rooms! With Much Love and Gratitude, The Walker Family Orange County, CA


Connie - After receiving prayer two weeks ago for liver disease,I received the results from my Doctor and was given the good news of total restoration. No more disease! Praise God.


Delecia - THE LORD SPOKE TO ME. I pressed my way to go to the Oxnard healing Rooms. For over a month the Lord has put it in my spirit to go. From the first time I decided to go I was met with obstacles on all sides. I finally made it. I did not know what to expect and the enemy tried to fill me with fear, but I could feel the Spirit of God in that place. I was open to receive what ever the Lord had for me but even with that I underestimated the power of the Lord.The Lord spoke through the prayer warriors directly to me and my needs. The words that came forth were absolute confirmation of what God has for my life and my family. I love the Lord and thank Him for speaking to me.


Juana - ARM BETTER THAN EVER. I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms to receive prayer and healing for my arm. It is better than ever. Thank you Jesus. I love you very much.


Jean - In the first session of my healing room experience in preparation to minister in our newly formed healing room ministry, we prayed and agreed for a big need in our life. For almost a year and a half we had been believing for the sale of a property in the Rio Grande Valley which was creating a financial burden on us! Oh yes, our bills were paid, plenty of food in the cupboards, no major appliance breakdown, car maintained well etc, but just that burden on our backs. Many (12) houses on the same street where ours was located were for sale also. The very next week, the Realtor began having calls about our place, then two began looking at same time. In a few days one made an offer, we accepted and we're currently taking care of all the paperwork to close. The market was not in our favor but both buyer and seller are happy & we give Abba Father all the praise. He does all things well, for our good and His glory!!! By His Grace Alone Jean S


OCHR - A couple came in for prayer due to difficult circumstances they were walking through. The Team received accurate words of knowledge prior to the prayer session. During the prayer session prophetic revelation continued to flow, revealing specific demonic oppression they were suffering in the night. The Team prayed to break that, and other issues. The following morning the couple called to report that for the first time in two years they slept through the night without demonic warfare coming against them! During the session pain left the foot of the husband while we were praying for other issues! Yeah God!


OCHR - A woman called the OC Healing Rooms for healing prayer through Skype. During the session she felt an electric touch on her head which flowed through her body. Pain reduced in her back, yeah God!




THERESA - I can't hold down a job because I can't focus long enough or use reasoning to finish a task. I have no issues going on in my life that would atribute to this problem. I know as a child my father would fuss at me and tell me I was dumb. I have held good jobs by the grace of GOD but they were always a struggle. AFTER PRAYER AT THE HEALING ROOMS OF HAMMOND, I WAS TOTALY SET FREE, PRAISE GOD FOR MY MIRACLE


Chris - Chris' grandmother asked the Healing Rooms to pray for her grandson. He was diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors now say it is gone! Thank you, great physician, Jesus!


Jane - "I started becoming very weak and had near passout spells. After many doctor's tests I was told I had a blood clot and a skipping heart beat. I came to the Healing Rooms. Nothing happen right away. I was still tired and fatigued easily. I began doing what I knew to do to get into better health. One day I realized I could now bike 5 to 8 miles without fatigue, and I could mow the yard without resting! Jesus is my healer."


Adam - "I am new to the Healing Rooms. I have always had a lot of faith in prayer for healing. "I was having a lot of pain in my back. Within days of going to the Healing Rooms I had NO pain! I never stopped believing that I was going to be healed. Having faith, truly believing with your heart, is important. "I still thank Him and ask Him to protect me from future accidents that could cause injury."


Connie - While being out of town I became extremely ill with flu like symptoms. I was ready to be hospitalized, but I called the Healing Rooms for prayer. Ten minutes later - not one symptom remained! I got up and carried on with a full day's work! Our God is able to deliver us!


Jerry - "About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a form of leukemia. In 2008 my white count kept going up until my doctor decided to start chemo in April 2009. "The first couple of months I was pretty sick after the treatments. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. After that I didn't get as sick after treatments. "In April my bone marrow was 90% cancer. In September they could NOT find any cancer! Praise the Lord! My blood counts are coming up slowly, and I am looking forward to once again having some energy and strength! "I praise the Lord for the faithful ones in the Healing Rooms who are there to pray for anyone who needs it. They are a real encouagement & so in tune to the Lord."


R - "In June my brother-in-law, Roger, had been diagnosed with two aneurysms in his brain. He was flown to Mpls. I called the Healing Rooms for prayer. "They prayed the source and the bleeding stop. That is exactly what happened! The doctors did not see any aneurysms, bleeding had stopped & just dried blood was there. They could not find the source of the bleeding. He was released within a week or so. Two weeks later he got a clear bill of health for his brian. "All praise and glory goes to Jesus, our healer. Many thanks to the prayer teams at the Healing Rooms. May God bless them richly for their services to the Lord."


DeeAnn - "I have had pain with multiple sclerosis. A team prayed with me at the Healing Rooms. The trigeminal nerve on the left side of my face gave me pain. "It would be so painful at times, I could not brush my teeth. Even touching that side of my face with a washcloth was painful. "Praise the Lord! I have NO MORE PAIN on the left side of my face!"


Tamie - "I came to the Healing Rooms with neck pain and discomfort. God blessed me immediately with a touch from His hand! "God bless everyone who prayed for me. This has been a year that I have come back for prayer many times. God is so faithful. "Thank you, Healing Rooms."


Nina - I suffered a lot of headaches. After healing room, I live without headaches. I can study and work. I'm very happy. Thank you God.


Dina - Recently a man came into the OC Healing Rooms who noted on his paper that he had found us on the internet through reading wikipedia's page on the life of John G. Lake. Next, he was directed to Spokane's website, which linked him to the OC Healing Rooms website. Hungry for healing and the Holy Spirit, he drove many miles for prayer. During prayer he was powerfully ministered to by the HS, he described feeling electricity flow through his body. Pain lessened in his knee. Some oppression left him as the Lord's presence came upon him. As he was leaving, he asked if he could return with a friend who is battling cancer, we said "Yes, absolutely"!


Brenda - One week ago I came for prayer to have my hearing restored in the right ear as I had none! The following Monday after I received prayer I had an audiogram and I finally heard some sound. Thank you God.


Crystal - Had ringing in the left ear, received prayer, heard a cracking in my ear and the ringing stopped..no more "white noise" in the ear..totally gone.


Becca - I was prayed for because of chronic hip pain over the last 6 years. I had one leg that was longer than the other. Received prayer and the shorter one immediately grew and straightened. I feel like my body is standing straight for the 1st time ever.


Anonymous - After receiving healing prayer severe neck pain and stiffness left. This person was able to sleep on their side for the first time in almost 2 years. There were immediate results and the pain and stiffness has not returned. A hard raised blemish under the eyebrow that was sore and wouldn't go away began healing the next day after prayer. Over the next few days the sore became soft, began to itch and then became dry and healed up. It is gone.


Lauren - Laura, Thank you for praying with me for the doctor's appointment today. The doctor reviewed the more detailed scan with my parents and said that the new mark was not a formed tumor. Praise God! He's not positive what it is but the options that he suggested were that it could possibly be a "non-enhanced" tumor, where the cells are close together but not formed, or it could simply be left over liquid from the medication that is being delivered to the area.It just appeared as a "fuzzy" mark. Either way it feels like a great answer to prayer, as the doctor had told the nurse (whom my mom called to talk about it with last Thurs) that he really believed it was a tumor. The doctor will be adding a medication into my dad's routine that has been known to fight tumors very effectively...just in case. They will re-scan again in a month.


Anonymous - Laura, My life is changing! It really is !


Lauren - Hi Laura, I just wanted to update you on how my dad is doing. The doctor was very impressed with his speaking at his last visit (09/28) and said that he had not expected him to be doing that well. Awesome! His speaking/reasoning/memory had improved so much since finding the other spot on the scan.


Sarah - I believe your prayers are already working healing in me. Today I have much less pain in my ribs than I've had for the last month. PTL!!!


Sarah - ... Then, shortly after I began email contact with you, the pain suddenly got much better. That pain ( on the right side) has continued to get less and less. It's almost negligible now. However, a few days ago I developed some rib pain on the left side. It is not as bad as the original rib pain, but it is definitely noticeable.


Anonymous - > Laura, Thank you so much for yesterday's prayer session. I think it was quite significant. I continued to lie in bed for about 45 minutes after we hung up. I felt very peaceful and somehow fuller than usual (less depleted). I seem to be able to stand and walk for longer periods now, without feeling faint. That is a sign of being stronger than before. PTL! I very much believe there is an ongoing work in me, and I'm thrilled that the Holy Spirit affirmed that to you repeatedly. Today (esp. this afternoon) I've had much more energy than usual. This I know is a result of healing prayers. Praise be to God!


Anonymous - Laura, I just wanted to THANK you for everything you've done for me. Your prayers & encouragement have helped more than I can say. Your anointing & wisdom is awesome....because He is so amazing. I appreciate that you have shared your discernment with me. I know that the Lord will continue to bless you & yours exceedingly abundantly. "Even when all hope is gone that He is holding me. Be still my soul....He is".


Virgina - Virginia writes, "I had constant pain in my left ear for three years. I went to 13 doctors in three months time, but none could help me. After several visits to the Marlton, NJ Healing Rooms, all the ear pain is gone. My anxiety, choking, and breathing problems are also gone. Praise God."


N. - In July I came to the Healing Rooms for emotional healing from a bad marriage & divorce, and for physical healing of my elbow. I could hardly pick up a towel. While receiving prayer, the Lord spoke through the Team that I needed to let go of my bad marriage that I tried to physically hang on to. They prayed for healing of my elbow. With the understanding that my elbow was healed, fi I ever had pain I knew I needed ot 'let go' of hanging on emotionally. As soon as I did, the pain went away. I've not had any pain return for about 7 months! The Lord can heal anything! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God! Thank you, Healing Room volunteers.


JoAnn - A few months ago my youngest daughter called and asked me to have the Healing Rooms pray for her to get a job. The job she had was closing woen and moving out of the U.S. Praise the Lord, she got another job two weeks ago, and now they are giving her a big promotion with more pay! God is good. He answers our prayers even better than we expected!


Anonymous - On June 25 a lady came to Zoe Healing Rooms to participate in a prayer time. She had been suffering with tendonitis in her right arm for 8 years. She had difficulty raising her arm or even using her arm for gardening due to the pain. The prayer team laid hands on the arm and shoulder and commanded her arm to be healed. The pain left and freedom of movement was restored. She also received healing for her back. We saw her in October and she confirmed that her arm is still pain free and she is healed.


Rebecca - For one week I had flu like symptoms which became progressively worse. I had severe pain from my right ear to my pharynx (Eustachian tube), causing dizziness and loss of balance. I rang my doctor for an appointment but he couldn't see me for 3 days. A friend reminded me about Nowra Healing Rooms. While I was waiting to be seen, the music playing was beautiful and peaceful and it ministered to me. In the prayer room the team laid hands on me and prayed: the healing started because the pain was going. By the next day the pain had completely gone and my balance was restored. I believe my healing began when I entered the Healing rooms; the presence of God was awesome.


Susanna - Warm and Tender Caring Hearts

After many weeks of visiting Northshore Healing Rooms I would like to express my thanks to all of you who are involved in this healing ministry. I especially want to address my thanks to Dan who prayed for me at my first visit and become the channel through which the Holy Spirit worked powerfully.
When I walked into the room I was tired, frightened, fearful, and desperate. I was very scared to let others know of my pain because I didn't know how to predict their reactions. My sickness was so often judged by my Christian family members and friends as some kind of punishment. But when I was received with warm and tender caring hearts by three people my fear went away.
I was asked by Dan about my condition and he brought me to recognize the pain of my childhood. I didn't even know I had such wounds, which later also led me to recognize all kinds of wounds I had which I hadn't identified as the source of my illness. He and two other ladies showed me so much compassion through asking me questions without any kind of judgment or condemnation. Dan also showed the willingness to be vulnerable in his own pain.
The Holy Spirit visited us that evening, leaving strong signs of healing to my mind and body. I received also a new tongue unexpectedly. My husband who listened from outside anxiously waiting to know what was happening in the room was so touched, the Holy Spirit started to work in his heart and made him want to be involved in this healing ministry.
The second week, when I went back to the healing rooms I was still fighting fatigue (I have had Chronic Fatigue and Multi Chemical Sensitivity for over 18 years) and was in great stress physically. But after another three people prayed for me I felt so much better and my spirit was lifted. In the middle of that night an angel visited me in my dream and told me "You have shed much tears and God is healing you. So therefore you just give Him thanks and praise." After then I am holding on to that promise and claiming that my healing is in process for completion.
Over the last two months, each time I visited the healing room I would leave the room feeling so much better both spiritually and physically. And I thank all of you for your loving compassion for the sick.
I pray that each one of you who are blessing others through healing ministry may also be blessed by the Spirit of God in his power and love.
Susanna Burk


Michele - Hurt Back Muscles Relaxed On 6-1-09 I came to the Healing rooms with a friend and was asked if I wanted to receive prayer. I did. I had hurt my back on Saturday when I fell and I wanted prayer for that. As soon as they laid hands on me I felt the muscles in my back move and relax. All pain left and I was healed. Praise the Lord!


Lisa - Michael had not been feeling well since October of 2007. Several doctor appointments followed, as well as some chiropractor appointments for a sore neck. He had several medical tests which all came back normal. His symptoms were attributed to being run down, staying up late and not eating well, or possibly a low grade infection. Things, however, continued to get worse even with life style improvements and visits to the chiropractor for a sore neck. Antibiotics were next prescribed and even following that regiment his symptoms persisted. He was then sent to a surgeon for further evaluation. On January 23, 2008, a little over a month after Michaels 20th birthday, our nightmare began when we received a call from the surgeons office with the outcome of a CT scan. The results showed a large mass in Michaels head. An aspiration of the mass proved inconclusive so a biopsy was necessary. The diagnosis was Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a cancer that is rare in the United States. A PET scan (a scan that shows all cancer present in the body) showed no evidence of the cancer having spread from the head and neck area, therefore was potentially curable. This was a big relief at the time because If the cancer had spread beyond the head and neck area it would not be curable, but treatment could only buy us some time in the hope that a cure could be found. His treatment however was, as the doctors put it, the hardest of any cancer treatment given. The actual chemo was a harsh one and would be given simultaneously with 35 radiation treatments to the throat and neck area. A mask was made to fit his face and he was snapped into place on the radiation table. He was very brave and took these treatments with a great deal of courage and did not complain. He tried to enjoy the moments he could on the days he felt okay. When the long weeks of treatment were finally over, the cumulative effects made for a very miserable couple of weeks. His neck, tongue and throat were burned. He was barely able to swallow and almost all of his nutrition came from a feeding tube. He also was fatigued from the chemo and dealing with waves of nausea. After a month of rest he was beginning to feel better and the adjuvant treatment began, which was some follow up just in case chemo to get any left behind living cells of cancer. He had one round of this chemo combination, which was suppose to be easier but something was not right. He was having some intestinal pains and his energy level was sinking again, more than predicted. He was still not eating much, even when his throat was better and the chemo effects should have been wearing off. So the next round of chemo was delayed, and then delayed again. A CT scan was ordered and soon we found out that there was a tumor growing in Michaels hip bone, and had actually fractured the bone. A bone marrow biopsy showed it was cancerous and a PET scan showed there were actually 2 tumors in his left hip. His pain level was increasing and he was back on heavy duty pain medicine and steroids for bone pain. The pain was increasing quite quickly. His cancer was now staged from a 4A to a 4C and was now in his bone marrow. Our options were not many or even sure possibilities. He was given 3 more different chemos at one time and life was miserable. The pain medicine was not doing the job and more radiation was possibly coming up. A friend of Michaels told us about a local healing room where people can go and get prayed for; a place where she had gone and experienced positive results. Michael and I went for prayer which he received, and then we were told about a healing revival going on in Florida. Two of the people working at the healing room encouraged us to go, if possible, after seeing the condition and pain level that Michael was experiencing. Michael felt spiritually uplifted and got a definite touch from God when he was prayed for at the healing room. We also took their advice, packed up and on June 13, 2008 boarded a plane for Florida. The first part of the trip was horrible, as even the wheel chair ride to the plane and between gates was painful for Michael. I asked him in Denver if he wanted to rest in a motel and continue on later, rather than board again so soon. He wanted keep going because he did not think he would feel any better in a motel. Michael and I were seated apart on this next flight because a flight attendant put Michael near the front so he could get to the bathroom and exit the plane easier. A good way into the flight, I noticed a man and a woman (his wife) leaning over Michael, obviously praying for him. I ran up there and this man had tears running out of his eyes as he was praying for Michael's cancer to leave, and the pain to leave. He was asking God to burn the cancer out, was pleading the blood of Jesus over him, and began speaking life over Michael. Michael was basically healed at that moment. He immediately felt better. When we got to our hotel Michael began walking around. He had a very slight limp and his pain was mostly gone. The man on the plane and a friend of his talked to me for a while afterward and told me that Michael would sleep well that night (he had not been able to sleep much because of the pain). Michael had been waking up every few hours to take more pain medicine. He slept so well during the night that I had to wake him up at 11:30 am to check out of the motel at 12:00. He had slept all night without once waking up. I asked him how he was feeling and he said fine (A response I had not heard in a long time). The evening that we arrived, Michael went down to the restaurant in the motel to order food for us and brought it up to our room. (He had not been eating much at all - getting his nutrition from a feeding tube - we have not used the feeding tube since before we left for Florida, and today it was taken out). We had a wonderful time at the revival and Michael was prayed for by the ministry team and felt heat coming onto him. He went through the fire tunnel, and a lady we met while standing in line brought some people in the ministry team over to pray for Michael. It was such a wonderful experience and Michael continues to do GREAT! He has been pedal boating, playing basketball, a little jet skiing, doing landscape work and hanging out with friends. We had a gathering at our house less than a week after we returned home from Florida because we had friends in from out of town and it was our daughter, Marys birthday. Mary had a group of her girlfriends at the party who had been on a jump rope team with her while they were growing up. Some of the guests wanted the girls to perform so they did a short performance. At one point 2 of the girls were turning double dutch (a fast turn with 2 ropes going) and Michael said "I'm coming in." He jumped into the ropes and continued jumping in the ropes for longer than I knew he was able to, even before cancer and a broken hip!! It was great. Everyone is so amazed when I tell the story. We are blessed and everyday my husband and I are so happy just basking in the wonder of it all!!! We are continuing on with his medical treatment but are anxious to get all the scans from the doctors, to show on paper what we already know and see that Michael is totally 100% healed by the power of Jesus, the great physician and healer. Lisa Bate July 21,2008 Addendum: On August 6,2008 Michael finally was given another PET/CT scan. The Pet Scan shows metabolic activity that helps to detect and measure cancer, and is given along with the CT which further helps to define what is going on in the body. We received the results on August 12. His previous PET/CT scan done on June 10,2008 showed 2 tumors in his left hip area. These showed an SUV (Standard Uptake Value) measurement of 17.3 and 16.3 with 1-3 being within the normal range. On August 6 the measurements were both 1.4, well within the normal range. Also at the end of the PET/CT report it stated no PET CT evidence of active residual disease. The doctor concluded the reading of this report with these wordsMichael is in complete remission.


Wendy - Was here for prayer against migraines. The Lord has healed me and I am growing in receiving His healing. Migraines still attack but I am learning to walk in faith and believe in His will for my healing.
I am realizing it isn't about me and deserving healing but about His healing to His Glory. Receiving from Him and not quenching the Holy Spirit.
Agreeing with others in prayer for my healing. It is a daily walking victory after victory.


Ruthanne - Each of the three times I have come, I have received such blessings and empowerment from God. It is amazing how the prayer team understood my situation so clearly with such little explanation from me. Two totally different teams prayed very similar things for me showing how perfectly they were hearing from God. The second time I was prayed for that God would heal my womb (something I didn't ask for). Within a couple months I had the faith to allow myself to get pregnant which I did right away. Praise God! Through the prayer of the teams at the Healing Rooms, God gives me such strength and confidence to serve Him more faithfully. My health is also getting better and I feel support to believe in complete healing for my digestion, depression and fatigue. Praise our Living God and Father.


Beverly - On May 3rd, 2005 I had a heart attack. On May 6th, I had an echo cardiogram that showed considerable weakness on the left side of my heart. The muscle was not opening and closing all the way. On May 11th, I went to Northshore Healing Rooms for prayer. I felt tremendous heat when hands were laid on my heart. Then a prophetic word came forth that God was giving me a new heart. On May 28th, I had an echo stress test. During the test, my doctor looked at the screen and said, Wow, thats not the same heart I saw 3 weeks ago! Run that portion again. Then he came out with the results of the test and said, Your heart was working at 35% 3 weeks ago and now it is at 70%. I asked him, What does that mean'. He said, Your heart is fully restored at 70% and working perfectly normal, strong and healthy.


Robert - I had fallen on the escalator at Sea Tac Airport. I injured my arm and shoulder very badly. I had prayer for it and my arm and shoulder recovered without going to a doctor.


Laura - 1/06 I received the release of long standing back pain. In 2/06, I received the release of my hip pain, as well as confirmations and prophetic ministry over myself and my husband. All together I've received many manifestations of healing in quite a few areas since coming periodically since last September. To God be the glory! And my thanks to His faithful servants at this place!


Laura - When I first came I had various physical afflictions and a lot of mental anguish. The physical afflictions still surface, but not as strong. 20-30% improvement. Having the mental anguish 98% improved. Has been awesome! I can rest in the Lord now, for He will continue to minister to me and through me peace and confidence in His promises. Thank you. Bless you.


Oma - My vision was 2400 which is legally blind. After my healing session my sight has improved to 20/80, which the eye doctor was pleased with.


Angelina - I began to visit the North Shore Healing Rooms in Bothell, Washington with a lady from Sonrise Chapel. While she was going there to receive prayer for healing of thyroid tumors, I was there to receive healing from the physical ailments that seemed to plague me. To my surprise, I didnt receive physical healing first! I received deliverance from many deep emotional wounds mostly brought on by the verbal and emotional abuse from my father. As the Lord healed my broken heart and opened my eyes to how I had been bound and how He has set me free, my relationship with my husband Brandon improved. He definitely noticed a change in me for the better. And on a particular morning I rebuked all of the curses over my health in Jesus name. I then asked the Lord to bless me with healing and good health. That same morning on the drive to work, I noticed that my back muscles felt sorer than usual, and not in the same way. All throughout that day at work, it felt as if my spine was beginning to shift! Praise the Lord! It continued in this continually for about 5 more days. Since then it has been slower, but the Lord is still working out the manifestation of my healing. I havent needed inhalers for 3 months now, and I am no longer in constant pain from my back.


Hannah Elizabeth - Hannah was born March 28, 2005. About 4 weeks after her birth, she was admitted into the emergency room in with a temperature of 102.6 degrees. Four days later and after many tests were performed, we were told that Hannah had a kidney infection. It was caused by urinary track reflux. The infection was treated and cleared up, but Hannah was to be on medications for the next year. The first set of medications we believe she was allergic to them as she developed a body rash and tons of discomfort which interfered with her sleeping and caused her to be bad tempered. We then were given a different kind of mild antibiotics, but they were making Hannah physically sick an hour to two after she took them. She would throw up and start gagging and it wasn't getting any better. The doctors said it was a mild case that most children outgrow, but Kim and I would not accept this for our daughter. Well we had many people pray for her as we visited different churches in different states. We met with family and friends who agreed for her healing and we took her to the Healing Rooms in Bothell, WA for prayer. We were determined to see a miracle. We believe in corporate prayer and agreeing in faith for one another.
We finally returned to WA and had another doctors visit where they ran a nuclear voiding test again, but the doctor came out with discouraging news. The Urologist looked quickly at the test (although the results were not in) and told us that there was NO CHANGE and how we needed to stay on the meds for another 6 months, but that it was good that we asked for a second opinion. Well, my faith just went through the floor! God, we believe. I said in disappointment. Have you ever been there' I then said I know that you are on my side. I then heard the Lord say, Yes I am on your side, but are you on MY SIDE' I didn't quite understand at first, but he led me to a passage in scripture in Joshua 5:13-15 where Joshua saw an Angel of the Lord before they defeated Jericho and asked him whose side was he on- for him or the others. The angel told him No, but as a Commander of the Army of the Lord I have now come. Ok, so I told the Lord I am on His side and felt a peace about the situation. We started to get Hannahs meds filled for the next year and went home from the doctors office.
PHONE CALL ! The next day we received a phone call from the doctor. He said to Kim, Well, you guys I know that you have been praying and here is the miracle that you have been praying for. As the official report from the Radiologist says, she no longer has reflux and you can stop the medicines. Praise the Lord! There was a booster to my faith. I hope it is one for yours as well. We appreciate your prayers and are praying for you as well.
Serving with obedience and love,
John, Kim, and Hannah Myers


Jeanie - Praise God! All of my tests were completely normal! There is absolutely nothing wrong with my brain or nervous system. The lesions on my brain are probably the result of head injuries during my lifetime. I believe that God removed this from me...the pain is completely gone and so is the difficulty swallowing. The doctor could not explain why I would have these symptoms or why they would go away. I know why they went away! Thank you for your prayers and for your support. I feel like I have met God in such a new and powerful way...the things Kenyon writes about and that Joe preaches about have become very real for me, at last. I can only say praise God, praise God, praise God! I have a future and a hope! May God bless you with the riches He has poured out onto me!


Nickalene - In September, 2004, I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with a rare form of metastatic breast cancer that had spread to my lungs and liver. Since this form of cancer had not historically responded to medical treatment, the doctors offered no hope of cure or even living beyond eight months. I was devastated! I returned to Seattle where I was paced on a chemotherapy regime and began receiving weekly prayer at the Bothell Healing Rooms.
It is now March 2006; my breast and lungs are clear and the lesions in my liver have decreased substantially. During these past 18 months the Healing Room Ministry has become more than a powerful support during my medical journey; it is an essential ingredient to all that God is doing in my body, soul and spirit. Prayer Partners not only agree with my faith and prayer, but also dauntlessly proclaim God's promises for healing and health when my faith is challenged by a discouraging doctors report. They have a complete devotion and commitment to God's Word for DIVINE HEALTH and HEALING. While I experience God's healing in baby steps, the Healing Rooms help me hold tight to God's Word for financial provision, insurance cooperation, positive medical reports and daily victories before I experience them.
My testimony is I AM HEALED OF THE LORD.
Nickalene Johnson


Carol - I'm sorry I haven't sent this sooner. I've been thinking about it for a long time. I visited the Healing Room on Jan. 4th 2006... Both my husband and I had a wonderful experience at the Healing Room. We were taken into different rooms for prayer. When we left and talked about our experiences. We found that in both rooms much of what was said to us, was very much the same and a confirmation of many things the Lord had been talking to us about already. Some things that were spoken over us came as a bit of a surprise, yet, they did bear witness to us as well.. For myself I was born with a bad back, and at a certain point in my life I was told by a doctor that he was surprised that I'd ever walk. That in itself makes me a walking miracle. When you consider I've helped my husband build 2 houses. And I was usually his only help. Come February, it will be a year ago that I hurt my back bad enough to put me on the couch for at least 3 months. But the Lord told me that He wanted me to look to Him alone for healing. I quit going to any other source for healing at all. I got to wanting to see my Chiropractor so badly I would even dream about him. But through it all God has been faithful. I've had much prayer. Every prayer has been a blessing, and I'm grateful for every one of them. I had been getting better and stronger for sometime. Getting closer to being able to give up walking with a cane. I feel visiting the Healing Room really put me over the top. I don't use a cane any more at all. They mentioned that sometimes symptoms come back. And I've got to tell you since I've visited the Healing Room in Bothell Washington and returned to my home in Montana, the one thing that has blessed me the most is that they gave us little blue prayer cloths that had been prayed over. When Symptoms try to persist, I wear them in my clothes and it gives me that prayer covering I have longed to go back and get from that Healing Room. They are a blessing to me. May God richly bless each one of you and continue to use you on behalf of others. Carol Sutter Thank You For Letting God Use You.


Jewels - In May 05 I was diagnosed with 2 tumors on my thyroid. Since I have been coming to the Healing Rooms, my two ultra sound reports have shown decrease in the tumors. I believe that by the finished work of my Jesus on the cross the tumors will be completely dissipated soon. By His stripes and wounds I AM HEALED! Thank you Lord! Jewels Mesaros


Marion - In March 2001 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following the mastectomy an MRI Scan revealed "multiple secondaries in the liver." The surgeon was disappointed, but God gave me great peace with Phil. 4:6. My family and close friends prayed. As a further check I was asked to return for an Ultrasound. Here, the technician finally said "I can find nothing of any significance!" Another MRI Scan was ordered. This confirmed that all was clear. I have had no more complications in over 8 years since then. Thank You Jesus.


Rod - For over ten years I have struggled with hypertension. During a recent trip to Spokane USA, the Lord graciously healed the condition. I twice weekly check my blood pressure. The cystolic pressure rarely elevates above 120, and diasystole never above 80


Jane - I had suffered with lower back pain for most of my adult life. Although I'd received prayer for healing, within a few weeks of being pain free, the pain in my lower back would always return. In May 2009, we visited Healing Rooms in Spokane USA. While receiving prayer for a neck injury, the HR team asked if I also had any back pain. They prayed for my whole body to come into alignment. I felt tingling and watched as my legs and arms were straightened as the team prayed for me. I no longer have any lower back pain. I still have a little discomfort in my neck and shoulders but it is getting better every day. Praise God!


Susan - As a Healing Room team member, I'm in the healing atmosphere a lot. God keeps on gently uncovering issues in my heart that need healing, and as I receive ministry, He heals them. I keep getting freer and freer! Praise God!


Colin - I came for prayer regarding generational unbelief. When the issues were prayed for ungodly soul-ties were broken with my parents. Prayer was then made for me to receive all that had been withheld from my life. As one of the lady members of the team laid hands on me I felt what I can only describe as the mother-love of God flow into my life. All that night I kept waking to waves of love flowing over me. For the first time I felt free to love emotionally. Even my wife could see the immediate change in me. In the past I have experienced God's love practically; now I know what that feels like emotionally. Thanks to a loving God.


Graydon - I had the Hill Country Healing Rooms pray for a kidney stone that was causing me an increasing amount of pain and it immediately didn't hurt as badly. Unfortunately it came back full force within an hour. Later that evening it just stopped. I know I did not pass it, it just vanished. I have had kidney stones before and the pain just doesn't go away unless you get Demerol or Morphine and even then you still feel it. You are very well aware when you pass one. I have never had one disappear. This was much more effective and a lot cheaper than an overnight stay in the Hospital.


Julienne - I was generally feeling "off". I went to Healing Rooms. I wrote on the form "metabolism" at the Spirit's prompting. On entering the prayer room, I was asked if I had problems with my thyroid, as that was what was given to the team by the Spirit. I didn't think so but I was happy to have prayer for that. The Holy Spirit was at work as I have felt better since then and the hot flushes have ceased after 20 years!


Jocelyn - I have had a condition called mucous membrane pemphigoid for the last five years. Doctors have told me that it is not curable, only manageable. The condition is an inflammation of the gums with redness and blisters, causing bleeding. At the Team Training Meeting there was time available for us to pray for each other. Two members of the team prayed for me and the Lord healed this condition. I have not had the medication since that day. The gums are a healthy colour and no bleeding occurred since then. Thank you Lord.


Carmel - After many years of suffering it was decided that I needed a hysterectomy to bring relief from a serious disorder of the stomach and bowel. However, a preparatory investigation (laparoscopy) showed that the bowel and ovaries had adhered to the womb, which meant that the planned hysterectomy could not go ahead. On 18 June 08 the gynaecological surgeon said that he would have to take out a section of the bowel and put it in a colonoscopy bag outside my body for 2 months before he could remove the womb and the ovaries together with about 4 inches of bowel. Following this operation he would then put the rest of the bowel back inside and sow it up. I went to Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer and felt God's presence and anointing all over my body. When further tests were conducted to check the adhesions of the bowel to the womb and a tube to the kidneys, both were found to be normal and the Medical report shows "No radiographically apparent involvement of the anterior rectal wall.... No other abnormality in the rest of the colon". God has intervened, I still have my womb and He is healing me.


Shawna - I wanted to share what the Lord has done for me. One of the desires of my heart has always been to be mom. Many of my family and friends, me included were very concerned about me getting pregnant. Even my doctor had said that I would be considered a high risk pregnancy mainly because of my age but also because of being overweight. I knew from my Freedom class that God wanted only the best for me and that I needed to claim only His goodness for my life. I found out I was pregnant on a Thursday and that Saturday The Healing Room was open so I went to The Healing Room and asked for prayer over the baby and prayed for my mind to be set on the things of God and not the things of the world. 2 Timothy 1:7 says I have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy. God had given me the desire of my heart and I was determined for it to be the wonderful miracle God intended it to be. And so it was the best - I felt great, and God was ever present through it all. I kept remembering the prayers that were spoke over me in The Healing Room and I kept focused on God and the promise that He makes all things work together for my good. My aunt was with my husband and me in the delivery room and we had prayer before Sarah arrived and I really felt the presence of God. I also tried to keep my mind on the scripture that some in the church had given me. Mostly, I kept thinking that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. Sarah was born a healthy and beautiful baby girl and I give all thanks and praise to Jesus for her! As I was looking up the meaning of the names for babies, I looked up the meaning of my name and it said Shawna means God is gracious and oh how true and oh how gracious He has been to me! I want to first give all thanks and praise to Jesus for all He has done, and second I want to thank those that prayed with me at The Healing Room, my church family, friends and family who prayed with me and for me throughout the wonderful experience of having a child.


Dortha - Testimony By Dortha Grigsly I want to thank Jesus for saving my soul. I'd like to testify about when I was feeling ill and hemorraging so badly that I had to call 911 emergency. As they were taking me out, a lady I didn't know came out of the community room or off the elevator at Trinity Manor. She ran up to me and ask the ambulance driver if she could pray for me. I told her I was hemorraging so she laid hands on me and started speaking in tongues. When she touched me it felt as though lightening went all over my body. I still went to the hospital. The doctors and the nurses checked me out and said, "We know you have been bleeding but it's stopped. We don't know how but it has." I want to give thanks to Jesus for healing me through the healing hands of a member of the Zoe Healing Rooms Prayer Team. God bless her.


Woman - Fruitland, ID A woman was looking for the location of the building to get prayer in the Healing Rooms. She found the bulding but no one was there. As she looked into the window, she felt the Lord touch her. When she had driven two miles and got out of her car, she could walk with out pain. PTL!


Matthew - Fruitland, ID A young man who is an accident victim with brain damage has been coming in for prayer consistantly. He is in a wheel chair and has been a parapalegic without use of limbs or able to talk. We prayed for him for his feet to straighten, we felt them move, then we asked him if he wanted to stand up. He stood and took 15 steps. Since his coming into the rooms, he has had da new jaw bone created, he is talking, using his hands and arms, and eating. PTL! Ongoing testimony.


Woman - Fruitland, ID A woman came in for prayer for arthritis in the knees and hips. After prayer, she said her knees had not locked up since she began to come. PTL!


A man - A man in a wheel chair who was suffering from an aneurysm to the brain and resifual effects from polio as a child was prayed for. After prayer he was able to raise his left leg and with help stand and take several small steps. Because of the surgery to correct the aneurysm, he had some brain damage and is very emotional. Both he and his wife werre very touched by the Lord.


Men, women, children - Fruitland, Id For the month of September through November we have had 5 documented salvations and 4 receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Women - Ontario, OR Our opening day part of our team went to a 'free clinic' in town. We experienced 3 women receive salvation. Praise God!


Alfonso - Finger completely healed, straightened and pain was gone.


Ruben & Gloria - Salvation!!!!!


Dana - Thank you so much for helping me receive the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I tried to temper my mind in not allowing expectations or doubts cloud my experience. Seeing Traci glow, knowledge of Carlos' angelic encounter along with my own personal awareness that the receiving of the Spirit and healing is different for everyone. I also never want to fake emotions, and I am not surprised that a person as excitable and enthusiastic as myself would come away from that experience subdued and humbled by his power. I teach in the Childrens Ministry at Calvary Boca, and although I was not scheduled to teach on Sunday the Spirit told me to be prepared to. I did not have the new months material and had to go get it from the church. I did go get it and prepared the lesson anointed for me to do (The Beatitude of Compassion and the Story of Ruth), and of course the person scheduled to teach came to me and said "can you teach today, as I did not have the material and I know that you are prepared". Then, during worship time with the children we where doing a song that we jump up and down and spin around and lift out arms and swing them side to side. I would always have to be careful of not landing on me foot wrong due to the shooting pain that would come. I felt no pain, and although my mind was fearful I kept jumping up and down and spinning around - rejoicing that my foot is healed - hallelujah! I also noticed that I felt none of the twinges that would happen in my shoulders - hallelujah! Afterward, the Spirit led me through the best lesson I've ever taught! I prayed that he would reveal more questions to ask and he did. I prayed that all the children would answer at least one question each and all 23 did! This morning, I revisited the article I told you about and the Lord showed me through the Evidence and the Benefits listed that I have received this wonderful gift. I also renounced all my heavy sins and further commanded any demons away from me. Thank you again for assisting me in receiving these gifts.


Emily - This morning the Lord healed the left knee of a pain that has been there for a year. Twice I have been in for prayer and it got better but injuries kept occurring. The LORD showed me a root bitterness connected to another person's healing and the pain left immediately.


Kenneth - I was diagnosed with a lump next to my thyroid. Non cancerous, but irritating! Everytime I swallowed I could feel it. I went to the healing rooms in spokane and His healing power dissolved the lump within minutes. It has never been back. He DOES heal today. Thank you Lord


Joni - Complete healing of cancer. After several trips to the healing rooms, I am cancer free. My baby that I was carrying at the time, just turned one and is healthy as can be. Praise the Lord for bringing such victory into my life through the power of the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!


Pat - On May 30th the Lord healed my shoulder, I had rotator cuff tendonitis, the same night I was healed of scar tissue in my stomach, I felt 4 little pops and the knot was gone. Glory to God. Also on June 5th I went to the healing Rooms for my pinched nerve in my shoulder and the Lord healed that as well. While I was there one of the ladies said the lord wanted her to pray for my feet, so she did and on Fri the 6th as Mike was praying - the soles of my feet were on fire, and this happened again on Sunday, so I was bouncing from one foot to the other because they were so hot. I'm excited about what the Lord is doing and I know He is getting me ready to do the Kingdoms work and I can't wait to see what else is going to happen. For such a time as this!! God does something to amaze me everyday.


Rachel - Word of knowledge (6/27/08) given for nerve damage on left leg. After a surgery 3 years ago-nerve in left hip was irritated and hurt anytime I laid and slept on my left side. Since I was prayed for-I have not experienced any pain when I wake from sleeping on left side.


Laura - I scratched my cornea by getting something in under my contact lens and had excruciating pain, so bad that I couldn't open either of my eyes. I went to the doctor who said it would get better 10% each day. I came to the healing rooms, four days after it happened, still in lots of pain. The pain had gotten less and less as the team were praying and when I walked out the door the pain was gone. It is now a week later and I have not had any pain since!


Michael - I personally had for years looked very skeptically on faith healing. The TV evangelists I had watched seemed to me theatrical, histrionic, staged. Judy and I had attended a very "charismatic" service where faith healing was practiced and I was still unconvinced. But then recently I was offered healing through prayer for pains in my right elbow that had become almost unbearable. Shortly into the prayer Brother Paul, who led the group prayer, stopped praying and asked me the most important question. He said, "Michael, do you believe this prayer'" I am surprised at how many Christian believers are unaware of the fact that they miss out on some of God's blessings because they do not know that His blessings, or promises have to be claimed.


Shawn - God told me to come here to be prayed for. I came in with chronic pain, fatigue, and a bad immune system. The Healing Rooms prayer staff members prayed for me and the pain is gone. They continued to pray and found that the root of the problem was a jezebel spirit attached to my Grandma. They bound the spirit and cut the soul ties which lifted this huge weight from my shoulders. Praise God! The Holy Spirit is here and moving through us.


Stacy - Today I came into the Healing Rooms to ask the Lord into my heart and to be my Savior. I now have the Lord's hand to hold while I find my path. I came in today with a foot injury that has been taking nearly five months to heal. We prayed for the healing of my foot and I walked out with a healed injury -- by the hands of the Lord. Thank you, Healing Rooms!


Tillie - *Healing Rooms Ministries never suggests that a person should discontinue their medications. This should only be done under the guidance of their medical doctor.* Two weeks ago tomorrow I was prayed over for depression. I was taking Zoloft for severe clinical depression and was expecting to have to take medication for the rest of my life. I stopped taking the medicine the next day and have not taken it since! I have not had a moment of depression since receiving prayer. I am full of the joy of the Lord and am enjoying life more than ever.


Sonya - I came into the Healing Rooms feeling very anxious. I could hardly walk without assistance and use of my walker. When I left the prayer room I was walking staright with no pain in my back. Praise God.


Nancy - I had several throughts on my mind when I arrived at the Healing Rooms. I surprised myself as I wrote down that I wanted prayer for my ears. I know now--that moment was a God moment. He had me write that request among the others. As we prayed with three sets of hands over my ears--I began to slowly identify sounds, words and shortly--voices. Clear voices praying with hands still over my ears. God healed and blessed me. Healing my ears from volume #37-40 on my TV to a #10 volume!!! He shared a very precious miracle with me. He used the beautiful two women from teh Healing Rooms as warriors for Him. I praise and thank God for directing me to the Healing Rooms. Thank you for this beautiful ministry.


Tatiana - I've had arthritis since I was five years old and my knees and hips are greatly affected by this. Today my leg was healed, straightened out and an inch of growth added to it. They are now even. My hips feel better and my spirit feels renewed.


Robin - I felt called to frequently return to the Healing Rooms -- mainly just trusting God to give me what He wanted. One day at work I ate some bread with the full expectation that I would be choking on acid in minutes. (I had actually quit eating any carbs because of this problem) But to my total surprise -- NO ACID!!! I can now enjoy a variety of foods again! Praise God! NEXT - I came in on a Friday for healing prayer -- just open to whatever God wanted to give me. Three people prayed for me. The gentleman stepped up and asked me if I had problems with my lower back and with one leg being shorter than the other' The answer was: YES. He had me sit and extend both legs. He gently took hold of my ankles and it was easy to see my left ankle was higher than my right. His thumbs were not lined up. He began to speak calmly of God's love and healing. Suddenly, I watched as his thumbs lined up. There was NO pulling or physical pressure. It just grew! Praise God! What a gift!


David - I was in Spokane for my 60th birthday, and decided to stop at the Healing Rooms before visiting my doctor. I had pain in my left heel (the medical term is plantar fascitis), from too much jumping in a worship service. The couple that prayed for me anointing my heel with oil. I experienced a progressive healing over the next several days and the pain is now totally gone! Thank you, Jesus. I have been to the Healing Rooms three times, and as wonderful as it is to receive prayer for healing, I deeply appreciate the prophetic words I have received. The atmosphere in the room is thick with the glory of God. Bless you and thank you.


Cristobol - I came to the Healing Rooms because I was homeless and needed to get an apartment by Monday or I was going to lose my SSI. I came in for prayer on a Saturday and by Monday I got my place. All I can say is thank you, Jesus. Holy, Holy, Holy. I'm on my knees.


Robert - I have had back problems for years -- a slight scoliosis and then developing arthritis and constant lower back and neck pain. Praise God! Today they discerned in the Spirit what the problem was. They prayed and I felt this gentle, cooling effect run down my spine and the pain left. Praise God!


Reilly - In coming and receiving prayer from the Healing Rooms and the people who prayed over me I experienced a feeling of intense warmth and belonging. they prayed for the chemicals in my brain to heal in the bi-polar disorder. They prayed so that I may know myself completely in Christ. The healing of the HOly Spirit is fermenting in me until I am completely whole and joyful in every divine way. Complete in truth and wholeness through Christ Jesus.


Savannah - Today I walked into the Healing Rooms limping and I recieved prayer for my knee to be healed. I starting walking and suddenly I didn't have anymore pain. I'm healed!


Chris - Back pain and tightness was healed. I couldn't bend over to reach the foor for years. I told them that I had been told I had slight scoliosis when I was 12 years old and I'm 58 now. During prayer there was such a warmth to my back and down my legs -- God's healing power. I bent over, the muscles released and I touched the floor. I don't remember when I could touch the floor bending over. Complete healing today. Praise the Lord!


Ruth - The Holy Spirit did "great things" for me today! I received physical heeling for arthritis in my knees -- I was able to "jump for joy" in the waiting room with many witnesses. I also received emotional healing which was very humbling. By praying to rebuke satan in the many ways he is trying to "do me in." There is therefore no condemnation for I'm in Christ Jesus. I'm assured of His love for me in the past hour and I know that He will never leave me or forsake me and that He is preparing a special room in heaven while I live in my twilight years.


Mary - I came in several times before today for prayer for my fingernails which were ravaged by cancer treatment. Today I am testifying that they are no longer weak, breaking at the quick. They are strong, beautiful and growing out. Praise God! According to Nahum 1:9 this affliction will never return. It will never come on me a second time. I call forth divine health, in Jesus Name.


Mary - I have an old injury to my right leg which was almost completely severed in a car accident then reinjured in 2006 tearing off some of hte old scar tissue. I went through 10 surgeries and numerous trials and failures of "maybe this will work" applications before the second injury. This caused poor circulation, blood clots and an open wound that won't heal. Since coming ot the Healing Rooms the sore has not been inflamed or full of infection. It is flat and not seeping -- just HEALING.


Erica - I had thrown my right shoulder out of alignment carrying luggage and pulled two fingers in my right out of alignment while cycling. Today God put my shoulder and my fingers back where they belong and the pain is gone! Praise you, Jesus!


Valli - I was asked to be an adult member for a large group of teens to go to Madasgascar, Africa in July 2008. I have been on social security because of a disability since 2001. I believed God wanted me to go so I signed up and went. The entire month and a half I was there I was pain-free! I have an implanted morphine pump and because I believed God would heal me, I was able to not need anymore morphine. My pump is empty. The Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA prayed with me and I know that God used the people and their prayers to heal me. Also, I am scheduled for back surgery. The Neurosurgeon plans to fuse 3 discs in my lower back in May 2009. I had prayer today with Sharon and Tom and all my pain pain disappeared.


Leonard - I had two major heart attacks, seven stents, three baloons, six by-passes, 1 aneurysm of the heart, a hole in my heart, a stroke that left 40 percent of the left side of my heart dead and I was told it was time for Hospice to come in. That was in June of 2008 (almost a year ago) and now I've been healed and I am doing great.


Janene - My bursa joints are no longer tender to touch! Since July 9th of 2008 I couldn't touch them becuase they were too tender.


Nalini - I have been healed! Praise God! From a loose left hip replacement. The pain is gone, and my legs are of equal length. Possibly, God has restored my femur. Arthritis in the rights knee is healed. I can stand and walk without pain! (1st time in over 20 years!) I have received healing for my back. The roundness from kyphosis is gone. My neck has moved into alignment with my shoulders. I believe my blood pressure has come down from 186/128 on 5/19/09 and I am healed of hypertension, poor hearing and I have improved eyesight! To God Be all the Glory!!!


Gary - Today at 12:40pm the Lord healed my left ear and opened it. Thirty years of hearing loss. Thank you, Jesus. Oh Praise His Holy Name.


Gaylen - In the late 90's I came to the Healing Rooms to stand in for my brother who was going in for a quadruple by-pass at the U of W. After prayer we prayed and waited for the day of surgery. The day before they had my brother come in for a pre-surgery exam. They sent him home, telling him that there was no blockage in his heart, only light "scaling". They said there must have been a malfunction in the scanning equipment when they first did the exam. Praise the Lord!


Diana - I came in with a hip that was out and I didn't even ask prayer for it. I was asking for something else. After we were done and getting ready to go one of the women asked about my back. I said, yes, my right hip is out. We prayed and another person asked me about diabetes and I said, yes to that we well. Then when they prayed about the diabetes I felt the hip get hot and I was able to move and bend without pain. I recieved my healing and thank God for meeting me here! I love it here!


Emily - My back has been healed of 2 broken vertebare and 2 bulging discs as well as osteoporosis and pain from degenerative discs. I am 36 years old and have lived in terrible pain for 16 years. Praise God -- I'm healed.


Lois - In May I went to my opthomologist for testing of my eyes and my eye pressure was high. On September 19th I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer before my second testing on Monday, September 21. I had been asking for prayer in a couple of home groups and at work as well. On Monday, September 21st the Opthomologist said I have glaucoma and I needed to start on eyedrops because I had slight nerve damage in both eyes. On Wednesday, Sept. 23rd I had an x-ray test with done on my eyes and one technician said she didn't see any glaucoma in the results. On Thursday, October 1st I went back to the Opthomologist to check if the eyedrops were working. She said from the tests that day and the x-rays from the 23rd that I do not have glaucoma. There is no nerve damage and in fact my nerves look really healthy. She said I do have ocular hypertension and so I'm still on the eyedrops, but believe God for full healing!!!


Mary - On May 29, 2009, I was prayed for at Zoe Healing Rooms. I had trouble with my colon and low energy. I was SEVERLY depressed and on several presciption medicines. Since being prayed for, I have a clear mind, my energy has increased and when I went back to the doctor, he took me off four medicines. I have even lost weight. My health has improved so that now I can work part time and minister in music for a small, local church. God is blessing me in many other areas of my life. Thank you Jesus and Zoe Healing Rooms.


Jeanie - Thank you for your prayers for Riley. He's healed! Praise God. About a couple of weeks ago I brought Riley (11 years old) in for prayer. He had been vomiting and not eating. Six weeks prior to that he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his toe -- which the doctor removed. He is now eating and is so happy. He's digging holes again in the back yard. Riley is a dog! The Healing Rooms were so gracious to welcome him and the Lord made the connection with a team member very familiar with animals who offered to pray for him. Praise God!


Marilyn - I went to the Healing Rooms for several areas of pain. They sat me down and showed me that one leg was longer than the other. They prayed for my body to be aligned and God took care of that. I also had neck pain. One shoulder was higher than the other and they prayed and both shoulders came to the same level. Praise God!


Betsy - I fell in the dark on a concrete sidewalk. My left hand and thumb broke the hard fall. By morning I could hardly get clothes on due to the pain. I was prayed for at Sacred Heart Hospital. We (3 ladies) and myself had chatted awhile in the reception area for the Healing Rooms at the Hospital. Finally the Leader said, why don't we pray right here. So we stood and formed a circle. No words had been spoken, only anointing oil applied, when Jesus knocked me backwards to teh floor. I laughed and laughed and when I got up my hand was better. By evening I worshipped at the piano and I could play chords with both hands.


Antonio - I thank you, Jesus for your healing power because I was healed of a broken scapula on my left side and torn tendons. I received prayer and the Holy Spirit told me: "Strengthen your arm". I obeyed and recalled the scripture: "He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed." Praise God.


Dennis - I came in for prayer at the Healing Rooms for a broken left toe, two spurs on my right foot and for financial guidance. I also wanted to be able to speak in tongues freely. After prayer, God healed my broken left toe and removed the two spurs from my right foot. They had been painful and caused me to limp. Also, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit so that I am able to speak in tongues which helps me feel at ease and able to pray in a more powerful way. So, within days of prayer at the Healing Rooms, I was also received financial help from unexpected sources.


Maurice - I strained my knee shovelling snow back in December/January (09). Since then the pain comes and goes. While I was being prayed for I realized that my left leg was longer than my right leg. I watched them both become equal in length. All the pain left my knee.


Michael - I injured my back while at work on 9/26/08. Since then, I've been unable to bend, lift, squat, sit for long periods or stand. The physician has been unable to diagnose the precise area for the diability. They said I had 2 partially ruptured discs and a broken tail bone, torn ligaments and among other things. I haven't been able to walk or do anything since 9/26/08. The pain had been intense despite all kinds of medication. Now, after receiving prayer I am sitting without pain and am able to walk, stretch and touch my toes without pain! Praise the Lord!


BreAnn - I have previously had one of the most severe cases of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome my doctor had ever seen. This has caused numerous physical changes and cuased me to lose sight of my femininity. I sensed the Lord has wanted me to be persistent and keep coming in for prayer. I have been so blessed by coming in! Things have started to change for the better. Today as I received prayer the word of the Lord was that He was shifting my DNA. I felt it physically! His presence was so strong! Thank you so much for praying with me. I do believe by His stripes I am healed! Nothing is impossible with God.


BreAnn - The Lord has been wanting me to keep coming in for prayer. Everytime He does a new thing. Today He met me in a wonderful way. The prayer team was sensing that He wanted to heal my heart from childhood hurts. My earthly father committed suicide a week before my fifth birthday. The Lord showed me a picture of Himself standing at the funeral. The memory I had was that I was alone from that day on. Well when He shoed me this memory of Him there at the funeral I saw Him pick me up as the little girl and hold me. The truth was - I was never alone. He has always been with me, wanting to love me greater than I have ever known! The glory was so bright and healing.


Mark - I began coming here at the beginning of the quarter at EWU. They prayed for mental clarity for me and my grades went from B- / C+ to A- / A+. And my mind has cleared up tremendously.


Ted - I came in with my daughter-in-law for lower back pain. I was prayed over by two ladies. Two days later my back was completely healed. To this day I have not had any back pain. This is 4-9-09 (a year later). God does marvelous things.


Brenda - They prayed for healing of arthritis, the soreness in my arms and shoulders. I know I am able to move my hands and arms over my head. I couldn't do this before I came to the Healing Rooms. I thank and praise God for the healing in my body and the nice ladies who prayed for me.


Alice - As I received prayer in the Healing Room, the Lord gave words of knowledge from wounds of my past and how the enemy would try stabbing the wounds and re-opening them. I've had lower back pain with lower abdominal pain for about 2-3 years. As the couple prayed and took authority, the pain has released and I feel so much better. I feel free and I have a joy and excitement for my future. Thank you.


Judy - First of all, I want to give thanks and praise to Jesus for what He has done for me. I came from a family involved in witchcraft. There was a spell on my grandmother for years and as a girl I saw everyone prayingn over her and she never got better. She died and I was angry and I turned my back on God. Then a friend invited me to the Healing Rooms because she said, "Judy, you are always blessing others and today I want to bless you." And blessed I've been ever since I came. One of your prayer warriors told me that she saw three doors, but one was not open. Praise God, thank you Jesus. The third door has been opened and God has healed me from witchcraft. Amen.


Trisha - I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and they also prayed for my hips and back. I have had bursitis since 2001 and they are feeling a lot better. My back was instantly healed! Amen!


Theresa - I came to the Healing Rooms for an irregular heartbeat and also for a stiff left knee and painful ankle. I have come to the Healing Rooms several times and have been healed. The lie of the enemy is that I am not healed. By His stripes I am healed, but my symptoms would periodically come back. Today I came open to God's presence and dramatically felt Him realigning my bones, lengthening my right leg, extending warmth and ease to my neck, shoving off burdens from my shoulders. I am walking with balance, pain free, with a calm heart.


Nathan - Nathan (9 years old) developed an involuntary movement in his right arm that looked like a partial focal seizure. After evaluation by a couple of doctors, and given his past history of a tumor on his spine, it was felt that he may have another tumor on his cerebral cortex (brain). On Saturday, March 28th he was having 14 arm movements per minute. His dad brought Nate to the Healing Rooms. During the prayer Nate felt something in his head, and since then the involuntary movements in his right arm have stopped. He had a follow-up MRI of his brian and spine nine days after his healing experience; it was completely normal. Praise god for His Power!


Meagan - I came in to the Healing Rooms today after talking with my ex-husband for weeks. I have been treated for mental illness since I was 15 years old. I also have had debilitating back problems for eleven years. After receiving prayer I am PAIN FREE. I am smiling! I haven't smiled or laughed in years. My eyes are sparkling, I feel great! My head feels clear. Thank you, Jesus for healing me.


Sharon - I came to the Oklahoma City Healing Rooms for prayer because I was having attacks while sitting in my living room and I just could not seem to get a breakthrough on it. I was just stuck. The team prayed for me and something broke. I was given prophetic words that helped me move through the situation I was in. It allowed me to start making changes where I was stuck before, I started being able to move and hear from the Lord. Soon after coming to the Healing Rooms, the Lord showed me two things that were causing problems. One was a man that was walking past my house cursing. Demons were being released. Rob prayed for this man to have deliverance and to be saved. I have recently learned that he is "no longer walking the streets" and that "he is now working". My friend told me that she knew this man and that he had schizophrenia and would not have been able to work unless something had happened to him. I am thanking God that He has healed this man. My friend also said that he has visited her church. I thank the Oklahoma City Healing Rooms Rob and Sherry and team. I went in for freedom for myself, but Jesus had bigger plans. He wanted this man free!! Praise God!!! The second thing causing problems was revealed after a prophetic word from Sherry. She said, The Lord said to clean my house and it should have been cleaned yesterday. Well, I knew He had been showing me to get rid of things, but I seemed to be stuck on this as well. I couldn't find anything that seemed to be a problem. Then, after the prophetic word the Lord led me to my bookcase. I had collected travel books and cookbooks while traveling to different countries and most of them had pictures of gods and idols. I got rid of them and my house is getting more and more peaceful. Thank you Jesus!! Then, I had a bonus thrown in!! Rob asked if I was having trouble with breathing and I said I have problems with asthma. The team prayed for me and I felt something lift and my breathing became so much easier. My breathing was clear for about a week, but then I felt it come back in. I commanded it to leave, but it did not go. I saw Rob on Sunday and he said to come back in and they would continue to stand with me for complete freedom. I so appreciate the Oklahoma City Healing Rooms for their help in standing with me during this hard time. I had gone to everyone I knew and had asked for prayer and I had brought people in to pray over my house, but to no avail. I thank God that they have been obedient to the call of God on their lives! And I thank You Jesus for Your freedom and Your mercy!!! Love, Sharon


Wanda - Prayed for neck and back problems I had for years at a H. R. Bible study. Iam completely healed. No more expenseve doctor care. PRAISE GOD.


Connie - The team prayed for my cancer growth in my nose,I used to get so embarassed for at times it would protrude out my nose. A few days after they prayed I sudently noticed it was gone. What a good GOD we have.


Danielle - Prayed for my depression and I got free with holy laughter.


David - COPD and Asthma dropped my oxygen blood level to 20%. Last year I was an invalid. The healing Rooms at Lionheart and Rockwood plus others were praying For me. Now my level is 94% and the normal is 95%! Lung damage is irrevesable in the Natural. BUT I am healed and can breathe. I am Thankful!


Violet - was prayed for Arthritis in my hands.neck, back, knees and feet. As they were praying for me I also was praying and then receiving my healing, but I really knew God had healed Me when someone touched my feet and I saw a bright light at my feet even though my eyes were shut. I felt the power of Gods healing take place. My spirit began rejoicing at what God had done.


Johanna - Johanna was suffering headaches and neck pain. She went to see her doctor only to be told that she had several slipped disks and bone spurs down her back and both legs and would need surgery. The surgery would be extensive and up to five hours long. After team members prayed for her on several occasions, she returned to her doctor to discuss further the surgery needed. He informed her that the bone spurs were gone, the discs were not out of place and she would not need a major surgery. She simply had to have a surgery on her wrist, similar to corporal tunnel surgery. Her headaches and neck pain are gone. Praise God for his mercy!


Jeanne - Before I went to B.C., HR ministry team prayed for my back pain and my left ear. After a head injury, my left ear became very sensitive and on top of that, doctor told me I got scar by previous infections and that's why my left ear brought me trouble by always feeling some kind of pressure and "stuffiness". After the HR ministry, the problem didn't immediately disappear. While in B.C., I was too busy to pay attention to my ear problem. But upon my return to Toronto, I found out that my left ear was loosen. Praise the Lord!


Rachel - complete healing in her knee, pain free


Sydney - Pain in his legs and after prayer, he was completely healed.


Norma - Was healed over lower back & leg pain immediately


Anita - Healed of fibromyalgia after 10 years


Yvette - Suffering from migraines for several years. Under medication not wanting to accept that I was at the point of administering injections to myself. While being prayed for I realized I was still holding quilt. I had to release it and surrender all. I did. They (the Healing Room Prayer Team) anointed me, we agreed on my healing and I haven't experienced a migraine since May 2009. God is faithful.


Maria - Come to the Healing Rooms with a friend. My stomach actually felt heat the moment prayer began. I accepted the Lord into my heart and as my Savior."


Shafina - Ever since I have been coming to the Healing Rooms I am in such peace in my heart.


Kim - Came in for healing and received Salvation.


Isauna - I feel joy and happy because I felt the Lord touched me and took my anger away from me.


Nichole - I came into the Healing Rooms for pain in my back. I felt heat in my lower back when prayed for.


Caroline - The healing team prayed for both of my feet. The left foot has two spurs, the right has Achilles pain. when I was prayed for I was able to dance on my feet without pain.


Norma - Went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I had pain in my back. After prayer God heal me on the spot.


Desmond - In October 2007 a blood test showed a very high reading. I first visited a urologist in February 2008 and when he conducted tests the diagnosis was very serious. I had my first appointment on 24th June at the Wollongong Cancer Clinic and a few weeks later started treatment for advanced prostate cancer. I was to have two years of women's hormone treatment, but after prayer I only needed two treatments. After eight weeks of treatment on the Linear Accelerator at the hospital I had six weeks break. Then I had another blood test and to the doctor's amazement there was no evidence of cancer in the blood. During this time I was regularly prayed for at Nowra Healing Rooms and Jesus healed me!!


Jeff & Kathy - A Total Healing of Breast Cancer - PRAISE the LORD let's declare the greatness of Our GOD Together - LORD we DECLARE YOUR GREATNESS! "photos" of tumors before - with titanium marker place next to tumors by Doctors - Person received prayer - Right before surgery new "photos" - NO tumors - just a titanium maker!! Blessed Be the LORD OUR GOD - Creator of the Universe WHO does all Things Well! TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING


Barbara - Healed of asthma! Praise God


Elaine - Came in with pain in leg, limping. Prayed for her and legs came into alignment and walking with no limp and no pain. Praise God!


Sophia, Jack & Rick - Accepted Christ and left healed and peaceful.


Yolanda - ANXIETY, STRESS, INSOMNIA GONE I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms seeking healing for insomnia. I was not sleeping, and suffering from stress, anxiety and was tired. I was going to turn to medication for sleeplessness, anxiety and stress. I remembered a friend had told me about the Oxnard Healing Rooms. I almost convinced myself that I had to many errands to go, but chose to go. As I arrived it looked closed and I almost left, at the last minute I saw the sign and entered. After prayer I felt better and ever since I have slept and rested. I feel so much better. I advise people to come and see the blessing this place is.


Mary Ann - EAR HEALED I had a sensation of something running deep inside my left ear after prayer it is gone. Also my son was sentenced to prison, the sentence was changed so he could do his time at the local county jail and will be out Jan 12. Now he plans to attend college when he gets out. God truly answers prayers...I am truly thankful


Mike & Angela - Our marriage has been restored. We were ready to call it quits in July. Praise God, we have seen the power and presence of God alive in our family and home! We came to Paul & Gwen for help and prayer. God has moved in our lives. And He has honored his Word and saved our family through practical and biblical steps. We have been realigned to love for each other. Also our finances were miraculously blessed. We believed for our needs, and God brought in more than enough for that month. Within 3 DAYS of meeting Paul & Gwen at the PHD Healing Rooms, various people gave us more than a thousand dollars to meet our needs.


Karen - I came to the Zion Road healing room due to 16 years of severe back pain due to degenerative discs the pain also ran down my right leg. I had many procedures done, but none resolved the issue. I receive prayer by the team and all my pain is gone! PTL!


Val - After 3 intercessors prayed for me I was confident that I had been healed of fibromyalgia. I had previously had a word of knowledge. The next day the"claws" of the fibromyalgia were gone and have not returned . I continue to claim and walk in God's perfect and complete healing. Praise God and thank you for your ministry.


Linda - Laura, Just got back....it's midnight Thursday night. God's peace, presence & love saw me through this. Thank you so much for your prayers & counsel. The Dentist was amazing! He cleaned all of my teeth, drilled & filled my wisdom tooth, removed the infected bone graft / cavitation, removed the broken tooth, & filled another small cavity. I was sedated & don't remember anything. The procedure lasted four hours. I didn't have any pain. Both he & his wife are Christians, the environment was nurturing & caring. The Lord really blessed me. My incredulous description to my dentist regarding the total absence of pain, bleeding or swelling brought a bemused response from him. He said, "I would think that would be a good thing." It was & is but I was told so many other things by other dentists. That I would need a pain killer twice as strong as Vicodin, that there would be bruising & swelling. I actually feel wonderful & have since the surgery was done. Removing that much infection has had a very positive effect on my body. My knee is fine! The trip home was much easier walking thru the airports. No stiffness or pain anywhere in my body! I'm going to work in the morning.I praise Him & thank Him for his goodness.


Olivia - CANCER BOWS TO THE NAME OF JESUS I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2009 and my life was changed forever. I was afraid and going through so many emotions. I began to pray the best I could for the Lord to help me. At time I felt like giving up and not go through with the treatments because of how sick they made me. Something inside me kept me going. It was the Lord. He put people in my life to provide prayer, help and support. Today I am filled with joy. He has healed me. I surrender my life to Him. He has a plan for me and I will serve Him with all my heart.


Troy - ReQuest For Prayer:Laura and Charlton, My father in law has been hospitalized today with a possible stroke. Laura and Charlton Thank you for your prayers, my father in law has been in the hospital for two days now and the doctors have not been able to find anything wrong, additionally he feels great, they are attributing his stroke like symptoms to possible dehydration. Praise God! He is a believer. He had six bypasses last year. God Bless you Glory to God!


Barb - About a year ago I stepped on something and it swelled and was quite painful! I assumed it would work its way out. It seemed to get better, but then periodically my foot would swell up and be quite painful to walk on. I finally mentioned it as we were praying at the Healing Rooms one day and received prayer for it. It didn't change at first and I finally got my doctor to look at it and she told me to set up an appointment - there was definitely something in there. But a couple of days later I was rubbing my foot because it was very sore and swollen again. Then a small, round, hard object fell into my hand. Unfortunately I was outside and whatever it was fell on the ground so I didn't see it. But whatever it was is gone. It was there for over a year and fell out about 2 weeks after the prayer. Thank You Lord.


Korma - Went to the Healing Room for prayer. I had pain in my back. Was prayed for and God healed me on the spot. Praise the Lord.


Anonymous - Complete restoration of a shoulder pain, immediately was able to raise arm over shoulder. AND right hand, middle finger was dislocated and God healed it.


Ruth - "Came in with pain in my knees and in my back ... While one of the ladies was praying for me I felt heat roll down my back. I have tingling in my knees." She was instantly healed.


Anonymous - Burdens were lifted off. Person receiving prayer experienced immediate freer breathing. The tangible peace of God was present. He felt better after receiving prayer for flu symptoms.


Mike - Back pain left completely while I was waiting for prayer. Prayer was being ministered to another person for back pain at the time I received healing from back pain. My Legs and arms were visibly aligned by the Holy Spirit during prayer. The tangible peace of God was present. Just minutes after receiving prayer in the healing room for God to mend broken family relationships I received a phone call during church service from my mom who had not spoken to me in 7 years. Within the next couple of weeks I received another call from my very best friend who was like a brother to me in high school and during the conversation our relationship was mended as well.We had not spoken in 5-6 years. Praise God!


Anonymous - Laura and Charlton Thank you so much for your prayers and concern, we have seen progress in all the children We were blessed to hear what the Lord ministered in prayer about our children..... so accurate to their personalities it was just a great reminder of how in control the Lord is of our lives when we trust in him.


Kim - Blessings and Happy New Year! I pray that God bless you, your family and the ministry. You are truly a blessing to me and you are in my prayers. I'm feeling much much better although I'm still losing some protein and being treated by my doctor. In the meantime, I felt good enough to go back to work.


Tim - Charlton and Laura; Thanks again for calling me and praying again. My ears are even better than before. They no longer itch and feel much more comfortable. As you've said, I seem to be healing progressively more and more each time that we pray together. I praise and thank our Lord Jesus for loving, delivering and healing us. He is the best of the best.


Tim - Laura and Charlton: Praise King Jesus! He has cured the "incurable" Meniere's inner ear disease that I have suffer with for more than 2 1/2 years. Thank you for praying for me. I believe that being prayed for many times is what moved the Lord to heal me and defeat the evil spirits that were afflicting me.


Anne - dear people of GOD, I thank you for your prayer support. I ask 2 month ago for prayer concernign many things, espacially direction and guidance. Now, it seems to be an open door for me to go to Israel, for ministry in a prayer house. As soon as I heared it, I was so happy, cause this is what I wanted. I ecperience blessing and God working in me peace, healing, majurity. SO I thank everyone.


Lauren - Hi Laura, My dad's MRI scan went very well. The doctor was very happy with what he saw on the scan. The scan showed that some more healing had been done to the affected area of his brain, and no change was made in the tumor. I know that God is able to remove that tumor. Tonight I spoke with my dad and these were his exact words: "I'm like a new man. I can talk!" Thank you for your prayers.


C. - "On June 16th, 2009 I was healed of anxiety and depression. I have suffered most of my life with this, being brought up in an alcoholic home. I praise God for the root of death that He removed and for the new life that He restored to me. I rejoice that my body, mind, and spirit are healed and lifted up in Christ. I thank the prayer team for their faithful love of Christ allowing the Spirit to move through them in His way."


D. - "I was battling infertility with a second child for over a year. I tried several things and it ended with me needing to begin an injection to help the process along. I went to the Healing Rooms in the spring of 2008. In June, on the day I was tested to begin the injections, I found out I was pregnant! It really is a true blessing and no medications were needed! In Feb. 2009 we welcomed a wonderful gift to the world - our sweet baby girl - as beautiful & healthy as can be. Her big rother just adores her!"


Madison (age 8) - "I came in for prayer for my left ear, because it was very red and hurting badly inside. I thought I had sunburn, but I wasn't even outside. I asked for the healing of my ear, and by the time I went out to the car with my Grandma, my ear was its normal corol and not hurting any more! Thank you, Lord!"


TOM - Healing rooms team prayed for my joint pain all over. I have been pain free for a week now.


Leanne - attended a bible study lead by healing rooms director. He had a word of knowledge for incontenance. I have no more problem, totally healed.


Vickie - Healed of loss of bladder control. Praise the LORD


Anonymous - PRINCE GEORGE HEALING ROOMS Prince George, B.C. Canada June 12, 2009 In February,2009, while on vacation in Mexico I noticed a burning sensation on the upper inside part of my right ear. Thinking that it was a sunburn I ignored it but a day or so later it started to swell, somewhat like a bug bite. Over the next three months it continued to grow until it became slightly larger than an aspirin tablet and it had a black thing in the middle. It had a redness around the top of it that made my ear sore and very tender to the touch. I showed the growth to two different nurse friends who both suggested that it was time to see my doctor, which I did. My doctor's opinion was that she was over 95% sure that it was a carcinoma (skin cancer) so she made an appointment for me to see a skin specialist. Since it was a Wednesday afternoon I went directly from the doctor's office to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about what the results might be but I believed that God could heal anything and what did I have to lose. Three ladies prayed for healing for my ear and off I went. TWO days later the growth started to peel like a sunburn and all of the redness and soreness had gone. THREE days after that the black thing in the middle became loose so I twisted it a bit and it came right out. Within another two weeks the entire growth had disappeared and when I went to the specialist he said " I don't see anything there but if something appears come and see me". Whether it was cancer or not is of little importance but when a growth continues to grow on a person's ear for over three months and after prayer it begins to disappear in two days I know that it was GOD and that he listens to the prayers from the Healing Rooms. Gary


Anonymous - March, 2009 Praise the Lord I've received a healing of my feet. They are 80% better than before. Due to surgeries in the past my feet had arthritis. I was in pain all the time. Simple prayer of faith prayed by ladies of faith. Cheryl


John - I appologize for not keeping up these testimonies, but I assure you Jesus is still healing in the Healing Rooms. Just this week we had a lady from Baton Rouge come for cancer and pain in her right rib area. After we prayed for her all the pain left her, praise God.


Wanda - Had pain for months and even years in my neck, back, and knees. After getting prayer in a H. R. meeting I was totally healed, No more pain in my body.


Wanda - Some weeks ago, I received prayer for knee, back and neck pain. I had been to doctors many times but without relief. When they prayed I was totally healed, iven to this day which is weeks after, there is still no pain.


Nelly - "Had asthma attacks before coming to HR on April 2, 2008. Since then they have stopped."


Marina - "Issue of blood gradually [in 3 days] healed after a visit to HR. Right sole of foot was healed! [over 2-3 months of visits] [Blood pressure] Headache was healed during today's visit."


Wendy - I had been chronically ill for 20 years and even after seeing many doctors over the years none of them could figure out the cause of the many symptoms I sufferd. At times my digestive system would just quit working and I would become very underweight and my hair would fall out badly. I had many infections and food allergies as well as thyroid and adrenal problems. Almost immediately after coming to the Bremerton Healing Rooms I had a important breakthrough. The doctors found the cause of the health problems, which turned out to be 4 infections in my jawbones. I have had 2 of these surgically removed and am seeing improvement already. In fact even before the surgeries my health begain improving as I came for prayer each week. I expect full recovery as I continue to come to the healing rooms for prayer.


Fernando - PAIN GONE I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms in much pain on my right hip and both knees. The team prayed and the pain disappeared. God is awesome


Olivia - PAIN AND SPASMS GONE I arrived with pain and spasms in my neck due to spinal reversal in the neck area. Upon the laying of Godly hands on me I felt a warm sensation go through me. The pain and spasms I felt all day suddenly disappeared. Healing hands and prayers have set me free. Thank you Jesus


Gwen - I have a low thyroid. It has caused my thinking to be muddled and also caused me to be too tired to think for long periods of time. I got prayer in addition to having the doctor raise my synthroid dosage. These two factors helped me to think more clearly. But the addition of prayer enabled me to think "crystal clear", and I received an A+ in my course at College, receiving 100% on many of my papers. Praise God! and thank you for your prayer support. I'm continuing to believe in healing of my thyroid.


Anna - I tore tendons by my knee and it was x-rayed. The Healing Rooms staff prayed for me. All pain where the injury took place is gone and I'm back dancing.


Martha - I had a pain in my back and after they prayed for me, 5 minutes later the pain was gone.


Dianne - I had a diving accident when I was 15 year old and sustained extensive damage to my neck and spine. Throughout the years since that time, two of the discs collapsed in the lumbar area of my spine causing a large bulge in my spine at the L-4/L-5 vertebrae. I also had a spinal infection (ostemyelitis) in 2005 which caused my left hip to fracture because it was weak from osteoporosis, subsequently leading to a hip replacement. The infection damaged the nerve connection in my spine which controls the nerve endings in my left leg; the lack of nerve function left me with a drop foot. My left leg is approximately 1/2" shorter than my right leg and I have relied on using a cane to walk since that time. On Saturday, November 22, 2008 the Healing Room team prayed for my hips to be adjusted and realigned and I have been walking without the cane since. I am trusting the Lord for a total healing of the nerve function and full restoration of my left leg and foot. On Monday, November 24, 2008 the Healing Room team prayed for my back to be healed, for the collapsed discs to be restored to their proper position and for my spine to be made perfectly straight. The next day my back was healed, the collapsed discs were restored to their proper position and my spine was perfectly straight. Praise God for His healing and His great mercy and grace which He extends so generously.


Dawn - I have worn full orthotics for about 7 years. On July 11th, 2008 while I was at the Spokane Healing Rooms my feet were healed. I had been on my feet all day, including walking from downtown after lunch. About 3:30 that afternoon I realized I didn't have the orthotics in my shoes. Since then I walk miles for exercise, I can wear any style of shoe and I have no pain at all. Thank you Lord ! Psalm 103:3 says Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.


Martha - I had a pain in my back and after they prayed for me, 5 minutes later the pain was gone.


Karen - God has healed me emotionally, mentally and physically. I had a broken heart, wounded spirit and allergies/asthma, thyroid, and obesity. God has touched me multiple times in my heart cry to be whole and following after HIM with my whole heart, soul and mind.


Martha - BACK PAIN HEALED!I had been suffering with severe, back, shoulder pain and joint pain in my arms. I went to the Healing Rooms on Wednesday. As I was prayed for I felt better but the next day the pain traveled more to my upper back and shoulders, I could hardly move. I know it was the enemy trying to steal my healing and rob me of the joy that I had experienced the previous day. I laughed and with God's word rebuked him, I continued to speak the word of God over my situation. On Friday all stiffness and soreness was gone Praise God!


Quiero dar uno de tantos testimonies que mi familia y yo tenemos. En una occasion mis hijos y yo veniamos al las Quartos de Sanidad porque mi hijo, Christopher, iba a tener una cirujia de correction en sus piemas. Yo no tenia paz a pesar de orar y confiar en el Senor. Pero, entonces, mi hijo tuva una vision que Jesus estaba operandolo y que todo iba salir bien. Me dijo, "No te preocues mama porque ya Dios me mostro todo." El Mismo me va a hacer la cirujia. Desde ese momentotuve paz y todo salio perfectamente bien. A la vez mi hijo fue libre de la depression.
Gracias Padre Eterno. Te amo. Gracias a todos ustedes siervos de Dios. Los amo .............

I want to give one of so many testimonies that I and my family have. On one occasion, my children and I came to the Healing Rooms because my son, Christopher, was going to have corrective surgery on his legs. I didn't have any peace although we had prayed and I trusted in the Lord. Then my son had a vision that Jesus was performing the surgery and that everything was going to turn out well. "Don't worry, mom, because God showed me everything and He, Himself, will perform the surgery." From that moment I had peace and everything did turn out perfectly well. At the same time, my son was delivered from depression. Thank you, Eternal Father. I love You. And thanks to all of you servants of the Lord. I love you.


V.S. - "I had a pain in between my shoulders. I came for prayer. We prayed until it left, and it did! Praise God!"


A.S. - "We felt God was speaking to us about me quitting my job and being a full time wife & mother. We had no idea how we could do it financially, but we stepped out in faith. "We came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. We had peace about it. God didn't give us a flood light to show us how it would all work instead He gave us a flashlight to see one step at a time. We put our trust in Him. He has continued to provide for us. We are praising God for His continued provision."


Tracey - "Tracey say, 'Thank you, intercessors.' She had brain cancer one year ago. Doctors removed a tumor the size of a man's fist. She has a clean bill of health just one year later! Much prayer was given from the Healing Rooms. Thank you, God."


Anonymous - "I was bound up with bitterness, anger, & self pity because of changes in my life. The family farm was sold and my husband had to make a career change. I chose to leave my career to be together as a family. I resented it. Finding a job was not easy & I became more bitter, angry, & isolated. "My health began to fail. Doctors wanted to put me on anti-depressants. "After prayer I began to experience healing. Feelings of isolation & bitterness lifted, improved interaction with my family & acquaintances improved, & I had hope in finding a job. My belief in God returned. I forgave myself. God had forgiven me too. Now when I read the Bible the verses relate directly to me. His promises are for me. Praise God for the Healing Rooms."


Dawson - A six year old boy came with his parents for prayer. Dawson's platelet level was dangerously low (19). Doctors wanted to test for leukemia. That week his platelet level started to rise, the bone marrow test was normal, and then the platelet level rose to 300. This is a miracle! Doctors said platelet levels that low take six months to a year to rise to normal levels. God did it within one week! Praise You, Jesus!


Wendy - This is a story of God's love for me and all of you. It is a story of how God is moving in our healing rooms. On the last Friday in June 2008, I received a call from my surgeon telling me that a lump inmy breast was cancer. That evening I went to our church healing room. While in the healing room, I felt a sensation of warmth and smoothing in the tumor area, which was about the size of an egg. I did not know the significance of this until later. I went into the room with heaviness and came out with a smile onmy face. The following Tuesday, I had surgery to remove the tumor. After the surgery, in the recovery room, my surgeon told me she had removed tissue the size of an egg and the whole tumor was now gone. God had brought all the cells into that egg for my surgeon to remove! After the surgery, I had more tests. Based on my history and my family history, it was likely that my genetics were positive for increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. My genetics were negative, Praise God! I believe the Lord healed those, too. The company who did the testing even did a thrid test for free because it was likely the results should have been positive. If you have anything troubling you, go to the healing rooms. I have been back a few more times. The staff there, which are your brothers and sisters in Christ, usher in God's Spirit into that rooom for you. I thank God for each and every one of them!


John - I hurt my shoulder playing raquetball. The next day I went to the doctor for a yearly physical. I told him that I injured my shoulder and could not lift my arm. I was in extreme pain. He told my he could not help me that day, but would have to get an x-ray. If my shoulder was still hurting after 5 days he would schedule an MRI. Instead of waiting 5 days I decided to go to the healing rooms and receive prayer. It was a wonderful time in the Lord, although my shoulder felt the same. Hours later, while sitting at home, I realized there was no more pain and I could freely move my arm and shoulder. I was back playing raquetball the very next day PAIN FREE! Ten days later I received a letter from my doctor stating that I needed to see him as soon as possible. The x-ray taken before the day I received prayer showed chronic tendonitis and a tear in the rotator cuff. He was totally amazed when I told him the testimony of my healing. He said, 'Maybe I should send more of my patients to the healing rooms.'


Vincent - As of 3/5 months ago i had found myself in a situation with the courts. In 1999 I was charged with 3rd degree assault and 1st degee burglary (young, drunk and stupid). I did 8 months of the 27 months. The remainder of the time hung over my head, along with 5 years Felony Probation. The parole officer seemed to have given me a long leash and I had assumed he had released me. But, when I went to pay my fines from a different matter, the clerk notified me of a warrant in Virginia, MN. I checked on it and it was for obsconding from probation and failure to pay the fines. I was nervous, so I called a friend who was a paralegal (and director of the Healing Rooms). She said to obey the parole officer and turn myself in. So, I went for prayer and received a word from God that he was brining something up from the past that had to be rectified so I could move forward with the Lord. I turned myself in. I received prayer from many friends. Not only did the parole officer and sheriff release me; but the Judge released me also. After 3.5 months of court cases and facing 10 months in prison, or at least an ankle bracelet, the sentence was "free to go". The Judge regarded the letters of recommendation I had received and, with a smile, said "Don't find yourself in my curt again." Praise God for His justice, grace and mercy.


Michael - I received prayer and was completely healed of PTSD I had suffered from since I was 13 years old. (Currently 53) I haven't had one nightmare since. Praise God!


Rolland - I was diagnosed with diabetes. I began taking the medications prescribed; however, I began receiving prayer at the Duluth Area Healing Rooms, as well as my local church. Within a very short time, my doctor advised me I no longer had to take medication and all my levels were normal. Praise God! He is awesome.


Dana - I injuried my back at work last year. For nearly a year I have pain and constant tenderness in my low back. I was prayed for in the Healing Rooms in Oct 2008 and have had not pain or tenderness since. My back is completely healed!


Brenda - My mom had chronic stomach pain for the past 5 years. She had been seen by many doctors and they never determined what was wrong. She was unable to eat due to the severe pain. She received prayer in the Healing Rooms and the pain went away. The Lord healed her! She has been pain free for months.


Gwen - I wanted to send this testimony out regarding a business card that we prayed over at the healing rooms in December. Please feel free to forward to the rest of the team. The man that delivers my wood, wasn't able to make it to the healing rooms but he gave me his business card and asked us to pray over it. I took the card to him that evening and gave it to him quickly as he was with a customer. I just got off the phone with Andrew and he informed me that his white blood cell count is heading in the right direction. It is now between 19-11,000. We are praying for it to go down to 5,000. Apparently this is a gage as to whether or not his colon cancer has returned. When we prayed in Dec. Andrew thought he might have to have another operation and/or more chemo. He had a set back with passing a blood clot in early Dec. He is on steriods which have caused him to gain weight but he said he feels great! Praise God!! Andrew says he keeps the card with him all the time. It is really growing his faith. Thanks to all the Healing Room team especially Tim and Tammy who really prayed with authority over Andrew. I am so excited about what God is doing!! Praise you Lord for healing Andrew!! Thanks team for your faith!


Linda - Linda was prayed for by our team members during our Vision Casting and practical training in February. God removed a cataract from her eye that she was going to have surgically removed in April. Now, she doesn't require the surgery.


Michelle - Michelle witnessed a miracle from God. As she was preparing to leave the meeting, God told her to "Stop". She immediately froze in her place, and was overcome by a tremendous heat all over her body. Her hands and arms began to sweat, and as she checked her jewelry on her wrists and the ring on her left hand, she noticed that the jewelry had begun to turn color, and her ring melted into the shape of a heart. She testified about the miracle, and as she shared, the Tulsa Healing Center team began to prophesy over Pastor Bill and Marilyn. The prophetic meaning of the melting of the ring was given under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Because Michelle was willing to share what God had done to her, others were blessed and direction was given by God to the many who witnessed the evemt


Patrice - $150 x 1000 = $15,000! At the Spiritual Hunger Conference when Jim White facilitated the final offering I felt lead to give $150 to the Healing Rooms to support the operation of the Ministry. Within one month I finalized a contract with a local firm for consulting which resulted in $15,000 of fees which I received by the end of 2008. God took the $150 (seed) and multiplied it 1,000 times to give back to me a harvest of $15,000! Wow! I am amazed and so grateful to God for His faithfulness.


Julie - I was suffering with pain in my left shoulder (arm) and after receiving a quick prayer there was no more pain. I could lift my arm with no pain.


Heidi - I haven't had an urge to smoke since receiving prayer yesterday. I don't care to stop into a bar. I know that I know that God has healed me. Scripture starts pouring out of my mouth if I think of a cigarette. So many things I can hear God saying to me.


Tiffany - I received prayer at the Spiritual Hunger Conference in September, 2008. I had been dealing with a toe fungus and an in-grown toenail for 13 years. The doctors were not helpful. It was a peculiar fungus that I got while overseas. Soon after having prayer the fungus was completely gone. My nail looks normal (no yellow coloring, no infection and no pain!). It's completely healed!


Tiffany - I brought my daughter in to the Healing Rooms when she was ten months old. She had been suffering from acid-reflux. It was so bad that she needed a prescription daily. Many foods were too painful for her to eat. After prayer, within a month or so, there are no signs of reflux and the prescription has been thrown away.


Sharon - As my prayer team prayed for me, Shirley and JoAnn were behind me and Shirley kept praying 'Jesus' over and over. Then she said, 'Jesus, Your Name is like ointment poured forth.' When she said that I had my eyes closed and I could see in my spirit oil being poured over my shoulder. Then Shirley started smelling a fragrance. She smelled her hands and looked at them and there was oil all over them. JoAnn looked at her hands and there was oil on them, too. They thought maybe I had oil on my sweater, but there was no oil. I could feel oil dripping down my back, but when I reached up under my sweater there wasn't any there. Dick prayed for my back and I felt it adjust. The mobility in my shoulder increased. I had asked the Lord this week for unusual miracles after hearing Bill Johnson speaking of having an expectation for unusual miracles. Also, JoAnn and Shirley thought the oil was coming off my sweater onto their hands, but there was no oil stain anywhere on my cotton sweater.


Betsy - I tripped forward over a sidewalk crack and broke the fall with my left wrist and thumb. The next morning I could hardly get dressed or put my coat on because of the pain. When I came to the Healing Rooms I was anointed with oil and before anyone even had a chance to speak I went over backwards. It was so unexpected. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. When I got up most of the pain was gone and by evening I could play worship songs on my piano. I played chords with the previously injured left hand. Recovery came quickly and was complete!


Amy - After battling MS for nine years, and seemingly progressing, I had to change doctors and get a fresh MRI (the last one was two years ago). After receiving prayer, the results were: no new damage and the damage I had in my neck and spinal cord is gone!


Carol - I came into the Healing Rooms on January 16th to ask for prayer for my adult son. He was getting out of the hospital and did not have a place to live or a job. He lives in Kansas City, MO and we are here in Spokane. That evening he called around dinner time and told us his friends just came back from Africa the day before and they said they would pick him up from the hospital and he could stay with them until he could find another place to live. He is doing wonderfully. God has restored him and given him a sound mind. We are thanking God and praising Him everyday!


Natalie - I would like to express my gratitude to Mighty God for the wonderful things He has done for me: 1. God helped me to return to my husband, but most important, that God revealed for me all my problems, all reasons why I had problems with my husband, why I was angry with him, why our relationship went down with years. God helped me to forgive all people who treated me unfairly, whoever was cruel to me, who offended me. God helped me to see my family problems, my Dad and my Mom's sins and problems, and forgive them. God helped me to forgive myself for not loving myself. Now in my heart, I feel peace and love toward all people and I would like some day to serve God, to be His love -- to save people and to reveal truth about Jesus to my family and my friends and other people who are not saved yet.


Celia - Sometime last year between September and December 2008, I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer because my whole body was (in pain) whenever I touch it. A sister prayed for me and I don't know when it happened but I went home with pains as usual. Then I touched my body to check for pains ...after a week I think and there was no pain. I thank the Lord for healing my body. CS


Judith - ...a little over two weeks ago, Holy Spirit came to me, reminding me of the scripture "He gave me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness" and suggested I pray in that manner, when I was battling with oppression, so I did what He suggested. I was amazed. God has provided the means through His word for deliverance. As I prayed in that manner, I put on the garment of truth for the spirit of falsehood, the garment of love for the spirit of fear, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, the garment of freedom and liberty for the spirit of bondage, the garment of abundance for the spirit of poverty, the garment of humility for the spirit of pride, the garment of light for the spirit of darkness, the garment of life for the spirit of death and destruction, darkness after darkness released from me. Such a liberating means had alluded me for so long, no more. His word is as a double-edged sword, to the dividing of soul and spirit, His word breaks the cedars. His word liberates the soul and sets at liberty those who are held captive. Mighty is our God! Mighty is our King! Mighty is our Lord! Ruler of everything! Blessed be the might name of Jesus! Love, JG


Schrenk - "The eye doctor said I had 'macular pucker' in my left eye, and I would have to have surgery to correct the problem as it couldn't be corrected with stronger glasses. I had the Healing Rooms pray for my eyes. I returned to the eye doctor to find my eye improved! I won't need surgery! Praise the Lord for His healing touch! God is good!" 6-3-08


Sandra - "On June 9th I received prayer for failing kidneys. My left kidney was functioning at 18%. I received word this morning, June 16th, that the left kidney is functioning at 80%! That is new from the tests last week. Hallelujah! God is our great physician! He has answered my prayers. Our God is truly an awesome God!" 6-16-08


K. - It is difficult to put into words what my experience at the Healing Rooms has done for me. My reason for seeking prayer at the Healing Rooms was physical -- severe back and leg pain. However, I now realize the valuable lesson I learned -- a lesson of faith. After going to the doctor & receiving a total of 14 steroid shots in my spine, a family friend called and encouraged me to go to the Healing Rooms. I had heard of their work, but in all honesty, was still a bit skeptical. Upon walking into the room to receive prayer, I was immediately struck by the faith of those praying for me. Their prayers were quiet yet powerful; their touch was the hand of God. One of my legs was nearly an inch shorter than the other. I received full and complete healing! It was as if the Spirit moved straight through my body, correcting my physical imperfections, but most importantly, instilling within my heart a new found recognition of the power of my God. Walking out of the room that night, the only thought I had was this: 'They went walking and leaping and praising God.' And that is exactly what I have done! Thank you so much for your intense faith and committed work!


Linda - "With the support and prayers of the Healing Room teams, I was declared cancer free on 12/1/08 after 6 months of doctor diagnosing possible cancer. This even included a visit to Mayo clinic to search out what the blood tests indicated. The blood tests lied. God's blood was the truth! Thanks again. Now I feel I can move forward with a freedome & confidence to further victory." 12-2-08


Maxwell - I fell down a flight of stairs and caught myself at the bottom with my hand against the wall. Immediately my wrist was in severe pain. I ran upstairs to show my dad and their was a bone sticking up underneath the skin about two inches. It then swelled up fast. My dad, realizing that it was broken, loaded me and my brothers and sisters into the car and we headed to the hospital. Dad and my brothers and sisters prayed for it on the way. At the hospital the x-ray showed no fracture (praise God) and they treated me for a severe sprain. Two days later, I was at the ballpark smacking baseballs and throwing pitches without any pain. God is so good!


Kevin - Diagnosed with polyps in sinus. Scope showed there were blocked nasal passages. Went to healing room, after healing prayer felt improvement. On day before surgery scope showed that the polyps had deflated and just needed to be scraped out. Upon testing of residue there was no cancer cells.


Jan - Since I have been coming for prayer, the Lord has delivered me from R. Arthritis and Osteo-Arthritis in my knee, hands,, and feet--so much so that I am now completely free of all pain medications. (Ibuprofen & Tylenol 3). I am also able to sleep through the night in comfort; no tossing and turning. Praise God. The Lord is all His Word says. I am also expecting the manifestation of my allergy problems, heavy spirits and bladder infections to also be gone. I am healed; I have a new life, Thank you Lord.


Daniela - Healing Prayer for Kidney surgery; went well, didn't feel any pain; also didn't feel pain during and after surgery. Prayer for salvation for boy friend: he started coming to church the sunday after my first prayer meeting and every sunday after. Prayer against father's judgemental spirit: my dad is not so judgemental; more open, talks and gets along better with my boy friend. Needed house to move to: received housing; was able to move out of my parents home. It has 3 bedrooms and I am living there with my 3 children.


Cindy - As soon as I entered room, I felt the Holy Spirit present. I began to cry. One of the women told me that the bondage holding me back was unforgiveness and she was right. The Lord is working it all out for me and He will do that for all of you! The Lord will make me and you victorious in the END! Thanks be to God. I feel releases and bondages on my chest uplifted. My chest does not feel so heavy and the Lord has forgiven me so that I may and am forgiving others in my life that have hurt me! AMEN. Praise be to Jesus Christ! Amen. Thank-You and I Love You, Jesus Christ.


Richard - I am a man in my early thirties with two young sons. In March of 2008 I was diagnosed with a heart problem and the Doctor told me to go home and put my house in order that I wouldn't live beyond three months. The squezzing function of the heart was not working right. I saw a heart specialist, he put me on medicine for six months. The Doctor rechecked my heart. My heart was not squezzing right still. The Doctor wanted me to go to UW Hospital to get checked out and be put on the transplant list. A week before UW visit my stepmom brought me to the Silverdale Healing Rooms. When I went to UW, the doctor said my heart was working right.


Carolyn - A tumor was found pressing on the outside of my bladder during a scoop placed in my bladder. The Doctor sent me for test to find out what the tumor was. Before the test I came to the Silverdale Healing Room for prayer. After the new test the Doctor called me saying no tumor was found, it was gone. He said he knew I had cancer when I left his office. Now it was gone. Further test showed no tumor.


Marisa - I am 35 years old I have 2 boys and 1 girl. My husbands name is Brad. The Oklahoma City Healing Rooms are amazing.When I first heard about it I thought to myself I want to go and try. I know that I never had enough money to to go to the Doctor,and when I did there was always something to pay. The whole left side of my face, I could not feel anything. It was from too much excess worrying I went there knowing I was going to hear from God. Little did I know that God was there waiting for me. I was thinking well they will pray for me and I will go home. It can't hurt to try and believe. Thinking what better Doctor than God and its free. When I walked in I was nervous, like when you go to the regular Doctor, I sat down then they started to pray. I started to hear His words to me was stop hurting, let go of all hate, unforgiveness and stop blaming myself for lots of things in my life. Suddenly I felt His Presence up on me. Healing my face and all my pains and all my suffering. I let go of all things that was stopping God from healing me. God healed me from everything. Having my brothers and sisters in Christ praying for me , help me understand that God wants to heal the sick. The only thing that stops Him is us. If we just learn to love and forgive. Having a Healing Room at my church is a blessing. Love you and God loves you, Marisa H.


Sara - PAIN and WEARINESS GONE! I came in bruised and weary. As the women anointed me in the soaking room I felt the Lord speak love to me through her. In the prayer room the Lord ministered love and kindness to me...I knew it was Him...the pain and weariness left my body and the Holy Spirit fell. His love and peace covered my mind, body and soul. I know the voice of the Lord and the prayer warriors let Him speak through them.


Luke - DOUBT GONE! When I went into the Healing Rooms I had doubts. After receiving prayer I felt great. God has really spoken to me in a new way. I encourage everyone to go it is great for your mind, body and soul and helps you with all your problems.


Virginia - VERTIGO, STRESS AND ANXIETY GONE! I had vertigo for 5 years that also caused stress and anxiety. After receiving prayer I am now free of vertigo, stress and anxiety. Thank you Lord Jesus my Savior.


Travis - I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, placed on the kidney transplant list, told my liver was shutting down and was given 6 months to live. I am only in my early 20's. I was an intervenous drug user. I am currently in the Minnesota Teen Challenge program. I received prayer at the Duluth Area Healing Rooms, several churches and at Teen Challenge. I returned to the doctor to find out there was no trace of Hepatits C, my kidneys were functioning normal, as was my liver. I am completely healed. The Duluth Area Healing Rooms has a copy of my medical records, before and after. PRAISE GOD!


Sophie - I am 94 years old and very healthy. I had been suffering from severe back pain for some time and it became very difficult to walk without pain. I received prayer on Thanksgiving Day. When I returned home, I realized I was completely healed and I had no pain whatsoever. Praise God.


Beverly - In January 2007, I went to Healing Rooms with many, many health issues. I was told that "today, God is going to deal with your migraines", which I had suffered over 30 years. It was also explained to me how to keep my healing, and I received it. Since then, I have not taken even one imitrex, although I was on a very high dosage of over 24/month. Praise God for His mercy and kindness.


Aileen Simone - I received healing last month [Feb.2008]. The distorted tissue or scar tissue on the left side of my bottom is gone. This took about one week. God then revealed that a sore spot existed on my bottom. That took 2 weeks to heal. My bottom needs more healing. It is still weak. God has been healing me since Sep.17.2005 at the Healing Rooms piece by piece. I had 2 prior healings prior to coming to the Healing Rooms. I should write a proper testimony because I have received so much healing at the Healing Rooms and outside the Healing Rooms as a result of prayer. Mar.12.2008


Michell - A five year struggle with plantars fasciitis had resulted in a more severe case of this injury to where two months ago it finally gave way. The pain of it felt like I was stepping on a nail in my heel. When that happened it hurt so bad I fell over and broke my same foot. I hit my left arm on a metal chair and popped my neck so hard it blurred my vision for a second. I thought, WOW, that felt like what had happened to my neck ten years ago in a work injury. Maybe it just popped back in, I thought. All I really knew at that time was I had really hurt myself. But, I was working (hair-dresser) and I had one client in the restroom and one client coming in to get a haircut. I sat down before they both came in the room. When they did enter they could tell something was wrong. I told them that I thought I had really hurt myself. I said, I think I stepped on a tack. So here are my two loyal, loving clients looking on the floor for this 'stupid tack' I thought I had stepped on. The only thing we could find was a piece of the 'popcorn' ceiling. I couldn't believe it. There was no way that had caused all this pain! So, because I'm a person who has a high tolerance for pain I had forgotten about the fall and just explained it as stepping on a tack. I worked the following weeks by stepping only on the ball of my right foot because I didn't want to step on my heel and feel that tack again. When I first told my husband I neglected to tell him I fell because at that time I truly had forgotten. Nothing else hurt but the constant heel pain every time I took a step. We figured it was just bruised. This happened on Oct 3rd, 2008. On Oct. 5th I went to the Davenport Hotel to an annual Hair Show. On the 6th I took a 3 mile field trip with my daughter. The reason I include this is, as I look back, because of the kind of fall I took there should have been no way I could have endured all of that. My diagnosis started to reveal itself (starting on Nov. 3rd) when I just couldn't explain what was wrong, but I knew I couldn't stand how I felt anymore. I had my sister drop me off at the Urgent Care and all I could say to the doctor was: I think I have a bone spur. Can you please x-ray my foot' As it turns out I broke my foot when I fell and had been putting all of my weight on it for the last four weeks. This caused a flare up of Morton's Neroma in two nerves in the same foot. I had a very bad case of tendonitis in my left arm due to being on and off crutches for four weeks, but when the inflammation of that was under control a new pain began. This pain was in my arm and went higher into my shoulder. Through several doctor's appointments, physical therapy appointments, cortisone shots, ultra-sound therapy, stimulant therapy and two hours of home physical therapy a day, it was topped off with a MRI of my neck. All of the pain in my arm and shoulder showed it was pain from my neck. The MRI was on Nov. 26th. It is now Dec. 3rd and I am sitting in the Bookstore at the Healing Rooms writing about what just has happened. How can I even explain, other than I HAVE BEEN HEALED! I felt the blood of Christ come over me 3/4ths of the way through my prayer session. Not knowing I was healed until the end I said, I think I can walk. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had been in a wheelchair-scooter for a month, not being able to walk fully. One week prior to today I took my first three steps, then 4, 8, 10 up to about 20 steps. But I did this only a couple of times and at only one time a day on different days. I had a splint on my left arm and on occasion it was in a sling. Because of the nerve pain it was few and far between it. And, my neck - oh, let me tell you - my neck was always uncomfortable. So, getting back to the awesome news of being healed. I told my prayer team that I thought I could walk. I got up and I said, this is the real test because I had walked a little bit this morning and I knew how it felt. I walked back and forth, back and forth - not wanting to make anything up about what I was experiencing. I wanted to be sure. I continued. Then I stopped, stood straight up and looked up, then I looked at all three of the ladies that had just prayed for me, and I said to them: I am not questioning my faith or my God, but I'm going to try it again because I want Him to confirm that I am healed. Praise God!!!! Then I started jumping up and down and screaming: oh my, oh my, oh my! I ran over and gave each of the ladies a huge hug. In closing I just want to say: never, ever, ever, stop believing in miracles. If they say it can't happen - it can. Never, ever sign off on any package that is not delivered from our Heavenly Father. If you believe, believe with your whole heart. Even if what you believe may not come until the last of your breath here on earth, always know God promises to provide. He hears your prayers and you may think at times that He isn't listening because you haven't received an answer. Well, that doesn't mean it's not going to be answered. I believe it's because He has something better in store for you. So step aside. Let God lead you. Just wait for the big shining light He has on your path so He can lead you where He wants you to go! God bless you.


Dennis - I had three bulging discs in my back and shaking in my hands. Well, after receiving prayer I can now carry a full cup of coffee in each hand without spilling. Before prayer I could never have done that. My back pain is diminishing - on a pain scale it is has gone from a 9 to a 4. I know God isn't finished.


Bryan - I was experiencing cravings for alcohol and I was going to go and buy some beer. The prayer team directed me to pray against the spirit of addiction. The cravings left immediately. Since then they have come back, but I've been able to rebuke the spirit of addiction when it tries to manifest itself. I have the authority. I've prayed against the spirit of affliction in my daughter and she has received relief from symptoms, partially and temporarily, but I believe God is building our (my) faith together.


Naomi - I came into the Healing Rooms today with terrible pain in my back, arms, legs and feet. After receiving prayer the pain in my arms, legs and feet is gone and the pain in my back is disappearing!


Danielle - I was delivered from demonic oppression last week (11/13/08). This released my body from pain and hurt. God is good all the time and He is on the throne!


Victoria - Victoria, 15 years old, came into Central Market South in a wheelchair with her mother. She had major muscular problems throughout her body. She could not walk and had difficulty breathing sometimes. She had been in and out of hospitals and undergone numerous painful procedures. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong. She was prayed for her and she got out of the wheel chair and walked all around the store. Jesus continues to make her healthier. (Summer 2007)


Anonymous - A young woman from Denver, Colorado visited the AHR intercessory prayer meeting. She had suffered with RDS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) for the last 7 years. It was quite painful for her to walk, especially doing stairs. It was painful to be touched, even lightly. After prayer the pain went away and she was able to walk up and down stairs easily and without her cane or assistance.


Anonymous - After prayer for one lady, the painful TMJ pain and the jaw, teeth, and gum sensitivity were greatly reduced. Each day the pain receded. "Satan tried to bring back the pain, but he had to retreat in the face of the affirmations of God's victory." No more pain, Praise God!


Pat - I received prayer and healing for shoulder pain. I have no more pain and no more burning sensations. I also have complete mobility!


Diana - When I came into the Healing Rooms, my right index finger was hurting and I could hardly bend it. Now it doesn't hurt at all. Also, the heel of my right foot had a lump on it and it caused a lot of pain when I walked. In fact, I'd have to crawl to the bathroom in the night and in the morning because of the pain. After receiving prayer the pain is 100 percent gone! Thank you, God, for working through the Spokane Healing Rooms.


S. - This is a testimony concerning a woman, S., who was prayed for by four different prayer teams during the week of October 10. Betsy (one of our prayer partners) transcribed each session for her. S. treasured the transcriptions and read them over and over, taking all that was said very seriously. She had come to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer concerning her diabetes, as well as some other conditions. The good report is that she is off of all diabetes medications. Her doctor tested her and told her that her diabetes is gone.'


Vic - I came into the Healing Rooms with sciatica pain and I left with no pain!


Karen - In the past 2 months we have seen an increase in visible physical healing: Lady came in with a walker, scheduled for knee surgery the following Monday. Knees completely healed, walked out without walker, no surgery needed. Man, age 42, came in for deliverance from crack/cocaine, which he had been using since he was 15 years old. Left saved, healed, and no withdrawal effects...Halleluiah Family of 9 renewed in their hope, love and life. Their testimony is our family is back together. We haven't felt this much love ever! A young mother left her abusive marriage, came to healing rooms for prayer and direction - left saved, and ready to believe Jesus love her, and her heart is ready to receive more of Him. Hope restored! Woman's cancer healed in her back.


Peggy - HAIR GROWING... I have been battling cancer for 2 1/2 years and am currently going through chemo therapy. I have lost my hair twice from two previous rounds of chemo therapy. I felt like the Lord was directing me to go to the Oxnard Healing Rooms. I resisted, knowing that God could heal me anywhere, but ended up going out of obedience. After prayer I left with a feeling that it was nice but not exceptional, however...in a weeks time I noticed stubble growing on my head and my eyelashes and eyebrows have came back. I even needed to shave my legs again...WoW! My hair continues to grow. I am believing that God is giving me and outward sign to an inward healing.


Kim - I had my blood work done yesterday and just got a call from my doctor today regarding the results. He said that my creatine clearance which I mentioned in the earlier email below is now at 1.3. Normal is 0.6 - 1.0. Also, my C3 compliment which plays a role in inflammation is normal...this means the lupus activity is not active or subsiding.. Also, my double stranded DNA which also actively reproduces during a lupus flare is normal. I thank God for his mercy and healing! I am still losing protein through my kidney filering system though, and this is a concern. But I'm believing God for his healing and I know that healing can be a process or instantaneous. I'm willing let God work out what ever needs to be worked out in me. My doctor mentioned that they are not going to recommend the aggressive treatment now. I will see him again on Nov 17th regarding to see if there's a change in protein loss. This is wonderful news and I'm am thanking God for my complete and total healing!


Linda - Linda writes on behalf of her grandson: 'Kendall was born on Oct. 20, 2008 with complications that included a collapsed lung. He had to be helicoptered to a larger hospital in Missouri, where they live. They took air out of his chest cavity and kept taking x-rays and tested him for some viruses and watched for pneumonia. I turned to the prayer teams at the Healing Rooms to keep him covered in prayer and he was healed completely with no signs of any virus. All the tests came back negative. Thank you to all who prayed. Praise God, Who is our Healer!' Glory to God!


Carlena - When I came into the Healing Rooms I had extremely swelling in my legs. I couldn't even comfortably wear a shoe because my ankles were so swollen. They were also very painful and the skin was stretched and had sores. After receiving prayer I have no more pain and the swelling is gone! Praise the Lord!


Yolanda - The team prayed for a deep root of rejection and shame to be removed. It was such a deep root that at first I couldn't see it. They continued praying and pressing in and the Lord revealed that when I was pregnant with my son, my mother had rejected me and said horrible things to me for being pregnant out of wedlock. Praise God, I've been freed from that and am able to forgive. I also received healing from back pain and my legs are now the same length.


Tami - I had pulled the muscles in my chest. It felt like I had broken bones and it was hard to breathe. I came in for prayer and I left with no pain and able to breathe just fine. In fact, I have never felt better and I have so much energy!


Rosie - had injured my arm and was having difficulty raising and moving it. After receiving prayer I had no problem lifting my arm.


Sally - On Saturday, September 20th, I went to the "Family Fun Day in the Park" to help my church with the food service. During a time off period I wandered around the park looking to see what each of the various ministries were offering. This was a slow and painful walk due to the constant pain I was experiencing in my knees. When I got to the Healing Rooms Prayer Tent, they saw my cane and asked if they could pray for me. As they prayed my pain decreased considerably. By the time I returned to my own church's area, the pain was entirely gone and I no longer needed to use my cane. I has been pain free ever since. Letting them pray for me was the best thing I've ever done. I'm now telling everyone about my healing. My expected knee replacement surgery has been cancelled and I'm really excited about that. I didn't believe in all this healing mumbo jumbo before, but I sure do now.


Lisa - PRAISE REPORT On October 9, 2008, I had prayer with Laura concerning my knee. I wasn't even calling her for that reason but it came up in conversation and she said DONT TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR KNEE.....just let the Lord lead....she prayed exactly what was wrong with my knee...I was agreeing with her by saying YES LORD and instantly my knee was healed. I had a bad skate board accident when I was a child and it has given me problems all these years...some cartilege was missing and it was like bone to bone scraping when i walked....but praise Jesus....I am healed! The indention in the side of my knee where the cartilege was missing is no longer there...and it no longer hurts when you touch it....GOD Is so GOOD.


Virginia - Pain and Stress Gone! I had back pain and stress and no longer do. I feel more confident. Prayer at the Healing Room has changed me and given me more confidence.


Janna - Out of my Wheel Chair!!! On Oct 8th I came to the Oxnard Healing Rooms in a wheel chair unable to walk, lift or use my left arm and my right arm would not stop shaking. I also had Bells Palsy...my face was sagging on the left side, I could hardly speak or move my mouth and my daughter had to feed me. After prayer and communion I began to speak, my face straighten out, my right arm stopped shaking, I could lift my left arm and I got out of my wheel chair and walked with some assistance. The prayer warriors wheeled me out of the prayer room to show my daughter each time I got out of the wheel chair I grew stronger and was eventually walking around the room without any assistance. This is a miracle and a true blessing from God. Anything is possible if you have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.


K. - God uses all things making them work together for my good. Many years ago I was a victim of a vicious rape. You might ask, how could anything good come of something so horrendous' God truly is God and there is nothing impossible with Him. God takes the weak things of this world and shows His strength. In God's mercy and love He has changed my heart with His forgiveness and teaching me to forgive, as I've been forgiven. God has given me His strength in this circumstance and I can say I am a very strong person because of God's strength. He's used the rape to change me for the better and for His glory. When it happened I was so full of fear. For many years I was trapped in a maze with fear at every turn. God has helped me, step-by-step, find my way to Him through that maze and has set me free from all fear. I praise my God for giving me the strength to testify in a court of law and watching God use me (who had been so afraid). God's faithfulness was so evident in the strength of my testimony. Thank you, God, for the Healing Rooms and for your faithfulness to answer prayer in agreement with your Word which will never pass away and will accomplish all that you have set it to do.


Jacqueline - I had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right ovary that measured 3.4 centimeters. After receiving prayer, it is gone!


Stella - In July I came to Elijah House to go through Basic II. While there I got to come in to the Healing Rooms with a group to receive prayer. After prayer, I went out to the car to just bask in the presence of the Lord. I looked at my cell phone, because I was going to give my husband a call, and I noticed that he had just called me. I dialed the phone and he answered saying that he had just hung up and had walked into his office. He was calling me to let me know that my friend, Barbara, had had an aneurysm burst in her head on Friday night (this was Saturday, 7/26). She had been flown to Dallas from Tulsa for surgery. He was calling me to have me pray. I went right back into the Healing Rooms to relay the emergency need for prayer. The surgery was very critical and in four to five days it would again be at a critical point where she could lose her memory and speech. Well, the outcome is that she did not lose her memory or her speech. She was in the hospital less than two weeks and was transferred back to Tulsa for rehab for another 14 days. She is home taking care of herself. I just spoke to her on 10/4 and she has been given permission to go back to work on the 9th, part-time, and has been given the okay to drive again! Her doctor is telling her that her recovery is way ahead of schedule.


Sharon - I believe I was healed of degenerative disc disease. I felt heat, then a numbness, and then all the feeling returned - but all the pain in my lower back was gone! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Bruce - The L5 in my lower back was chipped and now no longer hurts! The nerves in my neck and shoulder felt like they were burning all the time - but now I can raise my hands over my head for long lengths of time without pain!


Debbie - My back has had pain in it for several years. I got prayed for today and the pain is gone! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


J. - I had three degenerative discs in my back that restricted my ability to touch the floor with my fingers. After prayer I could touch the floor with the flat of my hands. (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Ray - The cartilage in my left knee was torn and I had very sharp pain. I got prayed for - felt heat - pain left! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Kathy - I believe I have received new cartilage in my knee. I had experienced bone on bone for the last ten years. I tested it and I can do deep knee bends with NO pain! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Yolanda - Both of my knees were very painful in the joints, especially whenever I stood up. After prayer my knees feel strong and I can stand without pain. (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Darla - Two weeks ago I woke up and when I opened my right hand my middle finger was 'kinked' and ached badly and felt very tight. I've had full usage of my hand, but from the base of my finger throughout it has been very stiff and ached. It was very uncomfortable today, but now - hallelujah - it's perfectly back to normal! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Michele - When I was 32, knee surgery revealed a need for a full knee replacement. I chose to put that off because of my young age. Now I'm 46 years old and before tonight I could not walk without pain. I was prayed for and now I can jump and sit and stand without pain! I can feel my thigh strengthen and my knee has no pain! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Kay - I had back surgery in March of 2008 for a chipped disk that was pressing against the sciatic nerve. I've continued to suffer - unable to walk, or sit, or stand for any length of time. I was unable to lift more than five pounds without fear of re-damaging my back. While in prayer the constant misery left and the tense muscles began to relax. What a difference! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Eileen - I have experienced numb toes for over a year and the orthotics I had made weren't helping. But, after prayer this evening I have no more numbness or pain. (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Julie - I've had pain in my right knee from a torn cartilage for months. Also, the doctor has said that I need right hip replacement surgery and I had been experiencing lower back pain. Jesus healed me tonight. I couldn't touch my knee and now I can. I have no pain anywhere in my body! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


James - I have suffered from off and on stomach pain for a long time. During worship my stomach started hurting so I went to get prayer to take care of it. Before anyone had a chance to pray for me the pain just stopped. It was gone! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Don - During the prayer time I felt a short snap in my knee which I believe was the correction of the injury I had this summer. I also felt the heat when hands were laid on my knee which relieved the pain I had been experiencing. Praise God.


Antonio - I thank God, in Jesus Name, for His healing power and how the pain went away by the Word of God. By His stripes I was healed. The prayer team told me that he had come in with a cracked scapula and was wearing a sling. He left without the sling and without the pain!


L. - Saturday night at the Spiritual Hunger Conference they prayed for people with headaches. Then a Word of Knowledge was given about the jaw on the right side of the face. I had recently had a wisdom tooth removed and I was still in a lot of pain (after a week!). The pain is gone and it's healed. I haven't really had a headache since then either and it was something I had dealt with for years. Thank you, God!!!!


Rose - have been healed from the pain in my hand. I have also gained the revelation that I have no doubt that God is awesome.


Padma - I went to the Spiritual Hunger Conference and on the last day Bill Johnson was speaking. He had a Word of Knowledge about hips being healed. I've been having treatments with my chiropractor because both my left and right hips keep going out. After receiving prayer I knew I was healed. I wanted to wait until my next visit with my chiropractor. He said they are better than they have ever been. He could 'see' the healing. I didn't tell him about the healing because I didn't want it to interfere with his diagnosis. Praise God! My stomach is also much better from acid reflux. God is so awesome. Thank you for one of the best conferences we have attended in years. I got a glimpse of unity!


Helen - I came in for prayer for a situation where I was in contempt of court. I was ridden with anxiety, and full of anger and fear. God entered my heart and freed me of the heavy load I was carrying. And when the time came, God was victorious in the courtroom and I was vindicated. Praise His Holy Name! The Lord is mighty to intercede on our behalf.


Mike - I came in to the Healing Rooms to be prayed for because of prostate cancer. As I was standing up I heard a pop in my back and from that moment on the stiffness and soreness in my back has disappeared.


Sharon - After receiving prayer I can see better and clearer and most of all the fogginess in my brain is gone. I have clarity. Thank you, Jesus.


Dale - On about June 12, 2008, I hurt my right foot and ankle really bad. My toes, foot and ankle were swollen and discolored. It hurt all the way up to my knee. The swelling has gone down and the healthy color is back. I am starting to jog again and I am feeling stronger.


Ruth - Abba Father has restored my relationship with my 31 year old daughter. We have been apart for nineteen years due to bad choices I had made. The other night at 11:00 pm I received a phone call from her and she told me she needs me in her life and loves me. Then Jesus opened her heart and ears as He allowed me to pour His living water into her heart. I could feel His fiery love and presence touch her heart. Glory to God. He mends the broken hearted.


Naomi - I came in with a really bad headache today -- now it's gone!


Teri - My tailbone was broken during pregnancy over seventeen years ago. Tonight at the Spiritual Hunger Conference I was healed -- I have no more pain!


Larry - I received prayer for ringing in my ears which had been present since I was five years old (1956!). Some ringing still remains, but when the gentleman praying for me finished it was like Bill Johnson's microphone had been turned up about 20-30 decibels! Praise God! You see, the difficulty in hearing is a far greater distraction and annoyance then the ringing. I know the ringing will cease.


Pamela - I received healing in my lower spine. The pain is gone and I was able to sit longer than 20 minutes for the first time in two years! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Judy - The pain in my right hip is gone! Pain in my lower spine, middle spine and neck degeneration is gone! Pain in my left shoulder and neck is gone! Pain in my stomach/digestive system, gall bladder, pancreas, liver is gone! I feel that God is recreating me to be whole, healthy and strong. (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Teresa - I fell down a staircase when I was sixteen years old and cracked my tailbone. I may have actually broken it, but I never saw a doctor. It was at least six months of constant pain at the time. Every since then - for 29 years - it has caused me pain off and on, especially when sitting for any length of time. In fact, it was getting sore tonight and then Bill Johnson asked for anyone with a broken tailbone to stand. I did and when I put my hand on it to pray I felt like an electrical current go down my arm and hand into my tailbone and the pain left! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Giesele - Following the birth of my first daughter in 1985 I acquired a severe infection that left a large amount of scar tissue and adhesions down my right abdomen. I then had surgery in conjunction with my right ovarian tube, my uterus and my appendix. Since then I have residual adhesions and scar tissue that have caused ongoing and consistent pain. Tonight, after receiving prayer, the pain is gone for the first time in 23 years! Praise God. Thank you, Jesus! (Spiritual Hunger Conference)


Darlene - At the Spiritual Hunger Conference, Bill Johnson called for healing of arthritis in the lower back and pain in the area of the right hip. With no one touching me, the pain left and I had mobility where there wasn't any previously.


Jean - In May of 2008 I had my right hip completely replaced. My left hip had begun to deteriorate, too. I had x-rays taken at the end of August. My doctor told me to go see the orthopedic surgeon (my appointment was for September 17). I've received prayer on four different occasions during the Spiritual Hunger Conference and at the 'Last hour' my hip was completely healed - I am pain free!


Tim - I thank God for healing and relief from ear pain that came through your caring ministry.Thank you for praying and teaching me while I was suffering with an ear problem called Meniere's disease. My ears are much better as they are progressively healing with less and less discomfort everyday.


Joel - Joel suffered from much pain and itching from poison ivy for about 5 days. Two hours after praying for Joel he reported that the pain and the itching were both almost completely gone!


Gene - Seven days ago I was in intensive care with a tumor on my liver. After treatment my liver died due to the medication. The doctors gave me no hope. My son contacted Healing Rooms of Hammond and after they prayed over the phone. My liver came back to life with no sign of tumor.


Carol - Had a blood disease for 4 years. Healing rooms prayed for me at a bible study. The next week my blood test was normal


Carol - I had blood disease for 4 years. After healing rooms prayed for me, my blood was normal


Leslie - I was healed of "MS" today. God had it all arranged and I just had to believe nad recieve it! That's it!!! Believe till it comes... Thank you. Thank you, Jesus! All glory to our blessed Savior. Nothing is impossible to him who believes.


Amanda & Bill - Will went to his doctor today and the doctor said that his most recent blood test is amazing. The report is that the HIV virus is virtually undetectable in his blood. He said that sometimes the virus can "sleep" or hide in different cells. But right now it's so low. 1st test = 43,000 count; 2nd = 600 count; 3rd = 0!


Judy - I was healed of back pain instantly after receiving prayer. I also received the Father's Blessing. I was realsed from guilt about my earhtly father's passing.


Gierri - My right rotator cuff was in extreme pain for about five months. Today God healed me and all pain is gone!


Judy - My back and neck popped back into place. All heaviness and stres instantly left!


Courtney - I could not walk in on my own. I was dragging my legs with forearm crutches. God healed my legs. Through His grace I was healed. (Her Prayer Team added: Her left foot was clubbed. It was rotated so that she walked with the top of her foot on the floor. God straightened her foot and leg and she walked out without crutches!)


Adrean - My sister was told she couldn't have a baby. I had completely forgotten about the prayer request, but God remembered it. Little Jordan is now two years old. If you know anyone who can't have kids for any reason tell them to come to the Healing Rooms. I thank God that He neger gave up. Why should we'


Wil - I had so much pain in my ribs I thought they were broken. After receiving prayer I had no pain and I went to work!


Diana - Back pain is gone and so is my leg pain!


Cindy - The Lord gave me a vision where He took the black robe of unrighteousness off of me and replaced it with the white robe of righteousness. He also healed me of pain in my colon.


Errol - I accompanied my wife, Nancy, to the Healing Rooms for her healing. She suggested that I also request prayer. I was hesitant because her condition is devastating compared to my 'minor' ailments. I agreed. Praise Jesus! I requested healing for artery blockage in my heart, Morton's Neuroma, and severe shoulder pain. After prayer and anointing the pain in my shoulder was gone! I can now walk pain free without my cushion aided shoes on! I believe God has also healed my heart for He healed my feet and shoulder, therefore He has healed me. God's blessings on all who participated in Thursday's ministry and are willing to be used by God.


Lyn - I had a severe sore throat and strained vocal chords for 1 1/2 years. After prayer in the Healing Room I was released of the severe sore throat pain and received peace and joy. I'm grateful to God that I no longer have any sore throat pain.


Leza - I brought my daughter in for prayer. She had a definite tubal pregnancy and her doctors wanted her to terminate the pregnancy that day -- right away. It was a Wednesday. I felt God telling us to wait until Friday. The Prayer Team in the Healing Rooms prayed and felt the baby simply had the wrong address and asked God to move the baby to the right address. They felt we should wait until Friday before we did anything, also. Friday the ultra sound shows the baby was in my daughter's uterus. She is due in December and God gave her a true miracle baby.


Sheree - I had lower back pain from a bulging disk in my lower back. I was prayed for today and the pain is gone. Hallelujah!


Kortney - I noticed on the 21st that there was a black spot on my neck. I immediately prayed over it -- claiming in Jesus Name that it dry up and fall off. And the next day I received prayer here at the Healing Rooms. And today it dried up and fell off. It is no where to be found.


Jeananne - In 1982 I was diagnosed as having a small hiatus hernia. Along with that was much heartburn and acid reflux. Before coming to the Healing Rooms I experienced horrible pain while swallowing a sandwich and I suffered terrible chest pain which was still prevalent the day I came in for prayer. After receiving prayer I began to feel better immediately and on May 25th I went to the hospital to have an endoscopy (test) procedure done. My esophagus is now normal and all pain is gone


Joy - On March 21st, 2008 I lost the hearing in both of my ears. God has been continuing to restore my hearing. On June 7, 2008 I came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer. God has blessed me with even more hearing! Thank you, Lord! You are my Healer! Thank you for the Godly prayer team. God is mighty!


Debbie - I came in today in such pain. I couldn't sit or stand without cringing. But, I'm leaving healed! My knee is pain free. The pinched nerve in my spine isn't pinched anymore. The pain in my back (sciatica) is gone. Thank you, God. Once again I have received a healing. In 1995 I was healed of fibromyalgia at the young age of 28. God, your words are true and you love someone who's less than perfect - me - and you healed me! I thank you so much. Praise your Holy Name, Father God - Lord Jesus. I will thank you forever!


Christie - My two prayer partners prayed for me and both of them had words of knowledge that I could confirm. After prayer, the specific symptom of pain in my heels was gone! I beleive God will continue to cleanse and do a work of healing in my body as I trust in Him.


David - I had injured my eye by not taking my contact lenses out while I slept. I woke up and pulled out a lense and injured one of my eyes to the point where any light was blinding and caused me a lot of pain. I had to wear a patch over that eye. Then I came in for prayer and the second the team laid hands on me I was instantly healed. Praise God! Thanks very much. Your work has done a great thing in our nation.


Jane - I had bi-polar disorder and came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I have been off of all medication for a month and a week! I show no symptoms of bi-polar disorder any more. God has healed me!


Jani - I was experiencing pain and swelling in my right knee. An MRI revealed a torn meniscus that would require surgery to repair. I scheduled the surgery. Meanwhile, the Lord placed it on my heart to go to the Healing Rooms. I was prayed for and told that the Lord had healed my knee. I called and cancelled my surgery appointment that same day. Over the next few weeks my knee began to feel less painful and the swelling reduced. I was previously unable to walk up stairs without pain and difficulty. Today I am running, biking and swimming pain free - totally healed!! Our God is an awesome God and I am reminded daily of His care and great love for me. He is truly the Great Physician and I declare His miraculous work in my life daily.


Carol - It was out of obedience that I answered the yearning of my heart to travel to the Healing Rooms on this day to receive prayers. I listed three requests on my sheet. The first prayer request was answered before I was even called into the prayer room. I received a restorative phone call on behalf of a family member. The second request was prayers for our ministry work. My husband, Steve and I are called to mission in Africa and around the world with Grace In God's Hands Ministries. Prayers for absolute safety, finances, and favor were received and believed. The third was for a medical condition to be healed. As the prayer warriors prayed for me I felt a warmth in the area of concern and could feel the pain in my hip go away. I believe in miracles and I left dancing to the music that was playing. Thank you for encouraging a fellow minister, missionary who came in obedience, faith and humbleness to receive prayers from others. My faith is restored, refreshed and repaired to go back out into the mission field and preach, teach and be used by God to heal the sick, broken and needy of the world by God's forgiving Grace, gift of Salvation, and miracle of Resurrection. P.S. The prayer warriors also said that while they were in the War Room they were told everyone who obediently came in on this day would be healed. It was like they saw the stirring of the pool.


Erica - I had been having trouble with my right achilles tendon since the beginning of April. Last Saturday, while dancing in the War Room, the pain completely left. I have been able to walk at length with no pain. Praise Jesus!


Mojiko - The last time I came to the Healing Rooms I was here because the doctor had told me that I had breast cancer 8-14-07. I came to the Healing Rooms because I told my doctor that I have a better doctor through God. I came in on 8-15-07 and then went back to the hospital one week later. They told me I was going to need surgery and the doctor took me to have an x-ray done. Then she announced: "You don't have any cancer." I thanked God for healing me. I don't have any cancer. The breast cancer is gone. Jesus is my Doctor.


Jani - My father battled cancer for five years and went to be with the Lord 16 years ago. Due to the grief and stress I was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis. With heavy medication doctors were able to manage the symptoms. I came to the Healing Rooms and asked for prayer and healing for the condition. Around that same time I had also researched and pursued a homeopathic approach to managing my condition and had dropped all of my medication. At my last screening the doctor actually questioned my original diagnosis which had been very clearly documented. He said there was no sign of disease. I am symptom free and 100 percent healthy and whole! The Lord has restored health to me and given me a remarkable and vital immune system. Praise be to God for His immeasurable love and mercy. He is truly my Rock and my Salvation.


Suzanne - had pain in my knees and after receiving prayer the pain was gone. To God be the Glory!


Tina - Have had significant pain over the inside area of my right knee and decreased range of motion. Over the past 6 months have had prayer several times because of the pain over the ligaments and tendons in that portion of my knee. This past Thursday 7/24 in the evening after being outside pulling weeds and without any apparent injury, my knee stiffened up reducing my range of motion to about 20 degrees. The pain was servere. Had a friend pray for me on Friday 7/25 and the pain resolved but the stiffness remained. On Sunday 7/27 I asked a Healing Room Technician to pray for me. Since Sunday I have had no pain and God restored my knee to full range of motion without pain, or stiffness. God completely healed my right knee. Praise God!


Rita - I want to share my testimony. On Sunday at 4:59 PM Laura and Charlton began praying for me. I had been having really sharp pain on the whole right side of my body,especially my arm and chest area for several weeks. It was getting very excrutiating and I was getting really scared for myself but was afraid to go the Dr. I just wanted to trust in the Lord and pray for complete healing of my body.As they started praying little by little the pain started to go away and after a few minutes it was gone completely from my right side. Thank You so much for the deep prayer to my entire body. May God bless you both.


Anonymous - July 22nd. A lady came in with pain in her left ankle and the Planter's Facia of her left foot. She left free of pain.


T. - My eyesight cleared up and my left leg felt straight and strong.


Person - When I released control/anger issues to the Lord, I began to experience a new measure of peace and blessing.


Anonymous - Two different women came with back pain. One other came with a hurting hip. All three are pain free after prayer!


Sandra - One person received prayer for failing kidneys. One kidney was functioning at 18%. After prayer tests showed that kidney was functioning at 80%!


Minnie - Macular Degeneration was healed after Intercessors prayed over a prayer request for me! The doctor checked me and removed that diagnosis!


Robert - A dad, a mom, & their daughter all received healing of their digestive troubles. Gastrointestinal reflux, Celiac disease, pain, bloating, & other issues were healed. Hallelujah!


Anonymous - We prayed for a person who had been shot once in the head and a few times in both legs.One blod clot was found in the brain and they could not feel or move their legs. After prayer the next day the blood clot could not be found. In 1 1/2 weeks this person was sent home walking with a walker. We Praise God for his miraculous work of healing!


Anonymous - We prayed for a person experiencing a lot of pain from one kidney stone. The Dr. measured it at 2 mm. We prayed for the pain to go and for the Lord to remove the stone miraculously. A few days later we were told that the pain left 1/2 hour after prayer and the kidney stone was never found again and no more pain!


Anonymous - A three year old diagnosed with autistic tendencies had trouble with toilet training. After prayer at the Healing Rooms he now uses the restroom, even the public restrooms! He has greatly improved with his speech too!


CASSANDRA - On May l, 2007 Cassandra who works at the Suns Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida where the National Day of Prayer was being held came into the healing tent to receive prayer for salvation and healing from thyroid cancer. Two ladies from the healing rooms ministered to her. She went back to her doctor the following week and after some tests he could find no trace of cancer in her thyroid. Cassandra is praising God!!


Linda - God has been preparing my heart. I feel that I have been given confirmation through prayer that I am on the right track. Today was a wonderful filling up station in prayer.It is very comforting to know that I have prayer support. I am willing to submit to God so that he can continue tthe work that he has begun.God's perfect love will help me as I am working through many family issues. I am excited about the work God is going to do!


Debby - I received revelation through prayer about things I have been praying about. I am learning to walk closer to the Lord and shine as a light even through struggles and trials. When the healing room team ministered in prayer I could see where the enemy had a hold on me. God is working on my heart and mind.I choose to let the Lord direct me so that I can become the person God intends me to be.Thank You for your anointed prayers.


Jill - I have received prayer for a spot and bumps on my nose. Over the past 2 visits the prayers for healing have been working. I do not know if the spots and bumps are cancerous but they wouldn't go away. One large spot is nearly gone. While being prayed for I received an incredible feeling of peace and wellness.I have a joy in my heart because I know the Lord will heal me and make me whole again!


Anonymous - I appreciate the prayers and sensitivity of the prayer team. I want to report that the joint pain from Lupus has decreased considerably.I plan to come for prayer again. Thank You.


Jerry - My back and hip has been in pain for 20 years. After attending the Healing Rooms in Hammond, and receiving prayer, all the pain has left. Praise God.


Gwen - I had degenerative arthritis in both of my knees and I was challenged with pain and discomfort in and out of bed. I considered a cane or a walker to assist me. I tried herbal topical medicines and experienced some temporary relief. Then I came to the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. I received prayer and the laying on of hands. God did not disappoint me. I received a manifested healing in Jesus name. There wss no pain in my knees and I could do whatever I couldn't do before.


Maxine - In the process of praying, a real peace and release from pain began to manifest in my body, a popping in the vertebrae of my neck was happening, yet with no pain. The presence of the Lord shook my head real fast, yet my joy was manifested in laughter. All stiffness and pain left. The Lord spoke a wonderful work concerning the outcome for my son's life to bring Glory to God and deliverance for his personal life with a ministry and testimony that would astound me and others who know him now. I left praising God and confessing my healing.


Paul - I had a condition known as Mastoiditis. After prayer my hearing is better and I can talk normal, no pain at all.


Debby - I was diagnosed with breast cancer.I came to the Cross-Light Healing room for prayer on April 6th to be healed from the cancer and blood clots in my knee. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was told I would need both chemotherapy and radiation. After prayer I went to the Dr. and received this report. The MRI showed no signs of the cancer spreading. During the biopsy the Dr. sd. he thought he got the small amount of cancer completely out! No chemotherapy is needed now. He said the cancer is 100% curable. A few other nodules were found during the MRI. They were all benign (non-cancerous). A nodule was found on my thyroid. It was benign too. No surgery was needed for it. He said it could be cured with medication.The Dr. told me the blood clots in my knee could probably be taken care of with medication without the need for surgery. I praise you God for your excellent report!


Anonymous - I asked for prayer about the pain that was present in my neck.The pain traveled all the way down my right arm. While the prayer team was praying for me my neck started popping on the left side. I immediately felt the tension in my neck release. The pain in my neck, head and right arm left completely.


Kaylee - I have had eczema most of my life off and on. My skin has never been completely clear of it. I had a breakout of eczema on my arms,legs and neck. Two days after Laura prayed for me I just had one tiny patch left on the back of my leg. Two days after that all the eczema was completely gone. It has never returned. And also all the scarring from it was gone. My skin is now like new! Thank You God!


Jill - I asked for prayer for my neck, back and wrist pain. Before prayers were over my head stopped aching,and my shoulders relaxed.Also,my wrist does not hurt when I am writing now.The Lord also gave me a calming peace during prayer to release tension.


Shannon - For one month I had stiffness, soreness and tenderness in my right elbow.It ached constantly day and night. After receiving prayer for my elbow there was some instant relief from the ache.The next evening after one of the hardest workouts I have ever had my elbow actually felt better! The previous stiffness, soreness and tenderness were gone.


Anonymous - My hip and leg were hurting when I walked.The prayer team prayed for me about the pain. When they commanded my hips to align in the Name of Jesus I felt a slow release and my whole back immediatley felt new and healed. Thank You God!


Soua - I came here a few times to get prayed on for a job the Lord had promised me. It finally came to pass and I got the job. I work for the Emergency Telecommunication Center (911). But it's still a long journey. I have to be on probation for 6 months before I'm totally in. I have faith in the Lord. I believe that the 6 months of trials and testing will bring glory to my King. Even more after the 6 months is over. Thank you Healing Rooms!


Terese - A couple of weeks ago my husband John and I came in for prayer. There was a lot going on at the time in our lives, marriage especially. A lady, a man and Patty prayed for me and I am writing this note to testify of the Lord's faithfulness. Since that time at the East Side Healing Rooms, I have seen the Lord's grace over and over. I believe a lot happened to me that day in the area of healing of my emotions. Your prayers and words of knowledge where right on target and I believe I was set free in Jesus' Name of rejection and much more! Thank you East Side Healing Rooms!


Ong - I felt relieved and I accept the Christ while I was getting prayed on. I felt like my (emotional)pain was taken away.


Virginia - After 79 years of fear, tension and anxiety, the Lord delivered me and I felt His peace, joy and healing enter into my body and now I go forth living the rest of my life in a new and wonderful freedom that I have experienced and wish to enjoy for years to come! PTL and Amen!


Marites - I had back pain and leg pain. I felt that my legs were being pulled by someone. After the healing prayer, I asked the lady if she was pulling my legs and she said, "no." My legs are now fine and my back pain is gone! As I went out, the lady asked me if I had told about my hearing loss and I said, "no." I went back inside and both of the prayer ministers prayed. I felt a warm touch in the deepest part of my ears. Next time I will come back and have them pray for my hearing loss again. Thank you Holy Spirit for healing me today.


Josefina - I came today because I felt I needed help physically, mentally, and emotionally. My hands had been suffering from arthritis that gave me discomfort every time. I came to this place and a lady held my hands and I knew at that moment that I felt relieved. Maybe because I believe in the power of prayer, the power of Jesus Christ and the power of love. There was no moment in my life that I forgot Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I love Him more than my life and entrusted Him with my life. That's why I survived my two strokes due to high blood pressure. I survived my car accidents because I pray to God first before I start my car engine. My prayer runs this way, "Lord as I pass by let no one be hurt and I will not be hurt." I am still alive, not broken, even though my car was broken. There is power in prayer. To date, my prayer runs this way: "Let me live longer, Lord, because my children still need me for guidance and support." I am now 72 years old and still strong, happy, and useful. O believe in God as my creator and Savior. Amen.


Karen - God set me free from bitterness and unforgiveness. God has renewed the joy of the Lord in me. People have noticed a change in me and they see me glowing.


Rachel - I gave my brother a healing cloth and he put it under his pillow. He was having very bad headaches. The Next day he told our mother he woke up with no headache. I told him not to take any more medications because God was doing a work and healed him of headaches so he didn't need to take meds for pain. Praise God!


Joan - I was prayed for and confessed an open door. The darkness came out of me and a light came onto me. I was set free. My mind is free. There is no more confusion. I was able to forgive myself. I believe with my whole heart that I am healed in my body. I will never be the same again, I had so much joy I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you, Jesus!!! Also when I used a prayer cloth and put it over my chest/throat area I vertually stopped coughing. Before I had a deep raspy cough. I feel so much peace and freedom. Praise you Jesus!


Mary Jo - In November 2005, I started coming to Healing Rooms for prayer about once a week. I was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer that had spread to stage 4 lung cancer. I came for prayer while going through chemo for the last year. I am now healed! Nov. 3rd, 2006 my CAT scan was clear and the blood tests showed normal and have stayed that way -- Jan. tests were negative too. I had many healing happen against the side effects from chemo, pain, swelling, and blood counts rose to a safe level after prayer -- also nausea and fever coming under control during chemo when unable to come in. I am thanful for the people here, for the prayers answered for finances and medical bills and for my husband and daughter to stay strong and healthy while dealing with my recovery. God was right along side us all as along and today I am completely cancer free! Praise God!


Mary Jo - On Monday November 12, 2005 I had come in for prayer for healing and strength and prayer against side effects of chemo therapy that was going to be started on Friday of the next week. I also needed prayer for medicine as I had no health insurance and had not been approved for medical assistance. They were checking on that. The next day after prayer they said I would be covered. Praise God. I went to the chemo that Friday afternoon and God kept every side effect from coming. I had no side effects and the nurse thought I would, because they missed starting me on drugs that would counteract the allergic effect. They usually give the drug days before the chemo. We had prayed that Monday night the chemo would only touch the bad cells and would be like water to the rest of my body with no ill effects.


Joli - I was diagnosed with Chron's disease. Leg ulcers ensued with intense body pain until I was placed on disability at age 39. I got around with an electric cart or wheelchair. Years of steroids and strong immunosuppressant cause numbness of my feet. Despite severe pain and fatigue, I was able to serve the Lord as a deliverance minister and care pastor. Many times the Holy Spirit would speak to me and prophetically through others that Jesus would heal me and give me a healing ministry called Joy Springs: blind eyes would be opened, broken hearts restored and captives set free. During the spring this year I was diagnosed with a fistula between my bowel and bladder shortly after a home church pastor prophesied that I would soon be out of my wheelchair: For the last 4 months I have been walking (for the first time in 12 years) I have been soaking in healing prayer at the Healing Rooms and most recently completed voluntary training here. Calcium deposits are working their way from deep in my legs to the surface and my leg ulcers are being healed. God is keeping my blood work better than ever. To date I lost 120 pounds on the PRISM weight loss program. And at least one dozen medications are no longer needed. I am believing God for total repair of my bowel and bladder as he frees me from the curse of Chron's disease. The feeling in my feet is returning and my muscles are strengthening where I was unable to sit for more than 20 minutes. Now I can attend church services and every day I am experiencing less body pain. How can I not praise God for His wonderful work in my life. He has used the Healing Rooms of St. Paul for this ministry and I will be eternally grateful.


See - I have been healed of diabetes. God has healed me totally. No more shots of insulin or poking on my finger--forever!!! Thank you Jesus!


Rachel - My Brother fell down the stairs and was unconscious for two days. His brain was bleeding. The doctors said they would have to do surgery. Sid (my husband) and I went to the hospital, anointed him with oil and prayed for him. The next day my brother was out of ICU and into a regular hospital room. Soon he was back home and getting therapy. He didn't need to have surgery after all! Praise the Lord!


Rachel - Sid's (my husband) mom Ethel was bleeding internally. Doctors gave her a blood transfusion. They said if the bleeding did not stop that they would have to do surgery. Sid and I anointed her with oil and prayed with her for healing and salvation. The next day she was out of ICU and in a regular hospital room. The bleeding had stopped. The doctors didn't understand why. The day after that she got out of the hospital and is back home. Praise the Lord, Ethel is 97 years old!


Rachel - I had scoliosis in my spinal cord. It was shaped like a half moon and I had trouble with back pain from time to time. I got anointed with oil and the prayer team laid hands on me. I felt the warmth of God's healing power flow down my back and my head tilted back. God was healing me. Now my spinal cord is normal and I have no pain -- a miracle. Praise God for His goodness!


Cherie - I first came to the Healing Rooms 1 1/2 years after an auto accident. I had suffered with trigeminal nerve pain, which was the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced. I had received limited relief from various doctors and specialists, however I still experienced pain 100% of the time accompanied with hearing loss and vision loss and a droopy eye. Since coming to the Healing Rooms I have had up to 8 hours without pain and my vision has been completely restored. I have been able to decrease medications and am now on the lowest possible dose. I did not suffer the withdrawal effects of the meds that I should have experienced. I praise God for all that He has done in my physical body and am excited for Him to complete what He began.


Joan - When I was prayed for; the fear, anxiety and sensation in my body of a buzzing like bees left immediately. A peace and calm came over me immediately. My cold and flu symptoms were so much better that I slept better that night for the first time in many nights. I was told to anoint house which I did and then I prayed over my cat and his confusion left immediately and he became calm. One of the prayer team members got a word of knowledge which helped because she explained I was not responsible for a situation that occurred.


Joan - I Came in with back pain and extreme lower back muscle tightness. I was prayed for and the muscles relaxed. My shoulders relaxed too. The back pain is gone. I learned how to stand against the attacks of the enemy. Jesus is my healer. I feel so loved by God. He cares for me so much. Thank you Lord!


Ethel - Received prayer at the healing rooms for reoccuring brest cancer. Since then I had a CT scan and a bone scan and both came back negative. Praise God


Nancy - I was prayed for by one of the H.R. Ministers because I had trouble walking without assistance of holding on to the furniture or with a cane. I am an elderly lady, but two days later I was able to walk 12 blocks without assistance.


Joyce - Joyce came from Baton Rouge to receive prayer for her mother. But while she was here she received prayer and her lower back problem was healed.We are waiting test for varification of cancer healed in her mother Ethel


Christina - Christina is a two year old whose family brought her into our healing rooms with a perforated ear drum with a resulting bad infection. Her family had heard the testimones of the wonderful results of the healing rooms but their religious background had up to this point kept them away. On April 8, 2008 the entire family, Christina, her four year old brother, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather brought her in for prayer. They all decided to sign up for prayer. Christina's father, David, held her in one room as the Team Members prayed over her. Christina was healed right there in her father's arms. Her father was filled with the Holy Spirit in that room also evidenced by speaking in his heavenly language. Across the hall, in another room, Christina's mother was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in her heavenly language for the first time. It gets better, Christina's 75 year old grandmother was in another room down the hall and was led through the sinner's prayer, giving her heart to our wonderful Lord. Yeah God!!!


Steve - The pain was taken away immediately from a spinal injury. God also used this time to reveal an area of my heart that needed healing. Thanks for believing and following His word.


Anonymous - Visible leg and arm alignments during prayer. Shoulder pain and back pain released. The tangible presence of God's peace was ministered. Felt better after prayer from flu symptoms.


Monique - I was blessed with a word of "a new beginning" for my life. I received prayers for internal and external healing and I know that God has begun the healing process in both. Thank You Jesus!


Debbie - Every single word that was spoken in prayer was something that I have prayed about over the past month. Specific things were touched on that I had not shared, yet the Holy Spirit revealed them. While praying over my knees Laura specifically spoke about the blood flowing freely through my knees. I had not shared that I had blood clots. I know that healing began today in my soul. I am beginning a stronger more secure walk with my Lord. Unforgiveness was broken off and the tangible peace of God was ministered.


Woman - A prayee came into our healing room with uncomfortable back pain. We invited the presence of the Lord and took her through a prayer of forgiveness. She reported she had 'a realease and healing of grief and wounding; healing in my back'.


Kendall - I had swelling in my legs since, my surgery three years ago. After getting prayer in the H.R. Bible study, all the swelling went away. Praise God.


Larry - Injury to my neck, after getting prayer by the director of H.R.'s, I was healed.


John - Two of us from H.R.'s of Hammond, went and preached the Kingdom Of God in Mexico. We saw many healed,arthritis, backs, eyes, deafness, cancer, tumors, cripple from birth walked,etc.Jesus is the same yeaterday, today and tommmorow.


Georgia - I was greeted with such love as I came into the healing rooms. I sat and listened to the 20 minute video and the only words I heard were "By His stripes Iam healed" and communion. The constant chronic pain consumed by body. The tops of my feet,shines,knees, back, head, shoulders and neck. On a scale from 1-10 I was usually an eight. I could not sit for long periods as the pain would take over the back, ribs and chest wall and hardened and I would not be able to breath nor withstand the pain from sitting. I had trouble with my hips they felt like they were out of socket. I had disc inflammation and back spasms and the back of my head, neck and shoulders would harden. When I walked in the healing room with everything within me, I knew I would walk out healed. A word of knowledge came regarding a family member. I was told to lay all at the foot of the cross and receive the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ that by His stripes Iam healed and healed I was. From the top of my head the power of God filled me to the bottom of my feet and overflowing. I was asked as I lay on the floor where the pain was and it took me a moment. I said I don't know. Is it gone' yes, it's a zero. There was none! none! my Lord and Savior took it all away. By His stripes Iam healed!!! Thank You Lord for Your great love. Georgia


Veronical - I visited the healing room in early February 2008. I had been going back and forth to the doctor due to probability for cancer. I didn't know where to turn until my friend told me about the healing room. Once there I was prayed for and prayed myself for good results. After finishing prayer at the healing room I felt a sense of healing and cleansing. Upon my return to the doctor and after all test had been completed I was told no cancer was found. I truly believe if not for your prayers I would have gotten a different report. May God bless you and your staff. Keep up the good work. Veronica Grant.


Marietta - I was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs, the lining of my heart, my liver and pelvic bone. After one Chemo treatment the side effects could not be tolerated so treatment was discontinued. Around this time I was introduced to the Healing Rooms by a friend. My husband is a Doctor and has every other weekend off. He would drive me to the Healing Rooms in Valparaiso, Indiana on his Saturday off. It seems so peaceful, so stess free, so invigorating and slowly I could feel my strength coming back. The Doctors had given me 6 months to live. My latest diagnostic tests showed complete remission of the disease and I am symptom free. I can even do what I love most, Ballroom Dancing.


Willis David - I injured my knee in 1998. I have had numerous surgeries that left my leg in a degenerative state. I have lost muscle and nerves that the Doctors have said would not return. They said a brace might help. During the last two years the leg became worse. I could not walk on uneven ground or up stairs without losing my balance or much pain. I went to the Healing Rooms in Valparaiso, Indiana on Saturday,December 8, 2007. They prayed for my knee and another personal need. On Sunday morning when I woke up the pressure and tingling in my lower leg was almost gone, my knee was not stiff and I had no pain. Being without pain was something I could not remember. I had no pain or discomfort! As I stood up without the brace, while getting out of bed, I realized I had been healed. I went to Church and told no one, not even my wife. I did not wear mt brace and went up and down the stairs at home almost normally for the first time in ten years. I am completely healed and my knee is working.


Eugene - Heard about Healing Rooms on the web. Was drawn to Hammond Room. They ministered salvation to me and my deaf right ear was opened, I can now hear, praise God.


Mary - Some time ago The director and his wife prayed for me serval times for brest cancer and polips on my brain that caused seizures. I want to report that I have no more polips and no signs of cancer in my breast. I can now drive after getting a report of no more seizures. Praise Jesus!


John - The healing rooms of Hammond, continues to see healings on a regular bases. We see them on the street when we go to the laundray mats in the city. And we experience folks giving their heart to Jesus. The healings vary from arthritus, joints, backs and migranes, etc.


Marilyn - I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for my grand daughter. While waiting for her the ministry team prayed for my back and head. I had fallen off my bike and landed on my tailbone, slamming the back of my head on the pavement. As they prayed it felt like cool running water...all pain left and I felt great!! A couple days later I went back to my chiropractor to be checked. He said that Dr. Jesus had done a great job on my back! Thank You Lord Jesus!!


Denise - During the "Christ the healer" teaching at the healing rooms I began to feel better. I was having problems with my feet as they were hurting me so bad that I could hardly walk or stand on them. Sometimes I could not even wear shoes. They prayed for me before I left and to this day I have had no pain or swelling. Praise God!!


Danna - I want to thank you and the ladies for praying for me. It felt as if my soul, body and mind had gone to a "spiritual spa". I know this sounds a bit weird but I was so refreshed. During prayer for my pituitary, it felt as if "bumble bee's" were buzzing in my head. I believe Iam healed, from my head to the bottom of my feet. The "foggy" mindset lifted. I am believing the doctor will release me from my daily shots and my entire endocrine system will run as God designed it.


Sonia - In October, 2007 I discovered a tumor in the left breast. I was sceduled for a mammogram and diagnostic sonogram. I had two ladies from the healing rooms pray for me and continued to stand on the Word that declares "By His stripes I was healed" three weeks later the tumor disappeared and has not returned. Praise You Lord!!!


Gene - When the prayer team prayed for me they brought forth a word of knowledge that I was a man running scared and afraid of dying. Once this was exposed, I was released of it and my spirit was strengthened and built up.


Darla - I'm declaring these things as done according to the leading of the Holy Spirit during prayer here today: The Lord has turned me right-side up! He has put my eyes on Him by helping me to let Him stand in front of me. He has healed my brain and given me a sound mind. He removed tormenting spirits of fear, anger, bitterness and introspectiveness. He has prepared me to stand firm and take the authority He gave me. He has given me His joy to walk in and has deepened my understanding of His love. He delivered me from a deadly peril.


Holly - I had been suffering from pain and inflammation in my shoulder for six months. During prayer I felt heat going through my shoulder and down my arm and the aching left. As the healing started my muscles relaxed.


Kathy - I have had neck stiffness and lack of flexibility in my neck for 35 years! Today for the first time I am able to look over both shoulders and move my neck farther. Glory to God for His healing.


Julie - I had suffered from a weak heart muscle known as cardiomyopathy for a number of years. In the summer of 2006 it went bad again and into congestive heart failure. I was put on a number of medications, but the heart function did not improve. I went on disability, had an implanted defibrillator put in and most importantly I received prayer for healing every opportunity I had. Yesterday (Feb. 6, 2008) the fruit of that prayer came forth. I had an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart). As the technician did the test, she was amazed. My history said I had a damaged heart and a valve that leaked. What she saw was a PERFECT HEART!!!!! She even said the valve was not leaking - it was normal!!!!! I got a message later from my cardiologist who was thrilled to tell me that my heart was completely normal. The ejection fraction (percentage of blood pumped out by the contraction of the heart muscle was at 60%--normal. My last echocardiogram showed the ejection fraction at 20%. For right now, we will keep the meds the same and continue to monitor to see if those can be lessened at some point. However, I just want to say that this is a true miracle. The medical establishment told me there was nothing more they could do for me and that this sort of thing does NOT get better. I've received prayer over the last year from many different people from church, at conferences and at the Healing Rooms here in Spokane. I thank God for each person who lovingly took me to Jesus because He is the source of all true healing. I thank God that I did not give up hope that I would be healed. I absolutely refused to be offended if God did not do it in my timing or my way. I just knew every time I was in His presence He was releasing His resurrection life into me and a new heart has arrived from heaven!!!!! On earth, in my body, just like it is in heaven. Hallelujah!


Robin - I want to give all the praise and glory to the Lord for healing my knees. At the Healing Rooms Seminar held at our church, Marlton Assembly of God, conducted by Rev. Chuck Williams and the Healing Rooms of Wilmington, God gave the complete healing of both knees from the tightness and numbness. I now am able to walk and stand but most of all, I can get on my knees and pray. I love to praise and worship the Lord.


Eric - Young man healed of ADHD Eric had poor concentration and focus. Couldn't sit still for very long and had poor grades. He visited the Healing Rooms 3 times and stood on God's Word for healing. Eric quoted scripture daily morning & night. Grades are greatly improved. He can sit still longer, his concentration has improved, and he likes school better. Also, he made student council and his memory improved. His Mother wrote: He said he woke up one day and felt like a different guy!


Patricia - Dear friends, This is but a small gift of thanks to all of you. I came to you at the begining of October with very agressive ovarian cancer. The marker numbers which measure the amount of cancer in my body began drematically falling almost immediately---- to the 'normal' range after 3 of the 6 chemotherpy treatments. I have now finished all six and I feel wonderful. As you suggested, I began thanking God for healing me immediately after my visit with you. I can't thank you enought. I have no doubt that prayer tipped the balance for me. Gratefully, Pat Jones


Man - I have been in constant severe pain since 1993 when chemotherapy treatment damaged the nerves in my feet and hands. I have had prayer in the past that gave me short terms (hours) of relief. Last night during my prayer session, I felt a strange movement inside my body and then it felt like a plug was pulled in my right foot. All the pain drained away. Now I am totally pain free!


Young girl - Last week, I came in to be delivered from nicotine. What a glorious day! God showed me the root issue - a death wish. I repented, forgave, and received wholeheartedly my deliverance and healing. It has been one week and I'm still delivered and healed. God definitely made the way a wonderful journey for me. Praise You, Father!


Nicholas - At age 10 I found out my right eye was almost legally blind. The doctor gave no hope of it getting better because the part in my brain that is important to my eye had finished developing when I was about 8. I went to Healing Rooms in Wenathcee for prayer and at my 6 month check up my eyes were 20/20!


Heather - Earlier this year we were told we only had a five percent chance of ever having a child. We miscarried earlier in the year, but took it as a sign of hope. God has since answered our prayers and we are pregnant, due in July. My husband and I have come to the Healing Rooms several times during this year and have appreciated the prayers and all of the encouragement regarding God bringing children into our household. We praise God for this miracle! And thank you all for your dedication and making yourselves available to be used by God and to continue this ministry here on earth.


Craig - I had obvious symptoms of MRSA (skin lesions) and after a prayer of faith the disease is gone. Thank you, Lord!


Marie - I suffered for years with bi-polar disorder. I spent many days, weeks and even months tormented with deep depression. I came to the Healing Rooms in the summer of 2006 for prayer and was healed and delivered within a few weeks. *I have been off any meds from that time on and God has blessed me with mental and emotional health ever since.


Jesllyn - God has forgiven me for blaming myself for a terrible accident when I was a child. My body (even right now) is healing from scoliosis, intestinal issues and a cold.


Suzanne - I was healed of a toothache that I got while eating popcorn and a piece of my tooth broke off. I had such a bad toothache and the prayer team prayed for my tooth and anointed me with oil. My gums around the tooth immediately felt better. I still had a slight toothache the next day, but I still claimed my healing! The following day I was totally healed!


Mary - After my cancer treatment and healing I developed a sinus infection. I took antibiotics and came in for prayer. I was healed of all sinus trouble. Satan tried to put it back on me and I rebuked it and it left.


Mary - came to receive prayer for a toe fungus. The prayer team prayed and anointed my toe with oil. The doctor had wanted me to buy medicine at $200.00 per month and take it for one year. Another lady had told me to stick my toe in vinegar three times a day for six months. After prayer and anointing the toe fungus disappeared.


Billy - The lady who was blind and received her sight came back into the Healing Rooms to have prayer for a heart murmur. She went to the doctor for a check-up and they couldn't find it!


William - I had a report from my doctors that I have HIV/AIDS and a viral count of 43,000 and after three months of prayer at the Healing Rooms my viral load went under 600. The doctors were shocked and said it is remarkable for it to drop that much in such a short time.


Kristin - I've been getting completely set free from fear and generational curses. The more I come to the Healing Rooms and get prayer the more quickened my spirit and mind is to the Holy Spirit and His anointing. The Holy Spirit is teaching me so much through the process of inner healing.


Cinderella - I became hot while sitting waiting for prayer, like something was going to happen. The team prayed for neck pain and it's gone. My eyes were bulging and are now reducing. The pain in my head (1 1/2 years) is gone. I believe my vision will be restored.


Sheri - My lower back, neck and shoulder are free from pain. The Lord has healed me and I'm able to raise my arms above my head and I wasn't able to do that before without pain.


Durene - The Lord healed my back and I praise Him. He is an awesome God. Thank you, Lord


Erica - All shoulder pain is gone! All hip pain is gone! I can swivel in ways I never have been able to. Congestion from a cold is gone! I felt heat in the bottom of my right lung--an rea that was damaged by a blood clot three years ago. Praise God!


Bob - November 12, 1998 was the first time my optometrist thought I might have glaucoma and she wanted to do some tests. I agreed. March 9, 1999, I started with one set of eye drops in both eyes once a day and progressed to three different drops per eye per day, all having negative side effects. Finally in late 2006, I asked if anything different could be done and an appointment was made with the best glaucoma specialist in Spokane, as far as my optometrist was concerned. On February 9, 2007, before going to my eye appointment, I went into the Healing Rooms for prayer, and then to my appointment believing God had answered my request. The doctor ordered all of the tests repeated that my original doctor had ordered, saying she was having trouble reading the 3-D pictures and wanted confirmation. [According to the charts that correspond to the pictures the deterioration of the optic nerve had progressed from a 5 (out of 10) in 1999 to a 7 by December of 2006.] I agreed. I returned for more prayer before and after each appointment. After all the tests were done, I passed them all other than the eye chart tests. The doctor said she could not find any glaucoma other than possibly a slight starting of it in one eye. I complimented the doctor on her skill and reputation. I then told her my testimony and that I believed what she was seeing was only a tiny bit of residue that was not completely gone as of yet. I asked about stopping the eye drops and so one by one I was taken off of them. As of April 1007, I have quit wearing my glasses even though it says on my driver's license I am to wear them. They were giving me headaches, so I took them off, believing God would take care of that, too. December 22, 2007 I went back for another eye pressure check. The doctor wanted to know if I had my glasses. She insisted on me wearing them. I said I had them in my pocket, but I had not worn them since April. Then she asked, "Can you read the required driver's test eye exam line'" I asked, "which line'" and she said, "the fourth line down." I read what I saw quickly, clearly, and accurately. Praise God from whom all mercies flow!! God not only took away the glaucoma, but also the starting of cataracts in both eyes, and a stigmatism in the right eye that caused me to need to start wearing glasses in the spring of my junior year of high school.


Amy - I have battled MS for a long time ...fatigue ... numb feet, bladder issues. Today I got feeling back in my feet and I feel on top of the world!! Today is my day!! Through the gate in 2008!


Marleen - When I came into the Healing Rooms: I couldn't talk, I felt frozen inside; I was tight and tense; I had anxiety and fear; I wouldn't even try to pray; I wanted to run and hide; I wanted to fight, yell and scream. When I left the Healing Rooms: I could talk; I'm HOT inside; I'm loosey goosey now, no more fear! I only trust. I can pray. I don't want to run and hide. I have peace, love and joy - I want to shout for joy! I know Jesus loves me and He lovingly waits for me to come and be with Him. Praise the Lord!


Cindy - About a month ago I had prayer for swelling in my legs. That same night the swelling moved down my legs and then I had no more swelling. It was gone! Praise God for healing my legs. I was totally healed by Jesus.


Patrice - I had my first ever totally miraculous and instantaneous physical healing! I came in to the Healing Rooms with a horrible case of bronchitis, flu, chills, and achy muscles. I couldn't even sit up. I had to lie down on the silver carpet in the War Room to wait for prayer - 40 minutes. I felt terrible. I received prayer and the prayer warriors saw God wanted to do an explosion in my heart. I felt intense heat in my heart area. My sickness lifted slightly. As I left to drive to the doctor I realized in a moment that I was totally healed! I didn't just feel fine - I felt fantastic! I went to the women's networking event I had wanted to attend that evening and God totally blessed me by being there with an amazing group of women. As a result of these two events occurring simultaneously, my faith has increased 100 fold!


Connie - I injured my shoulder in a fall and the team prayed over my body to bring it back into alignment. My arms and legs lengthened and they prayed for my hand that was crushed. I feel like a new person. Praise be to my Lord and Savior.


Julie - I hurt my arm last August. It has been gradually getting better, but I still was having a lot of pain when I moved it. Today, God healed it!! All pain is gone!!


A. - When I went inside the healing room I was prayed for and I felt the Holy Spirit was there. I was not the same person when I came out and I felt allot better. I was delievered from pain in the back of my neck.


N. - I've been having extreme itching, dry scalp, dry skin, rashes in varoius places of my body. My healing is in process. I am not scratching my head anymore. I believe Jesus has healed me and I will see 100% healing. In the process I am learning to trust him.


Courtney - The Healing Rooms of Washington DC received a call the Healing Rooms in another state asking that we send a team to a hospital to pray for a woman from their area that had been admitted with an inoperable tumor. "They came to pray for me in my hospital room. After prayer they asked me if Jesus had spoken to me and I said not yet. They told me to listen. Just one week earlier I had been diagnosed with a grade 3 cancerous brain tumor. The next morning around 10 am I was sitting on my bed in despair. I was upset, not knowing what to do or where to turn. Jesus came down to my bed, put his hands on mine and said, "Follow me child and I will lead you in the right direction. Within one hour the Dr. stepped into my room and said, with passion and conviction "If you were my mother or sister I would have you at Johns Hopkins seeing Dr. W today." I looked at my husband and he said. "I got it" We had an appointment and Dr. W resected 100% of a non resectable tumor. I am doing great! Thank you so much for your faith, prayer and power. God is wonderful." (She and her husband and mother came into the Healing Rooms twice before returning to Idaho) "On my second visit to the Healing Rooms (one of the team members) said he pictured me dancing around in a spring dress with such joy. I did not do that but I have in my mind so many times because it is exactly how I feel every day. Thank you so much to that man for saying that. Thank you God so much for my life and for people that pray in the Healing Rooms of Washington DC". CH


Eve - "I did not want life going on without praising, honoring and being grateful for the miracle that God granted for Anita. She told me she cried when she heard your message. this was the message you left for her the morning of her surgery and she got it." One of the Healing Rooms team members writes: "This was a friend of a friend who works at an embassy... She was going in to have a tumor removed. I told my friend (who told her friend) about the Healing Rooms and she wanted to go, but the doctors wanted to rush her in to have it taken out. My friend called me and gave me Anita's number. I left her a phone message prayer...I could feel her fear and prayed against fear and for peace and protection and that it would not turn out to be anything like the doctors thought it was, that it would be some little nothing! I declared long and full life for her!" A day latter our Healing Rooms team member testified of the results! Not only did she not have cancer, but all of the terrible indicator tests that told them she did have cancer are now normal!! She took my phone message prayer and declaration to the hospital...and while they are explaining to her about the Chemotherapy and what would immediately follow the surgery (alleged ovarian cancer-one of the most deadly!), she just kept listening to the phone message about how the doctors (would) be proven wrong and that she was in good hands, in the care of God, that she would have no cancer and live a long life!! This is so great!! God is so good!! She realized that God put these believers in her life to save her from this and show Himself to her. Last Sunday (my friend) was reading in Matthew about the four friends who carried in the paralytic (who) was healed by the faith of the four friends! He called her and read that to her! She was so blessed! EH


Patricia - Another powerful testimony during the Healing Rooms training came from PG who cleans the Healing Rooms and the church where we conduct the training. Her sister suffers from seizures and was warned not to get pregnant again because on two previous occasions the medicine she is required to take caused deformities. The babies did not survive through pregnancy. She was told that pregnancy may even kill her but her heart was set on having a baby. She became pregnant again. The doctors did a sonogram and the entire side of the baby was deformed and disfigured. They told her sister that if the baby was born "it would be a monster." When her sister was in the hospital preparing to give birth PG went and stood by her. Her sister had a seizure while she was there but PG stretched out her hands over her sister and saw and felt the wings of angel wrap around over her own. She saw angels in all four corners of the room as she prayed. The sister went into the delivery room and a perfect baby was born. A little later the doctor that had warned that the baby would "be a monster" saw the baby wrapped in a blanket and at first refused to even look into the blanket. When the blanket was pulled back the Doctor declared this precious little child "a miracle baby." HR


Cynthia - The Lord healed my hips, endochrine system, and circulation in my legs. Thank you for re-opening the Healing Rooms.


Billy - I can see to write on this line. Praise God, thank you, Lord. I can see!


Michael - In seventh grade (1997) the doctors diagnosed me with Pro-longed QT. This is a disease that has to do with the waves leaving and returning to the heart. This is a disease that cannot really be measured. Regular QT wave was 40 and my QT wave was measured at 46. My family and church took hold of this and took this thought captive. Around 8 months ago I came to the Healing Rooms and received prayer for this condition. Six months later I had another ekg done for tests and it came back with a good report. The doctor then sent the results to some more specialists that couldn't find anyting wrong either. I was called in for more tests that were also examined by more doctors. I was totally healed! I've been off medication for two months. Praise the Lord God Almighty!


Kendra - I came in for prayer for a lump on my left breast. I was told it was either cancer or a cyst. I was prayed for and healed! I went in for an ultra-sound and they couldn't see anything. Praise God!!


Kris - My blood sugar has stabilized, and obsessive thoughts are gone! I will begin my next disaster relief mission in January 2008. The Holy Spirit was very powerful in our prayer and testimony today!


Cynthia - In November the Lord prompted me to go to the Healing Rooms. I have had chronic back pain all of my 42 years of adult life. My back would literally lock up three to five times a year. My Dad had degenerative disc disease and so does my younger sister. It was confirmed in February of 2007 that I too had degenerative disc disease. Over the last five years the sciatic nerve pain and all over body nerve pain had increased to a scale of 10. It would ebb and flow. Also my neck on the left side was 'out' most of the time. My sister had an auto immune marker iritis and lately it was confirmed that I had it as well, but tests are out to see if the blood marker is active. I have also been plagued with irritable bowel syndrome and I have had on and off stomach pain due to stress since I was a child. I am awaiting the results of eight blood tests, but I know they are all going to come back negative BECAUSE, since visiting the Healing Rooms all my pain is gone! I am symptom free! I am pain free! I don't recall the last time I was able to just turn my head without repositioning my hips to avoid pain in my back and neck. In my 20's and 30's I was a long distance runner. I love to run! I used to run 40 miles a week. I loved it and I was a competitive racer. Yesterday I went running again upon the prompting of the Lord. Wow! It felt great! Praise God from whom all blessings come! Thank you, Jesus for shedding your blood and by your stripes I am healed! Thank you, anointed servants of God, for answering the call. I love you all! Hallelujah! Update from Cynthia: "I am running again. I ran Monday and Wednesday. The results of the blood work all came back as normal. The doctor and nurse were perplexed. I have cut loose and am experiencing breakthrough in my ministry." Praise the Lord!


John - We did a Supernatural School in Kingwood, Texas on the 23rd thru the 25th of November. It was very powerful, 2 deaf ears were opened, One blind eye, muscle disease completely healed in an instant, many dedications, many joints healed, and many other things.


June - June had been experiencing two or three migraines monthly for sixty years. She has not had a migraine since her visit four years ago.


Elaine - Elaine had a lump that was going to be surgically removed. This lump disappeared after several visits.


Cheryl - Cheryl, who had developed an arthritic knee from an old high school phys ed injury, became pain free one day after her visit.


Dana - Dana, while serving as caregiver for an elderly relative, was becoming overwhelmed. Anxiety was increasing and a shoulder problem had developed. Her shoulder was healed immediately and when she applied the wisdom that she received at her visit, her stressful situation became joyful and fulfilling.


Fred - Fred, while waiting for surgery to correct his "frozen shoulder", visited regularly for a few months. He was completely healed and never had the surgery.


Laura - Laura had a persistent problem that she could not overcome. Since her visit, she has enjoyed six months of freedom and liberty in this area of her life.


Phyllis - Phyllis, after ten years of severe back problems, was totally healed after two visits. She had been taking heavy doses of morphine three times a day and was still in pain. Now, eighteen months later, she is still pain free, completely mobile and serves as one of our volunteers.


Bobbie - Bobbie received prayer for a toothache, fifteen minutes later the pain was gone and the lump and redness disappeared overnight.


Adam - Adam had several severe problems at birth. Six days later, his grandmother had prayer for him at Healthy Solutions. There was an immediate turn around. Five days later he was discharged from Sick Kids Hospital with two tempory issues. He continues to do well.


Ruth - My hip and leg were healed of all pain. I am able to jump up and down. I feel released from family burdens. God has healed me in every part of my body-mind-soul. Praise God for His goodness! Hallelujah!


Stuart - On November 14, 2007 I was released from bondage and I felt the Lord's words and love in my heart. I have not felt this 'good feeling' in... I don't know how long. All I can say is God is great and He really does mend the broken heart if you just believe and ask in prayer. God bless the people here at the Healing Rooms for they do move mountains.


Lanet - I developed frozen shoulder in June. I came in for prayer and one of the people on the prayer team had been healed of frozen shoulder. They prayed for me and by August I was healed. It's a miracle because several professionals I've talked to say frozen shoulder can last up to two years! I followed my extreme exercise and stretching instructions and God did the rest. Hallelujah!


Holly - I injured my left wrist, thumb and hand. After receiving prayer my wrist was released and I was able to twist it again. I had increased range of motion in my hand and movement in my thumb was increased.


Rebecca - The team prayed for our family and we are now praying together daily as a family and praising and sharing what God is doing in our lives. That has been a long desire for my family to put God first and serve the Lord together.


Marvin - I came in here with my lungs burning and a headache from using construction adhesive and I feel great now. My head is still buzzing, but I will continue in God's Word until I am set free. The anointing destroys the yoke! Thank you, Jesus.


Kim - I was healed of severe headaches and migraines on September 8th at the Spiritual Hunger Conference. Also, healed of severe depression and arthritis during Heidi Baker's altar call for healing. Thank you, Jesus!


Michael - I am currently 91 years old, almost 92. When I was 85, I was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. They took 80% of my stomach out, stating the cancer was in a lot of my lymph nodes. I was given a short time to live (6 months to a year). I was on chemo for five weeks and stopped. A friend of mine took me to the Healing Rooms and I received many prayers. My son and daughter-in-law bought me a ticket to go to Yuma, Arizona where some relatives were for a month or so. I started gaining weight and have had many check-ups with the doctor. Each time I went they checked my blood and there has been no sign of the cancer returning and I am almost 92 years old now! That was seven years ago! I do believe miracles happen and so do my family and my doctors! Thank you for your prayers. I know I have been healed


Gail - I didn't expect to feel instant relief from the pain in my lower back and left hip, but I most certainly did. It was actually quite strange to stand up and not feel pain. I've had this pain for five or six years! I never liked it, but grew 'comfortable' with it. As of today, I know I'll get used to living pain free again. Thank you, and thank God!


Dave - God touched and straightened my lower back and brought life into it. Praise God for His goodness!


Roxanne - God healed the pain in my upper back and chest. He also gave me confirmation about the healing of my marriage!


Karin - For many years I had such chemical sensitivity that I was even allergic to air conditioning. I went to the dentist and had a reaction to the drug they used. I couldn't even sleep at night if they sprayed chemicals around my apartment. After I received prayer to not be so sensitive to chemicals :"if you drink any deadly poison it will not harm you": I have been sleeping soundly. This morning I had more dental work done and had no reaction at all to the drugs. Jesus loves us and He is the Healer!


Lee - I came to the Healing Rooms today with nerve damage pain. For me to stand, sit, or even walk was painful. My posture was poor due to the pain I felt. As my brother and sisters in Christ prayed for me and laid their hands on me, I felt the pain leave my back and a warmth replace it. I know in the depths of my heart the healing power of God has renewed my body. I can now sit, stand and walk without pain. Praise God!


Vicki - I have been healed of pain, which I believe was a tumor, in my right side. I hadn't felt well for some time. I had hardness and discomfort in my lower side. I came in for prayer last month for a dislocated bone in my lower leg and it was healed gradually. The bone went back in place as I was getting up from the sofa! I also had a sore on my breast. At four-o'clock in the afternoon I had a bad headache and cramps in my lower side. I had been tormented for days by the enemy telling me that God didn't have any power over me. The Lord had me read Matthew 14:25: "Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea." I had been on the Sea of Galilee and know how rough the sea can be, but Jesus is at the point of all of my needs. I fell asleep and woke up healed of all pain!!


Adrienne - I have been freed from emotional thought disorder. And anger is gone from my life! I am now filled with the joy of the Lord and His peace.


David - The stuffiness and ringing in my ears first reduced and then went away! The Lord helped me to release and forgive those who I had allowed to keep me in bondage and He has delivered me. I also know that the Lord establishes the work of my hands to supply my needs and desires in service to Him. Praise the Lord!


Gail - I am not wobbly when I walk anymore. My legs are the same length and I took the lifts out of my shoes!


David - I've been freed from spiritual emotional bondage and curses from generational judgment from birth. These generational curses have been broken! The team shared that the Lord wants me to know that I have a redemption anointing and I will fulfill the purpose that God has chosen for me to do. I have been given a new heart full of joy, peace and love.


Joy - On the week following Labor Day weekend I came in on a Thursday with the intention of praying with the team (I usually pray on the team on Wednesdays, but we were closed that day.) The Friday before I had seen a podiatrist for extreme pain in my left foot and was diagnosed with a pressure fracture. The doctor had previously diagnosed it and thought arch inserts individually molded to my foot prints would allow healing. But it only got worse. That Friday he insisted I leave with a full walking cast up to my knee. As soon as the team gathered to pray in the War Room I asked for prayer. I was healed immediately... I felt the Lord say so. I removed the walking cast and ministered to others all day. I returned the cast to my podiatrist who is a Christian and he accepted it with no charge along with a laugh and a smile.


Jennifer - I was saved! I found the Lord Jesus and was baptized in the Holy Sprit. I am reborn! I felt the river rush from my core and through my body.


Nancy - I am a diabetic with eye problems and other side issues! My reading had been reduced to large print without glasses and regular print with glasses. My glasses broke just before coming here and it was too late to get them repaired before my flight left. Two ladies prayed for my complete healing and dealt with some areas they named, but not my eyes! When one of the ladies was reading the scriptures the Father had given for me I had to interrupt her reading because the verses, which were marked with pencil and in small print, I could read from where I was standing. I could read it! Thank you, Jesus I could read it. I can read the healing scripture card and more! Also, I came in with a headache which lifted while they were praying.


Karin - have struggled with an eating disorder for so many years (most of my life). Today the Lord set me free from this bondage, which I felt physically leave me, and I also experienced emotional healing in a deep way. I realized that nothing can compare to the love of Jesus and my Father God


Ron - On 4 October 2007 the team prayed for my back and when I bent over to touch my toes all the vertebrae popped into position.


Kortney - Today I received prayer for my body, legs, feet and spine. I believe God is healing me. My right foot was completely turned in and after prayer my foot is straight and my walk is straighter.


Cara - When I came in to the Healing Rooms I had intense pain in my leg. The pain interrupted my sleep and prevented me from standing for more than three minutes. God touched whatever was wrong during the prayer time and not only encouraged my heart, but also caused one leg to grow one inch and the pain to leave. I stood for the balance of the prayer time without pain!!


Carolynn - I was healed from "intermittent pain," which, because it was "intermittent" indicated a demonic component. As the enemy was exposed a manifestation came and left after authoritative prayer commanded it to leave. Also, a prophetic prayer came to set me apart as one who would bring the Holy Spirit's Baptism to others as I taught others.


Lynda - I had prayer this morning and was healed from plantar fascitis. I went for a long walk at lunch time on a hard surface and had no pain! The previous day was very painful. Praise the Lord! Your staff is amazing - so welcoming, so full of joy. Thank you so much.


Harvey - In May of this year I was diagnosed with an incurable prostate cancer. This was after a P.S.A. reading of 28, 12 biopsies all maxed out at 10, and a CAT scan showing the cancer had jumped into the lymph nodes at the base of my spine. My urologist, a good doctor, told me I was beyond surgery, chemo, or radiation. He prescribed hormone pills and gave me 12 to 24 months to live. But, I believe in the Living God who does all things, including healing! After much prayer from church and friends my wife and I went to the Healing Rooms in Spokane where we were prayed for by four wonderful ladies vested with the full power, authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit. That night we went to a healing ministry visiting Spokane from British Columbia for more prayer. By the time I left Spokane, I was healed! Eight weeks later my second CAT scan revealed NO CANCER that could be identified in my body. My prostate returned to normal and my P.S.A. reduced to 0. Praise the Lord! My urologist, who would never admit a patient going from terminal to cured in eight weeks now gives me five to seven more years. He undoubtedly needs the time for me to convince him I am healed! Thank you all in the Healing Rooms for your prayers from a now healthy 75 year old.


Lydia - I was delivered from fear and my elbow was healed of tendon pain. Thank you, Lord, for your love.


Jared - I had my foot prayed for due to lingering pain from an accident and I felt the pain leave as I was receiving prayer.


Amy - I came in to the Healing Rooms after being hit with another MS attack. The Lord has touched me and the double vision and other difficulties are gone! He has promised me great things.


Lynn - My ankles and wrist were the first thing I noticed. They felt like they were relaxing and my hands started to tingle. My spine and hips and shoulders feel relaxed and I feel no pain. I was able to walk up and down the stairs like a normal person. Praise God! Thank you for praying for me.


Melvina - I know I have a battle to fight, but today with the help I received from the prayer team the first battle was won. My mind is clear and Jesus healed some plaguing hurts from my youth. I also was physically healed. The soft tissue in my right, lower back was so tense it wouldn't move (expand and contract) anymore. This went down into my right leg causing the muscles to tighten like lead. My leg ached unmercifully. The Physical Therapist said the soft tissue was causing nerve stress. I can now move and bend and it doesn't hurt. My leg feels free! I am excited to walk long distances again. Praise Jesus! I am healed! He is the Healer of all aspects of my mind and body. Thank you all, thank you, Jesus.


Carol - I came here with tendonitis in my shoulders and arms and when the prayer team prayed for me the pain left! I know the Lord used them in a mighty way as I now have full range of motion when moving my arms.


Teresa - Praise the Lord! God is so good. I came to the Healing Rooms and I was healed from back pain and pain in my feet immediately!


Erica - I came in for prayer on 10/10. I wanted the power of agreement for a pounding headache to go away. It went! Also, I was asking the Lord for more of the Holy Spirit in order to do everything He was calling me to do. Two people had words of knowledge that there was something wrong with my blood. I was diagnosed with a clotting disorder three years ago. I KNOW I am healed! It is only a matter of time until my body gets in line with what God's will is. One of the people on the team gave me a verse that the Lord spoke to me seven years ago in an audible voice pinpointing the root cause of this disorder. In addition I had been privately asking the Lord for the ability to pray with anointing over a large group of people. This scripture pinpointed that as well and I am free to let God flow through me in a situation where I used to allow myself to be intimated.


Ruth - I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was 20 years old. I have been in and out of mental institutions, jail and prison and have suffered 32 years of heroin addiction. BUT, the Lord has set me free and has healed my bi-polar disorder. I have been off of medication for six months! Hallelujah!


Karin - God healed a cough I had for ten years which was rooted in self-hatred and related to my mom. God gave me garments of love to replace garments of fear and brought so much healing as I forgave my mother and received a mother's blessing.


Sue - Cancer Didn't Stand a Chance... I was diagnosed in May, 2007 with two inoperable brain tumors and cancer on my right kidney. I was told by four different doctors that I was very ill and had one year to live without treatment (cemo & radiation) and 2 - 3 years with treatment. I had much prayer and confessed the word to my doctors and all who cared for me. I had a brain treatment June 28th, 2007 and later radical kidney surgery. The MRI had indicated that the tumor on my kidney had spread to the main artery of my heart. GOD WAS FAITHFUL as I knew He would be. My main surgeon called it a true miracle of God. The kidney tumor was completely encapsulated and did not infiltrate any other part of my body. A brain MRI in Sept 2007 showed that the tumors had shrunk. My hearing which was affected by the tumors is back. All doctors say there is no need for any further treatment. I am scheduled for brain MRIs every three months for the next year and a half. This is the third time the Lord has healed me from cancer. Thank you Healing Room warriors for your prayers and support! THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!!


Mary - I have been in pain for two weeks in the top of my left breast and into my lymp glands under my arm. I also had continual malfunction in my neck from an accident along with shooting pain even down in my shoulder. After the team explained some things to me about healing, they prayed for me and all mis-functions in my body left. I was so excited that I cried. Praise Jesus!


Theresa - Unforgiveness and Guilt Gone... I had been burdened with unforgiveness and guilt toward my earthly father who died in 1980. Unable to forgive and repent I came to the Healing Rooms. After much prayer I forgave and repented. I fell as free as the wind and can look at my past with a feeling of freedom and remembering the good.


Soledad - Free and Blessed... I feel very free and blessed. Thank you


SL - I came to the healing rooms with concern regarding my ailments and the ailments of those I love. As I recieved the Lord's love through prayers, visions, songs and scripture, I felt my body healed. For the first time in six weeks I am free of nausea. I feel the Lord'ds protection around myself and my loved ones. All praise and Glory to God!


M - I give the Lord the praise and thanks for the healing that He gave me today.


DT - I no longer have a yeast infection and my ears are no longer clicking. Praise God!


LL - My elbows and knees have been healed. I recieved the Father's heart and prayer I need was answered for ex-husband.


HD - The pain in my leg and arm left.


J - My right ear was healed. Also, my blood is clean.


SM - I recieved healing of both knees.


C - I was hurt in the deepest part of my soul and God healed me. God bless Jesus, I love Him so much.


Marisol (10 yrs. old) - God Let Me Feel Him What God did for me tonight was to change my thinking. I felt a breeze as they were praying and I am thankful for that. Until tonight I used to think God wouldn't let me feel anything but now I know I was wrong.


Andy - High Blood Pressure and Lump in Chest Healed I Have been treated for high blood pressure. They had also found a lump in my chest.I was feeling good at home and went to the doctors were an EKG and chest exray were done. Everything came back negative, lungs, chest, heart all clean. I am healed. I am moving to Tennessee without health insurance but go knowing that I am healed and Dr. Jesus is in control.


Michelle - I had pain in my lower back after receiving prayer I was healed and it is not stiff anymore.


Corine - Cervical Pain Subsides I was in severe cervical pain but when I entered the Healing Rooms in began to subside.


John - Greetings in the name of Jesus. Two of us from the local Healing Rooms just returned from Cancun, Mexico. We did a 4 day healing conference and again witnessed many instant healings. It was the first trip that we saw a large tumor disappear from a lady's right kidney area. It was about as big as a soft ball as we prayed it totally shrilved to nothing in the hand of the pastor's wife. There were many other things, such as a bone put in place, pain leaving body areas, deaf ear opened, eye sight corrected etc.


John - I am the director of Healing Rooms of Hammond, and would just like to report on out recent trip to Aqua Dulce, Mexico. It was more than we expected. We ministered for 6 days, every afternoon and every night. We saw what we imagined happen in the early church. People were repenting, getting healed from all kinds of sickness and disease, besides beint delivered from bondages. It was an awesome move of God.


Josepina - Pie Sanado (Foot Healed) Mi hija me dijo que viniera aqui, despres de horar por mi Dios se manifesto y iso la obra y mi pie esta sanado. Al prencipio mi pie estaba inchado y no podia caminar. Caminaba chueqe y Dios iso la obra y ahora estoy sanada por la gracia de Dios, le alabo y le glorificio y le doy gracias a Dios y le bendigo. (My daughter told me to go to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer. I had come in with a swollen, painful foot and was walking with a limp. I received prayer and God manifested Himself through the healing of my foot. By the grace of God I am healed and no longer limp. I worship, glorify, and give thanks to God. I bless His name.)


Susan - Back Pain Gone. The prayer team laid hands on me and commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus. When they asked me how I felt the pain was gone! Thanks be to God!


Rosa - I Got a Job. I went to the Oxnard Healing Rooms on June 27th to get prayer and asked that the Lord open doors so that I may get a job. A week later I re-applied at a local grocery store and the Lord poured out His favor on me. The manager went out of his way to help me and I got the job. I am now happily working. I thank God that He is with me, blesses me and has chosen me before I was born.


Lety - Sales Soar after Long Slump. The very next day after receiving prayer I had five sales in a row after not having any for five months. Every time I come to the Healing Rooms great things happen.


Shauna - Seven Years of Pain Gone. For approximately 7 years I had been in severe pain due to an auto accident. I had been xrayed and checked numerous times and was given many different types of pain pills that offered no relief at all. The pain was so bad in my head and neck that my facial muscles were getting weak and I developed lazy eye. I work at Pacific Camps at Dove Ministries and welcome the Oxnard Healing Room technicians every Wednesday. One night I was experiencing great pain and asked them to pray for me. I didn't receive healing immediately but about a week and a half later I noticed that I had been completely freed of my pain. I have not had a headache since April of 2007. Praise God for His mercy.


Maria - Headache Gone. I had a very bad headache for 2 - 3 days. When I walked into the Oxnard Healing Rooms and sat down my pain started to go away, by the time the team asked me in for prayer my headache was gone. Thank you Jesus for your healing love.


Elizabeth - Jesus miraculously (and I mean miraculouosly) took me to a new place called the Healing Rooms..(and) took away, removed, with the power of Christ, my high level of anxiety and all the fear that went with it. I'm free right now and forever of the nasty niggling, controlling fears that a hard life and evil had put on me. Thank you Jesus!! By the power of Jesus I am now completely burdenless and have nothing to worry about. I've been blessed by the power of the Holy Spirit today and hence forever on going. I've been anointed in Gods love and feel it deeply.


Andy - My Life and Marriage are Restored. We had planned to move to Tennessee when I retired however, my employer fired me first. We lifted it up to the Lord and went to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer. After receiving prayer doors opened for me. My Social Security benefits were approved within weeks and received an award letter that was needed to purchase a home in Tennessee. Unemployment and another small settlement were approved. The greatest thing was... THE LORD RESTORED MY MARRIAGE!


Doreen - When we were at our training session in Spokane, we picked up a few prayer cloths. When my friend told me her sister had had an aneurysm and was in serious condition, we anointed and prayered over one of the prayer cloths and sent it with her to her sister who was taken to Spokane. One week later, we got the word that she had suffered not one but three aneurysms and two strokes and unbelievably she was cured 100% with no after affects. The doctor was astonded, this is unheard of. Not only did she leave the hospital 20 days early, but instead of returning to work, she went to tour Yellowstone Park. Her sister is a hair dresser in Mossyrock and every single hair cut gets a testimony.


Fran - Fran - diagnosed with multiple lumps that needed to be removed surgically -in great pain - multiple visits to Doctors - Soaked in Healing Prayer As of Last Visit to Doctor - No Surgery Will be Needed - We are Praising You LORD JESUS !


Yukimi - Lower Back Healed. I received prayer and Jesus heard my request. Immediately after prayer I was able to walk without using my walker. Now I am able to walk more and stand up without leaning on my walker. Praise God! Thank You Jesus


Patricia - I recieved my spiritual, something I have been longing for. Praise God!


Maria - Mass in Pancrease Disappears I was diagnosed by an ultrasound with a mass (3.8 x 2.4 mm) in my pancrease. The day before my CT scan I recieved prayer at the Oxnard Healing Rooms. The CT scan the next day showed nothing present in or near my pancrease. Maria


Judi - Free From Smoking Without even asking I was delivered from smoking after my second visit to the Oxnard Healing Rooms. I am thankful to the Lord for setting me free from this habit. His goodness and love has set me free. Judi


Julio - Arthritis Gone I came in with pain in my knee caused by arthritis, I recieved prayer and the pain is gone. I could not bend my knee without pain and now I can. Thank God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen Julio


Clifford - Cough Gone I have been having a bad cough. I recieved prayer and through the power of Jesus Christ I have been healed. Clifford


John - The Healing Rooms team here in Hammond continues to see supernatural results in all the folks that come for ministry. We have also been on two mission trips to South Africa and to Mexico. The LORD is using us in many places and we are very thankful for His minestry through us. The healing ministry on both of these trips have been beyond our expectations, the deaf, the blind, the sick, the diseased, and the broken hearted have received the mercy of God. God Bless all of you.


Deborah - On April 4, 2007 I went in for my annual mammogram. A couple of days later I was called for additional testing. The radiologist told me I had a large mass in my right breast and needed a biopsy asap. She said, "it could be benign or it could be malignant". I was not going to accept that diagnosis. I came to the Oxnard Healing rooms for prayer. The following week when I went in for my biopsy. The 1 hour biopsy procedure wound up taking almost 2 1/2 hours. The doctor could not find the mass. It was gone! Jesus healed me. Thank you, Lord, for being the same as you were yesterday, today and forever. All the glory to God. Deborah


C. - After promptings of preparations for healing through indidvidual prayer, Bible study lessons, praying in the Spirit, fasting, having a new connection to the Psalms, rest, and self care -- this person came again to the Healing Rooms. "March 19th I experienced deliverance. I felt a new feeling of expectation, empowerment,& courage. Like David in the Bible where he fights the giant, I stepped into the battlefield ready for victory. They laid hands & prayed over me. My heart felt so full. It was as if I felt the Lord's hand on my shoulder too. Upon waling out, the leg pain was gone! MY back pressure was gone! It is truly the Lord as to my release. It was a long year of suffering without answers medically. Yet, spiritually I grew so much. God delivered & healed in His timing & with my persistence. He brought growth & teaching. I praise & thank my God with all my heart! I can now pick up my son, do dishes, vacuum, shower, cook, stand, clean, run, jump, & grocery shop -- & the list can go on. I now have more compassion & understanding. I am so thankful to be pain free!"


Betty - Betty contacted us in February for healing prayer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and believed in the Lord for complete and total healing. As our prayer team continued to lift her up with continuous, fervent, healing prayer, she continued to progress physically, emotionally and Spiritually. Today-5/10/07 we received this email from Sister Betty: Hi Everyone, Some of you I have called, but this is worth repeating! Today my doctor could find NO abnormal blood cells in my lab work, the tumor has shrunk 1/2" since January, my pH level was perfect, my DHEA level is up 125 points and I have gained four pounds! He believes at this point that the remaining mass in my breast is of a cystic nature, not tumorous and that the tumor portion has dissolved since the cancer cells are no longer present! Praises to God. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that prayer has played a major, major role in this. Thank you, thank you, all of you for thinking of me, loving me and praying for me. I have the best family, friends and clients in the whole world! I go back in August for another blood test just to make sure everything is still clear and I have to continue with what I have been doing for the last year. That will be no big deal since I am used to it now! As you can imagine, I am overjoyed. I will stay in touch. Love and hugs to everyone, Betts We praise YOU JESUS for YOUR healing touch upon sister Betty! YOU are our HEALER.......YOU are our LOVER.........YOU are our SAVIOR and we will praise YOUR HOLY NAME continuosly!!! If you would like to visit our House of Prayer & Healing in Florence, KY.......please email us at DrFaith@fuse.net.......we will continuously lift you up in His Holy Healing Presence! Amen, AMEN!!!!


Kris - Kris was in ICU for internal bleeding when I arrived to the hospital and the nurses wouldn't allow me into the room due to their awaiting the arrival of the surgeon for an emergency exploratory surgery for internal bleeding within her stomach. After some time standing outside of the room in prayer I finally convinced one nurse to allow me in to pray and lay hands upon her providing I promised not to touch any of the sanitized surgical tools. As I began to pray, watching the blood running throughout the tubes inserted through her mouth and into a filter located on the wall, I immediately felt the presence of YAHWEH enter the room. The Lord led my hand which was raised in praise, down upon her belly. As my hand was set ablaze I began praying in the Spirit and Knew that she had been healed. As I began to open my Bible to read a Scripture I heard someone enter the doorway....it was the surgeon. I immediately closed my Bible when he stated....."No.....go ahead and finish"!! At that time I began reading the Scripture that the Lord layed upon my heart before kissing her cheek and telling her that she was healed. After leaving and going to the waiting room I continued in prayer until I heard footsteps shuffle into the waiting room. As the surgeon began sharing the proceedures that he had completed he continued on with the various exploratory sites and declared that once he entered into her abdomen he found absolutely no sign of continued bleeding within her!! Praise JESUS!! As I was led back into her room in ICU the nurses ran up to me and stated, "Honey, I don't know what you prayed but it worked". My reply..........It has NOTHING to do with me.......It is JESUS CHRIST, our Great Physician and the Power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT!! The entire staff began Revival!! Praise and Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!


Ed - Ed became very ill while driving over the road as a long haul truck driver. He developed sever pnemonia and barely made it home from his current location in Texas. After resisting hospitalization for over two weeks he came to the point of death and was rushed into the ER. Once there he was taken into ICU for treatment and during all testing it was found that he had severe swelling of his extremities and masses were found around his heart and lungs. He was hangin clinging to life and the surgeons gave us a grim prognosis for Ed. He had been a heavy smoker his entire life and was now 59 years of age. With no insurance his wife fell into severe depression as well. As I began praying with both of them I also led them to the Social Security Office to apply for disability as well as finding out that ED was also a Veteran and contacted VA for him. After some time, it was determined that he not only qualified for SSI disability but also for VA Agent Orange funds as well as full coverage insurance! Praise Jesus. Irene and I prayed together for some time and she became free of her depression which began las fall during his illness. After months of prayer for Ed he returned to the doctors for numerous testing on his heart, lungs, diabetes, etc., which was in very poor condition. In January the surgeon declared that there was absolutely NO SIGN OF CANCER MASS any longer around his heart and lungs and he is now off of daily oxygen and returning to good health! PRAISE JESUS!!!


Alisia - In Nov. of 2006 I was in Icu unable to communicate (not in my right mind for 36 hours) because of the spiritual battle going on. Some of the ladies who were in process of starting a healing room came to pray for me at my mom's request. I came back to my normal state. I know in heart that they with God broke the spiritual battle and praise God victory happened that day. After I got out of the hospital I was getting attacked left and right and so I called them to my house and they layed hands on me and prayed with me. They sang with me and just loved me for who I am. After the ladies left I sang and felt so full of energy. I should have been layed up in bed but instead I was singing and praising God while I was cleaning my bathroom.


Irma - A year ago I went to get a breast exam and it was discovered that I had a small dark spot on my left breast. I went through two more exams. But, Tuesday the 13th of February I came for prayer to the healing rooms. I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon and the doctor told me I was fine and he did not need to see me anymore until one year from now. I feel that the hand of God has touched me and I also give you all thanks for all your prayers.


Lorraine - I went to the healing rooms for prayer and now the pain is gone out of my right arm. The swelling is gone out of both ankles and I am walking without pain. I am sleeping much better. Thank you Jesus!!


Ligia - I came to the healing rooms and had prayer for my grandpa about 2 weeks ago. He had prostrate problems and is 88 years old. He had tests before the surgery and thanks to God each one of them were just fine so he was able to have the surgery. Some of my family didn't want grandpa to have the surgery but he did on April 13th of 2007. He is walking , has no pain, and is eating better than before.


Patti - I've been fighting breast cancer since 1999. After many medical regiments,in 2005 the cancer was found to have spread to my skull, my liver, my spine, and my lungs. I started going to Healing Rooms in Hammond in November 2005. These wonderful people prayed for me, encouraged me, and stood with me in faith even when it seemed hopeless. Recently we got a good report, only after another three treatments the cancer test showed only trace amounts in my right lung and my spine. The doctor said that the cancer was dying and that the results I was getting was not the normal. I told him that I accepted this as my miracle from God. I Praise God for my healing. All the pain is gone, I no loger need oxygen to breath and I am gaining my strength daily. I am sure that the next test scheduled in three months will show all signs of cancer gone. My God is an awesome God.


Susan - I came to the healing rooms this evening with concern regarding my ailments and the ailments of those I love. As I recieved the Lord's love through prayer, visions, song and scripture I felt my body healed. For the first time in six weeks I am free of nausea. I feel the Lord's protection around myself and my loved ones. All Praise and Glory to God!


Lidia - I was healed of panic attacks on the road. Many forms of fear. I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I am at peace.


Vivian - Praise be to God for the healing of my body. My cancer is gone! God is so Good. Trust and never doubt He will surely bring you out. Thank you Jesus for this healing Room.


Nancy - God removed all my guilt. He removed all the darkness with in me. He filled me with HIs Holy Spirit. I am forever forgiven. He is healing my allergies and hives. I am free. The fear is gone.


Gail - Some scriptures came out from Robin, Doug and Ataloa and it ministered to her.


Mary - I came in to get prayer for depression. I went through a loss recently and didn't want to get out of bed. The prayers from the team were right on! The oppression lifted! I felt so much better. Thankd You Jesus.


Mary - I had prayer on 9/30/06 for diabetes and my blood sugar levels have come down constantly. Hallelujah!!!


Andy - For several weeks I had problems with unregular hypertension. Prayer and meditation was the answer! I am doing better and sleep! And without medication.


Jonathan - I am grateful I came. I believe I was and am now strengthed by God, to do his will. The peace I feel is revalational with God. I 'm not alone, I'm fught for, loved, understood and called to his purpose, a higher call, more like Him.


Nancy - I was given prayer for my allergies. My eyes don't burn, itch and there is no longer a feeling like sand irriating them. My face is not swollen and my eyes are not puffy. I have not had a headache since the prayers.


Peter - I Peter got up and walked. Greater is He in me then is of the world.


Lidia - Thank you Heavenly Father for deliverance and today I was filled with the strengh of the Lord Jesus.


Ann Marie - I was truly blessed by the team that prayed for me today. Everything that I asked of the Lord was addressed today. The words spoken to me were exactly what I needed to carry me through for not just today, but for a life time. Thank you Lord Jesus for your continued love and mercy.


George - The Lord healed me from diabetes. The Lord saved me by casting out many demons.


Frances - The Lord healed my spine. Sometimes when I would stand up my leg above the knee would get numb. I received prayer at the Healing Rooms. I kept thanking Jesus for the healing and three days later my knee was totally healed. Praise God.


Carolyn - My husband died a year ago and I have been so grieved. I received prayer and Jesus showed up and held my hand. What's more is that He tatooed His name on my hand and sealed it with a kiss. He took away the grief of my loss. I love Him more and more each day.


Belinda - I went to the Healing Rooms because I just needed a touch from God. A touch I received. My spiritual life has been on an upswing ever since they prayed for me. I also received hearing in my left deaf ear, and my bad knee was healed also. Thank the Lord.


John - I apologize for not keeping this up to date,but you must know that the Lord continues to us us in the market place, praying and leading folks to Christ. We just continued doing two Schools of the Spirit, one in Hammond, and one in Cut-Off, La. There were many healings of the bodies and of the souls. People saw visions, were healed of broken hearts, arthritis, migraine headaches, joints and on and on.


E - I was healed from back pain caused by bladder and kidney infection. Instant healing from God our Father. Bladder and kidney infection appear to be gone as well.


S - I fell off a house and fractured 2 vertebrae in my neck and collapsed cartilage all along my spine. Surgery, prescription drugs, and limited mobility ruled my life. I was prayed for in the Healing Rooms and have been healed completely. I am able to resume a normally active life.


R - I had a sore hip for the last 2 days. I don't remember what happened but it was hard to walk without a slight limp. I Went to the Healing Rooms with the intention of asking for prayer. During our prayer time we gathered together in a circle to pray for others. When we finished praying the pain was gone in my hip. As we had prayed for others, Jesus had healed me. Thank you Jesus!


S - My dad had 3 surgeries in one week on his bowel to remove a mass. The Healing room prayer team prayed over a prayer cloth and I took it to him the next day. I laid it on him and stayed the next 2 nights with him in the hospital praying for him and reading him healing scripture. He had not eaten in 12 days. The next night things started to happen showing that healing was beginning. In 4 days all the tubes were out and he had a roast beef and potatoes dinner. One week later he is going home. Praise God he healed and touched my dad. Thank God for people who believe.


R - Had chronic sinusitis. Had received prayer for healing but it hadn't seemed to completely clear up so I would use nasal moisturizers to help through the year. Would also use antihistamines at harvest time. I felt impressed upon by the Holy Spirit to trust God for the Healing and quit taking all the stuff. I asked the Healing Rooms to pray for me. I made it through harvest without taking anything and am completely healed. Thank you Jesus!


S - My Dad was told he would need surgery on his bowel again before the colostomy bag could be removed because there was still some blockages. We prayed and did a partial fast for 40 days. On the 39th day of our fast he went and had another test done and was told that everything looked good, there were no blockages and they could go ahead and do the reconnection. They were able to do it through a very small incision instead of opening him up. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers!


G - Had a root canal done and had a headache and a lot of pain. Was prayed for and the pain is gone and no more headache. Thank you God.


L - I pulled a muscle or hamstring in the back of my leg. It was all bruised and wasn't able to walk very well. Was prayed for and in 2 days I was able to run again.


S - I was prayed for in the Healing Rooms because I had been experiencing nausea for a couple of months. The next morning I felt fine and have been fine ever since. Thank you Jesus.


T - I had a lot of pain in my right shoulder and hip. I was prayed for and all the pain left.


I - I was praying before the Healing Rooms Opened. My hands were anointed with oil. I had scraped my wrist a week before. I rubbed anointing oil on the scrape and when I opened my eyes all redness was gone and it had quit bleeding.


T - I had been coughing for a couple of weeks and wasn't able to get ride of it. I had tryouts for sports and needed to be healthy. My dad & mom took me to the healing rooms to be prayed for. Three people prayed for me and the next day I never coughed at all. I was healed.


J - I had been struggling with a ingrown toenail for about a year. I had been to the doctor and had been given medication 3 times. They removed part of the nail but it didn't seem to be getting better. I was prayed for in the healing rooms once and all the pain left. I did end up having surgery to have a part of the nail removed again but I was prayed for again and after the surgery I went back for a checkup and the Doctor said that he had never seen someone's toe heal that well that quickly. My toe is now 100%.


Sandra - I was in the hospital with my left arm and right leg completely numb. People from the Healing Rooms came to pray for me. The doctors determined my fall on ice was the cause for my problem, but they could not understand why I got my feeling back. I told them it was through my prayer partners and the healing of the Great Physician! Hallelujah! God is good and prayer is so powerful.


Eugene - I had passed a kidney stone. It was very large, and I was in pain and had bleeding. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. A half hour later the pain left and the bleeding stopped.


Betty - My sister's health was failing her. She had bladder cancer & arthritis. She had been in a wheelchair and in constant pain. In December she had a heart pacer put in. She has been to the Healing Rooms in Bismarck. She can walk longer without tiring - NO wheelchair for months! She doesn't need handicap parking any longer. She had a recheck and NO cancer! She can go once a year for a checkup now instead of every 6 months. Praise You, Lord, for healing her!


John - Healing Rooms of Hammond took a team of 7 to Reynosa, Mexico for ministry and physical labor for the Reynosa Church. We built an out houxe for a little church in the poverty stricken area of the city and than held a seminar on the Kingdom for 6 pastors and their leaders. Besides the teaching, the Holy Spirit moved in awesome power touching these folks with healing and impartation. All Gl;ory to the King of Kings, Jesus.


John - The Healing Rooms team was in the market place on the 2nd of November ministering the love of Christ. Three people gave their lives to Jesus and experienced a tangible touch from the Holy Spirit.


John - We were in the market place again on this date and three piople gave their lives to Jesus, two others were touched in their hearts as the Lord restored them to His fellowship. Prophecies and words of wisdom were also given to these folks.


John - We were ministering in a Bible Study on this day. During ministry time the Lord ministered healing, wisdom, and a fresh touch to all who attended.


Donna - I asked for prayer to stop falling. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my body hurt. I received prayer from the team and I was able to rise quickly from a chair, turn and not loose my balance! There is absolutely no pain! The fibromyalgia is totally gone...Our God is awesome!


Denise - I came in for prayer for a burn on my hand and for healing of sciatic pain. God ministered to my spirit and while He was doing that the pain in my sciatic left. He truly is the Great Physician.


Renee - I received prayer for the Lord to continue to help me walk with Him more each day. I have just recently made Jesus Lord of my life. I feel more calm and peaceful. I also received prayer for whiplash pain that I received 10 years ago in a car accident. The Lord healed my neck! The pain left and I have freedom of movement like I have not had in years.


Lois - I came for prayer on the National Day of Healing and I am so glad. I came trusting the Lord that I would see better. I can now see shape, form, colors and recognize things all around me. The sight continues to get better. I also received prayer for my back and received a leg "adjustment". I now walk without a cane or walker. Thank you God!


Frances - I was using a cane when I came on the National Day of Healing and I left carrying it over my arm. I don't need it anymore. I had hip replacement surgery. The team prayed for me. I felt things moving and all tingly. My legs lined up to the same length. I crossed my right leg over the other to put on my shoes and my friend reminded me that I had been unable to do that because of the plastic hip. So I took my leg down and crossed it again and kept repeating it...I don't even limp now. Thank You Lord! I also got prayer for my eyes and can see better!


Donna - I came to the National Day of Healing for prayer. I had bad sciatic pain from a fall I had that morning. I also had a "heavy heart". All the pain left after receiving prayer and I felt the Lord hold me in His arms and told me to believe Him in all things. Our God is an awesome God!


Brandi - I met the Healing Rooms team in a local laundromat. After talking to me for a while about Jesus, I began to understand that my life was empty without Him. That day I gave my heart to Jesus and experienced His presence as they prayed for me. I am so thankful for their ministry and my new found life.


Angela and Leah` - My mother and i were at the laundromat when we were approached by the Healing Rooms team. They took us one at a time and explained the gospel of Jesus. I had prayed the night before for Jesus to come and help me, well He sure did. That day I turned my life completely over to Him and my mother did the same.Praise God!


Robert - I was attending a Bible Study conducted by the Healing Rooms of Hammond in Thibodaux at a friends house. After the study they prayed for the sick and we alll saw the hand of God move. I immediately received healing for my lower bach and the puttin into place of a bone that was pertruding in my left hip. Praise the LORD.


John - I was at a Healing Rooms meeting, when someone had a word of knowledge for prostate gland recovery. I responded and received prayer for the benign prostrate problem i had for the past 10 months. After about a week I was completely off medicine and haven't had a problem since. The LORD is so good.


Lynn - I went to get prayer from the Healing Rooms for the pain I was having in my legs due to verious veins. After receiving prayer the pain and discomfort left and hasn' returned. Thank You Lord.


Tom - I had 50% hearing lost in my left ear due to Industrial trauma. The director of Healing Rooms had a word that the Lord would open a left ear. Since that day my hearing has been restored and I'sm hearing things that I haven't heard for years. All Praise to Jesus.


Marion - I came into the Pensacola Healing Room in need of prayer for my job situation. God did answer those prayers shortly after. Thank You God.


Janet - I was on anti-depressants for the past 8 years. I thought I was crazy and not worthy of love. These were the things I was told most of my life. I came to the Pensacola Healing Room for prayer. I was prayed over many many times by Barbara and Tom as well as other members of the team. I am now full of life, have a renewed mind, happy, excited and on a Jesus High. I am also off all my medication for depression. God has healed me and set me free in several areas of my life. Thank you to everyone at the Healing Room for your constant prayers and thank you Jesus.


Mick - I asked for prayer that the relationship between myself and my daughter would be restored. That prayer has been answered in full. At the same time I also asked for prayer for Carpel Tunnel as my hand would stay numb. After prayer all my symtoms and pain were gone. I give God all the praise and glory.


Michael - I went with my wife to the Healing Room for prayer. She wanted the prayer and I just went in the room with her. One of the people praying said from the Lord that I had problems with my liver and he put on hand on me and prayed and said it was healed in Jesus name. I never told anyone other than my wife that I had a damaged liver due to years of drugs and alcohol. I now have renewed health and vitality. Thank You Lord.


Lydia - I have been to the Healing Rooms for prayer several times for many different things. Since I have been going I have been blessed spiritually, physically and emotionally. The doctor has also decreased my nitro-glycerine. I have been blessed by the ladies and men that have prayed for me at the Pensacola Healing Room. I sense and feel the love of God there.


Frank - I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years. My doctor called me and said that my blood sugar was out of control. I went to the Pensacola Healing Room to receive prayer and that God would help me to eat like I should. My eating had changed after that. I went back to the doctor a few weeks later and I had lost 10 pounds and my blood sugar was normal when it had previously been over 300. Praise God, He gets all the credit.


Dee - On Sept 15th at 8:45 p.m. I received a phone call from USA Medical Center in Mobile AL. at 4:a.m.. I went into surgery to receive my kidney transplant that I have waited 8 years for. The kidney worked the moment they hooked it up even though they didn't expect it to work right away because it had been on ice for 30 hours. That was the first miracle. Then I was sent home the next Tuesday, only to go back on Wed. with complications. My body had rejected the kidney full force. The doctors had never seen this type of thing happen before. The Healing Rooms in Pensacola were contacted by my friend Wanda in Ft. Lauderdale. Then Monica from the Pensacola Healing Room called me and prayed with me on the phone. Monica then contacted Doug at the Mobile AL Healing Room who came over to the hospital and prayed with me along with his wife. He and his wife came back to visit me and pray with me again. This was truly a miracle to everyone because God healed me and my body started to accept the kidney after the doctors had given up and said my family should be called in. Now my bloodwork has been perfect for the last month. Thank you to everyone who had a part in it. I feel like a real person again for the first time in 8 yrs and 9 months.


Gloria - I came to the Healing Rooms with a problem with my thyroid. It seemed that I had a tumor. I received prayer from the Pensacola Healing Room and am now healed from my thyroid tumor. Praise God for His healing. Thanks to all of you.


Gloria - I came here to the Healing Room for God to do a numbers of things in me. He healed my body from fibroid tumors. I used to hurt in my body all the time and could not sleep. When I came to the Pensacola Healing Room to get prayer and for God to heal my body. So I just wanted to thank God most of all for healing my body and also I thank God for the Healing Room family for always having time and opening up their doors to people like myself. It truly is a blessing. Again I just want to say thank you all. God bless the Healing Room Family.


Donna - God led these beautiful women and men of God to speak and tell me something that I couldn't believe they knew from the Lord. I came in and asked for prayer as I had been trying to get SSI money for my son as well as child support and I needed a job. I am a single mom and needed help that could only come from God. The Lord really spoke to them that I was going to get all those things. Within a month, all came to pass. I received SSI for my son, I got a daytime job and received my back child support. Praise God! As long as God keeps breath in my body I'll keep coming to Him and the Healing Room for prayer. God gets all the glory. God bless the Pensacola Healing Room.


Tammy - I have been to the Healing Room 3 to 5 times and every time I have been there, God has freed me and I have left feeling uplifted. The last time I was there I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and now worship in the Holy Spirit. I am filled with so much peace and can communicate with my Heavenly Father even better. Thank You Pensacola Healing Room.


Frankie - In July of '05 after 15 years of being on every antidepressant out there, thanks to Gods faithful servants especially Mason and Monica, I was prayed over and set free from my depression. My diagnosis was severe chronic recurring clinical depression. Doctors have told me with my history I would be on medication for the rest on my life. Well I guess God saw different. Now I am off all the medication and I am doing fine. It truly is a miracle. Thank you all for all that you do for the Lord.


Charlotte - On Nov 9th I was driving to pick up my granddaughter and I had a headache it was feeling better. Then all at once the sun was shining and between the trees. It was hurting my eyes I blocked it with my hand but that didn't help. I put both visors down and my sunglasses on but that still did not help and only got worse. I seemed to be blinded. It was like fire in my eyes. The Holy Spirit said to pull over and call the Healing room. I wasn't sure how I was able to pull the car over but I did. At this point I could not see. I called the Healing Room and they prayed for me over the phone and the glory of the Lord fell in the car. I thank Barbara, Mason and Monica for their prayers. I was fine and able to drive home and have been fine ever since. Thank you Jesus for protecting me. ****I Love You Guys,


Duane - After prayer time at the Healing room in July of '05 my left foot was totally healed of vasculitis. This was a chronic condition that I had for 20 years. I suffered with a lot of pain and swelling. Praise God! I am healed! Thank You Pensacola Healing Room for your prayers.


Anonymous - I have suffered with cancer for many years. I received prayer from a couple people at the Pensacola Healing room. I felt so much better, I feel so good. I am much stronger and my outlook on life is brighter. My appetite is so much better and so is my strength. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I am healed, I am healed, I am healed! Love, Charlcie


Charlotte - I came into the Healing Room and had a soar throat and had to strain to talk. I received prayer and my throat was healed and I no longer had to strain. I first had to get rid of some unforgiveness. I can now talk to my family with peace and love. I thank the team for letting the Lord use them and today I am not in a constant battle with my family and I am healed in my throat.


Helen - I came to the Pensacola Healing room a little unsure and not knowing what to expect. I had a lot of turmoil going on in my life at the time. I came in just to get prayer and some kind of peace and encouragement. I was looking for some type of change but honestly not expecting much. I came from far away and spent a week receiving prayer from Monica and Mason. When I left there, God had far exceeded my expectation. I had some hinderances removed and I left Pensacola being physically healed of things that we didn't even pray for. Such as, my right knee which I could not go down stairs is now healed. I had headaches several times a week that I am now healed of. God did many other things through the prayer I received there. I will be forever in awe and grateful for how God used the two of them at the Healing Room. To God be the Glory!!


Crystal - I was a very hurt person, it didn't matter what I did nobody ever liked me. Whether I was at home, school or even with the people that I thought were my friends. I have been through every kind of abuse, mental, physical and sexual abuse. Needless to say I didn't trust, love or care. What was in me wasn't even human anymore, I was just existed waiting to die, as if that were the next thing I was looking forward to. After receiving lots of prayer from the Pensacola Healing Room I am now free. The voices that controlled me are now gone. I don't carry that around anymore. Thank you Mason, Monica and the Healing Room staff for this modern day temple cleansing (Matt 21:12).


Paula - I want to thank God and give Him THE GLORY for making a way for my finances to be "zero" credit card debt. THIS DIVINE FAVOR work occured before Christmas 2005. In January 2006 I asked the Lord to please send some more money. I didn't have enough to make it to the end of the month. The Lord provided and answered my prayer with 2 checks! GLORY TO GOD, My Savior. Thank You Pensacola Healing Room for your prayers


Colleen - The Lord has done so much for me. My sons and boyfriend have accepted the Lord as Savior in answer to my prayers. The Lord healed me of a skin rash after I repented of unforgiveness. He healed a sprained ankle. He has given me peace of mind.


Mary - I was attending a Healing Rooms Bible Study,and after the teaching I asked for prayer for my right knee that I hurt in a fall. Instantly the pain left and I could freely move my knee without any discomfort.


Helen - I received a week of prayer at the healing room and as a result my knee was healed as well as my migraine headaches. I came in for emotional prayer and left with physical healing as some things were cast from my body. We never prayed for the physical problems but they were the fruit.


Wanda - I started having pain in my left elbow. Although I don't play tennis, I perceived the pain and discomfort must be that or tendonitis. After receiving prayer in the healing rooms all pain and soreness went away. No more problem since to prayer.


Tom - I had arthric pain and restricted use in my right hand for 5 years. I couldn't close my hand and had trouble griping things. After prayer in a Healing Room bible study, my hand was completely healed and all uestrictions are gone.


Chera - I had pain and restrictions in both hands due to Arthritis. After receiving prayer in a Healing Room meeting, both hands were completely healed.


Anthony - One year ago I had full blown aids. I was about on my last leg when I heard of Healing Rooms of Hammond. After going to the Rooms for prayer, I received many things from the Lord Jesus. I got saved and delivered from addictions and my health began to improve. Now I am active in my Church and in encouraging others to get prayer for what ever problem they may have. Sometimes you have to continue to get prayer before God heals you, I still go to the healing rooms for prayer even though I am healed. Thank You Jesus!


Dinee - My lower back has been giving me trouble for some time now, but yesterday it was unbearable. I heard about the Healing Rooms from my cousin, so I attempted to go, but got lost. I called them and they set up an appointment for the next day for me to get prayer. It was just awesome. They encouraged me in the Lord and after they prayed for me, all the pain left and I was able to walk and move freely. Thanks Healing Rooms and Jesus for His goodness.


Linda - I attended a Healing Rooms Bible Study and received an awesome teaching along with a healing in both of my hands. I have been suffering with pain, and swelling for sometime now. After the group prayed for me, I was instantly healed. No more pain and swelling. God is so good.


S - I was having a lot of discomfort and diarrhea for over 3 weeks. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was at the healing room one night and decided to ask for prayer. The director began to pray and command whatever sickness that was in me to die. My stomach began to pulsate. I immediately had to go to the bathroom and I passed a tapeworm and it was dead! The team prayed that it die and it did just that...almost immediately. After a few days, my whole system was back to normal. Praise Jesus!


Delbert - The Lord healed both my shoulders. The ligaments had been damaged by job injuries. I had been in pain for ten years. Now all the pain is gone! Praise the Lord!


Jill - I was acting as a catcher for someone in a meeting and I wrenched my back in the process. Before leaving the meeting, I asked for prayer from Alvin and Sherry. As they prayed and Sherry laid her hand on the tight muscles, she said, "It's so hot here that you could roast marshmallows girl!" The next morning I awoke and my back was completely well. Jesus is alive and well in Japan.


Jill - I beagn bleeding from my bowels...bright red blood continued during the evening. I came and asked for prayer from Sherry and Cindy. For the next two days I had some spotting but by the third day I was completely well. Nothing - no symptoms since! Thank You Jesus!


Jason - I went to the worship service at the healing rooms building. The day before, I had cramped up the muscles in my back since I did not cool down well after a bike ride. It was painful to bend over at all. Since it was still very sore the next day, I got Alvin to pray and the muscles warmed up and loosened up under his hand. I was about 80-90% better when I left, and I could again bend over all the way with very little pain. That was wonderful since it is so inconvenient to have a painful back! In fact, I almost did not ask for prayer because God had been healing it up during the meeting itself (maybe 40-50%). Before I told him that, Alvin said, "I feel that the Holy Spirit has already been healing you - just as you were sitting there." AMEN!


Donna - After falling down a flight of stairs, I suffered a dislocated right shoulder, whiplash, concussion, and a torn eye muscle. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer and after a few minutes of prayer, my shoulder began to tingle and get hot. Within two minutes, I had raised my arms above my head and was praising God and singing and waving my arms. Just six days prior, I had an MRI that showed a frayed rotator cuff. Now it is totally healed and feels great. God took away all of the pain.


Okasaki - I heard about the healing room in Nishinomiya from an advertisement I read. I drove one and a half hours to get there. I needed prayer. I tried so many other things but no answer. I have been battling depression and hearing voices for over thirty years. The team prayed for me and I felt such warmth all over me. I began to cry as I felt a change taking place inside me. I was a buddist all my life. In the healing Room I accepted Christ into my life. For the first time ever I lay on the floor totally at peace. I feel so free. I feel so light. I feel so happy.


Hiroko - For many years I have been battling "voices" in my mind. Although a Christian, I always felt attacked spiritually. I came to the healing room and discovered that I had allowed many stumbling blocks to hold back my total freedom in Christ. I was prayed for and the Spirit revealed issues I needed healing in. I was so wounded. I did not smile much. Now I smile alot. I feel lighter in my heart and my mind. I feel free. Jesus Christ blessed me through the healing room. I no longer feel paranoid.


Marti - I was seeking water baptism for over a year and was divinely led to the healing rooms. While on a local train I met a lady who was on her way to the healing rooms and she invited me to come along. The chances of meeting were very slim. I didn't realize what I was end for when I came to the healing rooms. The Lord sure knew what I needed. During prayer, so many heart issues were exposed and I totally gave everything over to God. I was needing more love, forgiveness, peace and Father gave it all to me. I felt such love in that place. I felt so much of the Father's love. I was water baptized that very afternoon and have been worshipping at their local meetings. I have even just finished training at the first ever healing rooms training weekend. It was so amazing. God is so good and I feel so blessed. He is the Healer of every hurt....the seen and the unseen.


Ryo - I heard about what was happening in Nishinomiya and so craved to have it myself. I wanted more of the Holy Spirit and I wanted to experience the "fire" of God that so many were talking about. I travelled by train from Tokyo (3 hours) and was impacted greatly. The team at the healing room prayed with me and over me and I was filled to overflowing. I felt electrocuted by the Spirit. God is doing a tremendous work in Nishinomiya and Japan is being hit powerfully. I want many Japanese people to know God and they will! I went to the healing rooms because I wanted to experience the work of the Holy Spirit and I did!!!!!


Gota - I came to the healing room to make an inquiry for my mother and I left myself with such a big blessing. When I walked through the ddor of thehealing rooms, I sensed so much fire of God's presence. I received prayer and the warmth of Holy Spirit filled me. Tears began to fill my eyes and I praise God for bringing this ministry to Japan. I am bringing my mother and mother-in-law here for healing. Praise Jesus!


Denise - I was having pain in my hips and legs. As the team prayed for me, I felt my pelvis start to swivel to the left and the pain in my hips and legs was gone. I also had a headache, which I did not mention, but it left me at the same time.


Vivian - I came in for prayer for a job situation. I continued to receive prayer for financial freedom for several months until it manifested. On March 29, I received a promotion at work! I am now Department Manager! Praise God for His faithfulness.


Carolyn - I had a headache and came for prayer. The headache left.


Anonymous - Cerebral palsy...being healed!!! Every week Grace is getting better and better...doctors are documenting this and seeing major improvements!! "Just thought I would share...Pat took Grace to her cranial sacral appointment today - a treatment that works on central nervous system function and facilitating the flow of cerebral spinal fluid from brain to the rest of the body through massage like technique - the therapist said Grace's spine was moving very nicely one vertebrae at a time like it should be doing and its the first time she has experienced Grace's spine move so fluidly and so strong! Grace's spine is typically stuck in several areas - this time Grace was working through these areas. We have been working with this therapist for over a year and a half. Grace also tried to pull herself to stand at this appointment. I just wanted to share because the Healing Team specifically prayed for movement in her body "all the way through her spine" on Saturday! Praise God! Also, her physical therapist (another appt. today) said Grace's hamstrings seem more relaxed. We have been using a new piece of equipment to obtain a better stretch for the past several weeks - Praise God its working!" Marcy


Tim - I feel uplifted and free now. I feel listened to, loved and cared about. I feel like nothing can stop me from feeling clean and doing the right thing. I was feeling anxiety about coming but I am SO glad I did!


Olive - When a bone scan was done I was diagnosed with osteopenia -- caused by hyperparathyroidism. A normal reading is 10-65. My reading was 87. I received prayer at the Healing Rooms and the reading dropped to 40! Praise the Lord! No parathyroid surgery is necessary!


Lanet - About one year ago after a physical examination my general doctor called and was concerned about my hormone levels. He suggested I see my ob-gyn and consider hormone therapy. I received this call in my jeep at noon while having my devotions. After the call the Spirit of God rose up in me and I said: "I do not have to settle for this report." I drove right to the Healing Rooms and had a prayer team agree with me that I have excellent hormone production! Two weeks ago I saw my ob-gyn and he took blood tests. I have a documented letter stating: "You still have estorgen produced by your ovaries, which is good. This explains why you don't have to be on any medications! The testosterone is also at an excellent level at this time and progresterone is normal. I do not feel you need to be on any medication at this time. It is a privilege to be your physician. I am happy you are doing well at this time." Priase God! Jesus' report is always better! Hallelujah!


Peggy - I came seeking direction -- a minister whose life and marriage came apart one year ago. The Lord told the prayer team exactly where I was at and what I needed. They broke off the shame and guilt and humiliation. They broke off the spiritual "masks" I had hidden behind. Today I became a new creature. The old things have truly passed away. Today I know who I am and where I am going. The much needed breakthrough has come and I am eternally grateful for this ministry I crossed the earth to come to. God bless you all!


Dolores - Today I met with a prayer team for deliverance of the pain in my back. The pain disappeared quickly and as I shared about the recent death of my daughter, Tina, one of my prayer partners was impressed with a prescious scripture that Tina prayed just before she died. She was also impressed that my "hunger" for God would be filled up with "beefsteak" and that would impact my teacing (also my experience with Tina would be instrumental in influencing other young people who may be struggling in the same way as Tina). Thank you for your ministry -- God Bless You.


Kathy - This was my first visit to the Healing Rooms. Laying on of hands and the prayers sent to the Almighty Father for me filled me with much joy and peace. I could feel His presence from my head to my toes. The Holy Spirit is working. God is working. I felt a peace that surpasses all understanding.


Dina - Last time I was here I got prayer for asthma and I haven't had a single problem with my lungs since then. This was after years of multiple asthma attacks weekly.


Mary - I came in with lower back pain. I went for prayer and they prayed that my short leg would grow out and that my spineand skeleton and muscles and ligaments would come into alignment. I walked out pain free!


Ron - The Lord has healed my wrist and back from serious pain and weakness and has just blessed me with His Spirit.


Denise - It has been seven months today since I last took the medicine I was taking for bipoliar. I have no (absolutely none) symptoms. I am healed completely!


Carla - I had a great pain in my right heal and ankle. Praise God I am healed! No more pain!


Naomi - Last Monday I was at my physical therapist's office and I was three inches shorter than she was. Then I went back, on Wednesday, after receiving prayer and I was five inches taller than she is and she was even wearing her tall shoes!


Juda - In 2001 I came into the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for insecurity and poor body image. Praise the love, power and faith of Jesus. I have received a good measure of confidence and security in how God sees me and who I am in Christ as a new creation. I find that my body image is better, also. Hallelujah!


Cassie - Part of my head where I experienced shooting pain inside was humb to the touch. This week feeling returned. On Saturday when they prayed the prayer minister felt heat so she is sure the Lord did a work. I am too, because of the fact that feeling returned to that part of my brain. Many other things happened that I cannot testify to yet. Doublemindness gone -- He is making me whole.


Karen - Praise the Lord for your prayers! It has been six months since our prayer session. I was delivered from my anti-depressants and anti-psycotics and the expense of it all. I have a church and I'm learning to walk in obedience to those the Lord has placed over me. How frightening this has been in the past, but today I don't trust what I see, I trust the Word that gives life. Circumstances--trials, I'm taking to Him and trusting in more growth in Him the only God who is Holy to be praised. Thank you for your prayers!


Lecia - Generational curses and sins were broken off of me through the grace and power of Jesus Christ! I "saw" a huge cross behind me, separating me from past behavioral patterns of control, fear, lying and rage. I am a new creation -- and I actually feel the freedom! Thank you, Jesus!!! Also, the Lord spoke to me of not getting complacent again--"Behold the bond servant fo the Lord; may it be to me as you have said."


Clara - My leukima has gone down to 8-18 and I'll go back in a year. I was thrilled by the power of Jesus' stripes. I feel that He has good things for me.


Susan - Bless God, my deliverer. I came in for prayer for "frozen" shoulders with pain. The power and anointing during prayer was beyond words. I felt the Lord's presence fill the room and completely empty me and fill me up. The peace of the Lord is still manifested in my body. As I put on my jacket, my arms were working without any pain or stiffness -- completely movement free! I haven't been able to put on a coat in six months or longer without pain. Now it is gone! Praise God!


Vickie - Vickie brought her cat in a few weeks ago. The cat had an eye problem for eight months or so. She had spent a lot of money and time taking it to the vet to no avail. AFter prayer the cat came home and began to shake her head a lot. This went on for several days. When she was sitting on Vickie's lap a few days ago two large balls (the size of the tip of your thumb) fur and water came out of the cat's ear! Guess what' Itty's eye is all better now!


Judy - I was healed! Full restoration! I was due for a total right hip replacement. Then a knee and a left hip replacement. My right leg was rotated out 45 degrees and my right leg was 2 1/2 inches shorter than my left. My eg and knee and hip have been fully restored. First my leg rotated back in and then my right leg extended out and my right knee popped and my leg grew 2 1/2 inches. Then my right hip was restored and God was not through. I felt heat all over my body -- putting it into full alignment. Praise the Lord! Our Great and Mighty Healer.


Robin - My spiritual gas-tank went from empty to full! I received a clear vision of how the Lord really sees me. Also encouragement and hope for the future. Thank you to all at the Healing Rooms.


Lori - I have dealt with rejection and being unloved for many years. I was being prayed for and realized that I had put a wall up with God and people when my parents divorced. When she started praying for me about God I couldn't breathe. I felt as if something grabbed my lungs so they took authority over me and helped me to breathe again. Plus, great deliverance in realizing God's love and his forgiveness.


Holly - The stripes Jesus took on His back paid for the healing of my back. By Jesus' stripes today -- my back was totally and completely healed. The lower sciatica pain is gone and the pain in the middle of my back is gone. All my vertebrae are properly aligned and I no longer cower in shame and unworthiness, but I stand tall and strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. I am worthy by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. All my debts have been paid fy the finished work of Jesus on the cross. I walk in the authority and joy of resurrection life! I am totally 100% loved and accepted by Jesus. Thank you, Jesus! Be glorified in me.


Sean - I wanted to thank all of you for sharing God's gifts of healing with me. It has been a huge blessing to my soul. I am taking back the fire of the Spirit to stand in the gap--to be Jesus, for so many men that are not living for Christ. For so many who believe in Jesus, but their flames are only a flicker among the shadows. God has healed me, he will continue to strengthen me and help me to take my faith, my healing, my passion for a "life worth living" to any who will listen. Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My heart is new, but my soul has been released to serve God again. I lost that spark and now it's a flame!


Ryan - Tightness and pain in my lower back was loosed and healed. God gave me confirmation of who to pursue for marriage.


Ariyah - I was worried about my mom being in Iraq. I was wondering what she'd be like. I was so worried about her and I didn't know what to do. It was so hard being without her. I felt like I was being attacked by the enemy. My grandma talked to me about it and she tried all sorts of things to help me. For a little while I listened to the enemy. I started asking how could God love me if He told my mom to go to the Army. But I finally got over it and love came into my heart.


Leah - Since coming to the Healing Rooms my life is changing for the better. My health has improved and my faith is growing stronger. I am now seeking a relationship with God and I am attending a church and learning to pray. Before I came to the Healing Rooms I was desperate and headed for serious health problems. I was depressed and out-of-control. I have made great strides since first coming. Each time I come to the Healing Rooms healing takes place. Thank you all and God bless your service.


Caleb - God showed me today why I hold resentment toward certain people. He has given me completely forgiveness and ability to forgive through the Holy Spirit. He has shown me direction towards being a man after Jesus and ways to be a better husband and father figure in our household. It has been a miraculous deliverance today. Praise God!! Thank you!!


Thomas - Powerful time of prayer. The insight into my life by those praying for me was right-on and amazing. I am excited to walk in the healing that was imparted to me today.


Patti - The sciatic pain in my left thigh and calf are gone. I have been unable to work or lead a normal life for four months. God has healed me -- Praise the Lord!


Glena - While sitting in the waiting area I started to pray for the Lord to open my heart to hear from Him. While praying I was healed of my headache, neck ache and sinus infection and sore throat. Praise God!


Kim - I had pain in my pelvis. I came in to get prayer and I was totally healed by faith and the power of God. I will keep speaking and believing for my healing. The enemy will not have his way in my body any more. My knees are also totally healed. My relationships are healed and fear is gone!


Kit - A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. The Lord restored my joy!


Clara - I was dianosed with a hernia by four different doctors. I was scheduled for surgery. I believe in the power of prayer and had been to the Healing Rooms at other times. I knew I would be a fool if I did not go to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer this time. I came in and I was healed. Two weeks later the hernia was totally gone. Praise the Lord!


Tamra - Heal spurs totally healed and gone! No pain!.


Beth C. - I received healing for chronic back and neck problems. I also received healing for my immune system.


Mario G. - I have a testimony to give you regarding a prayer cloth I gave to a friend; Ana P. Ana had her sister in the hospital with colon cancer. I received 16 prayer cloths on June 28th and gave Ana one on June 29th for her sister. On July 14th I asked Ana about her sister. She told me that she had taken the prayer cloth to her at the hospital and has not taken it off. She told me that her sister was so sick that a priest had administered the last rites. She thought for sure her sister was going to pass away. She related to me that her sister has since been released from the hospital and will be receiving a new procedure which will have her be operated on and inserted a plastic colon with in six weeks. Praise God!!


Charlotte - I received ministry on Oct. 2004. At that time I had a cyst on my liver which had been diagnosed in the summer of 2004. I received ministry for healing for the cyst on my liver, and for emotional healing due to the death of my sister. I know I was healed emotionally and an ultrasound in Feb. 2005 revealed the physical healing. The test revealed the cyst was gone. Praise the Lord!


Brittany - I went to my doctor yesterday about something on my knee that was painful. It turned out to be a cyst. During prayer they touched my knee and I felt a sort of shock/pain. Then they told me to stand and sit and see of my pain and swelling was gone and it was! I honestly had a hard time believing this at first and kept laughing from speechlessness. But it really did happen! I am very happy about this. Thank God!


Heather - I had a cyst on my leg and I came to the Healing Rooms and Jesus healed my leg completely! The lump and the pain from the incision all were gone instantly. Praise the Lord!


Cheri - I was experiencing a painful cyst on my left ovary. After much prayer and three visits to the Healing Rooms and claiming His promises I am free of pain as of Septmeber 17. I believe the cyst has dissolved. This has been a four week training session to ensure my faith in His healing gifts. I believe He is calling me to use all my Holy Spirit given gifts: intercession, tongues, prophecy and now a deeper relationship which has come from pain to learning to receive from Him!!!


Mary - I came in with lower back pain. I went for prayer and they prayed that my short leg would grow out and that my spine and skeleton and muscles and ligaments would come into alignment. I walked out pain free!


Judy - I was healed -- Full restoration! I was due for a total hip replacement and a knee replacement. My right leg was rotated out 45 degrees and it was 2 1/2 inches shorter than my other leg. My leg and knee and hip were fully restored. First, my leg stretched back in and then my right leg extended out and my knee popped and my leg grew 2 1/2 inches. Then my right hip was restored and God was not through. I felt heat all over my body--putting it in full alignment. Praise the Lord! Our Great and Mighty Healer!


Ron - The Lord has healed my wrist and back from serious and pain and weakness. He has just blessed me with His Spirit.


Melody - For the past year she had been suffering with pain from degenerative arthritis in her back. It had been hard for her to walk or sleep. After receiving prayer she had no pain and was able to sleep without taking her medicine.


Linda - My health had been deteriorating for years with increased pain, but took a downward spiral in Jan. 2003. I have been seen by doctors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Acupuncturist and Anesthesiologist in the Pain Clinic who did an epidural and a procedure which "fried some of the nerves." This helped for about a year and a half, but repeating it was not recommended. Over the years a multitude of medications had been tried with little or not results or severe allergic reactions.

My doctor said there was nothing more they could do for me. Surgery was not an option since they couldn't fuse my entire spine and there weren't any small areas that could be fixed that would give any substantial relief. Some of my spine had fused from the bone spurs. The disks were flattened and some were bulging. My spine was compressing and I had lost over an inch in height. A significant hump had developed in the cervical vertebrae. The Fibromyalgia made it impossible for the muscles to support my spine. My body was becoming less stable and in Feb. I started using a cane. The pain was increasing and narcotics were not effective. More aggressive pain management was my only option. I finally had to be put on Fentanyl, which is stronger than morphine and is given by skin patch that is changed every three days. I started on the 25th patch and suplemented with up to 12 Percocet a day. The dose was increased to 50 then to 75. I had not driven for almost a year, was using a cane and needed to go to a walker. This may sound normal for an 80 or 90 year old, but I was a 55 year old with a permanent disability.

In Sept. my legs, arms and face went numb and I couldn't control my hands. This lasted for hours. My husband ordered me to a wheelchair instead of a walker. He'd become a fulltime caregiver, which was quite an adjustment for us. He did all the cooking, cleaning, helped me bathe, dress and chauffeured me to doctor's appointments. I couldn't even get out of bed myself. I as no longer praying to be healed, but prayed for God's ultimate healing. ( wanted to go home!) The doctors said all they could do was keep me comfortable and as functional as possible. I was told that my condition would only get worse. Even though I didn't realize it, God was preparing the way for my healing. Many people were praying for me. I was given a book caled "God's Creative Power for Healing" by Charles Capps. I was invited to go to the Tacoma Prayer & Healing Room for prayer. My husband read the book {The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren to me every day. I received a book about healing called "God's Guarantee to Heal you" by A. A. Allen. We joined the "40 Days of Purpose" Bible Study. As I continued to read and search God's Word about healing my faith increased. I knew God was going to heal me, that I would get not only a healing, but a miracle and felt it would be a process. I would need the healing to stop the degenerative process and a miracle to restore my body.

I went for prayer on Oct. 8th and have not used a cane since. What a miracle, it was so amazing to be able to walk without a cane or having to hold on to something. The wheelchair my husband ordered came and I never used it. I continued to go to the Prayer & Healing Room weekly as God continued my healing. I made an appointment to see my doctor on Oct. 28th so I could start getting off all the pain meds. We had a great visit and worked out a plan to discontinue my pain meds. Following hte doctor's directions, I decreased my pain meds gradually with no problem. I have been off pain medication since Nov. 30th and feel great! My spine is straight, the hump in my upper back is gone and I have regained my height! I've been told it's nice to have my old self back, but I say NO this is a NEW and BETTER self!! God is so good, Jesus has set me free! He has given me my life back, another chance to love and serve Him. Thank you, Lord, I love you!


Jo - On Sept. 23 I had attended the Conference on Spiritual Healing. I was healed of a degenerating hip disease. I believed I was going to be healed and I was. The pain is gone. I'm able to do things I haven't done for a very long time. I'm not taking medication any longer. I thank God and give him Praise and Glory.


John - . . . Later that afternoon, Bette called and told us of a contact here in Spokane where we should go for prayer. I was still out of it, but Kris looked into it and found the address for the Healing Rooms in downtown Spokane. It was just a few blocks away from where our bankruptcy hearing was held this morning.

As Kris and I crossed the street to enter the Healing Rooms building I felt a powerful sense that I was exactly where I was meant to be at that moment in time. A calm and peace I have seldom, if ever, really known.

We arrived just as they were opening and we were not alone. Many people were there to be ministered to. I remember thinking "What a novel idea! Right downtown, no waiting for the next Sunday or Wednesday night service." Please don't misunderstand me here...God's mercies and miracles have been realized at many church services and I by no means want to make light of that. But it was just downtown-down-right convenient!

An attendant with a warm smile and radiance met us. I must apologize, as I don't remember any of those people's names. I have never been gifted with that trait, but who knows what God will do tomorrow'

We were given a clipbord with a simple form to fill out. Various things were included in the list such as church affiliation and what not. What comes to mind were the questions: What do you want prayer for' And What results do you expect'

My answers to there were: 1) Deliverance from Crank addiction and 2) Sound mind and 3) Direction.

When our turn came, we were led to a small room with a few chairs and four men and women there to pray for us.

One man looked me straight in the eye and asked: What do you want God to do'

With all I could muster, I choked out "Forgive Me!" And they prayed.

I honestly don't remember much from that prayer session, but half a box of kleenex later Kris and I floated from those Healing Rooms and out to our car.

As we drove home I couldn't help but feel that all I could see, the streets, the buildings, trees and all--I was seeing for the first time..Like I had never been here before, even though I had lived here for 1 1/2 years. Perhaps the most special "new" thing I saw was when I looked into Kris' eyes and saw the most beautiful lady I had ever seen, my wife.


Joshua - When I was at the Healing Rooms the first time I was healed from five different things all at once -- maybe more. I just know in my heart that I was healed from more and just don't realize it. Maybe it's spiritual healing from my past--all I know from that experience in the Healing Rooms is that I am a new man and I am changing to be what God wants me to be. God was working on my heart two weeks before I came up and stayed at my sister and brother-in-law's house. They brought me to the Healing Rooms. Well, let me share with you that the heals of my feet were smashed for about a year and Darien and Todd prayed over my feet and I felt like there was a cast over the right foot and I felt the Spirit give tingling vibrating feeling in my foot. That's when I just knew that my feet were healed. Also when I got home from vacation I noticed my back was healed. I had tendonitis for three months or more, and I am free from my six years of depression. I give praise to the Lord.


Don - I was healed of depression, unforgiveness, and past hurts. Jesus has brought back great joy in my life. Praise God!


Charity - I was set free from mental confusion, deep depression and chronic fatigue. I was released into a clearer vision of Jesus Christ and set free to worship. Thank you Lord Jesus!


Dely - Last week I came in for prayer because of anxiety attacks and depression. After I left here I was feeling fantastic. I felt joy and a calm in my spirit--inner peace. I praise God for the prayer warriors here and their anointing. Thank you, Prayer Partners, Shirley and Marie. Self-esteem has been restored. I am a new being in Christ.


Jessica - I give Glory and all Honor to our Father in Heaven for complete healing from diabetes. Our Father will give complete healing from anything when we ask in faith in his Son's name. I will always give Jesus Christ full thanks with all my heart and for keeping me in good health. I praise His Holy Name and thank Him for everything. Amen.


Caroline - No sign of diabetes for the past three months! Praise God!


Dolores - I came to the Healing Rooms in October 2000. I had severe pain in my neck and upper back. My spine was fusing and I also had diabetes. I was very sceptical. Nothing seemed to happen, but two months later I was totally healed of the neck and back pain. A year later I realized I had no diabetes either. I quit taking all medication (I had a sure word from the Lord) and during a trip to the emergency room for another injury, the nurse was surprised at how well controlled "my" diabetes was. No pain and no meds for 2 1/2-3 years now.


Donna - I had been diagnosed with kidney failure due to diabetes. I came in for healing on Dec. 11, 1999. I went to the doctor on Dec. 15, 1999. My potassium level went from 6.0 (high-critical) to normal 4.8. My creatin level went from 4.1 to 4.0 which according to my doctor never happens. My anemia is better. The doctor lowered my medication by 2,000 units. I was to have a shot every seven days. I went 16 days before the next shot. Another kidney function test "BUN" went from 91 down to 58. My doctor was shocked. He had told me I would be on dialysis "sooner than later" at my November appointment. I am receiving a healing. I will be a walking, talking miracle. Praise God for His anointing!


Carol - I came the first time to be prayed for because the blood "CFA" level went up. (Breast Cancer). The doctor had me change meds. I had a bone scan and CT scan--They prayed there would not be anything there. There wasn't anything in my organs. A tiny spot on a lung and spots on bones. I believe Jesus took those stripes so we are all healed. He took all sins and our diseases. I refused to take an injection the oncologist wanted me to take. I felt a relief when I made this decision. My left leg was prayed for also and it is better. I am standing on "The truth shall set me free." Prov. 17:15 is my prayer now. I believe the diabetes is healed also. I give the Lord all the praise and glory for my wellness.


Jo Ann - In July 1999 I sent a letter to my hairdresser in MT explaing the ministry along with two anointed prayer cloths. One was for her son, who suffered from diabetes. On August 8th I received a telephone call from a friend reporting that she put the prayer cloth under her son's pillow. It has been there for three days and each of those days her son has had a perfect blood count, having less shots of insulin; eating food he could not eat before without triggering diabetes (ice-cream). The friend stated that she felt the power of God in the letter and in the prayer cloth.


Velma - She came to the Healing Rooms asking for healing of high blood pressure, glaucoma, a lump in her right breast and diabetes. She writes:

"Our prayers have been answered. The Lord has healed me of all the things I asked you to pray for. Thanks be to God. I have a clear report from all the doctors."


Robert - On October 17, 2002, your mimistry sent me a blue prayer cloth at the request of our son who contacted you by the internet. I am writing to tell you the results and cannot thank you enough. I am very grateful for the help that I received.

I have a number of health problems. Diabetes, heart disease, and in August I underwent a hip replacement. I had pain and numbness in my legs and feet which was diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. The night following hip surgery, I had this terrific pain like a red hot torch burning across my foot that pain medication could barely subdue. From then on the pain often would be relieved only by sitting up and dangling my feet . Once home, the pain medications that were prescribed made me ill and did little to ease the pain. It was very hard to walk or do the exercises I was supposed to do for my hip.

Your prayer cloth arrived October 21. That day was a bad day for me as I was mentally and emotionally upset so I waited until October 22 the next evening to put it on my pillow. The next morning that severe pain seemed to be gone. There was still some neuropathy with some numbness with some feelingn of heat or burning and a feeling of my legs being stuffed which I have had for years off and on. I was used to this so it was tolerable.

The next day I felt well enough to walk and do some errands. But in one store, the pain hit my foot again so severely that I was barely able to walk back home. The pain was almost intolerable for one hour. Then as suddenly as it came after surgery, the pain left and has not been back.

I still have neuropathy in both feet which makes it hard to sleep in a bed. I am still more confortable sleeping in a chair where my feet are lower than my head. But my attitude and sense of well being has improved almost 98%. I am most grateful to the Lord for the miracle healing by way of your prayer cloth for that searing pain. I am praising God for what He did and for continuing to heal me. It has been four weeks now and I am able to do most things again. The doctors fixed my hip joint, but God gave me back my lief. I am 80 years old.


Richard - I received prayer in Sept. 2001 for diabetes. My blood sugar was running high, even with medication. After I was prayed for my blood sugar got twice as bad as it was before prayer. I knew that was the enemy trying to discourage me. I continued to hold to God's promises and my healing. Within three months, I was completely cured. I am off all medication, and my blood sugar levels remain outstanding. God did for me what medical science was unable to do, and I give Him all the glory, praise, and honors.


Angie - My right leg was grown out and lined up perfectly with the left. Pain and trauma from the hip down to the lower calf subsied. I am claiming complete restoration to the right knee that was crushed in an auto accident and 40 pieces of bone knit back in place. I am also taking command of all cells in my body and telling them to conform to the Word of God. Diabetes you are a thing of the past!


Doris - I had pain on the right side of my back going to my shoulder and down my arm. I received prayer and the Lord took the pain away. Also I had prayer for high blood pressure, diabetes and a chronic cough that our Lord Jesus healed. I received much more than I ever expected. Thank you to the counselors who were used so graciously by the Holy Spirit.


Janelle - Praise the Lord! The Lord has blessed me soooo much today. I don't know where to begin. He has completely healed me to whole restoration of my body. My leg was lengthened, my arm was lengthened also. The pain in my shoulder, lower back and neck is gone! Thank you Jesus. I am also healed on the inside. My liver, Hep. C, my kidneys, diabetes, and my eyes. I love you Lord Jesus!


Christina - The Lord healed me of years of stomach problems and irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis after being prayed for in the prayer rooms.


Arthur - The Lord healed me of a drug addiction and set me free. And the Lord has also blessed my marriage.


Nicole - I have been ill for about 2 years (diabetic for 17)--a result of poor choices when I was younger (not controlling my diabetes). Many people had been to pray for me and anoint me with oil. We went to the Healing Rooms in March, and God started turning things around. The healing I have already experienced is nothing short of a miracle. It is in my eyes, my bladder, my kidneys, my stomach, and apparently after 17 years my pancreas is producing insulin. I don't pretend to know how or why God works the way He does, but I know He is working and I want you to know you are part of it. Thank you for praying for me. The most amazing thing is the miracle in my heart. Give God the glory -- He is working!!!


Larry - I received six specific healings while in Rochester, NY at the Healing Rooms. I traveled there from PA. I am now home and can testify that I am indeed healed of all six problems.

1) Had flat feet, now have arches. This was a creative miracle.

2) Feet were always cold, now they are warm.

3) Partially crushed throat years ago, would choke when swallowing food. Can now eat large meals with no problem.

4) Heared of ulcer in esophagus.

5) Hips healed, before healing could not stand beyond a short time. Now I can stand indefinitely.

6) Healed of digestive system. Problems goes way back.


Sheila - Lower back and neck pain is healed completely. Diverticulitus is healed completely. Praise God!


Pastor Ilona - Our God is an awesome God. A week ago or so I got diverticulitis and the pain was so sharp. I almost could not made my trip. Today in the Healing Rooms I received my heaing. I am "crossing the Jordon" and plan to have my first meal at lunch. The healing team members in every team were great--loving, yet bold, compassionate, yet standing on God's promises. Thank you Lord and Thank you Healing Teams.


Julio - The ringing and the pain in my left ear is gone. I did not ask for healing, but God has healed me. That is how much He loves us! Praise God.


Tylor - I asked God to help me with a pain in my ear and God worked a miracle in six minutes. Our God is awesome!


Ivan - My right ear was almost deaf. I could hear sounds, but it was muffled. Now after prayer my hearing is clear for the first time in ten years.


Darrell - During the training seminar Sunday night, my painful left hip area gradually quit hurting. It has continued to be much freer from pain since that evening. I had been experiencing sharp pain when I moved, especially for the past three days. Then I received prayer this morning and my ears, which have been partially plugged by infection, popped and opened--especially the right ear. My hearing has improved since we started prayer in the war room and significantly after prayer from the ministry team.


Kathryn - I've had a buzzing in my ear for about a month and a half. When the team prayed for me, I was healed. There was some sort of ancestral 'distraction' and 'hindrance' and it disappeared and I was healed. Praise the Lord forever! Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Team. The team also saw a flag waving over me which was very significant for me and that God had called me as a prayer warrior which was a confirmation and great encouragement to me. Bless the name of Jesus! He is so wonderful!


Richard - Thank you Jesus for healing my ear of a hearing loss. The Lord thy God is ever present to heal the broken hearted. I had a spirit of confusion brought on by the devil to stop my ministry of being a prophet. Chosen by God, I thank God for His Healing Rooms in Spokane.


Carolyn - You prayed for me at Oceanside. I was very aware that something had popped in my ear as I came up from the floor. As I have no mastoid bone or anvil, stirrup. I only hear ranges of sounds so I do not hear through that ear. On the phone I could hear noise but was not able to make out waht was being said to me until that evening. I would like to tell you that I went to an audiologist yesterday to see how my hearing was. They showed me my last test from 1994. My new graf, which they do not understand, shows I have improvement in my high and low frequency hearing. It made me laugh at the goodness of the Father. I am now looking to have all levels of my hearing improved. Praise His Name. Thank you again for a delightful evening.


Sharon - Due to the faithful prayers of your intercessors and the wonderful presence and healing power of the precious Holy Spirit, I have experienced healing in so many areas of my life--emotional, spiritual, and physical. Also, my left ear was damaged several years ago through a loud noise. My other ear had suffered damage from a chronic infection. God healed both my ears.


Pat - I had only 10% hearing in my left ear from a perfurated ear drum. Now I can hear much better. Thank you, Jesus.


Connie - My ears and quit working. As I was prayed for my ear popped had I could hear clearly. Praise my Jesus.


Larry - He had a hearing problem and very bad acid reflux. His hearing was healed and he does not need antiacids any more.


Maxine - The last time I was here the hearing was restored in my left ear. Praise the Lord! He is so great! Also my left foot and leg which was shorter than my right foot and leg actually grew in length. Today I had terrible pain in my left shoulder and even believed that perhaps I was having a heart attack. I was prayed for and began to gradually feel tension and pain leave my shoulder.


Bunny - I was in for prayer in the afternoon and later in the afternoon I realized a growth on the tendon in my wrist was gone. Then that evening in the training I heard a popping in my ears and the speaker was twice as loud as before. But what's so wonderful is that I didn't even know I was losing my hearing. Glory to God!


Karin - I had a weepy ear for years. It would itch, and weep and smell. I had medicine that would help then it would start all over again. I had it for over 14 years. After I was prayed for on 11-04-99 I have never had any more problems. Thank you Lord for your healing.


Diana - My tooth has been made whole. The dentist could not fix my tooth and wanted to extract it. God restored it 88% before leaving the Healing Rooms and I believe it will be totally healed as I return hom. Thank you, Jesus.


Terry - During my prayers for healing my lower back pain was significantly reduced. By the time my healing session was over, my lower back pain was gone. Praise God!


Andrea M. - Yesterday, my son received prayer for eczema (skin rash) and today the rash is gone. Today my knee has been healed and I can walk without pain. Thank you God! Thank you Jesus!


John - I'm writing to you today to inform you that Jesus has used your ministry to heal me of eczema. This skin condition has bothered me for about 20 years, since about 14 years of age. I now have the smoothest skin on my fingers that I ever had. Praise God!! Also, just to let you know that before and after I received prayer at the Healing Rooms I was reading the manual "How to Minister to Specific Diseases." I found out about the roots of eczema that are fear, anxiety and stress and the scriptures to stand on for new skin. I realized that I had a fear from childhood that I did not want any one to find out about. I had confessed it to God and I knew I was forgiven, but the fear of people finding out was still there. On the way home I confessed it to my wife. I was in fear that she would turn her back on me. But, God is good and gave me a wife who, with His mercy, understood and even said it was not that big of a deal! I was healed as I went. Now it's been about two months since I received prayer and about two weeks since my skin has really turned around and no more cracks and dryness. I have used every kind of lotion you can think of -- only finding temporary relief. AFter all the years I can tell you that it is really gone.


Michael - I came in for a fresh anointing and left with a healed back and elbow and a new tenderness towards the Lord and a new ministry and hunger for the Word.


Brett - My Endocrine system was healed. I received wonderful prayer for my new identity, renewing of my mind. The leviathan spirit (bring fog) was released. My sinuses were prayed for. I received the Word of God and the ability to read the Bible was increased. My bride was prayed for. Thank you, Jesus!


Jesse - I brought my daughter, Jessie, in on March/01 for healing. She had suffered from epilepsy since she was four years old. Her 18th birthday was on April 5. She has NOT had a seizure since April 22nd and it is now August 10th. Praise God!


Tina - I came in asking God to confirm my healing of epilepsy. He did! He said that the spirit of infirmity that was cast out two months prior was the root cause. I was set frree form fear, also!


Lester - I needed healing for my eyes (pressure behind my eyes). I received prayer and was instantly healed. Jesus is my healer and only He can heal. Praise God!


Eric - My eyes got healed so I don't need to wear glasses any more. Thank you, Jesus. God told me to take my glasses off and I could read stuff that I couldn't before.


Ben - Healed from far-sightedness. Healed from fear in my life. I can now walk in the way God wants me to and not have fear hanging over me all the time. Thank you, Jesus.


Sandra - Praise god! My eyes were opened from a debilitating muscle problem around my eyes that caused them to close.


Heather - I came in Friday for prayer (I had a spinal tap on Thursday with a lot of pain). I woke up Saturday morning with no pain from the spinal tap. My eyes were 20/60 and the eye doctor had ordered my prescription. My vision was clear after receiving prayer, as well. We went to the eye doctor yesterday and my vision was 20/20! The eye doctor didn't know what to think--they want me to come back. Praise God my vision is healed and I am pain free!


Ella Mae - For 43 years I could not read or write my name. I could not see without glasses. Now I am reading and writing and seeing without glasses even after wearing tri-focals. I was hit by a drunk driver while in a sheelchair. I broke my right elbow and rotary cup and even with surgery I still could not move myt arm. Now I have been blessed and can move my arm over my head. When I came in to the Healing Rooms I was suffering with my hips being out and scoliosis. As the prayer team touched me my hips and back started to move into place and the pain disappeared. Praise God.


Robbert - I needed glasses to drive otherwise I would get headaches. The next day, after receiving prayer, I didn't need my glasses. I drove all day without any headache. I had no chest pains and no intestinal pains. They were all gone after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms.


Christa - Jesus restored my full eyesight in the Healing Rooms!


Famie - For the past six months to a year I've had blurred vision. I was near-sighted. I couldn't recognize people from a distance. I couldn't tell if someone was looking me in the eye and smiling, or not. But, tonight, February 18th, God has restored my vision. I will no longer wear glasses to see, but I will wear God's glasses to hear through my eyes. Even though my healing took place two days after my 16th birthday it's still a wonderful surprise, and God is always on time. Praise the Lord!


Terry - During my prayers for healing, my lower back pain was significantly reduced. By the time my healing session was over my lower back pain was gone! Praise God!


Nettie - I am healed of a cataract in my right eye, curviture of the spine, generational masonic curses of ten years back, arthritis, heart valve problems, skin problems, hip problems, complete restoration of body--nerves and circulation. Praise the Lord!


Scott - God has heled me from a chronic circulation problem. Every day, like clockwork, my feet and calves would be as cold as ice. God has healed me completely.


Rod - J. came to the Friday night training for the San Jose Healing Rooms in a very painful condition. She had suffered with Crohn's Disease for 30 years and could hardly even walk. She had to have a cane and someone's help in some cases to get around. Her digestive system had been devastated and she could only eat very small portions of certain foods. On Friday night we prayed for her and on Saturday, when she returned, she was doing a little better and by afternoon was able to walk some of the time without her cane. After receiving prayer Saturday, J. joined the rest of us at a restaurant for dinner and was surprised to find that for the first time in years she had a varcious appetite. She was eating everything in sight! As we walked out of the restaurant she was the last one to leave and just as we reached the parking lot we heard her yelling. "See me! See me! See me!" It was J., who the night before could scarcely walk, running, leaping, and dancing past us as tears ran down her cheeks. She was completely healed!!!!! Praise Jesus. Your mercy endures forever!


Norma Jean - A while back I was given some prayer cloths for healing from a friend who had been to your healing frooms and was healed from asthma. I put a cloth under my husband's pillow case (without his knowledge) and prayed God would take care of him. He is on oxygen and has congestive heart failure and has bee doctoring with a heart specialist for one or two years. Two or three weeks after I had put the cloth under his pillow he had a doctor's appointment with the heart doctor. The doctor checked him over and said, "I don't se any reason why you should come back to see me because you are doing very well." Praise the Lord!


Jim - I wanted to e-mail all of you to let you know what the Lord has done in my life. About a month before my wife and I came to the training in May 2001, I had been to the doctor for a minor problem, however while there, they began to perform some tests. Finally they came into the room and talked to me, and stressed concern that they thought I had colon cancer. The tests that they had taken that day were pointing to conclusion, along with them having come back "positive". We were leaving in a couple of weeks to attend your training for healing rooms. The doctor wanted me to have some more extensive tests ran at the Cleveland clinic to confirm the findings of the initial ones that they had already done which had come back positive. My response was that I would do that only after I came back from Spokane. I proceeded with my trip to Spokane and, quite frankly, was in a lot of pain. The "symptoms" and pain were quite real. Fear would try to grip me from moment to moment. I kept lining up with God's Word. God met me at the Healing Rooms in Spokane in a very powerful and unusual way. While I was there I received prayer for healing. When I returned home, the very next day I went to the Cleveland Clinic and had the more extensive tests ran and everything came back normal. The Doctor said that he could find no trace of cancer in my colon. I told him it was because Jesus Christ had healed me!


Doreen - Praise and thanks be to God and His saints that minister in His Name! The Lord has made me whole--freed from vasculitis in the brain, lungs from inflamation, hip/back in place and circulation restored in my body. My soul and mind have been renewed to serve Him.


Dan - A friend of mine has suffered from Crohn's Disease for years and was recently hospitalized as her small intestine closed down to the size of a pencil. She experienced nausea, internal bleeding, severe pain, and exhaustion. Since the Spokane Conference I have been taking communion to break through. Then after a meeting in our home group with two evangelists from Kenya, I was prompted in the spirit to fast and pray starting on Monday morning. Monday evening I went to the hospital to pray for and anoint my friend. She had tubes coming out of her body everywhere. I simply prayed and anointed her in accordance with God's Word. I left no feeling anything particular, but the next day I received a call from my wife who had just talked to my friend's husband. He told her that after I left she no longer had any pain, nausea, bleeding and her bowel opened up. The medical staff was confused. We are praising God for her full and complete healing in Jesus' Name!


Jan - I had an irregular heart beat that was quite severe. This had lasted for 15 years. Along with this condition I had a chronic cough. When I came up in January, 2002, I was prayed for and have not had the irregular heart beat nor cough since. Praise God! During this same visit I had my back prayed for which had a couple old injuries. These injuries started in 1967. I got prayed for and have not had a problem since.


John - I came in with chest pain. During prayer the ache left and the burning is also gone.


Brian - Comment: Striking gliosis is present with prominent Rosenthal fibers. However, cellularity is relatively low. Rare bizarre astrocytes are encountered, but are attributed to radiation effect. There is no suggestion of recurrent high-grade astrocytoma. (this prior statement was the most significant one!!!) This case has been reviewed by the SHMC Pathology Staff. Basically it says we don't know what it is but it is not a cancerous tumor!! I don't know that they are even classifying it as a tumor anymore. Plus from the MRI there is very little left after the surgery. I couldn't even see it on the MRI. My own white blood cells may have already cleaned up those last bits of whatever it is (Parenchyma showing atypical gliosis). So that is why I feel like a million bucks!! I think the first guy looked at it and decided to ask the rest of the staff to try and explain it. My surgeon was grinning when he handed me the pathology report, but didn't say anything or try ot explain what it was, but only said something like "its done something that's not normal, it has been downgraded and they just don't do that. Then he looked at my wife and said "Whether you like it or not, he's going to be around longer than you think." She responded with all the compassion and emotion you could well imagine and said something like "Well let's put him back to work and start helping me out around the house!" I am calling myself "healed" if you will allow me to. Well whether you allow me to or not, Jesus daid in Mark 11:21-26 "Have faith in God. Truly I say to you (I guarantee you), whoever of you says to this mountain 'be taken up and cast into the sea' and does not doubt in his heart, but instead believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted to him. Therefore I say to you, all things for hwich you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall come to you."


Suzanne - I just wanted to let you know that my right wrist, which had carpal tunnel, is healed. I have not slept for several years without a wrist brace, and the last two night I slept without it. Thanks!


Kelly - I came in with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. I am going home and calling the doctor to cancel my surgery! I am healed! Praise you, Lord Jesus!


Walter - Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. On my retirement in Sept. 1999 a long list of diseases were discovered. So I went to a church to receive healing of cancer (prostate). I was healed, but I could not convince the doctor because the PSA count of 5.9 is not right and over the next few months began to creep upward. I had been led to set dates and claim deliverance for other problems (ulcer, acid reflux, hernia, etc.) but found the pattern that the advesary delights in of putting symptoms back on me in an attempt to bring doubt instead of faith. On, or about, May 10, 2000, I came to the Healing Rooms with an intercessor friend for prayer. The itching on my legs was cured immediately. The PSA count dropped to 5.9 again so I convinced the doctor that I didn't need to come back for at least a year for a check-up. The symptoms of other diseases have lessened in frequency and severity as I call on the blood of Jesus and rebuke the attacks of Satan.


Maureen - I have been tormented by painful canker sores in my mouth since I was a child. They have been getting worse. I came to the Healing Rooms twice and asked for prayer and healing for these pests. Praise God -- they are gone! I have not had any canker sores for two weeks! Thank you, Lord Jesus!


Elaine - As you know, I came to the Healing Rooms in May, 2000, diagnosed with cancer on my nose and a vascular hemangioma on my lip. Doctors told me that I would require three separate surgeries to try to correct these problems. I would probably have to have reconstructive surgery at a later time, as the doctors wanted to cut off the side of my nose. They also wanted to block a major artery in my brain to destroy the vascular problem. As you have my original testimony, you know that I was dramatically healed. The cancer totaly disappeared, after having consistently bled for eight months. The vascular problem dramatically reduced in size and color, turning light pink from a dark reddish/purple color and it has reduced in size where it is hardly perceptible. When I came out to Spokane, my lip was so swollen and distended, it felt like it was going to split. It is now flat, with just the slightest small trace of its former problem. I am sure the problem will totally disappear.


Anne - Regarding my husband Darrel's diagnosis of cancer of his remaining right lung which is inoperable (but operable in the Lord's hands). Good report! All CT scans were clear pictures. Nothing showed up on brain, bones, liver, stomach or lung. Current spot in lung shows "NO GROWTH!" Can we hear a hallelujah to God! Isn't the Lord Great' Thanks for the prayers. In three months he will got for another scan to check again. WE are believing in victory and miracles in Christ.


Rich & Dottie - "For I will restore health to you and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord your God." Her medical physician referred C. to the Healing Rooms of South Florida. C. was filled with cancer throughout her body.

1. She had cancer all over the liver.

2. She had cancer in her lung.

3. She had cancer all over her vertebra, from her neck to her tailbone.

4. She had cancer all over her sacrum.

5. She had cancer all over her hip joints.

6. She had cancer all over the bones in both of her legs.

C. began coming to the Healing Rooms of South Florida for prayer ministry on May 30th, 2002. As our ministry prayer team prayed for C. the Lord opened C's heart to receive Him as her Lord and Savior. C. was literally glowing with the presence of the Lord upon her. She stated that the pain had left her legs and she was walking much better. C. would come to the Healing Rooms twice a week for prayer ministry. Her cancer markers were extremely elevated, yet C. was feeling much better. She declared that she believed that the Lord was indeed healing her, we concurred. It was a joy to watch as the Lord began restoring health to C. as she is only 42 years old. On August 30th, as we ministered to C. she had an intense heat come upon her body--she literally experienced the tangible presence of the Lord coming upon her. The Lord was ministering His healing Virtue to C.

C. came to us this past Saturday, November 16, 2002, she was rejoicing in that which the Lord had accomplished in her body. She had brought her Nuclear Studies of July and the latest one that was taken on November 4th. Her physicians can find no trace of cancer in her liver, her lung, her vertebra, as well as both of her leg bones. She only has four little spots on her sacrum and hip joints that are resolving. Her physicians have delcared that it is truly a MIRACLE. There is nothing medically that can explain what they have seen taking place in C's body. Her cancer markers have gone from 2000 to 72. Hallelujah! C. feels as though the Lord has given her back her life, and indeed He has. The Lord declares in John 10:10 "Satan has come to rob, destroy and to kill you. But I have come that you might have life and life abundantly." It is a joy to see the abundant life that C. now has in the Lord Jesus. She shared with us that she has completely finished reading the New Testament. It is a blessing to watch her growing in the Lord.


Mary - Before I could not read without my reading glasses. The Lord had healed my eyes and I can see clearly. Thank you, Jesus.


Caroline - The middle of November I noticed blurred vision. The blurry vision increased by the day and on Ddec. 1 I went to the eye doctor. The doctor said I would have to wear thick eye glasses permanently. Shortly after the doctor's examination I went ot the Healing Rooms and then I went again two more times. During the following two weeks after the first time at the Healing Rooms I could see slightly better and during the next week I noticed a slight improvement in my vision. The following week I suddenly could see everything clearly except for small print, but within a few days I could even read small print. After I was prayed for the first time my vision didn't instantly come back. It was gradually coming back. Even though my vision didn't instantly come back I never doubted. I told Jesus you healed my vision. I will do anything for you. I will serve the Lord Jesus everyday forever.


Ron - The Lord is and has healed my wrist and back from serious pain and weakness and just blessed me with His Spirit.


Denise - It has been seven months today since I last took the medicine I was taking for Bi-Polar. I have no (absolutely none) symptoms. I am healed completely!


Ruth Anne - I came in July 2, 2004 with an outbreak of Shingles. It occurred after I'd disposed of witchcraft items placed on my property. (I hadn't worn gloves or gotten them away from the perameter. I then did and prayed and anointed the areas). Shingles errupted in the shape they had drawn on my right shoulder. While here waiting it felt like cool water being poured over the weeping blisters. I was prayed for and the feeling continued all day and into the night. My anxiety eased. The next morning, most signs of shingles were GONE. All signs were gone in 24 hours! God is amazing, real, and to be praised! (The miracle is that they are supposed to last for weeks). I now dance and sing and am learning to pray for both healing and propheticaly with FAITH!


Heather - I came in for prayer and healing for petit-mal epilepsy. While I was being prayed over the Holy Spirit said that the seizures were gone. I haven't had any since. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was eight, and I am now 36. Thank you, Lord for your amazing grace. I'm now free!


Joy - My husband had walked out of our marriage after three months. We are back together and we have renewed our vows and our marriage in in God's hands and being blessed daily. We are both committed and very happy. I have my husband back and I have fallen in love with him. God has broken Satan's attack and his ex-wife's attacks to break up our marriage. Praise Jesus. Amen! Happiness is a blessing. Grace is a gift. Be joyous in all things. Praise be to our Lord for we are healed by His stripes.


Martha - My back was hurting when I came in to the Healing Rooms -- the Holy Spirit came to me and I was healed. It hasn't hurt since. Praise God!


Kathleen - It is amazing to me -- amazing to my oncologist's nurse practitioner -- my stage IV lung cancer ('hopeless-inoperable-incurable') has regressed* NOT advanced. I credit this to the believing prayers of my friends and the folks here at the Healing Rooms. I've also been watchign what I eat and exercising. I am fully convicted that the Lord Jesus Christ can heal. Praise His Holy Name! Thank God for believrs in Christ. I am continuing in faith to take medicine, but more than that to take God at His Word. (*This was the first hopeful word from the medical people in the 2 1/2 years since the cancer was diagnosed. Praise the Lord!)


Donna - After coming to the Healing Rooms I have been saved from my meth addiction. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus!


Pauline - I had a big lump on the ball of my foot, calcium deposit or bone spur. Painful to walk on. God dissolved it. My foot feels wonderful. No more pain!


Terry - I came in last year for healing in my feet. I had pain in my heels and was prayed for twice. Healing manifested both times, but went away. I kept standing for the healing. I confessed my healing daily. After several months the Holy Spirit stopped me and asked when I was going to stop confessing my healing and walk in it. I removed my arch supports from my shoes and I've been walking pain free ever since.


Dick - After a nine hour flight from Amsterdam to Seattle my left foot was swollen with redness and great pain that radiated part way up the calf of my leg. The symptoms reoccurred for two days until Thursday morning in the War Room (Healing Rooms) when team members prayed for me. Symptoms subsided and I was able to minister all day Thursday. Friday morning all the symptoms were gone.


Eric - God healed my feet. They were crooked and now they are straight.


Patty - On July 5, 2002, my husband and I were prayed over by one of your healing teams. I hve had serious foot pain that has greatly limited my abiity to walk for the last ten years. X-rays have revealed that the cartilage in the first metatarsal phalangeal joints (where the big toes connect to the foot) is almost completely gone in both feet. Also, the cartilage in the second metatarsal cuneiform joint bilateral (bones over top of the arch) of both feet is almost completely gone. Also, over the top of the arches there has been a great deal of swelling from an unknown origin. I have visited a chiropractor, four general practitioners, three physical therapists, two podiatrists, and one rheumatologist seeking reief; none of them have been able to discover what is causing my pain. I have tried numerous pain medications that I had to stop using because they raised my blood pressure. I have used four different types of orthodics with varying degrees of success. But, none helped me walk more than a block or so. And, the pain persisted. I recently started water aerobics, but because my feet would cramp, I had to wear a weight belt to keep my feet from touching the floor of the pool. Since our visit to the Healing Rooms I am walking over a mile with little or no pain, the swelling over the top of my arches has decreased significantly, and I am able to do water aerobics without the weight belt. Praise God! Thank you for being there for me.


Joshua - When I was at the Healing Rooms the first time I was healed from five different things all at once, maybe more. I just know in my heart that I was healed from more and just don't realize it. Maybe it's spiritual healing from my past. All I know from that experience in the Healing Rooms that I am a new man and I am changing to be what God wants me to be. God was working on my heart two weeks before I came up. Well, let me share with you that the heals of my feet were smashed for about a year and the prayer team prayed over my feet and I felt like there was a cast over the right foot and I felt the Holy Spirit give tingling vibrations in my foot. That's when I just knew that my feet were healed. Also when I got home from my vacation I noticed my back was healed. I had tendonitis for three months or more, and I am free from my six year depression. Praise God.


Sylvia - The ache in my back from the compressed vertibrae is gone. The burning and pain in my feet is gone! Praise God!


Almira - Swelling left my right foot and both legs as they went into alignment. Stress left my body; peace filled my being as I was being set free of past burdens. Pain left my body. Glory to God!


Maxine - The last time I was here the hearing was restored in my left ear. Praise the Lord! He is so great! Also my left foot and leg which was shorter than my right leg actually grew in length. Today I had terrible pain in my left shoulder and even believed that perhaps I was having a heart attack. I was prayed for and began to gradually feel tension and pain leave my shoulder.


Christy - Healing Rooms of Kalamazoo isn't quite open yet...but God!! We were picking out colors for the court rooms (prayer rooms). When finished Christy asked if we could pray for her; she was feeling sick..flue like symptoms, back ache, sore throat, etc.. We prayed; used the word of knowledge about some things, then prayed and released the power of God into her body! The next day Christy testified all symptoms were gone! Praise God...


Bonnie - At approximately 12:30 I was waiting to be prayed for. I had tried to walk with persevering faith in God -- When a friend told me to get a prayer cloth from off the table by the receptionist. I asked and she said yes. I took two and put them in each shoe. I was reading the Healing Rooms bulletin in the hallway about John G. Lake and Cal Pierce's testimony and sayind a prayer trying to keep my mind off the pain in my feet, back and legs when all of a sudden my feet feel like they are on fire.


Ken and Elisa - Five year old ferret was healed of life threatening injury after prayer cloth was administered.


Rusty - Physical healings: back pain, all (and there were many) pains, left-over sympsoms of fibromyalgia, headaches, sinus problems, etc. Emotional healings: free from low self worth, loss of sense of identity, soul-ties. I gained peace and am a whole person again. My joy is back!


Brandy - I had a pulled muscle in my back which had caused me great pain. I also had numbness in all of my fingers. The next day the pain in my back was gone and I regained the feeling in my fingers. The Lord Heals All -- Praise the Lord!


Laurie - In March 3/4/2000 the healing teams came to our church. I knew I would be one of the first to be healed. After Cal spoke, he called forward a woman (there may have been more than one) who had fibromyalgia, only he couldn't even pronounce it. 40 to 50 people came forward. I was healed of the pain, weariness, mental and physical fatigue. I went from 20-25 Ibuprofin a day to 10 in the last four months! On Sunday evening my right leg was lenghtened 3/4 of an inch. That in itself was special because a good friend of mine -- a new believer -- had prayed to see a miracle. His face as 6 inches away from my foot. He still talks about it.


Mark - Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms God opened my eyes to the full atoning sacrifice of Jesus. I was oppressed by severe fibromyalgia, CFS, and chemical sensitivity. I could hardly walk 100 yards. Realizing that I could rebuke the lying oppression of pain, I did so on three different occasions. After gaining victory through Jesus I walked two miles at one time (on three different occasions). The enemy is still trying to oppress me, but I'm taking pro-active measures against him. I fully expect total victory and healing in Jesus' name!


Stacey - I came in for prayer for fibromyalgia and thyroid problems. I went to the doctor and my thyroid is normal and I have no more pain from fibromyalgia.


Cristina - Healed of fibromyalgia after nine years on 9/12/02. I have not taken any pain medication since then!


Nancy - I received a "Father's Blessing" today. Dick and Shirley ministered to me and now I am blessed in ways I had only hoped for. I did not have a good father-daughter relationship and did not know how relevant having a father bless me really was. This blessing filled in the fractured pieces of my heart and I know has made me whole. Praise God! I was also healed of fibromyalgia, had my spine aligned, my eyes healed of macular degeneration and cataracts. But, by and far, my greatest healing was receiving a Father's love.


Chris - When I got here there was pain through my fingers and in my knees. As we prayed the tendons in my forearms felt so hot as if they were on fire and stretched out, even when the hands of the prayer team were very cool. My knees quit snapping and popping and the pain was gone. I was asked about blood pressure and respiratory issues and received prayer for those things as well and felt such a feeling of ease and comfort. I have been in pain for so long that it feels odd without it.


Cassandra - I had been troubled with food allergies for over ten years. I am standing on God's healing Word and walking forward in faith and not yfear. Thank you for standing in faith with me as I learn to put God's Word in my heart and believe it's for me and my situation. I've begun to eat foods I haven't eaten in years and I'm believing God for complete restoration of my digestive and immune systems! May it be for His Glory!


Damion - Came in for prayer for food poisoning. Was up and running the next day including my appetite.


John - Delivered from a painful foot. After three doctors were unable to find a cause, the Lord healed it in minutes -- completely. He is Lord! Amen! I came in on crutches and in a plastic cast -- and I walked out!


Carol - Had prayer Wed. in the Healing Rooms -- the Silver Room -- received healing of my vision. I am unable to use my glasses. I have been reading without them since receiving prayer. I had glaucoma and cataracts and I will be having this healing verified by my physician at my next appointment. I have also noticed an increase in my field of vision range. Thursday afternoon I experienced gold dust! Praise the Lord! More manifestations to come!


Betsy - I came in for prayer for the second day today. Six months ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, which is an auto-immune problem. It had caused the muscles behind my eyes to inflame and swell which pushed my eyes out of their sockets in a bulging position. My eyes had started crossing when I tried to focus. Double vision was occuring as well. During hte prayer time my eyes began to decrease in swelling! They are much closer to normal, to the hpoint I feel I can go without dark glasses to cover them up! The crossing is much, much better, the right eye just crosses slightly. My focus is clearer. There was such breakthrough taht I now know that complete recovery is in process! Praise the Name of the Lord my God! Thank you for your amazing love and grace!


Angie - Graves disease diagnosis. God promises through His Word and others who witnessed to me of His intention to completely destroy the affects of this disease in my body. By His stripes my thyroid is healed. Swelling in my eyes is down and I'm believing my blood pressure will be normal (as is now) without medication and that goiters are shrinking and will be dissolved. Today I soaked in blessings of being here with sisters who are standing with me for complete victory and wisdom. I feel wonderful and am thanking God for a healthy thyroid and a body free of all symptoms.


Janie - Yesterday one of the things I received prayer for was regarding gum disease in my family. My gums have been bleeding during my week here in Idaho/Spokane, and my gums have stopped bleeding since the prayer yesterday. Praise the Lord!


Robert - I can hear better, my hip pain is gone. The pain in my hands is gone. The pain in my shoulder is also gone. Thank the Lord, Jesus!


Connie - I had been suffering the last few days with stomach problems and headaches. They are gone! And have not come back! Praise God!


Bruce - Almost all pain from my knees is gone. My headache is completely gone and my back is no longer filled with pain. Divine health was imparted to me today and is now happening.


Valerie - The Lord healed me after 12 years of painful headaches caused by a vein cluster. I have no more pain!


Steve - History: 12 days ago, experienced transient dysarthria with numbness and weakness of the left arm. Previous left sided stroke' Previous depressed skull fracture on the left requiring a metal plate. Findings: Normal brain scan. No evidence of infraction, recent or old. The appearance of the calvarium is normal. There is no metal plate present. It is gone! I have no more pain anywhere in my head. I don't even need sun glasses to see outside.


Dan - Came in last week of July with a sore neck and pain when I turned my head from side-to-side. A few days after I got prayer the pain left and I can move my head freely.


Sheree - On 8/16/04 I was involved in a car accident that left me in great pain. The doctor said I had whiplash and would need 6-8 weeks of physical therapy. Icame here on 8/25 and was prayed for, and again today. I am testifying that when I came I could not turn my head and was on three different pain meds. Today the pain is gone and I have full range of movement. Praise the Name of the Lord!


Lisa - My hearing was healed today. For the first time in my life I was able to carry on a conversation while others near me were also having a busy conversation and I heard everything!! I heard my friend, myself, and everyone else simultaneously! Normally I would have missed many words in the conversation with my friend, heard nothing of the other conversations, and probably asked my friend if we could talk elsewhere so I could hear her. Praise God!


Beverly - On May 3rd, 2005 I had a heart attack. On May 6th I had an echo cardiogram that showed considerable weakness on the left side of my heart. The muscle was not opening and closing all the way. On May 11th I went to North Shore Healing Rooms for prayer. I felt tremendous heat when hands were laid on my heart. Then a prophetic word came forth that God was giving me a new heart. On May 28th I had an echo stress test. During the test the doctor looked at the screen and said; "Wow! That's not the same heart I saw three weeks ago, run that portion again. Then he came out with the results of the test and said; "Your heart was working at 35% three weeks ago and now it is at 70%." I asked him, what does that mean' He said; "Your heart is fully restored at 70% and working perfectly normal, strong and healthy."


Pat - I am writing you to thank you for your outstanding service. My friend and I visited you in May. I have been waiting until I saw my cardiologist before writing you. He has seen a huge difference in my heart since you prayed for me. My pulse is now normal. This is a miracle! My lfie has changed. I am now able to do my own shopping, and do some of my housework, for the first time in four years. I cannot thank you enough. Isn't the Lord wonderful! Praise His Holy Name. May the Lord continue to bless you and provide for your continued service. God Bless you.


Jan - I had an irregular heart beat that was quite severe. This lasted for fifteen years. With this condition I had a chronic cough. When I came up in Jan. 2002, I was prayed for and have not had the irregular heart beat nor cough since. Praise God! During the same visit I had my back prayed for which had a couple old injuries. These injuries started in 1967. I got prayed for and have not had a problem since which had caused sciatic nerve problems from my hip to my ankle. Every once in a while I get this lying vanities and I command them to go, as I am healed! Praise God!


Bill - I would like to thank your prayer team for intercessory prayer said on my behalf for a very serious heart test that I was having done on the morning of June 12. I asked for the healing team to pray for me. Wow, the Father was very good to me that day. One of the best days of my life. Here's my story: This test is usually quite uncomfortable, and can be painful, and it was done to determine when, not if, I was going to have the open-heart surgery to repair two leaky valves in my heart. Due to a problem I had with my veins and bleeding the heart doctor wanted to call in a staff of other doctors to be with him when the surgery was done. Well, let me tell you, (Hey you had better be careful when dealing with one of God's children) your prayers were met and received and I claimed my healing that day. So now let me tell you the rest of the story. The Holy Spirit was right there with me the whole time, I not only felt no pain, but I had total faith in what the Father was going to do. I was so relaxed I was telling jokes in the operating room. They were all in dismay of how well the test was going. The Doctor reports test results: We are just going to have to run more tests on him because we can't find out what happened. We're not going to schedule him for surgery right now, we're just trying to find the problem that we know is there. God is so faithful to us everyday. I asked God if there was anyone there that needed prayer to show me. When I checked out of the hospital six hours early, one of Jesus' angels came up an asked me to pray with her. This nurse needed this prayer. Wow, is He great or what' I would like to thank you all for asking Jesus to help me. Thanks to all of you, your prayers are working and we need to keep prayer warriors over our churces and ministries. Amen. P.S. One more test was done on the 2nd of July. The doctor looked at me and smiled as he said, "Bill I don't need to see you again for at least six months, then we'll check you out one more time." He said, "It looks so much better I can't believe it!" Thank you, Jesus.


Carolyn - Healed of pain and suffering of a heel spur. I keep claiming it is made whole and well thru His stripes. Amen. Thank you -- God Bless You.


Sandy - The Lord healed the pain in my heels/ankles. Every step had been full of pain for one year! I have no more limping and no more pain. Thank you, Jesus.


Michelle - God totally healed my heal and knee. Right now the ballsof my feet are both prickling. Praise God!