Salvation -

I watched the Tuesday meeting with Chuck and Dutch twice! Our healing rooms are open on Wednesday. We have hardly had anyone coming in all summer. Last Wednesday (after watching the videos) we had 10 people come in for prayer!! The next day, I go to an intercessory prayer meeting - We had two people just "drop by" who were looking for some help. The woman had just gotten out of jail the day before. Someone in the jail prayed for her and she got released (she had been told it would be at least a 10 year sentence). She was totally, radically saved by Jesus. She cried a lot and so did her friend. They still need a lot of support, but I believe these two events are NOT a Coincidence. They are the first fruits of the prophetic words from Chuck and Dutch. Hallelujah!

Sarabelle Y - August 11, 2019
Treasure Valley Healing Rooms
Ontario, Oregon USA

Traumatic Brain Injury Healed -

I called in for a young man who had a serious brain injury. They weren't sure if he would live. He fully recovered. The doctors called it a miracle!

D. L. - August 4, 2019
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Bismarck, North Dakota USA

Back Healed through Leg Lengthening -

I had a painful back for about 4 weeks. It was hard to walk. I came for prayer. My legs were not the same length. The Team prayed & one leg grew out longer to match the other leg. The pain left! Now I walk pain free and have a good gait -- no more unsteadiness! I praise the Lord for His love & grace. I thank Him for the Healing Rooms & Team members.

Diane B.- August 4, 2019
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Bismarck, North Dakota USA

Seizures healed -

A family brought their 3 month old baby into the Healing Rooms for prayer last Tuesday because he had been having seizures since he was born. He was given a diagnosis having to do with a genetic condition that could lead to permanent seizures into childhood and adulthood. We prayed with not only the baby, but his parents as well. His mother sent me a message on Thursday stating that he had just had his first normal EEG brain scan the day after being prayed for! They are believing that he is completely healed and the doctors are beginning to wean him off of all of the medications that he has been on. Hallelujah! Praise God!!!!

Angela M - September 24, 2019

Spinal Injury Healed -

A man came in with a serious spinal injury. He said his pain level was at 80%. We prayed with him and asked him to check his movement/pain level after prayer and he said it was now around 10%. I said, “Let's go for the complete healing!" We continued to pray, and the Lord led us to a 'heavenly adjustment' for his body and we watched his leg grow out - because he had pointed out that one of his legs was shorter than the other and that was a part of the ongoing problem. So we asked him to sit in a chair, while a man on our team laid hands on his leg(s) and commanded the short leg to grow. It grew out while we all watched!! Hallelujah!!

Linda S - August 18, 2019
Lakes Region Healing Rooms
Laconia, New Hampshire USA

Muslim Receives Christ -

A Muslim brother was told by one of his friends what Healing Rooms was doing in their community. According to him, he has been suffering from diabetes. He was told to visit the Healing Rooms to see what God would do for him. God is faithful! This brother came and accepted Christ willingly and began to pray. Today he is a member of the church. He just got married to one of the ushers of the church.

Philip B - September 5, 2019
Victory Healing Rooms
Paynesville City, Liberia

Sprained Knee Healed -

I sprained my left knee in January. After wearing an uncomfortable brace (from hip to ankle) for months, I came to the Healing Rooms. Praise God! After prayer the pain was released and has not returned! It’s been at least 3 months since my last visit!

Tanys L – September 12, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Forgiveness Releases Spiritual Hunger -

At the age of 6 years old, an older boy hit me with a rock, causing blindness and epilepsy. Yesterday afternoon during prayer at the Healing Rooms, I was reminded of the incident. I forgave the boy who hit me with the rock and asked God for spiritual hunger for His presence.

Today I desire God as I did when I was first saved at the age of 16.

Frankie V - September 20, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA