Three Miracles in One Family –

Not sure how long ago, Anne was healed from stage 4 cancer. She had a double mastectomy, but cancer was in her spinal cord and the Drs. had given her 6 months to live. She went to the Healing Rooms every week to receive prayer as if going for chemotherapy. The team prayed... and wept... and prayed with her.  They went to battle for her every week until one day she went in with a new report – there was no more cancer!!  She was completely healing!

A few months ago (not sure when), Anne’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was not a believer, but the team went to pray for him often and, although he eventually passed away, he did not go before being saved

Recently Anne’s sister Leigh, who was also not a believer, was in ICU with organ failure, her kidneys and other organs had started to shut down. Anne’s heart was completely broken.  She just couldn’t imagine losing her sister only a few months after her husband had passed.  She came to the Healing Rooms asking for prayer for her sister.  The Pasadena prayer team stepped in to pray.  Leigh was released to go home 3 days later, with all her organs functioning!  Praise God!

Submitted by David Hauser - September 29, 2020

Director of Healing Rooms of Pasadena

Pasadena, California USA