Testimonies: Pain/Swelling
Arranged by Descending Date [reverse]

4/20/2019   "My leg, back & fibromyalgia pain left my body. Shame that I have been holding onto for decades has left. The Lord Jesus' blood--I saw it entering my body and providing protection from the enemy. I saw it healing me. Any connections to the enemy are gone. I felt and received overwhelming forgiveness & peace & joy. I felt several major shifts in energy and parts of my body...darkness released...light flowed in. I saw Jesus laughing and healing me let go of anger, shame and guilt & any feelings of being unlovable. Jesus convinced me that I am lovable. I feel so much more at peace. Forgiveness flowed like a river."

- Kelly F.
Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

4/5/2018   "I came in and couldn't walk. Now I can walk on my way out. I am healed! Praise God!"

- Teresa P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/4/2018   "As they prayed for me, leg muscles and other tissues were moving from below the knee and down the front of the leg. Pain left my leg and I was able to jump up and down on it and jog in place. As they prayed for my ear, heat and then fire went through the entire ear and neck and back. Pain was gone! Praise, Jesus!"

- Tamara K.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/17/2018   "My wife and I came from our home in Alaska with the hope of healing for her knee and also for my lower back, hip, and leg. My wife, Pam, had a dramatic encounter with God's healing power - but that's her testimony. The Healing Rooms provided me that point of contact with the Lord that enabled me to partake in some beautiful way of "the power of the age to come" and experience personally and intimately His love and healing. I was amazed by the sensitive, prophetic ministry which gave me the confidence, the faith to receive ministry from the Holy Spirit which is continuing now 24 hours later. I have been doing physical therapy for nearly 3 months with little progress - til yesterday. I'm now almost completely pain free and FULLY confident of COMPLETE RECOVERY through Christ who stengthens me."

- Jim M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/13/2016   "After an encounter with a Nowra Healing Rooms team at the Mall one of them prayed for my very sore knee. There was an instant relief and over the past two weeks my knee has become stronger. I have confidence that with continued prayer my knee will not require surgical intervention. Thanks team, Thanks Holy Spirit for healing and love. Roy"

- Roy R.
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

9/9/2016   "This past Wednesday a laddy came from Herriman, Utah with legs edema suffering for a long time, very painful, medical treatments were not working, also some emotional distress, she got healed on the spot. Said at the end she was feeling great."

- "Laddy"
Healing Rooms Salt Lake City

6/21/2016   "Praise God! - Cat healed of a spinal injury/paralysis of hind quarters. After prayer and very brief time of rest and rehab, during praise and thankfulness toward God - this little one now has full mobility. There's a gentle sweet countenance about her. Touched by God! Also as a result of the physical trauma, toward the end of spinal healing, cysts appeared in other areas of the body, these open sores oozed and scabbed over, a cycle repeated, until that too has been healed!"

- T S.
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls (CLOSED)

6/16/2016   "I was almost blind and had terrible pains in my legs. God healed my eyes to the extent that I can even thread the eye of a needle!!! I am totally pain free."

- Margaret
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/16/2016   "I have had pain in both of my legs for a long time. I could not carry anything on my head without feeling severe pressure. I was prayed for and the next day my legs were pain free. I went to the farm and needed to carry something on my head. I took authority over the pressure and commanded it to leave! When I put the weight on my head, there was no pressure! Immediately felt power leave my body and I carried the load from the farm to the house with no pressure or pain."

- Tosie
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/16/2016   "I was involved in a car accident two years ago and broke both my legs. I could not stand, jump or dance. I came in for prayer and have not stopped jumping and dancing. I believe God has healed me completely."

- Jacques
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/13/2016   "Praise God, my leg was aching and your disciples in the healing room brought me to the great physician and now I feel NO PAIN."

- Patty C.
Northshore Healing Rooms

9/24/2015   "I am healed from pain in leg and spine."

- Marlene W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/1/2015   "I came to the prayer rooms to intercede for my grandson who was scheduled for a MAJOR surgery on his leg.I had hoped he wouldn't need the surgery, but the surgery happened. The praise is that in less than a week he didn't even need pain killers any more, not even Tylenol! Recovery is going well. Praise God!"

- Diane B.
Northshore Healing Rooms

6/22/2015   "Naomi R - Since April 25, 2013 I was poisoned with an antibiotic called LEVAQUIN 500mg which had left me with excruciating sharp stabbing pain in my right knee, (in the area of the patella tendon/ligaments) and affecting my ligaments and nerves in my groin area. I could walk a reasonable distance but once I would sit down I couldn't get up and start walking without excrusiating pain. I've been claiming the healing of my Lord Jesus but the pain would only diminish somewhat, and return once again with more painful intensity. I kept praying by faith to my Lord Jesus for my healing. Something was missing... Last night a thought came into my mind to google healing conferences which I did and watched a few minutes of videos. I didn't feel any peace so I went to sleep. This morning I had pain, and again a thought came to my mind to google Christian Healing in Northern CA and there I found the website for Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, San Francisco, etc. I decided to call and see if there was a healing room in the area were I would be. I called and left a message and about an hour later Margaret De Martini the Director returned my call. I explained the situation to her and she decided that we should pray, Praise God! as soon as she spoke directly to my condition and told it to leave me, I felt an urge to get up and see if I still had pain, Praise God!! Thank You Jesus!!! the pain was gone!!! I was so excited I started jumping up and down and lifting and bending my right knee, something I could not do before. As I write this testimony I'm sitting down and standing up, and walking with no pain! Praise God!! Hallelujah!!!!! Thank you Jesus!"

- Naomi M.
San Francisco Healing Rooms

6/14/2015   "Terrible painful torn knee injury healed!"

- Nicki S.
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls (CLOSED)

1/8/2015   "My ankle was sprained really bad. I was doing a cartwheel and I landed on it. I felt a crack in my ankle and I couldn't walk on it for a few minutes. I came to the healing rooms to volunteer and Elaine prayed for it. The next day there was hardly any pain! Thank you God!"

- Lauren M.
Northshore Healing Rooms

12/13/2014   "âAlmost 2 months ago, I kept having really bad pain in my right leg and foot. My leg and ankle would swell up and it hurt to walk. I was taking 3 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol a day to ease some of the pain and swelling, but after 2 weeks they no longer seemed to work anymore. I had one of your wonderful healing prayer members pray over my right foot. She put her hand on my shoe and as she was praying for the Lord to heal my pain, I could feel heat at the top of my foot running up my leg. She prayed for the bones, tendons, muscles, respiratory, circulation, joints, kidney function and so much more. Well, it's been about 2 months and there has been no more swelling in my ankle, foot or knee. No more pain in my lower back (kidney area) or foot. It's almost as though I was given a whole new right leg. I just want to share my story of how the Lord has healed me, and give thanks. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your healing room. â -Patricia A."

- Patricia A.
In His Presence Healing Room

12/13/2014   "On July 16, 2013, I received a spider bite. It quickly turned into a severe wound. I went to the emergency room and received my first round of antibiotics. From there, I had a follow-up appointment with my physician, and was given my second dose. The wound was still not healing, and the skin around the bite was turning black. I was being covered in prayer by many people and just began waiting for healing. Then on Sunday night, Aug. 4, I was visiting Carmel Christian Center and asked for prayer for the spider bite on my ankle. I was anointed with oil, and prayed over by church members who were members of the healing team. I immediately felt a warmth flow through my entire body as they prayed. I still felt the anointing two days later on the skin around my bite. The wound turned brittle and peeled off. There was pink skin underneath! Praise God! -Patricia C"

- Patricia C.
In His Presence Healing Room

12/13/2014   "Back in May 2013 I was having severe back pain radiating down my buttocks and into my knee. An MRI showed I had a herniated disc with an annular tear. In August, I was still having the pain even though I was on medication and a tens unit. After service, the team prayed with me for about 45 minutes and when they were done the pain was gone and never re-turned. During the prayer, I felt God working and felt immersed into a bright bold sparkling light that was peaceful, loving and calm. It was an amazing experience I'll take with me until I am home with the Lord. -Laura S."

- Laura S.
In His Presence Healing Room

2/11/2014   "Steve's knees are feeling better. Pain is gone. When you prayed for him, one leg was much shorter than the other. Praise God they are the same length!"

- Steve
Tears of Joy Healing Rooms

11/20/2013   "I came in without any energy at all. I had pain from the base of my neck, down my body to the bottom of my left foot. When the team prayed and prophesied over me I felt a warmth start at my left foot going up my body to my head. The pain is gone, I felt strength returning, I felt like I could burst out running! God reminded me of what my purpose is and His promises are about to be in the natural. Freedom!! is my word, Isa 41:12, 13 is my scripture. I feel infinitely better than I did when I came. Glory to God for this time. God bless the prayer team and the other Healing Room workers."

- M. H.
Healing Rooms of Slidell

8/23/2013   "I had lost sensitivity to touch in my left thumb and first finger from a kitchen accident. I had constant pain in my hand at some level. I also had a very swollen right leg causing my pants to fit tight on that leg. After ministry I could make a circle with my thumb and first finger (the sign of "okay"). My pain is almost gone and I surprised myself by picking up my purse with the left hand without pain. The swelling in my leg reduced so much you could see the bones in my knee."

- Gwen
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

5/15/2013   "Julie says that after we prayed for her son, Justin's broken leg, his doctor said he had never seen such a severe injury to a leg heal so quickly. PRAISE GOD!!"

- julie
Healing Rooms of Marlton

5/14/2013   "I have had many years of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, repeated gut infections, a severely depressed immune system, a chronic left finger sprain for over one year, numerous food allergies, severe facial and much peeling and irritated skin, frequent morning eyelid swelling and sporadic swelling of my legs. Since I began going to the Issaquah Healing Rooms, I've had miraculous improvement in many of my symptoms. My insomnia has just about disappeared. Most nights I go right to sleep and wake up one time to go to the bathroom. Immediately I get back to sleep after getting back in bed! My anxiety is just about gone and I feel a new peace and trust. My depressed immune system is improved, as shown in a blood test by my MD. Also, my skin has healed of its peeling and the irritation is almost completely gone. In addition, my eyelid swelling and leg swelling seems to be just about gone. Lastly, my hand sprain is less painful and I can open my finger a little more. I have faith for God to soon completely heal me. Praise the Lord! I want to thank all the wonderful people at the Issaquah Healing Prayer Room that have helped me so much with their wonderful consistent prayers, encouragement, kindness and wisdom."

- M S.
Healing Rooms of Issaquah

3/28/2013   "My stomach was prayed over as well as my back and legs. When they prayed for my legs, I felt a rush through my lover legs and at the same time my stomach quit hurting. Praise the Lord I am healed."

- Elaine V.
New Beginnings Mission Healing Rooms

1/14/2013   "OMG, My pain was a little better from the sciatic nerve in my back and down my leg , BUT it continued to improve ! The drive home was painless and I even forgot it .I said wow wait a minute , and then I thanked and praised God . When I got home the evil one said " it will come back". I could hardly wait to jump in bed , because I haven't slept well in a couple of weeks. There's hardly any position that's comfortable. I had the best night sleep that I've had in a month ! I'm still pain free. Thank you two so much, just walking into the soaking area and the laying on of hands worked. All glory to our God. Love and blessings,"

- Robin
Austin Healing Rooms

12/19/2012   "I came in for prayer for healing from grief of brother and sister's suicides. Also the death of my mom all within 9 months in 2011. I forgave them for those acts and received joy. I needed prayer for sciatica, leg pain and degenerative disk disease. I felt healing in my leg and believe my disc and sciatica are healed as well."

- Sandy R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/10/2012   "My leg stopped hurting. And peace has washed over me. Thanks you and God bless you."

- Dea
Austin Healing Rooms

8/12/2012   "While they prayed for my hip and leg for healing, my hip area got real warm and moved down a little and leg felt better. The enemy wants to hinder my walk to do God's work but it was better, when they prayed for healing my right hand got really warm. I was very encouraged. The Lord showed them in generations back there is a gifting from the Lord and for me to pray for that gifting for myself. My name means valiant and courageous. That is very encouraging to me. They saw me in a school of fish in the water...water meaning Holy Spirit and how I do depend on Holy Spirit totally. They saw me moved to front of the fish, possibly meaning leadership."

- Charlene A.
New Life Healing Rooms

7/9/2012   "After an emotionally traumatic incident I was infected by a virus, which was followed by severe swelling that came up overnight, together with severe arthritis pain in my hands, wrists, arms and ankles. During this trial the Lord encouraged me with dreams that showed that, although I felt abandoned, He was at work to prepare a more heavenly place in my heart for Him and to bring me into much blessing. I received prayer at Healing Rooms Australia and Nowra Healing Rooms and each time felt the overwhelming love and compassion of Jesus. He healed me of trauma and a very deep emotional vulnerability from childhood. Not only has my body been healed, but I have come into a place of greater trust in my heavenly Father and He is blessing me abundantly. Ursula"

- Ursula R.
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

7/9/2012   "I came here tonight and asked for prayer and healing for pain in my legs & hips, and guilt and depression and to quit smoking. It was a wonderful experience and I left the room feeling very warm and at peace. I have experienced progressive healing over the past several months and feel that my experience in the healing rooms tonight will continue that process. All praise to God and my savior Jesus Christ."

- Annette
Austin Healing Rooms

4/8/2012   "I am walking withou all the pain, my left ankle is not hurting, my hip is not in pain. My right leg is more staight and my spine is less painful. My neck is moving without pain, my head feels more clear. The smile on my face feels natural and without stress. Lord, you are Great! Thank you!"

- Sally W.
Killeen Healing Rooms

11/21/2011   "I needed prayer for my hip and leg and heel. I was greatly encouraged by the three ladies who prayed for me. Their encouraging words lifted me up. I felt the pain leaving me in my right leg. Thank you for being available to the Lord for this ministry."

- Sherrill
Austin Healing Rooms

11/14/2011   "I had been feeling ill all weekend. It felt like I had another TIA and my arm was numb and weak and sharp pain was in my head. I felt like I needed to go to the doctor, but wanted to stop by the Healing room first. As I walked onto the premises my steps were very weak, but I kept walking. When I entered through the doors, something lifted off of my shoulders. Glad that I made it here, I began to praise God for my healing. The prayer warriors that ministered to me were wonderful. They seemed to know exactly what I was feeling. I felt great relief right away! Our God is awesome!"

- Anonymous
Austin Healing Rooms

10/24/2011   "I specifically asked them to pray for strength in my right leg, though I am not having the pain anymore. I have always had difficulty getting out of the pool and lifting my right leg up out of the pool and standing up. I have been all hunched over and can hardly stand up because of the lack of strength in my right leg. When the ladies prayed for me, there was a tremendous feeling of relief and the joy of the Lord just flooding over my heart and soul. This experience happened on October 10, 2011. The next day after water aerobics, I just popped out of the pool with no struggle at all!!! my back is straight and even my instructor has noticed the difference."

- Judi
Austin Healing Rooms

10/5/2011   "After months of prayer in the healing rooms, I was able to work a full 40-hour week without any pain in my body. Praise God!"

- Charlotte
Healing Rooms of Marlton

8/5/2011   "Praise you Lord! I was prayed for by the team on a Wednesday for issues related to soul ties, unforgivness and bitterness towards other people. I had severe pain in my left hip and back, as we prayed and praised the Lord for release, the pain subsided. I praise God for His faithfulness in healing body, mind and spirit."

- M
Healing Rooms of Dallas

8/2/2011   "About 12 yrs. ago I fell off a ladder at work and landed with all the force of my body coming straight down on my left leg and foot. I saw a doc. and wore an orthodic in my shoe for about 2 yrs. to help with the pain. The pain comes and goes, but over the last few months it has been constant. I asked for prayer and was told to sit in a chair. My leg was lifted up and as the leader prayed I could feel my leg being stretched out; it became quite uncomfortable as it was stretched out. We saw my left leg get longer and then my knee which has always been weak and pointing off to the left side became completely centered! The pain in my leg has stopped, I can feel some tightening in the ligaments around my knee and believe it is all healed the way it should be!"

- Lorita K.
Healing Rooms of Siverdale, WA

6/3/2011   "In March 2009 I had an injury to my back that left the left side of my body numb and weak along with a tingling sensation. Also, I was unable to open and close my left hand consistently and fully. The doctor said my condition was permanent and I could not change it. I went to the Healing service on Friday May 20th at the Camerillo Healing Rooms. I woke up the next morning on Saturday with no numbness, tinglng, or weakness on the left side of my body and I have had no problem opening and closing my left hand. Today, May 24, I came in for prayer because of pain down the back side of my left leg. Immediately after prayer all the pain went away."

- Maria W.
Camarillo Healing Rooms

11/24/2010   "For a long time in my lower legs and and ankles were enlarged & swollen- My left side, where the heart is was also paintful and I suffered with a recurring planter wart. My doctor told me I had an internal infection causing the swelling in my legs & prescribed some heavy antibiotics-$93.00 worth. My income being much limited. I decided to trust Jesus for my healing & went to the Healing Rooms on Thursday November 11th.In just fifteen minutesI was in and out that night and the very next day I noticed after my bath,that the planter wart was gone. I also witnessed my chest pain was gone and the swelling on my legs and ankles had DISAPPEARED!! ALL PRAISE TO OUR LORD JESUS."

- Ingrid W.
Campbell River Healing Rooms

11/22/2010   "PAIN GONE My shins were hurting as I was training for the Navy. After receiving prayer at the Oxnard Healing Rooms the pain was gone. I can continue to train and fulfill the Lords wishes."

- Armando M.
Oxnard Healing Rooms

11/10/2010   "Jesus has healed my broken leg and removed the pain associated with it. He has brought me closer to him and blessed me with the gift of tongues. He has also provided me with a financial blessings."

- Charlotte
Healing Rooms of Marlton

7/16/2010   "Leg Healed I received prayer for a very painful left leg two weeks ago. Two days later I was out with my dog and suddenly I realized that I was running and my leg didn't hurt anymore. It has been totally healed. Amen and thank you Jesus! ~ "

- Minoli
Healing Rooms of Washington, DC

5/2/2010   "I had never heard of the healing rooms until a friend mentioned it to me, i had recently been in hospital suffering from neck and leg pains, and had various investigations to establish the cause. I was obviously very anxious waiting for the results and was willing to give anything a try. I also have a longstanding back problem and a noticeable difference in the length of my legs. The welcome i received at the healing rooms was wonderful, a calming, peaceful, and relaxing experience. The volunteers prayed for me and made me feel very comfortable. one volunteer remarked that she could see "gold dust" on my hands and neck during the session/ i couldn't see anything but how wrong could i have been. on returning home my hands and neck were full of gold sparkly dust. A week or so later i also noticed that after buying some new trousers that both my legs were now the same length! I couldn't believe my eyes. I can not thank the healing rooms enough for the effect it has had on me and i really do feel truly blessed. T Burnley UK"

- T
Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee

3/31/2010   "Recently, a woman came to OCHR and shook from fear in the waiting room prior to prayer. That night the Lord met her powerfully during the prayer session! She felt pain leave her body, specific words relating to demonic oppression were prayed over her resulting in freedom which she later shared ushered in a return of joy, hope for life and an appetite. Pain she'd been suffering in her arm and leg left as well. Then, in the parking lot, as she was leaving healing rooms, her thumb, which had been pushed back into her hand suddenly popped out and back into place! Simultaneously she heard the verse in Luke which states that they "were healed on the way". She knew that God was confirming the healing rooms was the right place to come for prayer, all her fears and concerns were completely gone. She has since returned for prayer and has continued to have amazing encounters with the Lord, is now praying about coming onto the team! Come on! "

- Dina M.
Orange County Healing Rooms

11/18/2009   "I had been diagnosed with advanced osteo-arthritis in my knees. I had intense pain in my knees and also in my feet, back, neck and shoulders. I wanted a quick fix from all the pain. I did feel immediate relief in my knees but knew there was more healing to come. I had resigned from the worship team because I couldn't stand for over an hour up on the stage but after that first day of being prayed for, I felt I was to go back onto the worship team and believe God for my total healing. My next visit to the Healing Rooms was a very interesting time. I loved what God did for me that day which left me with an overwhelming feeling of compassion and ability to offer forgiveness. I also had felt that God was speaking to me about losing weight. My next visit was all about having words cut off me about my weight. Someone lent me some DVDs about doing the right thing for my wellness. I have begun to put these life styles into practice and PRAISE THE LORD I am feeling relatively pain free and no longer taking pain medication. I praise God for the journey He has taken me on for this to happen and I WILL see my complete healing and I WILL be able to get off the rest of the medication in the very near future. HE GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR EVERY STEP IN THIS JOURNEY. "

- Reta W.
Maryborough Healing Rooms

8/2/2009   "Laura, Just got back....it's midnight Thursday night. God's peace, presence & love saw me through this. Thank you so much for your prayers & counsel. The Dentist was amazing! He cleaned all of my teeth, drilled & filled my wisdom tooth, removed the infected bone graft / cavitation, removed the broken tooth, & filled another small cavity. I was sedated & don't remember anything. The procedure lasted four hours. I didn't have any pain. Both he & his wife are Christians, the environment was nurturing & caring. The Lord really blessed me. My incredulous description to my dentist regarding the total absence of pain, bleeding or swelling brought a bemused response from him. He said, "I would think that would be a good thing." It was & is but I was told so many other things by other dentists. That I would need a pain killer twice as strong as Vicodin, that there would be bruising & swelling. I actually feel wonderful & have since the surgery was done. Removing that much infection has had a very positive effect on my body. My knee is fine! The trip home was much easier walking thru the airports. No stiffness or pain anywhere in my body! I'm going to work in the morning.I praise Him & thank Him for his goodness. "

- Linda
Cross-Light Healing Room

6/30/2009   "I have an old injury to my right leg which was almost completely severed in a car accident then reinjured in 2006 tearing off some of hte old scar tissue. I went through 10 surgeries and numerous trials and failures of "maybe this will work" applications before the second injury. This caused poor circulation, blood clots and an open wound that won't heal. Since coming ot the Healing Rooms the sore has not been inflamed or full of infection. It is flat and not seeping -- just HEALING."

- Mary H.
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/18/2009   "Today I walked into the Healing Rooms limping and I recieved prayer for my knee to be healed. I starting walking and suddenly I didn't have anymore pain. I'm healed!"

- Savannah S.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/20/2009   "I have been healed! Praise God! From a loose left hip replacement. The pain is gone, and my legs are of equal length. Possibly, God has restored my femur. Arthritis in the rights knee is healed. I can stand and walk without pain! (1st time in over 20 years!) I have received healing for my back. The roundness from kyphosis is gone. My neck has moved into alignment with my shoulders. I believe my blood pressure has come down from 186/128 on 5/19/09 and I am healed of hypertension, poor hearing and I have improved eyesight! To God Be all the Glory!!!"

- Nalini H.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/20/2009   "I have been healed! Praise God! From a loose left hip replacement, the pain is gone, and the legs are now pain free once more after 10 years! First time in over 20 years! I have received healing for my back. The roundness from kyphosis is gone. My neck has moved into alignment with my shoulders. My blood pressure has come down and I am healed of hyper-tension, poor hearing, and improved eyesight! To God be all the glory!"

- Nalini H.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/2/2009   "Was healed over lower back & leg pain immediately"

- Norma

4/18/2009   "Pain in his legs and after prayer, he was completely healed."

- Sydney

4/11/2009   "I came to the Healing Rooms for an irregular heartbeat and also for a stiff left knee and painful ankle. I have come to the Healing Rooms several times and have been healed. The lie of the enemy is that I am not healed. By His stripes I am healed, but my symptoms would periodically come back. Today I came open to God's presence and dramatically felt Him realigning my bones, lengthening my right leg, extending warmth and ease to my neck, shoving off burdens from my shoulders. I am walking with balance, pain free, with a calm heart."

- Theresa W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/14/2009   "I strained my knee shovelling snow back in December/January (09). Since then the pain comes and goes. While I was being prayed for I realized that my left leg was longer than my right leg. I watched them both become equal in length. All the pain left my knee."

- Maurice P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/7/2009   "Came in with pain in leg, limping. Prayed for her and legs came into alignment and walking with no limp and no pain. Praise God!"

- Elaine

2/3/2009   ""It is difficult to put into words what my experience at the Healing Rooms has done for me. My reason for seeking prayer at the Healign Rooms was physical -- severe back and leg pain. However, I now realize the valuable lesson I learned -- a lesson of faith. After going to the doctor & receiving a total of 14 steroid shots in my spine, a family friend called and encouraged me to go to the Healing Rooms. I had heard of their work, but in all honesty, was still a bit skeptical. Upon walking into the room to receive prayer, I was immediately struck by the faith of those praying for me. Their prayers were quiet yet powerful; their touch was the hand of God. One of my legs was nearly an inch shorter than the other. I received full and complete healing! It was as if the Spirit moved straight through my body, correcting my physical imperfections, but most importantly, instilling within my heart a new found recognition of the power of my God. Walking out of the room that night, the only thought I had was this: 'They went walking and leaping and praising God.' And that is exactly what I have done! Thank you so much for your intense faith and committed work!" 7-31-08 "

- K. G.
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

11/19/2008   "I came into the Healing Rooms today with terrible pain in my back, arms, legs and feet. After receiving prayer the pain in my arms, legs and feet is gone and the pain in my back is disappearing!"

- Naomi M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

11/12/2008   "In the past 2 months we have seen an increase in visible physical healing: Lady came in with a walker, scheduled for knee surgery the following Monday. Knees completely healed, walked out without walker, no surgery needed. Man, age 42, came in for deliverance from crack/cocaine, which he had been using since he was 15 years old. Left saved, healed, and no withdrawal effects...Halleluiah Family of 9 renewed in their hope, love and life. Their testimony is our family is back together. We haven't felt this much love ever! A young mother left her abusive marriage, came to healing rooms for prayer and direction - left saved, and ready to believe Jesus love her, and her heart is ready to receive more of Him. Hope restored! Woman's cancer healed in her back."

- Karen D.
Healing Rooms Nashville

10/29/2008   "When I came into the Healing Rooms I had extremely swelling in my legs. I couldn't even comfortably wear a shoe because my ankles were so swollen. They were also very painful and the skin was stretched and had sores. After receiving prayer I have no more pain and the swelling is gone! Praise the Lord!"

- Carlena O.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/22/2008   "I want to share my testimony. On Sunday at 4:59 PM Laura and Charlton began praying for me. I had been having really sharp pain on the whole right side of my body,especially my arm and chest area for several weeks. It was getting very excrutiating and I was getting really scared for myself but was afraid to go the Dr. I just wanted to trust in the Lord and pray for complete healing of my body.As they started praying little by little the pain started to go away and after a few minutes it was gone completely from my right side. Thank You so much for the deep prayer to my entire body. May God bless you both."

- Rita Y.
Cross-Light Healing Room

6/25/2008   "I was experiencing pain and swelling in my right knee. An MRI revealed a torn meniscus that would require surgery to repair. I scheduled the surgery. Meanwhile, the Lord placed it on my heart to go to the Healing Rooms. I was prayed for and told that the Lord had healed my knee. I called and cancelled my surgery appointment that same day. Over the next few weeks my knee began to feel less painful and the swelling reduced. I was previously unable to walk up stairs without pain and difficulty. Today I am running, biking and swimming pain free - totally healed!! Our God is an awesome God and I am reminded daily of His care and great love for me. He is truly the Great Physician and I declare His miraculous work in my life daily."

- Jani E.
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/4/2008   "I came in today in such pain. I couldn't sit or stand without cringing. But, I'm leaving healed! My knee is pain free. The pinched nerve in my spine isn't pinched anymore. The pain in my back (sciatica) is gone. Thank you, God. Once again I have received a healing. In 1995 I was healed of fibromyalgia at the young age of 28. God, your words are true and you love someone who's less than perfect - me - and you healed me! I thank you so much. Praise your Holy Name, Father God - Lord Jesus. I will thank you forever!"

- Debbie M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/1/2008   "I appreciate the prayers and sensitivity of the prayer team. I want to report that the joint pain from Lupus has decreased considerably.I plan to come for prayer again. Thank You."

- Anonymous
Cross-Light Healing Room

5/21/2008   "Back pain is gone and so is my leg pain!"

- Diana T.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/18/2008   "I had swelling in my legs since, my surgery three years ago. After getting prayer in the H.R. Bible study, all the swelling went away. Praise God."

- Kendall T.
Healing Rooms of Hammond

1/31/2008   "About a month ago I had prayer for swelling in my legs. That same night the swelling moved down my legs and then I had no more swelling. It was gone! Praise God for healing my legs. I was totally healed by Jesus."

- Cindy C.
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/8/2007   "I injured my knee in 1998. I have had numerous surgeries that left my leg in a degenerative state. I have lost muscle and nerves that the Doctors have said would not return. They said a brace might help. During the last two years the leg became worse. I could not walk on uneven ground or up stairs without losing my balance or much pain. I went to the Healing Rooms in Valparaiso, Indiana on Saturday,December 8, 2007. They prayed for my knee and another personal need. On Sunday morning when I woke up the pressure and tingling in my lower leg was almost gone, my knee was not stiff and I had no pain. Being without pain was something I could not remember. I had no pain or discomfort! As I stood up without the brace, while getting out of bed, I realized I had been healed. I went to Church and told no one, not even my wife. I did not wear mt brace and went up and down the stairs at home almost normally for the first time in ten years. I am completely healed and my knee is working. "

- Willis David D.
Healing Rooms of Valparaiso

12/4/2007   "My hip and leg were healed of all pain. I am able to jump up and down. I feel released from family burdens. God has healed me in every part of my body-mind-soul. Praise God for His goodness! Hallelujah!"

- Ruth L.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/18/2007   "Pie Sanado (Foot Healed) Mi hija me dijo que viniera aqui, despres de horar por mi Dios se manifesto y iso la obra y mi pie esta sanado. Al prencipio mi pie estaba inchado y no podia caminar. Caminaba chueqe y Dios iso la obra y ahora estoy sanada por la gracia de Dios, le alabo y le glorificio y le doy gracias a Dios y le bendigo. (My daughter told me to go to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer. I had come in with a swollen, painful foot and was walking with a limp. I received prayer and God manifested Himself through the healing of my foot. By the grace of God I am healed and no longer limp. I worship, glorify, and give thanks to God. I bless His name.)"

- Josepina Z.
Oxnard Healing Rooms

5/16/2007   "After promptings of preparations for healing through indidvidual prayer, Bible study lessons, praying in the Spirit, fasting, having a new connection to the Psalms, rest, and self care -- this person came again to the Healing Rooms. "March 19th I experienced deliverance. I felt a new feeling of expectation, empowerment,& courage. Like David in the Bible where he fights the giant, I stepped into the battlefield ready for victory. They laid hands & prayed over me. My heart felt so full. It was as if I felt the Lord's hand on my shoulder too. Upon waling out, the leg pain was gone! MY back pressure was gone! It is truly the Lord as to my release. It was a long year of suffering without answers medically. Yet, spiritually I grew so much. God delivered & healed in His timing & with my persistence. He brought growth & teaching. I praise & thank my God with all my heart! I can now pick up my son, do dishes, vacuum, shower, cook, stand, clean, run, jump, & grocery shop -- & the list can go on. I now have more compassion & understanding. I am so thankful to be pain free!""

- C. W.
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

9/13/2006   "I was attending a Healing Rooms Bible Study,and after the teaching I asked for prayer for my right knee that I hurt in a fall. Instantly the pain left and I could freely move my knee without any discomfort."

- Mary W.
Healing Rooms of Hammond

9/13/2006   "I received a week of prayer at the healing room and as a result my knee was healed as well as my migraine headaches. I came in for emotional prayer and left with physical healing as some things were cast from my body. We never prayed for the physical problems but they were the fruit."

- Helen C.
Pensacola Healing Room

5/28/2006   "My ankle would swell up and cause great pain; (especially the last month) so I could hardly walk. I received prayer and the pain lifted off my ankle and the swelling instantly ceased. I am able to walk. I can't believe it! I am thrilled! Thank you Jesus "

- Sally
Healing Rooms of Albany

5/24/2006   "I would like to testify to the awesome healing power of the Lord our God. Thank you, Father God for removing the pain in my left knee and relieving the spinal pressure in my back where I suffered from nerve damage. God is good all the time!"

- Terry K.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/24/2006   "After last Wed., on Thursday morning, I was able to put shoes on for the first time in weeks. The swelling in my feet is gone. The pain went out of my spine immediately. My kidneys are working better. My body has straightened and my legs are the same length. I was on oxygen, but I don't need it now! I have no pain in my feet and I can walk confortably. I have more strength and I can do more work at home. I thank God for this healing and I know it will get better and better."

- Bea L.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/18/2006   "My hand was hurting so badly! I attended the Acts training night when a word of knowledge came about my hand hurting. I received prayer for my hand from my seat. The next day my hand was healed. A few days later my hand started to hurt again, but I said No in Jesus name your not coming back... and the pain left instantly. I am free from pain on my hand; PRAISE GOD!!"

- Connie
Healing Rooms of Albany

3/25/2006   "I felt a warmth going through my leg down to my ankle!! I had a release of pain not only in my body buy in my heart and Spirit!!"

- Barbara L
Healing Rooms of Albany

3/9/2006   "Well, we didn't pray about my knee pain, but it left anyway! I believe my neck healed because of popping. Oh, my sinuses are already clearing -- Praise the Lord!! I'm excited about all the amazing miracles to come."

- Deborah C.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/23/2006   "God totally healed my heal and knee. Right now the ballsof my feet are both prickling. Praise God!"

- Michelle M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

10/20/2005   "My left knee had become more and more painful as I have begun working outside the home again. I suffered acute pain with walking, standing and it kept me awake at night. I had been taking the highest dose of pain medication, but it did not touch the pain. I had given up. I went to my doctor this morning because I could not stand it anymore. The doctor scheduled an MRI and was going to get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon for possible surgery. My friend and I had been meaning to come to the Healing Rooms and decided today was the day! My prayer team reminded me that my healing came with my salvation through the blood of Jesus. I am God's daughter and healed -- No Pain!"

- Patricia F.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/8/2005   "The Lord lengthened my left leg and healed the pain I was having in my left foot. Praise the Lord."

- Sonja R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/7/2005   "After being prayed for my pain in my leg is being released. I have been healed! Amen!"

- Veronica P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/14/2005   "Surgery recently left my right knee stiff and in pain. Prayer resulted in a popping sound that caused all pain to leave and stiffness to go! I was able to walk without a limp. Praise you, Jesus!"

- Sharon G.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/24/2005   "I had a skin (nerves) condition on my legs for many years. I thought it was work related and put up with it. I could not kneel without severe pain. I immediately recieved total relief of pain and discomfort while being prayed for. Two weeks later I had to take a spiritual stand confessing healing in and through the Name of Jesus. I have not experienced it again."

- James S.
Campbell River Healing Rooms

9/4/2004   "I came in last year for healing in my feet. I had pain in my heels and was prayed for twice. Healing manifested both times, but went away. I kept standing for the healing. I confessed my healing daily. After several months the Holy Spirit stopped me and asked when I was going to stop confessing my healing and walk in it. I removed my arch supports from my shoes and I've been walking pain free ever since."

- Terry D.
Spokane Healing Rooms

8/18/2004   "God is so great. The spirit of abandonment was broken off. My whole body realigned and I received a double anointing. My neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, ankles are as they should be and praise God I can start walking more. Praise God He has a purpose and a plan for me and I will fulfill His purpose for my life."

- Darlene R. W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/7/2004   "I thank God for my hip and my shoulder and my ankle being healed. The pain is gone! Praise God!"

- Carlynn B.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/10/2004   "One foot was shorter than the other and then my right foot grew. My knee suffered due to a car accident and now it's healed. No more pain. I have peace of mind."

- Bonnie R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

1/16/2004   "I came to the Healing Rooms in need of healing from nerve damage - hip pain - headaches - spasms and circulation problems. The result of a 90+ mph head on accident in May, 2003. There was such peace in the room. As we prayed, my hips actually popped and the pain in my left leg that was like a hot rot, left my body. I can now extend backwards without pain and sit without discomfort. Praise God. He's true to His word."

- Lynn W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/10/2003   "My right leg was grown out and lined up perfectly with the left. Pain and trauma from the hip down to the lower calf subsied. I am claiming complete restoration to the right knee that was crushed in an auto accident and 40 pieces of bone knit back in place. I am also taking command of all cells in my body and telling them to conform to the Word of God. Diabetes you are a thing of the past!"

- Angie Davis
Spokane Healing Rooms

10/25/2003   "The Lord healed the pain in my heels/ankles. Every step had been full of pain for one year! I have no more limping and no more pain. Thank you, Jesus."

- Sandy M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

8/31/2003   "In the year that has past since my first visit when I requested prayer for healing and finances 1) God has healed my knee so I didn't have to have surgery this past January; 2) God has paid off many debts and provided a way to purchase a home this past July; 3) I've been delivered from some very co-dependent, manipulative, controlling and abusive relationships."

- Connie L.
Spokane Healing Rooms

8/8/2003   "The ache in my back from the compressed vertibrae is gone. The burning and pain in my feet is gone! Praise God! "

- Sylvia R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/12/2003   "After a nine hour flight from Amsterdam to Seattle my left foot was swollen with redness and great pain that radiated part way up the calf of my leg. The symptoms reoccurred for two days until Thursday morning in the War Room (Healing Rooms) when team members prayed for me. Symptoms subsided and I was able to minister all day Thursday. Friday morning all the symptoms were gone."

- Dick M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/21/2003   "When I came in I had problems with my knees. I would take a while to walk when I stood up. Now I can stand and start walking with no pain. My body is still tingling. The team really hears the Lord and spoke to my body to get rid of the extra weight."

- Gloria T.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/14/2003   "I can hear better, my hip pain is gone. The pain in my hands is gone. The pain in my shoulder is also gone. Thank the Lord, Jesus!"

- Robert M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/2/2003   "When I got here there was pain through my fingers and in my knees. As we prayed the tendons in my forearms felt so hot as if they were on fire and stretched out, even when the hands of the prayer team were very cool. My knees quit snapping and popping and the pain was gone. I was asked about blood pressure and respiratory issues and received prayer for those things as well and felt such a feeling of ease and comfort. I have been in pain for so long that it feels odd without it."

- Chris W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/5/2002   "On July 5, 2002, my husband and I were prayed over by one of your healing teams. I hve had serious foot pain that has greatly limited my abiity to walk for the last ten years. X-rays have revealed that the cartilage in the first metatarsal phalangeal joints (where the big toes connect to the foot) is almost completely gone in both feet. Also, the cartilage in the second metatarsal cuneiform joint bilateral (bones over top of the arch) of both feet is almost completely gone. Also, over the top of the arches there has been a great deal of swelling from an unknown origin. I have visited a chiropractor, four general practitioners, three physical therapists, two podiatrists, and one rheumatologist seeking reief; none of them have been able to discover what is causing my pain. I have tried numerous pain medications that I had to stop using because they raised my blood pressure. I have used four different types of orthodics with varying degrees of success. But, none helped me walk more than a block or so. And, the pain persisted. I recently started water aerobics, but because my feet would cramp, I had to wear a weight belt to keep my feet from touching the floor of the pool. Since our visit to the Healing Rooms I am walking over a mile with little or no pain, the swelling over the top of my arches has decreased significantly, and I am able to do water aerobics without the weight belt. Praise God! Thank you for being there for me."

- Patty S.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/3/2002   "Swelling left my right foot and both legs as they went into alignment. Stress left my body; peace filled my being as I was being set free of past burdens. Pain left my body. Glory to God!"

- Almira M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

8/8/2001   "I called in on Monday the 6th for prayer on my right knee and hip. Five minutes after I hung up the pain was gone. I never even talked to anyone. I prayed before I called and after I left the message for needing prayer."

- Jo R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/26/2001   "At approximately 12:30 I was waiting to be prayed for. I had tried to walk with persevering faith in God -- When a friend told me to get a prayer cloth from off the table by the receptionist. I asked and she said yes. I took two and put them in each shoe. I was reading the Healing Rooms bulletin in the hallway about John G. Lake and Cal Pierce's testimony and sayind a prayer trying to keep my mind off the pain in my feet, back and legs when all of a sudden my feet feel like they are on fire."

- Bonnie L.
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/30/2000   "My knee has been healed -- Praise the Lord! I had much pain and limping and swelling including hte fourth day I walked into the building. I had orthoscopic knee surgery and a year later I was still in much pain and swelling. My doctor wanted to do a knee replacement. I also had (3 times) 50 cc's of water drained from my knee. I didn't realize my healing until sometime that week. I bounded down the long steps to the downstairs of my home front-wise, instead of sideways. Praise the Lord! I was so taken back by the prophetic words spokane over my husband and myself--truly of the Lord--that I cried. It was what the Lord had confirmed in my heart. We are called to ministry. My husband has a pastor's call on his life. This was confirmed by another source afterwards. Words that were spoken over me were also confirmed. Praise the Lord!"

- Mary Ellen M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/29/2000   "I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The next things I knew I was slain in the Holy Spirit and my knee that I had so much pain in was no longer in pain. Rather, it felt as good as new! I felt a new and joyous spirit on me. Thank you, Lord!"

- Joseph M.
Spokane Healing Rooms

11/29/2000   "My legs don't hurt! I am healed of damaged veins. The valves had weakened and caused painful varicose veins. They don't hurt now! I came in on 12/6/00 and received prayer for syatic nerve in leg that was hurting. Instantly the pain stopped. Previously I had to have my veins cut every six weeks. Since November I have not needed to have it done. I could never sleep through the night because of the pain and now I can sleep through the entire night. "

- Eileen P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

11/3/2000   "My right knee was giving me some trouble and some pain. I had surgery on it at one time. Today the pain is gone!"

- Mary S.
Spokane Healing Rooms

10/12/2000   "I had a big lump on the ball of my foot, calcium deposit or bone spur. Painful to walk on. God dissolved it. My foot feels wonderful. No more pain! "

- Pauline W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/31/2000   "I had pain running down my leg and in my lower back. I went in the Healing Rooms and asked that the pain be removed. By the power invested in God it was removed!!! Praise God!"

- Tim Roark
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/31/2000   "I had pain running down my leg and in my lower back. I went in the Healing Rooms and asked that the pain be removed. By the power invested in God it was removed!!! Praise God!"

- Tim R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/22/2000   "Received prayer for leg in response to word of knowledge about pain in right leg. I had been experiencing pain in my right heel and numb sensation in the upper leg which has now all gone!"

- Earl R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

4/12/2000   "Creative miracle in the tendon in my ankle. Knee joints healed. Spirit of death cast out! Spinal injuries corrected. Eye-balls healed. Some nerves and synaptic connections healed. Glory in the Anointing received. Abundant financial blessings received. Newness of life received. Ability to dance restored! This captive has been set free and blessed! Thank you, Lord! I rejoice in You!"

- Nan S.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/25/2000   "Delivered from a painful foot. After three doctors were unable to find a cause, the Lord healed it in minutes -- completely. He is Lord! Amen! I came in on crutches and in a plastic cast -- and I walked out!"

- John P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/2/2000   "When I was at the Healing Rooms the first time I was healed from five different things all at once, maybe more. I just know in my heart that I was healed from more and just don't realize it. Maybe it's spiritual healing from my past. All I know from that experience in the Healing Rooms that I am a new man and I am changing to be what God wants me to be. God was working on my heart two weeks before I came up. Well, let me share with you that the heals of my feet were smashed for about a year and the prayer team prayed over my feet and I felt like there was a cast over the right foot and I felt the Holy Spirit give tingling vibrations in my foot. That's when I just knew that my feet were healed. Also when I got home from my vacation I noticed my back was healed. I had tendonitis for three months or more, and I am free from my six year depression. Praise God."

- Joshua W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

10/22/1999   "My first visit to the Healing Rooms was on Sept. 6, 1999. I had a lot of pain in my knees when climbing up stairs and we have a split level house so I am constantly using the stairs. The knee x-rays showed that I had a little Bursitis in the knees. After prayer my knees were much better. I was given words and scriptures that have helped me. Thank you Godly people. On Sept. 16, 1999 I visted the Healing Rooms again and sensed the precious presence of the Lord. My knees were completely healed and have had no pain at all when climbing up stairs. The words prayed over me and my two friends were lead by the Lord and were a comfort, a confirmation and a guide to all of us. On October 21, 1999 I again visited the Healing Rooms. We had been helping my husband's sister get her wood in for the winter and I am not used to the heavy lifting. My back and hips were completely out of place. After sitting in a chair and receiving prayer my one leg was lengthened and my hip and back feel much better. Thank you, Jesus. I praise and give thanksgiving to the Lord and eveyrone involved with the Healing Rooms. The anointing and peace of the Lord is present to heal the people."

- Shirley R.
Spokane Healing Rooms