Testimonies: Osteosarcoma
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9/23/1999   "Three years ago I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I had a cancerous tumor in my thighbone. I had 15 rounds of chemotherapy and four surgeries on my leg. God healed me from cancer. But, the chemo caused my ovaries to stop working. I was going through menopause at age 23. As a result, I had to use hormone replacement therapy these past few years. I went to the Healing Rooms two times. Both times I asked them to pray for my ovaries. After the second visit there, I felt like God was telling me to go off of my hormone medication, as an act of faith -- believing that my ovaries were healed. And, they were! I got three confirmations that God had healed me, including the positive results from a doctor's exam, and a blood test. I have been doing well ever since. Praise God! He is so faithful to heal us."

- Heidi L.
Spokane Healing Rooms