Testimonies: Colon Cancer
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7/16/2013   "Seven years ago, Mike was prayed over for a healing of colon cancer and hepatitis C. He says he has been cancer free and hepatitis free for 5 years now!!"

- Mike
Healing Rooms of Marlton

6/30/2011   "When I first went to the Springfield Healing Rooms the Doctors had told me my PSA # was 37 and that I had Prostate Cancer, after going every 2 weeks for 3 months, the doctors said my PSA # had dropped to 3.5 which is normal, The lord had healed me"

- Joe Z.
Springfield Healing Rooms

3/7/2009   "I wanted to send this testimony out regarding a business card that we prayed over at the healing rooms in December. Please feel free to forward to the rest of the team. The man that delivers my wood, wasn't able to make it to the healing rooms but he gave me his business card and asked us to pray over it. I took the card to him that evening and gave it to him quickly as he was with a customer. I just got off the phone with Andrew and he informed me that his white blood cell count is heading in the right direction. It is now between 19-11,000. We are praying for it to go down to 5,000. Apparently this is a gage as to whether or not his colon cancer has returned. When we prayed in Dec. Andrew thought he might have to have another operation and/or more chemo. He had a set back with passing a blood clot in early Dec. He is on steriods which have caused him to gain weight but he said he feels great! Praise God!! Andrew says he keeps the card with him all the time. It is really growing his faith. Thanks to all the Healing Room team especially Tim and Tammy who really prayed with authority over Andrew. I am so excited about what God is doing!! Praise you Lord for healing Andrew!! Thanks team for your faith! "

- Gwen C.
Northern Shenandoah Valley Healing Rooms

9/28/2007   "Cancer Didn't Stand a Chance... I was diagnosed in May, 2007 with two inoperable brain tumors and cancer on my right kidney. I was told by four different doctors that I was very ill and had one year to live without treatment (cemo & radiation) and 2 - 3 years with treatment. I had much prayer and confessed the word to my doctors and all who cared for me. I had a brain treatment June 28th, 2007 and later radical kidney surgery. The MRI had indicated that the tumor on my kidney had spread to the main artery of my heart. GOD WAS FAITHFUL as I knew He would be. My main surgeon called it a true miracle of God. The kidney tumor was completely encapsulated and did not infiltrate any other part of my body. A brain MRI in Sept 2007 showed that the tumors had shrunk. My hearing which was affected by the tumors is back. All doctors say there is no need for any further treatment. I am scheduled for brain MRIs every three months for the next year and a half. This is the third time the Lord has healed me from cancer. Thank you Healing Room warriors for your prayers and support! THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!!"

- Sue S.
Oxnard Healing Rooms

1/17/2004   "She had a reoccurring cancer (colon) come back and was told that she did not have long to live. But she is home and healed. Her surgery healed up (miracle) and she began to eat the very next day and walk she had been in bed 40 days (without eating). Two weeks she was home... doctors had said after three months. Praise God!"

- Delia G.
Spokane Healing Rooms

6/8/2001   "I wanted to e-mail all of you to let you know what the Lord has done in my life. About a month before my wife and I came to the training in May 2001, I had been to the doctor for a minor problem, however while there, they began to perform some tests. Finally they came into the room and talked to me, and stressed concern that they thought I had colon cancer. The tests that they had taken that day were pointing to conclusion, along with them having come back "positive". We were leaving in a couple of weeks to attend your training for healing rooms. The doctor wanted me to have some more extensive tests ran at the Cleveland clinic to confirm the findings of the initial ones that they had already done which had come back positive. My response was that I would do that only after I came back from Spokane. I proceeded with my trip to Spokane and, quite frankly, was in a lot of pain. The "symptoms" and pain were quite real. Fear would try to grip me from moment to moment. I kept lining up with God's Word. God met me at the Healing Rooms in Spokane in a very powerful and unusual way. While I was there I received prayer for healing. When I returned home, the very next day I went to the Cleveland Clinic and had the more extensive tests ran and everything came back normal. The Doctor said that he could find no trace of cancer in my colon. I told him it was because Jesus Christ had healed me!"

- Jim W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/17/2001   "I give thanks to God for the deliverance I have received here in the past four days. I have received deliverance from colon cancer and much oppression. Thank you Jesus, by your stripes I am healed and overall whole."

- Ernestina K.
Spokane Healing Rooms

8/11/2000   "I was diagnosed with recurring colon cancer. Tests showed 3 tumors in the lungs. I started coming to the Healing Rooms 2 weeks ago as I needed a miracle! (The doctors say I am terminal) I asked the Lord for a sign of healing. I had 2 cysts on a surgery set on my neck that were very visible. I asked that they go as a sign that I was healed in my lungs. In about 5 days they began to grow smaller and smaller. So I decided to have an x-ray of my lungs. I have had 4 weeks of chemo which is one session and the doctors wanted one to have two sessions before testing if there were any positive results for the chemo. The doctor warned me there might be no change or even more tumors and didn't want to do the x-ray. But I insisted. I waited to see the results and then they called me back to see the x-ray for myself. The doctor was very pleased. One tumor is gone, one is greatly reduced and they couldn't tell me on the third if there had been a change. In 6-7 weeks they will do a CT scan and I am fully expecting clear lungs! I'm thankful for not only physical improvement, but the learning and spiritual inspiration I've received. "

- Ann W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/18/2000   "I have a testimony to give you regarding a prayer cloth I gave to a friend; Ana P. Ana had her sister in the hospital with colon cancer. I received 16 prayer cloths on June 28th and gave Ana one on June 29th for her sister. On July 14th I asked Ana about her sister. She told me that she had taken the prayer cloth to her at the hospital and has not taken it off. She told me that her sister was so sick that a priest had administered the last rites. She thought for sure her sister was going to pass away. She related to me that her sister has since been released from the hospital and will be receiving a new procedure which will have her be operated on and inserted a plastic colon with in six weeks. Praise God!!"

- Mario G.
Spokane Healing Rooms