Testimonies: Eye Sight Corrected
Arranged by Descending Date [reverse]

6/18/2018   "After prayer at the healing room, my eyes are healed and clear. Thank you Jesus, and the prayer warriors."

- Janet
Healing Rooms of Marlton

6/16/2016   "I was almost blind and had terrible pains in my legs. God healed my eyes to the extent that I can even thread the eye of a needle!!! I am totally pain free."

- Margaret
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/5/2016   "Thank you Lord, I can see it is not a blur anymore. I asked for prayer for my eyes to be able to see, in order to read my word. I was sitting the lobby and started to read my papers. My vision is back, I can see!"

- Andrea W.
Northshore Healing Rooms

11/6/2014   "Thanks be to God and Jesus for healing my sight. I have the ability to lay hands upon L.A. and know that she is healed and able to walk again and use her hands to eat, brush her teeth, and do the normal daily activities. The healing testimony is so powerful for her."

- Irish E.
Arsenal Bookstore

9/18/2014   "Thursday night after the conference I stayed for healing. I received release of pain from my left knee, it is more stable. My back aligned, strength and comfort came. Blockage in my bowel was released. Acute self hatred, judgement and lack of appreciation of who God made me to be was released and a refreshed vision was given. My mind and sight are more clear. I have joy"

- Jennifer S.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/20/2012   "Came in for prayer for my ears and my eyes, my hearing has been diminished and the glasses I was wearing were just old and my eye sight was getting very bad. Came in to the Springfield Healing Rooms for prayer on Saturday August 18..nothing really changed that day, however on Monday, while driving my work truck my eyes really started to bother me I pulled off to the side of the road , took my glasses off and rubbed my eyes, I felt like something fell out of both eyes, when I opened them I could see like i was 15 years old again, my eye sight had been restored, Preaise the Lord.. no more glasse's"

- larry P.
Springfield Healing Rooms

6/2/2012   "In 1983, I was in a bad car accident, which ultimately left me with (1) a bone spur in my neck that pushed my spinal cord into a kink, and (2) growths in 2 arteries in my neck that caused a lack of blood flow into my brain if I bent my head down for 15 minutes (such as writing checks) or back (instant). The result was blurred vision & dizziness. In 2006, Bill Johnson prayed for me & I was healed of the bone spur. An MRI then showed my spinal cord straight & the bone spur off at the side. I thought I had been healed of the growths in the arteries but I could not get over the dizziness & blurred vision. The team lead me to ask the Lord the basis of this disease (a voodoo curse placed on me by an evil woman), to forgive her and others, to take all the rocks of unforgiveness out of my heart. (I thought I had forgiven this woman). I also had to forgive myself for feeling guilty that I had not received the entire healing. The Lord gave a team member a word of knowledge that the problem was in my spine or neck. After prayer, the leader asked me to do something I couldn't do before. I bent my head back really far, and when I raised my head up, there was NO blurred vision or dizziness. Thanks you Lord!"

- Phyllis
Austin Healing Rooms

2/8/2012   "EYESIGHT RESTORED! Whilst visiting the Norfolk Healing Rooms in support of a young lad who was having 'hands on' prayer for healing, I was asked if I too had need for prayer, to which I replied "no thanks".But a few moments later I retracted and said I did, that my left eyes sight was failing(about 5-10% sight), whereby I was invited to follow on the lad and also have 'hands on' prayer. This took place and, a very pleasant few minutes followed. The outcome of this was that my sight was almost restored (now 90%), immediately. Glory be to our blessed Lord. In closing my testimony I must say that since becoming a Christian I have a strong faith which is something I am always stressing when talking about healing. I also believe that sowing seed on good ground is also very necessary. May the Lord bless all who might read my testimony. J.C. 08/0"

- Joseph C.
Norfolk Healing Rooms

1/27/2012   "Phillip, do you remember someone's sight being improved when we were praying for Helena' Helena wasn't the only one seeing an improvement. My sister, Helen has always experienced very poor vision, which makes it hard for her to drive at night. Well, praise God! She told me that on the way home last night, due to the anointing that was still charging through her body, her vision began to clear up. She could see everything - street signs and everything else more clearly than ever before!"

- Bennaih C.
St. Louis Healing Ministries

11/7/2011   "The ministry team confirmed previous ministry words that have been spoken over my life. My eye sight is better and eyes do not feel pain/stress that I felt when I first came in. "

- Shevis
Austin Healing Rooms

6/23/2011   "He requested prayer for restoration of his damaged hearing and eye sight. As the ministry team prayed for him, Jerry reported that their voices became louder and clearer. He believes God will complete the work the He started."

- Jerry
Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms

6/13/2011   "I had a steroid leakage for over two years which caused me to have vision problems. I had been consulting a Doctor for this problem. Last week I came to the San Marcos Healing Room and received prayer. I started noticing a difference with my vision that night. Two days later I went to see the Doctor. He took pictures of my eyes, and after reviewing the pictures, said the leakage was completely gone. Praise God!!!"

- Noboru
San Marcos Healing Rooms

4/15/2011   "I went to the Healing Rooms and the vision in my left eye was restored. The ache in my eye went away first then the eyes started working together better. I also had a full recovery of a shoulder injury, It was 85% better overnight then it was fully recovered after 2 months.Thank you so much. The ministrfy is a blessing."

- Sarina B.
Spokane Healing Rooms

10/27/2010   "Joseph says, "I had floaters in both eyes, very severe. After prayer in the healing rooms, I was completely healed, with absolutely no more floaters.""

- Joseph
Healing Rooms of Marlton

5/13/2010   "I drove 13 hours one way to attend the Healing Rooms classes with my wife Linda. I have had chest congestion, sinus problems and a cough for a few weeks now. As well as trouble sleeping at night. This is what I needed prayer for. While in the prayer room, they had me take my glasses off and prayed for me to receive perfect sight. I have worn prescription glasses for fifty years. I can see as well without them as with them. Praise God!"

- Michael W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

3/10/2010   "Ann writes, "My son, Mark, (age 4) was diagnosed with nerve damage behind his eyes which made it difficult for him to see. He needed to hold everything right up in his face in order to see. The first doctor suggested an MRI and possible corrective surgery would be required. After 4 months of prayer, including prayers over Mark in the Healing Rooms, the Lord has completely healed Mark's eyes. The doctor said Mark's eyes are normal and healthy. He no longer needs an MRI or treatment. The Lord has graciously answered our prayers. This is certainly a miracle. We give all the praise and glory and honor to the Lord for healing Mark." "

- Ann
Healing Rooms of Marlton

9/26/2008   "After receiving prayer I can see better and clearer and most of all the fogginess in my brain is gone. I have clarity. Thank you, Jesus."

- Sharon P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

11/15/2007   "My eyesight cleared up and my left leg felt straight and strong."

- T. D.
Fresno Sunnyside Healing Rooms

10/28/2006   "I came for prayer on the National Day of Healing and I am so glad. I came trusting the Lord that I would see better. I can now see shape, form, colors and recognize things all around me. The sight continues to get better. I also received prayer for my back and received a leg "adjustment". I now walk without a cane or walker. Thank you God!"

- Lois W.
Gem Valley Healing Rooms

10/11/2006   "At age 10 I found out my right eye was almost legally blind. The doctor gave no hope of it getting better because the part in my brain that is important to my eye had finished developing when I was about 8. I went to Healing Rooms in Wenathcee for prayer and at my 6 month check up my eyes were 20/20!"

- Nicholas H.
Healing Rooms of Wenatchee Valley

7/28/2005   "I visited the healing room for the first time last Thursday,July 21st. I had some double vision since early May. Now after prayer at the Healing Room my eyes is healed. I don't have double vision. Thank you to the obedient servants of our Lord Jesus Christ."

- Bev R.
Campbell River Healing Rooms

1/15/2004   "Jesus restored my full eyesight in the Healing Rooms!"

- Christa K.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/26/2003   "Before I could not read without my reading glasses. The Lord had healed my eyes and I can see clearly. Thank you, Jesus."

- Mary F.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/21/2003   "Healed from far-sightedness. Healed from fear in my life. I can now walk in the way God wants me to and not have fear hanging over me all the time. Thank you, Jesus."

- Ben W.
Spokane Healing Rooms

7/14/2001   "My eyes got healed so I don't need to wear glasses any more. Thank you, Jesus. God told me to take my glasses off and I could read stuff that I couldn't before."

- Eric R.
Spokane Healing Rooms

5/5/2001   "For 43 years I could not read or write my name. I could not see without glasses. Now I am reading and writing and seeing without glasses even after wearing tri-focals. I was hit by a drunk driver while in a sheelchair. I broke my right elbow and rotary cup and even with surgery I still could not move myt arm. Now I have been blessed and can move my arm over my head. When I came in to the Healing Rooms I was suffering with my hips being out and scoliosis. As the prayer team touched me my hips and back started to move into place and the pain disappeared. Praise God."

- Ella Mae D.
Spokane Healing Rooms

1/10/2001   "I have had a tic in my right eye and after prayer my vision is normal. Prayed for arthritis and is has been healed. Dizziness is gone. For a long time I haven't had holy laughter come to me, but I feel free at last!"

- Edna
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/7/2000   "I needed glasses to drive otherwise I would get headaches. The next day, after receiving prayer, I didn't need my glasses. I drove all day without any headache. I had no chest pains and no intestinal pains. They were all gone after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms."

- Robbert H.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/23/2000   "Had prayer Wed. in the Healing Rooms -- the Silver Room -- received healing of my vision. I am unable to use my glasses. I have been reading without them since receiving prayer. I had glaucoma and cataracts and I will be having this healing verified by my physician at my next appointment. I have also noticed an increase in my field of vision range. Thursday afternoon I experienced gold dust! Praise the Lord! More manifestations to come!"

- Carol H.
Spokane Healing Rooms

9/6/2000   "I came in Friday for prayer (I had a spinal tap on Thursday with a lot of pain). I woke up Saturday morning with no pain from the spinal tap. My eyes were 20/60 and the eye doctor had ordered my perscription. My vision was clear after receiving prayer, as well. We went to the eye doctor yesterday and my vision was 20/20! The eye doctor didn't know what to think--they want me to come back. Praise God my vision is healed and I am pain free!"

- Heather P.
Spokane Healing Rooms

2/18/2000   "For the past six months to a year I've had blurred vision. I was near-sighted. I couldn't recognize people from a distance. I couldn't tell if someone was looking me in the eye and smiling, or not. But, tonight, February 18th, God has restored my vision. I will no longer wear glasses to see, but I will wear God's glasses to hear through my eyes. Even though my healing took place two days after my 16th birthday it's still a wonderful surprise, and God is always on time. Praise the Lord!"

- Famie F.
Spokane Healing Rooms

12/3/1999   "The middle of November I noticed blurred vision. The blurry vision increased by the day and on Ddec. 1 I went to the eye doctor. The doctor said I would have to wear thick eye glasses permanently. Shortly after the doctor's examination I went ot the Healing Rooms and then I went again two more times. During the following two weeks after the first time at the Healing Rooms I could see slightly better and during the next week I noticed a slight improvement in my vision. The following week I suddenly could see everything clearly except for small print, but within a few days I could even read small print. After I was prayed for the first time my vision didn't instantly come back. It was gradually coming back. Even though my vision didn't instantly come back I never doubted. I told Jesus you healed my vision. I will do anything for you. I will serve the Lord Jesus everyday forever."

- Caroline N.
Spokane Healing Rooms