Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost of the school is $294, or 6 easy payments of $49.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Online when you register with your credit or debit card.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone who has access to the Internet.

Q: Can a couple do it together?
A: Yes. One registration is good for a household (those living in the house).  Although only the name that membership is registered under will get a certificate of completion. 

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you register, all video sessions are accessible. The homework questions associated with each session are listed on the same page as the video for that session.

Q: Is there homework?
A: There are several questions for almost every lesson, which are to be answered online on the same page as the video. Those questions can be answered individually, several at a time, or all at once. Your progress in answering questions will be displayed on the “Your Progress” report, to ensure that you don‘t miss any homework. There is also a list of recommended reading that corresponds with the subject matter of the lessons, and a daily Bible reading guide.

Q: What language is it in?
A: English, without any subtitles.

Q: How long does it take to complete the school?
A: The online school is designed in a manner that allows you to complete the school at your own pace.  If you want to complete it in 6-8 months then it will require of you about 1 hour a day working on homework and watching two classes a week.

Q: What do I get when I complete the school?
A: You will receive a certificate of completion signed by Cal Pierce.

Q: Where can a student apply what they’ve learned at the Online School of Transformation?
A: Everyone has a destiny and a call. This school empowers that through knowledge. Listen to, seek, the Holy Spirit to find out how best to apply what you have learned in your church, your neighborhood and your city. One way could be to contact a Healing Room close to you and become involved by attending the training.

Technical Support Questions

Q: What kind of device can I watch it on?
A: Computer, Smartphone or tablet that has access to the Internet.

Q: What web browsers can I use?
A: Google Chrome is currently the most compatible with our videos. All of the most popular web browsers have been tested, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
     Safari issues: All browsers except for Safari will let you immediately fast-forward to a certain point in the video in order to resume an interrupted lesson. Safari is limited to the MP4 format, and requires a video to load in its entirety before you are able to fast-forward to a certain point. That limitation would only be noticeable on devices with a slow internet connection. If that is your issue, it would be best to use another web browser.
     Firefox issues: Sometimes the video will not let you pause it once the video is playing. Some students have reported that the video window is not showing when they use Firefox.

Q: Is there another method for viewing the videos online?
A: Yes. The default method is designed for delivering a video stream over a high-speed internet connection, and is also optimized for international students. We've added an alternate method for you to try, if you already have a high-speed internet connection, but are still encountering any problems with playing the videos.
Go to the drop-down menu group, "Your Progress," then the menu item, "Your Preferences," (or Click Here) and change the "Video Viewing" option from "Default Method" to "Alternate Method." You can always change back to the "Default Method" using that same form, in case the video quality is not noticeably better.

Q: I'm on the lesson viewing page, but there is no video showing.
A: This is sometimes an issue with the version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your web browser. Depending on which browser you use, you may be required to manually update the Flash Player.
You can test which version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed by going to this web page:
If you have an older version, then you can download the newest version here:
Hint: If you do download the newest version, then on that download page, you can un-check the option to install the McAffee Security Scan software.

Q: I have a very slow internet connection. Can I still watch the videos?
A: Yes. We have made a work-around for those with slow internet connections. It involves watching the videos offline. View the page for the lesson which you would like to watch offline, pause the video, and look at the bottom of the lesson page for the subtitle "Other ways of watching this lesson." Follow the listed instructions: "To watch the high-definition (HD) video on your own computer, right-click this link and select "Save As": [Download This Video]". This approach can also be used to watch the videos on a device which does not have internet access, but can play MP4 video files.

Q: I seem to be having problems with the video pausing every few seconds, or downloading slowly.
A: We provide high speed access to the videos, whether viewing them online or downloading them for viewing offline. However, the internet connection speed can only be as fast as the slowest part of the connection, and usually the slowest connection is between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your household. One way to test the download speed of your internet connection is to use the website, which will measure your download speed. Generally, as connection speed of greater than 800 Kbps (or 0.8 Mbps) is sufficient for viewing a video online, although faster internet connection speeds have less of a chance of experiencing an interruption while watching a video.

Q: I am not receiving the daily Bible Study emails
A: While the messages are being emailed from the website to the email address you sign in with, it is possible that your email service considers the message a spam or junk mail. If you know how to search your folders for a specific text, run a search for the phrase “Healing Rooms School of Transformation Bible Study”, which appears in every Bible Study message sent to you. If you find a message matching that, then add us to your Safe Senders List.